Game 5 happened 2 years ago today

Game 5 happened 2 years ago today

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If that shot went down, it would've been one of the greatest shots in NBA history. That's the one thing I would've changed about the entire playoff run.


The shot was partially blocked wasn't it? When I thought he just missed I felt pretty bad about it for the same reasons you have. But when I saw the replays; well, I can't get mad at good defense. Edit: Yeah, I just watched again, and it's hard to tell from the angle of the camera, but the ball hit the back of the backboard. No way Lowry missed *that* bad without a deflection.


I remember it being a block, but the picture of Green getting a finger on it only came out after!


I remember lowry saying that it felt good coming out of his hands but the shot ended up being tipped


Iggy touched it.


Part of me wishes we’d gone to a game 6 for that reason


Think about this way too often. What I would give to have seen the SBA explode from a shot of that magnitude. On the other hand, Kyle coming out in Game 6 on a mission and sealing the chip with a HOF-guaranteeing performance is pretty good too, I guess.


Always wonder what it would’ve been like if he hit that. Won’t forget my reaction to him missing lol


that loss was gut wrenching lol after we went up by 6 with like a minute and a half left I thought we had it


My buddy ordered champagne - we still blame him for that loss whenever we can.


Kyle Lowry hitting the championship winning shot at home is like Raptors fanfic that was inches away from becoming reality.


Not one of. THE greatest. The city would have burned down.


We were all so fucking ready that night....if only


Ya It would’ve been more of a storybook ending but I think we got a fair share of that with the game 7 shot. I’m very happy how everything went down in hindsight lol


I was ready to tip over a streetcar.


I was ready to be cheering that on from a distance.


I wish we didn’t take that timeout that killed our momentum and gave curry and klay fresh legs. Also if that doesn’t happen, klay doesn’t get hurt in game 6 :( I miss watching that guy play so much


Might be in the minority, sorry if this is unpopular--but in hindsight, I'm relieved that our Championship win wasn't the same game where Durant got injured and the fans cheered. I get that every fanbase can get caught up in the moment, but that still was a moment of the playoff run I wasn't too proud or fond of. I'm really glad I can look at the Game 6 highlights with pure joy, watching Kyle's 11 straight points to start the game and Fred's scream.


Most fans weren't cheering KD being hurt. Obviously there will be fans who did, it would've happened in any fanbase in a moment like that, but most weren't cheering when he got hurt. There's a reason the arena went silent once realizing what happened.


Agreed, I was at the game. The initial cheers were because he turned it over and we scored on a fastbreak. Then there was this oh shit moment when everyone realized he was done. A few people cheered but at least in my section people told them to shut up and show some respect. Then as he was being helped off everyone changed “KD KD KD”. Don’t get this narrative that everyone cheered when he got hurt, maybe it was the broadcast?


It sucks because that moment is based on the results so much. If KD fell, took a minute to get up and continued to play it would be a non-issue. Because it was the moment he tore his Achilles people will forever tie those moments together. “The fans cheered KD tearing his Achilles!!” It’s not like fans knew KD tore his Achilles at the time. On the flip side, if Joel Embiid tore his acl when Siakam blatantly tripped him then he would forever be labelled as one of the dirtiest players in the league and our championship would’ve been tainted like the Houston Astro’s was. “Oh you won the title ? I would imagine taking the other team’s best player out while down 1-2 had something to do with it!”


Also, let's say fans did cheer the injury, if it was NY or Philly, the media would be riding it like a badge of honour. The media to this day still hypes up Philly crowds because "they booed Santa claus!" So it's ok in some cities to have hostile crowds, whereas others get ripped for it? Same with those Jays crowds that threw garbage on the field. Not condoning it at all, and those drunk fans were an embarrassment, but if that were NY, the media would just be like "typical new yorkers", maybe take their side, and move on.


They went silent because the Raptors players literally told them to silent. It was embarrassing for them and for real basketball fans.


Not going to let that ruin a championship moment lol who cares I can't be shamed because a bunch of random fans cheered and we root for the same team. I don't support every Raptors fan, some of yall are very dumb


nah fuck that, if the finals didn't go back to Oakland for game 6, masai wouldn't have been denied the greatest professional achievement in his life by some power tripping pig


This was on my birthday. Lifelong Raptors fan lol it would have been the greatest present ever. But its okay at least we won a couple days later


I live in Vancouver and drove to Oakland to catch game 6 in person. I for one am very happy with the way things went down :)


Very cool. I was driving from Niagara back to Van between games 4-6. Caught game 5 in Banff, made it home for game 6.


The fact that we had a chance at winning game five just goes to show you the depth of the Toronto Raptors team. It had nothing to do with injured Golden State players, the Raptors simply rested their players more and were more rested and ready for the playoffs. I'm seeing alot of our player development in Utah right now. They went through a lot of runs too and now look how well they're doing. GO JAZZ!!!!


BuT tHeY wErE iNjUrEd! It does make me laugh how people use that as the reason we won, as if a super stacked team with 4 future hall of famers suddenly become the Sacramento Kings if 1 or 2 of those 4 are out. And everyone brushes over the fact that Kawhi was playing on 1 leg, Lowry with 1 hand, and FVV with 1 hour of sleep.


and Masai would not deal with that fuckhead cop


I work in tv and was standing near the stanchion waiting with my camera to rush the court if they won. I was in the same spot for “the shot”, which was an incredible moment, but this would’ve been 10x crazier. Still bummed they won it in California.


