Colorado officers who violently arrested 73-year-old with dementia laughed incident after, video shows

Colorado officers who violently arrested 73-year-old with dementia laughed incident after, video shows


Cops: "Why don't people respect us?" Also cops: "Watch this awesome video of me breaking an old lady's shoulder, hahaha"


Nobody wrote a hit song called "Fuck the Fire Department".


I’d like to fuck the fire department 🤷🏻‍♂️


Well they at least know how to use their big hoses.


though they aren't famous for beating the shit out of and killing people, FD's got its own racism problems too.


FD's got racism and it's a big problem. another big problem is racist and transphobic EMTs who have straight up refused to treat injured people basically because "they're different from me, ew I don't wanna touch them." at least one person has [literally died](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Tyra_Hunter) from this. bigotry is everywhere in emergency services. it's not just police.


I use to think that Eric Cartmans portrayal of a police officer was a bit over the top for comedy. But now it looks like they may have tamed it down from reality.




That's an insult to pigs. Pigs are useful


And intelligent


"Honestly real pigs are mostly harmless, innocent, and smart creatures that act similar to dogs. Their association with these psychopaths and the cowards that defend them is unfair to pigs. But it does seem to piss off cops when you call them pigs so fair game I guess." - /u/mooimafish3


I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. -Sean bean




Motherfucker is winded after assaulting a 73 year old woman with dementia.


Seems like it was a sport to them.


>Video of the Loveland Police Department booking area shows the officers who made the arrest, Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali, re-watching body camera footage and laughing about the incident while the woman, Karen Garner, sat handcuffed to a bench in a nearby cell. > >The officers fractured Garner’s arm and dislocated her shoulder during the arrest, her family has said. > >[“Ready for the pop?”](https://youtu.be/1iuuyg94-yI?t=2906) an officer identified by Garner’s lawyer as Hopp said to other officers while re-watching the body camera footage together. > >“What popped?” another officer asked. > >“I think it was her shoulder,” Hopp responded. > >In the video from the booking area, Hopp can also be heard saying, “I can’t believe I threw a 73-year-old on the ground,” and saying he loved watching the body camera footage of his fight with the elderly woman. They are 100% hunting for sport and entertainment. Edit: The article also mentions multiple cops *refusing to give the victim medical treatment* >Schielke on Monday added two more officers — Tyler Blackett and Antolina Hill — as defendants in the lawsuit, alleging they knew Garner was injured but did not provide her medical care while she was held in the booking cell. The federal lawsuit alleges Garner did not receive medical care for more than six hours after her arrest. You can't reform this.


I’m cringing reading this, as a caregiver to seniors with dementia. I’m fuming. Edit - someone replied to me saying *don’t you love how healthcare is more regulated than cops* And honestly it is so true. How is this allowed to happen??!? I genuinely love my residents (I work in long term care they are called residents because they live there). One time I was fired from my job because I told the midnight staff man to NOT unplug people’s call bells. So I was fired for bullying him, for telling him not to unplug something that people use to call us for help. Luckily I got my job back, but it was a huge smear on my record and I really wasn’t being rude to him, I was telling him to do his job. And then I gotta come on the internet and see cops doing this to seniors? With dementia? For THIRTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS?!? Our world is so ass backwards sometimes I just can’t deal with it.


You simply don’t have heart or soul if you can do this and then laugh about it.


I'd love to see their reaction if it was their parents being handled like that.


You assume they care about their parents?


People like this are typically very protective of their own if they have even a halfway decent relationship with them. If this cop had an elderly family member experience this, they'd be fuming. They only see it if/when it affects them or their own.


This cop would kill anyone who did this to his mother. Headline would read: “Off-duty officer kills suspect assaulting older woman”. No consequences and a high-five. If this woman’s children had seen this, they could only watch or be killed by the assaulter if they try to intervene. This is the actual power dynamic in America.


Just like how politicians can be anti-gay until their kid comes out.


Looking at the *self* reported rates of spousal abuse amongst police I'm not sure that's true. Something tells me there is a strong overlap between those who laugh about hurting old ladies and those who will beat their wives and kids (yet cry about how much they love them)


Their parents likely taught them that this was acceptable behavior.


People like that are the first to abandon their elderly parents, I doubt they'd notice or care.


My grandmother’s dementia progressed rapidly. We needed help getting her to the doctor as she refused to leave the house. We called the police for help. Within minutes of getting there one of the cops was threatening to “cuff her and throw her in the back of the car” for being “mouthy” with him. My grandfather watched as he wept quietly. Thankfully the other officer had a shred of humanity and defused things, while the EMT, an actual hero, calmed my grandma down and got her into an ambulance. This was in small town, USA. What would have happened without the more level headed cop there? We needed help with a sick old woman that could barely walk, and within minutes of arriving the police threatened violence. I lost my last shred of respect for police that day.


