Anthony Edwards IG story on Lebron

Anthony Edwards IG story on Lebron


This kid is awesome, man. I'm a big fan.


Me, too. And he's so right. Imagine if MJ got the LeBron treatment during his career. People would talk about his first-round exits more than his championships, they would have mocked him for his "flu game" and said he was making it up, they'd say he didn't earn his championships because he had too much help from his hall of fame teammates, said he was too soft and never could have made it in the 60's, it's just pathetic how people feel the need to bring LeBron down. Unquestionably, he's one of the greatest, but you wouldn't know it by looking at social media.


Haha I can hear 90’s Skip now. “Jordan the savior of the league, Jordan the scoring legend, would have been an average scorer in the 1970s. Teams were taking twenty more shots per game, twenty Shannon, without a 3 point line. Teams were stocked with scorers. Wilt, Russel, Kareem. Jordan can’t go down there and bang with them! He’ll get his lunch handed to him. Your average player today is a year older and ten pounds heavier than then and there’s the great equalizer, the three point line. One foot here and it’s a low quality two point shot but move your toe here and all of a sudden it’s a high value shot?! Come on Shannon. Jordan is playing with unfair advantages against older, slower players and you all know it, but you gotta have your savior, your golden knight. My Jazz are going to eat your lunch.”


Damn, you all here just nailed it. I bet there would be some downplaying on the 1992 Olympics (though of course nobody in their right mind would bash Lebron's inhuman stretch of basketball, NBA-international, in 2012 and his insane 2012 Olympics, so maybe there's no need for a parody lol).


Fantastic skip impression. Take my upvote


Hahaha nailed it. Would mention how Jordan nearly lost to the sorry Cavs and chucked up a Hail Mary of a shot.


That was excellent. If you can do a halfway decent impression of skip get that shit on video. If you can’t, find someone who can and have them read it


Wow, you really put it into perspective for me. LeBron would totally be mocked for having some type of "flu game". It's actually really pathetic. I wonder if it's just the times. Maybe players in general are now more ridiculed than ever.


People called Mike the “GOAT” for playing with a flu but called LBJ a wuss for playing with a sprained ankle.


Or already physical cramps


I never understood why people make fun of that incident like these morbidly obese people really think they can play through a high level NBA game while having cramps and still be the #1 option of the team.


It really shows you the evolution of “sports analysts” and what social media has done to the game. It’s not gonna end with Bron either. When Bron retires the circle jerk will switch to the new face of the league


Man, I'm gonna need AD getting that training and body care enlightenment from Lebron before that happens, Lebron and AD keeping their success as a duo and then AD alone (regardless of the team) would just be the best, preventing the unfair criticism of them.


AD is injury prone AF. this is our future, just gonna have to deal with it.


Can't he just drop a million on his body every year too? Between the Lakers and Frito Lay, he should have no problem with that.


There is this thing where people are kind of only supposed to be so big. Our bones can only take so much punishment before there are problems. Pretty much every big man in the league has had to deal with some problems due to their size. AD is in amazing shape and works as hard as anyone but when you move that much weight on limbs that long.... tendons start to give and little injuries creep in. It is kind of a miracle that we as humans can walk upright at all, let along at AD towering height.


It’s really the height with the athleticism that seems to be the real demise of guys that size outside of LeBron who is just the peak of excellent genetics from the athletic standpoint. I’m a Nuggs fan lurking and a huge reason Jokic is so durable is because his game is very low-impact. He rarely, if ever, ends up in compromising situations that are extra dangerous for taller people. AD on the other hand is an athletic freak but there’s a price to pay for that. Hope both of our teams can get/stay healthy next year though so we can run it back in the WCF.


Some people are just injury prone no matter what they do. It’s very annoying to hear people say “what does he do in his offseason?!” First off I promise you he’s working extremely hard to take care of himself during his offseason. I’m a personal trainer, and I’ve been an athlete my whole life, a college scholarship athlete. I understand how the body works, when I was competing I did everything I could to avoid injuries by strengthening my body and working on my Imbalances, but guess what? I still got hurt constantly, I had to stop competing due to a career ending injury. You want to know why I’m so injury prone? It’s because I’m what’s called hyper mobile or hyper flexible, which has been diagnosed on 3 different instances . I can’t do anything to control that, I say that to say we don’t know anything If Davis most likely has an underlying issue as to why he gets injured so frequently. Now let’s take a look at Lebron, by the way he’s built, disregard the the muscles, just look at his bone structure, look at how his legs are shaped, he is actually slightly bow legged, which is a naturally very powerful build. Lebron’s body even without the fact that he takes extreme care of himself was meant to last. People like Anthony Davis, even though he has a very strong body build he just isn’t as sturdy as others. I know I went on a rant, but I’m just tired of people constantly questioning others when they are injured it happened to me in college, my teammates began talking behind my back about my constant injuries, some thought I was actually faking the injuries, and that really cuts deep especially when it comes to something you spend every waking moment thinking about. So let’s keep that into consideration before we pass judgement on others.


