"If I birthed 6 kids, I'm gonna get 6 kids out". Super-Mom Emma Schols saved all of her 6 kids from their burning home, running room to room, floor to floor. Even tho she was bleeding and losing skin, hair burnt like coal, she kept going. Emma got 93% burn injuries, yet still survived. A Hero.

"If I birthed 6 kids, I'm gonna get 6 kids out". Super-Mom Emma Schols saved all of her 6 kids from their burning home, running room to room, floor to floor. Even tho she was bleeding and losing skin, hair burnt like coal, she kept going. Emma got 93% burn injuries, yet still survived. A Hero.


Whenever they talk back, “you know I could have let you fuckers burn right?”


I’ve heard of moms blaming their children for ruining their body, but this is ridiculous


This mom wouldn't do that. (I hope)


Mom's who've done less have said more.


In my experience, it's the people who do the least that say the most.


No wonder my mom wont shut the fuck up


must be genetic


Brutal. I love it


Sick burn! ^^^wait


Collateral damage!


Yeah, gram was a bitch too


Damn, u/N3UROTOXIN is gonna need some tips from this mum on how to pass time in the burn ward


True story!


Compared to her, that’s the other 99%


considering she went in there with burning arms and other parts, while choking on smoke and running eyes again and again, i doubt she's that kind of person that would turn into sth as petty as that while watching 6 own lives you gave being happy, as those would've at bestest day just yelled for help. The fact that she's alive is actually insane, really lucky to have whole family and still survive, imagine the agony if 5/6 survived or sth.


facts are facts though


My mom told me repeatedly growing up “I laid down on that table and had my guts split open so you could be here”. Yeah, guilt trip for being born. Lots of fun.


“Sounds like someone should have used a condom in the first place” and then she proceeds to take you out of this life 😭


Damn I wish I was that clever when I was 8


Lol, my mom just used similar words on me, my mom just had a stroke. I am the daughter that took care of her husband (who has had3 strokes) while she was in the hospital and rehab. And my sister just visits her in the hospital. I have managed everything else. My reply to my mom was, "yes, and I am the one who stepped up when the shit hit the fan, Love you Mom." Not mad at my mom. Mad at my younger sister.


“Guess who isn’t getting saved next time?”


“Mommy, what are you doing with that gas can and lighter?”


This will be real fucking hard to parry


“I can always light this place up again, Mom.”


Defiant teen : "Maybe you should have" lol


"I didn't ask to be saved, ya know!!!"


"You didn't save my life! You ruined my death!"


It surprises me *every time* that that line is in a Disney movie.


“I brought you out of those fires- I can put you back in!”


Ultimate comeback.


Never have more than X children, where X is equal to the number of times you want to run into a burning building.


My drunk ass laughed way to hard at this.


>Emma's rehabilitation has gone faster than any doctor could have imagined. Today, she can do many things she previously only dreamed of doing again. Source - [https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/she-walked-through-fire-for-her-kids-literally.4207509/#post-66172183](https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/she-walked-through-fire-for-her-kids-literally.4207509/#post-66172183)


>The six children survived without any injuries at all. Emma was on a respirator for three weeks, hovering between life and death. It is uncommon for people to survive even 90% of burns. Emma's body was burnt to 93 percent. Wow that's actually pretty crazy. Took me down a little wormhole: >[The treatment of patients with extensive burns remains a major challenge, even with advances in burn care over recent decades \[1\]. Some publications \[2,3\] have suggested that survival rates reach 50% in young adults sustaining a Total Body Surface Area \(TBSA\) burned of 80% without inhalation injury. Recent U.S. data indicate a 69% mortality rate among patients with burns over 70% of TBSA \[4\].](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2873368/#:~:text=Background-,The%20treatment%20of%20patients%20with%20extensive%20burns%20remains%20a%20major,of%2080%25%20without%20inhalation%20injury.)


