[TECH] Weekly Xbox One Tech Support

[TECH] Weekly Xbox One Tech Support


Anyone else have the issue that their internet is fine and their profile has no issues on the Xbox One but if you boot up a backwards compatibility Xbox 360 game it tells you that you can't sign in as you have no Xbox Live connection or something? Do you need Gold to play a backwards compatible 360 game even if it's an offline game? I used to not have this issue.


Hi. I'm having an issue with the game Dragon Age Inquisition, which I access through gamepass. I am in the Alpha Skip-ahead insider program & I'm using an Xbox one x console. My Gamertag is TwiiSteD JoKeR7 When I boot the game up It gets stuck on the screen with the ea play logo on the bottom right. I have tried uninstalling the game, clearing my persistent storage, clearing my MAC address, clearing my local saved games & hard resetting my console to no avail.


Sooo my Xbox One S has been getting stuck on startup and not moving around the menus after the 30mnt startup. I’ve factory reset it twice which fixed it temporarily but after a week or two it’s right back. From what I’m reading it’s the hard drive. I’ve purchased a Samsung EVO 850 500gb to replace the internal drive. The research I’ve done says I don’t have to run the script to do the offline update anymore. Will I still need to put the offline update on a usb drive and have it plugged in or will the Xbox automatically go to the error page where I can access it once the new drive is installed? Thank you in advance for any help rendered. I’m not exactly a computer genius so this has me a little nervous.


You can approach it in one of 2 ways: - 1. If the original HDD is still readable when hooked up to a PC, you can use the script to back up its contents, partition the new SSD, then restore the contents of the old drive to the SSD. Then, when you fit the SSD, you will carry on from where you left off. 2. If the original HDD is no longer functional, or you'd rather start fresh anyway, just fit the SSD, boot to the troubleshooting menu, then do an offline update via a USB stick. That is the only way to do it when you fit a new, blank drive, so you can't click on an option to download the update from Xbox Live instead (it would be nice if you could).


Thank you for this. I do want to start new so I’ll just go the usb route. Will I have issues trying to download that offline update to usb on a Mac? It’s the only computer I have access to


I knew very little about MacOS, so I'm not the best person to help you with that. What matters is that A) the USB drive is formatted to a file system that the Xbox can read and B) that you can unzip the OSU1 file that you download from MS's website. I'm sure B is no problem, but I'm not sure about A.


I’ve had this same issue but instead of the internal hard drive it was the external. Something is going on


Well shit, I already ordered a new ssd hoping it would fix the problem. I have an external ssd but it does it if that one is connected or not


Yeah I just have to pull my external and put it back and then it get fixed for a while


I am currently unable to preload Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I pre-ordered months ago, and when I try to download it it is displayed as a 100 megabyte file and not the full game.


I have the Xbox series s and my controller has been eating batteries. Like I put new batteries in just 15 minutes ago and they’re now dead. I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do besides going and getting a new controller.


I would try buying a small pack of Duracells, or another respected brand, then try those, just in case you got a bad batch of batteries, but it does sound like it might be the controller.


Question similar to that persons question, I found a 24 pack of AA batteries for $3. Here is the description and it makes me.ask, are these two low volt/power for an Xbox One controller? THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM® AA batteries deliver reliable power, so stock up on these AA batteries and save! Use AA batteries at home to power up TV remote controls, toys, flashlights, electronics and more! These 1.5 volt batteries can also be used at work to power up remote controls, clocks, flashlights, portable radios and other low drain devices.


I'd never heard of them before, so all I can suggest is Googling for reviews. This is the top search result for them though, which is not exactly encouraging: - https://swling.com/blog/2015/12/a-note-of-caution-about-thunderbolt-magnum-heavy-duty-batteries/


Well that made me change my mind. I'm gonna go for rechargable batteries and I've seen many people say eneloops are the best ones. I found this. Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA eneloop AAA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, Pack of 4 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JHKSMJK/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_glt_fabc_DX7YBRG2D4FX90HNT2FY?psc=1 It says they are solar powered so do I just buy these and leave them out in the sun for a few hours to charge?


Yeah, those batteries are great. You'd need a charger though, cos when it says that they were factory charged with solar energy on the packaging, it means that they were charged using a solar-powered charger in the factory, not that the batteries themselves are solar-powered. I assume you don't have a charger already, so you could go for this: - https://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-K-KJ17MCA4BA-Individual-eneloop-Rechargeable/dp/B00JHKSMJU/ Or, if you want a better, faster charger that can charge the batteries twice as fast as the first option I linked to, this: - https://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-eneloop-Individual-Rechargeable-Batteries/dp/B01G3SS04A/


I might go with the first link since I could just charge them overnight. But both come with the charger, right?


Yep, both of the ones I linked to come with 4 batteries and a charger, so the only difference is that the first one comes with the standard charger and the second one comes with a quick charger.


Okay thanks!


I would have thought you played something with too much vibration, but 15 minutes seems too short even for constant vibration. Is it off brand battery? Might just need a new one.


It was energizer max. When I put them in the controller the battery symbol said they were only partially charged so I switched them out again with more fresh batteries out of the same pack and it was the same.


Hello there. I have this issue with my Xbox account because I am online for myself, but to everyone else, I am appearing offline. I have tried to fix it, but nothing so far has worked. Any ideas? My gamertag is: WDW Frontier


Hello. My Youtube app will not load on my original Xbox One. It will open and continuously load but never get to a main page. I've tried hard resetting the console as well as uninstalling/reinstalling.


