Brett Kavanaugh Rules Children Deserve Life in Prison With No Chance of Parole

Brett Kavanaugh Rules Children Deserve Life in Prison With No Chance of Parole


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> Sotomayor also reminds those reading that Jones was “the victim of violence and neglect that he was too young to escape,” with an alcoholic biological father who abused his mother and a stepfather who abused him with “belts, switches, and a paddle” and openly declared his hatred for Jones. When, per Sotomayor, Jones moved in with his grandfather—who abused him as well—he abruptly lost access to medications he was prescribed for mental health issues, including hallucinations. In 2004, when his grandfather tried to hit him, Jones says he stabbed him in self-defense. Shit, sounds like this child never had a chance.


Oh God this makes it so much worse. How is this even counted as murder. Abused again and again. I mean at some point even a raised hand must seem like that the other person is going to beat you half to death. As far as I'm concerned pretty good reason to stab someone. People in the military don't get punished for way way worse than this and that not even self defense.


It counts because they don't have money, and they're always looking for slaves. People need to wake up fr this shit has been happening forever. Most people in prison probably have trauma you'll never hear about either.


This is so cruel. He is in prison which are famous for abuse both from other prisoners and the orderlies. This is a child. Failed by everyone in his life and now the justice system is also failing at helping him. I agree with you. All around the world when it comes down to it the justice system only works to punish the poor.


The right's idol, Ronald Reagan, notably repealed a law that provided grants for community mental health services. He also created the myth of the "welfare queen" as an excuse to further cut services and funding for America's poorest and most vulnerable. The right has no regard for human life once a person is born.


It sure seems like a lot of things we have to deal with today can be traced back to Ronald Reagan. I do not like that man.


I've said it for years and it seems to offend anyone who was alive to remember the 80's. Regan sucked, and imo, was one of the most damaging presidents in U.S history.


If you really want to offend them talk about how shitty a human being Nancy was, that one gets a fun reaction


He was damaging because he did what the GOP wanted. The man was more of a older style republican that are extinct. I don’t think Reagan understood the deeper motives behind the GOP’s plan. He was an actor his whole life he wasn’t a politician. I don’t forgive him because he ultimately ended up doing a lot of damage but the real bastards that have screwed us up are many and one of them seems to be worse than they next. If you ever want to know who you can really blame Behind the Bastards podcast will give you all the dirt. The guy is ridiculously knowledgeable about even their upbringings. It’s also kept light and he’s funny - it’s great.


oooh new podcast to listen to


You can also listen to the two part episode of the The Dollop on Ronald Regan featuring Patton Oswalt. Three comedians making fun of and exposing the Regan administration for about 3 hours, great stuff


I've come to understand that Reagan was worse than Trump. Trump is just a pale imitation of Reagan.


Yea, it's hard to say because we don't know what lasting effects will happen from Trump's time, but I honestly don't think most of Trump's policies are here for the long run unlike Reagan's policies which have been super damaging for decades now


My social studies teacher in high school, a young teacher, spoke to us of Reagan with tears in her eyes. It was the 90's. Her parents tragically died when she was a teen, maybe before Reagan was in office or before some of his work. So she had a period of time where she was getting social services but then they were stripped away by Reagan. I can only imagine what she had to go through to eventually graduate college. And just wind up at a crappy school in my neighborhood.


Reagan sucked because he did whatever the GOP wanted but the real rot was below the surface. Listening to Behind the Bastards podcast they do shows highlighting each of the real bastards and traces the path the GOP has forged and their dirty secrets. They are also great, the guy is extremely knowledgeable on the people and even their early influences and what led them to become terrible people but he keeps it funny and light.


Even before life is born. I'm convinced the right are only "pro life" so they can have some kind "positive" about the platform.


That, and a way to punish women. Republicans are deeply misogynistic, and abortion is an issue that allows them to flex in a number of ways... They hit the religious, family-values, protecting the unborn trifecta, and as a bonus they get to dismantle women's autonomy.


It’s also ‘free’ meaning you can flex without raising taxes. Taking care of children means you have to spend $. Banning abortion is free virtue signaling for your misogyny and religion...despite that religion only mentioning abortion in a how to in the holy book


Well they don't care about people so they can only advocate for rights for the unborn.


Children born in poverty tend to stay poor and keep the family poor. And poor are treated as slaves by the rich. To serve them food. To make stuff for them. To go fight their wars for oil.


Yup, they only play democracy to distract is from feudalism.


Except they *don't* advocate for the life of the unborn. They'll vote against proposals that provide prenatal care to low income or poor families. Especially if the woman is a single mother. They'll ban funding for emergency medical procedures that can save the life of a fetus, if it means that poor people will have access to it, too. Especially if the woman is a single mother. They don't care about the unborn, they only care about punishing women for having sex.


Well yea, if they were actually “pro life” they’d be advocating for homeless shelters and adoptions, not making it harder for gay people to adopt


How else are white republican families going to show how caring they are if there are no orphans of colour for them to adopt and show how much they love God?


based on America's infant mortality rate, they also don't care about them then either.


Which just further illustrates that they're not about actual life (also evidenced by that mask tantrums over the past year) and only about forced birth, because the US maternal mortality rate is shocking too.


If anything republicans prove that they’re pro-death. They only want babies born so that they can watch them die.


