Simu Visiting Marvel Studios

Simu Visiting Marvel Studios

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He’s a fan who got his dream job. Kudos to him.


That fucking teehee killed me


Ryan Higa would be proud


That’s a name I haven’t heard in years




He recently did a reaction video for the 10th anniversary of "Nice Guys." Absolutely wild.


He streams almost everyday on Twitch! Usually plays valorant but is on a Minecraft grind again right now, and reacts to his old videos sometimes when waiting or on downtime




There is a Wongfu video where he acts as a dating coach its hilarious. I have always imagined a scene where Peter Parker has to propose to MJ and asks Shang Chi and Black Panther (RIP Chadwick) for advice which evidently escalates quickly into comedic proportions.


The younger actors of new projects were in middle or high school when Avengers 2012 came out. They went with their family or friends to these movies. Older actors of new projects have taken their kids for a decade to see these movies. Any actor or actress who says they don't want to be in an MCU project is a liar. They have friends who've told them how much fun these are to make. They have kids, younger siblings, or they themselves grew up watching these films. A specific character or film might not interest them, but they want to share their acting with the people closest to them. Directors and writers might have no interest in making MCU projects, but actors would be lying to say that.


>Any actor or actress who says they don't want to be in an MCU project is a liar. I dunno, I dont think Daniel Day Lewis is chomping at the bit to be in a marvel film. And if he does play one, hopefully they don't cast him as a villain, or he might just conquer the world just to see how his character feels.


Fair. But there aren't that many like DDL, Frances McDormand, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks. All was a bit superfluous. It's not the MCU, but Helen Mirren wrote herself a role in the Fast movies because she said they seemed like fun to do on the Graham Norton show.


I bet Meryl Streep would do it. She’s been in much worse quality films.


And has a good relationship with Disney.


Since when in being Marvel movies about being in worse films… Marvel movies are consistently very well rated… Seriously there’s like less than 5 below 70%


That's what I meant, if she did The landromat and Ricki and the Flash, see would do Marvel films as they are much more regarded.


> Helen Mirren She was also amazing in RED. Technically a comic book movie.


Except Daniel Day Lewis would be the perfect Norman Osborne. Shit. He’d be an amazing Galactus.


I present to you, Robert Fucking Redford. Easily as huge an actor as DDL.


Elizabeth Olson didn't star in her first movie until 2011 and Brie Larson was 19 when Iron Man came out and guest starred on an episode of "The Ghost Whisperer" that year. Imagine being able to tell them what the future would hold.


She had also been cast in/was filming Scott Pilgrim at that time just a fun fact


A lot of talent in that movie were still babies.


The Marvel contract is no joke, but I'm sure almost any actor would love to be in the MCU.


> but actors would be lying to say that. WTF man. How the hell can you project the wishes and desires of other people just because YOU think it sounds fun? Plenty of actors have said they have no interest in playing a super hero, or signing multi movie deals, or willing to enter into a contract for a gruelling fitness regime. It's the fucking MCU. It's not a religion. It's PERFECTLY OK for people to not want to be in a marvel movie. Good lord, dial it down.


Many have also shamed and claimed they had zero interest in doing MCU stuff. That they'd rather go back to twiddling their thumbs in local theater waiting for meaningful roles, instead of taking the nerd shit paycheck. Cough Kat Dennings cough.


Wasn't....wasn't she *just in* WandaVision? In a fairly important role at that? *After* her 'normal' TV show managed to hit Syndication, which usually means 'life-long payout' of royalties to some degree or the other? Like...I get the point you're trying to make but like...bad example?


No clue re: Kat Dennings's opinion on Marvel movies but actors in franchises like this generally sign contracts for multiple movies/appearances and can't just decline without some sort of repercussion.


Link? Never saw her say anything regarding not wanting to go back


She could call my mom a bitch with them tiddies & that angel face. She does no wrong.


Whoa there's no reason to be so upset


Yeah, also, you have to work with them for about ten years if you don’t play a villain, and it can be quite stressing.


