Pushing a guy for absolutely nothing

Pushing a guy for absolutely nothing

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Small dick complex


The ones that ran up after the initial push: “yeah, yeah, me too!”


Israel soldiers are pathetic, they know their crimes are being monitored so they try to ruin anyone's day no matter how much they go out of their way. Their only means of boosting their ego is to push a defenseless man.


Aren't they mostly young conscripts? I've heard some awful things like targeting (missile strike) an "empty" BBC journalists car for laughs and making them walk home, only they killed one guy who walked back to it for something.


Yeah that's the problem with forced enlistment. Was watching an interview from an Israeli who said "we should carpet bomb the Arabs." A few moments later, he said he's about to join the IDF. You probably saw that video where the kids are screaming "kill the Arabs" "build the third temple." Then you give them guns and send them out to control the people they hate with their guts. Israel is smart. That's why they do forced enlistment. They don't want the good hearted to be in their ranks.


thats not true, there just werent any medics around to shoot


Right? I much prefer when my oppressor has a massive cock 😩


Agreed, it's a much bigger target.


The balls make for a much better target.


Don’t bring small dicks into it bud


Small dick == bad guy? Cheers, I'll pass it on.


Weird how for guys, all of the negative physical traits are blamed for aggressiveness. Short man complex, bald complex, small penis complex.


It makes "sense"




Men came up with the insult, I assume with good reason. Or are you saying men have no insight into the same sex?


Not really sure why you say men came up with the insult. I have heard plenty from women and men use the phrases. I also don't know why you would assume it would be for good reason to create those phrases. If your goal is to use sarcasm to imply all men are bad, then I don't really know what to say


No, as men we've all met men like this. You are in denial if you think otherwise. Unless of course it isn't the sub groups, its just that they are men, being men. If you are a nice guy thats bald, short and has a tiny dick I understand why you might be upset.


So your two explanation for this person's behavior is that either all men are bad, or men with short penises are bad.


In this case, the good reason would be to offend these scumbags. It has nothing to do with guys that have small dicks, and i would say that most woulndt mind me using it in this case.


I don't agree that most would mind you using it. If a women was acting poorly and you said "geeze you must have small breasts", it would be wrong




> Men came up with the insult No. They did not.


Oh yeah, who did then? Who are you going to blame I wonder?


I'm sorry but the reflection from your shining armor is making it difficult to use my keyboard.


It's a mystery. It's almost like that behavior is excused for men that don't have any of those traits.


War Criminals and Genocidal maniacs




The man had some pebbles in his pockets and was clearly ready to throw them


If he had pebbles in his pockets that entire street would have been bombed from orbit.


Of course he didn’t have pebbles, he was just breathing in their direction. Menacingly!


POCKET PEBBLES and the other side is POCKET SAND don't leave home to fight without them.


Hamas rockets too no doubt /s


Deadly Hamas projectiles found.


He was surrounded by concrete that was ready to be weaponized at any moment!!!


Bruh, the pebbles were Hamas


They had reason to believe there was a hamas base hiding and operating in his pants he’s lucky they didn’t air strike his ass.


Not the IDF, Israeli border police (Magav), who are, as a general rule, violent and incompetent, as you can see here.


So... the IDF


The IDF, much like any military, is comprised of people of differing quality, morality and intelligence. Magav are at the bottom of all those qualities.


Most of the time the stupid kids who didn't learn at school and where the bullys, smoked and just are the most trashed people in the world are sent to be those kind of soldiers because its a dangerous job so nobody cares if something happens to them cause they are stupid anyways, and that's what happens, they have no respect to other and just enjoy the feeling of making someone hurt. Fuck this people, the are all over the country too, and there are so many of them so they control the politicians too, and that's how we ended to this present day of hating each other and not giving any fucks about each other


You just described every cop in America too.


Does it take nothing to be a cop in America? Like can u have 4 brain cells and still be a cop? If so that's pretty fucked up


lol we literally had a lawsuit about somebody scoring too high on some cop aptitude test not getting hired.


Not all cops are bad cops. There firefighters out there are arsonist and some never caught.


Thanks for that insight on who and why.