Please provide sources so I can strengthen my position of hating fucking Ronald Reagan.


There’s a great podcast called “The Dollop.” They have a wonderful episode that will make you hate Reagan and Republicans even more. It also shows that Trump isn’t original in the slightest with Reagan being every bit as horrible. How the fuck these monsters keep ending up in office is astounding.


Evil supports evil. The good news is that that segment of the population is dying out.


Ronald Regan was Trump when it was acceptable to be racist


But Trump was Trump when it was acceptable to be racist


He's not going there just to be abused though. People keep forgetting he's going to be a source of cheap labor for life. People are ignorant and think jail and prison labor is cheap tho. He could be the next dollar an hour firefighter for all we know, and that means another middle class job taken. Americans are just ignorant.


as far as I'm concerned being put into what is essentially slavery counts as abuse


Jones is now 31 years old. He’s been in prison longer than he was alive before the murder.


☝🏻️ They want slaves. This country was built on the backs of slaves. It isn't a coincidence that Black people are abused by police and arrested at higher rates and have false convictions at higher rates- when we also have a loophole that allows enslaving prisoners-!


Cops in the south were originally slave catchers so it's not that odd that cops today are still doing the same thing. Source: Behind the Cops by Robert Evans


Yup, and people still try to pretend they're ignorant of all that and cite bs police stats. Cops are really no different from the paddy rollers of the old, they just obfuscate things to look like they aren't just targeting black people. Once you're in the system, even if you're innocent, it's a uphill challenge to be exonerated too. Just about every aspect of the system is designed to ensure they can maximize recruitment of slaves. It's a drain on public funds too since it's all just a slush fund. Even the white house is taking advantage of slaves when they had prisoners clean up after the Maga protesters larped I to the WH. If people took even a minute to look a little closer, we would all see the emperor without clothes. It's just sad how media is too successful.


Media helps but public schools are also a problem. What you learn in school as a kid is taken at face value forever if nothing is done. Not the same exact subject but related; I had to do a bunch of research and write a literal essay to read to my parents to prove to them the Civil War was over slavery- this was almost 10 yrs ago now- because, as they said, of what they were taught in school. They actually got pretty mad when I insisted it was literally about slavery. Which is why I decided to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt (it was disturbing that they were so insistent about this). I didn't even know about the fact that slavery was mentioned in the declarations of secession and other Confederate documents directly until I compiled research involving every single state that seceded from the Union. Iirc I found the words slave or slavery over 40 times, among other horrific racist statements... Who can guess where my parents went to school...? >!NYC and New York State!< I don't think today things are much better in schools but even if they are we're still dealing with older generations who are clueless about this country's history and other important things about how our government operates...


You're right, it's public education that's the issue. Corporation have always lobbied to cut education for this exact reason. The way it's set up is horrible and racist anyways, and it really should be common knowledge to people by now, but somehow people are always ignorant about these details when the system is being questioned. People say that segregation is gone, but it's still going strong with school funding depending on property tax. It's all rigged too because people living in "poorer" neighborhoods end up paying more to live than these "rich/white" ones. Like in Chicago the rate is just about double in areas less taken care of. It's really all just an illusion to trick people into thinking the people in nice areas work harder or do more, when in reality we're all living on the back of these places ran down deliberately to create conditions for cheap labor. I'm with you on parents being ignorant though, my mom is still completely oblivious about anti-black racism even though we've talked about the subject so many times and our dad is black. It just seems like Boomers and Gen Xers are too bought into this system that they don't dare question media. They also think the rust belt collapsed because the unions were "too strong. You're also right that the weakest link are old people. No matter what people say, when at the end of the day they still go hug and kiss their parents and not questioning their bs, it's just perpetuating the cycle. That's why it annoys me seeing rich kids act like they're all about protesting anything when they're still depending on their leeching privileged parents. Same with landlords and other rent seekers too. They make a mockery of the movement with their presence.


My mother went to a segregated school in Virginia. There she was taught the “lost cause” narrative of the civil war and that slaves in the south were singing, shuckin and jivin and treated well. This as in the early sixties. Several years after Virginia was ordered to desegregate their schools.


There is also an entire class of legal semi-slaves. Despite all the talk of a $15 minimum wage, the current Federal minimum wage stands at $7.25. It has increased only twice in the last 24 years, for a total increase of only $2.10. The last increase, from $5.15 to $7.25, was in 2009, well over a decade ago. Those relying on tips to supplement their minimum wage are covered under a Federal minimum wage of only $2.13, and their tips are expected to make up the difference. This essentially converts a server's tips to the company's profits. I know of a grocery store chain that orders their employees to not accept tips from customers whom they help to their car because they don't want to deal with the tipped employee laws.


Think about it. Your tips are expected to make up the increase from a prison level $2.13 to a whopping $7.25. I've been lucky in my life and never had to work the lowest wage jobs but I can't imagine the sheer misery of trying to please and serve the public in hopes of making $5 an hour in tips. Sometimes when I go through the drive-thru at a fast food place I'll remark to my wife or stepson that the worker is working harder and keeping track of more stuff than every manager I've ever known while working in manufacturing.


The most efficient and effective means of change are illegal.


