My favorite console interface ever.

My favorite console interface ever.


Takes me so far back. To playing Army of Two with my buddy and having boxing matches over who got the wireless controller. That same buddy showing up at my door with a copy of Left 4 Dead and staying up all night to play through it. Thanks for inspiring this trip down memory lane, I needed it


Oh my god, Army of Two was a great game.


If only they had army of two the fortieth day on game pass with the servers up🥲


seriously awesome game! remember going to a buddies house and grinding through the game in a day.


I used to play this game coop with my little cousin :( ... he's no longer with us these days. I haven't been able to play it ever since. I still use my Xbox 360 as my Netflix player on my tv and it crosses my mind every so often how fun those times were.


Sorry about your cousin... Gaming makes me think back on the times I hung out with friends and or family that are not in my life anymore too. The memories are all you have now and we just gotta appreciate those moments.


Lmao I remember burning a CD to the 360 hard drive and listening to it while playing MLB 2k6. Made an entire team of my friends from school with max attributes lol. good memories indeed!


Army of two and Kane and lynch, absolute bangers


Left 4 Dead during its initial release was amazing. So many nights spent fighting hordes. One of the most notorious moments we dealt with was just as we were making our way into the vehicle to leave the mission a smoker would pull us right back in. I hope Back 4 Blood has the same feels.


Army of Two was MADE for my brother and I, no more fighting over single player games


I used to click "Open Tray" instead pressing the physical button.


That was the future to me


That was the peak of technology to 12 year old me


I always thought the power move was to use the "Close Tray" button - even though I was right beside the tray to put the disc in.


Back when Live was killer! I still remember picking up Perfect Dark Zero and COD 2. Xbox had a great launch back in 05. I miss the early 2000s


*me too...me too*


>I miss the early 2000s Wow never thought I'd hear/read that.


So simple but nice.


I wasnt around for this one, i came in just after it. It looks so slick and nice.


It was ok. It was definitely cool for the time, I remember thinking it was so next gen. But nowadays, the UI is a lot more usable and has more functionality.


I Remeber how cool I thought the Xbox ui was. Like I thought the intro animation Amd the way it had that little green blob sitting in the corner was the coolest thing ever lol. I was like 7 at the time haha.


Sorta. Personally I loved how organized it was. A blade for friends, games, media, Settings. It was cool, didn’t look like every other UI. It was simple powerful and quick. To easy to get lost or not find what you want with modern blocky UIs JUSTTTT my opinion of course :p


It wasn't that organized or that quick. You can do a lot more on the current UI with a lot fewer button presses. I agree it looked cool, but functionality wise it doesn't hold up.


Idk Chief, personally I find and remember the older style in the picture and even the NXE update that came after for the 360 where much easier to navigate. On my xbone I constantly am getting lost or frustrated with trying to find the menu I want and not some small subset of a menu or having the ui option I need getting overshadowed by ad banners.


Mines clearly the unpopular opinion and I don't know if it's just people's nostalgia.. While yes it was cool for the launch of the 360, by the time they were replacing the interface it was running really poorly and doing stuff with a digital marketplace was not good at all.


I loved that interface.


*open tray* *buzzz* *click* *pop open Oblivion case* *insert Oblivion CD into tray* *close tray* *FAST BUZZ CLICK* *Xbox makes some sounds like it's thinking* *Oblivion starts* =']


I knew as soon as I saw Xbox subreddit and "My favorite console interface ever" it was going to be the blades from the 360


It was cool, but the Xbox One Series X is vastly superior.


This right here. I’ve hated every Xbox UI until the the Series X. It’s so properly quick and streamlined now.


Mine too


I wish they could remake this UI and have it loaded by default on an annual "reminiscence day", as an April fools, or an easter egg somehow. I probably wouldn't use it permanently, but dang if it'd be nice to revisit now and then. It would probably take up way too much disk space to meet efficiency targets though, so probably not gonna happen.