Yeeeeesh you took his comment to the heart! Get that stick out your butt person! Anyways, I don’t think the o.c really had a deadset objective view on all actors wanting to participate, more so it being a personalized entertainment take on being able to fulfill one of these varied super hero roles. I know personally as an upcoming actor, I would love to take on the challenge and joy of a MCU project, but also recognize and emphasize the word ‘CHALLENGE’ in my statement, because that shit ain’t easy and fun as it seems. Regardless, it’s a take not meant to be taken as seriously as you took it. Take a chill pill and try out acting some fun roles yourself. I think you might even see the interest in getting to portray a super hero ;)


You have no idea what acting in those movies is like nor do you know what comes along with that. Plenty of reasons to turn down an MCU role. Nuclear take bro


I love the laugh after touching the mark 1.




"Sneak attack"


man that show should have never got cancelled 😭😭


It didn't technically get cancelled. The Korean Creator and showrunner bailed and they didn't want to continue the show with only the white showrunner and writers. It's a big mess behind the scenes and worth reading about. You can start with Simu and Jean's latest comments and work backwards from there.


Simu Liu and Appa and all the non-white actors have proposed to be showrunners. The producers rejected their proposal, and decided not to make more Kim's Convenience. Simu Liu is pretty mad about it.


He should be. The producers/network really fucked over everyone.


Network had no decision in it's cancellation.


One show runner was fine but a second non white show runner? No thank you. Our diversity hiring quota is done. Let's just cancel the show. Sincerely, CBC


Chose to stop making Kim's Convenience, and go make a spin off show about the Shannon character instead. Nobody wants or asked for a Shannon show, let alone have it instead of Kim's. Mind boggling. Should have at least finished one more series and bring some closure. Especially since the last episode left everything up in the air.


> make a spin off show about the Shannon character instead Really? She was kind of funny as a side character, but no way I'd watch a show with her as the lead.


yea i love Shannon's adorkable character(also the Pastor!), but its a very side character archetype. idk if it will be enough for a full show around her.


They're also doing a spinoff with Shannon, the only non-asian supporting character.


Simu said he refused to appear in the spinoff.


That explains >!the breakup!< in the finale that came out of fucking nowhere


*Gerald has entered the chat* But yea even though he had almost as much a role as shannon its understandable that theyre classified differently. And its understandable theyre making a ‘white’ spinoff. Choi is gone and so the main driving forces now are white. Wouldnt expect them to butcher another race POV. Bad for diversity but better for the entertainment. Nobody wants to see minorities whose race is relevant to the plot scripted by non minorities who have no idea. If Choi is gone the Korean voice is hard to replace


Ya it's not like they had any Korean or Asian voices to pull from at all, totally a white show from cast to writers room... oh right it was just the writers room.


A shame either way 😪


Hey. What show?


Kim’s Convenience


Kim's Convenience


Kim's Convenience. It's on Netflix (international)


[Here's Simu's explanation](https://i.imgur.com/rkyNP3s.jpg)




Didnt a new season just come out?


Season finale was like a month or so ago, but there was suppose to be a season 6 where shannon and jung get married and jung finally reconciled his relationship with appa but got cancelled cuz producers wanted to focus on other projects




A heard a Shannon spin-off was in the works? Kind of confused as to how that would work.


That came straight from Simu (Jung actor)'s instagram. They creators chose to stop making Kim's and make a Shannon show instead. WTF


heard that as well, no idea how it’s gonna work tho, haven’t seen any new info on plot or anything. Just have to wait and see


>Strays features a lead performance by Nicole Power. In Kim's Convenience, she portrayed the socially awkward manager of Handy Car Rental, Shannon Ross, who develops a relationship with Liu's Jung. Strays follows Shannon as she begins a new life in Hamilton, Ontario. >For Strays, CBC Television cast the following performers to appear alongside Power: Frank Cox-O'Connell (Aaron Stone), Nikki Duval (Workin' Moms), Tony Nappo (Jupiter's Legacy), Paula Boudreau (The Handmaid's Tale) and Emily Piggford (The Girlfriend Experience), and David Webster (The Boys). Tina Jung will reprise her Kim's Convenience role as Jeanie Park, along with Kevin Vidal as Roger. >Strays will premiere on September 14, 2021. From ScreenRant.


On Netflix, yes, but it aired on a Canadian tv channel first.






