Cult leader found mummified, wrapped in Christmas lights in Colorado home; 7 charged

Cult leader found mummified, wrapped in Christmas lights in Colorado home; 7 charged


It sounds pretty nuts... the Mother was Queen of the lost continent of Lemuria before the folks from Atlantis stole their crystals and now the world’s vibrations are off and a secret cabal of annunaki and reptilians have taken over... but they’ve got the ghost of Robin Williams helping them out, so sign me up https://gurumag.com/crestone-cult-love-has-won-leaves-man-to-die-in-desert/


Sounds like a bitchin' D&D campaign.


I'm down with this. I'll bring my Bard-barian.


I'll roll up a Kenku bird-barian to match.


And I'll roll a no-handed ranger for you guys to carry


Lemuria is a sore subject up here near Mount Shasta lol. Apparently this lady died here 3-4 WEEKS ago and the crew moved her to Colorado. This is a weird place.


Mount Shasta represent!!!! These are not the nutters that got kicked out of Abrams lake are they?


Yes unfortunately I think they are. At least that’s what someone on NextDoor was saying last month


Hold the fuck up that top comment was actually explaining the real situation and not making a sarcastic reddit comment?!




Just *Witnesses*. You can't all be Jehovah!


I don't even know what Lemuria is but I hope it's a place where they like to move it move it.


One of the various lost continents/civilizations, like Atlantis or Mu. Lemuria was supposed to be in the Indian Ocean somewhere. It was actually a really good theory for its time; there are lemur fossils in India and Madagascar but not Africa or the Middle East, so how did the lemurs get to Madagascar? Some guy proposed a land bridge called Lemuria, and then occultists got a hold of the idea and decided maybe ancient humans lived there, and it took off.


It just occured to me that lemurians are a reference to this. (Lemurians are a race of fire breathing lizard people in risk of rain)


I've heard a lot of weird things about the area. Aliens in the mountain, that's a common belief, yeah? Any idea on where I could read more about it?


Imma be real it seems like all these new age hippie folks that believe in aliens as gods and the "power of crystals" just kinda take a bunch of random terms into a blender and make that their religion. I pictured some guy pulling a piece of paper saying the ghost of robin williams out of a hat.


The ghost of Robin Williams would be a great “cards against humanity” option


Was going to say, this sounds like they made up their background using cards against humanity. > You drew "Start a cult with" > "The ghost of Robin Williams"


It’s a common belief by crystal-loving type people, but not by like, average folk who just genuinely live and work here. Unfortunately I don’t have much info as I don’t delve too much into it. A big group here are the I Am cult, maybe you can look more into that!


> but not by like, average folk who just genuinely live and work here. That's pretty funny. These cults don't genuinely live there. They live in a fantasy land. "There's aliens in the mountain? Have you hiked up and taken a picture?" That's like the first thing I would do.


There are literally Vortex Tours here as a tourist excursion 😂😭


crystal people are always the weirdest


Our old hippy landlord talk about crystals when we first met her. Besides that, she seems like a cool person... Nope, the crystal talk was a sign. She was insane.


"Cool. So I'll pay rent in crystals or....?"


I wish. She stole $250 after illegally charging a security deposit because she didn't understand our tenant law and I trusted her to not fuck me over and wanted a good recommendatiin. Whoops..


Tenant laws are futile when your harmonic soul vibrations can ping Alpha Centauri and upload back into your indigo child vessel.


This guy quartzes.


My ex wife was big on crystals. We ran a business together and when sales were down she’d put a money crystal on my desk. I kept putting it back on hers. She kept putting it on mine. One month, this got to be seriously contentious. We had fights. I thought I made myself clear. The crystal showed back up on my desk yet again. I walked it over to her side of the office, locked eyes with her, and maintained awkward eye contact while I shoved it down my pants and rubbed it all over my junk. I fished it back out, continuing to make awkward eye contact. Slammed it down on her desk. Walked away. No words exchanged. That month turned out to be our highest grossing month ever. Instead of being introspective and realizing that I was working my ass off to avoid talking to her, she decided that it was my actions with the crystal. From that day forward, if sales were down, she’d come ask me to rub the crystal on my balls. Amazing that our relationship didn’t work out. Truly a wonder.