Imagine the will it would take to force yourself to keep moving, let alone going back in the fire. I think almost every human being on the planet would have stopped once the burns became serious. This woman is embodiment of courage, selflessness, and heroism.


Thats what a mother means when they say I love you more than life itself. Some powerful shit.


A parent*


You right


I imagine your username being sang like the 7 dwarves song from Snow White


Great.. made him straight up delete the account.




I imagine your username being sang like the 7 dwarves song from Snow White


Except this post is specifically about a mother which is why OP said that. Nobody is implying that fathers or other parents don't feel the same way.


Not all parents could have done this though, regardless of how much they love their kids. This is some hardass shit that most don’t have in them. This woman definitely deserves the awe she’s getting in this thread.


Just a guess, but you dont have kids. There isnt a force on earth that would stop me if my children were in danger.


This isn't like a "you didn't love your kids enough" thing, it's a "your body physically stops working because the shock from pain shuts down your brain" thing. A short is going to turn into an open eventually... in this case it just took longer than usual. A mother that died saving her kids didn't love them less than this lady.


Agreed, a lot of people don't seem to understand that in this thread. Like no one is questioning how much anyone loves their children, its just this woman truly performed a near impossible feat. If strongly loving your child was all it took than these sorta stories would be more common. This lady is just something else. Given how insanely much I love my dog, I know I'd love my kids even stronger, and I would run a burning house for my dog so safe to say I'd do the same for my children, but I also know if I sustained those kinda burns I would never make it outta the burn ward. I just don't have that level of strength. We can give props to this lady without having to try and claim everyone here could do the same as her haha


You’d be amazed at what you can survive. I never thought I could survive the MRSA infection I had. It started with an IV that was infected, spread rapidly, was in my spinal column where it decimated T-7 and left me paralyzed from the bra band down. The MRSA encapsulated in my lungs, necessitating drains. I went septic not once, but s twice. I had 2 12 hour surgeries, back to back, to remove the MRSA from my spinal column. The second surgery was to remove the necrotic bone and the shards that damaged my spinal cord, then they used cadaver bone to rebuild that section of bone. They then fused the entire area. I spent months getting IV antibiotics through a surgically implanted IV port in my right arm. I won’t bore you with what’s happened since, but there’s been more surgeries, more rehab, years of finding the right medications, etc. etc. etc. I spent almost 12 months in and out of the hospital and rehab that first year after infection. Before I got sick, I never thought I’d survive something like that. Obviously, I did. But, yeah. You’re way stronger than you think you are.


There are countless stories of humans doing some "supernatural" shit, like finding hidden strength by lifting a car enough to save a baby, or in this case running into a burning building. I cant explain what causes it, but there are so many cases where "body shouldn't have done that" and yet it does.


That's lovely that you have children, that doesn't negate the fact that fires happen all the time where parent's DON'T wade through fire with their skin falling off to save their children.


That's not even mentioning that usually what happens when a parent goes back into a fire is that they don't come back out.


Yeah it doesn’t matter how strong or determined you are when your lungs are filled with nothing but smoke, you drop very quick.


That’s a fair point and for some reason made me giggle


Just a guess, but you didn't grow up in an abusive household to where your mother lacked all ability to function as a normal human being. Pushing kids out doesn't magically make them defenders of injustice. You just lucked out. You also don't need to have kids to want to protect them.


I didn't want to add something shitty to this post, since it's an amazing story, but this is what I was thinking as well when I read that comment.


Yeah, as somebody who has kids no. Would I have been a pile of ash somewhere in that house- definitely. Would my body have made it in and out of a fire, most definitely not. That’s not an indication of how much love a parent has. I have a friend that lost four of six children in a house fire and I can only imagine what these kinds of comments make her feel.


I'm not a brave person or hero by any means but same. You give an entire part of yourself to your kid. It's such a deep connection that I think walking into a burning building to save them would be almost reflexive.