Not if you win. Slim chance, I know. But it’s getting to a point that it would be better to leave this life fighting for a better one then concede to the regressive hell hole to which these monsters like the Beer Boy Rapist want to subject us


Hey hey hey!!! I was abused by my parents, never retaliated against them, and I turned out alright (hint: I really didn't turn out alright). This is the argument so many of the boomer generation make, but in reality, they didn't turn out alright. They perpetuated the cycle of violence- choosing the "easy" method of parenting rather than doing their jobs properly. This past Monday, I finally confronted my mother about how she fucked me up. She gave me, "I'm [sorry...]. Your father and I were abused, and we [did the best we knew how]." I don't generally condone cussing around my mother, but I told her to fuck right off with that bs line. You don't get to say, "I had to hit you until you cried to ensure you learned your lesson" in one breath and then claim incompetence and ignorance in another. I'm forty and my upbringing still haunts me.


This child is far from the only one, lots of people never really had a chance, and that's not a problem that suddenly goes away once someone turns 18. A blind and dogmatic belief in the existence of total free will, is honestly one of the biggest issues facing modern society, most of our biggest problems can be boiled down to how we've convinced ourselves that these things are due to people's individual choices while in reality the underlying systemic factors are usually a much more significant contributor to people's "choices". If 99.99% of people would make the same choice if they were put in the same situation, then it's not really a choice at all. Our entire economic system, justice system, pretty much fucking everything in our society, is based on the completely delusional idea that all the things we do are personal choices rather than consequences of our environment and of how our society has been designed. This problem is worst with right wingers, but it persists among pretty much the entire political spectrum, even many people who are considered very progressive will still attribute way too much free will and personal responsibility to certain people, especially when it comes to criminal justice.


Wow, you have to write great essays because this comment sums up so much of what’s illogical with Rugged Individualism. Very odd comment and username synergy though.


Nail on the head with the dogmatic clinging to free will - Martin Heidegger's concept of [Thrownness](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrownness) really resonated with me and I think people en masse could benefit by simply considering it. Like every philosophical conception, it's subject to critiques, but it's a great reminder that a significant bulk of a human beings existence is determined by their past, both freely chosen aspects, and those aspects forced upon them. Obviously, one of the biggest """critiques""" (if you can even call it that) from people totally unfamiliar with this concept until reading a 3 sentence reduction of it is "it removes all personal responsibility", and my reply would be to actually read more than a single wikipedia article about a very indepth and complex topic from a philosopher famous for his complexity and consider engaging with the text of Being and Time itself.


That's exactly why I prefer our system in Germany or the skandinavic countries. Americas justice system is just punishment. Here it's not punishment it's rehabilitation. That's why the cells are often open during the day and look more like small hotels. Cause if all you do is throwing every person who ever did something wrong in a grey cell with only other criminals and no feeling of stability, no hope for a normal life... Well I can't see anyway how this could make things better


It's not supposed to make things better, unfortunately. Our prison system exists the way it does to make money and maintain a certain social hierarchy (classism, racism, ableism). We have an extraordinarily high reincarnation rate too, so it's definitely not about rehabilitating people.


Even if we keep our pure punishment system, I do not understand the point of having a cut-off age for being trialed as an adult if the courts can just ignore it. 15 years old. That's how old this kid was. Couldn't drive to get away, couldn't get a hotel room, couldn't even get a job without his abusive parents consenting to it in some states. He's what, a 10th grader? Why does any 15 year old get to have their whole life stripped away, what's the point of having an age cut off if you can decide to just fucking ignore it? So much science around development, and even without it, I look back to the dumb stuff I did at 15. If I were brought up with any less privilege, i'd have been arrested too. It's obscene to be that anyone under 18 can serve more than what's required for them to be rehabbed or more than some arbitrary max (15 years maybe, tops?).


Non American here. His is just part of the decision of a law which is alien to most countries including even the less developed ones i.e. adult treatment on juveniles. Whether Republicans or Democrats it's something you lot should sort it out, just like the various child marriage laws which have seen rigorous reforms this past decade. You're outrage with his stand on this specific aspect of the sentencing? You should be more outrage that the *juvenile to be tried as adult* concept still exist.


We can’t. That would mean addressing the many mental health crises in this country. And unfortunately that would mean that we would need to address that health crisis in this country. So instead we overlook things like this and just equip the laboring class with just enough tools to be able to finish their work and go home.


The realness of this comment hit me hard


Just stopping by to express my deep hatred for Trump and the people who elected him.


And yet, Kavanaugh does not think he should face any consequence for his actions as child.


He wasn’t a child. He was 18, so an adult.


He was just an 18 year old boy, not one of those 13 year old men.


There were multiple alleged incidents. Some in high school, some in college.


Just 18 year old boys being boys.


"I was born 18, with a beer in my hand! I mean, um, 21."


Just boofin’ and triangulatin’.


Must be related to those 17 year old women the GOP hang out with


Yeah but to be fair he was acting like a child so his age didn't count.


In his conformation hearing you mean?


He should be forever embarrassed by crying, “I like beer” as part of his hearings. He looked like a blubbering fool.


That whole tantrum should have been enough to disqualify him. You knownwhat even if we were ok with your rapeyness this is rediculous, go get fucked and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Impeach him now


Dude wouldn't have passed an interview for an entry level office position with that shit, and we gave him a lifetime appointment on the highest court in the land. And now the GOP want to cry about court stacking. Shove as many judge appointments as you can down Mitch's throat sack.