I live in this trashed country so Im experiencing this kind of shit weekly, the war that was recently started was because our trashy prime minister was nearly replaced, so with his connections he made it so some Arabs would go onto the streets and vandalise everything, nobody could prove it was him because he gave that job to his corrupted colleagues, after that all the stupid fucking israeli idiots went to the streets to just kill Arabs and vandalise their stuff cause "they are all bad", we just spread hate out here so the country remains in fear and cannot progress, and that's how it remains corrupted. I'm planning to move out of this shity country anyways when I can. Everything is controlled by shitty corrupted people out here, fuck the people who control Israel and not Israel itself


Sounds like America just in smaller groups or areas against different races if whatever group that's hyped up by media.


Those are cops. But still a shitty thing to do.


The world is becoming a terrible place




Who are they/where is this?




I was gonna guess IDF too, but wasn't sure if i wanted to say so, didn't want my notifications blowing up with takes hotter than Netanyahu's room in hell.


Only the IDF gets that strapped up to walk the streets, those rock-proof vests can get hefty


I thought they might be IDF but the are around them looks a lot nicer which made me confused. Probably Tel aviv or West Bank.


Damn, the police are really similar across cultures.


Is there a link for this? I’m trying to find out as much as possible about the whole situation.


Some soldiers of the IDF*


‘Some’, lol. Didn’t see anyone stop it.


Exactly. Unless there were half a dozen complaints on their boss‘ desks from all the rest, they’re all just as guilty as assailing officer. You wear a badge, you wear responsibility.


Shhh your gonna get called antisemitic!


Think the last dude did. For a minute I thought he was going to boot the dude in the head, but he seemed to be telling the other soldiers to leave it


Nah mate, I'm pretty sure they were all there. All 12 of them. Lol No one actually thinks an entire army was just on their screen. Your point is trash, pointing out the uncontentious and blindingly obvious. The most fail of hot takes.


This looks nothing like the IDF - at least not from what I’ve ever seen. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Edit: wow... I’m pleased to see I pissed so many people off with a simple comment. Keep it coming!


You’re right, it’s not IDF. They called “MAGAV”, it’s acronym for boarder defense in Hebrew. They are part of the police force


You’re wrong edit: i’m wrong. It’s israeli border police, Magav, not IDF


No he's right it's Magav


Pretty sad that there are so many places like this that you're not sure...






Talking about that clip that was on the frontpage? Guy in wheelchair?


The world has always been a terrible place


Sad but true, we just live in an age where cameras can capture a lot of the horrible things that go on. But as a plus, with the internet we can bring awareness to such things to help stop them from happening. Its an ongoing process but maybe one day the world will be a much better place because of it




Why lose hope? What does that gain us?


And there are way too many people now. Before you'd only have a few shitty people in an army. Now, there are entire armies filled with shitty people


yes but it has also always been amazing and beautiful


yeah, but more so, its been terrible and cruel. I've never seen anything so beautiful that it justified the existence of a single child slave, a single family blown to pieces by a bomb. If you know of an example of beauty that makes the endless violence and oppression worthwhile, please let me know.


The world merely reflects what you choose to see in it. Categorically speaking, though, for most humans, life is good. Life is relatively peaceful and happy with periods of stress.


Yellowstone National Park is pretty cool


I'm sure it is


Not everything is a competition lol of course there are terrible things going on all of the time. Genocide is horrible, and finch evolution on the Galapagos is astonishingly beautiful. Kyle rittenhouse is a twat. Harriet Tubman saved numerous lives. There will always be beauty, and there will always be horror.


And because there will always be horror, being a person is traumatic and not really worth it, imo.


Well I'm genuinely sorry to read that.


Don't settle for it being a terrible place tho, it can be better. We can start by trying to fix the shit that happened in the video.


Just being filmed now...


It's always been this way, people just ignored it.


It’s been a terrible place. Where have you been? It’s just being filmed now.


Oh you’ve noticed


It’s actually becoming much better. Just more access to some of the bad


Oh man are you going to be disappointed when you pick up a history book


Are you aware that people used to throw other people into a den of lions for sport?


The world has always been a terrible place. People are prices of shit by nature.


Always has been


The world has always been this. Now we have cameras


The world has always been terrible. The sooner you realize that the better


The world has always been a terrible place, ever since Ogg and his tribe wiped out Ugg and his tribe. It's up to good people to make a difference.


Always has been. There are just too many of us now and there are cameras everywhere


Same as it ever was


Has always been, but now we have documentation.


It is already a terrible place thanks to humans I just want to go to another planet with no humans


mercuri venus mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune or ex-planet pluto?


