I’d much rather let a 13 year old play Doom or Resident Evil then them to have social media apps and actively engaging with strangers

I’d much rather let a 13 year old play Doom or Resident Evil then them to have social media apps and actively engaging with strangers


I grew up on Doom, way back in the lan days.


Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Phantasmagoria, Beachhead 2000, Red Alert, Decent, Hexen. These are the games I grew up playing on my parents windows 95 computer and I turned out ok. It's not the video games, it usually the lack of parenting.


We had a teacher in JR High that would load these games on the school computers so we could have gaming tournaments at lunch. Can confirm, all of us turned out ok


Actually, you seem better than Okay. You seem great!


In my last year of high school I had access to minecraft on my internet login, I remember giving it to a small group of year 9s (3rd form) that got picked on alot so they could play during lunch time in the library, I like to think I made their lives a bit more bearable for them at school.


Red Alert and Starcraft man. Absolutely loved rts games as kid. Also Backyard Baseball. My computer used to be in the garage so every weekend I'd be out there playing.


Don’t forget Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem, and Blood. Shadow Warrior had Henti girls and Duke Nukem had strippers that would flash you. Blood was creepy and scary but super fun.


Redneck Rampage


Same although we are both here on sat commenting like comic book guy.. did we do smart :d


Nerds! (.... oh...wait...)


In my 30s, still growing up on doom.. And LANing


I’ve never played any Doom games but got a switch and I’m tempted with a purchase of that and Eternal. Worth it?


The new games are worth it if you are into fast paced shooters.


Yes ofc but switch doom is 30fps


My father and I used to play Doom. He was old enough to physically dodge the imp's fireballs. Fell out of the chair one time. I got really into building WADs for single or deathmatch. Designed specific stuff that I knew would scare the crap out of him. Also used the Medusa head graphic as a fast door so he could go and smoke a cigarette or cool down. No weapons, not a cheat. Just hiding in an empty closet basically. The cigarettes and potato chip reload station. Those were the days. I made the levels through WADED. Great beginner CAD program. My old ones won't load through DosBox...which is pretty much the best thing I'm working with at this point. Any tips to get them to load would be great.


Try make a virtual dos/Windows 95 computer using pcem. You need a decent cpu, though.


For me and my brother and dad it was Wolf 3D and Spear of destiny. He was really religious so stuff like demons in games wasn't really his thing, but killing nazis? Hell yeah.


\>killing demons \>killing nazis what's the difference lol


Doom came out the year I was born. I was 11 months old, and have been playing it pretty much since then. I still have the original complete registered copy on floppies my dad bought directly from id.


IPX/SPX over BnC baby! I helped my buddy in college built his 1st computer and that was the 1st game we ever networked together. Cables running down the hallway in our shared house. Now as a parent of 4, 3 of which are teens I am in complete agreement. And before anyone calls me an old out of touch guy, Know that I put 25 years in as an IT consultant, director, and then owner of my own company. Social media is a plague, never judge your self-worth by what others think of you.


I love seeing people that were my people back in the day. Pity you turned out to like Java. :)


I grew up during the 90s with both these games and can totally see them being way less damaging than my teenage years exposed to the start of social media




Ever play decent?


Let's not forget quake!


My dad set up a 4-way lan in our basement for him and my two brothers and I and it was the most fun playing video games I can remember. I was like 4-5 at the time too. I was too scared to actually play the game, but I always liked pushing the button at the end of the level.


Yup. Connected through the modem to my Bros computer across the house. Many parents tripping on cables occurred.


Video game horrors < the horrors of social media reality


Especially when you consider that fictional stuff is based on reality Well a good amount of the time


Especially when you realize the scariest things in games isn't close to the scariest things that happen in real life


the biggest part of it is that games aren't real and real life is ,well ... real


As someone did grow up with the unmoderated online games and maybe less so social media, I will always be glad I almost got scammed out of my armor in RuneScape and learnt a life lesson in a place that didn’t matter instead of someways that could of been more nefarious.


It's 'could have', never 'could of'. Rejoice, for you have been blessed by CouldWouldShouldBot!


Good bot


Good bot


Ah yes, the good old Runescape days. Scammers were rife in game back then, learned a surprising amount of life skills in that digital world which actually helped in the real one.