Fair enough. Thanks for the fleshed out response. Gives me more context on that. Guess we're all at the mercy of the build we're given to some degree. I have read others mention LeBrons bowed legs as a reason for his lower leg durability.


To be honest, it’s about the fact that he can only be on one team at a time. Every time he moved to a new team, all the other fans had a reason to hate him. The guy is basically 2 players and automatic ticket to conference finals, then finals. If he doesn’t pick your team to play for, those fans are gong to hate him unfortunately.


It's the nature of our society these days. Haters gonna hate. And they hate us cause they anus. But for real, people want to hate because the great ones/generational talents don't play on their team. Been hearing it for 16 years as a Pittsburgh Penguins fan with Sidney Crosby. I don't watch basketball, but I love LeBron because I took the time to lookup the majority of good things he does using his platform off the court. And of course the greatness on the court.


I'm from the general area of Ohio where he grew up, and he's done some unbelievably selfless things for his community. LeBron is the real deal.


Those who truly appreciate the game without falling into the mindless fandom for one or another player, they know how good is Lebron on a historical scale. Most players know that, most coaches know that and most even a little bit educated fans, recognize his greatness..


Social media changed a lot and didn’t even exist when MJ was playing. I’m willing to bet if we had a 24/7 news cycle like we have now, MJ would’ve been much more hated than we believe he was. People hate on greatness, it gets clicks.


Ppl did talk shit about MJ until he won 6 rings in 7 seasons. What can anyone really have said after that?


They could say he only did it because his team was stacked with hall of famers, he couldn’t do it without pippen, same nonsense people say about lebron


I have to assume you weren’t around for the early part of MJs career. “All the talent in the world but not a team leader. Scorers don’t win championships. Too flashy, not a team player.” There was a ton of criticism of him before he won his first chip. Lots of celebrating his losses. And there were tons of pissed off people when he started winning. And then kept winning.


it's old insecure people. And those '90s ballers have become irl assholes that have no perspective. They're just jealous that starting around that time, salaries went up and the NBA became even more international. Makes me respect Kobe (R.I.P.) 1000X more. He truly loved the game in every manner.


r/nba clowns would probably press charges on Lebron themselves if he punched a teammate


Fr fr. I love way too many Wolves players I might actually start rooting a bit actively for them. DLo: my favourite baby Laker. KAT: outside of Philly, is there anyone that hates him? Ant: straight shooter and baller.


The Anthony Edwards to LA narrative starts now


Edwards signs with Clutch this summer and forces his way out. Haha


Lol he’s already a Klutch client


Plus him and KCP are cool (both went to Georgia)


Then the IG post makes sense lol


Oh it's perfect


Kind of imagination, if only Kobe still alive and he mentors Edwards, scoring machine incoming.


I mean I’ll take him. Rookie contract and all.


Wolves will keep that dude as long as they possibly can. Ridiculous athlete and lovable guy.


You shut your god damn mouths.


I knew someone would comment this right after reading the post




He’s absolutely correct


Yes just like "the decision" and LeBron having a show on ESPN about his choice to go to Miami or stay in Cleveland, no one cares about LeBron. It's clear everyone has been routing against the most popular NBA player for the last 15 years (save maybe a couple when Curry was fan fav). This is silly overreacting.


Kids on social media think that hating Lebron is a personality trait. It’s sad. Some people are actually more invested in seeing Lebron fail than seeing their own team succeed.


They’re not kids, it’s mostly grown ass adults from my experience. Most kids love Bron and Steph the most. Then most people around my age (20-26) and most old heads are the ones hating on bron.


They’re mostly just people mad Lebron eliminated their team for 10 years straight lmao


Or huge Jordan fans that can’t comprehend another player standing on the mountaintop alongside him.