I would go to Kepler-452b


I want to go to a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of betlegeuse


It would make no difference. It's nature, not humans.


But then there will be humans


The problem isn't that those bastards are power tripping, the problem is that we are letting them power trip.


Okay but hear me out, the problem is also that they're power tripping




The US government could stop giving them billions every year, for one.


Well gawlee, I reckon it’s both!


Because that's what IDFs do


Israel “defense” force lmao


Sounds an awful like space force!


you know what they say the best defense is the offense


More like IDGAF amerite?


That’s how mafia works


It's not IDF. Could be Magav, altough insignia is not detailed enough in video to be 100% sure. Edit: getting downvoted by guys who don't know the difference between IDF and Magav, but feel enlightened enough to pick side in conflict.


It's the idf


Even post which OP took and reposted states that it's Israeli Police (assumably border police = Magav).


Ah I see


Why were you so sure it was the IDF


It said IDF in the original post lol.


I appreciate that Bill Burr comes at the end and starts telling him off


Gang culture.


In my country we have marching bands to celebrate the Battle of the Boyne (Northern Ireland btw) and when they are marching along the main roads if you so much as even think about crossing that road the band mates are actually allowed to step out of line and go over and hit you. I hate the marching bands here. They claim it's to remember history, I claim it's to glorify sectarian violence and bigotry


When you fight for people'd freedom, you also have to acknowledge that you fight for their freedom to disrespect or ignore you. It's the same with people loosing their mind over someone not signing the national anthem. Prople fought for my choice to not sing along, for whatever reason


Tiocfaidh ar la


That is not true. Orangemen cannot just hit you, and if they did you should have reported it.


There was a practise run one late evening. The town was empty, the streets just had marching bands. I had to cross the road to the bus station otherwise I was gonna miss my bus. As soon as there was an opening between bands I sprinted. A second later one of the drummer came out, hurled abuse at me saying "how dare you cross when we're marching!". Before I could even say a word he began poking his drum stick in my face, nearly taking my eye out just repeating "do not cross!". He then hit me on the arm after another band mate told him to fall back in line. From that day on I just associate the sound of those bands with violence and hatred, cuz that's what they fucking are!


Yeah i agree they arent the best of us but they dont have any more rights than you or me. (Except the right to play shite music really loud). Don't let them walk over you.


> They claim it's to remember history, I claim it's to glorify sectarian violence and bigotry It's both.


Yeah... Yeah it's both. Sorry, I'm overly pacifist at times. I don't see any reason to salute or otherwise glorify violence in it. It's a celebration of killing on the Protestant side like it something to be proud of. The Catholic side gets aggrovated by it and fights always break out. And then I always hear folks say 'well if they don't like it they can leave the country', ughhh! I just hate it.


So comforting to know that my tax dollars ultimately pay for this


thats micro penis energy


Why do you want to put down dudes who just happen to have small penises? They’re not going around beating up people.


Seriously that’s messed up. However from what I’ve come to understand, having “Big D energy” doesn’t mean you have to have a big D you know ? It’s just the calm quiet energy of someone with nothing to prove. “Little D energy” are people like this who just have to feel superior and prove themselves anyway they can. Doesn’t actually mean it matches what they physically have ya know ?


You can say that about any fucked up phrase. Just because you have an explanation doesn't make it right.


Thanks for the thoughtful response. I’m aware it’s not about penis size, but I keep seeing these put downs towards dudes with micro penises. I don’t know anyone who has one but like, it must be unpleasant for them right? Even just a little bit? Everyone makes fun of small penises. It’s pretty universal, and that’s already quite sad - mocking people for body part size feels wrong as hell. Then on top of it, we’re now associating them with being a lame douche bag. Just seems like a shit situation. Maybe I’m overthinking it and no one actually gives a damn, but it just seems constant you know? Like every time we see some people acting like douche bags, we comment how they’ve got “little dick energy” or whatever. Like I said maybe I’m just old and overly sensitive, and I’m happy to just hang back and accept that it’s just me.


No you’re right there is a huge double standard with body shaming and I’m not blaming women or men solely. It’s a very mean spirited lingo. I don’t know anyone with a micro either but I know there is a ton of guys who are below average and that must not feel good to go around hearing people just constantly be berating men with “little dicks” comparing them to serial killers and stalkers and shit like that. Hopefully it’s just a slang thing that goes away in time but yeah it’s pretty mean you’re not the only one that thinks that.