It doesn't end when they leave the house either. Heck, I was low level stressed the 2 months my 27 year old didn't have a job. She probably had 30K in available savings at the time but still.


Exactly why I try not to talk to my parents until I have my shit fully together! -27yo


No way you can know if you've never been in the same situation. Your body/mind could have made you freeze in fear or start to shut down from the injuries. I know it's nice to think everyone would do the same but in reality a lot of people simply wouldn't be able to.


Love the condescending tone


I understand what you’re getting at, but you literally don’t have any proof of what you just said. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people confidently say what they’d _definitely_ do in a situation that it’s impossible for them to know. ‘You must not have kids’ is pretty patronizing. Maybe they’re just someone who understands that they realistically have no idea how they’d react in that situation?


Not to be mean, but that's absurd. Most people freeze TOTALLY in high stress situations. They're uncommon, dangerous, and new. Most people don't know what to do. It's like all this take a bullet for you nonsense. And that's fine! We're only human. But we need to stop these ridiculous power fantasies that we're all magical bad asses if X situation happens and probably acknowledge it and just be better prepared. Not try to rely on some "instinct" to kick in because you heard a handful of anecdotes of other people doing it in a world of billions.


Yep bodily instincts will take over your body will stop you, the brain sends messages to the legs to not move without you choosing this. You pass out from the pain or terror. She managed to override her bodies will to survive


Drowning people will push loved ones underwater just to get a breath of air.


There was a man in the US who was sleeping in his house when a fire started. The smoke and flames kept him from reaching his kids. He had to leave the house and tried to break their bedroom windows to try and save them. He couldn’t. Now here’s the kicker.. a hack fire investigator “proved” that the fire was started with an accelerant. He was charged with with murder. The hack showed how the burn pattern showed that an accelerant was used, the prosecutor asked him why he didn’t go back in after his kids. I believe a fireman testified on his behalf saying “ you weren’t there, you’ve never faced a house fire and had to back in” the jury convicted him of murder and .... they executed him. Years later, other investigators showed that the “fire expert” had no idea what he was talking about and the fire was probably an electrical fire from bad wiring. The accelerant traces they found were from the bbq that was next to the house. There were no repercussions for those that blamed him and had him executed. A man lost his three children and then was executed for it.


For sure that wasn't a question.


Hi, firefighter here, if I may... It's so hot in a fire you leave the building without even thinking about it. It's a primal fight or flight response, dialed up to the max. Parents leave their children inside often and it has nothing to do with how much they love them. It's pure instinct and everything in your body screaming at you to get out. What this woman did is unbelievable, but is no slur on anyone who didn't act the same.


I don’t wanna sound like a douche, but i think it definitely helped her ability to go back because at a certain point wouldn’t the nerves actually be kinda dead? so like she couldn’t totally feel it.


Some of the nerves were likely burnt off, but I’m sure she had a number of burns that didn’t go that deep either. She probably didn’t feel much of anything though, in all honesty... at least during the rescues. Adrenaline and focus can be enough to distract your brain from even the worst agony.


How she didn't go into shock and go unconscious is beyond me.


Actually this. Most people would have went into shock or experienced a reptile brain "lock" that would induce paralysis and prevent you from moving and running back into danger. It is truly a feat of astounding courage and determination she overcame both and ran in MULITPLE times...


FR tho, I feel like shock is a big contributor to survivor's guilt in a lot of cases. "why didn't I do more" because your body was straight up shutting down to try to prevent further injury or trauma


Adrenaline rush is some powerful shit


i know a little bit from personal experience with a bad burn i got on my thigh as a child versus a pan of hot oil. the 2nd degree burn with a lost layer of skin didn’t hurt but the fucking boils on my foot hurt. i just never thought about the fact that i fried my nerves. it’s still tingly to this day, about 8 years later.