He so good at sneak attack that sometime he don't even know he sneak attacking.


You know what happened in the 2016? HYDRA attack SHIELD! You buy Strucker watch, you guilty buy associationship!


Okay, see you!


Simu Liu is cool


He really is


He’s basically a fan who tweeted his way into becoming a Marvel superhero


He did. It's incredible.


Hey, backstory? Am curious to know


In 2014 Simu Liu tweeted he wants to play Shangchi in MCU >Hey @Marvel, great job with Cpt America and Thor. Now how about an Asian American hero? https://twitter.com/SimuLiu/status/489767285154803712?s=19 >OK @Marvel, are we gonna talk or what #ShangChi https://twitter.com/SimuLiu/status/1069696323056586752?s=19


Crazy, I didn’t know that was where he came from! Thanks :)


I mean he was also a successful actor with a hit TV show so probably everyone shouldn't start tweeting at Marvel to make them whatever character they want and expect the same results.


That literally is the story. He would tweet at Marvel announcements saying he was totally available and down to be part of things. Then he got Shang-Chi because of it.


Slightly off-topic but Barry Kheogan from the upcoming Eternals movie tweeted to Stan Lee in 2013 begging to be a superhero, and now he is. It's awesome.


Cool now who I gotta tweet to be a billionaire?


A currency exchange, about 4k USD would make you a billionaire in Venezuela.


Didn’t Vin Diesel lie about being in talks with Marvel for a role, but that opened up actual talks with them that lead to him playing Groot?


I am Groot?


Or auditioned.


Anthony Mackie is a shitposter irl.


I wish we were getting the season 6 of Kim's Convenience. But after his complaints I get it. We get a Shannon spin off though.....so that's fun. As much as I enjoy Nicole Power that's not the spin off I wanted. But I've always enjoyed Shang Chi. So I hope this movie launches the man to the moon. And Appa too. Him and Filoni in a buddy cop new republic series would be amazing. "Sometimes you sneak attacking so good, you don't even know you sneak attacking."


Appa and Simu Liu don't need Kim's Convenience. They love Kim's Convenience and know it has many fans. The producers were shit.


The producers chose to make a spin-off about Shannon, that's really all you need to know.


That's going to be a long shadow over the production.


Really the full cast was fantastic. But those two killed it. Unfortunately. As you said, the producers killed it. Just not the same way. Simu loved that show. But hearing the crap that was pulled is tragic. He was already paid shit for that show and probably would have accepted shit pay for it to get it's full series. I'm just glad he got one hell of an opportunity. Same with Paul. But it was worth the loss. Because they were the reason we cared for those characters. So I'll support all of them going forward. They've earned it.


Teva's Convenience: A new republic pilot Carson Teva retires to the rim world of Torontoine. Opening a shop with his wife Captain Theresa Yao and their daughter Stephanie. While their estranged son Shang Chi works nearby as a ship valet.


*Chefs kiss*


What happened there? I'm just watching the show now and even though I have a one more season to go I know it won't be enough...


> We get a Shannon spin off though.....so that's fun. Wait, what? Isn't she... the worst character on the show?


So happy that we got a Canadian Asian feller into the mix :) Just waiting for Ryan Reynolds to make his debut into the mcu


He's also worthy.


I knew it


First saw him in Kim's convenience. Seemed like a good actor. Glad he's getting his shot.


Oh my that "Tee hee!" was adorable. Adorkable, even.


I literally turned sound on right before that and I am so glad I did!


This exactly


The “teehee” slayed me. 😂


What a cool mf’er. I’d give up either my right or left nut to work at Marvel Studios.


I would also give up your nuts


I also choose that man's (soon-to-be) dead nuts.


We are all choosing this guy's nuts on this blessed day


The monkeys paw grants your wish and takes your left nut. You are now an unpaid intern at Marvel Studios.


Worth it


I almost went with janitor as the job but hell, to be honest, even that would be cool.


Just walking after Chris Hemsworth as he smashes pint glasses walking the halls.


I forgot about /r/themonkeyspaw


What a waste of a wish! Gimme 100 billion dollars monkey paw. I’m ready for the down side to that.


Wish granted. You have 100 billion dollars in monopoly money.


