The Colorado Avalanche have lost in the second round for the third consecutive year

The Colorado Avalanche have lost in the second round for the third consecutive year


Does this make them the new Capitals or a rich mans Leafs?


There's a lot of Capitals parallels. Having a sick team and losing round 2 3 years in a row is exactly what the caps did 2015-17.


Presidents trophy winners. You guys won that before your cup run and lost second round like the Avs.


And they ran into one of the 3 best teams in the league before the conference finals.


2017 was insane - 3 of the top 4 teams in the entire NHL were in the Metro. Whichever of PIT, WSH, and CBJ made it out of that division was *going* to win the Cup that year after surviving that bloodbath.


yep, 2 president's trophies in a row, then a cup. It's funny cuz that sounds so amazing but it was pretty doom and gloom in DC before 2018 and it would be pretty brutal now if it weren't for that year.


Yeah dude, I shudder to think about how that would be. Luckily, 2018 actually happened and all is well hahaha


Well hopefully that means a Cup is coming our way sooner or later.


New Caps.


Then at least they get a happy ending


When Mackinnon is like 34


a Cup is a Cup


Can confirm.


God I can only imagine how fucking good that must've felt. Ovi clearly showed how much it meant, and there's a reason why everyone loved seeing it: It's just a testament to perseverance and dedication to what you love. Eventually if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. I can't even begin to imagine how Sharks fans must feel after being pretty much the only team that was great for awhile and came up empty-handed and look like they're now headed toward a lengthy rebuild. Fuck me man.


They have been known to get old men their Cup




At least the Leafs won more than 5 playoff games in 3 years, we can give them that. And they didn't let go of their Stanley Cup winning head coach.


The Leafs are experts at winning just enough games to NOT win a series 🙃 2013: 3 wins/7 2017: 2 wins/7 2018: 3 wins/7 2019: 3 wins/7 2020: 2 wins/5 2021: 3 wins/7 This shits fucking painful man. Like legitimately psychologically damaging. I'd much rather be in the Caps' position where you can say We lost, but at least we got our Cup! kind of like how it is with the Raptors right now. Even though the Bruins have lost two finals in a row, they can still always go back and appreciate 2011. The Avs won a bunch in the 90s and early 2000s so I'm sure a lot of their fans got to witness that magic. And this is true for every team that's won a Cup even semi-recently.


So does this might a slight core shuffle? That seemed to eventually work for the Caps.


Caps are/were a lot more physical of a team from what I’ve watched. I’d say they’re like a better version of the leafs.


at least they can make it past the first round :(


Shhhhhhh This is the part where we can all shit on someone else's team for just this little while


No, Fuck the Leafs


Hell yea brother


Cheers from Iraq


This exactly sums up the NHL season.


Damn right.


Yea, imagine…


I’m going to put aside all the bs and be real with you Leafs fans. This is the last year your team fucks it up. Us Habs fans have insecurities which turns us into morons when things get good. The reality is the Leafs are right there and will end the jokes next year.


Please don't give us hope like this, nihilism is the only way to be even mildly content with the Leafs


Listen, us Habs fans can be annoying af and we are that way because we don’t have a NBA(chip winner) team, MLB( chip winner)team, MLS(champ) team, etc. Habs and (sometimes)Als are all we have so we can be irrational . After dealing with Jets fans, I’ve learned to appreciate Toronto in a new way.


To add to your list, pre-COVID, Toronto's first pro rugby team won it's league championship and promotion. Look up the Wolfpack.


What happened to the Toronto Rock?


The Rock play Lacrosse, not Rugby.


I know, I was asking if they were any good


Oh, yeah. They won five in six years between 1999 and 2005, and haven’t won since 2011.


Aw thanks, I hope you guys go all the way, it'd be nice for my friends to see a Habs Cup Win for the first time in their lives


Who are you?! A Leafs fan cheering for the Habs. Well I never!


I’ll be honest, JT’s injury and the Leafs’ reaction was amazing. From my perspective the only reason we won was because Willy and Spez weren’t trusted enough by your coach.


