For people who save gold until the next expansion, how much gold do you have on average at the end of each expansion?

For people who save gold until the next expansion, how much gold do you have on average at the end of each expansion?


Used to hover around 7000 - 8000 gold before the tavern pass got introduced. The first pass got me around 15600 gold for Barrens' launch and I expect to get even more for next expansion since I have the paid pass now too.


Impresive, keep the hard work.




holy shit. you probably have enough gold to buy entire expansions




If you math it out you generally will end up with a bit more gold as a whole, and that's ignoring free dust and cards and stuff.


what deck do u play?


2/3 of the entire expansion is usually around that much. I've gotten that much packs equivalent to that much gold for the past two expansions so far. For DMF, I got very lucky and got I think over half the cards for 80 packs.


Same thing here. After switching to Wild I just didn't need that many card. I think I bought 45 packs of Barrens and am back up past 20k gold now. Would be more but I had to have Sir Annoy-O.


I had around 8,000 when Barrens came out. That's with the Rewards Track pass and after buying Darkmoon Races


I was the same except didn't buy the track pass. Bought the mini set and still had over 8000 gold when Barrens dropped. Combined with my pre-order mega bundle, I opened a lot of packs.


I had 9000 last time. Usually enough for 75 to 90 free packs. Well not exactly free, there is a good time investment.


Somewhere in the 7-8k or so. Worth noting that I tend to spend a bit throughout the expansion.


My highest before the “new way” was about 8,000. After DMF I ended with 11,800, enough to buy 118 packs Hoping to meet or exceed that again this time!


The new system is indeed better with same play rate as before still F2P


Between 8,000-9,000. As high as 12,500 and over 10k from the last battlepass. Expecting 12k from this battlepass.


I started saving up on this expansion so this time with the gold I'm getting I'm not buying any packs, currently I'm at 3400 but by the time the next expansion comes I'm sure I'll have 10,000+ so I can't wait to have fun opening the packs when the time comes :D


Before the Tavern Pass I used to hoard 8.5K-9K packs (9300 was my maximum if I remember correctly). Last tavern pass I ended up with like 11.5K but all March I just completed the quests without playing much. Normally the expansion cycle is 120 days, last one was like 133.


Depends on my play time but I've been doing it for the last 3 years and the least I have ever had was 5000.




It usually ranges between 1500 and 3k, depending on how much i play and how shit the current expansion is but i never did it with the battlepass so idk it may be different


Around 2000 tops. A nice amount for a casual.


how much do you play in a week?


About three to four times a week.


oh ok. I already have 1.2k gold so it seemed kinda weird that you only make about that much in each expansion


Thats more than I make usually ngl. Been playing since 2016 and I have a large-ish collection so I dont really need new cards, my old renolock deck that I add or remove a card tops every year still does fine


6000~7000, play a few matches a day or at the very least get most daily/weekly quests done


Had around 6000 when barrens came out. I think I’ll have more this time, I still haven’t bought many packs from barrens.


I’m fully f2p. I had 5k gold saved for Darkmoon Fare and bought 50 packs dropping me to essentially 0g. With the battle pass I was able to save 5k again and purchase Darkmoon Races well before the newest expansion dropped. I save 5k to get 50 packs as rule and now it seems that’s 7k because of the mini xpacs.


Just over 10,000 with the new system if I save the whole time, no battle pass.


Before quest system 8,000. After quest system I had 10,000 at the end of the expansion and I also spent 2,000 on the mini set. The one thing I will say is I always spend half of what I have at the start of a new expansion. So I got 50osh packs and was at 5,000 gold and now I’m at 6,180. I always like having gold bc arena is my preferred gamekode


When this latest expansion dropped I had about 7200 gold.


Usually 8.5ish Last pass I had 10.5k


I can't keep my gold cuz I'm super anxious,so I just spent on packs right away lol