I was embarrassed for you as a country when that footage was aired. It should have instantly fucking disqualified him. The GOP can go get another sack of shit and push him through sure but this sack of shit is awful


Fucking absolutely. Repubs have dozens of other shitface assholes to push theocracy from the bench and they force this whiney manchild on us? Probably several alternatives were even rapists or child molesters, which increasingly seems like a prerequisite for a government position as a Repub


What’s the point of impeachment really? Donald was impeached twice but still carried on like nothing. Are there any consequences to being impeached for real ?


Impeachment is only half of it really, there was no *conviction*. Think of it like being indicted or charged with something, for lack of a better term.


>there was no *conviction* Sums up that whole side tbh


The consequence is that you go to trial. However the jury was slobbing over Donnie’s knob the whole time.


They were technically, “Schlarving his doad” .


He was basically graping them in the mouth.


Biden needs to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with the Dems in both the House and the Senate. In regards to the Supreme Court, he needs to tell them that they are either A-impeaching Brovanaugh or B-expanding the SC to 13. He then needs to pointedly say that they are all on board or he will bring all the powers of the presidency to bare and fucking destroy them politically. The Dems need to be taken to task in many other areas, but right now before 2022 they need to be hard-scruffed into line and finally start playing for keeps in relation to the SC. If they keep mucking about as they have been, they will lose half or all of Congress *and* the White House in '24. And with the groundwork laid by Trump, even a slightly better authoritarian than Trump could win and that's the ballgame. People need to see tangible progress that will help their lives. The good will from the vaccine rollout was great, but it was a gimme as it was impossible to do worse than Trump. Dems need more wins yesterday and Biden needs to drive them hard to get them before folks start listening to GoP bs as it really starts ramping up.


That was an automatic disqualification from a judicial office purely for being an emotional trainwreck. I get a lot of flack from my conservative friends about that but I’m sticking to it. Consistency is important.


His reaction under stress is typical for a long time alcoholic. Boehner does the same thing. He breaks down in tears in interviews over nothing. It's not an excuse, it's a symptom. They both should get professional help with their alcohol problem.


He's an unstable dude, he should resign and get treatment.


I was shocked that he was even confirmed in the first place. Crying and blaming the Clintons obviously shows this guy isn't impartial and capable of handing the pressures of the job.


Crying, blaming Clintons, and going on long rants about The Deep State is exactly what Republicans want in a Supreme Court Justice. That's why they cheered his opinion that 'elections and all ballot counting should end immediately on the midnight of election day', until every other judge in our court system called him a dumbass and he retracted it.


Conservatives remember this differently. They try to cast him as a victim. Everyone else saw a grown man alternating between raging, blubbering, and conspiracizing about being a victim of the Clinton deep state or whatever. Dude cracked under pressure and acted like an ass and should not be a Supreme Court Justice.


that's one of the reasons I like Amy Klobuchar so much. She made him cry.


That was after boofing with PJ and Squee... C’mon!!!


Seriously. What a fucking scumbag.


Look on the bright side: The Supreme Court just ruled that Kyle Rittenhouse should be sentenced to life in prison with no parole when he's convicted


Hey, that thought hadn’t occurred to me yet. Do you think Kavanaugh know this will also apply to white supremacist children? Somebody oughta let him know.


I'm sure a nice loophole will be identified to keep Kyle safe and ensure that he can confidently run for office in a few years.


Can you name me a Republican who takes responsibility for anything?


Bill and Hillary.


I will allow it


> On Thursday, in a 6–3 decision authored by Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court decided that judges need not determine that a juvenile convicted of a crime is incapable of being rehabilitated before sentencing him or her to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This is a very bad thing, with no really other clear answer then trying to feed more people into the prison system.


As a society it was a quite damning that SCOTUS no longer sees rehabilitation of juveniles as an option. How can we reflect values to the rest of the world in respect to justice and human rights?


Don't worry, the rest of the world hasn't looked to the US for any modern, civilized values in respect to justice and human rights for decades


Fucking this. I was briefly a law student (in Denmark), and the US system seems so archaic and malicious compared to for example Scandinavian systems.


It seems like that because it is.


It is archaic and malicious. It's never been about rehabilitation- it's always been about retribution and vengeance and it's despicable.


All you need to do is look at reddit comments. The amount of Americans that scream “lock them up and throw away the key!!!” at literally everything snd anything. Americans are obsessed with incarceration and you never hear them talk of rehab. It’s like jail is the only option for everything and don’t worry about decent rehab when they are in there, treat them like pieces of shit instead (that will surely fix em 🙄.) Very simple minded. A reason why the reoffending rate is through the roof compared to other countries.


> The amount of Americans that scream “lock them up and throw away the key!!!” at literally everything snd anything. Americans are obsessed with incarceration and you never hear them talk of rehab. I'm American and believe me- there are a lot of us that want to see real rehabilitation- the other side just yells a lot. What's sad is that these people don't even know what they want. They complain about high taxes- but then want everyone thrown in jail. They complain about recidivism- but they do nothing at all to try to rehabilitate people. It's just ignorance compounded on top of ignorance.


Yep. In fact, we do the opposite and point to the US “justice” system as evidence as to how horribly wrong it can go when you give a select few enormous power.