Might be making this up, but did I see that Jedi Fallen Order is now 60fps on Xbox one X?


What's the point in asking questions on this thread? No one is going to answer it. All I wanted to know is I needed to pay to activate developer mode on my Xbox or was the option to enable it in the console info was always there. But all you guys do is downvote my posts and not tell me what was wrong with the post, or it was wrong to post the question. I've been waiting for an answer for the better part of a day now and if I asked this on Yahoo answers it probably would have got an answer now but nooo Reddit is all I have, and they should have shut this poor excuse of a platform down instead of yahoo answers. Thanks for your lack of help in advance and I look forward to the downvotes and possible ban. Keep thinking it will make your miceopenis grow an inch


Relax. No need for the excess whining. You can enable it, but you will be asked to make an account at some point and that's like 20 dollars.


Unfortunately, the opening post of these threads is always misleading, cos nobody from Xbox support comes here and answers questions anymore, and they haven't done for many months now, yet the mods of this sub still try and push this thread as some kind of official support channel. It's not. It's just a containment thread, nothing more. Even though this has been pointed out to them on numerous occasions, nothing changes.


So, I've recently spent money with the wrong credit card. I was wondering if It would still be able to refund the purchase with the card removed from the Xbox?


My understanding is that the refund is given to [the card originally charged](https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/account-billing/returning-items-you-bought-from-microsoft-store-for-exchange-or-refund-81629012-aa4f-f48b-2394-8596f415072b): > When you make a qualifying return, we'll credit the full amount, less the original shipping and handling charges. Refunds are generally processed within 3–5 business days after we receive your item and find it eligible for a return. Refunds are applied to the original payment option.


My Xbox app is showing two games I don't own. I didn't purchase them nor have I ever heard of them. Monster Truck Championship (which it's showing twice) and Override 2: Super Mech League. It's also not showing a game I do own; ARK: Survival Evolved as well as the Multiplayer Beta for Star Wars Battlefront II, which I no longer have. I do however have the full game (disc copy).


Those first two games are both games with gold, so if you have gold you technically do own them. I'm not sure about those last games though, maybe they need to be reinstalled?


Ok. That's interesting because I don't have Gold at the moment. ARK shows up on my Xbox just not on my mobile app. I have no idea about the beta though. I'll see if reinstalling them does anything. Thanks for your reply and suggestion.


My external hard drive fell and broke. I tried to reinstall one of the games I own to the internal hard drive, however when I open it it asked me to buy the game again. I’m not really stuck on this one and not sure where to look hope you guys can help. Came in question black ops cold war.


Assuming you do own the game, I would probably recommend a reinstallation. Delete it, hard reboot, then install again. Make sure you're on the profile that owns the game when you launch.


Thanks. I reinstalled already but with out the hard boot. lll give it another go.


I was thinking about switching my GT to "cliffchirper" which is a species of frog that lived in the crawlspace of my old apartment. I typed it in and Xbox says that the gamertag isn't allowed. Does this have some sort of alternate meaning that I'm not picking up on?


The "bad word" filter that MS use is a mystery to most of us, cos it blocks things where I can't possibly see how they can be offensive, this being one of those examples. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do though, except choose another gamertag.


Please help. Im having an issue where i cannot hear my friend in a party. It says "to hear your party better, chat and game audio may need to be adjusted. And there's an option to "go to volume settings" but when i do its all greyed out and the only option is to "search for a music app". Edit: nvm i just restarted the xbox/:


Can you press the Xbox button on your controller, hover over your profile picture and go to Settings->General->Volume & audio output? You should be able to change the chat mixer and output. My guess is that it may have to do with the output setting.




Which country are you in?


I purchased an Xbox one and it works fine but when I go in game, the display starts to flicker after a while and it’s unplayable. It just keeps turning off and on and sometimes stays black for a while. Is there a fix or is it defective


Is that happening for all games/media? If so, certainly sounds like you either have a loose connection or a faulty Xbox. Make sure everything is plugged in good and tight. If it keeps happening, I'd either return/exchange or submit it for warranty. Edit: Thought of something else. Doublecheck your TV settings to ensure they are [set properly](https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/hardware-network/display-sound/hdr-tv-settings).


I just picked up an original One used from GameStop yesterday, and I’m having a few issues: I can’t get my Xbox to recognize my DISH Hopper when trying to set up TV control, even though the Hopper properly outputs to my TV using the same HDMI cable. Also, how do I reset the TV/AV Receiver input codes? I have a Kinect on the way, what should I know about using that and setting it up?


I just brought Godzilla vs Kong on the films and TV app. I live in Australia and ofc have my time zone etc set to Australia. When I try to play the film it tells me there’s a network error and I need to ensure my Timezone is set correctly... well it is cause Australia... so I decided to set it to America to see if it would work and now it does. Is it because the film is not yet available in Australia? Do I have to keep changing it back and forth when I want to watch it? I don’t have any other issues with the other 60 or so movies I own.. only this one. Is there any harm in leaving it set to America other than obviously the time is going to be wrong and the language/spelling a bit different? TIA.


Hello, my Xbox will not boot up to the dashboard.... it will go past the normal Xbox boot up then just turn to a black screen but will let me use my controller to restart it. I tried changing HDMIs but I don’t know what else to do.


i am getting grey flickers on my screen when using 4k


Have you got another HDMI cable you can try? Often when everything works fine at lower resolutions, but you get artefacts/glitches/flickers at higher ones, it's an issue with the cable.


