My journey trying to join the EVGA EU queue to buy a 3070/3080 Ti(e)

My journey trying to join the EVGA EU queue to buy a 3070/3080 Ti(e)


This is me... I give up. I don't care. I'll casually respond to my discord alerts. But it's not worth my time anymore, and I refuse to pay scalpers on principle not supporting leeches. I missed the BB drop yesterday, and was like "Oh well." Felt kinda nice.


Don't think yesterday counts as "missing" the drop when the drop lasted all of 10 milliseconds


Yeah those 10 cards were gone instantly


Don't lose hope, I was one of the lucky ones last drop and I managed to get a 3090 FE from best buy with nothing more than preparation, a little timing, and following 5 different bots waiting for one of them to mention 3080/3090. I also consider it a reward for being patient for trying since launch to get one. Best bet for BB, every other Thursday (drop was on the 10th, the next one will be the 24th) and a day earlier, be logged into your BB account with payment information already saved into your account and make sure to tick the "keep me logged in" checkbox, then just wait until the bots start yelling until you can refresh and click add to cart. Once you click add to cart, just wait and don't refresh, the button will refresh for you. Also look at more than one card, I missed so many drops just focusing on the 3080 FE when the XC3 would be fine. That's when I decided to save up more money and consider a 3090 a possibility. I'm keeping mine, I've been out a gpu since I fucked up letting go of my 2080 ti too early, now I can do that sweet sweet VR racing I've been dying to play with.


I think theres a much higher demand for the more affordable cards than the 3090 as that's what I ended up getting. The 3080 and 3080 xc3 never had an add to cart option but the 3090 actually said in stock a few times when I was watching the other 2. I ended up getting a 3090 and plan to keep it for at least 5 years.


It’s not realistic for me to sit at a computer for 7 hours every 2 weeks, especially when they are just going to drop the cards at a random time with no warning


Seriously. I was refreshing all day and it went straight from coming soon to sold out


Same. I've been holding on to about $900 just to buy a card. It went to sold out after being stuck at coming soon all day, so I decided "fuck it, I need a new dishwasher and monitor". I've reached acceptance.


Where’d you find a wife for $500?


Oh she's much more expensive than that lol. But we got a counter top dishwasher. We have an older house and we don't have the room for a regular one, so this will wash plates and cups and we'll wash pots and pans by hand.




If you refresh the page during a Best Buy drop it kicks you to the back of the queue.


Don't you gotta use the mobile app to get anything on Best Buy?


Some say yes, some say no. Its just luck.


I think my view on BB drops was skewed when I "defeated all odds" and got a 5800X a few months ago during a random drop. Figured if I could do well then, I could do well enough to get a 30 series during one of the BB drops a month or two ago. Not even remotely close.


Right? That was the shittiest drop I've seen yet


Yeah, it’s really stupid that we have to get this stressed just to give big money to a company…


Something I learnt with the PS5 is that if you’re willing to pay a few hundred bucks a year, you can get a script that watches websites for changes and then jumps in and autobuys whatever amount of units you want in the space of seconds. This is why the website grinds to a halt; you think it’s people slowly buying the stock but realistically, the stock is gone the moment it goes live and the remaining two hour wait is for everybody else who doesn’t yet know the stock is gone, so they frantically spam the refresh and then nobody can see that the stock is already gone.


A journalist tried it with the script and got blocked, so even if you pay there's no guarantee that the script will be good.


I... think that's how consumerism works, no? EDIT: I just looked up the term, and it's actually 100% the opposite of what I said. In a consumerist world, Nvidia would be bending over backwards to make sure everyone who wants a graphics card can get one.


I wouldn’t think so


THATS capitalism. Specifically anarcho capitalism. The people hold the power in the market. And corps have to actually work for our money.


And that’s mostly how it’s going. The companies aren’t just refusing to make enough cards, they’d definitely rather be selling as many as possible at full MSRP. But at a certain point there’s a supply limitation on the raw materials, and to get more would be cost prohibitive.


It not just cost prohibitive. It's nigh impossible. New fabs take years to bring online and no amount of money will bring it down to 12 months. Perhaps government intervention and coercion could do it in wartime but that's about it.


You mean anarcho capitalism where the government has no say on regulation so all corporations pay slave wages and if you speak out you get nuked by a McGoonSquad ™️


I had to turn off my discord alerts. Now I just shuffle and even then I don't believe I'll win. The chances are just not on my side....although they were on the side for every single writer that made an article on the shuffle, so yeah.


