This Exploded Can of Foam Spray

This Exploded Can of Foam Spray


Seems like great stuff


That's exactly what it is.


Cool, but what's in the cans?


Some great stuff


Right, but what's in the ca.... [Hey! Now don't start THAT again!](https://imgur.com/gallery/qZfbT)


I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes this reference still


You gotta do the weird little shrug and hoppity hop to really commit


I full send my prehistoric memes


Omg! Me too!!


I have found my people


I have found my people


You have something in common with u/markhamhayes as seen [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/ny3fbd/this_exploded_can_of_foam_spray/h1it0cj/) [Sadly you must both realize as a celebrity, I don't count](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUrKpg3SjlQ)


A really solid product


More like a foam




Mostly air.


Underrated comment


Second highest comment.


Rated fairly well comment


Looks like it expanded since you posted your comment.


I didn't realize how new the comment was when I said that... My reckoning was swift




Great Stuff is a foam spray brand




I'm confused, can you expand on what you mean by that?


Thank you for getting it


That's just like, your opinion man


No, _your comment_ is underrated, as it doesn't deserve that many downvotes.


A kind soul in this harsh crowd


well… it worked 👍🏽


Solid product.


Accurate. Edit: Follow up picture after melting some with acetone and chipping away at the rest https://i.imgur.com/c0XgZ8Y.jpg


I'm surprised you didn't make the distributor replace it


Maybe they did but also decided to salvage what they could. I doubt the distributor would want the box back.


Having run a hardware store: you can't just throw that stuff away. You've gotta pay to get it disposed of properly, and they change a shit ton. You don't pay to get rid of stuff you don't have to.


Here in Canada, BC anyway, we are charged an “environmental levy” on products like appliances, paints and products like this. That means you prepay disposal fees, so you can hand it over at designated disposal centres for no extra charge (discourages illegal dumping.) This fee is usually charged by the retailer and remitted to the government, so they would have to charge themselves the fee, but it’s not huge. I wouldn’t care if the can I bought was messy like this, provided it worked (anyone who’s used this stuff knows you have to check the date on the can, and plan to use it all in one go - you can’t always get it working the second time, although if you clean it with acetone, it usually does.) To toss the rest would be a waste.


My reply is for California, so I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but: Yes, environmental fees like that apply to select items. Those fees, often built into the cost or applied as a separate line item, are to keep end users from improper disposal. Once they get dropped off at my store, I have to pay to get rid of them. The government doesn't send a truck around to pick them up because we're good little citizens who paid our taxes, unfortunately. For these items we had to securely package, store, and keep logs about disposal. We paid a third party to pick them up, properly dispose of them, and give us paperwork saying "19 T8 florescent light bulbs were disposed here, as signed by so and so", which we kept in a three year rolling file for government inspection. Failure to do so results in huge fines, additional inspections, and a whole mess of headaches.


So you don’t get paid to dispose of them? Even though the consumer has paid a levy? What a shit system.


That fee, if anything, pays the government inspector to check up on us and make sure we're following the rules, and fines us more if we're not. There's an entire industry built on hazardous waste disposal. It's certainly possible that fee is accounted for in our service, and subsidizes our payment, but we definitely pay more than that.


That's a good point


Most stores where this is sold Like Home Depot and such these boxes just come off of a big truck with about 1500 or more other pieces of freight the people that are unloading the truck really don't care what the product looks like so to them it doesn't matter and the company just takes it as a lot they're big enough to take that loss.


What I dont understand is that the cans are probably at worst $2 wholesale and this probably took two hours of someone's time so it seems like it would have saved payroll just to take the loss and order more. Like if a nozzle got locked shut and created returns then you're more in the hole on top of wasting time. **saw more replies and understand disposal fees now**


This is 100% right with a few product exceptions like drywall and some lumber products (at least for HD)


Source: Worked at home Depot on freight for a year


You mean the shitty “aerodynamic” lumber there?


Actually have no idea WTH you are talking about with that.... And I work in the lumber dep.... My point is that with stuff like drywall and some of the premium lumber a damaged unit basically cuts profit from the entire pack and we do often send stuff back to the distributor if we get it in poor condition.


Tribalmethods: well this is fucked. Hey boss, what do? Supervisor: take a picture so I can send it to the manufacturer/distributor to start a return/exchange/whatever you wanna call it. Tribalmethods: all right, then just leave it in the warehouse/back so they can take it back or so we can dump it. Once the PO gets approved and everything? Supervisor: Naaaa, get some acetone and spend 2-4 hours trying to save as many bottles as you can to sell for that sweet sweet revenue. Tribalmethods: ….*thinking* how about you go fuck yourself and do it yourself….. Yea sure thing boss!! I’m salty just remembering those conversations in my head.