Tried 3 different hdmi cables 3 ports 2 monitors/TVs and it happens at 1140 and 1080 on occasion and all the time if I don’t switch to 720 when playing a 360 game Ive also tried the lowest bit rate


Lightning Returns DLC is showing in triplicate and will cause the game to crash if DLC items are equipped when entering battle. I have tried using all combinations and results are never the same. Sometimes one DLC will work or none. X1X and XSS


Series x. Quick resume hasn't worked in months. On any game. Any solutions? The typical resets / restarts didn't work


From what I recall, quick resume requires the game to be installed on the internal hard drive or using the SSD expansion slot (in other words, not on an external drive). That said, i cannot find supporting documentation for that, so I might be wrong. Also, be aware that [Quick Resume](https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/known-issues-on-xbox-series-xs/221c9d7f-dc91-4067-ba81-33ab671179b5) doesn't work for all games.


I'm aware, but I'm referring to games I previously played that used to do it.


My One X isnt showing up on my Samsung tv, it was working last night. It's plugged into a power strip, I tried a different HDMI, different HDMI port, different TV. I can get into it via Remote play. I've enabled game mode on the tv, ice disabled it. I've changed the resolution on the Xbox. Nothing seems to be working.


I believe that Microsoft recommends _not_ using a power strip (for the Xbox). I doubt that is the issue, but at least it is worth checking out. When you try a different TV, are you able to use the Xbox?


I'm on a xbox 1s and I keep trying to install apex legends but when I click install or install all nothing happens it doesn't even move to queue I have the space for it. It installs every other game the only one having a problem is apex


I hope this question is okay for this thread, but is it possible in the UK yet to play online games without Xbox Live Gold? I downloaded Warzone yesterday but when I'm in the menu it says "Installation progress - 0%" and I can't go into any game modes.


Yes it is.


Any idea why it isn't working for me? I'm connected to the Internet and the game downloaded fine.


That I am not sure about. You have had it before? Try clearing out game cache.


everytime i go to the xbox store it shows the logo like im going into it then it just kicks me out and i want to buy a game but i cant because of that


Have you tried restarting your console? You could also buy whatever you want from the web store as a temporary workaround: - https://www.xbox.com/games/all-games?xr=shellnav


yeah i restarted nothing happened but thanks for the tip


Xbox one original. I had this clip I’ve been wanting to trim but every time I try to trim it I just get a black screen so I I did everything to fix and waited. Of course I captured new clips but the problem is now that I’m able to trim clips again, when I go back to trim that clip it says Trim (only for clips created on this Xbox console). Idk if it’s bc I captured new clips and it no longer shows on recent captures, I have to go to show all clips to find it


just a quick question, ive got a usb mic and im wondering if i can get a male usb to 3.5 mm jack and plug it in to make the mic work


Probably a silly question but does the Series X support the Kinect as a microphone? I have an adaptor I used for the One X because I loved not having a big headset on. I saw it doesn’t work for games but does it work as a mic?


My Xbox One X hasn’t been running Warzone the best lately. I have been having major lag issues and I was just wondering if it was my wifi or my Xbox. My brother plays on a PS4 slim and his game is pretty much lag free. Why am I lagging a lot? Thx in advance


So whenever I turn onXbox , go to perks, then click redeem code, these weird colorization blobs thing happens with the pop up menu that look like a bunch of brighter color spots. Is this normal? I also haven’t seen it anywhere else besides that one pop up and I just got my first Xbox so I want to make sure it’s not some weird problem, thanks! [pics](https://imgur.com/a/Ur3EpDL)


So my post keeps getting deleted but I need help finding a replacement back plate for an Elite Series 2 controller! My dog got a hold of it and now both plates need replaced.. please help!


Is it just me or when I invite some of my friends to gta or mine craft it takes them and me to the Xbox store


Why is youtube always broken on xbox? I swear it signs me out then doesn't let me sign back in at least once a month now! Uninstalling ane cycling doesn't even fixes it half the time!


So I just spent 26$ on risk of rain 2 for my Australian friend, I am American and the code is region locked, if I log onto his account from my Xbox and redeem the code will it appear in his library and pass the lock because I myself am in America?


I just got a Seagate 2 TB Xbox Gamedrive so I could back up games for transfer to another console. So I formatted it for games and it failed to copy nearly half my games usually around the 50% mark. So I clear the cache and try again and it failed. I tried reformatting and made sure it was plugged into the rear USB port, and it failed. I've tried the few steps I was able to find online but no luck. Yes the drive was new never opened or used. Any tips or advice? Links to how to clear the cache of the drive or troubleshooting guides would be appreciated.


So i own MKX on disc, but it's too dirty and scratched to work anymore. There are two friends, friend 1 and friend 2. Friend 2 gifted friend 1 MKXL. I am gamesharing with friend 1 and vice versa. He redeemed it and downloaded it but it does not pop up as an owned game..does anyone know the problem?


(os build) I turn my xbox one s on,sometimes it does not give signal to the tv,sometimes I turns on and the screen is grey,a black with some light,but it wouldn't turn on.Then I did a ,full reset,it updated,it turned on,worked for some time,then It froze,on home screen,i couldn't give any command on my controller,it did not show any error,or crash text.the only option was to turn it off manually. Then i tried to fully reset again,because after that,the screen was aways grey and no Xbox startup again,it would not "turn on"(cuz the screen had signal).This time I did the reset keeping the games and same thing,it worked for some time,I even put some games to download,logged on profiles etc,then it lagged,froze again while I was in home screen,but when it froze the screen got black like it's resting mode,I even could hold xbox button to have the options to restart etc,but even if I got off holding xbox it was aways in that black translucid screen completely frozen.I turned it off manually and turned on,same grey screen no Xbox startup.First reset I got error E102 in the second E106 what should I do?


