Tales of Arise - Summer Game Fest Trailer

Tales of Arise - Summer Game Fest Trailer


New party members look great, really excited for this party


Idk about you all but I found Best boi and best girl that I will be playing most with


Found best girl long time ago, cute, short hair mages are my weakness


blah blah blah




Both of them look great! Also, the female knight is using a shield in combat, is that a series first? Could make for a really unique tank playstyle.


Estelle used a shield as well as her wands/rapiers, but it wasnt like a central part of her moveset so I suppose this would be a first


She looks like she has a shield and mace, which as far as weapons used is definitely not a first, but incorporating the shield that much in the moveset is


I was thinking if I should keep my pre order of the limited edition or not, because it's a lot of money Yea... This convinced me to keep it because I really don't think that this game is gonna be bad at this point, it looks absolutely amazing It's very apparent when a lot of care has gone into a game and this looks like a love letter to us fans


Worth the wait, If it's as good as it looks


Visually it's a stunner. We didn't see any more gameplay, but we've already seen a bit, so no great loss there. It was nice to see more environments, including that beautiful sun-drenched town with the watercolour aesthetic from the E3 2019 trailer. Not my favourite trailer for Arise, given I like the two main characters more than the supporting cast, but I look forward to this game so much.


This looks AMAZING


Love the lady knight's design and the other one, too. But it is just so cool to get a woman wearing full armor in a game :)


I'm so hyped for the game. The new members look mature and have sick weapon choices. Seems like we'll be chasing the hooded guy who's causing havoc between the worlds. Also getting GoT vibes with the dragon lady. Only gripe with the game so far is the **P A R T I C L E S**. They are EVERYWHERE.


This sounds weird but I really want to know about the customization. I hope that it's nothing like Zestiria. The gameplay looks really good. Can't wait for it. I need a good jRPG in my life now.


Customization in what sense? We already saw the skill system in a gameplay showcase, it seems to use a system similar to Xillia where leveling up gives you points used to unlock skills on a web/tree type layout


Weapon customization...it was horrible in Zesteria...


I don’t think they’ll ever attempt a system like that again, it was... very unpopular. Berseria was directly related to Zestiria and even it heavily changed the equipment skill system Beyond that, the fact that we have the skill tree/web probably means equipment won’t have skills, at least to the extent of Zestiria or Berseria where those systems replaced the series’ traditional skill systems Even if it WAS a popular skill system, they generally don’t reuse skill systems from one game to the next.


Well that's good. Thanks for the information.


I’m guessing they mean the weapon system since they mention Zestiria and a lot of people didn’t like that




I absolutely love how we're getting a tower shield-bearing maiden in the form of Kisara!! Dohalim I'm not immediately drawn towards, but at least looks like he could be fun to play. But so much yay for a real shieldmaiden!!


Dohalim will absolutely be my main. Loved the combo-ers in previous Tales games. Leia and Judith were the best and I'm so glad they brought in a Bo-staff user. But please. Pleeeease let the lady be over 25 years old!


One thing I noticed is it looks like the game's returning to more of a high fantasy type with sci fi elements mixed it theme like in Xillia. Which I am SUPER happy about. The thing I hated most about Zestria was how it felt like a generic mideval world because all the fantasy elements were invisible to almost everyone or in other words it was basically a "low fantasy" world. Berseria was a little better in this regard but since the whole demons thing only really became common knowledge during the Advent just a few years prior the society itself was actually barely different from Zestria.


I really like the character design of the red haired guy. Looks super cool.


As far as voice actors go, the red haired guy sounds like Griffin Puatu (Ganke in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Louis in Beastars), and from the one line he had, I think mysterious edgy katana man sounds like Chris Hackney (Dimitri in Fire Emblem, Ayn Talfryn in Tales of Zestiria), I have no earthly idea who voices the knight lady though… EDIT: After racking my brain and going through every female voice actress I could think of, I have come to the conclusion that Kisara MIGHT be voiced by Maureen Price (Laura in Trails of Cold Steel, Hinoa in Monster Hunter Rise)


Who's Ayn Talfryn from Zestiria? I played it a while ago and have no idea who you're talking about


[Here’s his wiki article](https://aselia.fandom.com/wiki/Ayn_Talfryn)


If I'm not going crazy, knight Lady is Tara Platt aka Mitsuru/Elizabeth on Persona.