My mom called the cops once because we heard a woman screaming for help in the woods behind our home. My mom was really concerned about this woman, however our 4 month old Springer Spaniel puppy was boisterous.... The cop was more concerned about the puppy than the lady screaming for help that he threatened my moms dog with his "service weapon". My mom was pissed....she told him to get out her house and concern himself with the person on the woods crying for help. That if he had questions he she would answer them through the door but he wasn't welcomed inside.


I called the cops once to report a potential child abuse situation. The dispatcher said "Well, it's not an emergency if you didn't see him physically hurt the kid." (It was a neighbor a few houses away.) "Okay..well, can you still send someone down there to check?" "It's not an emergency." "Right, but you guys always say that if we see something, we should say something. So I'm saying something. It's not sitting right with me." "What I'm telling you is that it's not an emergency." ..At that point, I decided I'll never bother calling the police to report a thing again, and that I'd never help them in any investigation.


>"What I'm telling you is that it's not an emergency." But if there was there a scared old lady with dementia there? Or a little black kid with a toy gun? They would have showed up in record time.


Careful about [refusing to answer questions](https://apnews.com/article/lawsuits-police-loveland-086fdf9a09a884ab3502fa36da1e74fb) from Loveland PD... That’s a broken shoulder too.


Man, thanks for sharing, that’s really fucking sad and disturbing


Same. I worked at a memory care center in Loveland. This makes me sick.


I can’t even begin to understand how their “victory” is an accomplishment? Laughable? I don’t get this


Did you watch the video to see that fat piece of shit practically drooling as he pops in with all kinds of vicarious questions like “did she spit on you?” Before fist bumping this guy as they replay the video *again*? I 100% got the vibe that guy was just trying to collect as many details as he can for when he goes home to masturbate while pretending it was him fighting this poor woman. Desk dude needs to lose his job, too.




Lol, because the people who are the BEST at plain clothes gang warfare are cops. Look up the Lynwood Vikings in Los Angeles, that shit exists in every fucking department. Locally where I live if you are a homicide detective, there is a 2/3 chance you have tattooed hands. I only know drug dealers who actually gang (read shoot, murder, steal), and sometimes sex workers that have hand tattoos. Oh and cops. Where I live they have shot up a woman's house because she was identified as an organizer for a BLM protest. They fired 10mm shells into her house while an on duty officer was at the end of the block keeping people clear. Of course he saw nothing when questioned on camera by people on scene. How does a cop miss a drive by shooting when he is 3 houses down the street when it happens? Because it was his co workers. What would you do if your grandma was being taken down by some cop outside your house, and there are 5 guys backing him up with guns and body armor? You really gonna be out there trying to throw hands and be murdered in the street by them? No, no you are not just like everyone one of us who has to sit here and watch this shit happen.


Scum of the earth, that's what they are.


I'm parents own an assisted living that isn't equipped for memory care, but even if she didn't have dementia the thought of police officers brutalizing elderly people in general like this is absolutely terrifying. She's 73 years old, what the hell is she going to do to these combat trained officers?


They don't care though, we are all combatants at best and prey at worst. This is police culture, they see everyone as a threat and they'll use it as an excuse to escalate. Those that they know aren't a threat, like this lady, are free kills, notches, or stripes back at the station... As we can see in the video.


They shoot children at the drop of a hat, beating up old people seems kinda tame in comparison to be honest.


As a citizen of the USA, Im ready to meet this fool for some entertainment of my own.


> You can't reform this. This is what worries me about the whole situation with police in the USA. There is a culture, it pervades the entire "industry", and being part of it is basically required to have the job. If you're like that, and everyone you work with is like that, and your boss is like that, and your boss's boss is like that but just paying lip service to the way the people and elected representatives want things to be, how can it ever be reformed? It's self-sustaining and they work for themselves, not for the people.


Camden NJ was once one of the most deadly cities in the country. Back in (I think) 2013 they fired every officer and made them all reapply with psychological tests and background checks done on all of them. Many were not rehired. Camden has seen a 40% reduction in crime since then. Reform is possible. Newark NJ was also another dangerous and crime ridden place that has made tremendous strides. Their force has undergone extensive deescalation training and they did not fire a single shot last year.


It was 3 cities in NJ that took radical reforms. Camden, Newark and I think Jersey City. The reforms started under the Obama Justice department. Of course the top brass in the NJPD took issue, but eventually the saw the improvements. When Trump came into office he wanted to repeal the changes, but NJPD was supported the reforms. Not only that they wanted to expand them.


“You can’t reform this.” Chilling and true.


>Ready for the pop?” an officer identified by Garner’s lawyer as Hopp said to other officers while re-watching the body camera footage together. >“What popped?” another officer asked. >“I think it was her shoulder,” Hopp responded. >In the video from the booking area, Hopp can also be heard saying, “I can’t believe I threw a 73-year-old on the ground,” and saying he loved watching the body camera footage of his fight with the elderly woman. What the fuck


We should bring back the pillories for these people.


