Does Tales of Vesperia have a tough boss at the beginning?

Does Tales of Vesperia have a tough boss at the beginning?


that earlygame boss almost put me off playing the whole series when I first played the game's demo, I didn't know what I was doing but the giant wolf didn't care, fun boss tho


Ah yes, the famed >!Gatsugo!<, killer of runs. My sis and I decided to replay ToV and wiped to >!Gatsugo!< since we didn't grind any extra levels and the ai being ai. Went back after leveling and with me being the healer and still took a few tries. (Should probably mention that this was an achievement run so trying for the secret mission added some difficulty ✌)


How difficult is this boss? And how far in is he?


when you get rita as a party member, I've heard you should grind for at least 4 levels, many people joke that this is the final boss and every other boss is just the postgame


If you put the game on easy it's not a big deal, if you leave it on normal it's pretty tough


I tried hard mode one time and had to grind to level 20 and use bonus items.


Same. I always play on Hard and I literally went to Normal and still lost a few. I was like what the fuck


The very first boss of the game can be a bit tough at first as you don't have a full party and you need to block and counter, but isn't too bad once you get a hang of it. There is another boss fairly early in the game which is a notorious difficulty spike, but you can change difficulty at any time so you can just drop it to easy to clear that boss and then put it back to normal, that's what I did after banging my head against the boss multiple times. Definitive edition also gives you some free items that can give you level boosts if you don't want to drop the difficulty but don't feel like manually level grinding


Thank you


The boss is pretty infamous for having a stupid difficulty spike, but it also depends if you're going for the secret missions or not. Regardless, this boss was also the first one I had difficulty with, but grinding a couple of levels (and maybe getting some better gear) should get you past him.


Oh you can grind for this boss? Good to know!


Yea, the enemies before it will respawn when you leave/re-enter the screen. So you just go back and forth through the map and kill whatever you see.


The first boss is technically a tutorial, but you're free to lose that one. The second boss though can be very hard if you're playing on a higher difficulty. If you are on normal or easy though it's fairly easy. The actual wall is maybe 4 or 5 hours later. Not sure how it is on lower difficulties, but the difficulty spike on hard is pretty massive. Especially for newer players


The legendary Noob Killer. It is a major challenge, so don't be afraid to drop it to Easy for that fight.


I think most people that are completely new to the combat will struggle with the first couple bosses, after you unlock more artes and the rest of the battle system you'll rarely be challenged again like that though. The hardest part of the game is within the first couple hours honestly.


Depende de la dificultad en que tengas el juego


The third "main"/secret mission boss is fairly infamous, that's the one people normally talk about. I don't think it's a story spoiler, it's just a random wolf monster. It's very fast and aggressive, and fights with a pair of minions. I want to say it's doable if you know what you're getting into, but it is a notorious difficulty spike, especially on a first playthrough when you're still learning the game & your characters' abilities are still limited.


There are a few tough bosses in the earlier sections of the game, but if you are familiar with free running to bait out attacks (maybe even animation cancel) and stun locking enemies with combos, you shouldn't have any issues getting through them. It can be tough sometimes because the ally AI is nowhere near as smart about mobility as you will be, but you can order them to do specific actions like running away from enemies. I recommend you you look through that because a lot of the bosses have "phases" where it's impossible to fight back for a short period of time, but your allies will continue to try if you don't order them to stay back.


Super tough to beat.


Early boss? It is just the one, IMO. It's a random trash boss too. But there are some story fights that you end up in solo, and those *suck*. Vesperia's battle system has really low hitstun threshholds and early on most artes have really bad area coverage. Even in normal random encounters you can get curbstomped by some random enemy coming in behind you for trivial damage, going into hitstun, and then getting beaten down without ever coming out of hitstun. But when you are playing a single character against multiple enemies it is extremely easy to get wrecked. Blocking is much more important in Vesperia than, say, Abyss or Symphonia IMO. Animation canceling Yuri's flourish at the end of combos is also important but not exactly required. Things do get better as the game progresses but it it took 20-30 hours before I stopped being afraid of groups of random trash.


Not tough, as long as you understand the battle mechanics. Try to understand the tutorial as much as possible. And whatever you do, don't try and be a badass and go for Hard difficulty the first time round. Even if you're used to hard games, Vesperia can be difficult on Hard for first time players. Also, you can run around to dodge, rather than just relying on blocking.