Ahhh the good old days, gears of war, halo 3, modern warfare…those were the days man. I would smoke a joint and trip out on halo 3


I remember first playing halo 3! It was amazing! Just blew up mind.


Oh man it was just an amazing time, halo 3 was my college game.


I really wish the xsx/s would implement a classic blades theme


The original NXE was my favourite, the sounds man...


The NXE was so good. You could see so much information at a time. And it was super simple and intuitive. I hated when they made all the panels flat beside one another rather than overlapped.


Worked on this for the Xbox Live launch of the Xbox 360. Always loved this dash iteration - you hit the guide button, and immediately had access to what you as a user needed first like friends, invites, messaging, etc. The Xbox One's UI went the opposite way, putting Windows UI design and tiles up front, and insisting on prioritizing advertising and revenue space. I believe it's one of the reasons Xbox One was such a failure. All that said, I have to give massive kudos to the team for the shifts from Xbox One's dash/guide to today's on Xbox Series X. While it may not have quite the style as the 360 dash, it's fast, highly usable, and has some serious customization options that never existed before.


Be kinda nice if we could choose our own interfaces




Ah, the Blades. So simple.


Not sure why everyone likes it so much to be honest. The main menu page is fine, but the media tab was mostly useless and the marketplace wasn’t great. It was a big step up from the OG Xbox Live, but the mini-blades that was added with Xbox button double tap in late 360 years was superior in every way.


People like it because it is a perfect example of a clean and functional UI that was also aesthetically pleasing. It was satisfying to use and easy to learn. It kept your data stored in logical places and could be navigated quickly. The mini-blades menu shared some of these features but it was only an imitation of the original. As for the marketplace, the needs of digital content were not as great back then as they are now. Still, the blades UI was great from a consumer point of view even if advertisers will never go back to such a barebores storefront. I bought all my Oblivion DLC on the blades UI and it was great. In some ways I still prefer it to the flashy and less useful UI Xbox us using for their storefront today.


Simpler times


Those blades, along with the one that pulled up from the left when you hit the Xbox button were so damn cool.


Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be


I remember having a PS3 and being jealous of the interface that the 360 had


We should be given the option to which generation inferface we want to have


Petition to have changeable themes for the new consoles. I wanna use the OG 360 theme.


I miss these days. Simple yet many features. Now the UI is just garbage. Metro was, and still is, a terrible UI system.


Seeing that image, I can still hear the sound of swiping through the blades. Fwi fwi fwi


Holy shit, I miss this interface. Back when I wasn’t so focused on work. Everything was about skateboarding, guitar hero and halo. This was a blast from the past that I needed.


Honestly! There are a few comments here saying “it’s ugly,” or “it’s just nostalgia speaking.” Hell yeah it‘s nostalgia speaking. For everyone saying The Blades are ugly, there’s been 10 other people reminiscing on memories that make them feel good. All just from thinking about this UI. That’s what it’s all about for me, and that’s why I love The Blades. It’s a representation of simpler times.


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory FTW…. That multiplayer has yet to be replicated well IMO


Honestly preach


Lol, looks like I’m the substitute preacher for today




the xbox one is horrific in comparison.


Everything about one isn’t great


It's awful, but I thought it was because Im not 20 anymore.


So now it starts, where we conveniently forget how dogshit the blades where, slow and laggy. They were objectively bad


Yeah, I distinctly remember getting the NXE beta, and being like "wow, this is so much faster". The ability to install games on the HDD blew my mind, which some younger folks may not know that the 360 didn't have that originally. Also, everyone is praising how simple the blades were, but honestly that's because it was far more limited. Xbox Live was really just glorified MSN Messenger and matchmaking. You have your list of games, movies and music on your console ("apps" didn't really exist yet), and the system settings. Now could you argue that's all you really need? Sure, but the UIs got more complicated for a reason. I have nostalgia for the blades too, but do I think they were peak 360? Nah. They just remind me of the early days of the 360 when Gears, Forza 2, and Halo 3 were the big hits


Yeah, I have a nostalgic yearning for the blades, but it's nothing but nostalgia, the NXE was my favorite, although the current one aint to bad, and i like the XB1 menu way better than the PS4 menu atleast


Bring back the blades.