> pillories I can think of another wooden structure that would be more fitting. Watching people laughing and chuckling about abusing an old person really tests my morals.


Not that there is a shortage of evidence here but one officer asked another if the lady was read her rights. Answer- NOPE.


When it happens, it’s going to be fucking gnarly, but people are going to get violently tired of this bullshit. I hope that we can have the type of new legislation to end immunity, and that with the addition of personal accountability insurance for officers, we will begin to see these bullies held accountable far sooner and unable to continue any form of employment in industries that promote undeniable bullies and masochists. History predicts that society will allow this to fester until it pops.


All for $13 dollars of cheap crap from WalMart. The store manager must be so proud.


$13 of stuff she offered to pay for and did not leave with. It's not even legally thefft if you do not leave the store with their merchandise.


please tell me these guys will be prosecuted, or sued. give the rest of us something to laugh about when they feel some actual consequences for once


The guy's a psychopath, but that's a normal effect from an adrenaline rush. Doesn't really say much about his fitness level, just that he got really into assaulting a senior citizen for 'disrespecting his authoritah.'


Police way too often enjoy bullying anyone they can. It's often non white people but it's almost *always* people with less power - disabled, elderly, children, etc. Adrenaline bursts are just a job perk. 😠


The high school bully to cop pipeline is strong. They recruit really well from that population.


It also helps that so little education is required. Caters to people with limited options/talents. Sigh...


Obligatory story on precedent for departments banning high IQ recruits https://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836


Critical thinking is quite literally disqualifying.


"It also helps that so little education is required" Its even more fucked up, little education is MANDATORY. You got a degree? Declined. You barely graduated high school, please take this gun and license to kill.


It takes 8 years of college to legally be entrusted to save lives, and zero to be entrusted to take lives.


8 years of college plus another 2-3 years of supervised on the job training.


When policing culture is what it is, who else do you expect to apply to be a cop?


My step grandma had a stroke and is in a wheelchair. She can’t speak just stutters and points. My step mom took her to Mexico and when there we’re trying to come home they detained her under the assumption she was an old white lady smuggling drugs. They kept saying she was lying, that she could speak and walk. Even tried to make her and she fell out of her wheelchair. She was crying and they forced her arms up above her head tearing her rotator cuff. Makes me fuckin sick. They eventually let her go, traumatized and embarrassed


I'm so sorry. That's horrible. That kind of police violence, which is so damn common, doesn't get nearly enough media/societal attention. It is terribly traumatizing, physically and psychologically, not to mention expensive. Arrogance and power are incredibly dangerous by themselves. They're exponentially worse without accountability. :(


What the actual fuck. I’m so sorry. There should be more lawsuits from this sort of stuff and more people losing their career not just getting sent to another precinct like a rapey priest.


Takes a real useless, insecure, piece of shit to act this way.


None of these cops should have a job. Im really starting to have a irrational anger about this when the fuck are they gonna do something? When this guy kills a 14 year old black child? Get these phsycos the fuck outta here. Edit: someone tell me how I can find out if my local police have lawsuits against them and see the corrective action against the cops?


It’s not an irrational anger at this point tho. Seems pretty rational to me


Yeah. A cop.


What in the holy fuck is up with these cops? Who in their right mind is proud to throw a 70 year old woman around? And the thing that kills me most, is there was simply no need for the physical incursion at all. She was walking home, you could have just followed her and found where she lived. Sent her a summons to appear in court if she needed to be tried for something. There was zero purpose in arrest. None. Detainment should not be the go-to operation for every interaction, it forces physical violence because people who either don't understand or feel they are being wrongly arrested naturally resist. It called being human. And for what? $13!? I can't comprehend the stupid. It hurts. Within 30 seconds. Just like the autistic kid who got his head punched in right in front of his friends and neighbors while yelling to call his parents recently. It just make no sense. These people aren't a danger, why are cops running screaming towards them the second they get out of the car?


> These people aren't a danger, why are cops running screaming towards them the second they get out of the car? Because they can. Because no one is stopping them.


I don’t get why the Walmart called the cops on her, the video said she tried to pay, got refused, and is clearly just walking home.


It seems more and more that we're all on our own as far as police goes in this country. Between them not caring about incidents that directly affects society, such as robberies and break-ins, calling for their help is a coin toss of getting sent to the hospital or the morgue by the people who are supposed to help.


Ive had to contact the police for several thefts and vandalism on my car and they always act like it's a waste of their time. even getting aggressive with me like it was my fault someone broke into the toolbox in my truck. there were cameras there also, because i was in the parking garage at the mall for this incident. they didn't want to look at the cameras and wouldnt say why. but the one time i got busted for jaywalking on this sidestreet, boy that cop had a fun time. he cut me off with his unmarked car in the parking lot with speed. didnt beep his siren or turn on his light or anything, just sped up to me and cut me off within inches of hitting me. after he wrote me the ticket i told him he should turn on his light or siren if he wants someones attention, that what he did was unsafe. his reaction? he stepped up to me toe to toe and stared down at me, he was a good 4" taller. didnt say anything just stared down at me completely in my face. I said wtf are u doing and backed up and he just smiled and closed the gap again. my gf convinced me to go because i can be hot headed especially when i know im in the right i wouldve reported him but the name he scribbled on the ticket and everything but the date was completely illegible.