I do the shuffle maybe 3 times a week if I remember. I click every option because why not and “won” about a month ago. To bad I wasn’t going to pay $2700 for a 6900 and a crap psu. So being selected can indeed happen but Newegg are practically scalpers at this point.


Same strategy here, the only thing I ever won was the 6700 with some random motherboard for $1300. Stared at it annoyed for about 5 minutes before just exiting away.


I did the exact same thing. I rationalized to myself that I'd be content with a 6700 XT at this point even though it's not what I set out to get late last year, so I always selected them too. But then I won one time and I sat there and contemplated for a while looking up benchmarks and just confirming what I already knew...the 6700 XT was a hugely overpriced downgrade from the other options. I'll happily take one at MSRP through an AMD drop, but I'm not paying $1,100+ for one through Newegg.


Newegg Bundles be like [https://i.imgur.com/UekNiqL.png](https://i.imgur.com/UekNiqL.png)


It's not just me then. I entered and was actually selected for a Gigabyte 6700XT and some Intel Gigabyte MB, which I would have zero use for. I passed on it. If I wanted to spend $1,2XX, I would have just picked up an MSI 6800XT for about $200 (I think, I don't remember the exact price) more when I was at Micro Center the day before.


once i stopped jumping on every discord alert i felt true freedom


I've also given up. I was doing the Newegg shuffles and stuff for a while, but I just decided to upgrade my cpu and change over my hard drives to nvme and ssd. Money well spent and my 2060 is doing fine for my 1080p 144hz monitor.


You should be fine with a 2060 for a good time. I plan to use my 2060 until I'm done with school in 4 years. I'm hoping it'll last because I'll be broke af the entire time.


I know the feeling. I'm in school as well and plan on using my 1080 TI for a few more years. Having to bend over backwards to by a product is something I just won't do.


Yeah I got a new job recently and actually have money to spend, but if there's no stock anywhere for a reasonable pfrice then forget it.


I'm with you... Gonna ride out this 2060 until the shortage ends in 2025. Maybe. Do your RAM next ;)


Really. I'm getting satisfaction out of $100 worth of RAM upgrade since Windows and Chrome are so hungry and my favorite game is a RAM hog. It's nice to know there's plenty of memory headroom and I regret nothing. So if you're itching to upgrade try scratching it there unless you haven't upgraded from HDD yet. Otherwise I have to keep reminding myself that a new card won't solve any problems I'm actually having, so why am I in that discord again?


I have a 1070ti and it is completely fine for the forseable future. There is no game I play that drops below 100 frames.


Question, 1080p 144hz or 1440p 165hz. Obviously one is more expensive and better but what are the actual noticeable differences.


On 1080p 144hz I can actually get high framerates at the proper resolution whereas if I had gotten a 1440p monitor I'd have to be lowering settings to get the same framerates. That's the super simple reason I went with 1080p 144hz


1080p vs 1440p is noticeably crisper at the average monitor distance, especially above 24" but since I'm puttering along on a gtx 980, I often go back down to 1080p for a lot of games. Framerate is way more important to me. I still use 1440 just in desktop mode, for shows, movies, and youtube, etc. it's very nice and can absolutely tell the difference. 1080 may not be native res for my monitor but in fast moving games I don't really notice it. and I'll be ready for when I finally get my 3080.. some time next year, I assume.


I’m with you, by paying the scalpers no one is helping the situation, iv seen people try and justify it by saying they have families to feed and can’t find work, but paying 2500 dollars for something that should cost 800 is absurd.


So many places are hiring right now. Not just shitty fast food places, but real actual jobs. Fuck scalpers, I hope they die of cancer.


Scam the scalpers using PayPal goods n services.


I’m not sure how that works but I don’t have the time to do that but if others can waste the scalpers time/money then all the better, I’m sick of actual people who just want to game that can’t because prices are through the roof.


> I refuse to pay scalpers on principle not supporting leeches. If more people did this scalpers would fuck off.


Tfw when you're refreshing every 3 seconds all day and 8 hours after the release was supposed to be, the Coming Soon button turns into a Sold Out button


Genuinely feel that this shit is going to be the downfall of PC gaming. This can't go on.


I also use a discord which has scripts for each site...Still can't even get anything even with them. I was getting so close with Zotac until they added that queue system :(


Spent 4 months trying to grab a card for a friend. Had to use a discord drop server and a script to help me get the add to cart button to even show up. Finally grabbed a 6800xt from AMD direct yesterday. Also, yesterday's BB drop was one of the smallest ones I've seen yet.


