An iMac computer lab in the 90s.

An iMac computer lab in the 90s.


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Ah fond memories of trying to play Nanosaur on these only to be told by my teacher to go back to my desk.


I was trying to remember the game! I don’t know if I ever understood what to do. Something with eggs?


The plot of the game was that you were supposed to gather dinosaur eggs for lab research, so they sent you back in time as a dinosaur. To find out about dinosaurs. And because logic, you had a jetpack and you got points for killing dinosaurs. Who were obviously pissed that you'd take the eggs from their nests because they couldn't know you only had their *best* in mind which was science research (and shooting them for points). You could double-jump from a high platform and unlock a cheat that gave you full ammunition of everything, or ride a ... I always forget if it's a pterodactylus or archaeopteryx anyway if you managed to jump on them you could fly high up. Also you shouldn't fall into the lava. And if you weren't done in 20 minutes and got back into the time portal into the future again, the meteorite killed everything including you because obviously science could send you back in time for 65 million years and 20 minutes, but not 65 million years and, I dunno, 40 minutes? 45? No. Anyway, it was tons of fun, the only shame was that it was only this one "level" being the entire game. Bugdom had 10 levels, that was pretty neat.


Bugdom! Been trying to remember the name of that game for years.


Good news: Bugdom has been open sourced and ported to modern systems (Mac and Windows)! https://github.com/jorio/Bugdom


OMG THIS *IS* GOOD NEWS ive been looking for this game for a freakin while haha!!! ever since i discovered that Otto Matic (the one by the same developers, where you play as an alien who's rescuing the humans on a farm) is still available today


I didn’t know about the jumping off high stuff with a double click ! We had a purple one which, if I remember correctly, my dad “accidentally” dropped so we could claim it on the insurance and he ended up having to pay for the giant hole in the floor too.


I am baffled by this childhood memory that not only includes dinosaurs and iMacs, but also insurance fraud and a hole in the floor. Crazy the stuff we remember from being kids


Both Bugdom and Nanosaur were fantastic games. Same for Bubble Trouble (the one with the fishes where you pushed rocks to crush enemies).


The double jump cheat! I found this out on my own as a kid. Went to a mountain and jumped off, clipping out of the game, and landing with 999 everything. Even with all of that I still couldn't figure out how to get all the eggs in time


This is the best nanosaur synopsis I've ever read


That game got so insanely hard towards the end too. PangeaSoft's best game though was definitely Power Pete, that shit is so underrated. I need to play it again soon, I have a copy of it on a hard drive somewhere.


If I remember right they were energy balls? Man that's a long time ago.


Good lord you just brought back so many memories of old games played on those macs at school. Nanosaur That bug game Starcraft That one medieval game with all the locked doors


Do you mean the Encarta game?


Omg thank you!! I've been trying to remember that game for YEARS..it was almost beginning to feel like a fever dream or false memory. Encarta was my JAM!




Oh my god Nanosaur! And Bugdom! Pangea software made some great stuff, Enigmo was another amazing game of theirs, it and it’s sequel are available on mobile these days and are definitely worth the couple bucks. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/enigmo/id281736535 & https://apps.apple.com/us/app/enigmo-2/id328580268


MDK was the other game that came with em. That shit got weird.


We got a huge grant at school and got these apple computers back in around ‘98 or thereabouts. We never ever used them...I suspect because the teachers hadn’t a clue how to use them


My alma mater has a similar writing lab full of ~2015 iMacs. Nobody ever uses it. About 10% of students have Macbooks so no need for them to go there and the rest are Windows people and will go out of their way to use other computer labs on campus. I'm like 90% sure it only exists because the dean of that department loves her iPhone and/or they thought it pictures of it in the brochure would impress poor parents and high schoolers.


My university had a computer lab that was half PC and half Mac, there was usually a waiting list for the PCs and usually a few Macs available.


That’s weird. Did people really need a Windows exclusive software, or did they just not want to browse the internet on a Mac?


This was mid to late 2000s, when you couldn’t even open a word document on the other platform without converting it and all formatting went out the window. I think most people used the computer lab to print things so you were pretty much stuck with what you created it on.


Ah, I see. Nowadays, all you need is a browser most of the time, that's why I thought this was weird.


Personally, I've used both and much rather use a windows than a macbook. Windows just feels smoother to me.


Smoother in the performance sense, or usability? Usability I think comes down to what you’re used to. I’m the same, I want to get a M1 MacBook one day, these things fly, but I’m fairly sure it won’t replace my PC, probably never will. I’m way too used to Windows.


