Mitch McConnell Just Made Joe Manchin Look Like a Sucker. Again.

Mitch McConnell Just Made Joe Manchin Look Like a Sucker. Again.


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Joe Manchin is either an idiot, an evil man, or both. You cannot solve a partisan problem through bipartisanship. The GOP *does not want Democrats to vote*, so they are *passing laws to make it harder for Democrats to vote*, and Joe Manchin (claims to) believe that if he just offers enough olive branches and kind words, the Republicans will suddenly abandon their dreams of minoritarian rule, repeal all of their voter suppression laws, and happily hand power back to the people. Fuck Joe Manchin.


He was asked this in an interview, GOP is implementing voter restrictions at the state level across the country, why would the GOP then vote against what they just pushed in? He basically had a mental hiccup and spit out some word salad


I think he just doesn't actually care. He's not going against the democrats because Republicans aren't being extended an olive branch, or because his constituents don't want it, he's going against it because he's paid off by people who don't want it to pass. He's getting that money so he doesn't need to make intelligent arguments or provide reasonable answers, he just needs to vomit word salad until people leave him alone. He's probably not running for reelection so he's just putting his own personal profit above the rights of every American.


His family totally orchestrated the requirement for schools to have EPI pens and then price gouged. I do not trust Manchin to represent any one but himself.


Which is the biggest problem in society. “Every man has his price.” Making it harder and harder for those who are priceless to overcome.


It helps that he is getting the money, but I think the driving factor is he is a democrat that is visibly pissing off democrats, which is the way you get RE-elected as a WV Democrat


He's not likely to even run again. Schumer had to beg him to run in 2018. Tester and Brown are also in Trump states, so Trump state politics isn't even a valid excuse if he was to run again. WV elected a democrat because they wanted a democrat. If they wanted two republicans, they would have elected his opponent


>WV elected a democrat because they wanted a democrat. If they wanted two republicans, they would have elected his opponent West Virginia elected Joe Manchin because they like Joe Manchin. When he retires they will elect whatever Republican stinks the most.


It’s cuz he’s not smart and not ready for follow up questions. Watching him for a few years now it’s obvious he’s a dolt.


I feel like a lot of us really underestimate how stupid politicians can be. Well-intentioned morons really are some of the most dangerous people in society.


He's a DINO!


He does seem like a Republican masquerading as a Democrat.




Something is fucky with Appalachian Democrats. That lady that refused gay marriage certificates on religious grounds was a Kentucky Democrat when that started (she switched parties since then).


A democrat that caucuses with the republicans


He is. West Virginia is like the most conservative place you'll ever see.


Now it is, which is crazy. It was a blue dog democrat haven for a long time. It was like a union supporting state through and through. Idk what happened. Coal left? Obama being black? Facebook/fox/russian propaganda? I really dont know


He’s being paid by Koch industries what do you expect?


Hey hey hey, if he offers enough olive branches then the Republicans factually **will** give up their minoritarian rule... by becoming the majority and then instating authoritarian rule.


Manchin : Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you Mitch, just... The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances? McConnell : Not good. Manchin : \[he gulps, his mouth twitching\] You mean, not good like one out of a hundred? McConnell : I'd say more like one out of a million. Manchin : \[long pause while he processes what he's heard\] So you're telling me there's a chance. YEAH!


Don’t play with snakes unless you want to get bit.


Sinema: What if they shot him in the face? Manchin: Yeah, what if he shot me in the face!?


He’s corrupt


It's pretty simple: The Koch's are basically paying him to stymie any major progressive legislation. It's a "don't rock the boat" approach, or "don't let people realize that the government can help them, or they will realize they don't need to worship corporations."


The Conservatives with the money keep pushing for the country’s politics to stop on early 1900 America Robber Baron era. Their actions though are pushing the genera population more and more toward late 1700s revolutionary France.