Same here...repasted/cleaned out my FE GTX 970 and bought some switch games to fill the gap. I will enjoy the summer and focus on something else.


Now the discord alerts like Stock Drops are moving to a paid service and delaying notification. Fuck that. I'm not paying for a few second head start to probably not get the product I want. Not paying a scalper either.


could also get a prebuilt with a 3000 series in it, sell off or just keep the rest of the parts


Buying a prebuilt with a 3000 series in it and keeping the rest of the parts is often called "buying a computer".


I looked into it briefly, will have to do so again probably. Honestly I should just sell my two 1080s and do that.


If everyone felt like you, this shortage would already be over.


I missed the BB drop yesterday because Telegram took 12 minutes to notify me on Android! (I sub to NowInStock) Infuriating. I keep BestBuy logged in on my phone, with address and CC all set up in my account, ready to go. I had it open within 3 seconds of getting the notification, only to see that it was 12 minutes ago. I have now adjusted the battery optimization on Telegram, and try to open it manually once a day. This is the second BB drop I've missed because of a late notification.


I refreshed the page for ~5 hours, walked away for a couple minutes and fucking missed it. I was livid and I dont think im going to try again. I really thought i had a chance at it this time too :(


I recommend https://www.twitch.tv/falcodrin/ His discord is a little faster. GL.


I took up a new expensive hobby in it's place, and now my home theater setup is sick as fuckkkkk


Spent my PC allocations on weights and a power rack. I hear ya.


I think the market rate for the 6700/6800XT is actually pretty good now. Only about a 40% markup over MSRP. Or you could buy a prebuilt and cannibalize it for the GPU. That's what I did, just bought one from an SI and ripped some of the core components, bought the other parts, and boom new PC. After considering the wastage on some of the crappier prebuilt internals its about the same as buying a 30 series at market rate, but you get some spare parts.


I’ve been like this since the very beginning of the market crisis. It’s not a “privilege” to pay 50% over MSRP for a graphics card. I don’t care if shit is in stock and I have the chance to buy it, I’m not paying inflated prices. The market will stabilize *eventually*. Until then, my old rig will serve me the same as it always has.


What's a BB drop?


Best Buy. A somewhat consumer friendly attempt to get cards. They usually drop every 2 weeks.


Yup. It was starting to take a noticable toll on my mental health, so I said fuck it and bought a 1080 Ti for $675. I don't regret the purchase; I was lucky enough to get it for that price with a G12 and an X53, and It's powerful enough for what I want to do. I ultimately just decided that I value my sanity more than a shiny new GPU. It sucks, but this is the unfortunate reality of trying to build a new PC at the moment.




Don't really have plans to upgrade the 980ti yet. All the posts about 900series cards dying are making me nervous. Just hold on another 2 years little fella, maybe gpus will be reasonably priced again.


They're dying? Uh oh, I hope my 980Ti survives.


Yeah, some are (my 980Ti crashes the PC at least once every two hours when gaming, but I can't get a new GPU) sadly.


My 980Ti has had crashing issues for over 3 years at this point. You could try throwing a little more voltage at the GPU in software. I already had mine maxed out in terms of core voltage and overclocking but I noticed I had pretty nutty voltage drop in hwinfo on my 12V cables and used a pin to make them clamp a little tighter (both ends since its a modular PSU) and was pleasantly surprised to see a large reduction in crashes. Went from 11.3 (ish) volts and tons of variation to a solid 12.5v under load, crashes went from sometimes 2-3 per hour of gaming sometimes a few mins apart to 2-3 per week. Unlikely to help you but worth a check.


I actually just experienced this recently. I thought my computer was dying. Turns out I just needed to open it up and reseat all the cables and it's been fine ever since. I think the GPU power cable wasn't seated perfectly.


That sounds like a decent candidate for oven treatment, though if there's any benefit it's going to be temporary.


980s and 980tis saying in "dying mode" forever, if anything just reduce memory clock speed by 200 and they will continue kicking.