I’m sorry but this is hilarious. Can you imagine what she would have cooked up if y’all had problems with infertility? Yikes! I’m a woman. The weird, crazy shit that gets marketed to us for “reproductive health” is freighting. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be married to someone that might buy into it.


There’s a lady in my town that owns a vitamin type of shop and she’s a little bit out there. So much so that in order for her to get her now ex husband to love her again she cooked her period blood into his chili. So yeah, didn’t work out too well.


Oh jesus christ on a bike


That’s old, old school witchcraft. Like older than ancient Greece old. Love potion recipes often require something of the person in them, and blood’s as personal as it gets.


There are definitely some crystal "wands" out there.


I mean Viagra is filled with a crystalline powder soooooo...


> My ex wife was big on crystals. We ran a business together and when sales were down she’d put a money crystal on my desk. I kept putting it back on hers. She kept putting it on mine. One month, this got to be seriously contentious. We had fights. I thought I made myself clear. Apparently you weren't crystal clear.


You’re out of line, but you’re right.


That fits with the classic financial advice “Pants down, profits up”


It sounds like there maybe been some toxicity in that relationship, just a smidge.


I mean I'm a crystal guy but I also graduated from the Physics & Geology college of my University.


I'm more of a mineral person myself, but my wife keeps calling them rocks and its straining our relationship.


Watch out for your brother-in-law. I think he’s up to something.


Why, is he also a crystal guy?


Actually, yes!


I said they were neat rocks, Hank


crystal meth people*


One of the best arguments for legalizing weed is that I no longer need to sit around and listen to my old dealer's theories about the Annunaki.


I'd read that novel, but I'd hate the movie adaptation.


On a side note, if you have not before seen the movie "Adaptation", I finally saw it yesterday and it was insanely good.


I'll see you boys on Last Podcast on the Left lmao


Damn...all the really good funeral ideas are already taken.


Which is good. I always wanted my ashes to be stuffed into fireworks and blown up. When I first had the idea, way back when, it was legally dubious. But someone else in the past few decades came up with the same idea, put it into play and now, there are companies offering it as a legitimate service now. So it went from a childhood joke to a real plan that, according to my friends, will happen exactly as I wanted. So I have that going for me, which is nice.


Hunter Thompson had himself blown out of a cannon. That’s the best I’ve heard of so far, although I was disappointed that it was just cremains and not the whole body.


My wish was to be cremated and have my ashes mixed in with some potting soil. Use the soil to grow marijuana plants and have my friends smoke them in my honor.




Jesus...how fast do you think they spin?


Wouldn't have to spin too fast once decomp takes over.


I love maggots on my pizza




They taste nothing like anchovies, though. :( Need salt.


Kinda chewy.


Healthy AND disgusting.


Slimy, yet satisfying!


My partner once went on a teacup ride with his friend the professional rower and another friend. The rowing friend spun the teacup so hard that their other friend blacked out from the G-forces being generated.


I sprained my thumb trying to spin it really fast. I found out some of them have a speed governor


Lmao yes fucking this, me and my brother went on the tea cups with his son my nephew, and we spun it a little too fast for the lil man


It was always apples at the fair for me. My dad and I would spin them so fast we had to have the ride stopped for de-puking


I’d like my body scattered around Disneyland, but I don’t want to be cremated...


My idea of a waterslide entrance lubed with coconut oil into my grave while "Benny and the Jets" plays over loudspeaker is still not taken... I think.


You just have to plagiarize the one you like. I'm currently leaning towards having my assets liquidated and flying in an entire funeral parade from new orleans to my small Midwestern town. Now i just need enough assets.


I read 'liquidated' as something you would do with a very large blender and just stopped for a minute trying to figure out how to connect a corpse smoothie with a funeral parade. On second read, it makes perfect sense, but I'm going to stay with my first interpretation.


Now when I die--don't think I'm a nut--don't want no fancy funeral, just one like old King Tut.


Born in Arizona, moved to Babalonia


“Love has won” is an aggressively presumptive cult name.