You're not overthinking it at all. It's 100% body-shaming. Why associate something bad with small dicks?


Nah I get where you are coming from. As a young woman I’ve heard the phrase ‘big dick energy’ being associated with good actions whilst it’s the opposite for dumb or pathetic actions quite a lot. I suppose it’s just one of those things we as a society need to be more aware of, but in the same breath remind ourselves it started as a light hearted meme.


I think you are overthinking it. Society comes up with terms for behaviors and are not absolutely related to the term itself. If someone is offended by it they are talking things far too literally or they are exhibiting the behavior itself.


The phrase is directly associating penis size with a negative quality, it's gonna affect dudes with small dicks even if you rationalize it that way.


I know :( it’s messed up I’m sorry I was just trying to explain the mentality behind it




Israel is an apartheid state, fuck Israel


Ben Shapiro will nut himself when he sees this.


Fuck the IDF


Fuck Israel


Its not IDF its Magav


Its almost like no matter where you go cops are basically just sacks of shit with a few psychos and a few nice people sprinkled in just for fun.


The nice people aren't sprinkled in "just for fun" its to give the bad actors cover. There are no good cops while there are bad cops.


That makes no sense ahahaha


Well if the good cops does not arrest the bad cops then are the good cops really that good of a cop?


hamas was hiding in his helmet obviously


Those guys look like the Feds; riot helmets, marching in line. First guy I could somewhat understand, the person pushed was somewhat in the way. Second guy was just overkill.


Who the fuck was he in the way of? The guy literally had to go out of his own way to push him




Oh, well then. Sorry for the misunderstanding, didn't know context.


Was it in the territories? Otherwise how would they know he's Palestinian?


Because if he was Israeli, he'd be sucking them off.


Those are not IDF, possibly Magav.


Magav are Israeli border police. You can still call them dicks but you don't need to downvote people pointing out the difference. IDF isn't the only policing force in Israel.


They’re not IDF dude. They’re likely Magav (border police).


Bruh the sidewalk is like an airstrip.


It’s weird how nearly everyone can go about their day, walking past people, see dogs without shooting them, see black/brown folks without arresting them... but as soon as you become a cop, your entire humanity is completely evaporated and every normal and decent thing around you become a target to destroy.


Those are clearly mutant ninja turtles


I thought the first push was in it then he got shoved onto the ground


These are Israeli DF scumbags!


Israeli Border Patrol (Magav) scumbags in this case.


They're the same!


I didn't notice the first guy who pushed him was a military guy (I focused on the victim). When I see the second who was going to push him I thought he was going to help him... :'(


The idf soldier felt threatened because the citizen was standing there, menacingly/s


Abusing a minority, #1 Israeli authorities pass time!


and people will still defend Israel's behaviour, what a joke, wake up people


Classic Israeli army


Yep, that holocaust victim card is all worn out.


i hope they live the most miserable life possible with maximum pain


This shit is aggravating, got a source on this video?


He didn’t fall over from the first dirtbag’s push, that pissed the other bastards off.


Pigs. Not even once.


I look forward to seeing the Axon body cam when rounds start flying, see if they're still so manly.


Classic small dick IDF. They pushed a guy on a wheelchair too


More of these guys need to get prosecuted for assault.


Did they leave their Stormtrooper uniforms at the office?


This is what happens when you dehumanize large segments of your population


Its ok they are gods chosen people. Israel was promised to them


All Cops are Bastards


Not all of them, though, yeah I agree there ARE some horrible police officers out there, but it does not mean that ALL police officers are bad.


Ya exactly, I don't know how some people fail to understand this. Let's ask them, if we use the same logic for Races, Religions, Gender, etc. will it be fine?


People dont choose their race. They choose to be police officers, and they they murder people with impunity. They deserve all of the flak they get


Many chose to be police officers to serve their community and keep it civil. Let's say you decide to become an engineer, and tomorrow an engineer develops a mass killing machine; would it mean that "all engineers are bastards"; and therefore you are bastard too? Even though you just became one because you like to create.


All humans are bastards.


Until your house is being robbed in the middle of the night...then they're not so bad eh?


They would just be doing their job. I dont have to like them, just because they do their job. Maybe if they stopped murdering people with impunity they would have my respect, but we dont live in that world so they dont.


Smells like very aggressive little dick syndrome


I absolutely despise how this is unethical.