Hot take: Mark Hamill should’ve voiced Sombra in Season 9

Hot take: Mark Hamill should’ve voiced Sombra in Season 9


I'm listening


His Season 3 voice perfectly compliments his design. I wouldn’t mind if they had just brought that voice actor back.


Never was a fan of the newer voice. Alot less menacing and alot more childish lol Edit: almost if he's an entirely different character


Yeah. His season 9 voice sounded like Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas and the Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. Mark would’ve given it his all and made Sombra truly menacing. And it’s not like casting him is completely farfetched. He’s good friends with Tara Strong due to their work on Batman.


Hell, with William Shatner and John DeLancie representing, I was waiting for other Star Trek actors to show up. I think the world would have imploded if Luke Skywalker dropped in.


Discord is actually Q, he just spends his free time in Equestria when he’s not messing with star fleet


Or is it the other way around? Q is actually Discord, he just spends his free time messing with star fleet when he's not messing with Twilight.


Discord is a fragment of Q that managed to get past the barrier at the edge of the galaxy.


So is that the most likely head cannon


Yes I think that's probably right because the home world of the cling-ons appeared in a MLP comic or something so I see it as possible


Okay, sure! Still, though, I enjoyed hammy Sombra! Wish he got more screentime! Long live Sombra! <3


I couldn‘t agree more


"Fire Lord Ozai is that you?!"


"No, avatar, how are you supposed to defeat me when you, unlike everyone else in the world, are wearing pants?"


I still imagine him sounding deeper, but it'd still be a better fit than what he had in season 9.


I think Kevin Michael Richardson would have worked best, myself.


A deeper voice of the Joker, and it just might work


Why did they chose such a high pitched voice?


We was a good bane and his performance as Joker, Trickster and Mark Hamill in the same scene was great.


Yeah, his voice in later seasons was really goofy


There’s a lot of things I wish FiM did differently with their villains. I understand having a few that are hammy and corny for kids’ sake, like Discord, but ones like Sombra and Nightmare Moon would have been great if there was more of a threat to them through actions and voice. Sombra was one of the closest to completely defeating Twilight and her friends alone, and he could have been amazing should he have been voiced and written a bit better. One of the reasons I like Tempest Shadow from the movie so much is that she was voiced well and shown as a genuine threat to Equestria as a whole. The Storm King, not so much, but if there had been more information about his conquest and his rule over his lands, he and Tempest could have been very intimidating villains that are still safe for the intended audience. Kids need to learn that evil people that will not stop at harming you exist, and that they may not be defeated easily.


Bro. That last sentence. I’ve been saying that for a while now. I couldn’t agree more. I love a good redemption arc but it’s okay for a villain to stay a villain. Not everyone can be won over by love and friendship but it doesn’t hurt to try.


Exactly. People can change, but only if they are willing. Not every bad guy is going to see friendship and want to change.


Season 9 was an insult to Sombra, honestly. He came back only to be a doofus and get remorselessly killed off violently.


YES! See?! They get it!


I didn’t realize this show was still around man! I do not remember what the last season I watched was, but it had a tree with keyholes in it or something. I quit watching because I met a toxic fan who ruined the show and I also just lost time for it. I miss Rainbow though.


Methinks Season 4. Never hurts to give the show another try, if you're still interested?


I’ve restarted MLP! The nostalgia is real


I'd love for Mark to voice someone in Gen 5. I'm not too sure about him hypothetically playing Sombra, but that'd maybe sound cool


I kinda wonder what he would sound like if he was voiced by Mark Hamill? Probably a deeper voice? Idk, I only heard his voice once back in season 3. Alvin Sanders voiced Sombra back in season 3 right?


If they could get him on, that would have been amazing!!!! I still think Alvin Sanders did a wonderful job though!




Nah. James Earl Jones.