Does it worth investing in classic mode?f2p strat?

Does it worth investing in classic mode?f2p strat?


Your situation is rough. Classic essentially is an entirely different set of cards from standard. Wild shares a fair amount of cards with both standard and classic. But wild is more expensive to get started with. I'd say that the reward chest is not important enough to build your dust strategy around. The rewards are pretty lackluster after all. What I will recommend though is NOT dusting your collection excessively. You might want to play wild in the future


I have been a wild f2p gamer for about a year now and have some experience with trying to be meta relevant while f2p. Standard is much better with the core set now but still the worst format for f2p. Rotations suck. Classic is cool and perennial, but yes it gets boring after a while. Some people love it but if you don’t think you will don’t choose it. Wild is my choice bc it has neither of the problems of those other two formats. Once you get the core aggro legendaries (patches, loetheb, Baku, etc.) you will have almost 20 viable, fun, and cheap decks. It’s hard to imagine a wild format where those legendaries *aren’t* staples, so I think it’s a very good idea to choose wild. Bgs requires no investment of time or dust so you can play a lot of it and still amass a collection in a different mode Arena is the same as bgs, good side mode to have to mix things up And duels sucks because at one point you might just find that the meta is stuck behind some paywall of a bunch of legendaries. I hope this f2p guide to the formats helps you out :)




If you can't build an ideal Classic deck, I suggest you stay out of Classic mode as your "main mode", because nearly everyone else WILL have ideal decks. If you have fun that's great, just keep in mind that with a simpler meta, if you're not that efficient your winrate tanks, and zoo/aggro without leeroy will not perform that well. There's a good reason why Leeroy got nerfed and still eventually had to be rotated out, he is that good in Classic. You'll have much better odds of facing other unoptimized decks in Standard, and maybe even Wild. I'd at least make sure to save up for Leeroy ASAP if you do go for Classic. There is actually no guarantee at all that a Classic deck is "good forever" either, nothing at all stops them from eventually axing the mode if not enough people play it, or more likely changing it up, like eventually "following the path" of Hearthstone by adding balance changes and Naxx. If they do that, your Classic decks will simply not hold value anymore, just like they didn't originally.


Leroy isn't even needed for Zoolock. Works fine without. Check out the list from the Vs report https://www.vicioussyndicate.com/classic-vs-data-reaper-report-1/ Still a great card in other decks though obviously


I agree


I thought retuning players get a free competitive standard deck. Edit: ie. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/260329 Can't you just dust some of your old rotated cards and upgrade the free deck to a good legend capable one in standard?


Yes I can dust them,I have around 8 legendaries that got rotated,but theyre "good"(yes,it depends),and I aways see people saying not to dust everything.I crafted them when they were good,including the 2 that I got on my OLD free deck for returning players (the mage deck,which has reno and zephyrs), I even did a post on this sub yesterday talking about that! I did not get the free deck again, so I deduce that it changes depending on the current expansion.Soo,if Im a returning player I have to get all the new cards to make a solid deck,which sucks.That gave me this idea to just use what I have for climbing classic,I rlly don't know if it's better to craft leeroy or actually spent every grain of dust in standard and see everything get rotated lol


If you enjoy it it is. Its a game so invest in stuff you like doing


Zoo lock for classic does ok, but classic is hard to climb in, most people even in bronze have golden heroes therefore have a bunch of experience. Easiest and cheapest climb is face hunter wild or standard doesnt matter. I play odd hunter in wild for my diamond chest, idk if I could get to legend, my winrate is around 61%, but I stop once I reach dia


I would say don't invest in classic. You will have fun for 3 days and then get bored of it.


Leeroy isn't even run in Vs Zoolock. https://www.vicioussyndicate.com/classic-vs-data-reaper-report-1/


You can reach legend in standard with a scuffed decklist. If there are some non essential epics you miss you can get away with using something else. Like if you use spell mage you can replace combustion with cone of cold which can still be great as a setup for your 5-7 mana flame strike (depends if you hit your discounts) or instead of devolving missiles you can use an extra nether wing portal or ring toss in that decklist Same with priest you can do a raise dead control deck with the scorpions wandmaker etc with ysera as your top end and for the most part while climbing you will win if you play it well Which standard legendaries do you have right now? You can pick your class based on that if you got an important legendary.


Usually I'm only using the one they gave us,like manrik,alextraza etc,i don't have any good legendaries for this meta,I got a new forged in barens one for druid but its a pretty bad one I did my research it's the worst lol.I only have old ones like zephyrs,reno (the one that gives damage) zillax and some other cool ones that don't work in standard and are not meta in wild.i also have xavius,malfurion and 3 other weak rogue ones. Which I'll probably dust.Indont think you can reach legend without complete deck tho,that's why meta exists, ppl will have better ones.but yes,sometimes some cards are not that important,the legend cards on this meta's face hunter for example,i think u can get away with it sometimes


The game doesnt even work half the time as of the last week ... maybe expansions and modes should stop and they could just fix whats going wrong