I’m actually surprised that this autistic child didn’t get shot.


That was the other autistic child that got shot when his mom called for a wellness check on him and specified for mental health workers and not police as he wasn’t dangerous. Kid was playing with a car in his hand and the cops felt threatened and shot him multiple times.


Or remember the case in Florida (I think), where the autistic teenager was playing with a toy truck and was surrounded by police. His social worker sat next to him with his hands up trying to explain the situation and they still shot the social worker in the leg?


Then he asked the cop why he shot him, and the cop responded "I dunno." 🤷‍♂️


I want to laugh and I want to cry at the same time.


Haha don't forget he was using a rifle and shooting at over 50m away, hiding behind his own police vehicle. I laugh because it hurts.


I think he also said he meant to shoot the kid.


Like, you couldn't make up a more absurd situation for the cops to shoot someone in.


In the video the cops says he has no clue why he shot the social worker. Just did it, no reason.


I am too really. But the thing that kills me with that one is he was told to sit down, and he did, but apparently he didn't sit the way the cop was thinking while he was screaming at the kid so it warranted a beating. Just utterly disgusting.


I mean they gotta give their wives a break after beating them every night. I guess they couldn't find a minority to shoot that day.


In case anyone is interested, the arresting officer committed a felony during the arrest - in Colorado, at-risk/elder abuse laws draw the line at 70 years old to make an assault a felony, and at no time was this officer in danger, admitting as much on the bodycam footage Anything not resulting in a felony conviction is straight corruption on the part of Colorado law enforcement, and the State AG should act as such Basically, given the lies coming from the police chief and the fact that he's an accomplice to a felony, there is no legitimate police force in Loveland at the moment - every arrest they make is suspect edit a couple of hours later: [This exact department has an established record of doing exactly this to other elderly/older people in their community](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv_oTM80PlA)


That is super interesting. This happened so long ago how hasn’t more been done to address it??


They were able to withhold the bodycam footage until they were forced by a lawsuit to release it to the public. That's exactly how they got away with it for months...they control the evidence of their crime, a direct conflict of interest against the public they serve.


Same thing happened with the murder of [Laquan McDonald](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Laquan_McDonald). Motherfucker shot an unarmed 17 year old in the back 16 times. They covered it up for a year before the family's lawsuit was successful in forcing the police department to release the dashcam footage. The report initially said that Laquan lunged at police officers with a knife. Also three of the dashcam videos went "missing." Video shows no knife and that Laquan was walking away from the police. Motherfucker only got 6.5 years.


Keep saying that name, people need to remember


You know, I didn't even hear about it until fucking today. A podcast was running through all these instances of police murdering people and this was the one name that was unfamiliar to me. I looked it up and said "Oh, yeah. That sounds about right."


If you want more anger, Eric Garner's murderer got fired in 2019, years after he choked him to death. He was murdered in 2014. And the asshole is suing to become a cop again.


I only knew about it from Vic Mensa's song and music video, 16 shots. Powerful, saddening, and infuriating


Same with the murder of Tony Timpa. Took three years to get the bodycam footage released and his murderers are still walking free. As far as I'm concerned, the bastards that try to suppress footage like that are guilty of being an accessory after the fact by trying to cover up what is obviously a murder.


They tried to hold the people who buried Laquan's dashcam footage accountable but they were acquitted.


At least there was some justice. In Timpa's cased all charges were dropped in March of 2019 and the cops are on active duty. [Finally the bodycam footage was released July of 2019.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c-E_i8Q5G0) There are just so many nearly identical cases of cops murdering people with complete disregard of human life, and often while already in custody due to positional asphyxia and aggravating it with an officer's weight on a suspect's back. Eric Garner is another big one that at least made it to grand jury, but was another travesty that it wasn't brought to trial.


Fuck idk why I watched that. When the paramedics start telling the cops he’s not breathing and he’s dead, they know they fucked up bad. Went from laughing and joking to “oh fuck now we might be in trouble”.


And notice how quickly they released bodycam footage of the recent officer-involved shooting since it helps to exonerate them.


Yeah I love how they get praised by the media for releasing it quickly. It highlights how they typically don't release it. How long does it take send a video file?


You begin to see they don't serve us. They have never had a duty to serve or protect anyone. That is literally an ad slogan. Nothing more. The courts have been crystal clear on this matter. They are law enforcement. That's it. But only the laws they feel safe enforcing at that moment. ...but they also don't need to know the law. ...and they can arrest you for a law they "thought" existed, and they are immune from being sued. Even if you actually never broke any law. It is a bit of a mess.