Ok these comments are starting to get me worried, even though I had no problems with my 980ti so far... What causes it anyway? Is it overclocking? Is that why mine is more stable? (Since I haven't overclocked it?)


previous card was a 980ti, not sure what got fucked, but my whole system baked. not trying that graphics card in new hardware


My PC kept crashing for months (even after 10 minutes from booting up, at random my screens would just lose signal). I was so afraid it was my GPU dying cause everything else I tested was fine. Turned out it was my keyboard program doing it. During all the testing I even changed the thermal paste of my GPU, hopefully that helps a lil bit and gives some extra months to my 980Ti.


My PC is from that era. I've already underclocked the RAM twice to keep it stable (the RAM works fine. I think it's a CPU or mobo issue) and the GPU sounds like a jar of bees. I'm waiting for DDR5 but if it dies before that, I'll probably end up paying the scalpers.


You might have to wait a bit longer then. When DDR4 RAM came out it was very expensive and didn’t perform as well as the best DDR3. It also could be a bit unstable. Being an early adopter isn’t always the best choice.


I didn't follow tech very closely back then. Manufacturers are showing off 6000+ Mhz DDR5 already and it's not even out yet. That's a 50% jump over the mainstream DDR4 modules. Might be even more when it comes out. Was the gap between DDR3 and DDR4 this high at launch? From the charts I've seen, it went from 2400 DDR3 to 3200 DDR4 which is a 33% boost.


> Mhz DDR5 already and it's not even out yet. That's a 50% jump over the mainstream DDR4 modules. Might be even more when it comes out. Was the gap between DDR3 and DDR4 this high at launch? From the charts I've seen, it went from 2400 DDR3 to 3200 DDR4 which is a 33% boost. Also consider memory timings. When DDR4 came out, memory timings were easily 2x (bad) DDR3. Frequency isn't everything.


2400mhz ddr3 wasn't mainstream though. Common ddr3 was 1600, 1866 and later maybe 2133. 2400 was already quite high end, and above that was usually unaffordable.


My R9 390 was bought around 5 and a half years ago and was one of the AMD competitors competing with the 960s and 70s. It died in December, just a few weeks after the shortage hit hard. It's been rough. Hopefully your 980 lasts longer because this hasn't been pleasant at all


660 Ti still trucking on here. This would be the first year that I wanted to upgrade the gpu since I bought it in 2014. Bad timing huh?


970GTX here. Same boat


I'm glad I'm not the only one still stuck with the 970 because GPUs seemingly went extinct


still a good card if you have proper expectations


I am very impressed that over all these years I've still been able to play pretty much every game with little issues (besides low FPS which is fine because 60 FPS isn't a big deal to me while playing a game)


Same here except all I really care about is 60fps. I'll drop my settings down to get it and my 970 is still doing fine that way.


I too have been very impressed with my 970 and it’s ability to play basically anything I want to, albeit on lower settings


Man if you told people in 2015 that 970 will be really good card in 2021 they'll tell you you're nuts... That card had one glaring issue upon release. I still love mine and it is in my HTPC now. I am over the moon that I bought barely used 1070 when 970's fan went a little off and I needed replacement fast in January 2020... It was like $230 and then I got the fan off ebay for $15. Here's the 970 drama if you're curious. I remember people hating on it when we played Overwatch Beta... https://www.techpowerup.com/209339/gtx-970-memory-drama-plot-thickens-nvidia-has-to-revise-specs


Yeah I’m aware of that controversy. Doesn’t bother me I bought my card used in 2017 for $100 lol


Same, bought mine in 2017 as well when building my rig on a tight budget. I think that controversy made the prices go that down that fast.


I loved my 970! That was one of the few GPU purchases I've ever made where I legitimately felt like I got a good deal for my money.


I would still be using a 970 if I didn't use VR. I went to a 1080ti because I wasn't that impressed with the 20 series, and I think it will tide me over for a while yet.


Honestly, GPUs last for years if you just slowly reduce settings over time. Expecting a GPU to perform at ultra settings for everything for more than 2+ years at 1440p144hz and higher is unreasonable. Technology ages, but buy the best card you can when you upgrade and it will be fine for years to come. 1080ti is a perfect example of a card that is still going strong 2 generations later.


970 crew represent! I'm still on an i5 750 too.... Glad my parts are still soldiering on.


This GPU is definitely holding up longer than I would have ever anticipated!