"However, Death has persevered"


"Death is preserved" in this case


“Nevertheless death persisted”


I grew up in a cult that uses a "Court of Love" to remove members who commit the ultimate sin: apostasy. Whenever a cult uses the term "love" it is anything but love. This particular cult also has a net worth in excess of 100 billion, operates a large network of private universities, has hundreds of retail properties, is the largest private landowner in Florida, and claims 16 million members. Mormonism grew so large it's now considered a somewhat-mainstream religion. > *Edit*: My favorite part about the replies from faithful Mormons is that the issue they take with this comment is how the term "Court of Love" isn't frequently used anymore, and not with .. you know .. that whole second paragraph.


Hello fellow ex-Mormon!


Hello my fellow ~~tapir~~ r/horse enthusiast. > ^(Explanation: Mormon theology claims horses were present in the Americas 3,000+ years ago. Archaeology shows they were not. Mormon apologists have since claimed it's possible that a "horse," as written of in Mormon scripture, was actually another animal such as a deer or tapir. Thus, because of how hilariously absurd it is to imagine an ancient American riding a tapir in 1000 BC, the tapir us the de-facto mammal of exmormons.)


Tapirs have the largest penis relative to their body size of any terrestrial animal.


Now *that’s* a fun penis fact!! Subscribe!


My family went to the zoo when we kids were pre-teens and the tapir's penis just KEPT getting longer and longer as we stood watching. It was insane, and we were trying not to laugh because we were embarrassed I guess. The rest of the visit was pretty explicit, too, with monkeys/apes masturbating and big cats mating. I still find it hilarious all these years later.


do you look like a female tapir / monkey by any chance?


To those trying to say Mormonism isn't a cult, and that it's an actual world religion: Mormonism is recently formed, by a person/people whose claims are proven lies, motivated by proven self interest, and operates/grows by targeting the economically/educationally vulnerable with messages of exceptionalism and exclusion. They gaslight, manipulate, threaten, shame, and shun those of their faith that dare to question their dubious origin stories and the motives of the founders. The society of Mormonism is carefully crafted to prevent those raised in it from asking any REAL questions, or coming to any unapproved conclusions; those that manage to do so often do so because of some trauma that was either facilitated byor compounded by the organizations structural authoritarianism- the protection of the image of which takes priority over ANY and ALL other matters of morality. They literally argue in court that they have a right to forgive serial molesters and give then a "clean slate" by shuffling them into other congregations so they can 'rehabilitate' - because their new congregation doesn't know what kind of a threat they are. Their clergy are trained that their first reaction to a molester's (or the molester's victim's) confession is to call the church law offices where they have a map of states that shows which have laws that make clergy mandatory reporters. However, if they think they can get away with it, they will even avoid reporting in states that do make clergy mandatory reporters. They will go so far as to send child molesters on foreign countries as missionaries to ~~protect them from the law~~ give them a chance to repent through service. Marriage is used as a tool to shame and exclude those who are not full (and I mean this in the literal sense) card carrying, paying members. They will brainwash members, literally from birth, into believing that the only marriages God sanctions are those performed in their temples, and then they turn around and deny access to the event to any family members who are either not LDS or who have not completed all their basic initiation rituals (baptism) or who haven't been paying their dues (10% of ALL gross income), or (if you are compliant with all the above) who have been committing sins as benign as drinking alcohol or coffee. If you have complaints, their response invariably is 'have you considered joining our cult or doubling down on your brainwashing?' It's not some ancient world religion that started off with a person trying to improve the world or who made great personal sacrifices to do so. It was formed by a dishonest charismatic individual purely out of financial and sexual self interest- who created a reputation for himself and his followers as bigamous filanderers and frauds, for which they were driven from place to place until he died in a gunfight with a mob. Just because there was persecution does not mean it was not/is not a cult. In fact persecution was critical in the formation of the cult.


Couldn't go to my own brother's wedding because I didn't pay my Mormon taxes. This is not a joke.


Yep. Couldn’t attend my little sister’s wedding because I’m not a believing member anymore. People can say what they want about Mormons being kind people (many are) but the practices are cruel.


