Ralph Lincoln, an 11th generation cousin of President Abraham Lincoln.

Ralph Lincoln, an 11th generation cousin of President Abraham Lincoln.


11th generation……hell! That means he has a whole 1024th of Abe flowing through his veins but likely there was some crosses in that time.


I'm English and I'd bet real money I'm an 11th generation relative of Lincoln. What a daft claim. Note it says cousin - so not even a direct decendent so at best you are talking 1/2048. But it could be branched at any point, which if my maths are correct could be at any one of 4092 points.


Im Abraham Lincoln


I saw your picture on moneys


[Baberaham Lincoln](https://youtu.be/4m2WutlqBk0?t=24)


1/1024 but all vampire hunter like the old man.


so which traits did he inherit? Vampire hunter or mutant?


We watched this last night!


1024th is enough to make Elizabeth Warren an Indian. This guy's basically abe's son.


11th cousin removed is so far apart that any resemblance he might have to Abe Lincoln is just coincidental.


Abraham Lincoln has no direct living descendants. Thousands of Americans are as related to Lincoln as this guy.


But this guy looks the most and making the most out of it. He even has a website - https://alincolncousin.com/


Must kinda suck being a descendent of Abraham Lincoln and looking just like him and choosing a career. Like: My digital art is getting really good but it isn't exactly conquering slavery. Maybe I should study architecture or GIS. But it's still not exactly conquering slavery. "Who's that cute guy who looks like Abraham Lincoln?" "That's Ralph, he mainly does textures for those animated insurance commercials" "Oh. Still, I like his hat"


Yea but look at the facial hair. The dude did that to himself.


Open doors for you your accomplishment isnt your own sureoy wont die in a gutter that would be nice




Open doors for you your accomplishment isnt your own sureoy wont die in a gutter that would be nice


I'm glad there was a kind soul that helped explain the original comment for u/ennuinerdog.


Oh of course!


You get it now? Cause I am still confused.


Eh. He only really ended slavery as a war tactic (and allowed union states to keep slaves), and even then it’s still legal to this day. Not much of a conqueror. Edit: being downvoted by people who won’t accept that daddy Lincoln was a white supremacist. No amount of statues or white-washing or “the other side was worse” will change that, and he certainly should not be celebrated as a conqueror of a problem that still systemically exists in modern America.


Even in his younger years, he never promoted slavery, and he was certainly against it when he was older. That he took a hard stand when he did was certainly strategic, but that was more about picking his moments.


This is ahistorical and you have been sold a bill of goods by some bad faith revisionist historians my dude.


Literally look up “did the emancipation proclamation free all slaves” and “13th amendment”. It will take you 30 seconds to realize you’re wrong.


You mean the amendment that literally outlaws slavery in the US? Care to explain how it doesn't?


Read it again. I can’t teach you how to read.


Could someone actually teach you how to explain your argument instead of insulting people like a petulant child? I don't see a lot of slave owners in the US anymore, do you? If you're trying to argue that convicts are equivalent to the slaves in the pre-Civil War period, then that's just fucking dumb.


You’re just straw manning and shifting the goal post. You acted incredulous to the idea of legal slavery, which I explained exists, and now you’re saying that I said that there are as many slaves as there were back then, which I never said. I insulted you because it’s funny and I can tell you never seemed to be willing to accept another viewpoint.


You're a dumbass. You insulted me because I didn't understand what obtuse statement you were *trying* to make because you can't make a clear point to save your life. Maybe, the next time you're trying to argue a point, actually **make** your point clearly instead of acting like the superior intellect you aren't.


Maybe I’m a dumbass but I don’t simp for dead white supremacists, or insinuate that prisoners deserve to be slaves. I *never* said that the two slavery-eras were equivalent. At all. I said that slavery is still legal, and you flipped the fuck out because you either don’t know how to read or you’re an actual nazi who thinks slavery *should* be legal. So I decided to be more generous and assume you’re just illiterate :)


He DID beat a bunch of mighty and good warriors, though, if you go by the amount of statues put up for the people that just up and lost after getting a piece of that Lincoln wrath thrown after them.


If you meant that his soldiers and generals beat the soldiers and generals of an objectively more racist society then yeah


>...and even then it’s still legal to this day. What the fuck are you talking about?


Let’s play a game of reading comprehension! Look up “13th Amendment” and get back to me.


>Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Again, what the fuck are you talking about it still being legal?


You’re actually illiterate. Good luck in life


Unless you're implying that duly convicted prisoners are equivalent to slaves (but you wouldn't be doing that, because that's a dumb comparison in this case), I really don't understand what the fuck your point is. Maybe you could explain it instead of just trying to insult me by calling me illiterate.


Maybe you could see prisoners, many of whom are given more/longer sentences because of the melanin levels in their skin, as humans. There is no mandated minimum wage for compulsory work in many American prisons. You can literally be forced to work without pay, sometimes even for a crime you did not commit. How is that *not* slavery?


Then you're arguing for criminal justice reform which is a different topic. At the end of the day, a prisoner being forced to work is different than someone picked up from their home and being forced into slavery. But nuance doesn't seem to be your thing, so I don't think you'll understand the distinction.


Different eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones... Only similarity is facial hair.


Watered down version.


Moisturiser is better now.


Doesn't look like him at all. Nothing from the left side matches the right. Ok they have kind of a similar head shape and they're both white. Ah-Mazing.


He did fashion his beard in the exact same style as Abraham Lincoln to try and fool us, though.


and managed to make a serious facial expression too!


I think this needs to be reposted just one more time to be perfect.


Reincarnated as himself ...doesnt want to be prez again though.. but id vote for him.


That’s wild yo


Uh, he doesn't look anything like him. Different nose, eyes, hair, beard, ears, and lips.


The apple does not fall far from the tree.


Dude looks like Theo Von


Nah, that’s Daniel Day Lewis


I guess the beard is less experienced but similar. The rest not so much. The eyes and the lips are completely different.


with that haircut he might just be irl abradolf lincler


I don't remember it being considered a compliment to say that you look like Abraham Lincoln...


11 generations must mean that the common ancestor was 5 or more generations prior to Abe? Is that right?


More like Dolph Lincoln from Rocky 4