Nah mate, 2 hours doing shit easy work? Count me in


Exactly especially for something that's mildly interesting, which is a goldmine at work.


Actually both me & manager agreed it'd have been a terrible environmental waste to not salvage what we could. It only took me about 25 mins to get em all loose with acetone.


I was thinking you could probably use a gallon of acetone if you didn't care about the labels and it would take no time at all.


Good on you for salvaging what you can. I work for a spray foam company and the amount of wasted foam is unbelievable. For example if we have to switch from half pound foam to two pound foam we need to empty our 300ft hose line of half pound chemical. So our bosses have us basically make a gigantic bag of plastic a couple hundred feet long and then we spray out about 1000 cubic feet of foam into the bag and that just goes straight in the trash. Sometimes we do that a few times month. And that doesn't include all the normal wasted foam during a job which can be a loooot. Foam and spray foam are horrible for the planet. I'm looking for a new job because of it.


Do you have to switch it that often? I'm curious how you dump it, what does 1000 cubic feet of foam even look like!?


Gimme some time I'll post a few pics and videos. Just busy right now


Id have done the same.


Yeah my first thought was how long it would take to clean up the mess just to save a few cans. I'm sure most places wouldn't botter.


2-4 hours cleaning that up, then you have to fulfill your other duties as usual, AND close the store. All while your boss clocks out at 5 like he usually does. I don't miss retail.


I thought it always ended with you getting fingered.


Seems like it could have made a great store display with the right sign.


"Only one in 25 chance of defective can!"


"Great Stuff".




"decent stuff"


It looks like a lowes store. Are they trying to recover the product by using the acetone? or just an experiment? cause just send that shit back to the supplier lol ​ edit, orange apron, home depot. The price stickers are very similar.


Grrr this stuff is not great at all


Why does something so awful in every way have to be so damn useful?


How long did that take?


Definitely would rate 10/10


More of a foam


Totally...At first I Thought it was egg omlates food review post...


I thought it was cake.


Me too!




Gave it's life to protect the others. Selfless!




I'm not crying, you're crying!


>We...are...Foam ..ers, bum ba dum bum, bum bum bum




Some dick with a Harley chopper & no muffler has been riding around my neighborhood this morning like he's the new bull. If he parks that thing outside he's gunna get a shot of this stuff in his tailpipe. Nothing like a $3 fix to an infuriating problem.




[Reminds me of the crash foam from Demolition Man](https://youtu.be/RnyhkBU1yaw)


As a builder in Vermont, we have to keep this stuff warm during the winter, so we often make a hot box for it. Use a shop light and some rigid foam and keep it toasty so it flows in the coldest weather. Downside is that if you get it too warm it can explode. I had the pleasure of seeing the exact moment a can exploded, and got to watch the lid of the hot box get shot into the air and a giant blob of foam follow it up into the ceiling, leaving a 3 foot round sploch blasted onto the ancient hand hewn beam of the building we working on....amazing sight. Just leave it be, let it cure up and pull it right off with little damage to the building. It doesn’t always go so well...as in the time we had a can warming up next to the wood stove inside a finished home, while doing a window replacement, that can exploded all over everything and required hours of work to make it all go away...win some, lose some...


You should buy a thermostat controlled cord switch thing. They are fairly cheap and would prevent that from happening in the future. Cord for the bulb plugs into it. Sensor in your box. Temp settings for on and off to maintain a hot temp without blowing it up.


One of these! http://imgur.com/a/ULnHAVS This one does both heating and cooling and I use it in my disgusting hot condo to run a window fan in the winter


Look guys a scientist!


A reptile enclosure heating pad would be great. They cut out somewhere between 12 - 20 degrees Celsius.


Lucky that you didn't get any on you! [BUGGA!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAIY0I5GGw4)


look like i just been in one of those bugake pornos!


I genuinely laughed out loud!! Thank you so much for this!


I'm so glad OP posted the picture because I hadn't thought about that video in years! It's as good as I remembered!


That was everything I was hoping for and more


What I learned from this is expanding foam would be great for waxing


Can get messy, just let it cure and it comes right off...smear it though, and you’re screwed.


Use a 60W lightbulb instead of a 500W one and it will be fine. Toss your lunch in there in the morning beside it.


Why would you want to eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure?


So I don’t ruin my lunch


What a fun story, thanks for sharing!


I put the truck heater on defrost and leave it on the dash for a few minutes. Turn once. Shake well. Works perfect. Can fit 3 cans up there. If you're using foam fairly regularly it's better to get a gun. The cans just don't compare.