This is how Democrats "negotiate" with Republicans. In this scene Bernie Mac is the Republicans, Billy Bob Thornton is Progressives, and Tony Cox is Moderate/Conservative Democrats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tit89ofCOt4


Don't even need to open it up to see Santa's little helper getting fucked over by Store Dick.


LoL, so true!


It’s BS, he knows it’s BS, Koch’s are paying him buckets to piss all over the constitution and he’s more than happy to take the money


One of manchin's biggest donors is the law firm that employed Giuliani before he made himself unemployable. They are involved in parler. So make of that what you will.


He is an evil man.


I smell a new subreddit r/fuckjoemanchin Edit: I meant a boost in popularity


Fuck Joe Manchin…and Ajit Pai.


He's just a scapegoat for the corporate Democrats.


>He's just a scapegoat for the corporate Democrats. He's just a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.




> Schumer has taken 0 punitive action against any of these people. I think this matters more than people are realizing. Pelosi deals with the same ideological divide from Lamb to AOC and she keeps them all together and voting on the democratic platform. One person couldn't hold them up, but conservative or progressive dems could get together and block things, so the fact neither group does is proof she is a good leader. If Pelsoi were in charge of the senate, that curtsy would have been the last public statement Sinema made. Manchin would never have written that op-ed. The filibuster would already be gone. That's not to say she doesn't have her own dark money problems. I'm sure she does. But we need someone who understands politics the way republicans do, and clearly she does. Maybe that's the result of her being the only woman growing up around male politicians. Schumer is a terrible majority leader and I'll never understand why everyone wanted Pelosi out in 2016 but no one has ever questioned if Schumer should be out All of your other points are important too, but I just hate when people say "politics" is the reason stuff can't get done. >Even more are reported to using Manchin and Sinema to take the heat. I also agree with this, but I think if they aren't brave enough to be vocal about it now, I doubt they would be if Manchin and Sinema caved. I think if Manchin caves, everyone else does. They see the reaction Manchin is getting, and they don't speak out because they don't want that heat. The public would be even more furious to know they were hiding behind him the whole time if they came out against it after Manchin finally being convinced.


It's all part of the plan Moderate Dems have no desire to change things just as much as Republicans desire the destruction of most US citizens except the wealthy and the elite. It should be clear Moderate Dems when given the chance to side with progressives versus Republicans have chosen the Republicans. At the end of the day Moderate Dems can blame Republicans for stonewalling and blame progressives for being the real socialists...all the while pushing us to more right policies while yelling from the mountains about a return to the soul of our nation for bipartisanship. What they mean by bipartisanship is the agreement between Moderate Dems and Republicans to continue pushing us to the right. They are a trojan horse inside the Democratic party for the benefit of Republicans.


Since most of the Dem federal politicians are wealthy: don’t you think it’s mostly about preserving the wealth where it already is? To me, the strongest bond between Dems and GOP is their wealth and their need for more of it.


Yes and in this they have a common enemy...progressives.


This sounds like things moderates do for the most part... Merrick Garland is for sure moderate, that's why Obama tapped him with a split congress.


Not true. Obama went with Garland because he was only mostly conservative, as opposed to being all conservative. Mostly conservative is slightly liberal. With all conservative, well, there's only one thing you can do... In seriousness though, Obama passed on 3 other likely candidates who were considerably further left of Garland. He saw it as meeting McConnell halfway and didn't expect them to not hold hearings on one of "their" guys. The problem is that he was dealing with a Senate majority leader *who had already filibustered his own bill* because Dems called his bluff. Garland might not own a pair of jackboots but he won't be attending any policy dinners with Stacey Abrams any time soon either. It's why no one should be surprised about any of his recent decisions e.g. the DoJ representing Trump in E. Jean Carroll's defamation lawsuit.


