New York City during the same year RDR takes place 👀

New York City during the same year RDR takes place 👀


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Hope reverend swanson found what he was looking for.


You can find a newspaper in the game (dont remember where) that says he goes to NYC and gets to lead his own church 🙂




I’m sure he found what he’s looking for if he went to New Jersey, he sure does love heroin lol


Heck yea. My great great grandmother was born in 1903 and she told me so many stories. She got to watch so many insane things through history. She finally died at 104 years old in 2007. She would skip around the eras but the things she saw were just phenomenal. The changes in cars, speeds, safety in every day things. Bikes with brakes... brakes! Fully enclosed cars. Seat belts. Child safety seats. Civil rights. Government action, inaction and even "police action" against college kids. The first and second world wars. Korea. Vietnam. The first gulf action. Second time there too. She watched all of these things in her life and I miss that woman dearly.


This woman was born at the tail end of the “Wild West” and lived to see an iPhone. What a life.


Damnnn she almost lived through 3 different centuries


Wow, 104. That’s absolutely mind boggling. The world changed so much from the 1900s to the 2000s.


Don’t forget Tupac!


Sure would be a shame if a world war came along in 3 years.


Might knock some sense into the communist younglings of this generation, but it would be way too big of a sacrifice. War is never the answer.


I swear rdr made me so interested about the history during the Wild West/19th century and the start of the 20th century


and that's what makes historical games so interesting as it gets you interested in the time period it's set in


Yeah exactly


I think a Red Dead game following Jack Marston in the 1920s could be cool. Imagine traveling from Blackwater to New York City and just seeing the huge differences between the countryside and the big city. Even a Red Dead game set in the 1870s would be cool because NYC was still impressively huge (no duhh) compared to towns like Valentine, Blackwater, ect.


Nah as soon as we go away from the wild west its no longer RDR in my eyes. The game fits a niche that so few have touched and making it another Mafia game just wouldn't scratch the itch for me.


Agreed. I dont know why so many people want rdr3 to set in the early 20th century.


I agree. I think maybe a dlc for RDR2 with New York could be fun but that’s about it. Also it won’t happen either way which sucks.


Yea, like u pointed out dlc aint happening unfortunately, but even if it did it wouldnt be able to encompass the changes between the eras well enough. I think they need to build a world/entire set of characters ground up to give this era justice. The same way its an injustice to the rdr franchise to leave the west, itd be an injustice to limit this era to only the size of a DLC. This era could truly create some amazing games/franchises, if rockstar is to tackle it, i really hope they give the game a complete fresh slate to create as much as they please


If we look away from the Red Dead series for a second, it could be a lot more fitting to play as Jack in New York if it was a separate game. He has an amazing backstory, being born towards the very end of the Wild West, surviving the downfall of a Wild Bunch-like gang. He was raised by a gunslinger, but he lost both of his parents at a young age, which sets him up perfectly to seek adventure at the start of the 1920s. The game could potentially start after his return from WW1, and follow him as he becomes a notorious bootlegging gangster. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty exciting continuation of the Marston legacy to me.


That’s why I’d really love rdr3 to be alternate history where the west resurges after WW1 leaving room for more games, plus we don’t keep going back until it’s not Wild West anymore


The pretentious cunts have arrived


Such cutting words. How will I ever recover?


Agreed but a 1920s game would likely tap into the mafia genre and that could be cutting into 2K’s popularity. I feel like a 1920s prohibition era gangster game with jack could work though


It could be a nice blend of cowboys and gangsters, in the city the mafia controls the area (think Al Capone) while you’d meet outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde in the midwest and in the desert would be cowboy outlaws who still depend on horses.


Yeah that could work, alternatively they could have part of the game set in the mid 1910s and the rest in the early 1920s


It could work depending on the story obviously, Rockstar could lean more towards focusing on outlaw bank robbers like Bonnie and Clyde or John Dillinger to keep with the Wild West stuff or they could lean more towards prohibition/mafia related crimes and deal with big mobsters. If you’re able to I recommend watching The Wild Bunch (1969) and then Dillinger (1973). I see the map being divided by 3 different main factions with sub factions inside. The Big City (New York City/Chicago/Saint Denis, ect.) would be controlled by the mafia with different mobster gangs controlling different parts of the city, the city would also be more cars and less horses. The Midwest towns (towns like Kansas City or Mason City, Iowa) would be controlled by outlaw gangs led by bank robbing bandits (outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger) the Midwest towns would be a nice balance of cars and horses. The desert states and towns (Tumbleweed, Armadillo, Arizona) would be controlled by horse riding outlaws with a part of México being available and still being wild, there would be more horses and less cars here.


Yeah that would be a good idea actually let’s hope rockstar is working on rdr3 soon


The setting could be manipulated by just having it be set in alternate history where you can have both


That could all be fixed by just using alternate history


After RDR, I always wanted a sequel to follow Jack up the cattle trains to Chicago, which was a common route for cowboys that they'd make each year, Chicago being the beef capital of North America... Where he'd come to get involved in the criminal underworld. RDR2 being a prequel was a better choice, but that was something I was always hoping to see. With modern massive game development taking 10+ years, I doubt we see a RDR2 sequel until 2030 or later, or ever. In the meantime I'd be very content with an expansion of RDR2 moving right into the RDR story... a brief prologue of 3 or 4 missions running right into the kidnapping of John's family. John probably has to work his way back east, because the intro to RDR has him as a captive on a steamship to Blackwater. So one of those prologue missions has his family taken captive, and maybe John follows a lead out to Saint Denis where he hears his family is held, only to find that's a setup... the Pinkertons capture him and then set off the events of Red Dead Redemption from there.


I would love one set in the 1870s yeah. I hope the franchise goes in that direction


Crazy to think that while this was going on in the east coast, there’s still many small towns across the west that haven’t become developed yet or even been controlled by the US government. My home state New Mexico didn’t even become a state apart of the US until 1912, so imagine how much is still going on with cowboys and outlaws in the west while New York was so industrialized and controlled by Law


For sure, The west wouldn't be truly tamed for many more years after. There are still some pretty remote area's completely un touched by society even today. Parts in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Alaska is a crazy remote land mass. If you ever get the chance to go there id recommend it. Its something else.


Oh yeah I know exactly what you mean. In New Mexico there’s so much land and places that still aren’t developed or even overwatched as much by the government, so it’s easy for cartels to operate here. There’s a reason why Breaking Bad is set in New Mexico haha


In my home state of Wyoming a not insignificant amount of people rode horses until the 1930s.


Remarkable that John is using guns from the 1860s during this time.


Makes you just wanna go around on horseback saying "Hey there mister!" to everyone you meet


Reverend Swanson was here 0_0


When you see a video like this it’s easy to see why they saw the cowboy days coming to an end


I worked in the Flatiron Building for years. Such a cool neighborhood. Funny to imagine Jack Marston ever coming to visit. Also the little girl sitting on her dad's lap in the front seat of the car is kinda priceless and about how I feel any time I'm driving in Manhattan. Old timey people: they're just like us! (Only with fancy hats.)


By this point in time, the American frontier had been closed for 21 years. The West had been settled for over two decades, and it was merely myth and legend passed onto the next generation by the elders of society.


The beginning of the end


I think automobiles would be a really cool feature to add to rdr2.


Everyone looked so pissed off back then. Especially the girls. They all look like they need to get laid.


If you look closely, you can see Bonnie's brother


I didn't realize American cars had the driver's seat on the right at one time. Were we still a British colony in 1911...?


This is before cars were standardized, hell this is before traffic lights.