Should I start a new account?

Should I start a new account?


i came back to the game after 2 years of not playing (started within the first year of release) and i jus disenchanted all my wild cards and got about 90k in dust aha


if you care about maximizing resources or deck variety as f2p it shouldn't even be a question. it should just be a given that you complete all daily+weekly quests on all 3 servers/accounts (europe, asia and americas).


Don't make a new account you'll have to level all the classes up again. Just dust your old shit


Or play wild, in which case it is certainly not worth creating a new account


The "free deck" should also apply to returning players I.E. players who haven't logged on in four months or more, you won't get much extra from making a new account except more work having to relevel your classes for core set cards and losing all your skins and card backs.


Maybee I chose a bad deck when I got the option months ago...I think I got a bad one,am I condemned to do dailies till I get a good deck?lol the game is feeling a bit grindy when I feel it shoudnt


Hearthstone was a lot more "grindy" before they started actually helping newcomers. You should know that as an older player. The game still remains mostly pay2play but you're given a bit more by Blizzard now.


Yes that's for sure(it was one of the reasons I stoped playing),but I think I'm making my situation more dificult than it should cuz of my ignorance lol