I’m going to show this to my kids and tell them this is really how it went down.


Not complaining, but I still really wish we won game 5


If he would’ve actually hit that shot, that would’ve made the moment wayyyy more special that what it already was!


Yeah. It sucks he missed out on THAT moment.


He has his game 6 dominant performance at least. That game shut up any narratives of him choking in the playoffs probably forever.


I live outside the GTA. I was at the steam whistle bar for that game. If Lowry hit that shot I probably wouldn’t have had a way out of the city.. everything would have shut down and I would have been stranded. The city felt like a powder keg that night.


Wow this edit looks so real I actually can't see the difference 😱 But fr tho, if only he made the shot. That wouldve been dope.


Slick edit. Toronto would have been razed to the fuckin ground.


Damn. Already two years? I remember being at Jurassic park in Sauga during this game. The vibe was real.


Would have been the greatest moment in Canadian sports history


Remember this like yesterday. When kawhi scored 10 straight, scotia was absolutely going nuts. Then, the timeout...


still thinking why Nick Nurse called the TO when Kawhi took over the game. Completely put the team out of sync which allowed Steph/Klay to make a run. Had the Raptors won this game Klay doesn’t get his ACL torn since there’s no Game 6… damn.


Kawhi asked for the timeout he was gassed


I never heard this before. Where did you read/hear it?


Watch the replay of the play. Kyle crosses halfcourt looks at nurse keeps dribbling then looks at Kawhi who signals at him and then Lowry calls time


Stop blaming nurse, Kawhi asked for a time out.


Really? Do you have a source?


No and KL said this: > "At that time I felt that he probably wanted to get us some rest," Leonard said. "You never know. I mean, if we would have won the game, we wouldn't be talking about it." Comments from Nurse > "We had two free ones that you lose under the three-minute mark," Nurse told reporters. "We just came across and decided to give those guys a rest. We had back-to-back ones there that we would have lost at the three-minute mark, and just felt the guys could use the extra energy push."


Thanks. That's what I thought.


Kawhi asked for a time out.


Found Nurse's burner account


Stop blaming nurse, Kawhi asked for a time out.


I don't think so


Why complain we won the championship who knows what if NN doesn't call the timeout and Kawhi gets injured and we lose game 5 6 and lose in 7 without Kawhi


Who's complaining? You needn't distort the facts to appreciate the championship. I read a lot of Raps stuff online and never heard that Kawhi had asked for a time out. And my memory of the game is that he looked annoyed when it happened, so I was surprised to see it stated as fact.


Didnt kawhi ask for a time out as a breather


I still get PTSD of that timeout to this day


I want this feeling for my team so badly. I still feel honored to have cheered for y'all during this run.


I still don't understand how the Raptors managed to lose that game. Just thankful they finished it in Game 6.


I drove from Montreal to come see Game 1 and then Game 5 at Jurassic Park. My god do I wish we won in 5


Wild times. Drove to a friend’s place in Toronto on King West and the apartments nearby were going fuckin crazy. So many people cheering. Need to find the videos again. Was reaaally hoping they’d pull that one out cause heading downtown would’ve been unforgettable if they won it at home. Biggest mistake was not heading back down for game 6, ended up watching it at home. Saw literally everyone I know down there at restaurants and crowding the streets through their Instagram stories.


Such a huge change in Toronto since then. I was living a completely different life before the pandemic. So surreal.


Wouldn’t trade Lowry’s game 6 for anything though Game 5 night kind of had cursed vibes tbh


I was in the Jurassic Park but went home thinking of what could have been the greatest party in Toronto.


I remember my feed of the game went down right as Leonard passed the ball so I would’ve been kinda cheesed if it went in and I missed it. The feed came back after the game was done and we had lost lol


yes this is how i remember things


If this would have happened, I would have been so happyyy! But it's ok, next game he played awesome!!


Damn Marc actually had the pin down screen ready for Lowry but kawhi gave it to Freddy instead


Idk about any of you guys but I was so ready to celebrate a title when Kawhi got us up by 6......sucked we blew it but glad we still closed it out in 6


The good ol days🥺🥺🥺


I was in NYC on business and watched this game in a packed-to-the-gills Grey Bar in Manhattan. Loaded full of decked-out Raps fans. It was lit. Only personally speaking though, I'm glad we didn't take it until Game 6 when I was back home watching and celebrating with my wife and kids. Of course I do feel bad for my friends at Scotiabank Arena that came so close to experiencing that series-clinching moment tho.


I'm still 100% confident that shot was money. Had Green not tipped it with his middle finger for an amazing hustle block, that shot was going in.


Oh memories. I wish we could go back!!


The city was ready to explode that night


Kinda glad it didnt happen that night (game 5). Some dude wanted to fight me at a bar on King Street and my Car got towed. Watched game 6 at home with Family and was a way better experience.


Ah man I remember watching this live, good times.




I dunno, I feel like we needed to lose that one to sorta cleanse the shitty vibes around KD’s injury. Not that we don’t already hear about that narrative constantly, but I was ok with losing this one considering how amazing Lowry started game 6.