It’s ugly af.. I think thats nostalgia speaking


A laggy turd tbh


I didn’t have an Xbox at this time but I gotta say that that looks like hot garbage




They should bring it back updated for the Series X for the 20th Anniversary of the 360 in 2025.


Much preferred this. The current one is crappy imo. I always get lost trying to do stuff


I might be with ya on that. It was just so much fucking easier.


Reminds me of playing Fable :( Miss the lazy days as a kid just gaming after school


The nostalgia is real.


I can hear the blades shifting even now!


Open Tray. *cringes in PTSD*


The best definitely.


It would be amazing if they allowed some sort of UI creator such as like on Android phones, I bet people would come up with some crazy good UI’s. I’d be glad to pay for the initial app if it allowed you to access and use these custom creations and if you just wanna stick with the standard interface then you obviously don’t have to buy the app I guess.


I will forever remember the little swoosh noise each tab made when you switch to the next one


42 games and 40 achievements?? Who is this casual?


I couldn’t agree more. Such a streamlined look.


I was never a fan of the Blades. The NXE was perfection to me.


Oh the nostalgia


When I was bored I would just flip thru them back and fourth 😆


I think AKQA designed this? Or maybe the version after this one.


The 360 era was the best in terms of me being a teenager and having unlimited time to play. While I personally really like the new UI, I don't have enough time to play these days.


Sadly I wouldn't know I got my console shortly after this was changed


It’s nostalgic for sure, but I absolutely loved when they revamped this whole interface in the middle of the console lifecycle. Felt like a next-gen leap in the middle of the gen.


I had the xbox 360 arcade system and was clueless about XBL. I remember when I plugged that ethernet cable in for the first time and played GRAW2, my first ever online console experience. It blew my mind. I invited a few mates over to play GRAW2, they were all still playing ps2 at the time and it blew their minds too. Within a couple of months all my mates had 360s too and we were all playing GRAW together. Great times.


It’s so weird yet nice to think back to that. Call of Duty 3 was my jam back then. It was always interesting to see Call of Duty skyrocket the way it did


Sadly I grew up with the last 2. I didn't get a 360 until the current UI, and was confused why my friends look different but then theirs changed when I got mine. I was 12 or so so not to bright.


For some reason I was mesmerized by the fact that we could open the tray via screen. Technology truly is amazing haha


Blades nostalgia is real. Good times.


Microsoft dropping this interface entirely when they upgraded the UI is still one of my greatest disappointments. I wish the option was at least there to go back to the old version. But no, Nintendo's the big dog now, we need our own Miis dammit.


The 360 had one of the most memorable interfaces in my opinion. I grew up as a teenager with this and it will always be my favorite as well !


It was so simple but so effective.


Love the Blades UI! Best one yet.


I hated the 360 interface. I love the current one. Can't wait for the next iteration though.


I wish I was around for Blades. Yeah, the one we have now is nice but Blades was just screaming Xbox. As for the One and the Series, the UI was okay on the One but did they really need to bring it back for the Series? It's like you're playing in the same generation. I get Xbox Series is going more for refining the experience while PlayStation is more upgrading it but at least mix it up a little.


good old times, my friend


It will never return, It was to liked.


We need to start a petition for msoft to give us this theme.


I feel like this one ran so smooth and fast. Every overhaul they did made it go slower and slower. I don’t think the Xbox One dashboard ever ran particularly well like that, even at launch. Not having a bunch of ads on it probably helped.


Loved the blades and the swooshing sound haha. They should definitely release this again as a skin or whatever