It's crazy. When I grew up the USA really, really inspired me. The last decade or so opened my eyes to the many issues America has unfortunately :(


Imagine being an American. I'm soon 64 years old. When I was *really* young, I bought the 'America, greatest country ever!' propaganda hook, line, and sinker. I was 11 years old with older brothers and an older sister when 1968 happened, so there was a reality reckoning. Still, the civil rights movement, the beginnings of what I thought would become a public environmental conscience, the women's movement and other things led me to believe that maybe- just maybe- the U.S. could actually realize some of its ideals. And now I've spent the last 50 years seeing that all slip further and further away. I don't recognize my country anymore. And then I realize it's pretty much just as it has always been. I just see it more clearly, and no longer have the hope and dreams of youth. Just the sadness of years.


Our propaganda in the US was pretty effective before the internet. I don’t know if you’re American or not but they gloss over all the horrible shit our country did when teaching history in schools. Many things I didn’t find out till college or after college. For example I didn’t find out about the Tulsa massacre until I watched watchmen on HBO. I was never taught that black Wall Street was even a thing let alone that a bunch of evil racists burned it to the ground and killed all those people. As a child we are taught highly edited pro American history and then when you go to high school there’s a good chance your history teacher it’s just teaching because it’s a requirement for coaching a sport and they could give a fuck less what you learn. From sophomore year till graduation I had the same history teacher who taught us with movies. Not educational movies mind you but like blockbuster movies. For example in the American history after 1900 class we watched Pearl Harbor With Josh Hartnett to learn about Pearl Harbor and in world history we were taught about the crusades by watching under the kingdom of heaven with Orlando Bloom. So when you become an adult in America one of two things happens. You rather realize you’ve been taught nothing and you do some research on your own and enlighten yourself on what America is really like or you don’t and you go on believing America really is and always was the greatest country on Earth. And anyone who denies that is a commie or socialist piece of shit Who hates America. When it comes down to it America is a Third World country with a few technological amenities and a 24hr new cycle of propaganda to distract people from the fact that we’re a Third World country.


European here, they glossed over a lot in our history lessons (about the USA) as well. "and a 24hr new cycle of propaganda" < that is what gets me. The blatant lies and spinning Fox newsfor example does. And gets away with. It's a disease that keeps on brainwashing and keeps on spreading. It really makes me sad


Wow, that’s a pretty sensationalist title. There’s no way that... Oh, the title was actually putting it mildly. Kavanaugh, the unpleasant person that he is, argued that a judge doesn’t need to consider a minor’s capability of rehabilitation when handing out life sentences. This is in context to someone who stabbed their grandfather, with plenty of evidence that the kid wasn’t in his right state of mind (he was deprived of his medication to treat stuff like hallucinations), and that it was self-defense (the grandfather heavily abused him). The ruling on its own is ridiculous - the point of prison is to rehabilitate people and have them pay their dues back to society. While it will permanently detain folks who are so far off the deep end there’s no hope of rehabilitation, that consideration is supposed to be a factor. Being able to to rule that a judge can just throw that consideration away is abhorrent, and just further pushes the jail/prison system into the corporatist garbage that it already is. But with context, it’s clear he just hates people and children. A kid who _was deprived of his meds and was physically abused to the point of stabbing his grandfather in self-defense_ should be thrown into prison for life with no chance of rehabilitation, despite the fact he’s prime rehabilitation material? Kavanaugh is basically saying “it’s your fault you weren’t born into a privileged family and conditions, and we shouldn’t bother trying to make changes to make you a functioning member of society after society failed you.” Kavanaugh is a white privileged bastard who hates people and yet has the gall to play stupid as to why people hate him back.


We’re focusing on Kavanaugh because he’s a raging hypocrite, but FIVE other conservative judges voted with him. Fuck them all.


“It doesn’t make a difference anyway whether you vote for Clinton or Trump.” That 6 vs 3 could have been 4 vs 5.


Yep, the fact that one minority POTUS was given 3 confirmed appointments to the Supreme Court in one four year term that was filled with scandal and corruption while the previous majority POTUS who won twice and served eight years without any major scandals was given only two shows how absolutely ridiculous the current system is. If the intention of the Constitution was to give the people the power to choose the Justices via the POTUS, the Constitution failed us.


I think 16 of the past 20 Supreme Court appointments have been by Republican presidents.


Which is great when you consider that the Republican candidate has won the popular vote exactly 1 time since 1989 (in 2004).


Oh so that's why they want to keep the electoral college




15 of 19, but yes 5 of the last 9 with each of the last 4 presidents in both parties getting 2 or 3 appointments, and then 10 in a row before that by Republicans because they had the presidency for 20 years in a 24-year stretch and Jimmy Carter didn't get to appoint anybody.


Friends choosing to protest vote in 2016 unfriended and blocked me when I said nothing was worth giving up a SCOTUS nom. Turns out it was 3, but the point remains. I have no idea if they ever ate crow or just doubled down on the the maximum privilege that is protest voting.


Thomas would vote to lock up the innocent if the donors told him to and Justice Covid Barrett is guided by some nightmare God screaming for blood. Roberts only cares to look good on cases that might end up in a history book and would probably back lynching if we had a secret vote. I'm really not shocked by the votes...