That was me! I got over it his last year in Miami. Just started enjoying the guy completely.


I got over it in 2016. Kobe was done and him beating the warriors like that, how could you not respect him bro. Granted doesn't mean I don't have issues with LeBron, sometimes I wish he wasn't as passive when we need him to take over for ex.


Those were Kobe fans not laker fans. Don’t slander us like this


eh not really, pretty easy doing a 180 on bron when he gets your team a ring.




In Canada, have buddies who are Raps fans - can confirm this.


A lot of ppl my age 30-40 straight love hating on lebron. I know jordan was a childhood idol i get it. But there's no need to hate on someone else because you're a fan of a different person and era. I love basketball love lebron and am glad I've gotten to see him play


The old heads are from the Jordan generation & the people from age 20-26 were raised on prime Skip Bayless & Stephen A Smith. Those two did a lot of damage in their covering of LeBron, “fans” of the NBA still look at LeBron as if he’s in the summer of 2011. Look at how they’re describing a championship in a bubble when all players could do is focus on basketball which made the competition higher because the Lakers led by LeBron won it?


Man I am 26 and literally all of my friends hate on LeBron. It's so fucking stupid.


A sponsored post from some right wing "newspaper" came up in my timeline today, every reply in the comment section was a 45+ year old talking shit about how LeBron is too wrapped up in politics to be good in basketball anymore.


Thats 90 percent of rnba lol. So many people really want the man to fail


they prob hate Lebron more than they hate Hitler. just the nastiness and cringe of their comments. not even trying to be funny


Sports Twitter has become insufferable. It’s all Lebron jokes and “not a sport” comments.


I know a grown ass 40 year old man who owns a pretty big website here in Vancouver, who posts clips of bron from the game saying shit like “what a pathetic excuse for a leader, he’s soft, I expected more from the self proclaimed goat”…. It’s mental illness bruh


Stupidity spreads faster than the coronavirus


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


What i really don't get are kobe fans who stopped supporting the lakers when lebron moved. Lmao, your idol is a diehard laker but you suddenly hated his team because a player you hate joined? What the fuck's going on in those brains?


Only thing that irks me is when people act like the Suns beat a fully healthy Lakers squad.


“cHrIs PaUl WaS huRT toO”


Dude such a drama queen. He wanted Wes Matthews guillotined for a normal box out and was fine 2 minutes later. Save me with that.


I remember that time someone’s beard was touched by Dillon brooks and acted like he had his eyes gouged out.


There's a reason the Suns were a #2 seed and the Lakers were a #7. Injuries. They played like their seeding, cause those injuries showed up again


They also made a well above average # of 3s in G5 and G6.


Cp3 was hurt the same way Lebron and AD were already hurt before the AD groin injury


Suns beat who they had in front of them. They just played against the hand they were dealt. All the credit to them.


I see no lies


I don't think that's the issue. It's people saying shit like "can you believe the suns took out the champs?" If you told anyone that one of LeBron or Davis were out, you'd say "yeah, I can definitely see the Suns beating the Lakers." it's not shocking that the Suns beat us once Davis was out. They took care of business, but it's not surprising with the injuries we had.


100%. I’m not mad about the Suns winning, and congrats to them. They had the better team - and more importantly depth. Injuries are unfortunately a part of the game. But some of them acting like they beat an actual championship caliber team at the time. Its kind of how I feel about when the raps won. That warriors team was a shell of who they were. A win is still a win, but let’s not act like we beat the best version of that team.


Yea but no one is gonna remember that the warriors were hurt but I understand the point


Underrated comment


Suns fans (read: LeBron haters) out here running around like they just won the title


Haha we sweeping the suns next year and booker gonna be looking like a fool. Hell, they might not even make it if CP3 dips. Which brings me to my next point. If the suns get demolished before making it to the finals you can bet Chris coming to the lakers like he should have 10 years ago.


Nah CP3 apparently wants a 100+ million dollar deal, the Suns can keep him


CP3 never taking a pay cut as the NBPA President. I don't see it happening.


DBook is not gonna look like a fool lmfao he’s a beast cmon now yall


Regardless, they still beat the shit out of the Lakers. Credit to their team for sniffing blood and taking advantage. They played who was in front of them.


I mean its not like it was even close lmao. They beat us handily. No reason to pretend otherwise.