Spezza should absolutely have more ice time and replace someone on PP1. But I think Willie Styles was given plenty of opportunity and excelled with it. At the end it was our top line and special teams that lost the series as well as you playing out of your minds. 3 goals between Matthews, Marner and Hyman isn't going to cut it for a 7 game series and it feels like the Hockey Gods are against us winning a round


I’d like to know your perspective but my friends and I were saying: “once Will moves up to the first line we’re fucked”. It didn’t happen.


Yeah Keefe hasn't had a lot of experience in the NHL playoffs as a head coach, so he's not used to juggling lines when things aren't working. Nylander was the playmaker Marner was supposed to be and the gritty puck battler rebound gatherer Hyman only partially was. Nylander was on a hot streak and the top line was struggling, so it would make a lot of sense to move someone and sub in Willie


I don't get how swapping Marner and Nylander when one or the other is struggling wasn't Keefe's move ALL SEASON. We know from the Babcock years that Willie and Matthews work well together, and Marner and JT do too. It was so odd to me when they'd be playing a lifeless game and Keefe wouldn't flip that script to shake things up and give a new look to the opponents.


Price robbed Spezza so many times, I'm sure he still has nightmares about it.


Don't do that. Don't give me hope


If the hockey gods are listening, how about a deal? Habs for the cup this year and Leafs for the cup next year?


Deal🤝 We can alternate every year


when a habs fan is trying to make Leaf fans feel better, you know things are dire as a leaf fan


i agree. im gonna enjoy every leafs meme i can until they do. these past years we've seen perennial chokers in the caps, blues, and lightning finally break their curses, and they too were loaded with talent. it's just a matter of getting over that mental hump. i'll probably move to the yukon to escape as far as i can once it happens


You say that as if you can predict the future. You dont know anything. No one does. Stop saying bêtises.


Boy sure sounds nice to me. :(


Agreed. Sounds like a blessed franchise


What is this playoff hockey I've been hearing about?


Got a good laugh out of this lol


Says the fans of a team that has made the playoffs in 16 of the last 24 seasons...


And three of those playoff appearances were actually pretty fun!


2017 and 2007 obviously. 2003 the third? Or what other year?


Yeah, 2003. Those are the only three years we made it past the second round.


the leafs, but better


Leafs have somehow made a more recent conference final!


That somehow seems absurd




Wh..... What... The fuck.


Isn't the most recent conference final for both the Avs AND Leafs both in 2001-02


i had to fact check this cus i didn’t believe it. wow


Don't the Avs and Leafs have the same year as each of their most recent conference finals?


Thought you were wrong but no you're right. At worst the Leafs and Avs are tied for most recent Conference Finals appearances, both in 2002. Could even argue in favour of the Avs because they took that series to 7 games, Leafs-Canes only went to 6.


And they made this year's divisional semifinal!


2nd round version of the leafs. The islanders can potentially be the 3rd round version of the leafs if they don't win it all every year LOL.


The choke needed a new host after the Leafs lost in round 1. It chose the Avs for round 2


Agreed. All NHL teams are a version of the Leafs.


Lmao, that's because of Rule #1: It's Always Been and Will Always Be About the Leafs 😂


They haven’t gotten past it since 2002


Fucking Roy trying to do the Statue of Liberty Pose...............


Bad form.


Man…I was probably the biggest Roy fan in the world until he did the Statue of Liberty play. My room was covered in posters and Roy action figures, I watched every game, and he was the reason I started playing goalie, which I still do today (wearing #33, of course). The guy honestly changed the whole trajectory of my life. When he made the initial save on that play, I remember 10 year old me jumping off of my parents’ couch to celebrate, only to feel true disappointment and anger at my hero seconds later. I never watched him play another NHL game after that stupid fucking play. This series felt like a slow motion version of Roy doing the Statue of Liberty. Game one was the initial ridiculous save, and every game that followed was the rest. Still confident in the future of the Avs, but, fuck, I’m sad.