I was playing Doom when I was 4 years old. And its been one of my favorite franchises for the last 25 years. And would you look at that, I'm not a mass killer with some distorted sense of reality *gasp*


not yet


*evil laugh*


Rip and tear, **until it's done.**




Then go home and have some fun. *Together we are one.*


*eviller laugh*


maniacle laugh


*BFG Division plays menacingly*


It's treason then


I waited for this reply, thank you!


* ***christian heavy metal starts playing***


*DOOM Music starts playing* Seriously though doom is about fighting demons on Mars, not about shooting people...


DOOM is a good Christian game. Where you play as a priest purging the world of the forces of hell. And even taking his fight to hell directly. I recommend this for anyone looking for a nice religious game for their kids.


>Where you play as a priest purging the world of the forces of hell. *For killing his pet Rabbit


You harm god's creation, god's creation harms you.


It takes 26 years to happen


It’s funny because in 1999 Doom was one of the things blamed for Columbine. I have the 1993 version and some call of duty games. Some of my older family members who believe games start shootings played both and said that no one should play Call of Duty and only wholesome games like doom without graphic violence.


We were desperate to blame someone for Columbine. The most egregious was Marilyn Manson. They weren’t fans of Marilyn Manson. One of them even had rants about how Marilyn Manson was a poser and shit. Sure, at least one of them enjoyed Doom and even made their own Doom levels. Hitler was a painter. John Wayne Gacy was a clown. It’s almost like people are multifaceted and every interest and quality they have can’t be Pepe Silvia’d into a reason someone did something awful.


That’s the first time I’ve heard an Always Sunny reference as a verb and it took me on a wonderful trip down memory lane to the mail room. Thank you


I’ve seen it used as a verb a few times recently and I’m very happy to have gotten to use it myself. Have a feeling that one could stick. That was just such a brilliant scene. One of the funniest moments in television I can recall. It’s the way they hook you. Like clearly Charlie’s lost it and started pulling at threads for no reason - but he’s fucking on to something! He stumbled his way into some kind of conspiracy! And then Mac just bodyslams the audience back to reality. No, he didn’t. He’s just wildly incompetent and unhinged, stupid audience.


Are you here to talk about the mail? I've been dying to talk about the mail!


>We were desperate to blame someone for Columbine. The most egregious was Marilyn Manson. They weren’t fans of Marilyn Manson. One of them even had rants about how Marilyn Manson was a poser and shit. Were "we" desperate to blame someone though, or was it the media and some politicians doing that? From what I remember, I think some politicians may have seized on the video game/music angle to make it look like they were doing something. And the media, in general, love to make connections to popular entertainment to make the stories even more sensationalized. I remember when there was the Virginia Tech shooting and the news media was drawing comparisons to the killer and some Korean movie *Old Boy*, and comparing selfies of the shooter with poses from the character in the movie.


people always need something or someone to blame cuz it easier than taking responsibility. Rather than parents or schools accepting that they are the reasons for the fuckups they blame games instead. Games were easier to blame for school shootings because games were seen as a thing only nerds or outcasts do. If you notice now that gaming has became so massive that game tournaments fill arenas blaming video games for violence has stopped.


Like wholesome games don't bring out the worst in people. Everyone becomes a psycho at some point while playing the Sims.


Have you really even played the sims if you haven’t ever locked everyone in a room by removing doors and setting off fireworks inside? Or building walls around the pool... or screwing up the lives of the Pancakes.


I (sorta?) remember my first experience trying to play sims3. It's possible I might be misremembering some things. I make someone to be me, I try to be accurate. The mayor (I think? it's been years) was a goth chick and I figure I'm gonna marry her. I spent in game years trying because people were getting old and she ends up married to a guy that if I'm recalling correctly was a cowboy of sorts? So I invite the husband over to swim in my pool and wouldn't ya know it, he just couldn't climb out so he fuckin dies. His ghost tried to haunt me so I sold his gravestone to get rid of him. And then goth mayor was just depressed and died so I stopped and never played it again.


We banned Mario Party from my college dorm cuz it brought out the worst in all of us and we wanted to keep our friendships


I used to know a guy who was lowkey triggered by blue shells so I would make a point to send him [one](https://i.imgur.com/cpHhzkh.png) at random intervals.


Another unpopular opinion... If a video game is actually gonna make you violent probably gonna be multiplayer Mario Kart with your friends... Doom doesn't make anyone wanna go hey I'm #%@$*! off let me go hurt someone.