>He's not the only one: > >- There were Senate Democrats who went in and convinced House Managers not to pursue witnesses during the impeachment trial *after they had already voted yes to having witnesses*. > >- There were 6 others who voted with Manchin and Sinema to block a minimum wage increase. >- Even more are reported to using Manchin and Sinema to take the heat. > >- Schumer has taken 0 punitive action against any of these people. > >- The DOJ is actively covering for Bill Barr and Trump. > >- Biden himself has not called out a single Republican for their participation in the coup, he wouldn't even call out Manchin or Sinema by name. He actively continues to negotiate with and enable the terrorists who attempted to violently overturn his election, and his constant seeking of "bipartisianship" only serves to legitimize their continued attacks on our country. > >These are all objective facts, all things that have been reported on and have been through the news cycle. The Democratic establishment isn't ignorant, they're not incompetent or naive, and they certainly aren't stupid. They. Are. Complicit. Great comment, and I agree! My new mentality is to try to see past the bullshit, and look at facts like those you listed. I want politicians to act in the people's actual interest... and that isn't happening. MOST IMPORTANTLY: how the hell was "accountadministrator" available as a username only 5 years ago??? Good on you for being the first one lol!


"I want politicians to act in the people's actual interest... and that isn't happening." Therein is the rub. If the for the people act passes and the filibuster goes away all of those "moderate" democrats will also face legitimate challenges from the left. They are as conditioned to cakewalk incumbent campaigns as the Republicans. It is a cozy gravy train to be in the circle and they don't want any legitimate threats or accountability.


>Therein is the rub. If the [For the People Act] passes and the filibuster goes away all of those "moderate" democrats will also face legitimate challenges from the left. I'm in agreement, and also you have an interesting line of thought regarding Filibuster equating to moderate Dems being primaried and a push to more progressive agenda. (If I'm reading you right) I hadn't considered that particular angle even! But what is the filibuster doing to strengthen moderate Dem positions? Just a status quo bias ("nothing going to happen anyway") or more the meat of the FtPA which protects traditionally underrepresented demographics (who largely vote Dem)?


DINO has been growing on me. *Dem in name only* (plus the whole 70 something yrs old thing.)


Republicans would use *far* harsher descriptors if they had a similar situation in their own party, and would be far more successful for it. eg: He's a traitor.


That doesn't really make sense. Voter turnout helps corporate democrats too, and suppression laws also affect them. Even corporate democrats like winning elections, surely.


Why would they? Nancy Pelosi lost control of the House for nearly a decade, but she was put right back on top afterwards. Hillary Clinton was the most hated politician in the country for decades and had already lost a primary, but the party still rolled out the red carpet for her to the point where her only real primary challenger was an independent. Democrats don't care about winning elections, they only care about preserving the power structures within the party.


Erm.. no. Democrats (center and left) are pro election reform as both a matter of principle and self-interest. Manchin is the outlier, not the norm.


In this case, no he isn't. It's actually just him (well Sinema too probably but she didn't get the chance).


I read that as he’s an idiot of an evil man. Well said. Lol


>McConnell argued that restoring those 1965 protections would give the federal government “almost total ability to determine the voting systems of every state in America” and that other parts of the Voting Rights Act remained intact. If the Federal Government has the ability to pass the legislation, then it already has the power to control the voting system of every state. The question then becomes how does the Federal Government use the power it already has. So why then Mitch, is using it to protect voting rights a bad thing? Fucker knows what he is doing.


Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1 >> The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing [sic] Senators. Congress has always had complete authority over Congressional Elections.


Whenever anyone pulls the "states' rights" card, you know they can't actually argue their point.


Virtually everytime you can hit them with "states' right to do what?" and the answer, if they give one, will tell you whatever you need to know.


>In fact, the one thing that frosts me coldest about Manchin’s attitude toward the For The People Act is his conviction that there are some things in the bill that have nothing to do with voter suppression. This is a profoundly wrongheaded argument. Voter suppression is how we get state legislatures that gerrymander. Voter suppression is how we get senators who confirm judges who declare that money is speech and that corporations are people, too, my friend. Voter suppression touches every facet of our elections and, ultimately, it warps the entirety of our politics. Therefore, everything in the FTP Act has to do with voter suppression, in that a ban on partisan gerrymandering and a ban on dark money would make voter suppression less likely.