I remember meeting a burn survivor, he had similar amounts of burns. Judging by the picture here, I'd say his might have been more severe. His story was he was staining wood in his unventilated basement, (or something to that effect) and the fumes built up enough that the pilot light on his furnace ignited the fumes. He talked about being scared after the explosion, running out of the house, but it seemed weird that he didn't feel any pain. When he got to the safety of the street he looked down and saw that his clothes had all melted into his body. He described the skin on his arms and legs looking like ripped strips of cloth hanging off. No pain though. The pain didn't come until he was recovering in the hospital.


I don’t know if it’s the same with severe burn injuries, but I had a kind of brutal laser eye surgery called PRK - purely for vanity purposes, cause I am a dumbass - where they start by scraping off the top layer of your corneas. When the freezing wore off, the severed nerves hurt worse than anything I have ever experienced before or since. It was fucking agony. It was like… just... I was screaming in pain, and overusing the painkillers I was given, even though I knew I shouldn’t. It was pure desperation while those traumatized nerves regrew.


Why would someone get PRK for vanity purposes? Isn’t it indicated for vision problems? Or is the vanity part that you just didn’t want to wear glasses anymore?


>Or is the vanity part that you just didn’t want to wear glasses anymore? Bingo. I had a very strong prescription - it was around -7, so highly myopic - and I had unusually thin corneas to begin with, which apparently meant that I needed to have PRK. The less-painful surgeries were not an option. (And my corneas had become *extremely* cranky about contact lenses, by that point in my life.) I don’t regret it, per se, because I really hated my glasses (vanity!), but knowing how incredibly painful it was, and how nerve-wracking, and up-and-down the healing process was for the two years after surgery, I could not in good conscience recommend it to anyone else. Full disclosure, I think I had an unusually bad experience. The doctor who originally did my follow up did not do the check-ups he was supposed to do, which probably made the healing worse; and in the immediate post-surgery recovery period, I did not get adequate pain management – they were going to give me Percocet, but then they switched to Tylenol 3 at the last minute, and that was not cutting it. (I think I actually have a high pain tolerance, too - I subsequently had minor gum surgery and was prescribed Tylenol 3, and I didn’t even end up taking it because I was fine with Advil. PRK was just a truly agonizing procedure.) But yeah. It was pretty fucking terrible.


I tell people all the time that it is so important to get good doctors whenever you are getting these sorts of procedures do.


I got PRK back in early 2016 and it was pretty painful but not so bad I wouldn’t recommend it to people. I was mostly healed by a week and completely healed by a month. The pain management is 100% a make or break thing though, I would have cried if they gave me Tylenol. As it was I was doubling down on Percocet just to stay asleep for the first couple days.


I also got PRK (in 2013, I think?) and like you it didn't really hurt that much. It was one of the most painful things I've ever been through but not crazy painful. I definitely got some strong meds though, because I remember my mom was worried about them. Mostly I just remember it was a pain because I was supposed to finish my graduate thesis in a month but I wasn't really supposed to look at computer screens for long periods of time after the surgery. Great planning XD


I had PRK in 2009. I went to a highly rated doctor who specializes in PRK. They gave me great pain meds before and after surgery. The surgery was WEIRD (they had to scrape my eyeball!!!) and only mildly painful. But it was over very quickly! I could not see anything but incredibly blurred images, any light at all burned my eyes, and my eyes felt raw and painful for about four or five days. I lied in a dark room and listened to podcasts for days. My kind boyfriend at the time did a wonderful job taking care of of me while I was basically blind. It took a week for me to heal, I had to wear sunglasses at night, but the results were a goddamn miracle of science. I had better than 20/20 vision when I originally had a -8 prescription (close to legally blind without my glasses). It’s many years later and I HIGHLY recommend PRK to those with very bad vision and thin corneas. Yes, the surgery is unpleasant (but very quick!) and it’s uncomfortable for a week, but after that you can SEE! My only permanent side effect is dry eyes at night when I sleep, but I just use eye drops before bed and I’m fine. A small price to pay to have my eyes back! I’ll always remember the patient who came into the office while I was in surgery, got traditional LASIK surgery, and said, “wow, that didn’t hurt at all! Thanks!) then 30 minutes later walked out on their own with perfect vision and no pain. If I could have gotten LASIK I would have, but the week long ordeal of PRK was the safest and most reliable option for my once terrible eyes.