As a lifelong Laker fan - it took me a long time to come around and like LeBron. I always respected his game and skill but just didn't like him. A lot of that was due to me feeling... like threatened for Kobe when he didn't even feel it for himself. I started vibing with Bron when he went back to Cleveland and I am glad I was able to pay close attention to the later half of his career. I appreciate his contribution to basketball and the Lakers immensely.


>like threatened for Kobe when he didn't even feel it for himself. That's the funny thing, fans are so invested in tearing down one player to support a different player. But the players are pretty much all cool with each other and have a lot of respect.


I didn't like Lebron back in the day, mainly due to *the decision*. I like him now because he seems to be a good dad, the I Promise school, drinks tons of good wine, pushes _some_ positive social issues well (wtf lebron on vaccination), seems like he's a good husband/loves his wife, he brought us another championship, he WANTED to be a Laker and for the respect him and Kobe had for each other. I understand that some of those things could just be a thing his PR team pushed but I'm choosing to believe it.


Same. The combination of a changing attitude towards LeBron and Kobe’s passing though made me change mindsets forever. I’ll still root against stars when I play them but I’m always gonna appreciate the talent. Even tho I hate booker for stretches in that series, I appreciate how Fucking dope he is and I’m not looking to tear him down just bc he’s not on my team


I’m in the same boat. The LeBron hating for me stopped right around when he came back from the 3-1 deficit. It might be multiple decades before we’re able to see another player dominate on the court the way LeBron has. Almost two decades of dominance and 10 out of 11 years in the Finals. I mean come on! Just sit back and appreciate what you’re seeing before it’s gone.


Absolutely the same time line for me too


You literally just described me as how I feel about Bron pretty much. I loved the dude up until Miami, when he was in Miami, I hated that man. Once he went back to the Cavs I started liking him again and then the 3-1 comeback turned him into my 3rd fav player of all time


Holy hell, this pretty much follows my experience with LeBron. I didn't particularly care for him during his first stint with Cleveland and I didn't like how his attitude was going into Miami (though to be fair, I think about into outside narratives). Along with that, he was someone who seemed to be able to knock Kobe off his pedestal. Then, while Kobe's career was well into its final stretch and LeBron went back to Cleveland, I started realizing that both of their "legacies" (for lack of a less cheesy word) could co-exist without having to knock each other down. They were both players who respected each other's game and even elevated each other. I started following LeBron more during his second stint slowly became a fan since.


Lifelong laker fan and Lebron passed kobe in 2007


Kobe went to the 3 straight finals and won an MVP from 2008-2010, so not sure why you think that


Because lebron beat a better pistons team with Boobie Gibson as his second best player than the rookie tayshon prince that locked down kobe while he had a prime Shaq


tayshon prince locked down kobe? boy we must have been watching a different series.


Yea, you trolling or dumb? Lakers would have won that series if kobe didn’t play


lmfao that's a spicy take.


The Lakers’ third best player that series was Derek Fisher averaging 6 ppg, the Cavs had 6 players other than Lebron scoring more than that against the Pistons lol. That 2004 Lakers team was super washed outside of Kobe/Shaq since they decided to gamble everything on a 35 year old Gary Payton and a 40 year old Karl Malone. On top of that, the 2004 Pistons were also much better than their 2007 team since they had DPOTY Ben Wallace in the front court instead of a washed up Chris Webber.


Kobe wouldn’t make the playoffs with that cavs team let alone the finals Lebron + prime Shaq = 10 rings You can’t be this delusional A rookie Prince locked down kobe like a prison bitch


this isn't r/nba


No shit. We can talk about facts here R/nba is just 12 year olds sucking 0-5 finals mvp choke artist sidekick currys dick


Your username is about Curry and now you’re talking about Curry’s dick. I think you might be obsessed.


Kobe literally dragged the worst supporting cast of all time to the playoffs 2 years in a row, there’s no way you’re a “lifelong Laker fan” if you think the 2007 Cavs were worse than a team that had fucking Luke Walton and Smush Parker as starters. And you’re calling ME delusional????? Also I don’t get why you keep bringing up Kobe getting locked up by Prince when Lebron got shut down in 2011 by someone who never even made an all defensive team (with a MUCH better roster than the 2004 Lakers, I should add).