Yep, and out of fear, self-righteousness, malice, or a little of all three, those "kind people" still enforce the cruel practices.


I’m not invited to any weddings because fuck the Word of Wisdom. Sorry you missed a temple shindig.


Lol IDGAF about their marble castles. I wanted to be there for my brother's possibly most memorable day of his life. But yeah I just sit and smoke outside of temple grounds. Fuck 'em.


Man I'm a big fan of how every leader the religion got for the first 60 years was like "having multiple wives is cool, but only me, nobody else, not even Brigham Young, that horny bastard" and Brigham Young was like "ooooooooooooooohhhhh I just had a revalation that I should have multiple wives, but again, nobody else is allowed besides me" right after Joseph Smith died. It's like the churches whole history is a parody of religion that went way too far, up to and including the magic underwear.


I...thought that term sounded familiar.


I read some of the LHW followers comments on Facebook. So wild. They actually announced on Facebook that she ascended and one lady went off in the comments that what was supposed to happen when she died didn’t. [edit FB comments](https://www.reddit.com/user/VedderxGirl/comments/n4qop2/lhw_fb_comments/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


What was supposed to happen?


I heard about this group on a podcast the other day so I have some idea of their thing. Basically the concept was that Amy and the group were on the verge of completing a 19 billion year long mission, and would to gather 144,000 chosen people who would ascend and "become love" in the fifth dimension. When she "ascended" they were all supposed to ascend apparently. Her health had been in deterioration for awhile now, and so people were kind of expecting a Heaven's Gate situation. This is one of the more positive results that could have happened. Cults are fuckin weird man.


19 billion years and christmas lights were the best they could do? Well no wonder they didn’t ascend to heaven what a cop out


What podcast? I'm always looking for a new one, especially when the topic is either cults or cyber security.


Stuff They Don't Want You To Know. Its a relatively light conspiracy theory podcast, although they get into some pretty dark stuff sometimes. [Vice](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fcOkxoQLoU) did a video about these guys if you wanted to know more.


Can I get a review of the video of the article about the podcast about this stuff? In interpretive dance, preferably?


A literal rising from the dead and floating up to heaven? That's ascention. Idk... It's all Coo-coo bananas shit really.


I keep trying to mark down what category these cult members' concepts fall into, and so far, 100% of them are "coo-coo bananas shit." Beginning to think I don't need any of these other categories at all.


No, you only need two: Coo-coo bananas shit, or $$$$. They either actually believe these things, or use them to get money from people who do. Maybe sometimes a little of both. But rarely is there a full 1:1 overlap. It's predominantly one or the other.


I wanna start a cult that believes kookoo bananas shit, but the way it "takes advantage" of people is by taking their money and putting it into mental health and financial stability resources for the members.


she gets wrapped in a sleeping bag and christmas lights


* when she died, "we all die" (I think that refers to the leader's family?) * Trump's president * The world is a garden of eden * The matix (matrix?) collapses * They live in 5D instead of 3D (I guess they don't undersatnd that they already live in 4D) * Crystals in school


this just sounds like they found the 5D chess trump memes and took it too far.


So they are a mix of regular cult kookiness and qanoners. Makes sense.


FINALLY. Crystals in school. That's the thing one thing we've been missing.


*Amy is dead and we are still in 3D.* I don't know why but that sentence is amazing to me.


Sounds like a line from a Terry Pratchett novel.


"Michael took the money and there are no crystal schools" Just, this is absolutely tragic. But that line is *killing* me right now


It's almost a Steely Dan lyric


Do you have a link? Or a screenshot? What was supposed to happen?


Updated comment with link


Thank you, there’s a lot to unpack there (5D? Crystal schools?), but “Michael took all money” made me sad, even though I don’t know who he is or what that money was supposed to be for.


https://i.redd.it/y0azoo0hd4x61.jpg Man.. she even surpassed her father Trump by going 5D^^^chess!!