At least tell me you still love his quote about using multiple rings as earplugs. Roy and the Avs were the perfect bastard heels of my childhood, I'd sprint out into the snow before school every morning growing up to fetch the newspaper and while I warmed my feet up on a vent, I'd rifle through the sports page to see if those smug fuck Colorado bastards won or lost the previous night.


Check on your friends who are Avs fans. We are not alright


Dude it's rough. The "team" on the ice the last 4 games is not the same team that played 40 games. It's painfully obvious


I agree completely. The reason they lost the series is because they didn't play to their identity for 2.5 games.


Or that VGK did a great job shutting them down


They shut mack down for sure. But the passing, the turnovers, the overall shit play in the d zone.....that's the problem


D matters in the playoffs? /s Sakic knows this intimately... so I've got no good explanation for why we continue to be soft and make poor decisions especially in our own zone and neutral ice.


Our future D looks amazing though. Byram and Timmins will develop. Those two with Makar, Toews and Girard and one random large D-man for the PK should be fine.


MacK got more assists than goals. Rantanen became the goal scorer. People were dogging Rantanen in the 1st round. He was kinda quiet against st louis


Yeah they sniped the last 3 games. They also had a good dose of luck imo. Most of the goals tonight for them were straight voodoo


The bouncer at the bar I was at last night was beside himself. Found out he was an Avs fan in a sea of Knights gear. Poor guy. The rules got... very strict after that.


Ouch, that had to have been terrible for him. The local joints are barbaric after a playoff win. So much gloating and trash talk.


Speak for yourself, these last 3 years have been my favorite as an avs fan


I'm not saying the seasons haven't been great. The additions to the team, and the Presidents trophy are huge high lights. Just wish the team could punch through the 2nd rnd


The team's been so fun to watch. Just sucks seeing the second round turning into a hard limit for playoff success.


This sure didnt feel like a 2nd round


Neither did playing the Penguins all those times, the playoffs are fickle


Didn't even make it to game 7 this time around


And it wasn’t played during the Afternoon on USA.


I had a tee time that day and never in a million years thought I would have to cancel it because the Avs were playing during the afternoon on a Friday.


Yeah, and I was fucking working that day because I didn’t think the NHL would have 2 Game 7s being played on the same day in the same arena. Whoever thought that this was a great idea to have 2 Game 7s in Edmonton, while Toronto had a night off was a fucking stupid idea.


Guess after the Capitals exorcised their demons in 2018, it found a new home in Colorado.


nah it skipped to us for a couple years, and then it hopped on a plane to denver


Just the second stage evolution of the Leafs tbh


This is a pretty bad choke tbh. 4 straight after taking a 2 game lead is awful.


As a fan of a team who's expertise is choking, I have to disagree. Vegas and Colorado were tied in the standings with Colorado only being ahead due to a tie-breaker. If anything this is just a case of a great team beating another great team.


They straight up blew game 5. They choked away a 2 goal lead with just boneheaded plays. They were something insane in two goal games going into the 3rd the last couple seasons. 70-15 or something nuts and they blew it.


Yeah, those were some brutal turnovers. Only way to be consistently successful against Vegas is to play tight, buttoned-up hockey. They thrive on momentum and once they get it, they become very difficult to contain even if you play perfectly. Thing is, it’s hard to play tight against VGK’s roster. For all the talk about how Colorado beat themselves (and they did, to a degree), how can you expect to have 60 perfect minutes against guys like Stone, Karlsson, and Tuch? Disruptive players like that will find a way to force the other team to make errors.


Yeah. And I really like Mark Stone (whenever he's not playing my team). I knew he was awesome, have been beating the he should get Selke love drum for years. So I obviously knew that mf was good, not "I shall simply remove Nate MacKinnon from a series. No big deal to me." good.


Wait til you play them. They were tied for president trophy for a reason. Also, something 0-4 against cbj 2 years ago??


The sweep was the best thing to happen to this team


Strong agree. Just wished it had happened two years earlier.