Worst cast? Lmao Why do you morons keep leaving out Odom!!! It’s fucking insane Guy averaged 20-10 vs the suns when kobe choked a 3-1 lead and pulled the biggest quit job in game 7 history Kobe wouldn’t make the playoffs with the 2007 and 2018 cavs teams lebron took to the finals


Why do you keep leaving out the 2007 Cavs being the 4th best defense in the league? The 2018 Cavs weren’t even a bad team after they fixed their roster mid season, so I don’t even know why you’re bringing them up. Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Luke Walton, etc weren’t even good enough to get off the bench on either of those Cavs teams, yet they started the majority of the regular season for the Lakers. One decent player in Odom doesn’t change how dogshit garbage the rest of that team was. Like 90% of that roster wasn’t even in the league within 5 years afterwards, it’s not even a debate that Lebron’s Cavs teams were better. The 2019 Lakers would’ve wiped the floor with those bum ass players and Lebron couldn’t even take them to the 8 seed


Imagine losing a 3-1 lead with Odom averaging 20-10 If only Odom had some help in that game 7. Instead of a quitter That cavs team lost 27 games in a row when LeGOAT left…


oh really damn. when did the cavs and pistons play in the finals? must have been in a coma that year lol.


2007? No way, he surpassed kobe on his heat stint


2012 is as early as I'm willing to go. 2007 is ridiculously stupid.




For me, it was the Lebron fans who went out of their way to always disrespect or discredit Kobe in some way. When I say Lebron fans, I mean the ones who troll social media and say things like “Kobe isn’t top 5, not even top 10” etc. So when Lebron became a Laker, it took some time for me to just be cool with it. But I mean now all is good, especially since we won last year…and will win next year 😎😎


I mean to be fair, Bron was a lot more cocky and arrogant during his first stint in Cleveland and during his early Miami years with very little success in the way of championships to show for it. Let’s not forget about “not five, not six, not seven”. Have people forgotten about “LeElbow”, the left handed free throw and him seemingly quitting on his Cavs in 2010 when they got bounced by Boston? To that end and on that note, Kobe was cocky and arrogant as fuck early on and all the way through the threepeat and into ‘06-‘07 or so, but a lot of us gave him a pass for those years because he played for our team. Looking back I think it’s understandable to see why fans of 29 other franchises disliked both guys at times, but it’s also interesting to see how the two of them both matured and grew up over the years. I think it’s easier to see and acknowledge with Kobe and Bron (their mental growth that is) because both guys played in the league for so long and both came into the league cocky as hell. Fact is #24 was vastly different from #8 and our #23 is vastly different from Cleveland’s #23 and Miami’s #6.


Another point to be fair on, they both started in the league remarkably young. Haters, how mature were _you_ when you were 17-18?


No thats not “to be fair” those are just narratives you chose to support your hate from Bron because when it comes to being cocky noone seems to bring up Steph dancing before a 3 even goes in. You do that in the streets you will get shot


Very good points throughout and in retrospect, you're pretty spot on to how I felt back then.


Lebron at his age is still playing at a high level. He was once considered in the mvp conversation before his ankle injury. The man is one of the goats. Give him his respect. We were up 2-1 on the suns before ad got injured. Oh Chris Paul’s shoulder was injured...I would rather ad have a shoulder injury then a groin strain. We weren’t going to win without ad. I can’t stand ppl saying our ring in the bubble was a joke, I live in az and the fans out here are shitty which I why I hope they never win a ring. I was at a music show last week 😷 and these sunset fans were making fun of ad being injured. Lebron will get us back in the finals next year


Just like Kobe- EVERYONE hated that man. Until he retired, then passed away. Now everyone is gonna pretend they weren’t chanting horrible shit at him.


Facts. I know so many people that would shit on Kobe and bring up Colorado but changed their tune when he passed away. “I aLwaYs loVeD kOBe” Foh. Shit makes my blood boil.


I think with Kobe, they tried to discredit his talent/output on the floor, and tried to bring up stats. With Lebron, they can't really bring up too many stats other than the finals record, so I feel like they just hate him as a person overall. Why can't these clowns appreciate the greats while they're still playing.


Kobe had his naysayers just like the other greats but this LeBron hate is just next level.


I think when Kobe career was on the decline and Bron career was increasing (at around the time Lebron joined the Heat), that’s when certain people started liking Kobe and found a new guy to hate. When Bron formed the Superteam, Kobe was no longer the bad guy.


While this is correct, also see Lewis Hamilton. Whole F1 community is just praying for him not winning the race.