> there is no disclosure. Trump is not President That sounds awfully QAnon like... Was this a Q cult? Edit: Predates Q but talks a lot about a “cabal” so they may have co-opted some Q stuff. Q is definitely the Swiss Army knife of crazy shit, can be applied to all kinds of existing crazy https://www.risingabovelhw.com/love-has-won-s-belief-system


She claimed Donald Trump was ["her dad"](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9539701/Spiritual-leaders-mummified-remains-Colorado-home.html) > another bizarre belief was her father was Donald Trump


Holy shit, I just watched a vice video on these crazy fucks at the end of March when Vice published it. Good riddance, she was fucking horrid. [Vice Video on “Love Has Won” from March 23rd 2021](https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7mwvb/love-has-won-vice-documentary)


>Currently living through her 534th reincarnation, they believe she’s been trying to save humanity for 19 billion years and will soon lead 144,000 chosen ones into a new mystical dimension.  For a plan that has taken longer than the history of the universe, a goal of saving 144,000 people seems, well, unimpressive.


Maybe she came up with that number 19 billion years ago and just never adjusted for inflation.


Its biblical, from the book of revelations iirc


Yeah Jehovah's Witnesses also only believe 144,000 people go to heaven, but then they added the "earthly class" in the '30s when they realized they were going to have more members than that.


They should’ve just specified that you have to be more Jehovah’s Witnesser than the average Jehovah’s Witness *Edit - I also like the fact that they can know since that seems to be between God and the chosen and virtually no one else


Plus, 19 billion divided by 534 is 35 million. She lives for 35 million years per reincarnation but just happened to die now?


She basically got spawn killed if you think about it


Well what you don’t realize is that she spent her first few incarnations as rocks.


So I did the calculations — and they are very likely incorrect — and that comes out to 1 person being saved for every 131579 years she works on saving humans. What a sacrifice! Also seems like she could help a lot more people just by joining some volunteer service organization....but some people like to do it the hard way 🤷‍♂️


That specific number is a biblical number in the Old Testament I think. Edit: New Testament apparently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


From Revelation actually.


It is, but in the new testament - revelations 7: Then I saw another angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” 4 Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel. What this could mean theologically or dogmatically is subject to a ton of debate.


144,000 is a thing interpreted by some Christians as the last few allowed into heaven.


Yikes. At least it sounds like she OD'd or something before this cult reached peak dangerous, but still sad that she managed to browbeat some lost people into it.


They have a subreddit here: [https://www.reddit.com/r/LoveHasWonCult/](https://www.reddit.com/r/LoveHasWonCult/) ​ Edit: Looks like it's a expose subreddit, thought that needed mentioning. Though I suppose it could have been taken over too.


> Looks like it's a expose subreddit, Yeah, surely the actual members wouldn't have the self awareness to call it a "cult", right?


Those are 7 pictures of the same person


Say what you want about stereotypes but if you were casting a movie with "7 typical Cult followers" these people would be exactly how they would need to look.




To be fair if they took a picture of me with that lighting on a murder involvement charge I’d blend right in


Believe me, a big beard and a great set of knockers and the world is yours, basically.


Blocked for europeans. Can someone archive this story or something?


>SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Seven people with suspected ties to the “Love Has Won” cult are facing charges after the body of the religious group’s leader was found at a home in Colorado. >Amy Carlson, 45, who was known as “Mother God” by her followers, was found dead in a home in the small, rural town of Moffat on Wednesday, April 28, according to arrest affidavits for the suspects, who are each charged with abuse of a corpse. >The remains were found in a back bedroom lying on a bed wrapped in what appeared to be a sleeping bag. What appeared to be glitter-type makeup was found around the woman’s eyes. The body was decorated with Christmas tree lights and “appeared to be set up in some type of shrine,” the warrant said. >A follower told investigators he knew the woman as Lia Carlson, and a Saguache County sheriff’s corporal wrote in the affidavits that Carlson is believed to be the group’s leader. It’s unclear why the follower provided the name Lia. >A spokesperson said the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a deceased female in a residence and a concern of child abuse. >According to the arrest warrants for the seven people, Miguel Lamboy, 42, who is believed to be part of the group, opened his home to members when they needed a place to stay on April 27. >Lamboy left the house and returned to find the body of whom he knew to be Lia Carlson. Lamboy said the body appeared to be mummified with Carlson’s teeth exposed through the lips, the warrant said. >Lamboy tried to leave the home with his son, but the group would not let him take the child. Lamboy went to the Salida Police Department to report the dead woman. Because his residence is in Saguache County, the report was handed over to the sheriff’s office. >Thirty-year-old Ryan Kramer, 35-year-old Christopher Royer, 35-year-old Sarah Rudolph, 47-year-old Karin Raymond, 45-year-old Jason Castillo, 32-year-old John Robertson and 52-year-old Obdulia Franco were arrested and booked on abuse of a corpse and two counts of child abuse into Rio Grande County Jail. >Lamboy’s son and Raymond’s 13-year-old daughter were removed from the home and placed with social services. Lamboy and his son have since been reunited. >According to the affidavits, the sheriff’s office has received “many complaints” from families across the U.S. alleging “Love Has Won” is brainwashing people and stealing their money. And that was all there was to the article.