*I'll almost literally copy and paste a post from other user that has the same problem than me with other game:* I bought the Xbox Series X new controller a couple of days ago. The problem I have is that any game I try to play (Including FIFA 21), have the buttons mapped completely wrong when using Bluetooth, but work perfectly fine when using Wired mode. A slight move of the mouse doesn't fix this issue on BT mode (as some users claimed it worked for them) Wired controller works perfectly fine but BT connected has all the buttons swapped, for instance, X and A are inverted, select and start are RB and LB. Which is kind of annoying since I bought this controller specifically for the wireless functionality, since I hate wires. I have the controller firmware updated to the lastest version and windows latest update as well. Is this something also happened to you guys? Did anyone manage to fix it somehow? ​ **TLDR**: *I bought a brand new Series X controller and the buttons are oddly bad mapped on PC via bluetooth. But Xbox Accessories app recognizes all the buttons well, and it works well wired too.*


My RB is a little problematic, where do i get it repaired? How much would it cost?


So I booted my console today and I’m missing nearly 43k gamerscore from my account! Contacted support and they can see all my Xbox one achievements have been set to zero! Checked TrueAchievements and was able to see my correct score, rep said it would be escalated. Playing on my Series X and same even when I log into my account on the web.


It seems as if my Xbox One S isn't reading discs. I can put the disc in, and the Xbox will make some little whirring noises, but it acts as if there isn't a disc inside at all. Also, the eject function works fine. I checked every disc I own, Xbox One, 360, and Blu-Rays, but none of them work. I can still play digitally downloaded games, but I usually buy all my favorite games on disc. The Xbox One S isn't that old, 1.5/2 years maybe? So what can I do?


Got to love university students. Come end of April they throw out some stuff worth digging for. This case, a Xbox One with 500Gb HD. Found it with panels missing but I manage to find all the external panels in some what good condition. The shield casing took the brunt of the rage quit while the fan was mashed into the heat sink. I was able to fix the fan with super glue. I checked the board though I didn't really want to mess with the heat sink too much. I don't have any heat sink compound so I was reluctant to mess with the heat sink other than bend back some fins and place the fan back on. I cleaned off the stickers and manage to get the case back together okay. Problem no power adapter or controller. I had a local game store check it out with power adapter. They tried two different power adapters and nothing. Will not turn on. There is the wire that connects to wi-fi board to IR board that is connected on the top external shielding casing. The connection on the IR board which handles power switch is broken off. Is this important? What should I look for before I bother have it tested again?


My Xbox profile won’t sign into my Xbox One X. No error message, just keeps spinning until it stops spinning. Have done hard restart. Unplugged internet. Tried to remove the account from the Xbox but it won’t let me. I can get into the app with the account so pretty sure not account issue. Any suggestions?


Hey, I just got a series X and bought a few older games that I wasn't able to play on my Playstation, such as Fallout New Vegas and Deus Ex human revolution. My problem is that when I try to get the dlcs for these games I keep getting an error. "Oops. Not sure what happened there. Please try again later. Nshr8xMXYI/u4R6ij5Z60/.3536". Has anyone else had this problem?


Trying off the console? For me, 360 games it's almost better to go off old market place through computer to do it.


Tried using the old 360 marketplace on my phone but no luck.


Xbox one x. Unsure of headset. Was curious if you’re playing a single player game, can you connect two headsets to hear the audio from the game? Example, one person is playing the game with a headset but another person is watching them play and they’d like to use a headset to hear the audio as well.


Oy so I told a guy to fuck off in rust how long am I not allowed to talk to people for


Have a genuine Microsoft headset paired to my new Xbox Series X. I keep getting some garbled audio or total loss of sync only resolved by a power cycle of the Xbox headset. The Xbox is on the other side of a piece of drywall which may be the problem but distance is less than 10 feet. Is there anything I can do to improve the signal (direction of Xbox or orientation etc) or anything else that adds interference? Even a wireless controller with a wired headset connected works way better. Is the range on the Microsoft wireless headset just trash?


I'm finding the xbox wireless headset to be trash. I don't think the 'reviewers' used it long enough.


Hoping they can fix it with the firmware update. Seems that the garbled audio and dropped connection are a common problem. I think it’s only with the new series X as well which makes it even more frustrating. The headset actually worked better for me with the older Xbox. This is obviously a fairly big issue but hopefully one that is firmware fixable. I am considering returning this unit for now until the bugs are worked out and they are more easy to find.


There is a weird game/app on my xbox called 000-internal-test-game-m13, made by THTEST and is 3mb.


I am having an issue with the colour of the Xbox being really dark and the wrong colours I don’t know where to start to look


Anyone got updated thoughts on the Xbox Wireless Headset? I'm looking to return mine I think as its been a pretty poor purchases for me * Buzzing in left earcup (seems to be a well documented issue) * Random disconnects from Xbox - seems to turn itself off even when charged? * Only works sometimes on PC. Will connect but audio won't work out of it until I disconnect and reconnect bluetooth * Haven't been able to get mic working *at all* on the PC even, with Microsoft support Not as important, but I was also hoping for an option for it to *not* turn on my Xbox when I turn it on, say if I wanted to use it on just my Windows 10 PC.