I’d give up both if I had them


could probably get better versions at Marvel Studios They have the technology. They made Iron Man after all


I heard they made him in a cave.


#with a box of ***SCRAPS***


Not sure if I want my groin to light up in the dark.


Nah, I’d only give up my left. I love my right nut.


So you just have a penis?


Read the username.


So she just has a penis?


“Wait.... there are women on reddit ?”


-Home Improvement sound-


“Ooowweeeeuurgh ?”


I was only kidding, sorry! 😅


username checks out


Appa’s definitely proud.


Have a feeling we're going to get a lot of funny "behind the scenes" type of content from him, since he's a huge fan. I can imagine him and Tom Holland being trolls 😂


Would love to see Shang Chi and Spider-Man team up. I read he taught Spidey to develop his own fighting style


Yeah, Spidey had lost his Spidey sense so he needed a way to be better at not getting hit or shot since he wasn’t on easy mode anymore. It’s in the Spider Island Complete Collection if you have any interest in checking it out. I really enjoyed it.


If there's anything that would stop this from happening, it would be Sony.


To my knowledge, as long as it’s within Tom Holland’s contract, he can appear in other people’s movies without much of an issue or even permission from Sony. For example, Sony had zero involvement in Infintiy war despite Spider-Man being in it, because it was part of tom’s contract to appear in cross over movies


Doesn't his current contract only allow for 1 appearance in a non Spider-man movie? I'm sure it will be renewed, but it's still pretty limited right now. Spider-man should have appeared in FATWS.


Maybe right now. But I’m sure it’ll be renewed Actually the FATWS thing wasnt contractual. Feige instantly shot down that idea because it didn’t make sense thematically. Same reason why doctor strange didn’t appear in WandVivision. Feige didn’t want Spider-Man coming in to save the day and taking that away from Falcon. Plus, New York is a big city, and it all kinda happened in the moment. It doesn’t make complete sense, but we just gotta accept it. Even in the mcu, there can’t be constant cross overs, it’s just not logistical


Next Avengers cast is gonna be a hoot


Oh snap, I knew it, Simu is worthy lol 🤣.


I love that badass library they have.


This guy is sexy af!


God I am so happy they cast this man in the MCU. Can’t wait for him and Anthony Mackie to do press releases and interviews together. Throw Tom Holland and Paul Rudd in there for pure chaos.


I’m really hoping he, Paul Rudd, Randall Park and Michael Peña team up for promo at one point in a future west coast avengers movie or show. I’d love to see Jimmy woo and ant man appear as cameos in his movies because the ant-man movies are set in San Francisco.


His name is Michael Peña


Thanks, I edited it to include his name.




I’m still hoping we get Luis and Korg


Shang-Chi: "This is all new to me. I mean, I remember the blip, but can someone fill me in on what happened during those 5 years?" Luis: "Yeah! My buddy, Scott, told me everything that happened! Check it out!..." ****bongos intensify**** "See, this Captain Marvel chick found Tony Stark and some blue girl floating in space and was all like, "Yo, I know where Thanos is! Let's go get em!" And then they found him and he was like a farmer, right? And he said, "You can't bring anyone back because, like, I destroyed the Infinity Stones, homes." Then Thor straight-up decapitated him, and everyone was like, "Yo, Thor, what did you do?" And he's like, "I went for the head!" And then my van got impounded because I was gone, right? But yo, that's when by man, Scott, came back and told the Avengers, "Yo, I know a way we can fix ALL this -- TIME TRAVEL!" So Scott and all the other Avengers did this Time Heist action and stole all the stones from the past, but Natasha was all like, "Yo, sorry, B, but I'm gonna, like, kill myself so you can save the world -- byeee," and then they DID! But also Iron Man died, and that was pretty sad. And also Spider-Man saved Europe from some dude with a fish bowl head, but we all came back, B! We're all unblipped! And also, aliens are real and they have a talking raccoon. Pretty cool, right?" Shang-Chi: "Uhhh...okay."


Someone give this man a job


*tee hee*


Simu Liu is the real life Kamala Khan.


does any1 know what is on that media wall at the end?


Looks like a lot of comic collections. What they are, who knows. Ha.