It did when Cooper let the team choke in 2018


i mean yeah, the sweep in 2019 sucks, but honestly you could feel it coming halfway into game 2 that the bolts just weren't gonna do anything that series. this is different because you know you can win against this team and have done it before, but you just shit the bed at the worst time, which was more so the 2018 ECF against the caps for us


I mean, I'm just a fan. I had nothing to do with it. I'm pretty ok with the series. They played better and definitely were the luckier team (And it takes a lot of luck to win a cup). Colorado couldn't hold the lead in the third, was championship teams have to do. I think is their defense gets more mature it will be less of an issue.


Now I’m rooting for either Montreal or the Islanders. This post season is insane.


What a crazy year for hockey. Never would I have thought this final four was possible (tbf it’s usually not) but the sheer fact Montreal and the Islanders are both remaining is absurd even if the Isles aren’t that big an upset


To be fair, the conference finals are practically identical two years in a row, subbing in MTL for Dallas.


Yeah I realized haha. I guess the repeat on our end plus Montreal are just shocking, plus I figured Colorado would run show


Looks like the Avs picked up one too many former Capitals


We've had our fair share of ex-Sharks too...


Fire Graves and Nemeth into the sun, and teach Nichuskin how to lift the puck off the ice, and you guys are golden!


Can't fire Graves off like that. Need Seattle to take him off our hands.


Well fuck, and this is the 2nd time in 3 years we got eliminated by DeBoer.


I feel ya man. We lost to Trotz 3 straight.


Avs becoming the Leafs of the second round


That would be the Capitals...


Caps won a cup, so no.


Only took 44 years...


Should change the line to, “Avalanche lauded as cup favorite by hockey media after round one, only to lose in round 2 for the third consecutive year”


Oh yes. I remember the 8th seed Avalanche being favourites. What a wild year 2019 was


I do kind of miss the underdog narrative.


Feels sad man. Hockey is tough, and most of the time when a team wins the cup, they do it with a roster that wasn't necessarily their best shot. This was definitely our best shot in the last decade, just couldn't pull it out. Vegas played great, props to them.


It's been awhile but I guess Avsposting is back on the menu :(




I really love the Avs, but at this point they get the choker moniker, right?


That game 5 choke will hunt me for till next year now


Even though we were outplayed, choking game 3 with 5 minutes left hurt too


That was a far bigger choke IMO. You win that and your up 3-0 looking at a clear path to the 3rd round. Instead they choked it away and gave Vegas all the momentum needed to finish the series in 6.


Absolutely, taking that game despite Vegas giving it their absolute all 2 games straight would have destroyed their morale. Instead, it was the turning point. The Avs were reeling the rest of the series.


Yeah man. They had that game in the bag and blew it. I know VGK is really good, playing them in rd 2 sucks. But that's the way she goes. You gotta beat the teams in front of you and it was the Avs series to lose. Tampa had to play an extremely good Carolina team, and like ruthless assassins moved right through them.


Vegas ability to capitalize on such a high percent of mistakes was just amazing this series. Would have loved a game 7 at home but alas. Here's to next year. Still have a good team going forward.


I don't think that's fair. They haven't lost to the lowest seeded teams or anything.


Hell, we weren't supposed to even be in the second round the first time. The second time we lost to a team that almost made a cinderella run.


They’re losing to good defensive teams. Every year in the playoffs people marvel at highly skilled teams losing to “worse” teams who just happen to play very good defense and/or have a hot goalie. Look at the Habs this year. They’re not bad, they’re just playing a game that doesn’t translate that well to highlight reels.


you can still choke against higher or evenly matched teams though. the caps in 2014-17 weren't exactly losing to scrubs, but they were considered chokers. hell, the bolts were known as chokers even before the cbj sereis even though we lost to the eventual cup champs in the ECF in 16 and 18


Caps got choking label because of the 2010 series with the Habs imo. And they blew a 3-1 series lead vs. the Rangers I believe. Colorado hasn't done anything like that yet. People who said Bolts were chokers before the CBJ series were wrong imo


It's only fair


You don't ever really ***want*** to be the favorite, do you? It's easier (and more fun, really) to be underestimated and kind of forgotten about, until you keep knocking teams out and then everyone has no choice but to pay attention to you.


