Looking for historical fiction. Something with WWII and magic. Any other point in history is okay too.

Looking for historical fiction. Something with WWII and magic. Any other point in history is okay too.


Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, it's before WWII but high on my recommendations list.


The Grim Noir books by Larry Corriea.


The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman. Perfect blend of WWII and magical realism.


They call it science, but it is basically biomancy. Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. In an alternate WWI where England and its allies have access to huge bioengineered monsters and Germany and its allies has access to huge mechanical war machines, the crew of a flying British airship whale must protect the orphaned son of Franz Ferdinand so he can end the war. The main character is a 15-year-old girl who is dressing as a boy so she could enlist in the British army


Not WW2 but historical and magical - loved The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue


Going by your title, *Declare* by Tim Powers is exactly what you want.


{{Life After Life}}


[**Life After Life (Todd Family, #1)**](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15790842-life-after-life) ^(By: Kate Atkinson | 531 pages | Published: 2013 | Popular Shelves: fiction, historical-fiction, book-club, fantasy, historical | )[^(Search "Life After Life")](https://www.goodreads.com/search?q=Life After Life&search_type=books) >What if you could live again and again, until you got it right? > >On a cold and snowy night in 1910, Ursula Todd is born to an English banker and his wife. She dies before she can draw her first breath. On that same cold and snowy night, Ursula Todd is born, lets out a lusty wail, and embarks upon a life that will be, to say the least, unusual. For as she grows, she also dies, repeatedly, in a variety of ways, while the young century marches on towards its second cataclysmic world war. > >Does Ursula's apparently infinite number of lives give her the power to save the world from its inevitable destiny? And if she can - will she? ^(This book has been suggested 63 times) *** ^(129820 books suggested | )[^(I don't feel so good.. )](https://debugger.medium.com/goodreads-is-retiring-its-current-api-and-book-loving-developers-arent-happy-11ed764dd95)^(| )[^(Source)](https://github.com/rodohanna/reddit-goodreads-bot)


Shogun by James Clavell


What part of Shogun has magic in it?


Sorry, missed the magic part of the request