So this is a pretty straight forward issue. I just bought a new soundbar cause my last one died on me. I tried two Vizio soundbars and although they worked fine (these did not have this audio delay issue which leads me to believe its the soundbar), the sound quality wasn't the best. I bought this Samsung HW-A650 soundbar and it sounds much better but I am having this issue with the audio being delayed. I have it hooked up as follows: HDMI 2.1 from XBOX Series X to Sony X900h and HDMI 2.0 from Sony X900h to Samsung HW-A650. The audio is slightly delayed ONLY when using the Xbox. When streaming from the TV, there is no delay. The manual suggests connecting the XBOX to the SOUNDBAR and the SOUNDBAR to the TV. I did this and it removes the delay but the soundbar is not capable of passing through a 4k 120hz signal. With that being said, is there any way to remove the delay without purchasing a soundbar that has a 4k 120hz passthrough (if they even have this). No insider OS build. Thoughts?


Shot gun king ,,,try me https://youtu.be/gyRPBIR8ZRM


Shot gun king ,,,try me https://youtu.be/gyRPBIR8ZRM


Hi everyone. I'm having a problem with my Xbox I was hoping someone could help me out. Setup: Xbox One S plugged directly into a Denon AVR-S750H receiver which is plugged into an LG TV capable of 4K HDR content for both Dolby Vision and HDR10. (For my question the TV part probably doesn't matter) Problem: This just started yesterday but has been working fine before. When playing any HDR content from my Xbox through my Denon receiver, the audio drops in and out and my screen flickers. The reason I think this is a problem with my Xbox and the signal it is sending to the receiver is because when I use HDR content on my Chromecast with Google TV that is also connected directly to the receiver I do not have this problem. The audio will drop in and out in a steady rhythm. It will play audio for about a second then on the Denon's screen PCM and DIG. tags will flash and the audio will cut out for a second, over and over. This seems to have just started yesterday after enabling the new audio passthrough mode on the Xbox. It continues even after I have turned off audio passthrough. Things I've tried: I have been through all of the Denon's settings looking for what might be causing the issue and can't find anything. I have power cycled both the Xbox and the receiver. I have checked the HDMI connection. I have been through the Xbox settings and tried switching from 5.1 to bitstream using both Dolby Sur and Atmos. I have been to the video settings for my Xbox and it has green checkmarks across the board and I didn't see anything that might help it. I have been to the Xbox support page and couldn't find any help there. If anyone has experienced this before or knows of a fix please let me know. Thank you!


Can someone tell me is it normal that Xbox One X limits the bandwidth it uses for downloading games? Today I changed my ISP and made quite funny observation. Before today I had 100mbit optic fibre connection which operated at 100 mbit (always downloading Steam games with ~10MB/s speed), but my Xbox won't exceed 50mbit/s when downloading games, and average speed was 30mbit (wired). So today I upgraded my connection to 600mbit (verified with speedtest), still wired, and... the speed is ~200mbit... If the servers can send with 200mbit/s why xbox was not downloading at 100mbit/s before? I looks like it limits itself to 1/3 of the available speed. I did an internal xbox speed test just now, and it shows 603mbit/s down and 101mbit/s up. Is there indeed a limit on download speed?


I probably sound really dumb but how do I mute my mic so that people in game can't hear me. I just bought a new headset where there is no switch for me to mute/unmute.


Im on xbox one x, just now I updated the store, it would not open up and would say there was an error. I left it and went to play a game it then said i was not the account that purchased the game but I am, however my home xbox is set to another one which is still working and dplaying games. Tried hard resetting and same issues, also seems glitchy with logging in and took longer than usual.


Yeah, Xbox Live, Store and License Servers seem to have severe issues.


Hi, I was just playing a game and got a bit tilted so decided to play a more simpler game but now it’s saying that I don’t own any of the games and I should sign in with the account that I brought the games with. I don’t have any other active accounts except my main one as the others were for smurfing on games or letting the kids play their saves. The only game that I’m still able to load is the one I was playing before. It’s not an issue of Xbox live running out or gamepass expiring as these were renewed just a couple weeks ago for another 3 months and there’s been no issues thus far. My console is a One S and the games are all access through digitally owned, game pass and digitally accessed (disk games do still work) I found out it’s an Xbox related issue so never mind. Thanks anyway though


Im trying to play apex but when i open the app it says i need to sign in to the account that bought the game, even tho i am already singed in to the account what do i dl


I’m having the same issue I think the Xbox servers are dodgy atm and having some issues


I cant start Battlefielf V even though I have GPU? 1 and 4 work but for 5 it says check memberships/couldn't start it


I typed my crash team racing nitros oxide code into my phone on Xbox.com/redeemcode and it it’s installing on my Xbox. I was signed into the right account and I’ve checked under mange section on the game and it’s not showing up. It’s also not on the store so I’m stumped on how to install it


I’m trying to Buy a game in the Microsoft store. And I just get the message. “Oops, not sure what happen there please try again later”. I have tried again later and it still won’t work. (No I can go buy a gif card and use that instead. And also I’m not going to use the website to buy the game either).