Lol "a bit" "Hey y'all, welcome welcome! Come enjoy cali? Got some florida over here for the beach goers! Don't mind the overzealous police state, it is a tad unruly these days"


We need a national database for law enforcement officers. They are granted special rights and they have proven that those special rights are being abused. A national license to be law enforcement that will follow the officer anytime they are put in that position. They would need a renewal every "x" amount of years with continuing education credits, paid for by the department. The cities and governments could hire and be required insure people who have the license. The insurance companies would not be required to ensure people who practice law enforcement and are not licensed. That would fall upon the person himself to get insurance. They would also lose the special protection from lawsuits. It would help the good cops, punish the bad ones, and push those in the middle in a direction. All new officers would need a license by hire date. All existing cops would need to get one over the next 5 years. The feds would foot the bill for the licensing procedures, records, and training for existing cops. Local law enforcement would foot the bill in the academys and people could get them on that own.


Whoa who told you they serve the public? They police the public and they're paid by public taxes, but the closest they ever come to serving is when they protect and serve the rich.


They protect private property, and serve us with abuse. Duh


Dude that’s so disgusting. Edited- legal stuff


WTF! Why can't we separate regular police from traffic police? In India (where I migrated from) these are 2 separate entities as far as I know. Traffic police aren't armed either...there's no need for a weapon if you're pulling someone over for some minor traffic infraction. I'm so sorry this has happened to your family. I feel helpless. 😔...I wish you lots of strength and courage!


That sucks; I’m sorry to hear about your brother. My brother in law was shot and killed while unarmed and holding his 2 y/o grandson...the cop who did it had already killed 6 people “in the line of duty.” So actually a serial killer.


Is this the one where the guy got out of his vehicle after a pursuit and they just fucking executed him as he fled? That case made me so fucking pissed but no one cares.


If you're aware of this because you live in Colorado, please feel free to update us if and when a conviction is made, because this should absolutely be a felony.


I do live in Colorado...also paying attention because my grandma lived into her 90's and looked to be in better shape than this woman until she was in her late 80's - this could easily have been my grandmother.


People also fail to realize (a cop should know this) that patients with aphasia, expressive or receptive, do hours and hours of PT OT and speech therapy to continue to live and be independent. It's pretty easy to stop, see she has aphasia, and his first response should be to get medical help to make sure she isn't suffering a stroke. Once they learn she is fine, a simple explanation about her behavior could be expressed to the family.. A cop should at least know basic first aide and CPR signs of stroke or heart attack. Useless fucking idiots. Honestly, pay health care providers to do their job in the field, and the community trusts us, I bet we would handle non emergency stuff much better.


As a former EMT, I could go on and on how useless cops are in the field during medical calls, especially psychiatric calls, but for some reason they have authority over every scene no matter what it is in this country, and they get to be responsible for psychiatric calls (i.e. 5150's, etc.) among other things. I think because of this, they must all be required to hold an EMT certification while employed to ensure that police know what to do or at the very least, know how to recognize signs of an emergency, or chronic behaviors of medical illnesses in order not to murder people who seem suspicious. They aren't all on drugs, officer. I also think all new hires should have to have EMT experience (private ambulance, ER's etc.) before being hired like most fire departments do when looking to hire applicants. A National EMT certification should be required. I also think this would help weed out the so called bad apples since some won't be intelligent enough to pass and hold an EMT certification.


That's a genius idea. 2 years with EMT work and 2 years of college before you can apply to be a police officer.


>my grandmother anyone's grandmother.


Didn't they state that she wasn't injured in their report when they locked her up? But that officer then went on to say "Here comes the pop" while watching the video, thereby confirming he had knowledge of such injury? An injury he caused!


Sadly submitting a false police report is the only thing IA will care about


Elijah McClain was murdered by the police and the DA was too cowardly to do jack shit about it and the AG showed zero spine my sending the case to a grand jury. Different county, obviously, but I wouldn't hold my breath for anyone getting charged. Shit, the cops that did this are still collecting a paycheck and haven't even been suspended or fired. They will pay this woman and her family a six figure settlement and sweep it under the rug like they always do.


We elected a pretty solid state AG in the last midterm election. Based on his track record so far, I'm hopeful for a full conviction.


I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that according to the [Ruderman Foundation](https://rudermanfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/MediaStudy-PoliceDisability_final-final.pdf), “Disabled individuals make up a third to half of all people killed by law enforcement officers” Disabled people are not people in the eyes of many police officers


Wow. This is a pretty clear depiction of the issues with US police culture. The officers take pleasure from watching footage of their own violence against the elderly and disabled. The problem goes far beyond day-to-day interactions and policing practices. Police officers like this view themselves as a warrior caste in charge of the law. The culture of policing must fundamentally change or we'll never move forward.