They scream as they die and it takes a while from what I've been told by someone who got their hand deep fried.


Uhm...why did your friend deep fry their hand?


He was deep frying in a pot on the stove. He overheated the oil and it caught fire. There was no fire extinguisher in the kitchen so he grabbed the pot and tried to run outside with it. The flames came back at him so he kinda tried tossing the pot away. Most of the burning oil ended up on his hand and forearm. From the agony he went through, I can't imagine what the woman in this story went through. He just was just burned badly up to his elbow. It was a couple years until things were mostly healed. Psa: anyone who has a stove in their home should know how to deal with a cooking fire and have a fire extinguisher near by. Don't put it too close to the stove because the fire may prevent you from getting to it. Make sure it is the proper rating. Keep it out in the open even if it is ugly and doesn't go with the decor. Never try to run with a flaming pot! NEVER NEVER NEVER TRY TO PUT OUT A GREASE FIRE WITH WATER!!!!! Mythbusters did a really great episode where they made a 30 foot fireball with water and cooking oil. Definitely worth the watch.


Wow. Sounds awful. Thank you for the response and I hope your friend is okay now!


He is. This was nearly 30 years ago. Believe it or not he has a fire extinguisher now lol


If you find one of the articles where they interview her, it sounds so much worse when you hear her describe it in her own words


If you can understand swedish I bet the video interviews are more so lol


A friend of mine just came back from a 1 hour funeral of a son of his friends. Guy had the brilliant idea to use a gasoline tank to bet set fire to the barbecue... Face intact, but he had several heart attacks per weeks on the hospital, his chest was destroyed by flames. It is really fortunate, and impressive, that she managed to survive that.


> It is uncommon for people to survive even 90% of burns. Emma's body was burnt to 93 percent. 20+ something years ago when I was an student EMT we were taught that anything beyond 18% was considered REALLY SERIOUS and transportation was highest priority


Will to live is a real thing


Damn. I don't have the right words for how insanely impressive she is. Just.. *damn*


this story just reads like a superhero movie. good ending, improvement and all.


"I birthed 6 kids, I'm gonna raise 6 kids" - probably her while fighting for her life


On the real, this is why teaching your kids fire safety and evacuation is so important. When they are small their first instinct is to find a grownup or hide. Teaching them how to get out of the house and where to go could save several lives. Some municipalities will send a fireman to the house to teach parents & the kids.




i wasn’t emotional before that part, but when i read that sentence i started to cry. what an unbelievable woman.


Seriously it takes a lot, usually, for me to get choked up just by reading but that hit hard. But I guess that was an awful lot.


Not just teaching the kids, but having fire safety covered in general. Smoke detectors that are regularly checked, fire extinguishers and blankets in fire risk areas (i.e. kitchen), emergency exit equipment (i.e. emergency ladder) where necessary, such as for first floor bedrooms, and an evacuation plan that everyone knows.


Absolutely! When our kids were young we had fire drills at home so they knew escape routes and where to meet once they were out of the house. That said - my husband and I would *never, ever* leave without getting the kids out first. We have fire alarms in every room of the house. That all said - our house has been hit by a tornado and a hurricane, but thank the Lord - no fires!


I am an old grandma, now, but often ran these scenarios mentally (and in my dreams) when my three kids were in my care. Couldn’t help it, especially if I heard about someone else’s unspeakably tragic results. I still wake up panting and terrified on the regular. It’s in a mother’s DNA. They’re all adults now, with their own homes and responsibilities, but I would gladly die for each of them. If I failed, I wouldn’t be capable of taking another breath.