But a ban on dark money would mean poor Joe Manchin can't continue taking dark money for his refusal to vote on legislation banning dark money. Fuck this guy, and fuck everyone of his ilk. We have congressional leaders composed almost entirely of ruthless opportunists profiteering off the dysfunction of our government and ensuring it remains that way because its personally profitable to them for it to be so.


For a long time I was preaching patience with Manchin. I thought his bipartisan rhetoric was just him building the case to justify working with Dems to reform the filibuster and pass legislation without republicans votes because they’re derelict in their duty to legislate. I would push back against people saying we should primary Manchin, thinking it would be a waste of resources, because he’s bound to win a primary challenge, and even if he doesn’t, he’s probably the most liberal senator we’d ever get out of West Virginia. I’m getting over that attitude. When his term ends, it’s time for the Democratic Party, and American voters to move past Manchin. I’d rather see West Virginia represented by a Republican, because at least a Republican will be courteous enough to stab you in the front.


Same. Consider me way, way over that attitude as well.


He’s retiring. So he doesn’t give a shit and it’s not a threat




Yeah, I agree. But right now Manchin is the only reason we have the Senate. If McConnell gets back in charge, we might never see another liberal SCOTUS justice, cause it is an election decade or something. Yes, the filibuster blocks much. But judges and many other Senate tasks only require a 50+1 majority


Agreed. We need Manchin for now. But at the end of his term it may be time to move on. Or, if we can swing a couple more seats in ‘22 so Manchin and Sinema are no longer needed then I don’t really care what they do. But relying on Manchin and Sinema for important votes is not a good position to be in, because they apparently balk in the face of overwhelming evidence that these bills are popular with their constituents in order to preserve “bipartisan camaraderie” that hasn’t existed since Newt Gingrich was in congress (if not even earlier).


I disagree. We will never be in a situation where we have so many Senate seats that we can just give one to the Republicans. 50/60/66 seats are all magic numbers to reach out for.


Unless there’s a major cultural shift, I think it’s incredibly unlikely that democrats get more than 58 senators in the near future. There’s basically a ~20 state red wall that is nearly impossibly to penetrate, especially with so many voter suppression measures taking place: Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina. And then the states that almost always have at least 1 (if not usually 2) Republican senators: Alaska, Montana, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, w. Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Maine. And then there are the states with 2 democratic senators that I think are unlikely to stay that way for the long haul: Arizona, Michigan, Virginia, Georgia. The “blue wall” states — while much higher in population — only account for about 30 total senators. I don’t see democrats having a cloture-avoiding majority in the senate in my lifetime unless major demographic shifts deliver a few more states (Texas? Florida? North Carolina?)


The best way to move past Manchin is to get Dems elected to other Senate seats, so that he’s no longer the deciding vote. To say that you’d rather see his seat filled by a Republican is just cutting off your nose to spite your face.


No!! We need his vote!! For uh!! Uh... Uh... Yeah, we don't need his vote. I'd rather it be 49 v 51 than pretend like he will side with us on anything. He's just a corporate shill.


I mean, if we want the bill actually passed then yes we do need his vote.


His vote is still important right now for things like the senate majority. If he left the Democratic Party today, and decided to caucus with Republicans then McConnell would be speaker again and literally nothing would get done. No more judges. No chance of even no-brained legislation passing. But I don’t think we need to commit to Manchin beyond the end of his term.


When republicans are in charge, we can't pass anything. When democrats are in charge, we can't pass anything. It's almost like our democracy is purely performative and the Ruling Class only allows what they like to go on in this country.


No one should have had patience with him. He's been a profiteering shitheel forever. He takes Koch money and votes in their interest. How has it flown so under the radar that he got his daughter a job at Mylan with a fake resume and a fake MBA? Know what she did as CEO? Raised insulin prices from $50 to $600 Then what did Manchin do? He jammed through legislation where orgs had to buy the insulin at the inflated prices. That was a GIANT windfall for Mylan The pitchforks should have been out for Manchin a long, long time ago


This folks is how you get more Republican Supreme Court justices.