John Oliver covered this kind of thing in the [Raids episode.](https://youtu.be/WYdi1bL6s10) At around the 9:00 mark he shows officers watching the footage on the victim's home security system over and over again. While the resident was kept handcuffed. Not even a guilty man.


Iirc, they broke into the wrong house and then spent time rewatching how great they think they did. Didnt they have somewhere to be?


These fuckheads ruined this person’s home and caused a traumatic experience and all they care about is how cool they looked doing it.




Watching this as a Healthcare professional is just so disturbing. You can perform your job objectively without abusing people no matter what. They act like there's no such thing as policies and procedures and safety protocol for EVERY.SINGLE.THING. If we can do it in the hospitals with combative inmates and psychiatric patients, or obese huge 400 lb medication induced delirium patients, they can too. This job seems to be a calling for assholes, and when you are allowed to bully without consequence, I'm sure you become a bigger asshole w mental problems. Now these control freaks are pissed at the population because they need to be recorded.


The very culture itself is toxic, rife with delusions and divorces


Now comon that isn't fair they only divorce the ones they can't beat into submission [https://kutv.com/news/local/40-of-police-officer-families-experience-domestic-violence-study-says](https://kutv.com/news/local/40-of-police-officer-families-experience-domestic-violence-study-says)


Can confirm. Have a child (through non consensual sex) with my ex who is a cop. I wasn't even WITH him after my daughter was born and he was abusive. He was abusive before and way way more after becoming a cop. His professional victim skills also leveled up that year too. But the problem isn't entirely the JOB it's that due to the huge problem in no accountability, it ATTRACTS people like my piece of shit ex. If he was liable and punishable for his shitty behavior, oh boy, he'd quit like he did the corrections officer job he had where there were consequences for his actions.


im sorry


Call it what it was. Rape. :(


Yeah, still coming to terms with that but my current boyfriend has been helping with accepting that and moving on from it. Hard to think of it like that when you still have a kid you don't want to really tie that word to her I guess? And 0 regrets about her. She's amazing, stands up for everyone, calls trash (her bio dad) on his crap as well as anyone else she finds to be a bully.


you sound like a really amazing mom!


And domestic violence. Who are you going to call when your husband is on the force?


I live in this town. I'm pretty sure this has been the police culture for awhile now.


Anytown, USA


in most towns and city- some are just worse than others


Well the whole idea is normally you get punished for this behavior. But when they know they can get away with it they no longer need to keep themselves in check. Qualified immunity needs to go.


It almost like they see themselves as the determiners of guilt and therefore entitled to dish out punishment as they see fit.


Both Robocop and Judge Dredd manage to be judge, jury, and executioner with a hell of a lot more justice than American cops. They could watch either series and treat it as an instructional video, and it would be an upgrade. Which is really just depressing.


Man, I'd take Judge Dredd over what we have now. It might be a brutal, authoritarian hellscape but at least Judges are held to account for their actions, and receieve even more severe punishments for their crimes. A Judge that breaks the law gets 20 years of hard labor on Titan, which, going by the comics, is worse than a death sentence.


Maybe we start with not using training like "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs" by Lt. Col Dave Grossman Maybe we go back to "To Protect and to Serve"


God, I hate the "sheepdogs" bullshit. My brother used to say that when he was a Marine, and afterwards when he was a cop. In hindsight now, with more maturity under his belt, he realizes how cringe it was. I countered with the argument that if police were protecting *anyone*, that it was actually the wolves, not the sheep. He didn't understand what I meant until I explained that it isn't like criminals would just run amok without laws and police. Those "sheep" that you're going on about aren't without teeth, and history backs me up when I say that in a lawless land, committing crimes against others is a much, much more perilous profession. Criminals get lynched, shot, beaten, and run out of town on rails in those societies. The idea that because I don't have a badge, that I'm helpless to defend myself is laughable. The existence of laws and police protects the bad guy from us more than the other way around.


My biggest issue with it is that it over simplifies things. You have three types of people: Wolves, Sheep, Sheepdogs. Sheep are people who graze in the field and cause no issues whatsoever. But the minute a sheep steps out of place, even to legally protest or resist unjust treatment, they become wolves to be targeted by sheepdogs. So they get the mindset of: "Do exactly what we say at all times or we take you down with whatever force we see fit."


>The officers take pleasure from watching footage of their own violence against the elderly and disabled. I'm afraid to say that it's not just the elderly and disabled. They also take advantage of the poor, minorities, children, women. Pretty much everyone. Sigh.


These are disturbed, sad losers ​ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmtxTWTTdC4&ab\_channel=TheLife%26LibertyLawOffice](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmtxTWTTdC4&ab_channel=TheLife%26LibertyLawOffice)


This is fucking sickening. I’ve seen a lot of police brutality videos, but this is one of the worst. I’m so fucking pissed!


This made me physically ill


“I’m going home.” Three of the saddest words the least of us can utter.