I feel like with Lebron they can sort of hide their main reason for hating him but with Hamilton we all know what that reason is: they hate him (he's the only black driver in a white dominated sport) and everything he stands for. I don't know if there's an athlete in any sport in the last 3 years who has challenged and rocked the status quo like Hamilton has done in F1. And since he's achieved GOAT tier level status (G15 clearance) anything he does or says the governing body actually has to hear him out.


Okay honestly yes part of why Hamilton isn’t liked is because he is a person of colour but as an avid f1 fan I would say MOST people just don’t want 7+ years of mercedes dominance because it’s old and boring


I get that that is where it comes from for some but I'll never hate greatness in any sport. Why watch a sport and not want to see the best do their best almost all the time?


Motorsport is different though, there’s much less events in a year. And even when one team/ player is dominant in another sport, it’s exciting to watch the games. Imagine if there was only one basketball game every other weekend or so, and the lakers won 95% of the games by 30+ points. People want to see a challenge to the king.


F1 fan, too, and I second you on Hamilton. Yeah, only a fool would say that the Hamilton hate is 100% sporting-only, but Schumacher got similar hate during his insane run to 7 titles. Mercedes (and Hamilton) have just been so freakishly good for so long that people are eager to see a shakeup in the sport's hierarchy. I'll even admit that I'm excited to see someone who isn't a Mercedes reasonably challenge him for once. I also wouldn't be at all upset if I got to watch him make history for title #8, ESPECIALLY so if he had to really fight for it. See also; Tom fucking Brady. The amount of jealousy and hate that dude gets for all of his success is insane. I almost root for him just to spite all the Colts fans around me who think he's satan incarnate.


Everyone hated Schumacher winning every race and he’s white as fuck.


There were legitimate sporting reasons to hate on Schumacher as a driver. What do you think Hamilton would be going through right now if he did some of the stuff Schumacher did?


Yup. Schumacher punted hill out to win the 94 title, tried doing the same to Villeneuve in 97, almost running Barichello in the wall at Hungary, stopping on purpose in Monaco to secure pole, not to mention Benetton was running banned TC in 94


what the fuck is g15 clearance?


One higher than Shaq's G14 clearance. Also a Rush Hour ref.


Imagine if there was an NBA championship every 3 weeks and lebron wins it 12 times a year for 4 years, you start to root for everyone else. God save the queen gets old!!!


Seed is planted. Can't wait to sign him.


Kobe was extremely hated as well. People always want to see successful people fall.


The LeBron hate is on another level though


They want Bron to become worse more than they want others to become better.


Exactly. To put it another way, I’ve seen some people pray and be more passionate for LeBron’s downfall then I’ve seen them be for their own teams success. Shit is sad.


Lebron is the John Cena of the nba. Hated him while he was there, didn’t appreciate him until he was gone. Lebron is going to be the same


That companies inability to create stars was so glaring when cena stopped showing up


He's been A1 since day 1 indeed 💯


r/nba would ban you if you posted this on there lol game recognize game!!


Wow I feel old. It was the same shit for Kobe. People didn’t appreciate his greatness till way late. Now we’re seeing it in Lebron. Maybe this is the circle of life in the NBA


It’s pretty crazy honestly. He works tremendously hard and is a great role model regardless of what you think of his politics. But like Kobe said, “Nobody hates the good ones. They hate the great ones.”


How tf does this man Kobe have an entire fucking archive of quotes that fit perfectly for most situations. Fuck, I miss him😔


I'm not gonna lie and I know the sub is gonna crucify me but I was never a Lakers fan (never disliked them) I've always been a LeBron fan. Since my big brother showed me him hitting the game winner against Orlando in the playoffs he's been my favorite athlete I've ever watched. He's been hated on since he was a kid and it will never stop but I promise you Laker nation this MF is not done. The Lakers will be right back next year and win the chip because nobody is more competitive than this man. Edit: the game winner WAYYYYY back when he was on his first run in CLE, I even have the same style of jersey he hit the shot in.


LeGM’s interest has been piqued…


r/nba in shambles now that their golden boy is a LeBron supporter.


Kid is awesome


He a real one. Glad he spoke up about this, really no other players speaks up about the amount of disrespect he gets from the media on a daily basis especially after losing to a 2nd seed coming off an injury at age 36 while missing his co-star. But I guarantee once he retires we’ll see all the fake love & IG posts from other players about how sad they are to see him go. They’ll learn.