I upgraded from an r9 290 to a 980ti when I built my new system a month ago. I’m liking it so far


Honestly my 970 was doing fine. I upgraded more for cpu reasons than gpu lol


My gtx970 just died... im so pissed


10 series launch was best time to buy. Shortly after we had first mining boom price increases. Eventually we got 20 series cards which were expensive and not that much better than 10 series. Then 30 series looked good, but pandemic (including chip shortage) plus mining meant we ended up having trouble again. Since 10 series launch we haven't really had a good time to buy (although hindsight makes the 20 series cards look good and the 10 series cards even more incredible). With a 970 I skipped. Was able to get a 3060 from retailer for $600 CDN tax in. Which is a huge upgrade, but not what I wanted.


If I was teleported in time I would buy the 1080ti at launch and been happy till now and for another year or two. I snagged something faster since, but it would have been a solid buy to run stuff for 6 years! EDIT: I also would have bought AMD stock when they hit $2 and sold at $90 haha.


Man, I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, I have the case, CPU and SSD ready to go but was waiting to get a GPU and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Might as well build the new PC and use my old 980Ti, at least I’ll have a full-SSD build. Let’s hope the situation gets better next year…


Honestly 980Ti probably still holds up really well.


Quadro K3100M here, the ancient thing is still serving me well.


Bought my 650ti when it came out and it can still run some nice games


the 660ti is still a surprisingly good card. I had to use one until I got a 1060 3gb to replace it that came out of an HP Omen system. That card is a great budget card for entry level gaming.


Right there with ya man. We picked a hell of a time to upgrade.


My r9 390 is doing ok! Can't really play anything too new, but my backlog will hold out until then... Right?


the GTA 3 source code was recently reverse engineered. Great time to revisit that game.




I'm so glad I upgrades from crossfire r9 nano to 5700xt and not waited a year.


Yep got my 5700xt seemingly right before the market hit the fan. Speaking of fans, have you had issues with random black screens/driver crashes? I went out of my way to get the Powercolor Red Dragon as it boasted some of the best cooling options out there, but was still getting lots of overheating issues until I manually ramped the fan speed to max at 80~ degrees. Haven't had any issues since then. Just in case you're experiencing the same.


Hey! I have the Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Nitro+, and I can't say I've had any issues. Haven't checked the temps in a while, but I'm perfectly happy with my card, most games runs fine on 3440x1440 75hz and with high settings. Hope you'll find a solution on your problem!


I should have gotten myself a 5700xt. Was thinking I'll wait for RDNA2. Welp.


So I managed to get a 3090 Founders anyway but this post reminded me I signed up for the EU EVGA queue for all their 3080s and 8 months later I'm still waiting for my turn. I'll reject it when it comes in but looking forward to finding out how long it would have taken.


With the 3080Ti out it might take even longer.


I got lucky and got a 3090 from evga as well. My 3080 notification came in a few weeks later and I ended up selling it to a friend for what I paid for it so somehow I got extremely lucky during all this.


You're a good friend


tbh, if you're able, and it does ever come up, i would buy it and find someone you know who needs one and just sell it to them at cost or something. you never know, the next person in line in the queue could be a scalper if you pass it up


Buy it and sell it for what you paid to a friend.


My 1070 is holding strong.


Love my 1070. Still slays at 1080p.


it's pretty good at 1440p still as well


Can confirm


Thats my monitor. 27 inch 1440p LG ultra gear. Whenever I get my 30 series I'll be in for a treat.


I have the same one with my 1070! I love the monitor, can't wait for the day when I can upgrade my specs, but until then it's working just fine with pretty much every game I throw at it (with an occasional change to 1080p on some newer titles


Between August and December 2020 I went from a 1070, to a 2060, to a 3060Ti to a 3080. That being said, the 1070 is still probably the most shockingly effective card I've ever had. Please direct all hate mail to my inbox.


I can attest to that. My 1070 is 5 years old at this point. With the exception of cyberpunk 2077, all my games I play hit between 60-100 fps on medium to high settings. For $350 I've gotten way more than my money's worth. I'll be sad to see her go, but I'll embrace a 30 series. If its not garbage.... Or if I could even get a 3080.


I'm in the same boat. There's some games that I can crank to the max and this card can pump out even upwards of 80fps. Not sure if I'm ready to get rid of it yet :/. Might way for the 4000 series at this point...


1660ti checking in!


The 980ti is still a perfectly adequate card that has loads of years left in it


That would be true if my dumbass self didn't believe that 4k would be mainstream by now. On a 40" mind you, so there's no "just play in 1080" without looking absolute shit. Yes I had SLI and it was awesome, but brotherhood called when his 1070 died. At this point I'm just waiting for the next gen and holding on onto heavy games


I played 1080p games on a 48" for years. Looked great to me then. I'm sure it doesn't look that bad on your 40"...


