Is Barak Kodobane worth crafting?

Is Barak Kodobane worth crafting?


He guarantees you to draw olgra if you already have played mankrik and is also useful to get some more spells when you’re running out of fuel. You might be fine without him but he might win you some extra games if you have him!


Got to legend without him and then crafted and did it again next month. He def wins you games




To add to this, face hunter's biggest issue is lack of draw. Barak helps with that by not only drawing 3, but typically drawing spells to help you close out the game


And one of those spells is quick shot! Which conveniently draws more cards.




I played over 50 games with face hunter this expansion and to be honest I didn't get a feeling he was that essential. You can play without him and the weapon and see how the deck performs and how you like it and if you want to add that extra finish to it you can craft Barak. Epic weapon might be too early to craft as it has just started to see use


Yeah I did craft barak, it's true I actually don't think he's that important, and if he rotates I think we'll be dust.I agree about the weapon,but just feels good playing with this deck, although am still learning,maybe I Craft the weapon later, also saw people playing with ace hunter kreen


To offer a different perspective, Barak is obviously a solid card that pulls it's weight, but you have a fairly functional deck without him. Barack is a card that makes the deck better but not a card the deck cannot exist without. Some decks need certain legendaries, and if you were interested in any such decks I would probably invest in them instead. If not Barak is a good investment to make the deck you are playing better.


That makes sense, i can totally see that.


If you like face hunter yeah. He draws manKirk and draws you extra burn


Yeah Kodobane will be a staple in any face hunter deck (and maybe some others) for the next 2 years


Mankrik on 3/4 + obama in 5 is almost an insta win sometimes


I think you mean Barack Kodobama


I won a couple of games because of him, probably yes.


i would say that you probably dont need those cards and can do without aswell. i barely get kodobane out right now since the game went so fast paced with all the dr demon hunters and shamans that are as aggro as hunters. having proper rhinos is simply much more important. for kodobane to be realy efficient you need to play mankrik before so you get a guranteed olga.


yes yess yesssss gives necessary value and reload for this hand dump face deck and tutors mankrik enraged


Will be nearly useless when he rotates.


By that logic you'd never craft cards ever and only coast on whatever free gifts you passively get.


In 2 years*


Agreed! I decided to not craft or buy any packs until the March 2023 rotation as they are all just gonna end up rotating out from this year eventually anyway, what’s the point?


Amazing in TONK hunter