Or that one bastard bomb spamming in super smash bros. That game alone has made me question far too many relationships lol.


Never had that person in the group but can openly admit would spam the down attack button with Kirby.... And will always be harassed for that and rightfully so lol


So you say! I’m not a real professor, I just play one on Reddit! Haha! I’m just kidding, I get that. I played the hell out of some Mortal Kombat and I have -yet- to rip anyone’s spine from their body.


Ah, an educator. So tell me professor, how is my art of deflection coming along?


Your art of introspect deflection is right on target but also borderline circumspect!


Damn girl, you didn't have to kill him like that.


Funny, you're not the first one to use that strange word 'borderline' on me...


Have you just not done it because you lack the desire? Or is it just because you lack the ability to?


I teach college kids, you choose!


While I agree with what your getting at as a Parent of a 4 year old that seems a bit young for doom haha. It does make me wonder what it does developmentally to someone to play violent games that young. It sounds like it didnt have any real negative impact on you


Pre video games, at what age did kids first want toy guns or pick up sticks and "shoot" other kids with them? The idea that kids are not violent and video games introduce the idea is laughable.


My brother shot me in the butt with a BB gun when we were little kids, I kind of wish we were just playing a Doom game instead! lol Neither of us have any propensity of violence as adults, neither of us have a temper, we’re pretty chill people. Actually probably a bit too chill for many folks. I think video games can only enhance/worsen/influence what is already innately present. Problem is, sometimes, those innate behaviors show up later and a child already has exposure, it’s often too late to back up that train.


I mean it brings up the entire nature vs nurture conversation. My brother and I played more than our fair share of violent video games and are both very reasonable adults. I think its extremely important to try and teach self regulation. My kids play video games and will get angry at simple platformers. We remind them video games are supposed to be fun and if its not fun it might be a good time for a break. Watching my oldest realize when he needs breaks makes me very happy. At the end of the day there is so much more than violence in video games that cause the real problems. Lack of parents being involved leads to troubled kids who then may target other unfortunate kids and its a downward slope.


There’s an Always Sunny scene that I’ve always felt sums this all up perfectly; “These are the kids that are the threats to society! The ones playing violent video games!” “I play violent video games?” “Well yeah I play violent video games too.” “And I watch violent movies?” “Yeah, violent movies are the best movies!” “And I don’t wanna kill people.” “No! I mean... alright I guess that really isn’t the best way to tell who’s going to be a threat.”


But that’s just what a mass killer with a distorted sense of reality would say.


Stuff like this makes me glad my mom let my PS2 be my babysitter when I was home alone most nights. As long as I did decent in school I got vidya games


I was part of the generation who played gta3 before we were 18, I turned out ok.


That same generation was also striking up conversations with randos in AIM chat rooms and MSN game rooms since middle school, though. I don't think GTA or Chess with strangers did me any harm.


It's a stupid argument either way. What, young teens aren't going to explore random communities? Sure, shit can go wrong if the kid is a bit slow and the parents don't notice anything, but the vast majority of kids aren't just randomly getting groomed online, know how to deal with strangers asking for weird stuff and there is no better place to both discover a confident voice (which can backfire, sure) and learn about important things and hobbies. All of us were talking on just the same boards, same shittalk and abuse back then (way worse, in fact), gore everywhere... and we still turned out somewhat okay. Teach your kids how to properly use the Internet and you won't have to worry too much. Recommending or even stipulating they don't get to use reddit or other SM is like banning contraception and hoping it solves teenage pregnancy.


Exactly. Violent videogames barely impact a child's development, and commenting on someone's twitter/youtube vid isn't destroying their mind either. Yes, grooming relationships do happen. However, as long as you talk with your kid about what happens in those situations, and how to avoid them you're probably pretty safe. Yes, parasocial relationships do happen. However, I'd honestly argue that an eleven year old idolizing some douche on youtube isn't too different from a forty year old idolizing some celebrity. It sucks, but I mean you'll have that no matter what. All blocking your kid from using social media does, is guarantee they'll go behind your back and make accounts, and since you've never talked to them about safe social media use they'll probably fall into exactly what you wanted them to avoid.


The most prevalent bad result of social media isn't grooming, it's becoming addicted to the reward of getting likes and views. The instant gratification of social media can undermine the reward structure of real life, especially when it's so easy to see dozens of influencers getting rich because of the videos they post.