Giant shield blondie is my new favorite character. Hyped.


I'm pretty open-minded but this doesn't look like a Tales at all. Let's see but I'm not very excited, expected a graphics jump but in the cell-shading, traditional direction and a better, more interactive world at least. Kinda underwhelming but let's wait for some gameplay... Also the party looks kinda generic, maybe for the artistic change... But I am glad you guys liked it, the rest of the comments are very positive so it must be me.


I kinda take it as a growing pain thing since it’s their first time using this engine plus this is the first time the art lead in this game has ever been a lead so his art isn’t gonna look like past games. He’s only been a part of 3 games and these designs look very much like his designs.


That would explain a lot of things regarding the artistic direction, I didn't know about that. I didn't really like the characters, looked like custom MMORPG characters to me but I'll give it a chance.


Yea I even researched the lead because the characters do look different. Minoru Iwamoto is the art director and character designer for this game and his designs aren’t high fantasy like other Tales artists his are a lot more subdued and sophisticated with a fantasy touch. A good example are the half siblings in Berseria. The MMO part is probably due to the engine itself since it is there first time with it so the models aren’t giving anime cell shade like Vesperia did


Yeah definitely way less anime-esque compared to other Tales in terms of character design. I think the MMO part is because they didn't introduce the characters, just assembled the whole party at the same time and that caused that generic impression in me.


Yea I’ve seen that complaint with these new characters in the game that they seem less anime and that is one thing I can agree with. The characters are a lot less moe but I can’t lie that I actually really enjoy them


The characters look pretty much in line with other Tales characters to me (early on, weren't people criticizing the main duo for looking *too much* like previous characters?) and the story sounds very Tales. Also, which Tales games have had a more interactive world? Or are you saying that would be something good to be new, not something that would make it more traditional?


My point is I'd rather go with updating the world mechanics/exploration which felt very poor and never evolved since the GC/Ps1 era rather than changing the artistic direction. But to be honest, the more times I see the video, the more I like it. My main complain with Zestiria/Berseria was that there were little rewards for exploring the world, even less than in vesperia or Symphonia that had the demonic weapons, the bosses, etc. and were from a previous generation. it was kinda meaningless, and I expected a bigger, better jump this time (I consider this game part of a new generation for Tales). So I hope they improve this part, that's all. We still don't know anything, I'm waiting for the first gameplays/reviews about this topic.


Ah gotcha. I see what you mean about the world. Although I miss overworlds in general, and I doubt we'll ever get those back.


Yes, I'd rather go back to overworlds with locations than the empty, straight roads between locations in the latest games, fair point.


It's definitely a big creative jump from their other installment in the series. I can see why you think it doesn't have that Tales feel like the rest of the games but I feel like their creative license is taking it upon to cater to the more general public in terms of triple AAA titles. If anything, I feel like it would be closer to the style of Xillia which it has the more shadier, dark vibes that it gives off. The story might be closer to Berseria where it's a lot more dark and sad (in my opinion anyways). ​ The combat and gameplay is still tales which I'm happy with but I can understand why you might not feel it's "Tales"


Yes, spot on. Doesn't necessarily make it a bad game, but from a first impression it looks like, well, different. Totally right about catering to more general public, and best way to achieve this is probably not looking like an anime game. And yeah probably the story is closer to Berseria than to other tales, and the settlement looks more "realistic".


How doesn't it look Tales? What's so 'generic' about the characters?


Big change in the art direction. About the characters lacked personality and looked straight from a monster hunter / MMORPG character builder, but I have to admit that presenting all at the same time didn't help. Maybe knowing them one by one will change this first impression.