The hate is veiled in racism, and I firmly believe that. I don't even know that people know that his race has lot to do with their hatred towards this man. People have "shut up and dribble" mentality when it comes to black athletes and that's why they love Jordan and Tiger because they kept their mouths shut about politics and social issues, but as soon as a black athlete speaks on race, they collectively turn on him.


Exactly I’ve been trying to say this. It’s no coincidence that the haters in the ig comments are always white with Tyler oakleys and a god bless Murica in their bio


Here it is, the race card is pulled. What a douchey thing to accuse ppl of because they dislike someone you like


Jordan had the benefit of not playing during the social media age


GOAT for a reason


FACTS! and they shitted on Kobe too. Media and all


I've said it before and I'll say again now. All the talent we've been able to witness in this era of basketball and all we do is hate. I for one am happy to be able to see lebrons greatness while its happening its a rare thing. Same goes for steph, kd, giannis, harden, luka. I mean we are blessed right now lets enjoy it while it's here because one day it won't be.


Bet this won't make it to r/nba


Make it happen Rob


When it comes to Lebron this is how I view him. No question Top 3 to 5 Player of all time. If we are talking positions he is the greatest SF of all time (but really is a SF/PG). Now when it comes to knocks against Lebron. He came into the league with the tattoo chosen one on his back. He came in wearing 23 (which will forever be linked to Jordan … so why not go another route and build your own legacy) …He has never tried to play for a coach that was willing to challenge his authority. It seems from the fan point of view it’s Lebron’s way or bust…. I listen to what other super stars say about him … his actual peers and rivals. They really don’t build this man up. But when it comes to Jordan’s peers and rivals all acknowledge this man’s greatness. I also think Lebron checks out of games in critical moments. Look at game 5 of suns/lakers …. 3rd Quarter he disappeared …. At about 1:30 Dennis misses a layup … Lebron literally puts his head down … doesn’t get back on defense to cover his man (crowder) … legit doesn’t even make it pass half court … and crowder scores a 3 … Last thing what has Lebron done that puts him above MJ ? Like what extraordinary thing that changed the game of basketball and no doubt sets him apart ? Longevity ? I also think Lebron tries too hard to be liked. Once again I think he is a great player conversations of being top 3 to top 5 all time


Well he threatened a cop and defended China so... tremendous athlete but he needs a better handler


To say no one will have appreciated his greatness is just completely untrue. Yes LeBron has a lot of haters but at the same time he is the most popular athlete in the world and, I bet if you took a mass-poll of basketball fans around the world, a plurality would consider him the greatest basketball player of all time. To say nobody has appreciated his greatness kind of disparages the impact he’s had on basketball and basketball fans for the past 20 years. Love the sentiment from Anthony though. Great kid with a bright future.


I mean, that’s obviously an exaggeration, but you know what they mean though. You’d think people would have more respect for such a great athlete. Compare it to someone like Tom Brady. A lot of people hate him too, but it’s more of a respectful hate, if that makes sense. Like, “fuck this guy for being so good”. With Lebron, it’s utter disdain.


These same mother fuckers will be buying his Mitchell and Ness the day after he retires.


I would argue that Kobe was equally, if not more hated during his prime. Basketball minions - especially the media, hates anyone that's a legitimate threat to Jordan's legacy as the GOAT. It was only after Kobe tore his achilles and they knew he couldn't win #6, that they started to appreciate him.


Kobe and Bron are probably the 2 most hated athletes in NBA history. Some the shit tv have said about them and their families are beyond disgusting and extremely personal not ball related


Anthony Edwards to Lakers confirmed


The hating on Lebron just shows how great he is. I remember people disliking Kobe as much as Lebron


Straight wisdom from one of the youngest stars in the league. How can you not be a fan of this kid?


China like him.