I'm more concerned about that type of shit than grooming tbh. Pedophilia has been around a looooot longer than the internet. I have no idea if the rate of it is any higher now than in 1900 or if now we just *see* it more often. Social media from a young age can fuck people up. They're also not mutually exclusive


>Exactly. Violent videogames barely impact a child's development, and commenting on someone's twitter/youtube vid isn't destroying their mind either. >Yes, grooming relationships do happen. However, as long as you talk with your kid about what happens in those situations, and how to avoid them you're probably pretty safe. Yes, parasocial relationships do happen. However, I'd honestly argue that an eleven year old idolizing some douche on youtube isn't too different from a forty year old idolizing some celebrity. It sucks, but I mean you'll have that no matter what. >All blocking your kid from using social media does, is guarantee they'll go behind your back and make accounts, and since you've never talked to them about safe social media use they'll probably fall into exactly what you wanted them to avoid. I feel like this is the main point. The reason people are ok with their kids playing violent video games is because, as OP put it, they know how to engage and help understand those games. OP doesn't trust their ability to engage and teach a kid how to handle social media reasonably, which is good personal awareness. The problem is the jump from "I'm not sure how to help *my* kids handle this" all the way over to "things like this should be 17+". It's basically all the same bad reasons parents used 30 years ago to say violent video games were bad for kids, but not action movies that they grew up with. If you don't feel confident engaging with your kid and helping them navigate social media, video games, etc., then it's your responsibility as a parent to learn. It's lazy and irresponsible to throw your hands up at something that your kid will get into and decry it as needing age restrictions instead.


The biggest difference is, back in AOL/AIM/IRC days, it was "common sense" not to share your name, your location, and other things. Today, social media celebrates doing so. You *want* people to see you, you want to go viral, you want to be seen. The argument about video game violence is totally separate from privacy and how you should handle yours.


Our parents bought my sister and me GTA Chinatown with our PSPs back when I was in 2nd grade, cause it had *good reviews* lol. That's where we learnt "everything"


I admit, I am biased about GTA, it is probably my longest hold out. Still not allowed to play it in our house and he’s old enough to deal with it, I’m just being stubborn about it now. lol


When my kids play gta they try follow the law and just drive around


That's exactly what I did when I played my dad's copy of GTA:SA, just practice my video game driving 🤣


Lol my old lady used it to practice her driving. She still doesn't have a license


Ah getting flashbacks of being beaten by hookers in San Andreas and finding a dildo in police station's bathroom. The sweet memories of a 12 y/o


>I was part of the generation who played gta3 before we were 18, I turned out ok. I could play Diablo but not 007 on N64 because it had gun. I'm Canadian. Parenting is hard tbf. I understand the mass hysteria over GTA and guns but looking back, it's funny. Jumanji traumatized me more than killing Diablo and becoming it.


I was like 11


One thing I loved about growing up was my parents did not have any restrictions on the games and movies I could consume. I’m talking 7 year old playing Resident Evil 2 and watching Chucky. I had nightmares for weeks after watching Starship Troopers when I was 8. Totally worth it


I saw Jaws at 7, I can relate! I didn’t have any restrictions but I also didn’t have access to what my son does today. My problem is selfish in a way, when he did see things, had nightmares, he woke me up! I cut that shit out fast, nothing that may give nightmares, I value my sleep! Haha.


Dad showed me the Shining when I was about 10. I refused to sleep alone for about a week.


My niece's favorite movie when she was 5-6 years old was Kill Bill. The scene with the Crazy 88s was her favorite, bouncing around the room like she was a ninja chopping of people's limbs... She's now a very milqetoast southern young wife/mom.


It’s like, why shelter the kids from this quality entertainment? They’re not dumb and if anything this is getting out of their system now while they’re still at the age of this being wild and ridiculous to them


Because kids still can't contextualize everything. It might not lead to problems in most cases, but why risk it if you might as well let them wait until they're teens? Especially adult material tends to be obscure enough beyond "fun" imagery to warrant waiting a bit, once kids get old enough there isn't much you can do either way. No reason to rush movies, of all things.