We often go through cases of the cans, we use the expensive screw on guns.


Yeah those guns are the ones I'm talking about. Worth every penny. I'm a plumber and we actually use that foam to support tubs and hold valves in place. One time we needed to plug a half inch pipe but didn't have a plug and my boss filled the last 12 inches of it with foam and once it cured that sumbitch held 100psi of air. Blew my mind.


As teenagers we had an affinity toward putting cans of all sorts in the fire pit, and that all ended the night a can of great stuff covered half the yard and the side of my buddies parents house.


Okay, but why do I wanna slice it like a cake?




Looks kind of like a banana pudding with vanilla wafers? 🤷🏻‍♀️


I thought it was eggs


Forbidden pineapple upside down cake.


I wonder if someone can make this into an actual cake or not?


How are you so sure it isn’t a cake?


Wait, what? seriously ? Have you seen professional cakes ?


Yeah they look great but can they really make spray foam taste good?


Already tastes better than fondant.




I'm thinking make it out of marshmellow


Well, the rest should be good, but unsellable. We know the foam does good getting in all the crevices.


Don't worry I chipped away at it and recovered the ones that could be sold.


Acetone melts the foam. It leaves a residue but it should make them easily legible and sellable. What it does tto the label im not sure of but acetone gets it off my hands.


Thanks, I've been trying to figure out how to get this shit off my windows. Update: tried and it works! I'm gonna need so much nail polish remover.


Man you know you can buy straight acetone and its pretty cheap (€3 a liter in my country)


Even better!


Big hardware stores should sell it by the gallon in the paint section. Alternatively, beauty supply stores like Sally's.


Brand new razor blades. Just scrape that shit off. Plus the UV from the sun will break that shit down making it easier to scrape off. I've had to clean off a couple windows myself.


I've tried that already but it's on the inside of the metal white part (I can't think of the word right now) so I still have the yellow hued stain. The acetone took it right off.


Yea to be fair, (to be faaaair) the razor only really works on the glass. I always felt super bad anytime we would make a mistake and over spray something. There are so many things to look out for, sometimes you mess up. I've long since left that line of work though. It was rough work.


To be faaaaaaair, my SO did the windows with his buddy and they were definitely drinking on the job. He's not known for meticulous looking work (never let a roofer to caulking indoors lol) so I kinda figured it would happen. I did manage to scrape the bits off the hardwood floor thankfully.


“roofer caulking indoor” made me shudder


Acetone doesn't leave a residue, but it'll probably strip the printing on the label right off


The acetone doesn't but the melted foam sludge does. Or at least thats what happens when i clean my hands after working with it.


Acetone doesn't do anything to the foam once it's set


Don't know why you are being down voted, this is 100% accurate. If it's wet, acetone is your best friend, but after urethane foam is sets, you have to resort to mechanical removal. I'm sure there is a chemical that will dissolve set foam, but it's not readily available to the public.


If it's on your hands a sharp half round bastard works great.


Nice. As someone who also works at HD, most people at my location would've probably just marked the whole thing down and grabbed another case to put out.


And then you give them away to a contractor because no one wants to Hazmat that and make it it's own containment box.


You can sell them all right? They cleaned up good? At least you know it's Great Stuff.


I wish you would have posted a video of freeing the cans. Next time?


Which one actually exploded?


One of the two without lids


How much did you chip away before this picture? It's crazy that the foam is all the way to the edge, but missing from all over the tops of those two, so I'm thinking you scraped some off already but idk enough about this stuff


I'll be hijacking top comment to post more pics shortly.


Ever seen one of these get run over by a fork lift or one get up under a pallet and smashed with a pallet jack? Poof!


No but now i want to


Forbidden cake.


Makes me kind of hungry looking at this. Somebody needs to invent spray marshmallow foam.


Delete this comment, get a degree in food science, ???, profit.


Or skip all the student loans and just buy a canning machine


Marshmallows are just a sugar syrup the consistency of molasses whipped till the peaks reach god. Basically find a way to get the syrup into a mousse type container and you’re golden. Have a free idea I don’t want it. Just say this lady on reddit inspired you in your Nobel prize speech


I'll have part of your username as the NASDAQ listing when the company goes public.


perfect for /r/forbiddensnacks


Seems like it'll probably fail as a product as soon as someone tries to eat it before it starts expanding. Edit: Then again, if you could control for expansion very carefully, then maybe there'd be a possible non-gastric-band method to help with extreme weight loss.


Self packaging, nice.


That was a marketing plow by the company... lol


Now I want a marketing plow.


Grim Fandango taught me about this one


Bruno ? You in there ?