My RX 580 and I are best brothers. Never gonna give you up.


The RX 590 I picked up on sale in 2019 really helped me get through this while I got a gpu for the new build. They are still great cards.


I got my 570 for my first PC May last year


When my 1060 dies, I'm switching to a Raspberry Pi.


Had a friend buy one for me recently. Going from a 970 to a 3070ti. Love my gamer group


Is there space for one more in your group? xD


Gotta know someone to get something in this world


Rich people connections and shit


I jumped right to Anger after spending 6 hours on Best Buy's website and having the button go from "Coming soon" to "Sold out"


Well, your denial was expecting anything different :P I still don’t understand what happened there. Some say the bots got everything while others claim it was a fake launch to ban the bots. Since there are no Best Buy stores here I didn’t follow the story too much.


If you don’t get to buy a 3080ti consider it a blessing.


I know it’s terrible value but in a world where everything costs more than the 3080Ti, it might just be the best deal you get. In a normal situation the 3080Ti would be laughable and I’m sure NVIDIA knows it and took advantage of this situation.


I mean there are people like me who genuinely need the 3080ti... but I'm not buying FE and I'm sure as hell not paying up to 500 extra to get slightly better clocks and cooling from AIBs. I waited 8 months for a fuvking announcement but nvidia can lick my balls if they I'm going along with any of that. I'll just wait it out. Hopefully crypto will crash hard and flood the market


That's why you shouldn't buy right now, just wait till crytpo crashes or stock is available at good prices again.


Dying undervolted 980 reporting in, it'll have to hold out for a bit longer


They said I was dumb for buying my 2080 super in February 2020. Now I'm glad I did, spent all of the Rona lockdown with a solid new build and get to just hope the card shortage is in the past when I upgrade again in a few years.


Eyyy, 2080 Super bro. Got mine in May.


2070 Super purchased in a whole new Ryzen build, April 2020. Slaying everything with RTX 1440p. Best timed purchase ever.


I got my 2080 Super a few months before the announcement and people laughed and laughed at me. Then those same people couldn't get one of the new cards. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!


If they really cared they would make a captcha or a simple math equation that needs to be answered to the order screen to stop scalpers bots buying them instantly


*Looks at my old laptop from 2011 with integrated graphics and a pentium processor*


The struggle is real. People talking about how they'll have to make do with their old 1650 🙄 Integrated graphics here. I'd kill for a 1000 series card.


Cheapest hitman ever.


He does it IRL because he can't play the games.


Video games prevent murder. Fact.


The original Deus Ex is still to this day one of my all time favorite games, and I never would have tried it if I had a computer that was fast enough to play anything newer. Use integrated graphics as your excuse to dip into the classics. If you haven't yet, then play Halo Combat Evolved, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Runescape classic, Age of Empires II, Diablo 2, ect... A lot of them go on sale at GOG.com regularly, and I highly recommend them.


Ah, RuneScape. Played it on the web when it first came out. Amazing that it's still going. Unfortunately, as much as I loved it, it also convinced me that MMORPGs aren't for me. At least single-payer games like Skyrim havean end-game. With MMORPGs, it's like an unlimited time sink. You can always play more. And you're competing against people who have even less of a life than you, so you'll always be playing catch-up. I guess if I had a friend group who also played, it'd be a fun social activity, but I don't. I've been thinking of getting Minecraft. Amazingly, I've never played it. I really want to play space engineers or scrap mechanic, but no way my laptop could handle it. System Shock 2 is awesome. SiLeNcE tHe DiScOrD! My problem is that I really like sandbox and building games, and the newer ones tend to like heavy hitting hardware.


I KNOW. I am STUCK with this laptop and all it can run is Gmod, Minecraft and TF2. ALL running at an amazing number of 10-15 fps!


Hey friend, cherish what you have. I also have. 2011 pentium Dell and it can't run anything except flash games. Period


That's fucking brutal


I’m rockin a 660 still lmao


I was reformatting an old rig of mine. Lot of great games on there that work just fine. Time to play that Heroes of Might and Magic I've been meaning to get around to.


I just got a 3060 ti for msrp and I’m through the moon. Been waiting six months to put my new computer together.


Guess who is no longer regretting buying a 2080 knowing the 30 series was coming out soon. This guy




Guess who thought was being smart skipping the 20-series cause it felt like bad value and instead getting the holy grail with the 3080? This guy!