That’s a good point. I wouldn’t push those kind of movies on kids but if they do watch them and enjoy Tarantino levels of blood sprinklers then no harm no foul




So I had this, but with a very strange twist. So, violence, sexual jokes and everything in rated R movies was perfectly fine for my parents to let me watch from a very young age. I literally saw Borat when I was 10, and my dad still quotes it to this day. However, my parents are incredibly religious (Christian), and anything that might be like... witchcraft, or even *implies any form of demon related stuff* it’s a no-go. And that implication can be completely fabricated, too. Pokémon? You mean the demon monsters you make a bargain with to trade your soul for their loyalty? Scooby-Doo, the show where it’s always some old dude in a mask? Nah, that one guy decided to dress as a demon to scare people so it’s kit allowed anymore. Yu-Gi-Oh? Same thing as Pokémon I think. FUCKING SPONGEBOB? Remember that episode where Sandy is about to pour hot sauce on Spondebob’s tongue? And the “camera” zooms in on the hot sauce, and it has an evil face and it’s laughing at spongebob? Well my mom and her equally religious friend walked into the room literally right at that frame of the episode and I guess just assumed “evil laughing red face = Satan” and immediately banned spongebob on the spot for the next several years. But hey, let’s watch American Pie, Euro Trip, all those mid-2000s “teen/college” movies, and the most we’ll do is cover the little guy’s eyes with our hand during some of the nude scenes! I’m not joking when I tell you that these were our “family movie nights,” instead of like the Dark Crystal or superhero films. Almost anything that was animated or had CGI in it my dad would just scoff and change the channel.


I wasn't allowed to watch or play Pokémon until I was 13 but I had watched Jurassic Park, Die Hard, the Lethal Weopon series, 300, the Matrix, Aliens, Predator, Point Break, the Terminator movies, Lotr, and Poltergeist by the time I was 8


Oh and let me guess, no Harry Potter? Perfectly fine, fun kids movies, “BUT WITCHCRAFT” and Aliens or Borat are acceptable for children? It’s like, putting that big of a deal on what you see as taboo only makes it seem worse, only for your kid to realize you’re full of shit later in life and more likely to discredit more of what you taught them.


That's the funniest choice, I WAS allowed to watch Harry Potter lol


My parents didn’t either, until I watched The Grudge in third grade and slept in my sister’s bed for two months because I was terrified. I was barred from watching scary movies for quite some time after that lol probably just because it was such an inconvenience for them


My cousin and I watched IT when we were little and it scared the ever living shit out of us (especially because we kept egging each other on and trying to spook each other). We wound up huddled together sleeping as far into the corner of my room as we could get. My mom still thinks it's hilarious. Thankfully I do too now.


I'm a Chucky fan, I couldn't eat roast beef for years after Starship Troopers lol. I was 7.


I had nightmares for half a year after watching ET when I was 6 or 7, lol


Playing violent video games > Distorted self image and terrible self esteem




Reddit is only social media forum where it's Not Userbase and more community driven so self esteem doesn't come into play but doesn't make reddit good place for people, it's a cesspool of circlejerks and stupid "reddit cultures" i wouldn't let 8 yo go on


I wouldn’t say self esteem doesn’t come into play. Reddit can be pretty harmful for it. Great art, awesome achievement stories, people showing breathtaking gameplay, landscapes, woodworking, the list goes on. Also Reddit in general tends to cause more heated arguments and there are a lot of elitism when it comes to certain hobbies


In Social media you can put yourself in a bubble and never look at different views Like antivaccine people can go to their respective subs and just stay there exclusively and keep supporting their beliefs. Likewise, you can make the app fit your views only and never opposing view by joining only the sub u want. Scary stuff tbh


That's called echo chambers and it's not unique to social media. They have existed as long as society has.


Reddit is becoming like twitter every year that goes by(minus the cancelling part so far). I dont want my kids to think their opinion is wrong because their comment got downvoted, collapsed, and have ppl harassing him/her. A circlejerk oneway street of thinking is not what i want influencing my child.




Most text based/thread based social media is. Even 4Chan to an extent.


Got me in the first half. Thought you were going to say Reddit is a good place. LOL


It's perfectly possible to use social media without those issues


I don’t think this is a very unpopular opinion, I think most people now would rather let their kids play something like Doom, or Resident Evil, or Dead Space or whatever then let them openly go on social media and talk with random strangers they don’t know


Yeah where did OP work up the courage to go on Reddit and say that video games are good and that Facebook and Twitter are bad. He’s really going against the grain there.