It is, this and them not retiring when they get old and feeble. The current ancient Democrats in SCOTUS need to retire right damn now, and every open judgeship in the whole federal system needs to get filled. This summer. The country cannot afford the courts moving even further right, and we can't count on the Republicans not taking both House and Senate in the midterms.


Like how RBG should've retired a decade ago? Like how under Obama we rolled over and let our own nomination get canned? Like how Feinstein literally said to Republicans "wow this process went really smooth and great, thanks Republicans!" instead of protesting that sham of a confirmation...? Nah. Politics is a little more complex than that. Democrats just don't understand how power works. Republicans do and are ruthless about it. We should be done with playing nice, but many democrats believe politics should have this laminated, plastic veneer on it.


Manchin confirming democratic judicial nominees is more important than throwing him out of the party. Unless you want to see McConnel back in charge of the Senate?


Follow the money. It’s always about money.


He's been in bed with the Koch brothers for years.


Those fuckers are in the pantheon of people destroying America from the inside. I'm not sure they're the worst, but they're up near the top.


Expose these Russian ties these guys have to Putin.


Who needs Putin or the Russian government when you have Americans like McConnell, the Kochs, Manchin and Sinema? They're doing a good job destroying America without any need for foreign help.


Yes. But the money they salivate over is coming from Russia. And they are hired hands to do just what you said they are doing.


Ants? Is this also how we get ants?


But that money flows into manchins bank account. He doesn’t care, he’s getting ‘lobbied’ effectively.


I'm starting to think he enjoys playing the heel too.


It helps his popularity with his constituents, which are largely Republican. He's seen as the hero stopping the "radical liberals" from implementing a "socialist agenda". Obviously that's incorrect hyperbole, but he's in no hurry to change that perception with his constituency. His future is in West Virginia, he's talked about running for governor, so he could care less about his popularity in the broader US, or within the Democratic party.


Why hasn't legislation been passed to monitor what money contributes to a politicians campaign?


Passed by the legislators who are getting those same campaign contributions? No clue.


That would infringe upon foreign billionaires' right to *Free Speech,* and it's downright un-American to suggest otherwise.


Who do you suppose has to pass that legislation?


If it wasn't him, it'd be some other "moderate" dem with nothing to lose. Straight out of McConnell's playbook.


I am pretty sure they are working together on this. Koch brothers donate generously to both. Source: https://truthout.org/articles/the-dark-money-influencing-senator-manchins-right-wing-agenda/


This is why: Corporate personhood needs to be ended (someone much smarter than me said, "I'll believe in corporate personhood when a corporation gets the death penalty"); Lobbying needs to be abolished, and Elections need to be publicly funded. Only then will we have a government working in the best interests of the people.


thats called a "conflict of interest".


It's more likely he's bought-off than dumb.


My vote is that he’s either bought and paid for and/or there’s dirt on him that would ruin him and is getting blackmailed.


This feels like one of those debasement moments in a story. Manchin is moving closer to being a Reek character and this is the beginning of his torture.


Does that also mean he will have a redemption arc like Reek?


Hah. No.


Well, at least those with eyes to see get the pleasure of seeing him metaphorically have his dick cut off in public. I wonder if he's so far gone over to the republican side that he doesn't care what it looks like? I hope not. I hope his actions are having some personal cost, that even though his bed is made he still feels emasculated and used.


This. All we poors get is precious schadenfreude. LOL


Redemption Arcs are what makes fantasy fantasy.


Nobody is stepping up to torture this man the same way nobody has tortured McConnell. These crooks just go on, and that's the problem.


He's kind of the Democrats' Ted Cruz.


At least Ted Cruz is a straight company man for his party. Joe Manchin is effectively a Republican plant to destroy the Democrats from within. A poison pill. He is to the Democrats what Trump's Cabinet appointments were to their respective departments. Democrats valuing Joe Manchin is like homeowners valuing carbon monoxide.