Both. Mac can be selective as to which programs can be run and what cannot. For example, there's some games that you can't get on mac but can get on windows. I grew up using an old macbook and then when I switched to a windows I was surprised how much more ability I had with it though i know that goes with Mac's built in antivirus.


That's not performance though, that's compatibility. Unfortunately Windows has a monopoly on games right now, no other OS can compete with them. Hopefully either Linux or Macos steps up because competition is good.


That’s never been true. Even in 2006 you could attach an NTFS formatted disk to MacOS and read it. Word and Excel for MacOS have been around for over 25 years with file compatibility. The only reason a Mac can’t perform basic office functions is a lack of similar basic software or user ignorance.


I've heard that apple donates a lot of computers as an indoctrination to OSX


Happens everywhere, honestly. When I was doing my IT degree all the networking equipment was all donated by Cisco Systems. As a result, everyone learned how to work with those systems specifically, and lo and behold, the majority of people I know from those studies have bought Cisco equipment when they had to procure stuff at their IT jobs. One donation ends up bringing in 20 new lifelong users/customers a year.


It’s part of the game. Learn to use my tool for free. Hey I like this tool. I’ll buy this tool.


Ape learn tool🦍. Ape like tool🦍. Ape buy tool🦍.




Here, take some crayons 🖍🖍🖍


But I'm not hungry yet


Just eat them Ralph.


Pro tip. The green crayon tastes the best.


Ape buy stonks? 🦍


Yep, this is why you can get access to so much free software as a college student.


First taste is free.




God forbid we replace the road signs.


I've heard about this effect in relation to pirated software. Kids learned how to use Adobe Creative Suit stuff with cracked versions and made a job out of that knowledge, which resulted in companies or freelancers buying licenses.


What’s weird is that adobe has done a bit too well of a job in stopping piracy, while piracy is what has been giving them a steady stream of customers. Their price is far too high for someone to try out their software, and their student pricing is ridiculously high. Just give us the goods and we’ll demand that our employers buy the licences, or don’t and we resolve by learning GIMP.


Brilliant really. Autodesk applies the same tactic with AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Maya, etc. Enjoy it free now students, you’ll be back…


I am still salty that I couldn't get Adobe creative cloud free when I was in college. Seriously, you have 40 years to milk students for money while they are working full time, can you not spare a few years free while they are learning?


We were a Microsoft school. Our professor was insistent we could only use Visual Studio .net to do our programming on. Being a poor college student I wasn't exactly interested in spending a thousand dollars on it especially when there were free open source alternatives. I got yelled at once cause the code I handed in for one of the programming assignments threw out some warning when he compiled it. "You need to use Visual Studio .net! This one you use doesn't work!" It was like 3/4 the way through the semester, it seemed to have worked for the previous assignments. And it was only a warning, the code still compiled and ran. And i continued to use my open source program for the rest of the semester and there was never an issue after that.


Your school didn't give you free copies of Studio?


There's also the community version of Visual Studio which has always been free to use for education/personal use. Edit: Even before 2014, when the community version came out, there was the Express version. The Express version offered the same basic functionality as the Professional version, but made it slightly more tedious to use. It was perfectly usable for your education.


We didn't find out until the next semester/year that all we had to do was stop by the CS dept office and ask the secretary for the discs... I dunno if the professor just assumed we knew about it... But first semester at uni you don't know these things... A while later, I was meeting a MIS major Fraternity Brother down in their computer lab... I noticed when I logged into one of the computers in their lab, it mapped a new network shared folder... Turned out, rather than forcing their students to show up to specifically ask for a particular title, they just threw all of the installers onto the shared drive. All they had to do was open the shared folder and you had access to Office, Visual Studio .net and a ton of others. He was surprised I didn't know about it or that we had one of our own... I made sure to copy the address so I could map it on my own system when I got back to my room.


Our profs told us this. Free XP/Office/Studio and maybe others as well. They handed those CDs out like candy




I'm confused because visual studio community is free, even the professional version in addition to .net core. Even if you were to get the business version, the cost is $45 per month which for one semester (assuming 5 months) would cost $225.


If it was before 2013(?), there was no Community Edition.


You had Express which was basically the same thing and now I really *do* feel old.


Forgot about that. It was a lot more limited on features than Community, but should have been sufficient for school.


But..vs community edition is free.


One of my classes had computers with “Property of Dell” on them which I always found odd.


Probably because it was a leased unit.


My grad program forced everybody to buy a Mac or iPad because the materials were only on iBooks (basically proprietary PDFs), it was built into our tuition. In return, my school gets to print the "Apple Distinguished Program" on their promotional materials and website.