Firefighter here. This post should be carved into marble and mailed to every single parent in the country. Having working smoke detectors and knowing what to do is the difference between taking facebook photos on the lawn and dying a horrible death. Please. To anyone reading this. I'm begging you. Test your detectors. Change batteries on a schedule. Look at the expiration date on your existing detectors. They are literally like seat belts for your home. It takes almost no effort and you will live if you have them.


They started requiring the never die battery ones were we live. Still have to test them but it really is such an important feature that should be required.


It'll be industry standard within 5 years. The price is tumbling and it's just a better way of doing it. Especially given that any smoke detector only lasts 10 years.


They fucking _hide?_ That is horrifying.


Smoke makes the house dark and distorts everything and fire can be loud. Kids panic and hide, especially if they were the cause of the fire (or if they *think* they were the cause). They don't want to get in trouble and don't understand that it is more important to GTFO.


Yes! Firefighters find kids hiding in closets and under beds a lot. It’s just instinct for small kids.




Not scary, prepared. Your parents are awesome.


My bro had the FD come for his kids bday party. 12 birds with one stone.


One of my earliest memories is my mum telling me if there was a fire to climb out the window (lived in a bungalow with attic conversion for the master bedroom) and then knock on all the bedroom windows to wake up my siblings so they can get out too. (When I asked about going upstairs to wake my parents the answer was a clear 'NO' and just to shout from outside.) Once all of us kids were all out we were to go to the neighbours and have them call the firemen. It's strange. We only had that conversation once over 20 years ago but I can remember it so clearly. Never had a fire but I knew what to do if we did.


I don’t feel so crazy having a fire extinguisher in every room and a window ladder upstairs now.


Yeah zero chance I'm staying outside while my kids are in a burning building. I think this goes for any loving parent. Edit: what I've learned from this is there are a lot of bitch ass people in this thread.


Exactly right, I don't wanna belittle the heroic act of this person, but what kind of good parents will just leave their kids in a fire.


It just really sucks there are plenty of parents that would let their kids burn.


Sometimes not out of malice, just out of fear and helplessness. Training yourself what to do in these situations is as important as training your kids


I'm talking about parents that straight up don't care about their kids. There are so many and it's so damn sad for those children.


Unfortunately sometimes it's worse than not caring. I've seen parents resent their children.


Yes and the pattern is usually (but not always) repeated with the next generation. Those kids have natural empathy in them but it gets crushed out by the day-to-day reality and survival tactics necessary for living with that sort of parent.


How did we get here from “Lady saves kids from fire”


From my jaundiced experience.


Parents that don't give a shit about their kids are everywhere I'm sick of people finding them excuses or hiding it like a taboo


Probably more parents that that wanted to save their kids, but genuinely were unable to, due to 100% certain death within 10 seconds of an attempted rescue.


Slightly irrelevant but I remember reading a post on reddit back about a man who left his SO in an active shooter situation and escaped. They both lived, thankfully. He genuinely seemed so remorseful, and even stated prior to the situation he assumed he would do anything to protect her. Point being, I guess you really don't know until you're in that situation. I'd like to think it's different when it comes to your own children however.


Your last paragraph is important. Anyone who says they know how they’d react in [insert dangerous/difficult situation here] doesn’t understand the human condition. Knowing what you’d _want_ to do is not the same thing as knowing what you _know_ you’d do. I like to think I’d help people being robbed or beaten. I also know that, factually, when I got cornered and confronted and thought I was going to get stabbed, I literally just froze. It’s asinine to act like you know what you’d do.


Absolutely spot on with the human condition, we're built with a flight or fight response. I'm really sorry that happened to you, hope you're doing well and things have been better.


This is a modern ~~privilege~~ way of thinking. For centuries, child mortality was so common that it was half expected that you would lose a child or two. Parents had to put themselves over the lives of any one child as who would provide for the rest if a parent were to die instead? There are even historic photos of times of extreme famine where parents had to kill their children in order to survive.


Damn. Those were really shitty times back then huh.