If I renew my Xbox gamepass on pc can I keep playing gamepass also on my Xbox without buying Ultimate? I bought regular PC gamepass last month and could play on bought devices no problem but I read you need ultimate in order to use it? what do you guys think thank you


I know that no official xbox support will help with this, but I want to try convert an Xbox One into a pc because I'm poor


So when I connect my Xbox One X to my Samsung Soundbar via HDMI1 and then HDMI eARC to my Samsung QLED and I have Input signal Plus enabled it won’t display 4K But when I switch it to 1080P it’s good or when I disable Input Signal Plus completely it does 4K but no HDR and I get all the little ⛔️ under 4K details. [Xbox one x input signal plus issues](https://youtu.be/HirQBobwjzQ)


Part of the metal peice of my headset plug broke off in my elite series 2 controller. I am wonder if there is any way to get that out, with or without taking the controller apart.


My Xbox one keeps making the turn on sound over and over. Then it makes the turn off sound over and over until it turns off and the light on the PSU goes orange. Any way to fix?


Hey, I have a problem with Spotify on the Xbox series S where the music just stops playing and then continuing and it’s almost like it’s lagging. That is only since I’ve changed my console from the One X to the series S. I’ve already tried to log off from all devices other than the Xbox but it still didn’t work. Is there a fix?


XBOX ONE S - Battlefield 1 Special Edition CONTROLLER: I believe it's the standard Xbox One controller. Not sure if it was made for Xbox One S or not. HEADSET: Corsair HS50 When I plug in my headset, the volume is normal for about one second, and then it lowers dramatically. It's only the game audio. Party chat, Spotify, and everything in between is completely fine. Searching on Google came back with entirely different issues, and I have no idea where else to turn to.


I have the official Xbox wireless headset. When switching the headset back on after leaving for a few minutes it keeps resetting sound to DTS:X instead of staying on Dolby Atmos. Anyone noticed this?


Hi having an issues where I’m trying to purchase a game from Xbox store and when it processes a error not sure if services are down but tried like 4 times now not sure what’s going on.


My Xbox Series X here recently has been having issues, mostly linked to the disk tray. It started when I was just watching some YouTube, and my series x randomly started to eject and take the disk in multiple times. I thought it was just a little bug so I took the disk out and reset my console. Now it is constantly ejecting despite there being nothing in there.


Does Microsoft warranty repairs after they are done and sent back?


Does anybody know how to record party chat or game chat in clips?


Hey all! I’m currently having an issue with my xbox one not displaying on the tv. We had a brutal lightning storm where I live and I was awakened at 3am by it striking very close to my house. The next morning I tried to turn it on to no avail. I also believe it fried my Nintendo switch stand as it was having the same issue and had to buy a new stand. I got with my brother and using all his equipment and extra wires have deduced that it is not the wires, it is indeed the xbox itself. I’m just wondering how to go about solving the issue. I should also mention I had en external hard drive that I thought was fried but also taking new wires to it and plugging it to my brothers xbox proved it worked still. Thanks!!


Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me why my XBOX ONE is making these jet ingine fan noises when I put it on a different game? Almost every single time I change games, it makes those fan noises for 30 seconds or so and then nothing for the rest of the play time. I would appreciate any sort of insight, I wanna prevent anything that could happen due to overheating since I live a very hot summer country.


I can’t connect to my WiFi even though all of my other devices can. I was told by another user that it may be because of my external hard drive so I have since removed it for the time being. When I try to connect to my WiFi it just says that I need to check my name and password for the WiFi even though I can guarantee that I have it right. It won’t even give me the yellow triangle that tells you to connect your WiFi anymore. Edit: I tried connecting to another WiFi just to see and it said “DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names” what does that mean???


My Xbox one S is not letting me play my digitally purchased copy of sea of thieves, I can open the game but when I’m at the menu part I can no longer enter and it opens up a menu for me to either get xbox live gold or game pass, however I can also play online apex legends completely fine as well as access my friends list and all that stuff


Help!! Xbox one 1st gen Problem. Last night I had no problems. This morning woke up to it.not being able to turn on. I unplugged and reset the power block a few times, even let it sit a few hours, bit still won't turn on. I do here a faint power up sound when I try to turn it on but it's not loud nor is it the full power up sound I would normally get. Please tell me I'm ok and don't need to buy a new console, I really don't want to and can't really afford it. *Side note* there is still a disc in it too...


If you hear sound and nothing is happening more than likely its the power supply or the board that no longer works. You can see if a repair shop can fix it but they will probably charge you more than grabbing a used S console from gamestop/second hand store


Power cycled my Xbox today; hard reset all that jazz and for some reason still whenever I launch my Xbox none of my games or apps show but my internal and external drives both show that they have x amount free. Issue pertains to a launch model Xbox one. been about an hour of it just doing the buffer circle to no avail


How can I stream from Twitch on xbox One?


Download the Twitch app in the store. Sign in, and then at the top tab you’ll see ‘Broadcast.’ Select your settings and hit ‘Start Streaming’.


Hello, I am wondering about cross-gen save files in the cloud. I have a near 100% save file for Bully: Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360. I recently bought the disc for my Xbox One X. I see my save file synced in the cloud, however when I load the game on my Xbox One X, the save file is non-existent in the save file menu. Please help, and thank you for your time!


So I have the new Microsoft wireless headset for Xbox and PC. For some reason when I’m trying to use them on my PC they will work for a maybe 10-15 minutes before it completely stops receiving input. I have reset my my computer, checked to make sure my drivers are up to date. I even bought another Microsoft wireless headset to see if I still had the same problem and yep still do. The headsets work on my phone and Xbox with no issues at all. I even used my old A10s on my pc to see if they had issues as well, but they worked just fine. There has to be something im missing. Any help would be much appreciated. Also the my laptop is a 15” razer advanced 2019 model


Have you been able to resolve this issue? I am having the exact same issue.


