Why don’t I find Outlaws in my game?

Why don’t I find Outlaws in my game?


Do you have the dlc?


No, but I find them in other games


They will only appear in your game if you have the Slaughter and Outlaw DLCs.


Even then they aren’t the most common orc to run into, at least in my experience


Yeah it's pretty random just keep looking for Vendetta targets and fortress assaults to find some more. What I like to do is if I find a Vendetta with an outlaw orc is find worms and just uncover all the captains odds are you'll probably find at least one more. After that trigger the orc you have to take out aggro him. Once he starts following you, you can go across the entire map wherever you want without failing the mission. Just make sure he's in range. Then you can track down whichever orc you want wherever they are