It’s the Marvel Studios library: https://thepopinsider.com/features/inside-marvel-studios/


Wish I could just spend a day there alone.


I would need more than a day.


Goddamn, now there's a place I wouldnt mind being stuck in at the start of the pandemic.


That wall of books is what I'll be thinking of when masturbating later.


We'd all do the same, admit it.


if I could get my hands on that wall of comics........ goddamn..


Is he Shangchi?




Please tell me that room full of comics is the waiting room ! If so, I'd try to have appointments with the most notoriously late person in the building.


He so good at sneak attack that sometime he don't even know he sneak attacking.


This guy's attitude is the whole reason I'm excited for Shang-Chi. I was never really a fan of the character, but you can tell that he's a real fan of what he's doing, and he makes it contagious.


I love how he quickly backed up after touching the iron man suit lmfao


Such a cool dude, we stan 😆


I imagine most of us would react the same way when visiting Marvel Studios. 😊


Me visiting marvel studios.


He is so super cute


Would have been hilarious if the armor immediately collapsed.


Gets fired


It sorta bugs me that no actor in the MCU has really acknowledged Simu Liu as a part of the MCU and he hasn't been in any pictures with other MCU actors afaik. It will be an exciting day when we eventually see him on screen with the other heroes.


I think it’s because he’s brand-new, that might be part of it.


And knowing how secretive Disney/Marvel is, I bet nobody outside of the Shang-Chi Crew knows about his work. Edit: *his work in the Shang-Chi movie.


And if there's any crossover in Shang Chi they will keep it totally secret.


We’re in a pandemic and his movie isn’t out yet.


They'll probably put him with the others soon enough because otherwise it looks bad and pretty much against what Fiege wants, to see Simu Liu be ostracized among others would be against the MCU's efforts to bring diversity even if as per say, he might not get along with the others. He'll be there, soon enough.


Also there's been a pandemic with limited gatherings, so it's not too surprising. The other actors typically encounter each other at events, filming and press tours for those films. We haven't really had events or conventions, his movie isn't even out yet and it's not a film starring another established mcu character. Most of these appearances I'd suspect are baked into the contracts and/or cost money so we wouldn't see Brie Larson or Scarlett Johansson interacting with them. They aren't in the film.


Exactly. When I think of the big MCU group shot, I think of things like comic con. They’ve haven’t exactly had in person comic cons due to covid. Also people have Infinity wars/endgame in mind, but we are in more of a separate film phase than crossover now.


If any MCU actor is in a pic posing with Simu everyone is gonna think their character will show up in Shang Chi.


I honestly think he met Paul Rudd, Brie Larson and Zoe Saldana last week at the Avengers Campus


He was in the big group picture for all the phase 4 stuff they were announcing at SDCC 2019. That might’ve been the last group gathering before covid.


His movie was filmed during a global pandemic, it won't be released for months, and I don't really understand your complaint. Were there tons of photos of Tom Holland with actors who weren't in his movie before the first Spiderman came out? It really feels like you're bending over backwards to complain about this.


Nobody has acknowledged Hailee or Imaan or Oscar or Tatiana either. No one who isn't working with them


Mark Ruffalo tweeted welcoming Iman to the MCU "Glad to see the Marvel family embiggening! Welcome, Iman / Ms. Marvel! https://t.co/ViD1sVHMIl" Also I think it's slightly different considering Shang-Chi has a trailer out and his casting was more official had an announcement at comic con and everything. Surely there would be *one* person from the MCU to acknowledge Simu's presence?


Did he actually say “tee-hee”?


He’s so hot 😍


Can't wait for this movie. I get such a different vibe from this movie compared to the other MCU movies.


Tee hee


The fact that they have a library of the source material is so reassuring.


fuck me working at marvel studios during crunch time is probably hell but what a cool building to work at


Simu, Marvel Studios are asleep, party at HQ


Lmao that laugh when he touched the MK 1


I loved Simu Liu in Kim's Convinience. I can't wait to see him in the MCU. My entire fam is hyped for this movie


Love that he is just as much a fanboy as us normal folk!


The teehee 🤣🤣🤣


This is so wholesome


I thought Ironman MK suit is gonna come alive but instead we got a "tee hee" which is also fair.