Hashtag bravery


Yea, its an unpopular opinion among some groups, but definitely not reddit.


I was expecting OP to mention Reddit too when he said using Discord, Twitter and engaging with strangers is bad.


No no no because social media is bad but Reddit is totally good! Am I right fellow narwhals haha /s


Games are fine and he'll interact with people there too. What's important is to not go overboard and isolate him in the process. In these times, most of his friends will use tech means to reach out to each other as much as they would like to hang out outside too. And if we're hit by Gods know what else, it might end up being the only reach. Sure, kids should be supervised when interacting with others on the internet and maybe explained to how to keep an eye for danger.


I have snap and discord, and cant play either of the games you listed, but what matters is your parents teaching you what to know about social media, i use snap to talk, not to send filtered pics to everyone and post all the time, yes i talk to a few strangers on discord, but i know the line between friendly and creepy, its not that kids shouldnt have social media, its that they ned to know how to properly use it


Unfortunately, some kids do not have that internal creepy gauge working well yet and that is hard to teach. It’s maturity level not age in my opinion.


Well, not to say give kids discord and Instagram at 7, but when you think your kid is ready explain to them how to avoid strangers and be safe, it’s not shameful to block people, etc I got onto social media on my own and my dad repeatedly yelled at me for using it when I didn’t have other sources of entertainment, so he’d just ground me for long periods of time so I wouldn’t be able to talk to people I still got into a dumb situations, because yelling at me didn’t do anything. I wish I knew what I knew now, I could’ve avoided some trauma, but that’s only because nothing was explained and I wanted to go use the Forbidden Thing.


Your user name tells me all I need to know!!!! Hahaha. I am kidding, fortunately he had an Xbox and enough social activity with it. I was lucky, my older brother plays with him so he pretty much watched out for him and guided him with decisions. So he wasn’t deprived of the social part. He is an only child, we live in the middle of nowhere so I don’t mind his social interaction on his consoles but I can see and hear everything.


Well said


Pretty sure your kiddo is exposed by his friends...maybe you should just address it as a whole instead of trying to shelter him. Doesn't mean you have to promote/encourage or even let him be on social media, but the fact is that there's exposure somewhere regardless.


You're right if your kid is going to school, you can expect them to come home with an Idea of social media. It's not really something you can prevent from happening and it's darn hard to control it too.


They are also left out from what their friends are saying, they are seen as being weird for not having social media.


Its better to just explain safety online and instill some damn common sense.


With doom the 13 yr old learns that evil begets evil. With Resident Evil, the 13 yr old learns how to efficiently decide what to bring.


Resident Evil 6 can teach them how a franchise can hilariously fall off the rails, then reboot itself


RE6 may be dumb as fuck, but it's fun as fuck too, at least in co-op.


This is an unpopular opinion to who?


No one, especially on Reddit. DaE ViDEo GaMeS r bEtTeR ThAn SoCIAL mEdIa.


As they post on a social media site...


Reddit is definitely at least as bad as twitter or facebook, yet the superiority complex is tangible amongst redditors


“Do as I say not as I do”


I think social media’s do have a 17+ tag on iOS. I know YouTube does but idk about other apps


I can’t disagree more.You should just teach your children how to interact appropriately online and who not to talk to. Teaching them this will help them have healthy relationships with the internet. Also, banning it will just make your kids sneaky and get it themselves Bc it’s not inherently harmful. I know this from personal experience. Educate your kids instead of using this lazy “internet is bad” narrative.


Yea thats true.


This reminds me to check up on Twitter. Thanks.


I don't disagree with you - in fact, I don't really have an opinion on that because I know absolutely nothing about those video games (apart from the "ego shooters are evil" propaganda that's being thrown around all the time, so I'm biased). I also think humanity would be better off without social media. However, I wonder, if you can "trust your ability to guide them and point out and explain any potentially problematic areas" with video games, why can't you do the same thing with social media? Because if I had to choose between letting my preteen child see gore and pretend to shoot people - being educated about it or not - or navigate through Instagram... I'd probably say as long as social media is used safely, it's far better.