Sounds weird. Hopefully the kids are alright.




Many thanks from Europe!


You're very welcome!


My phrenology could have predicted this tragedy


The cult leader definitely had a type.


I remember checking these people out a few months ago. They post on youtube everyday.. I recall one video with some terrifying child abuse going on, locking a crying infant in a closet because their leader "mother god" was hungover and the crying was making her head hurt. They all laughed and went along with it. [Here's their vid from the day the leaders body was found](https://youtu.be/HZQlktGofL4)


[This is vices documentary from one month ago](https://youtu.be/MRxD3eH19hE)


Two of the charges stemming from this are about child abuse, so they're in trouble for that too.


The article doesn't indicate if the lights were plugged in. I'm not really interested in the details of the cult. If I'm ever mummified & wrapped in Christmas lights, please have the decency to plug them in and make sure they're all working. I don't want them blinking either, that just comes off as tacky.


There is also a sub dedicated to discussing the cult and helping ex-members: /r/LoveHasWonCult


Holy shit. That wiki was a wild ride.


All I read is one less cult leader.


The problem with a cult leader dying is that some equally crazy person is just as likely to take over and then they view the old leader as a god/martyr


Not when you arrest the entire cult for mummification of the old leader


"It’s unclear why the follower provided the name Lia." Did they leave an 'r' off at the end?


Are you there God? It’s me, Mother God. And I’m fuckin DRUNK!


*God looks at phone, reads message* *shudders* “Block.”


Is it really that lady? Saw a documentary on them recently and turned it off. Her aggression and piety were making me uncomfortable


Yes same lady - there is a link to the Vice news video somewhere else in these comments. I imagine her liver finally gave out or she wasn’t able to smoke enough bongs to cure her pancreatitis or something, so they just let her mummify and dumped some glitter on her face and kept the scam going. As one does, if one finds oneself stuck in a cult led by the lady who gets kicked out of the local dive bar 3x/week.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRxD3eH19hE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRxD3eH19hE) Everyone who comes here should watch this video.


Thanks for sharing. High level....alcoholic woman started her cult after her third marriage dissolved and walked out of her job at McDonalds declaring Donald Trump was her father and she was the incarnation of God. I wonder if she died naturally, was murdered, or sacrificed herself.


I JUST listened to a podcast on this and I'm so relieved they are being disbanded. Apparently she drank so much alcohol that her followers said it was proof she was divine, because no normal human could drink that much. So I'm guessing that had something to do with her death, but I could see the other two things too.


they need to learn about their true lord and savior, Andre the Giant.


I’ve never seen a man eat so many chicken wings! They’re really spicy!


Man? Or GOD???


Fucking Trump! I swear all these type of personalities LOVE Trump, I see it again and again. Its crazy.


You would think narcissists would hate each other but oddly doesn't seem to be the case. They love themselves so much, they see their own shitty traits in each other and praise it.


People not only aspire to be Donald Trump's child but believe that also makes you the incarnation of God? Damn.


Hmm, those Christmas lights in the background 10 seconds into the video...


Chekhov’s Gun


Say what you want about this cult but clearly they have a firm grasp on effective story telling.


This is an in depth VICE News segment on the cult that kinda revolved around her, even though she would get passed drunk every night and livestreamed themselves every day while seeking donators. Very angry and abusive personality even though cult called Love Has Won.