Yeah I expected this from Boof O'Kavanaugh, Serena Joy, Thomas, and Alito. But I'm very disappointed that Gorsuch joined them. He's usually willing to protect civil rights in criminal justice, and has joined the liberals for that quite a bit. Has he just given up because that isn't enough anymore? Roberts I guess changed his mind about the whole trying to avoid a legacy of disgrace thing. Terrible ruling. The same reasons they ruled you can't apply the death penalty should have applied here. Brain not fully formed, you age out of violence, and murder had the lowest recidivism of all crimes.


You should probably be focusing on Roberts. They had another juvenile life without parole case in 2016 that went 6-3 in favor of either requiring review for re-sentencing or parole as an option, and Roberts switched on this one.


>The ruling on its own is ridiculous - the point of prison is to rehabilitate people and have them pay their dues back to society. yep this is where you lose republicans and anyone that's been fed a steady diet of law and order and been indoctrinated into believing that the world is black and white. folks that prefer black and white, absolutism, and believe that crimes should be punished and favor a punitive legal system. the possibility of rehabilitation is difficult for these people to grasp. they will most often leap on high recidivism rates as to the pointlessness of rehabilitation, but again those statistics are likely colored by numerous, unaccounted for factors, and it's much easier to just say "criminal, bad!". also, there's just the pragmatic reality that we live in a society dominated by for-profit prison systems, and-- i am only speculating here-- that republican politicians and voters are deeply vested in those systems. >Kavanaugh is a white privileged bastard who hates people and yet has the gall to play stupid as to why people hate him back. his appointment was a travesty and his confirmation hearings and clarence thomas's confirmation hearings are exhibits A and B why lifetime appointments MUST be abolished in favor of term limits. these are simply failed, biased human beings whose prejudices are obvious and on display for all to see-- and yet some people insist that lifetime appointments protect SCOTUS from political interference. what a fucking joke.


> The ruling on its own is ridiculous - the point of prison is to rehabilitate people and have them pay their dues back to society. I thought the point of prisons was to lock away someone for as long as possible and profit from it. You know, the american way.


Pretty sure we're allowed to own slaves. It's in the constitution.


The “founders” would agree right?


>they will most often leap on high recidivism rates And it will never dawn on them how this system we've created to punish, instead of rehabilitate, perpetuates itself. We aren't setting people up for success. We just lock their asses up for fucking years and then say "okay, go be somebody!" but like... how can they? Often times they missed important, formative years of their lives with no skills or experience to show for it, and employers will 100% discriminate against people who have done jail or prison time.


Yep 100%. I’m dealing with this now but on the other end that I don’t think is discussed enough either and truly needs to be. My father has been in prison for approximately 26 years. Some of those charges have now been considered illegal. We spent years working on making sure he was ready for the board of parole this past March. He got his GED in prison, 2 AAs, a lot of good write ups from multiple staff talking about how good of a person he is, went to every counseling group he was advised to do as of his last denial, had guaranteed employment with the Iron Workers Union and housing after release, despite prison has been an active father with me and my younger brother and we both are college educated + my brother is military. Everything you would want in someone if prison was truly for rehabilitation. The 2 Commissioners (it’s taking everything in me not to be an asshole and post names even though it’s a public office in California) who oversaw his hearing didn’t care enough to read anything about his case, his submitted work prior to the hearing, brought up information that was not only blatantly false but also didn’t want to be corrected. They denied him for 7 years essentially adding another 7 years to his sentence. Nobody, not even the CO’s who thought he was for sure getting a date, saw this coming. I’m currently scrambling and trying to write letters and find what I can do to essentially save my dad from this system because I’m frustrated. My brother has never gotten to see my dad out of prison and I was 2 when he went away; I’m now 28. My dad was 19 when he went away. The worst part is, my dad isn’t the only isolated case. Two months ago, another man in the same place was told “you’re more dangerous now than you were before” after being asked about the AA he received in prison after dropping out of high school. One of the biggest things I will be addressing to the California Board is their supposed mission for rehabilitation in the interest of justice when it’s clear that is not the case. It’s hard fighting when the US has made so much effort to make the general public believe everyone in prison is a ravage animal that deserves nothing. They preach rehabilitation but either: don’t provide resources for people in prison, or punish those who tried to be the “perfect inmate” until they are well above the age of being a productive citizen. The whole system needs an overhaul. (Sorry this is so long but I rarely ever gets chance to speak with people about this but I was appreciative of a thread where people critically think in regard to prison/inmates.)


Even if they are rehabilitated and endowed with skills or an education while incarcerated they would Ikeda be held back by their criminal record. I think except for specific violent crimes background checks should only return any information for security-sensitive jobs or certain jobs involving vulnerable people like teaching jobs or care workers. A 18 year old being arrested for a couple of drug charges or maybe some petty crime like a low level theft (not a robbery - which involves a victim in the moment of the act, I'm talking about shoplifting) who serves say 18 months total or even just some probation is going to be passed over for *so many* trivial jobs it would make you sick hearing some young people's stories of trying to move forward from a minor run in with the justice system.




>But with context, it’s clear he just hates people and children. Nah, no hatred needed. It's completely consistent with the [just world belief](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just-world_hypothesis): bad things happen to bad people, which (in his mind) describes the minor, and the prison system is simply a part of cosmic justice so clearly there's no need to look closer whether it actually works justly. But he believes he is a good person, so to punish him for his past would have been a grave injustice. Oh, look, apparently people who believe in a just world are found to be [more dishonest](https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01770/full), surely that doesn't apply to Kavanaugh?