I am unable to download Fifa 18 on my xbox one s as the installation automatically stops at aroubd 25%. Any solutions?


Hey, I moved back home from college yesterday and just plugged in my console and tv at home, not my console is not booting correctly and ive tried a bunch of stuff that could have helped but didnt. So currently when i boot my console with the tv set to the correct HDMI, it glows a little and turns a little lighter to show that its trying to show something, which tells me that the problem isnt related to the HDMI cord. ive tried unplugging the entire console for a couple minutes but that didnt help either. I feel like the problem is with the console itself as while i have a controller connected to it and i can turn the console on with it, I cant turn it off with the controller, as when i hold the xbox button on the controller it doesnt shake like it does when it would bring up the restart and shutdown options would show up. Ive googled it and found a bunch of non helpful stuff about black screen of death but all of the fixes require me to be able to use the console and go into its settings which is not helpful as if i could do that i wouldnt have a problem in the first place. Update literally just after i posted: I left the console on for a few minutes like that and it brought up a troubleshoot page after a couple minutes. i selected to restart the console but that doesnt seem to have worked so the next time i guess ill need to factory reset update 2: problem persists after factory reset


Every time I go to redeem a code it freezes up tight when I get to the page


Hey so I havent used my xbkx one in awhile abd recently just got it setup, I went into game library and a lot of my games were missing, when I search the games in to the store that I had, it comes up not available. When I go into my achievements it shows the games I have played but they aren't in my library, can anyone help?


My controller or console has started acting up, the light on the controller turns on but it won't control the xbox, if I plug it in it works but just refuses to work wireless, even trying to re-pair the controller to the console the lights just flash forever.


My left stick drifts up when I pull the right trigger. My controller is a powera spectra and I've been having this problem. Setting deadzones do work but there's some games where I can't set deadzones.


I bought an Xbox gift card to buy some in game currency for Apex Legends but when I go to buy them it asks for a profile address and I’m not sure what that is. Appreciate the help.


Hello! I’ve set up a child’s account on my Xbox and limited content to a 7 yr old, thing I’d Dragon Age Yakuza was still showing, and Assassins Creed: Odyssey. I’d assumed that those would t be visible? What have I done wrong? Gareth


I'm having issues with my elite controller the one thumpstick keeps getting stuck


this is about my xbox one s, games and controller i think. my xbox won’t load games or apps, and when it does load an app like hulu or disney, it’ll start lagging and then suddenly i’m unable to pause and my controller just turns off, if i try turning the controller back on it starts flashing like it’s disconnected from the xbox and won’t connect until after i restart the xbox, but once i restart it i can’t open apps and games anymore like before. i know it’s not my internet because i can join parties fine and we can hear each other fine. it’s also not updating or installing things that need it and i have almost 900gbs of free space.


I’m trying to play Sims 4 (digitally owned) on my original Xbox One, but it’s saying I need either need Xbox Gold, Xbox game pass, or EA subscription to play it. This is the first time trying to play Sims for at least a year or two. The last time I was able to play it I had no issues, and I don’t believe I had any of those subscriptions. I’m also logged in to the account I bought it on.


are the parts the same for the Xbox 1 s and 1 s slim


I can't install ark on Xbox one, Everytime I try to install ark it says installation stopped. I have enough space and I've down around 10 things to try and fix it besides factory resetting my console. Also the reason I uninstalled it was because I couldn't load in. Any other game works and yes I have enough space. I got through gamepads


I dropped my controller 0.5 meters onto the floor and now it isn’t working? It is a first-party controller (blue) for an Xbox One


Do you have a USB cable to connect it directly to the Xbox? Try that. Often times the Bluetooth won’t work and needs the wire to help get it back to how it was


Ok thx it works now


So Batman return to Arkham city is not running as smooth as asylum did. I have these games digitally and am running it on a series x but for some reason Arkham city feels like I’m playing it on the 360


Hello. i am having issues starting my digital edition of Battlefield 4 on my Xbox One and i cant seem to get it to work. I have tried: Clearing persistent storage, clearing reserved space for Battlefield, uninstalling and reinstalling my game, and cold resetting my console. I would absolutely love some insight


Alright check this out... Not sure if this is a glitch or something buut i need some answers/help here. So the game Nier Replicant ver.1.224etc recently came out right, so i go onto the xbox store (on xbox app) and to my surprise it was available to download wit no fee charge..? So i obviously download it lol. Get home after a couple hours later and i see it in my recently downloads, so i lunch it and it says i dont own it, or i need to insert disc with the option to go to the store to buy it i guess. But once i go into the store, it then gives me the option to “manage” or buy for 79.99$. After i hit “manage” it brings me to the “manage game and add-ons” saying its NOT download. But when i go into “my games and apps” and manually go into “manage games” it clearly shows me the game file size, where its downloaded, plus the free add on it came with. The other funny part is when i delete everything on my xbox and try to get it on the actual xbox console store, that “free download option” isn’t there but still available on the Xbox app😐.. So im just genially confused at this point. Answers/help would be appreciated haha 😅