I think the main problem with guiding kids with social media in a similar way I do with games involves some privacy issues. For video games, I don't think there's any problem with me tagging along or working in the living room while the console is on. Social media is a lot trickier tho. I remember I hated my parents taking my phone and checking every message I sent that day. Like I said previously, I don't have a problem with kids going on social media to engage with friends and people we know. If something is wrong, we can work something out. My main issue is with social media that opens up to the public. How can I work something out with some weird neo nazi from an online forum my kid joins; or worst yet, what if I have no idea it was going on?


i praise you for taking your children's privacy into account. i encourage you to have a long talk with them about how to stay safe online in a *non threatening way* because if you slip in a "you shouldn't even be using these websites anyway" they might take your advice as bullshit in it's entirety.


It really depends how old your child is. For example, if they are around 10+ then simply teaching them red flags can help them avoid those places entirely. I'd say by 13 90% of kids know how to avoid these situations.


Yeah, I get what you mean. With the video game you as the parent know what your kid is doing, on the internet they could be doing anything and you'll never know.


Everything in media is so violent and negative nowadays. Sure there used to be shooting and fighting games, but now it’s like puzzle games where the punishment for losing is that your character is mangled into a bloody pulp. That’s different than goldeneye or even mortal kombat


id really really really like to know more about this "puzzle game where the punishment for losing is that your character is mangled into a bloody pulp"


Everything? There's plenty of non violent games. It just takes 5 seconds to find them rather then typing this.


You're right, but the times and standards have changed. In the 80's and 90's, there was a lot, really, a lot of censorship in some countries. Maybe not in the USA, but in europe, there were many titles censored, banned on the index and some even forbidden as a criminal thing by the court. I don't want to have these days back, that was worse than today when it comes to games. P.S. There was that time in the end of the '90s, where some games were really strict censored. For example, in Half Life 1 from 1998, the german version was without any blood, the marines were replaced with roboters and you could not kill a human like the scientists. Back then, there was also no web (well, there was, but with a dial-up 14k modem), so it was difficult to get some games


In the 90s, I was requiring an ID for the purchase of explicit lyric CDs at the Sound Shop and Turtle’s. Haha! Had to turn away a lot of grumbling grunge, alternative, and metal teens.


Haha, i remember these times too. It was by the way the same with CD's, not only about the lyrics: Some bands, especially from some genres like metal, could not sell their discs with the original cover, when there was something "bad" on it, like a horror figure. They had to do alternate covers for some markets (for example, Cannibal Corpses discs like "Butchered at Birth" were censored) That was also the case in the whole TV thing, censoring bad words and all that stuff.


Y'know not every 13 y/o is braindead and easily gullible.


Exactly. Sheltering kids from stuff that all of their peers have access to is pointless and will most likely backfire. Consider teaching your children good internet habits instead.


Parents who ban their kids from social media are this generations parents who ban their kids from watching the Simpsons.


I feel like people born in the 90s were young enough to grow up right alongside the internet when it and these social media platforms were getting huge and felt very low/un moderated and I look around and seems like majority of people turned out fine.


Hell, when I was 13, I used to play Doom and engage with strangers in chat rooms.


Vaush, is that you?? Edit: saw your comment history, no way you didn’t see that vaush video


I hate social media and grew up with it . Fucking cancer




You know, it is kind of shocking how often this is messed up. I mean, it's not really a typo, they are distinctly different words with different meanings. Maybe it's just laziness I don't know, but I see it often. It's weird.


Had to scroll way too far to see this.


I think putting a 17+ tag on them would be pretty harsh, kids socialize too and not everyone they meet is a pedophile if you just teach them the boundaries they will learn


Yes exactly. I think a 14+ is perfect from my experiences. And anyway once kids are teens they're gonna be more independent and meet a ton of people irl too like social events. They go out on their own too. There's no point of restrictions


I think the 13 year old tag is good since they are teenagers, 13 is when the teenager stuff starts to happen on a smaller scale? yesbut it is still just practise and i think it helps to know this stuff a little earlier


Vaush fan???????????????????????


Vaush bad. Also definately either a Vaush fan or was talking to one.


There was a case here in my country where a private institution fired two teachers for uploading to their TikTok's respective profiles of certain "+18 content" that was seen by eleven years old kids. Everyone else was questioning if it was the right thing to do because that was the private life of those individuals but my own question is pretty simple. Just why in the fuck is an eleven years old using TikTok? I'd rather let them play Silent Hill or Resident Evil than letting them have access to that app.