Children shouldn't even be receiving life sentences. This whole "try the child as an adult" thing makes no sense to me. They're either a child or an adult. Stop changing the rules based on the case. And you never see an adult tried as a child. I've heard of cases where a minor sent a nude photo to their girlfriend and they were charged with child pornography. Then they were tried as an adult for it. Try to explain that shit to me. Are they a child or aren't they?


[Here's a guy sentenced to life without parole](https://youtu.be/NUd1LB8zs9Y) He was 13 when the crime was committed. P


What the actual fuck? How does that even happen? I thought it would take a murder for a sentence like this on an adult. How does a 13 year old get this kind of sentence and didn't even commit murder?


I feel like his ruling on that is a violation of something but I can’t quite put my finger on it...


Lifetime appointments, everybody. Lifetime.


Despite what he did as a teenager because he was just a child (over 18) so shouldn’t be held responsible years later.


"Yes, we drank beer. My friends and I. Boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer." Alcoholic at a young age. I don’t think there’s any chance of rehabilitating that guy.


He sounded deranged at his hearing.


Because he is.


Regardless of anything prior, crying, screaming, yelling about being the victim of revenge for Hillary Clinton, and basically vowing revenge on Democrats should have been disqualifying on its own merit, regardless of the sex claims.


I mean the dude could have had irrefutable proof against him that he went on multiple rape and murder rampages and Republicans wouldn't hesitate to nominate him.


Look man he was just nervous it was the first time he's ever had a job interview.


What kinda beer do you drink? You a domestic guy? Like, he actually tried to pivot the conversation from his alcohol dependency to "a couple of bros chatting about some brew."




Sometimes lives are short. Sometimes it’s tragic when they are.


But I was told Supreme Court justices didn't matter and that voting for Hillary Clinton was bad because the lesser of two evils is still evil. Now look where we are. A Democrat has to clean up a Republicans mess again and the Supreme Court is filled to the brim with young extremist conservative corporation-worshipping assholes. But staying ideologically pure was just sooo important for some people, back in 2016. To those people, I say "fuck you".


Weekends spent boofing with Squee will never be the same...


Don't forget Donkey-Dick-Doug.


*sobs* Just look at my calendars!


Donkey Dong Doug...


The Party of Family Values™ >We like to fuck kids in a multitude of ways


Who knew pro-life really meant life without parole.


That's very pro-life of him


Came for this comment


Conservatives only love fetuses. Once you’re out of the womb and breathing on your own, conservatives will do their damndest to make your life hell. Conservatives hate living human beings. They hate women, children and minorities. Don’t forget this.


So did five other justices.


I think it's because Kavanaugh wrote the decision and most prominently needed a bit of freedom from youthful indiscretion? But yeah, why focus on him exclusively?


Bart? Who complained about being held responsible for what he did in his youth?


This is most sickening when you consider there are many children who get convicted of "crimes" like fighting back against their (sexual) abuser.


“The Trump-appointee who asked not to be judged by his high school year book has a different point of view for kids who aren’t Tobin, Squi, and PJ. “


What a surprise, a Trump appointee who holds double standards! I'm shocked. This idiot Kavanaugh doesn't understand or follow scientific "research that shows the brains of juveniles are not fully developed, and that they are likely to lack impulse control—has issued a half dozen opinions holding that juveniles are less culpable than adults for their acts." Again, shocked that a Trump appointee doesn't believe in science. He probably consuled his Magic 8 Ball for his decision; it's *that* backward thinking. This kind of sh*t is what we can look forward to until his death, because Supreme Court appointments are for life. yay.


Yes, the kid stabbed his grandfather to death. No one is denying that what the kid did was a heinous act. But JFC, man. You mean to tell me that there isn't a chance of rehabilitating the kid here? The precedent set here is more than a bit horrifying! EDIT: There were apparently extenuating circumstances behind the stabbing too that I didn't see in the article immediately that makes this decision even worse. The kid was denied access to an anti-hallicinogenic drug and was being abused for goodness sake!


And it's an indictment on the prison system. We shouldn't just pay for people to live behind bars. We also must engage in rehabilitation of prisoners as well.


American prison system is not nor has ever been about rehabilitation, it is purely about retribution and incarceration.


wrong, it's about profits. If it were fiscally expedient for them to convert their prisons into concentration camps, not only would they do it, they would gleefully joke about being able to fill mass graves.


I can assure you that they don't get paid much, read the 13th amendment to understand why they jail so many people. " except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted " They love jailing people because it's the only legal way to have slaves, that's why prisons are for profit.


I meant the cost of housing someone, not the cost of prison labor.


> I can assure you that they don't get paid much, read the 13th amendment to understand why they jail so many people. Still costs a fortune in tax payer money to keep someone in prison.


On top of the lost tax revenue from the prisoner if we could have rehabilitated them.


Good point. Makes it even worse.


>... there isn't a chance of rehabilitating the kid here? The United States does not have a rehabilitative penal system. We have a punitive justice system feeding a prison industrial complex.


Also consider the kid was denied his anti-hallucination meds and the grandfather was abusing him. So fucked up.