Reminds me of the AITA post from yesterday where a woman accidentally set a small grease fire in her kitchen and just ran outta the house without her 8 month old and tried to stop her husband from going back in for the baby...


Yes I was just gonna say!! I read the same post and the concensus was "above reddit pay grade" definitely agree.




Criss cross apple sauce https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/ldgfah/aita_for_being_upset_enough_at_my_wife_for_how/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


i think if my kid was in a burning house i wouldnt even think twice. or once. i would only be thinking of her


It´s easy to say that when there is no fire in front of you. It really isn´t predictable how you will react in an emergency situation like that. You hear stories all the time of people just freezing up, or panicking so much they are completely useless and out of their mind. It´s not their fault. You can try to train yourself on how to react a little bit, like we try to do in fire drills etc., but when it´s the real deal your instinct takes over and your smarthuman intelligence can completely give over control to the much more basic part of your brain.


I don't have kids, but I would tear my shirt off and literally claw with my fingernails through every flaming wall in my house if my Nintendo Switch were still inside. Upon exiting the crumbling inferno, I can only assume all the fire fighters would burst into applause.


I hate to be this guy but... Any decent person would say that they would, know that they should, and hope that they could. The reality of the situation is that many people would be so overwhelmed with stimuli and stress that they would become nonfunctional. A person who is able to push through that and be a functional person during an emergency of that scale is a person who has been conditioned by previous tragedies and come out stronger and more capable, or a person with an incredible willpower. I hate to admit it, but I'm afraid that in her situation I would have become nonfunctional. I'm fortunate enough to not know though, and I hope to never be in a situation to find out.


_Thank you._ ‘Yeah, I’d definitely be a superhero in this totally dangerous situation’ (not exclusively _this_ situation) is a bogus take.


Sadly I know a guy whose sister let her daughter burn in a house fire. It's a very sad story... the mother lost custody and could only see her daughter under supervision. The grandmother had full custody. Grandmother decided she "needed" a break and had her daughter(mother) watch the kid while she went out with her friends. Well doing H in your daughter's closet can cause fires... she woke up, burned to shit, and jumped out the bedroom window. Left her 3yr old daughter to die....


Everyone is a hero online. Fire is something else.


You can say that, but until the flames are melting your skin off, I don’t think you can say you’d do it. There have been several parents that could do nothing while there kids burns/smother, and I can’t imagine the survivor’s guilt that comes with that. It would be crushing.


Yup, I’d rather die in the fire than not attempt to save them.


I think any loving parent would hope to save their kids, but when actually faced with the situation, panic can make you throw judgement and/or morals out of the window.


Right? Because you can’t live with yourself after that so you might as well die trying


Mama bear. Never mess with mama bear.


Reminds me of Desmond Doss.


A man so badass Hollywood had to tone down his heroics


This lady’s soles of her feet dripped off and still went back in to save the baby, that’s like a supernatural level of determination.


Hysterical strength I think. Not trying to take away from her courage because she is incredible.


I honestly feel like they could make a movie out of this.


Adrenaline and shock are two very powerful things. No doubt though she has incredible strength, many people wouldn’t have been able to do what she did


“Mom I’m not hungry!” “I ran into a burning building for you eat the fucking broccoli”


>I had taken all the children out and thought that now I could die. Goosebumps


This is a true hero of a mother. I just read a post on Reddit where there was a grease fire in a couples home and the woman ran out of the house without her infant child. The father of the child was just coming home from work, when he say his wife running out screaming to call 911. When he asked her where their daughter was, she said she was still inside. When he ran in to get their child, the woman tried stopping him saying that theirs a fire and they needed to call 911. The man pushed her off, ran inside, put a lid on the grease fire, putting it out, sprayed the curtains with a fire extinguisher and got his baby out of the house. They lived in a rural area, so he knew it would have taken a while for the fire department to get to his home. He was asking if he was the a-hole for taking his daughter and sleeping at his brothers house. No, fellow Reddit user, you are not the a-hole.