It's even sadder that I can relate. Honestly, do you even know anyone not affected by some fucked up shit some cop pulled?


The homeless, the mentally ill. People who don’t know where home will be if they ever have another. I hate the phrase popular in America “home is where the heart is”. Home is where a cat crawls into your lap and purrs, where someone you love brings you a cup of coffee and sits next to you on the couch. Your floor underneath you, your roof above you. Clean clothes and hot showers. Pictures on the walls of all those that brought you up. And there’s so many in America that don’t have a home to go back to.


Thank you for the video.


Hijacking to point out that this situation was posted on /r/police, where [this lovely user/cop](https://www.reddit.com/r/police/comments/mutvc2/could_one_of_you_tell_me_what_actually_happened/gv7wi7z/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) defended the assault of a 73 year old woman because “they couldn’t have known she had dementia”. After subsequently commenting about how disgusting of a mentality that is, I was permanently banned from /r/police. The cops look at this situation and think it’s a-ok, even in reddit


I love how "I didnt know they had this (fill in the plank) issue" is the go to defense for law enforcement. You shouldn't treat people like that in the first place. Its funny how cops think they need to be time efficient. Like take a little longer to find out what's going on.


Exactly. Dementia or not, it shouldn’t be standard fucking operating procedure to toss a 73 year old around like you’re in a MMA match


Oh god, that comment thread made me really sad. Then I made the mistake of looking at the post history from those users, and I got even sadder.


Why did they chain her to the bench? Is this standard practice?


The female cop is just completely and utterly incompetent at her job, useless. Then the fat sack of shit that's holding her is just a worthless bully doing it to show off infront of his colleagues. Everyone involved in this needs to be punished.


I feel like Walmart is partly to blame. Like she was willing to pay the $13.88. The employees was like no. Then took the items back. Then called the cops. How hard is it to be like “this person is obviously suffering from something. Maybe calling the police isn’t nessecarily since she willingly surrendered the items.


Cowards always take pleasure in bullying.


I called Loveland CO to ask why it took nearly a year and a civil suit for an investigation to occur and was redirected to a voicemail. The real answer is there was no need to investigate until the public saw the video. America’s police govern themselves and do not follow the law.


The DA's [contact info](https://www.larimer.org/elected-officials/district-attorney) for anyone else interested in doing the same (Edited to fix format)


I am going to make sure to contact the Loveland PD and all that can investigate them by letter. I will follow up, as well. I'm from CO, with family still there. We've been to Loveland often. Not interested in going any more.


She was picking flowers on her walk home. They're still in her hand when she's slammed to the ground. Fuck cops.


They should change their motto to “to terrorize and assault”


I honestly don't get where they even find these people, or is it something about the culture that creates these people? Laughing and giggling in glee about throwing around an elderly flower picking woman you admit is "ancient" and "tiny" and "senile" (dementia), bragging about making her bleed and break her arm, and also proudly declaring how you threw her on the ground multiple times? If this was a character in a novel, then I would criticize the author for making a villain too evil, eye roll worthy twirling of the moustache type bad guy. But this is real life and real people who exist and apparently work a job where they are shielded from any and all repercussions, 99% of the time? Like, why are cops cartoon villains and why do they get to be caught on camera, but people still fiercely defend them? Like, if I bragged about assaulting a tiny, elderly dementia patient and giggled about breaking her bones and making her bleed...you would think I needed to be in prison for life, right? Why is it magically acceptable if I have a badge?


Social darwinism, sociopathy, and violence have been part of the American "rugged invididualist" ethos for a long time, and it has poisoned the public consciousness. The people who defend this sadistic, degenerate behavior are either some level of sadistic themselves, or their worldview does not allow them to internalize the cruelty, and they will deflect to a ridiculous strawman like "rapists running rampant."


It’s not that they find these people, those are the type of people that apply




Things you won’t see on r/ProtectAndServe.


They are Olympic level mental gymnastics champions. They will find a way to justify it to each other or they just won’t care.


That subreddit shows why ALL cops are bad cops. When George Floyd's murderer was convinced what where they talking about? How this verdict could be the first step to restoring trust in the police system? How great it was that the chief of police was not covering a literal murderer and testfing against him? How this incident made them reflect on the responsiblity of there power? No, no, no, no. The what they where talking about where made up imaginary BLM riots. According to ProtectAndServe because of the verdict black people where going to riot and burn down cities. So every officer in the nation was in parlous moral danger. From a treat that does not exist. All they cared about was an imaginary evil black boogyman that wants to kill the poor innocent cops. If there is any proof that police culture is racist as hell its there made up treat of BLM. And those are the ones who didn't claim this murder was justified.


What is going on with cops? These assholes need to be working somewhere else.




I just realized this is the same Dave Grossman who railed against videogames as "murder simulators." And now he's teaching cops to kill without hesitation? What a dirtbag.


What we are seeing now has been going on forever. Ask any black person you know. It's only being made public now because of the internet and phones. Bout time.


