Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Smartwatch w/ Sport Band (44mm, Various Colors) $359 + Free Shipping

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Smartwatch w/ Sport Band (44mm, Various Colors) $359 + Free Shipping


Is this a particularly good deal? I have always been interested in buying an Apple Watch.


329 is the lowest for the 40mm and 359 for the 44mm. This could be the late/last push to move units as the new watches are usually announced in September. Not official or anything, but if having the latest was a factor there is an update every year around then..


Red 40mm GPS has been as low as $250


still riding the high from that purchase


This is why I enjoy retail.


I regret not jumping on that sale when I first saw it. I figured I’d take a couple hours to decide if I really WANTED the watch, or just wanted to get a good deal. Whenever I made the decision to actually buy it because I wanted it, they were sold out. Oh well, live and learn, I guess.


Lol i do this too. my so tries to remind it’s ok to buy it and return it (in most cases).


That’s definitely what I’ll be doing in the future haha. No big deal though, I rarely wear a watch anyway, so it’s not a huge loss


yeah I remember it only being live for a few hours in the morning. gone from multiple stores before lunch time


That is for all open-box and depending on availability.


Depends what you use it for. I paid $400 for a stainless steel, which was an amazing deal that hasn’t been matched, but I only use it for fitness. Otherwise, not a fan of getting tapped constantly, obsessing with tech and notifications, getting a terrible tan, or spending more money for nice casual use bands. Sorry, I sound like a hater. There’s absolutely value if you can make use of the health and smart features but I definitely think there’s a subset of people who feel obligated to get it and force more tech down their throats.


How the heck did you score that? I want to replace my S3 stainless but the price tag has me on hold.


It was a crazy good Best Buy deal for brand new Series 4 Stainless Steel. Both 40mm and 44mm were $400 and I think all colors were available too. I haven’t even seen refurb deals that good since.


Can you expand a bit on the health features? Was thinking about getting one for when I run. Want to be able to listen to podcasts / music without strapping my Note20 to my arm. Speaking of that any ideas if it plays nice with Samsung / Android.


[Series 6](https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/apple-watch/) I use the [flip belt](https://flipbelt.com/), it's the most comfortable way to carry a phone while running, imo. > Speaking of that any ideas if it plays nice with Samsung / Android. lol, it works amazing with iPhone. Your Note will work as well as a brick would with the Apple Watch.


Which flip belt did you go with the zipper or the classic?


I have the classic. As long as you size it right, nothing is coming out of that slit. It's a stretchy material that has never lost any of my valuables.


I have an apple watch and use it for running. Unless you have an iphone, you really wont get the benefits of having an apple watch. You will also need to have someone with an iphone to set it up for you. Now if you have an iphone, it is a gold mine of health information you can use, also to compete with other apple watch users. I use the NRC app and stream apple music.


$400 for a Series 4...two generations before this one. Not $400 for a stainless steel Series 6.


Have you gotten any particular bands that were worth the money? Still rocking the default stretchy sport band.


Honestly, what do you even use it for with fitness? I'm active and thought about getting one but then I realized I don't really see a use for it so I'm curious.


It’s a pretty solid deal tbh. At target the lowest I’ve usually seen a series 6 44mm tends to be 379.99. It’s worth noting that target will price match to Best Buy so if you have a target red card you can save an extra 5% on the price match


I love my apple watch. Wear it everyday. The rings seem dumb but it's addicting closing them. If you're into working out or general fitness I think it's super worth the money.


Depends what you want. The Apple Watch SE is also pretty low cost if you don’t care about the oxygen sensor or ecg. Not sure about gb storage


They’re not thin enough yet imo


Looks like the 40mm is on sale for $329 for our smaller wrist bois


I like my big-ass Garmin 5 but I prefer the smaller Apple Watch. So it’s not just about wrist size.


I have small wrists and prefer the larger Apple Watch, I agree.


Renders to accessory makers are showing they’re finally renovating the body in the next release this year, to have squared edges like the latest iPhones. If anyone cares to wait 3 months for the latest thing. Costco recently had a big sale, now BB so maybe they know something about release dates we don’t. https://www.wareable.com/apple/apple-watch-7-release-date-price-specs-8293 (scroll down for renders)


Coming from a series 4 Nike, but waiting for the 7 with hopefully the glucose monitor.


I bought an Apple Watch from Best Buy earlier this year because there was a random sale at Costco, and I was able to price match with Best Buy with free 1 day shipping. So if you find a better deal elsewhere, you can pricematch accordingly for (likely) better shipping.


Feels like the Apple Watch sales have been pretty aggressive this year. Wonder if it’s because the next version will be a big upgrade


How do these work with android?


they don't. you literally cant even pair the watch with it at all.


Either iPad doesn't work


Not at all


I bought a series 4 40mm used for $160. Are there any good features that make the 6 worth more than double the price? (I know I’m comparing used vs new but still)


Absolutely not. 4-6 are all very similar


Always on display and oxygen monitor are nice additions, but maybe not worth the upgrade cost


Any idea how long this sale is gonna last?


i’d be willing to bet you’ll see the price again on prime day


Patience. I’d say it goes down an extra $10-20 this summer. The red model 40mm was on sale for $250 last month, but doubt we’ll see anything like that until Christmas at best


it’s a pricier model because of GPS - and during mid cycle, if you needed something for running now go for it but better off waiting if you’re looking for a deal


GPS is the cheaper/base one, the one with cellular would be the more expensive one. I’m probably gonna wait too though


They don’t make a non-GPS version


you’re thinking of the added cellular red dot ones. they all have gps.