Tales of Arise Official Key Art

Tales of Arise Official Key Art


The knight lady on the left is packing some serious cake, apparently.




now I know why it's called tales of arise


Something's rising and it isn't the shield hero


Listen: I'm a simple man, and I like simple things. Thicc Strong women Paladins And Namco just gonna give me all that as a thicc stronk shield mommy paladin? I've never been happier.


Seriously. As soon as I saw a lady paladin I knew who'd I be simping for


wish she was the preorder statue


Tales of arse


Hopefully they wont nerf it before launch


This sub changed a lot in the last five years. I remember when Namco announced they weren't going to change Velvet's outfit in any way for Berseria's western release and this sub's reaction was pure anger. I personally play those games to slash people in half for fun, you can do it naked or wearing a burka as long you hold a weapon.


were they? Lol Velvet's default costume is awful imo. And not because it shows skin. I remember there is even a skit in the game where they ask her why she won't put on some new clothes lol


Yeah I partly agree, in the game she put on those clothes from rags she found around, she had all the chances to change and could or would have made sense to change. At the same time, she doesn't care about anything but revenge. Maybe some cut content would have explained it, alas, tales games are haunted by missing content and botched ideas, zestiria and berseria universe are sadly a good example of it. \*but hey, she looks good on them rags. After all, Sorey also never changed clothes, he only ever put the shepard tunic ON TOP of his clothes\*


People were angry that it... wasn't going to be censored? That's new.


will this game have a photo mode? Asking in the name of science of course.




Whoa 😳


glad i ain't the only one who noticed them top tier cakes ay


Haha a gentleman of culture I see.


I cant wait to see the party become a loveable bunch of idiots


As every Tales cast should be Especially the fister he has to be the dork And staff dude is the serious but unintentional dork who doesn't know what a pizza is


How many people will praise Kisara's design for not being fanservicey and then discover this? Well, after Berseria they should learn. I must the character design is well more consistent than Berseria where the cast seemed to come from six different games.


The cake aside it's still a rather classy design for a knight. Much better than Alisha's short shorts


> Much better than Alisha's short shorts If Alisha wouldn't have been a knight her costume would have worked so much better. But because she was a knight and kind of a princess it was just strange.


Alisha was cute, cute. Kneel lowly tarnished.


Her design isn’t fan servicey though she just can’t help but be thicc. It’s from all those squats from picking that shield up


The fact that her ass is completely exposed with only a razor thin piece of skin-tight clothing (that also gives her a wedgie) covering it is not practical in the least. I don’t mind fanservice, but let’s call it what it is please.


Jokes aside your right


yeah shame women, shame them! cover yourself up WHORE


What the hell are you even talking about and why did you reply to a comment that's almost a month old lmao?


Yeah well they had 4 different character designers, so.


Tbf, makes total sense for her to have a fat ass. She's gotta be packing some serious muscle to wear that armor and lug that massive shield around


Damn that lady is thick. Hard to unsee that


I'm sorry to say that I've discovered Kisara's backside and have officially been enthralled... But in all seriousness, the party looks awesome and this lovely bit of art's going straight on the desktop!


Everyone looks so good. Can’t wait for it to come out!


GOD DAMN! The knight lady looks cool but can we get some appreciation to the Roman Emperor looking dude on the right? He looks fucking dope and I'm excited to properly see his fighting style.


What are the title outfits gunna be like? Is she gpoing to be in a spa towel with that big ass shield? That's going to look so weird lol


Turn it into a surfboard for her swimsuit costume and a massage table for her spa outfit


Guess it's official! We're only getting 6! Dunno how i feel about that.


Most of the games have a party of 6


Tos2 , xilia 2, vesparia. *Allow us to introduce ourself*


Honestly I thought about it and... no, that's no longer true: While most of the games did start out having 6, a couple of them were remade and had their total party count boosted by an extra member or two: Arise: 6 Berseria: 6 (Not counting Seres as she was strictly AI) Zestiria: 6 + 2 temps (Alishia and Dezel) Xillia 2: 9 + 1 temp (Fractured Milla) Xillia: 6 Graces: 6 + 1 temp in original, 7 in Graces F (Richard) DotNW: 10 + 1 temp (Richter at the start and in sidequests) Vesperia: 7 + 1 temp in original (Flynn for that one battle....), 9 in PS3 remake Innoncence: 6 in original, 8 in remake Hearts: 6 in original, 8 in remake Tempest: 5 Rebirth: 6 Destiny: 10 Abyss: 6 + 1 temp (Asch) Legendia: 8 Symphonia: 8 + 1 temp (Kratos) Destiny 2: 6 Eternia: 6 + 1 Temp (Ras) Phantasia: 6 ​ At a glance, including Arise, 12 games out of 19 have 6 party members, and so the statement "Most of the games have a party of 6" holds true. However, if you were to take the Remakes and Upgrades as the definitive version of those games, the count drops to 9. And if you throw in the gray area of temporary party members--characters who were playable at one point but did not stick with the team until the end--count or not, then that count drops to 6. Then the total of games that had 6 party members becomes: 12 out of 19 if remakes and upgrades are not included 9 out of 19 if you do includes those 6 out 19 if temporary party members are included ​ EDIT: forgot Ras in Eternia was temporary EDIT2: Trying to fix my math after that change lol EDIT3: I FORGOT ASCH


still thinking about preordering it :'(


no one's stopping you, mate


Why the sad face?


Again will be hard time to pick my main party members. How I wish we can get all 6 participating in the battle and don't have to choose...


I was just saying this in another thread. This is the first time where I really have no idea who to pick. Like I can't count a single one out yet. This is gonna be tough!


Aside from the protag and Shionne, i don't feel the design of the others, tbh.


Do we know if this game will have party members?




I was trying to joke about the people worried there would be no party members after the game was first announced. But continue being an ass by all means, don't mind me.




Yeah I kinda feel the same. We can only hope. Don’t know why youre being downvoted for saying how you feel though.


finally. finally the entire main cast. just give us the game now!


I love that for us. Can’t wait for the game!!


Gonna have to upscale this and make it my wallpaper, it looks sick


I really hope they introduce nicer alternate costumes than the ones in Berseria! Those were pretty subdued, I guess because they were saving all the good ones for DLC. But I wish we had at least a few good options outside of just recolors or towels lol.


Am i the only one who wants to get steped on by the sheild lady.


Probably not a correct thread to ask, but I just found out about this and kinda like the female design and wanting to pick it up, but don't know if it's ok to jump straight into this one or I have to play the other ones before.


It's absolutely OK. There's no story connection to previous titles (there will be cameos and nods of course but nothing actually useful), a new battle system (so you normally don't end up with a v3.8 of another title that everyone else has mastered) and a new engine, so it really should be fully playable with 0 experience from other Tales games.


Ah thank you Was worried because I've never played any Tales game before


the Tales games have been pretty good like that, for the most part they are all standalone aside from a few sequels - but those are easy to tell by their titles.


Thank you I'll start saving money to buy it coming this September. Just hope I have time to play


Party looks good. Still disappointed there's no couch coop...