They lost to a team that was tied with them in the standings. I think they will be ok.


Every team should just get the choker moniker then. 30 teams can't win the cup every year. Sometimes you just lose


Yes. They were favourites this year, have a Hart Finalist, Norris Finalist, Vezina Finalist, no injuries (Kadri doesn't count) and lose in the 2nd round? lmao thats a big choke. Don't think even the Caps had that type of team.


>and lose in the 2nd round? It was technically the 2nd round but it was more the Conference Finals when the two teams basically tied for 1st in the league. If its an 82 game season, standard non covid playoffs, Avs and Knights meet in the 3rd round and the knights win because that team has the recent deep playoff experience. Colorado is still a conference final team in this non covid world


>No Injuries *cries in Byram and Johnson*


Not sure thats fair. This season I won't deny it, but year 1 we were 8th seeds, year 2 we had a lot of injuries and lost in game 7.


.. because of 3 years? Only two of which we were *really* favoured to win anything?


That’s just how it is in the NHL


The question can definitely start to be asked. If they don’t advance to the conference final next year, then they’ll probably be stuck with it


I love the conference final. Really hope to be a part of one someday...


So basically the Leafs, but better


Are they the new capitals??? I think so


We lost to the 2nd place team in the president's trophy race. There's choking and then there's losing to a team that is just as good.


A team that will murder you for every tiny mistake you make. Two bad turnovers? There goes your lead!


The leafs still haven't won a round!


Tampa vs Vegas would be bettmans wet dream of SCF.


Habs-Isles it is, then.


Aves and Leafs need to underperform in the regular season to overachieve in the playoffs. That's the way to success.


This is the way


Hah, what kind of losers can't make it past the 2nd round


Really hate to see it...


They didn't even need Joel Fucking Kiviranta to get eliminated this year




I have a feeling that Colorado might become the next Washington


So they're gonna win a cup? Sweet.


Y'know what I'm cool with that. Knowing there's a cup in it for us.


Their core isn't 30+ yet lol They'll be fine. There's struggling to get over the hump when you're Ovi and have been in the league for 15 years and then there's Mac. Who's what? 25? They'll be all right.


For me, Ryan Reaves is one of the cleanest tough guys I’ve seen in the league in my 12, 13 years. He’s consistently a clean, physical player. Also, his gloves never came off.


Such a dirty play by Graves trying to crush Reaves knee with his neck


i want some of what youre smokin


I think he's smoking sarcasm.


is that an indica or a sativa?


It's a DeBoer


At what point do we call them chokers? This is approaching Washington Capitals level of second round defeats with a stacked team.


Mackinnon's at a similar age Ovechkin was in 2010..


Ugh don't make us wait 8 more years


It was 2-0!


Theyre the new Caps lol


Hey, that's just like the Caps from 2015 to 2017...


I’m sure there still salt in the wound from that game 7 from the SJ series


Hmmmm... so the Avs don't do so well against teams from hot areas.


quite a step up from the bad years at least, there was a time I would have been happy to just make the first round once and not be swept


Colorado Maple Leafs


Well hey they're making progress, only took 6 games this season


2019 we were supposed to be out in the 1st round. 2020 we had crazy injuries to a lot of our team and still took it to 7 against a team that ended up in the SCF. 2021 was 1st vs 2nd from the regular season and a team we were basically at parity with during the regular season. I don't feel like this is a "The Avs can't make it out of the 2nd" meme. We faced good teams and lost, there is nothing to be ashamed about.


Lol good


the saad fa... nbase!


True, but this is the first year that we truly underachieved in doing so, however.


Good series but I think I have to root for Habs next series... Sick of Vegas having so much success so quickly like wtf, also hate to root for the dirtier team


You make me sick.


If the Habs win (fully on the bandwagon now) I will buy a Price sweater. Although I'm poor so it will be a while lol


If I were an Avs Fan, I would be Saad


There's a second round? (I'm a leafs fan)


Leafs west


nah, new caps west since san jose is in cap hell for the next few years