> You mean to tell me that there isn't a chance of rehabilitating the kid here? I'm gonna quote from Slate: >He has been a near-model prisoner, earning his GED, working behind bars, and studying the Bible. His grandmother—the widow of his victim—has urged the courts to release him. So obviously, he'll permanently be a menace to society. /s


Especially from a guy that sexually assaulted at minimum and rape at worst someone while he was in high school.


For all interested, the question presented to the court was: “Whether the Eighth Amendment requires the sentencing authority to make a finding that a juvenile is permanently incorrigible before imposing a sentence of life without parole.” Kavanaugh, writing for the majority, said that it doesn’t have to be explicit, it can implicit as long as the sentencing judge has discretion to not sentence them to life without the chance of parole. Is that BS, of course. But the underlying BS unfortunately wasn’t in question here.


And just so people have a link to the decision itself. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/20pdf/18-1259_8njq.pdf >The Court’s decision does not disturb Miller’s holding (that a State may not impose a mandatory life-without-parole sentence on a murderer under 18) or Montgomery’s holding (that Miller applies retroactively on collateral review). The resentencing in Jones’s case complied with Miller and Montgomery because the sentencer had discretion to impose a sentence less than life without parole in light of Jones’s youth. The Court’s decision today should not be construed as agreement or disagreement with Jones’s sentence. In addition, the Court’s decision does not preclude the States from imposing additional sentencing limits in cases involving murderers under 18. Nor does the Court’s decision prohibit Jones from presenting his moral and policy arguments against his life-without-parole sentence **to the state officials who are authorized to act on those arguments**. Also from the finding. The original sentence was handed down as a mandatory sentence. A supreme court case forced them to go back to the original judge and the original judge had to make the decision if they would sentence them the same way. That Judge said, Yup. and upheld the sentence. (Shenanigans much?) This is taking care of a technicality. Do you have to fill out a separate piece of paperwork before sentencing someone in this manner. While simultaneously saying that the Governor of Mississippi needs to commute the sentence.




Tells you what a lovely state it is /s


I'm against life sentence in the first place **for anyone.** People shouldn't be in prison for punishment, it gives absolutely no value to society. Prison should be a place of rehabilitation, and once you've been found to be of low risk of recommitting the crime, you should be let out. Children are prime candidates for rehabilitation, because their minds are literally still growing, and being molded by everything around them. But that's not to say adults can't have strenuous circumstances that led to their crime, and that they can't be fixed when put into a better environment and a healthy dose of therapy.


There's certainly people who can't be rehabilitated, and as fucked as it is they need to be kept away from society. But no child should be in that category, and certainly not this child


Calvanism in practice. "Some people were just born wrong and cant be helped."


Republican economic theory 101. >"Some people were just born wrong and shouldn't be helped." Ftfy


Hopefully he starts with Kyle Rittenhouse


Came here to say this


He would just appeal it up to the Supreme Court and the same six judges would explain why this ruling doesn't apply to him.


Kyle was “having a bad day” would be one such excuse, maybe?


Watch The Handmaid’s Tale and you will see how Fascist Christians, Christian Nationalist Republicans want to rule. In the tv series fascist Christians had a successful January 6. Killed all congressmen and the president and they divided the country into oligarchy regions. In the book they also did it by race. Republicans have made it clear they don’t respect the US Constitution they want rule by authoritarianism. They don’t even try to appeal to the masses they would rather cheat and intimidate through state powers. The author of the book wrote it in 1985 as if she had a crystal ball. That book is a warning especially to women.


There’s that asshole we know and hate


I used to respect the supreme court.... now I just think its a bunch of boofing assholes.


No thats not true, just the minority children get lifelong sentences.


Just think...Brett Kavanaugh could have been sent to prison for life, if the timing had worked out


This is a scary time for the courts to be right leaning fascists. What this judgement basically says is, regardless of the child's living situation prior to the crime (if the child is a minority, of course), they do not deserve attempts at rehabilitation. I guarantee this will not be acted upon white males, with the ability to afford top notch lawyers. We need to pay attention. These are lifetime appointed Judges. Trump's regime will continue on as a cancerous growth, until the justice system is in stage 4 and death is imminent. We need to pack the courts, senate, and congress. Cut the religious ties when it comes to the government. The GOP brand of "Christianity" is disturbing to put it mildly. Xenophobic, misogynistic, and downright racist. Please remember to vote at every election. No matter how inconsequential it may seem. Most of these right wing facists get there start in city council and small appointments. Cut the stem off at the root!


He's projecting again, the fucking rapist.


“I stand by my opinion because I know that kids are verifiable monsters. I should know I was one myself” -probably brad the rapist


Brett cried at his confirmation hearing because he was in high school when he sexually assaulted a girl - you know, because we all do dumb stuff as kids!


People are largely overlooking the scariest part of this ruling, that Boofman and his fellow knuckledraggers flagrantly shat all over existing precedent to do this. Not once but twice. Not just twice but against precedent set in fucking 2012 without even acknowledging they are doing it, another unprecedented move. Watch out America, this 6-3 court has no qualms about legislating from the bench.


Pretty sure this will be overturned as soon as Kyle Rittenhouse is sentenced to life.


Why do we even have a "juvenile justice system" when juveniles are regularly tried as adults? At this point we might as well just give up the charade


The rapist Brett Kavanaugh? Not surprised he would vote that way.


Does that apply to rapists, Brett?


It’s sad when criminals write the laws for others but not for themselves.