Talk about exaggeration. What lebron is experiencing isn’t any different than what Kobe and MJ experienced. The only difference is the continued rise of sports media and especially social media. I can definitely tell many of those claiming lebron being hated is somehow unique to him are young. I remember all the hate Kobe got and how people actively rooted for him and the Lakers to lose. And if some of y’all here are OG Lakers fans, pre bron and during Kobe’s time, y’all wouldn’t be saying anything like this. MJ had articles written about him, his lack of leadership, and even calling for him to be traded I believe. That’s sounds very mild, but MJ got a shit ton of hate and criticism that only eased up after he won. The hate lebron got at the beginning of his career is normal for a guy of his talent. What currently is happening is the result of the decision and his continued team hopping and teaming up with other franchise players. You also add in obnoxious fans and you have this current situation. When teams that have injured top players lose to lebron’s teams, it’s “that’s apart of the game. 😅” when lebron’s teams lose to other teams due to injury, “bet they wouldn’t beat a healthy ‘x’ team.” Then the constant narrative about how he doesn’t have any help. Like, god, there is so much crap. He’s facing backlash as a result of his fans. Lastly, people are allowed to dislike and root against whoever they like. It’s not the end of the world.


Heck there was a whole article about MJ that he was the reason his father was killed


I love watching the Lakers but LeBron behaved like a straight up bitch last series and anyone who disagrees has 100% drunk the fucking KoolAid


He walks out on his team because he’s a sore loser.


He is damn beast man…….only Kobe until now for me but Bron is up there now. Go Lakers


A large part of this is kobe fans. A lot them went nuclear on lebron on social media last night. Dont know why you would hold on to so much hate.


LeBron is the best to ever play the game, by a margin that is so enormous it isn’t even a discussion. Jordan was playing against guys who had second jobs in the offseason and struggled to score 95 in a game. LeBron is playing against guys who can hit over 35 percent from half court and put up 120 a game. Half the point guards from other eras wouldn’t be able to advance the ball past half court if defended by a guy like PG or Dennis, and that is no exaggeration, the talent level is insane right now. It’s pure jealousy, but his resume speaks for itself, just the best of the best without even taking into consideration what he does off them court.


Wouldn’t that be crazy to go out in the eastern conference finals and go “well, time to pick my shifts back up at the steel mill”.


Please tell me who was working a second job in the 90’s. Contracts were more than good enough back then. If anyone had a second job it was a guy who would never see the court to begin with so Jordan didn’t play against him. Jordan averaged 30 in a time with handchecking and was much more physical. Lebrun is known for is physicality yet he plays like a 6’ point guard. He’s a top 5 player ever but not even close to MJ as a ball Player, business man or professional.


Yeah I was the same up until he was in LA i was not a fan but he’s a laker and I will forever be a lakers fan. From Ryan Kelly to smush Parker to Chris sims and Kobe laker players are forever goated


Everybody else hates on Bron because he never played for their team, heat fans hate him now because of his dedication to his hometown. Some Cleveland fans will hate him for leaving twice.


I became a fan during his final game as a member of the heat. The heat got blown the fuck out but hes the only one who showed up and went out fighting. Ive been a fan and respected him since.


I know the saying goes if you don't have haters you're not doing it right. Lebron has exceeded and surpassed all expectations he's had since he's been a kid: 4x champion 4x Finals MVP 4x regular season MVP he's on all of the stat lists (high up there, too) He's never had any off-court issues As a parent of a young man (14), I have been honored to share Lebron's career with my son. To all of the Lebron hater out there: your tears taste like fine wine!


Lebron is probably the greatest basketball talent of all time. He’s also an all time douche so...


He wasn’t even giving effort. It’s a bad look for the kids he’s inspiring. Guys when life gets tough just give the F up


Exactly, since when did pointing out Lebron's antics become "hating". Losing the series was understandable, people were hurt. Taking 15 seconds to get across half court while complaining about calls is embarrassing premadonna diva bullshit.


The game before he was pouting too. He’s done this before. I just think at his level of basketball there are no excuses and the most stringent standards of conduct. I don’t see how he gets a chip again without playing with a high level player like Steph or Giannis.


I completely agree. I said losing this series wouldnt change his legacy, but its the way he lost. Giving up on plays, leaving early, not shaking hands, pathetic! And im a huge LeBron fan, was sad to see him play that way.


The amount of hate LeBron gets is undeniably greater than the hate Jordan and Kobe got combined. The man is human. He can only do so much. Off the court he has done so much for the community. Hell he built a school for his hometown. I hate humanity for what it’s become. Fuck Skip Bayless man.








Its just no winning with these people though. When he loses they clown him for being soft or "not like MJ". When he wins the narrative to these people os always "lol lemickey bubble ring, Ray Allen and Kyrie saved your legacy". They hate him for no reason it seems like. No other player in history gets this much hate.




I’m a Lakers fan from Minnesota. The wolves are my second team. This fills my heart with joy lmao