Some people legit panic in emergency situations. I always laugh when people are like “I would totally do different” because you don’t know until you’re there. Most people are not exposed to that much high speed stress in their lifetime.


It's true that people can't necessarily know whether they'd panic. But I also think it's fair for the non-panicker to feel upset. I can see thinking, "Now I know that this person isn't capable of being dependable in an emergency, and I don't feel comfortable with them anymore."


Feelings are valid either way, I don’t think I could be with someone who panics about everything either and thankfully I already know my spouse handles emergency pressure well by nature of our jobs...but I also hate seeing “they’re a bad person/mother/father because they didn’t sacrifice their life to save their kids/cat/dog/whatever”. I’ve seen people who are *trained* for high stress situations freeze the first time it comes down to it. It’s just not always that simple.




I'd say maybe there are no assholes here. A dumb mom, yes, but not necessarily an asshole.


Yeah, well I left a part out. When the husband went back home his wife was upset with him for leaving when she needed to be taken to Urgent Care for her feet. Apparently when he went inside to put the fire out and grab the baby, she ran down the street barefoot to a neighbor’s house to call 911. I guess her feet were scratched up for running barefoot. But he was more upset that when he came back she was only worried about her feet and that he left when she needed him and he couldn’t get over the fact that she ran out of the house without their baby.


Oh shit, that's bad.


I immediately thought of that post when I read this. Can you imagine how much angrier that husband would be after seeing what lengths this mother did to protect her kids?


She should be a judge for anyone who leaves their kid in a hot car




So would (and have) dads.


I love your reply.


Note to self: do not have 6 kids


Seriously, my first thought was "okay, no more kids than I can easily rescue in a fire". I'm sticking with my two, that's as much as I can handle.


That why you have two_sheds?


I would assume it's in case one of them burns down.


I brought you into this world and I can take you out of the house


There is nothing stronger than a Mother's love for her children. Best wishes to her.


I will upvote this every single time


Haven’t talked to my mom in over 10 years some people don’t know how good they have it to have a loving and caring mom


I actually feel sorry for the poor bastard that ever tried to kidnap her kids. She'll beat the guy to the safe house he's staying at.


I've seen this posted many times but I'll never not like it. Incredible woman.


If the bottom right picture is her after the fire, then she looks amazing. Almost as if nothing had ever happened




Where was the dad the whole time?


I believe he was at work. If I remember correctly this all took place early in the morning.


Literally will never, ever, be able to duck a phone call from mom again.


#Mom of the Century




"I saved you from a goddamned burning building, I put food on the table, and I keep a roof over your head. I do it all without even expecting a thank you, an I love you, or you telling me that you appreciate me. And you have the audacity to tell me, TO TELL ME, that I should buy you v-bucks so you can buy more Fortnite costumes? Goddamn, I should have left you in the house and saved your father; at least he could get all his piss in the bowl! "


She’s just a hero we don’t deserve


A mother's instinct to protect her kids, wow! Is there anything as powerful?


I wish more people in general were like this woman.


Dude this is almost superhuman. What an amazing level of determination.


She surprisingly still looks fantastic! (profile) That’s a great mum


That woman is AMAZING. What she did is not only heroic but beyond selfless....it's genuinely amazing.


Right up there with the mother that fought a **Mountain Lion** for 3 hours while her children ran for help. She only collapsed and died when rescuers arrived and told her that her children were safe. Absolute selfless heroism.


her kids had to be proud of their mom.


This woman is absolutely amazing. I Read the article about her and covered my mouth in horror over some of her pain filled descriptions. Expecially about the feet.


One of the most powerful forces of nature is the mother. Don’t. Mess. W. Mama.


This is the coolest thing ive seen so far


I hope anybody would do this for their babies.


And I have no doubt she would do it again


That's sick but how many times is this gonna get reposted?


God bless her