She left the items at the store and left. The situation was already resolved and this prick put the boots to her.


that's what I was wondering. they were talking about she stole laundry detergent, and some other stuff, but it didn't seem like she had anything with her.


The elderly woman with dementia mistakenly tried to leave the store without paying. The employees nabbed her and made her give the items back even though she offered to pay for them when she realized her mistake. The lady walked home empty handed and on the way, the cops decided to do what they do best. What a fucking great country we live in. BTW the Walton family is worth $151 billion and this is what their company did to a confused old woman who was mistakenly walking out with $15 worth of stuff.


It wasn’t just the cops who decided to do this. It was the Walmart staff that decided it was absolutely necessary to call the police on an elderly woman over $15 worth of merchandise they didn’t actually lose. Fuck Walmart and fuck the Walton family.


So everyone — you want to do something to fight back? Make this the moment that you never shop at Walmart again. Spread the word about this incident to everyone you know. Beg them not to shop at Walmart anymore. It’s not much but goddamn it’s something.




Thanks. Reading the full story - it's even more horrible. All the physical hurt they inflicted on her, the amount of time she was left to suffer, the gaslighting of the concerned citizen...wow.


Thank you.


Here's a thought, police should not be allowed to review their body camera footage without independent agencies' approval. If the officer is accused of a violation then they must file a report stating what happened. The police should not be allowed to freely view the recordings.


Their body cam footage should be immediately stored in archive not accessible by police in any manor.


45 years ago I saw 6 NYPD cops savagely beat a psychotic woman, with fists and feet, in front of the sergeant's desk. The woman had been shouting, but was, otherwise, not violent. I was an auxiliary cop in that precinct. Up until that moment I wanted to be a cop. Nothing has changed.


Can somebody please explain to me why, with such overwhelming amount of evidence of systematic abuse of powers I all police forces over the entirety of the USA, the government doesn't crack down hard on this? With forfeiture included, these are not police forces, these are crime syndicates. Why do governments allow this?


Systemic corruption, and like 1.5 of the two major parties in the country being all for it. Those cops are hunting down and terrorizing poor people and minorities, not the rich and powerful. This creates a divide, a 'disparity' between those whom the law protects but does not bind, and those whom the law summarily executes but does not protect. This divide is at the very core of far-right ideology; the further you go towards fascism the more there MUST be a class above these things and MUST be a class below. * In all such cases there are always those on the outermost layer of the 'in-group' - not privy to the real benefits and luxuries but still provided for and just one step above all the rabble; theirs is the privilege of crushing those below (and that attracts some very particular mindsets) - that power is their prize, and their duty if they wish to remain in the rulers good graces. Cops The titles and exact shape of the top changes over time; emperor, king, party, dictator, president... just as the titles and exact shape of these enforcers (cops, knights, the king's army, *whatever*) do... but it always comes down to the same practice: Make the working class (or peasants or serfs or slaves or whatever) as miserable as possible, so that every right and privilege and luxury the rulers have is *that much greater* in comparison. **That** is why governments encourage and foster such official crime syndicates




Unions. The unions have a lot of power, you can't just fire any cop really without the union making a stink. I'm not anti-union, but police unions are just there now a days, it seems, to make sure bad and racists cops keep their jobs. Without touching police unions in some meaningful way, we will never get police reform.


It’s gotta be some sort of award for irony that some of the only powerful unions left in America are the ones that are for cops.


It's on purpose. The ruling class doesn't care if the police unions are strong because they want people controlled anyway and it doesn't effect their profits and only helps it. But they hate other unions because it might effect their bottom line. Money is always the root.


The police’s role historically has been to protect property. That’s it. Who owns the most property? Upper class people. Atleast in Virginia where I live, the earliest forms of the police were formed in response to white and blacks uprising together. It was a way to protect property while creating a new hierarchical role for lower class whites that would disrupt collective actions against the land owning class.


Yep. Some of the original policing forces in the US were created to capture escaped slaves. The nation’s first *publicly funded* police force with full time officers was created to protect merchant shipments of goods in and around Boston. With a few decades, every major city created a police force. In the late 19th and early 20th century, police were also hand-picked by the local political party machine. They were paid to intimidate and harass members of the opposition parties. Police departments were such a big problem that a commission created by President Hoover investigated police departments throughout the country, though their main goal was to investigate why prohibition was failing. They found that torture was very common and corruption was rife within departments.


Unions are good. The vast majority of police unions basically operates as a crime syndicate though.


They must be so tough. American police are the worst. That’s why the people don’t like these fuckers.


Do blue lives really matter when it’s obvious that they don’t value the lives of others? This shit has to be stopped. Beyond being criminal and inhuman it’s also a complete embarrassment to the USA, a criminal embarrassment that’s been going on for decades.


As someone who works with older adults with dementia, I really want to punch these fuckers in the face for what they did to that woman.