Manchin doesn’t care as long as he has Koch money. It’s about the cash NOT the people


Lots of deep dark Koch money.


>Lots of deep dark Koch money. But it still spends like every other kind of money...


Pecunia non olet. So, in ancient Rome, urine was collected and used in several different chemical processes. Vespasian imposed a urine tax on the manufacturers who bought and used the urine. His son Titus complained about the... unseemly nature of this kind of tax. Vespasian waived a coin in front of him and said "the money doesn't smell."


"That money's got blood on it, man."


Sad thing is these politicians are often bought out by not that much. You would think millions but often it's just a few thousand. Remember net neutrality? Where people sold their vote basically for like 15k.


That's the part that bugs be the most. Selling off the country or the economic growth for $15k. If you just directly beg to the people, we'll gather up $15k and throw it in your face. Btw, why is there no free market for this? Why don't we have pro net neutrality groups ~~bribing~~ donating to campaigns say $16k to vote for net neutrality? Even if the billionaires one up our offer, at least make it expensive for the billionaire. Not a fuckin piddly $15k.


Politicians for hire is an abomination. ALEC and dark money funding should be expressly illegal. I consider all of them seditious organizations hell bent on destroying democracy creating a Putin like oligarchy with a facade of a functioning elected government.


They NEED to bring the john lewis bill to the floor for a vote ASAP, and call Manchin bluff, when he sees that even this can't get 60 votes, it will be at a point where he is out of excuses. unfortunately last i heard the timeline for this bill is september.


It won’t matter. > And as for passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act in a nonpartisan fashion, Manchin doesn’t have suggestions. “It’s starting out to be bipartisan,” he told CBS’s John Dickerson, before listing exactly one Republican, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska — far short of the 10 he’d need to pass it (or anything else) without a filibuster. **When Dickerson asked why Republicans would vote for a bill that would restrict their gains at the state level, Manchin replied, “If we can’t come to an agreement on that, God help us, John.”** [Link](https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/06/06/joe-manchins-mighty-delusions/)


> “I’m not being naive,” Manchin insisted. “I’m going to continue to keep working with my bipartisan friends and hopefully we can get more of them...my Republican friends and colleagues see the deadlock also. This is not something they desire or wish.” It's amazing when someone can follow the phrase "I'm not being naive" with possibly the most naive statement in the history of politics.


At this point I can't believe that Manchin isn't aware of the GOP's complete stonewalling of anything the democrats will try to pass. He knows and is just paying lip service to what he knows is a bullshit excuse to not take any meaningful action. Whatever the reason, Manchin doesn't care about voting rights or the GOP's nationwide push to limit access to voting and to control the key players who certify votes. It's beyond frustrating that after four years of fucking Trump, the GOP will still get their way because of Manchin and people like him. He's just as bad as the republicans.


because the POS is right, he knows what it´s doing?


it will matter, he is using the john lewis bill as a crutch, the intent here is to expose him. if they can't get 60 votes for it, its egg on his face everytime he brings it up, then the narrative changes to asking him why he can't get his 10 republican "friends" to back his bill.


Manchin and McConnell are both on the same side thanks to the Koch Organization.


The realest takeaway here? Every election matters. The Democratic Party is still paying for sleepwalking through the 2014 midterms when the GOP flipped a gaudy NINE seats. It's annoying that blue voters have to work 1.5 times as hard to represent their actual, tangible majority, but here we are.


2010 state elections, which gave Republicans governorships and legislatures with which to gerrymander everything. And then [it fucking happened again in 2020](https://ballotpedia.org/State_government_trifectas). Republicans have full control in 23 states (+2 in that election), Democrats in 15, with the remainder having at least some degree of mixed control (-2). And so they'll gerrymander the fuck out of everything again, and keep winning lopsided victories until 2030.


Yeah, you're not wrong.


I'm beginning to think Joe Manchin (retiring) is a convenient foil to take all the heat from a bunch of lawmakers who don't want pass any laws.