I think some people are being a bit blinded by Biased. It still looks a lot like a tales game. The way the character's faces look and the presentation of the world. While it has a more detailed and 3D feel to it it's still reminicient of the typical Tales of style. Seriously I'm not saying different opinions are invalid or anything but I think some people are just having a bit of a knee jerk reaction to the change in art style and not seeing that it's not as different as they are making it out to be.


I agree my opinion is too much based about the art, but I haven't seen enough world/combat to recognize a Tales game on it. Still looks good, want to see more game play but will probably buy it.


I'm sorry that you're getting downvoted for being right because honestly? It looks like a great game. ​ A great game that could've probably been better off as a new IP instead of slapping the Tales label on it while stripping away so many things about the core identity and aesthetic of the series.


>It has the same aesthetic as Tales of Berseria, Zestiria, Xillia etc ... the only difference is the game engine.


you know "aesthetic" doesn't strictly apply to the visuals of something, right?


I dont know what are you smoking, but everything screams tales in this game for me and most of other people.


Nah, I've been thinking similar since the first reveal. Whatever this is, it just isn't Tales.


Yeah I am getting downvoted dunno why just wanted to exchange opinions, but I guess reddit is reddit. I've played almost all Tales games and I even couldn't say it was a Tales until the trailer finished. Anyways good for people who liked this, really. I'll still probably buy it and play.


There's tons of new effects, new visuals, massive graphics jump, an entirely new engine, it's inevitably going to feel different than the "traditional tales games", but I would take this over the same style that's not going to age well. Granted I think Berseria looks fantastic, but there has to be a major jump between generations to keep the series relevant.


I think the best graphic style was the one in Symphonia/Vesperia, especially Vesperia. But I understand it's hard to upgrade that style. Berseria and Vesperia were in the middle of nowhere in graphical terms, too bad for next gen, too good to be old gen , but kinda missed the personality from the previous ones. I've rewatched the trailer a couple times and I think I can get used to the art, but characters still look too generic to me, like straight from a MMORPG builder. Maybe I just need to get used to them.


Idk why the guy's trying to pin this on the technology. Like even solely the visuals, it's an entire fundamentally different style and design philosophy, not just some extra bells and whistles. What we've seen of arise pretty much just looks like a continuation of zesty/bersy, and personally I felt the same about them too. Imo I'd definitely agree that Vesperia really has the best visuals style in the series, at least certainly in the 3d entries. The cel-shaded look when done correctly really is timeless, and greatly compliments anime-esque stylings especially in character design/modelling & animation. That's why Vesperia's visuals have aged so well, even if certain aspects are a tad clunky (though the animation touches/effects certainly help too, I especially love how it handles the smearing effects on melee attacks). Just look at Wind Waker or BotW, it's the same thing. In comparison, stylized models/designs mixed with realistic texturing/shading/lighting like this & the zesty duo clashes like nothing else. It falls immediately in the uncanny valley looking jarring, cheap, and unnatural, and it's not helped by the similarly clashing motion-capture in the animation. Even if this new engine has better tech & facial rigging than the xillia-bersy engine, the visual style still clashes within itself as well as with the style & spirit of the prior games.


Gotta say, trying to pin this on the technology is a really nonsense strawman. Like it's not some extra bells & whistles, it's a fundamental and drastic shift in in nearly every aspect of style, tone, & design philosophy over the last 3-4 games.


Knight lady is just straight up Katalina from Granblue lol


Now I’m hype was hype before but now I’m about to preorder


So, we know the seiyuus of the new characters or it's unknown yet?


I'm in love with both of the new character designs. Game is looking better and better with each trailer!


I'm looking at thumbnail guy 👀❤❤❤ Damn that's some great character designs. 💕


That new guy is HOT


Looking real good! And also looks like we may even have a Replica kind of situation going on with the not!Sephiroth! Overall though glad to see some more locations and party members, and those team attacks are looking slick


That music, though!!!