There are iBook to pdf converts out there


I tried them, but they only worked most of the time.


This isn't even just in computers. John Deere donates tractors to Ag tech/HD mechanic courses. Everyone leaves familiar with the green stuff.


Microsoft started donating Office to counter Open Office. Otherwise, kind of a no-brainer. Free, works fine, vs not free, works about the same.


Office has a entire ecosystem of add-ons and people's 20 year old vba excel macro's that no one quite knows how they work but are business critical. And if you're educating people you might want to choose the software that 80%+ of the world has been using for 30 years. "open office calc experience required", said no employer ever.


Indoctrination is too strong, isn’t it? It’s just so that they have contact with it, and if they like it, they hopefully buy them when they start working. If you call it indoctrination, then Microsoft putting Windows for free in every laptop ever sold is basically brainwashing, haha You’re 1000x more likely to have your first contact with Windows than Mac. Might as well donate a few computers to help balance it out, and it’s free, so completely harmless.


Leave it to Reddit to claim free hardware donations is “indoctrination.” Absolutely past parody.


> I'm like 90% sure it only exists because the dean of that department loves her iPhone Budgets tend to get slashed if they're not fully utilised, as well. If you don't want to lose a chunk of funding the following year, it makes sense to get spendy where you can if you gotta.


I was born in 96 and my elementary school was using them which means they were in use until at least about 2005.


In a rural town, several schools around us get grants for a *ton* of expensive technology, and the teachers have no clue how to use them. 3D printers, CNC machines, Plasma CNC, router CNC, etc. Frankly it's depressing that so much money is being invested in education material capital but not teachers. For good teachers we're depending on people leaving industry.


As someone who just went through the process of becoming a teacher, I can tell you that they don't even expect you to take classes related to the field of your study for most things. Just the education classes. You essentially have to make time to take extra classes in your field or learn on the job. It's fucking bonkers.


I remember working in IT with tons of PC experience but not MAC. Hired to be the support tech for a school with all MACS - WTF!


Same for me. We actually got quite a bit of good computer training though. It was cool showing up after summer and suddenly no more 5 1/4" floppys anywhere in sight. A CD Rom drive?! Sweeet. The only people who had anything better than an antiquated 386 PC were just a few teachers up until 98-99 school year. Such a trip to see just how fast the new iMacs were obsolete even faster than the old IBM machines. I'd say by '02 people were already moved on. I wonder if there was some sort of incentive for schools to adopt the iMacs from apple. It seems like everyone had them for a while.


Us too. They were actually pretty sweet for the time


They didn't have disk drives and were all on the Internet. We weren't allowed to use the Internet. Someone might see a nipple and the school could get sued. Collosal waste of tax dollars, school resources, and students' potential.


All I remember about those Mac's was playing that dinosaur game where you were a velociraptor from the future trying to gather dinosaur eggs before the meteor hit Earth.


We got that grant too. IMac in every classroom sounds great but school policy prevented anyone from using them. Despite seeing one in the corner of every class, I never had an opportunity to use one. The grant was just a gimme to Apple.


The one button mouse messed me up


“No I want the blue one! You get the green one” “no you get the green one! I want the blue one!” “Dude, there’s literally another blue one right over there” “oh!” “I call dibs on the blue one!” “Shit!”


and that is why my school's computer lab all had the same color. so the teacher doesn't have to deal with that


I can picture the kids making fun of some boy because he got the pink monitor.


No! I don’t want a pink one!


Looks more like the 00s to me.


Can confirm Definitely early aughts, maybe 1998-1999 at the earliest


I would agree. I remember my 1st grade computer lab having five of these in 1999. The kids who finished their class work on the old DOS machines that comprised the rest of the lab first got to get on the shiny new Macs and play with KidPix.


We had them at my middle school in 99. In LA Apple donated computers to all the local schools throughout the 90s at least.


Kid pix hit different


I miss that program so much.


And math circus or some shit, with all the circus minigames


The slot loading CD iMac was released in late 1999, so while it is possible that it was in the 90s, it was more likely in the 2000s.


We got 20 purple ones with CD drawers in fall of 1999.


Yeah. Summer of 99 I got a new lime green iMac and it had a tray drive


I think I bought my orange one in 1998 or 1999. But yea that was definitely on the cusp of the century.


My elementary school had these in the late 90s as well!


Aren’t 98 and 99 still “90s” though? That earlier comment seems unnecessarily gatekeepy


We had these installed brand new in my middle school computer lab during the 1998-1999 school year. Although I think ours were all blue.