Oh, I doesn't remember that. Seems like I need to replay the game..


Your ‘cans of spray foam’ are now a ‘spray foam of cans’.


Sacrificed itself to keep all the others safe.


We must thank it for its service.


This box was sent for *Demolition Man*?


Here’s the scene https://youtu.be/RnyhkBU1yaw


Brake now you Mickey Mouse piece a shiiiiiiiiiiiiii


You know what must have happened? My "Hot & Foamy" must have exploded!


He was a detective, you know!


back when I worked frozen and dairy at walmart, the guys at DC would stack those frozen can biscuit things in some of the worst positions where it would pop randomly while transfership. it was so annoying because that part of the pallet would look like this image




Na that’s a heart shaped cake with giant MnM’s in it


Looks like the product worked pretty well without being shaken vigorously for 60 seconds.....


The explosion part probably helped mix it up


Wow thats some Great Stuff right there!


Forbidden pineapple upside down cake


I would like to see what that box would do in a trash compactor (assuming it’s strong enough to crush it).


Premature insulation.


I ran the flooring department at a Home Depot for 3 years. I know those shelf hooks. I see you, Lifeproof that I pimped out like a mother fucker just to keep these old idjits from putting any abomination of carpet down.


The font on those price labels are giveaway too.


Was scrolling and thought it was some sort of banana or mango cake...


Not sure if you're aware that there exists a /r/forbiddensnacks but felt like you should be.


Oh yea, total rabbit hole!


Oh man the flashbacks. I do appliance repair for a living. I always have these cans for dryer vents. Used to keep them in the pocket of my passenger side door in my van. I say used to. One day while I was working in a basement the heat got to one of the cans and it exploded, and when I got back to my truck it had set up, basically sealing the door closed and coming over the passenger seat. It was a mess. I had to carve a hole with knives just to loosen it enough to get the door open. And that crap NEVER comes up. I think I was like 3 months on the job then too. Woof. Moral of the story don’t be a moron like me. Also don’t put foam in the front seat I guess


Task failed successfully.


It took one for the team and saved its brothers.


Forbidden cake


It took one for the team to save its brethren




The Foam Depot


That’s cool. Potted the whole thing


One can gave all it had to protect the rest of them


At least it’s in the shape of a heart 💜


Oh no. There goes 4 dollars


This is how Amazon sent my bubblewrap


Horrible stuff. Styrofoam and most foams are very bad for the environment. When I worked in a hardware store a worker came in with the great stuff foam STUCK to his skin. It dried all over his arms and had to go to emergency room to get it off.


I thought, that was some sort of Whipcream Cake with somewhat fancy fake egg yolk on top ... until I noticed the can tip at the back. fml. I am hungry.


Am I the only one who thought it was an egg cake before realizing?


This is my favourite thing on the internet that I've seen today


One of these exploded in my parents car as a kid. Interior was never the same.


Lol at first I thought “Well that’s a weird looking cake!!”


Same, but also thought, I'd still eat it.




This reminds me of Thai graduation cake my mom got for my brothers. This cake was awesome looking it had their names o. It and everything. We were all on edge waiting to eat it. It was supposed to be a chocolate cake with pistachio buttercream frosting and Bavarian cream filling. My dad went to cut it and it went "Errrrrrrrrrr-nnnnnt!" That mouthed fucking baker sold us a fucking foam block with frosting. We were all so upset it sticks with me still today.


One time I thought it would be a funny prank to spray great stuff down the back of my friends pants while we were working. I did not realize how impossible it was to get off. His underwear had to be ripped off his ass and he was in the shower for over an hour, not that it mattered because it is water proof. I ended up having to buy him a bottle of jack daniels to appease the situation.


A bottle of Jack, HFS. You would not get away with just buying me a shit-tier bottle of whiskey if you even survived the attempt to put that stuff down my pants. I would make you eat the can. People have needed surgery to get this shit out of sensitive places. If you are in the US you are lucky you didn't get sued. And seriously my giant family that still breeds like we actually use grandpa's old farm would be looking for you any place you needed to be, waiting to do your "fun" prank back to you. We all do dumb shit when we are young though; I was a shithead Graff "writer" as a teen that painted many things that weren't mine and karma caught up to me on more than one night. Just saying you lucked out that the consequences weren't too bad. Edit bc I posted before I finished.


Knowing Home Depot the manager will assign someone to chip the cans free for 6 hours while still answering customer questions and then put every single can on the shelf for sale as though there was no blunt force or defects with any of the cans, including the exploded one. Then they'll file for vendor credit, claim the whole pallet was disposed of, and collect payment for it while still attempting to sell the product.