Yup, he is the lightning rod. Same way McConnel soaks up the heat for the GOP. He is visible, that is it. He isn't alone.


I’m curious if they learned it from watching Sports commissioners like Goodell and Bettman stand in front of the booing mobs of fans while their owners who tell them what to do avoid all the heat.


Senators take turns being the bad guy so that no meaningful legislation ever passes. If it does pass there’s a poison pill or loophole in it.


Which is too bad because I suspect there are Senators who - if the public knew their real stance - could be primaried out.


I see this in every thread about Manchin but I'm not seeing anyone explain how they come to this conclusion. Simplest explanation is he's bought, he comes from a conservative state that depends on fossil fuel exploitation. Making the leap to some massive conspiracy is what MAGA morons do.


Manchin has said he doesn’t like this job and that Governor was a way better job. This is a temp gig due to him hitting a consecutive term limit.


mostly it comes from aides who work and talk, and have come forward and said that Manchin, and to a lesser extent Sinema are saying things about voting rights bill, and min wage, and killing the filibuster, that are echoed by about 10 Democrats in the Senate. If Manchin and Sinema suddenly came on board, there would be another two who would have misgivings.


Because democrats want to make it harder for democrats to vote?? Am I misunderstanding, or is that what you think?


It’s like these two work for the same people!!? It’s like they take money from the same backers!


I find Joe Manchin to be intellectually dishonest when it comes to his political grift and it is a grift when one portrays oneself as the lone voice of wisdom this despite writing an opt-ed which calls into question at least for me if Manchin is a person of serious thought.


Isn't he paid by the Koch's? He's not a sucker he's owned.


They’re both fucking clowns


"look like"?


Manchin should know the way Mitch operates , didn’t he see him in action for 6 years when President Obama was in office, how much more evidence does one need?


mitch is the real life Palpatine, no one can convince me otherwise.


Joe Manchin HAS to be getting big money from a Koch Brother. Or he is a real dumb ass.


🤔 These weird "victories" that people like Moscow Mitch seem to keep getting, even when their constituents can't stand them, need looking into.


Joe Manchin made Joe Manchin look like a sucker again.


Manchin doesn’t really care; he does what the Kochs tell him to.


>You have to be a drunk or a liar not to see what’s gone on in the country since John Roberts declared the Day of Jubilee, especially in the days since the 2020 election. Without Roberts’ meat-ax, we likely would not have the current frenzied effort in the states to remove electoral oversight from secretaries of state where they are Democrats and hand it to Republican attorneys general. Joe, it'd be great if you could do the right thing for us. Really, really great.


Manchin: Leopards have eaten my face!


Nah. He just feeds them the faces of his constituents.


As well as other Americans.


The only bipartisanship he'll find.


Lol u think they’re on different teams


Joe manchin is a sucker, he’s being played by the right and he doesn’t even know it.


He knows it.


He’s playing with them. Does anyone actually think that he’s not in this game?


Joe manchin made joe manchin look like a sucker


I'm starting to thinks we might be the suckers...


>“The Supreme Court concluded that conditions that existed in 1965 no longer existed,” McConnell said. And after they made that ruling states started proving them wrong as soon as literally the next day.


At this point I want to know what the gop have on Manchin


Manchin doesn’t need any help in this arena.


Manchin is a democrat only in name. In truth he's a republican shill.


Republicans must have some heavy career-destroying dirt on Manchin and Sinema. I would bet on it. Either that or they are actually Republicans posing as Democrats for political advantage.


I sometimes wonder if Biden knows what the dirt is, that McConnel has on Manchin.


these monsters don't give a shit what they look like. all that matters is money.


All I will say is.. if the Pukes ran everything, there would be NO filibuster. Period. This is plain to see. Now, personally, I do believe that Bi-Partisanship is the way things should be so that laws passed are not summarily destroyed when the other party takes over.... But when a turtle like mcconnel states clearly he will block everything Biden does... he played his cards... and Biden holds a better hand... IF HE PLAYS IT. So, yes, the filibuster needs to go... and laws that Benefit the American People as a majority needs to be passed. It has to be done SOON so the results are clear enough should any Repukican tries to run on a platform that they will destroy all those paths opened by the Dems... even their own constituents will see the benefits and tell them to fuck off.