NEED AUDIO HELP URGENT: I own a pair of $700 Planar Magnetic headphones called the Blue Ella. They're easily a top contender for some of the best audio quality on the market, and it's much much better than any other "gaming" headset you can get in terms of raw accuracy and quality. The issue is also being able to speak on Xbox Live. It typically comes with a cable and a pretty decent in-line mic, but I have lost that cable so I am using an external mic instead. It's called the Mod Mic 4 (I used to have the 5 but I gave it away). It magnetically attaches to the Blue Ella headphones and turns it into a headset, essentially. The issue is I have a 3.5mm mic line and a separate 3.5mm headphones line... But the controller requires a singular 3.5mm TRRS connection. I can get an adapter like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GS7NFWB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_KF47W174CRH5SHGX1EJS?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 But I'm concerned that 1) Audio quality may be reduced if the adapter isn't top-notch or 2) Microphone may sound quiet if there isn't enough power being provided. Currently, if I plug my headphones directly into the controller, I have to turn on my built-in headphone preamp cause the volume is fairly quiet. I am wondering if there is a way to get better volume and good mic quality out of my setup. If I need to plug directly into the Xbox that is an option, I'm typically about 5-10ft away from it anyway. What setup is going to be the best way to maximize my headphones potential while allowing me to chat on Live? Thanks for helping out guys!


I have an original Xbox One. Will it be able to play RE8 or AC Valhalla? Or is it worth waiting a year until I can get next gen?


My Xbox one when I turn it on the light comes on but nothing on screen and I hear a beeping noise


Help on a X Series 4K 120 Hz every time I’m on a dark loading screen the images pulses for a lack of better words. HDMI 2.1 cord hooked into proper port. Have video to show anyone who may have any ideas


how do i turn my xbox one s into a pc?


Why do my Xbox video captures to an SD card fail to process when uploaded to YouTube? Every video that I've tried to upload had been reporting (on YouTube) Processing abandoned, the video could not be processed. There must be a way around this error. Anyone know what's going on? I am capturing to an external sd card, which worked well in the past. I have switched sd cards/hardware. So it appears to be an actual file issue? How can I help YouTube to process these files?


I found this piece loose inside my XBOX ONE X. Someone please help me figure out where it came from! https://imgur.com/L7hD7Ll https://imgur.com/GPYqN3h https://imgur.com/pLNZVi2


Hello my Seagate External Hard drive is not showing up on my games and apps. I have reset, tried to switch ports, and I have hooked to my computer and it was able to spot it. Is there anything I can do to access my games


Whenever I plug in my hard drive to my Xbox the light turns on that shows the drive is on but the drive itself doesn’t connect to the Xbox. And when it is connected it will either randomly disconnect from the Xbox. Also my Xbox only recognizes the drive when the drive is as certain angles Is this a problem with the drive being broken or something with my USB ports on my Xbox?


Elite series 2 wasn't turning on yesterday it would just flash twice but wouldn't stay on. I thought it was dead but after charging it a couple hours it still wouldnt stay on. Hard reset of my console seemed to have fixed it, any reason for why this might have happened?


I been having problems were when I play single player games that are on the gamepass it will kick me out. The reason it'll kick me out was because my internet stop connecting to the xbox. It has happen 3 times already and I don't know if it's my xbox or my internet itself.


Xbox one download speeds are horrible. Trying to update a game and it's less than 10 mbps. Sometimes it goes up to 90 (my internet speed is 100) but once in awhile it's super slow. Usually doesn't matter if it's plugged into with a cable or with wifi. I already tried the power cycle. Any suggestions!?


so me and my sister both have an xbox, on the same internet mine gets anywhere from 80-150 mbs but hers only gets around 5-10mbs for download speeds


I recently purchased MLB the Show 21 and I’m experiencing some graphics issues. I made the jump to Xbox for The Show this year after playing on my original PS4 for years. I’ve never had an issue with “jumpy” frames or bad graphics on the PS4, but now that I’m playing on my Xbox One S something seems wrong. The graphics are not smooth, they seem “jumpy” with actions like pitching motions, the ball after being thrown seems to “flash” on and off until it’s caught, the short cut scenes between outs and batter walk ups aren’t smooth, and so on. It’s almost like the game is constantly buffering (I’m playing an offline mode by the way). I’m playing on the same monitor (Dell Ultrasharp 24) as I do with my PS4 and the difference is way too noticeable. I play The Show 2020 and it’s smooth and crisp, not so with The Show 21 on the Xbox. I’ve tried calibrating the monitor, playing with all the settings in the Xbox system preferences, swapped HDMI cords, called Xbox support, even returned my first copy of the game for a new one. No improvement at all. I don’t have this issue with other games I play on Xbox, just The Show. Anyone have some insight into my issue? Thanks!


I'm trying to change my gamertag. It's asking for a profile address but the Country/Region is stuck on US and I can't change it to my country. How do I go about changing that?


This happened in the past and I got around it by using my WiFi hotspot on my phone. Then one day I tried to connect to my WiFi and it worked. Now over 6 months later and its happening again where I can connect to my WiFi hotspot but it won't connect to my WiFi directly. I was using the wifi on my Xbox not even 12 hours ago and it was working so any ideas on what's wrong?


Your Xbox won't connect to your wifi? Do you get any error messages?


It tells me it can't find the IP address even after I reset my modem and router along with my Xbox. But it can connect to other devices just fine


Ok I just bought an Xbox Series X and I have a Samsung Q80t tv and for some reason, the picture kind of like pulsates or flickers sort of? It happens when you first turn the Xbox on and Game Mode is enabled on the tv. But when you switch Game Mode off, then on again, it goes away. Is Xbox aware of this? Please fix.