Yeah, the original iMac was released in 98 and only came in Bondi Blue. The color range came shortly thereafter, maybe 99. It’s certainly possible this picture was taken in the 90s *technically*, but a computer lab of colorful machines is not a quintessential 90s image. A computer lab of beige boxes would be.


Definitely 2000s. Even though the photo is low quality, these iMacs appear to have Aqua UI elements (like the glossy blue scroll bar), which were shipped with Mac OS X 10.0, which was released in 2001. Pretty sure Mac OS 9 didn't have this kind of wallpapers too.


Ahh, the 90s, when lots of electronics were transparent and candy-colored. I bet there's a market for that kind of look now.


Have you seen Apple's newest commercials? The only thing they are advertising is that they come in different colors. There is a whole commercial about the iphone coming out in purple.


It's like a car commercial nothing about the feature only aesthetics.


Yeah, but those M1 Macs are god damn beast. If you’re a Mac fan you’re going to be very very happy with one of those new iMacs. The fact that they’re thin and light is also great if you need to move the family computer around the house from time to time. It’s basically a big ass high powered laptop.


I've had the same desktop iMac for 8 years. I bought a new one in purple because... well, I can. And I wanted a new one. And it's fucking purple. I mostly use it for watching tv and FaceTiming family far away. It's going to work really well for those things, lol. And be shiny and purple. They got me!


They are amazing. I'm usually a laptop guy, but damn, these colors are just amazing.


Or, "Here at Subaru we are a family. You should buy our cars because they make you part of the family. They sound and feel like you are driving an empty plastic bottle with no amenities but, FAMILY!" (sorry Subaru owners).


Meh. I got no issues with mine. Has nice features and the eyesight thing lets the car drive its self pretty well. I only use the lane assist part on long drives. They’re really great family vehicles with top safety standards. My insurance costs dropped by hundreds with it.


Meh, you pretty much get assigned a 90s outback when you move to Colorado.


That sounds right.


You get a choice of coexist or Darwin fish stickers.


Back in our old house in Ohio *everybody* had one. Specifically a dark green, brown, or grey one (iirc)


Lmao this accurately describes how I feel about my MIL’s Crosstrek.


In Subaru's defense, there is no better car for crappy weather. My 98 legacy station wagon would go through anything. You just had to ignore all the weird noises coming out of it.😂 ​ Edit: Car model. I'm terrible with cars




Cults are real.




The regular gold is a little rosy.


I finally just switched to google phones. I can get them refurbished online for less than half the price






Ah, the Funtastic N64 series...


The only purple thing you could have in the 90s and not get called gay.


Note: Atomic Purple and Grape Purple were **2 separate things**


Gameboy too!


See through gameboys were the shit.


If you haven’t seen, literally the newest iMacs have the same colors https://i.imgur.com/xQgThRy.jpg


I have not seen, but that's pretty cool. Now they need to make them clear!


I wish they released an iPhone with the clear turquoise for an anniversary edition. Guaranteed they would be sold out everywhere.


what thats not similar at all these are just bright uniform colours instead of the cool see through theme from the 90s


It was more the early 00's. The OG bondi blue iMac came out in late 98. I got one for my birthday. Then in 99, they released the other lime, grape, orange, blueberry, and strawberry iMacs. Then in like 03, they released the white iMac G4 which was that half dome with the screen on the cool arm.


I loved the Sony Vaios we sold at my work, fluro green orange and blue, werent badly specced either. Makes a nice change from grey , black , white


When Nintendo and Apple electronics were Candy colored. Everyone else was boring


When I was looking for a new shell for my switch all I could find were coloured translucent ones. Took me ages to find a good quality one with an actual design.


Huh. Never been in the market for one of those personally, but that's pretty interesting. Although I guess it's still not quite the same as having a clear body letting you see the circuit boards.


are you sure you were alive in the 90s? i remember a lot of grey boxes. this is more like very late 90s/early 00s


You're right, but I mean to say the brightly colored see-through stuff was trendy. At least like you said, in the turn of the decade rather than the earlier parts. N64s, house phones, Game Boys, computers naturally, and they went well with inflatable furniture. :P For the record I was born in 1990 so was only well aware of the second half.


There is because people, myself included, are sick of everything being boring and just black/white/grey.


There's a huge market for 90's tech now. Those worthless CRT monitors that weighed 200 lbs and were essentially garbage when flat panel monitors came out? Yeah they're now collectors items and people are snatching them up. I had a Sony Trinitron monitor which I played Ultima Online on, it was maybe 15". Was incredible at the time. Wish I still had it.