Reminds me of roch thériault, canadian cult leader. Last Podcast on the Left just did a series on him. He gets blackout drunk and start abusing/killing/fucking his cult members. I can not understand how they all took the abuse every day and still believed he was god.


That was a really good series but god damn it got brutal. At least this lady didnt perform amateur surgery on her members, right?


When I saw the thumbnail of the article I thought they looked similar to people in a vice video I watched earlier this year. Can’t say I’m that surprised this happened.


Yeah I was like, wait a minute, either this is becoming far too normalized, or I know who that is.


Thank you for sharing this. I wish everyone interested in this story would watch the video because it really helped me to understand how awful the whole situation really is.


Why is it that people who have families and high paying jobs turn to cults? I've always wondered what exactly is happening in their brains. It seems to be a certain type of person.


Most are well educated and middle class. The most common feature of those who join is going through periods of transitions and uncertainty in life. Historically cult memberships increase when there’s major political, economic, and social upheaval (e.g. wars, plagues, famines).


It's nice to see a woman broke into the traditionally male dominated field of evil cult leader. /s


Where's your god now? Down the hall, first bedroom on the left. Flip the second light switch to bathe in her radiance.


Article with more info. https://www.civilbeat.org/2021/05/love-has-won-cult-leader-apparently-found-dead-in-colorado/


Imma need a documentary please.


I, for one, look forward to the Netflix docuseries about this


That picture screams cult with Christmas lights.


Give European readers a summary? Then we know which puns to work on :)


SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Seven people with suspected ties to the “Love Has Won” cult are facing charges after the body of the religious group’s leader was found at a home in Colorado. Amy Carlson, 45, who was known as “Mother God” by her followers, was found dead in a home in the small, rural town of Moffat on Wednesday, April 28, according to arrest affidavits for the suspects, who are each charged with abuse of a corpse. Officers searching the residence found the remains in a back bedroom lying on a bed wrapped in what appeared to be a sleeping bag. What appeared to be glitter-type makeup was found around the woman’s eyes. The body was decorated with Christmas tree lights and appeared to be set up in a shrine, the warrant said. A follower told investigators he knew the woman as Lia Carlson, and a Saguache County sheriff’s corporal wrote in the affidavits that Carlson is believed to be the group’s leader. It’s unclear why the follower provided the name Lia.


Helga Patacki has been busy


Holy shit! I ran into one of these nuts in Wyoming at the Ames monument! He isn't even pictured either (which means there are more). Nice guy at first. Obviously homeless. Wanted me to take a picture of him in front of the monument "with his staff" (glorified walking stick). He started chatting me and It quickly veered into the insane. I have never motioned so hard to my wife to round up the kids so we could gtfo.


That cult straight up tried to kidnap my girlfriend a couple years ago They're truly despicable Edit: since people asked for the story. This happened in a state college on the east coast She was coming back to her dorm after work around 9-10pm and there were 3 girls handing out flyers. They called her over to talk to her but she got a really bad feeling. They asked her if she could go with them somewhere else to talk so she just ran and told her roommate. Her roommate was obsessed with cults and my gf told her they wanted to talk to her about "God the Mother" and she knew right away who they were There a couple reports of attempted kidnapping on the campus and the police was on patrol looking for them for a while. They never showed up again there thankfully


Gonna need more about that, Chief.


From CO here, can you elaborate?


If you watch some of the videos this group has on YouTube it’s obvious that they’re completely fucking wacko. Like Manson family levels of wacko.




Hold up the woman from Dr Phil is dead? She appeared on there last year. She’s fucking nuts and her thought of trying to help a child stop crying was locking them in a dark closet.


Seriously, what am I doing with my life? She is my age age and had her own cult. Meanwhile, I'm sitting around here going to work, not having people worship me. No one would wrap me in Xmas lights. Where's my cult already?


how long has she been dead for? Wouldn't be surprised if her liver gave out. They had been live streaming every morning up until very recently I thought. Edit, yup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkM9xY1QkPw


I can smell this picture 🤢🤢🤢