Im so lucky I have a base 3070


Back in November I snagged a 3080 gigabyte eagle. I think it was still in a time people were looking for the exact model card they wanted and didn't want a non OC version. Looking back now I'm kind of shocked that anyone was willing to let anything sit.


Me, kissing my 1060 hoping nothing goes wrong until the market stabilizes.


I signed in a evga queue in october. Never heard form them again.


Been in the evga queue for a 3080 since October 8th and still nothing. I've kind of lost interest in pc hardware because of this whole situation and I've been pursuing other hobbies instead.


Same. I reused my Vega 64 instead of trying to get a rx 5500xt 8gb.


I have a Broadcom VideoCore VI at 500 MHz on my single-board computer.


I've been in an EVGA queue for like...7 months. It's not all that exciting tbh. All it got me was spam.


Just put more juice in the card factory literally what is the fucking problem


My 960 is constantly crashing, not sure how much time it's got left. Dear Nvidia God's bless me with a 3060ti


Repaste that veteran and get him back into the fight


I did two weeks ago, he's hanging on for dear life


Acceptance: Be praised, holy 6900 XT. NVIDIA can fuck off with their micro VRAM and inflated prices. I miss EVGA though.


I was thinking about the 6800XT (can’t find any of those at a reasonable price tho). Right now I’d definitely take it even though I’m still leaning NVIDIA. Extra VRAM is super nice and rasterization is better but in terms of features I like NVIDIA better (for now). DLSS 2.0 is good and will probably get better while AMD’s Super Resolution will need more time. Also with AMD’s support you’ll get both DLSS and Super Resolution (for now at least, in the future games might support both?) Also RTX IO, better Ray Tracing cores and machine learning, NVIDIA Broadcast, Ansel, etc. AMD is definitely catching up and I’m curious to see what they’ll do next!


Try the AMD shop. I bought mine there for 980 €. The 6800 XT would have been even better, but it wasn't in stuck recently. Last drop in my country only had 150 of them in total (Midnight black / regular). I don't care about DLSS, only 2.0 works at all and in like 20 games, so not the ones I play. AMDs performance overall is equal in **ANY** game. In the end its your choice if you are willing to pay more than 1000 € for some extra features only NVIDIA has currently. I had the 2080 Ti, the stepup was definitely worth it. The 6900 XT is only slightly better in RT than it, but anywhere else the gains are about 40 - 50 % average, keep in mind that my Ryzen 1700 heavily bottlenecks in the high FPS territory. Its absoutely insane to see games maxed out in 4K go over 100 FPS at all. Hopefully AMD will optimize their RT and bring another boost with RDNA3, potentially even a MCM (multi chip module) design. It would give us another boost in graphics performance similar to the one the launch of Ryzen did to CPUs in 2017.


I’m not sure how to be notified for drops. Is there a bot that sends alerts? I subscribed to different channels for the RTX cards but it didn’t matter, even 1s later the cards were sold to bots. Can’t beat the bots unless you use a bot yourself…


There is no notification. The cards won't magically come to you. You need the script and be alert around 17:30 if you are in EU. The typical droptime starts exactly then. Yesterday some people even got some 6700 XTs around 16:47, which means a whole 17 minute window to complete your order. For RTX cards I only know there is one drop a month on [notebooksbilliger.de](https://notebooksbilliger.de). Its near impossible to get one, but some people really got one there and are not scalping them. The NVIDIA shop seems to be discountinued.


Am in the queue since start of february. Still ain't no E-Mail yet


Can relate. Will be using my 1080Ti until they put me in the ground


I'm in this picture, and I don't like it


I can’t believe they can’t deliver on more than 10-20 cards a week…


randomly went to microcenter at 8pm the other day, had to get a bundle but got the last 3080 in the store. it can happen


I bought a Series X... 4K at 60fps for $600 cad? I'd be paying what, like $2000-$3000 for a new gpu these days? Plus I'll basically need to rebuild my whole PC... Yeah, this is killing PC gaming.


Ironically, when I bought my rtx 2070 back in 2019, I bought it so I'd "future proof" a bit, since it would take a few years to outdated the card


I feel a little guilty giving my nephews my 1660. But I need to stoke the flames for them and that's not going to happen with a bad computer.


Got a 950M here. Feels bad.


This might be a dumb question but what games you guys play with that expensive if a graphics card?