We had one of those rooms at my school back in the day and we called it the skittles lab


Haha same!!


All that's missing is Oregon Trail


And Dinopark


Named a character Your Penis. Played game. Waited for the snake event. “Your penis was bitten by a snake” Became 6th grade royalty.


Oh Oregon Trail was already on much older computers than that.


This. Oregon Trail was a solid near decade before this. We played Nanosaur and MDK on this. I miss the gen before though; had Power Pete, Warcraft 1-3, Starcraft, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and all of those.


Well over a decade. Oregon trail has been around since the 70s and I myself played it in the early 80s in grade school.


The files are in the _computer_!


They're *in* the computer...?


God I live how they just start to start smacking them and you're like... why is this scene so familiar... and then the 2001 music starts kicking in...


M-my childhood.




Am I the only one that's upset about the teal and purple ones in the bottom right corner?


> the teal and purple "Blueberry and Grape, color names are important damn it!" -- Steve Jobs


Very. Either (a) go with no pattern at all, or (b) respect the pattern. But this is irritating.


The teal one in the back-right is actually the original “Bondi Blue” colored iMac, and is probably the teacher’s because it’s a year older than the other ones.


Probably in the 2000s, schools are always a decade behind with tech.


We got ours in rural mn in 2000, no idea how, tiny school maybe? I graduated with like 55 people.


These were introduced in 98. If it was anything like my area these didnt hit schools til 02-04. We got the refurbished 95 aptiva labs. Lol


I still want to get a green one, to do a modern PC build in it. I plan on replacing the speakers for some good cones, putting in a 1080p monitor panel, and making sure the disc tray and all buttons etc work. I think it'd be a fun project, especially for my file server.


That'd be awesome but replacing the CRT with something modern would be a tricky fit


Pretty sure I have a 1050p 4:3 panel somewhere that might actually fit this pretty well. If not, I'm sure I could find a modern-ish 4:3 flatscreen that fits, just might have to do 720p. It won't be a top tier gaming machine, so some sacrifices are fine by me. My current file server also does basic emulation, but beyond that it isn't built for much.


Nanosaur club, sound off!


Oh my god I’ve been trying to remember that game for so long


Nanosaur and Bugdom!


Both have been ported to modern systems! https://github.com/jorio/Nanosaur https://github.com/jorio/Bugdom


Shit, I remember that game!! I'm reaching back into the cobwebs for this one.


Green or bust.


Exactly what I had


I want to eat one.


i want the pink one!!!


Looking back, it’s funny how the colors made them appear more high tech


The files are *inside* the computer


Not really that interesting


No no, it's interesting as FUCK. AF, bro, AF.


Look, a computer lab woo


Yeah it’s just getting nostalgia upvotes from everyone who remembers playing with Kid Pix on one of these


Many of them thrown out after a year because they not upgradable. Bahahah thx apple


I realize this is an “acktually” comment but those iMacs weren’t made until 99.


Those things were awesome. We got the iMacs around my 2nd grade year. Those were the best computers in the world. That startup sound was the soundtrack of my childhood. I really enjoyed those iMacs. Whenever I went to the computer lab, I always made sure I parked myself in front of a blue one. But, I would also settle for orange. The school got rid of the last of them by the time I graduated. Luckily, because my history teacher was the coolest person ever; not only did she keep a keyboard, but she gave it to me. She knew how much I loved computers. I still have that keyboard somewhere. I just need to find it.


Ah man, my school sold off all their iMac G3's at a summer sale that I didn't even know about. One was left behind which was broken and I took it home hoping to get it fixed. Unfortunately it was broken beyond repair so had to throw it out


This is just a computer lab for any kid in school at the time. Not really interestingasfuck. More "howweusedtolive."


I still have my orange one, I don’t know what I’m ever going to do with it, but I can’t seem to toss it either


Orange one, Pajama sam, Diablo 1


Is it weird that I can smell this picture.


I went to a rave back in 2019 where a guy took the shell or one of these old IMacs and turned it into a glowing helmet. Was one of the coolest things I saw that night.


This is very aesthetically pleasing. I can smell the crisp a/c air. I can remember my login code faintly.... it’s the same as my lunch code.


High school nostalgia 2008


Wow. This is considered Interesting *as* *fuck*? Ya’ll have very low standards.


why this pic feels so nostalgic?


Looks exactly like my elementary school computer lab, where we mostly played Bugdom


Because it’s from 30 years ago?


2021 minus 1998 equals 30....?


Sounds about right. XD


Barely a 90’s thing. These didn’t come out until 1998.


Which, last I checked, was still the 90s.