The issue isn't the kids seeing it but that most institutions have good behavior/representative clauses. There's not a company that wouldn't fire someone for violating that.


I pretty much agree, downvoted!


Not an unpopular opinion. This isn’t the 90s and 2000s where there is a *widespread* sentiment that video games are for weirdos and nerds. Downvoted accordingly.


As a 16 yo, social media is a guarantee at school. Any person is going to have a hard time prohibiting snap/insta/discord and the likes. Us kids can be stupid sometimes, but provided we have just a little education on what is suitable to post/not post online and knowing the limits regarding interactions with strangers we will do fine. And a note from personal experience online: the vast majority of people online are perfectly decent human beings to interact with. Furthermore, interactions with strangers online is present in numerous other areas than just plain social media. The vast range of games on pc console and mobile with a form of online chat shows this. Its just not very feasible to remove our interactions with strangers unless we are given no devices at all, and had no method of using others' either. So as much as you may wish a 13yo kept to Doom rather than social media - which is a fine opinion to have - its just not ever going to happen.


As the friend of someone that wasn’t even allowed to have Facebook before 16 yo I can tell you, you will isolate your children from their friends. I agree to limit the use and which social media they use but not ban them until almost adults age. Even for school work it was a pain to organize because she didn’t have the most common way of communication we had. If I played game like resident evil at 13 yo it would definitely had bad impact on me. I do know it’s a matter of individual tho. I already had nightmares and still have them easily. Social medias on the other hand mainly Facebook allowed me to talk to my friends and play dumb game like farmville lol. But my parents monitored my use of it and often had conversations with me about how to use it the right way and what I saw on there. Violent and gore game can do as much damage as social media depending of the child. The key is guidance and knowing your child.


As a 13yo who's been exposed to both types of content unfiltered for almost my entire life, I can see it's definitely on a person to person basis. I've never had problems with either and being exposed to social media at a young age definitely taught me how to use it safely and thickened my skin a lot when it came to the things I did fall into. In terms of video games and gore I just never had problems with that and I think being exposed from a young age helped that. People are different though. One person may be able to watch 1 man 1 jar 20 times over without problem and the other might have a week's nightmares after watching Jurassic park, and of course there's everything in-between.


Commented similar thing, I'm 15 and real desensitized to gore and nsfw etc, whilst social media may be bad, replacing it with violent games isn't a good alternative


I'm a 19 year old who's more or less been online 24/7 since I was 10. I had almost free reign of the internet. As a result I'm also extremely desensitized to gore and NSFW things. Horror games don't scare me a bit, that kind of thing. But I also didn't have a cell phone until high school and wasn't super into social media until I was 14. I felt ostracized in middle school because I couldn't play on snapchat and was essentially isolated from all social groups. The answer here is to just monitor what your kid does online. Don't socially isolate them, instead just make sure they aren't doing anything weird and make sure they're not feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.


Classic doom is fine for a kid lol


I think OP is referring to the modern Doom games like Eternal


I don’t think gaming is necessarily great for kids, but your point is well made. But you do realise that a lot of games are basically a form of social media with text and audio interactions with strangers, right?


Lol that’s probably a good opinion. The internet is ducked up.


It really goes to show how the only thing that makes human beings act civil is the threat of consequences. Bigotry and toxicity just run fucking rampant when people have their words disconnected from their identity, some go fuckin feral quite honestly.


Okay but your kid will be on social media regardless. That's like saying I never want my teenage daughter to ever have sex. Ok great but they're going to. You're just using it as an odd justification to let your kid play video games with content that may potentially be inappropriate for their age. The two don't really have anything to do with each other. Now, i've played Doom and i belive it IS age appropriate for a 13 year old but my point isn't that Doom is bad, it's that regardless what games you let your children play, it's irrelevant to what they'll encounter on social media.


I played rayman when I was 3 and it said on the cover it was 7+ 😳


I find Doom oddly therapeutic. The heavy metal and the endless action and gore is oddly satisfying. I've really enjoyed playing the newest two games.


If I could manipulate time and raise my kids in a social media free world that'd be great.


Take it from an <30 year old, social media is rotting society from the inside out and it has nothing to do with stranger danger. Media in general is a huge driver of society's problems and social media is the worst of it.


I’m down for banning social media


Honestly, I'd entrust M rated games to teach my child about the world a lot more than I would social media.