>“The Supreme Court concluded that conditions that existed in 1965 no longer existed,” McConnell said. “So there’s no threat to the voting rights law. It’s against the law to discriminate in voting on the basis of race already. And so I think it’s unnecessary.” No, they just say they're discriminating against Democrats and that seems to make it ok.


Manchin is as dumb as a box of rocks. There should be a reckoning.


I know that the pictures in these articles get picked to effective purpose, but I must say, if Itch Mconnell smiled (?) at me at all, I feel that the great weight of sorrow and degradation that must accompany such an event would make me despair of existing. If I make such a creature happy in any outward appearance of it with something I’ve done, something has gone terribly wrong.


Pretty sure Manchin’s doing a good job of that himself, actually.


I almost feel like because these guys are charming in person, professional politicians almost always are, Manchin thinks they’re friends. Maybe I’m naive but Manchin seems like one of the few Senators who a psychologist might not alert the FBI about if he took the dark triad personality test and it seems like he’s getting rolled by a bunch of high functioning psychopaths.


> Maybe I’m naive This


It is you who is getting rolled. Manchin is no fool. He knows what he's doing and he thinks there will be no consequences for his behavior. He's not stupid he's bought and paid for.


It’s not hard, apparently.


Live and don't learn, I always say.


Joe did a pretty good job of that on his own


Joe Manchin is a sucker so it’s not that hard…


This is the only time I think I’ve ever seen McConnell smiling.


Manchin is a republican. He's in on it.


Joe Manchin needs to stop living in the 1960’s


The more money these rich assholes get, the more rich the politicians get.


You can call him a sucker all day long, he doesn't seem to mind as long as he gets to laugh all the way to the bank.


I would say that you have to be pretty stupid to take Mitch McConnell's word, but I don't think you can be that stupid and still remember to breathe. At this point I don't see any option other than Manchin has been paid off.


[https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/02/03/joe-manchin-claims-hell-be-key-swing-vote-in-senate-to-tame-radical-fellow-dems-critics-call-his-bluff-1025024/](https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/02/03/joe-manchin-claims-hell-be-key-swing-vote-in-senate-to-tame-radical-fellow-dems-critics-call-his-bluff-1025024/) Claims to be a swing voter. But, if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and looks like a duck, chances are it's a DUCK.


Mitch needs to go he represents China more then USA.


I hope those two men catch syphilis and it burns when they pee.


Both need to be tried in The Hague


They're both bought


Because he is. A weak fucking traitor and sucker.


Strongly disagree with the title. Manchin made himself look like a Republican. Again. Because he is one.


I'm looking forward to the day when we don't have people in their 60's, 70's, and 80's making all these important decisions. Corruption and greed will always be a problem, but we need people with a 21st century worldview to address 21st century global, environmental, and socioeconomic issues. For example, people who grew up with segregation should not be allowed to push legislation which discriminates against people based on race. The majority of Americans don't live life as if it's the 1950's.


No they planned this, Manchin was paid off, and this is fucking full on political theater.


Have Dems not learned the "public pressure" and shaming on the hard conservatives has never worked at all? Get a real party rep in there. Boohoo if you've got to build up the platform for it in WV... do it.


Congress is a cesspool of right wing corruption. Most RepubliKKKlans have negative honor-purposely sabotaging any agreements that don’t further their christofascist pledge to destroy Democracy and replace it with a Theocratic Kleptocracy.


They're just trying to run out the clock until next election. Stall stall still stall


Joe is doing a great job making himself look like a fool. Mitch is the cherry on top.


Look like. He is a sucker.


I'm starting to think being embarrassed by McConnell is Manchin's kink.


Manchin does just fine all by himself on that score.