That looks....expensive

That looks....expensive


Southbound to Yakima? Yeah... that's expensive.


Sounds like a dope move name . Southbound to Yakima


Dope movie name. But I have no desire to watch a movie where the plot is to go to yakima.


"Escape From Yakima"


3:10 to yakima


“Do The Yakimotion”


3.10 to Yuma. Good movie.


That's one of the tricks on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


yes it does.


Certainly looks like it. Terrible place for a crash.


Looks a lot like the 87 north in Arizona - Phoenix to Payson


I was thinking i17 south near black canyon city. But it could literally be anywhere that’s “kind of desert-y” lol


Not crowded enough to be the 17, lol


87 North is the sequel to southbound to yakima.


23 West to Kalamazoo is the prequel.


Totally the Yakima highway, basalt sage brush and trucks


I'd bet money that's exactly where this took place


Isn’t that the other side going down the hill to ellensburg?


Yakima ? You mean hell on earth ? Lol


I knew it looked familiar!


obligatory trailer_weight_distribution_physics.gif


I'm guessing Uhaul has lost enough trailers to make this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEHD9Wjw3lk


I thought Of this video while on alligator alley this week, people were passing a van towing a boat that would not have been impossible if it wasn’t tail heavy, he went into small swings every time someone passed him, when I drove by, I could see the trailer popping up on the hitch ball


Also just HAVING to be in front of the semi, gotta go faster, MUST be in front. Speed just amplifies this stuff.


Yeah, I don't understand this mindset. People feel like they're going to get to their destination way earlier if they go a little faster than is safe, but they're only making a difference of a few minutes. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Set the cruise control, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It's no fun stressing for hundreds of miles just to get there 15 minutes sooner.


My favorite is when they try to get ahead by weaving through traffic on a 4 lane highway only to get stuck behind slower moving traffic and lose whatever time they “saved”.


I love cruise control.


ACC has kind of changed my life. I never need to touch the brake now if I get stuck and can't pass someone.


We went to Sweden a couple of years ago and rented a new Volvo while touring the country. The ACC was weird at first, but I quickly got used to it! I have an older car and really looking forward to that feature when I decide to get a new one.


I agree for short trips, and times when you are pulling your home behind you, but over a few days driving to get somewhere for vacation or the holidays, just 5mph difference average speed can get you landed 2-3 hours early. We play the game of beating the predicted arrival time in the GPS for each days travel: leaving at 6AM, if the GPS tells us we'll get to our first stop at 5PM that night, we try to continually bank enough time to offset our food and gas stops, so we arrive to destination before 5PM that evening. Keeps us entertained - well, that and audiobooks!


How far are you going? 1000 miles at 70 avg = 14.25 hrs. 1000 miles at 75 avg = 13.25 hrs. Not worth spilling yourself into a ditch over.


Yeah, but P.P. Smalls over here with biggum-up truck must go fast like a real man would.


Yup, that pile of stuff stuck on the back of the trailer did not help minimise the fishtailing... I was told that you should be able to lift the tow hook part of the trailer and it should weigh about 50KG - 110lbs, so balance the trailer accordingly. Edit: to not be so ambiguous


And when in doubt, err on the side of putting more weight in front.


No. The guideline is 10% of the gross trailer weight as tongue weight.


You were told wrong. You want the tongue to be heavy enough to stabilize the rear wheels of the tow vehicle. if it's rear heavy or even somewhat balanced you could experience a fishtail effect. (never hit the brakes of the tow vehicle if this happens) https://www.carry-ontrailer.com/whats-the-best-way-to-load-my-trailer/


You were told not only wrong, but dangerously wrong. On a bumper pull trailer regulations state 10% tongue weight on a bumper pull, 20% on a gooseneck/5th wheel. If he is saying a 110lb tongue weight that trailer and cargo should not total more than 1100 lbs. A trailer and single motorcycle can go over that amount. Doing that light of a tongue weight is one of the things that causes this. My guess for this guy is the tongue weight was too much between SUVs in general have a lower payload than a truck for the softer ride, camper trailers being very front heavy due to the propane and batteries, and most likely he didn't have any type of weight distribution hitch. Add all that and some wind and you can have problems.


Man that was a widen open road too, with PLENTY of space to pass correctly and safely.


This could be literally anywhere but it really looks like the I-17 south, north of black canyon city in Arizona. People FLY down that section of highway.


They just recently had a camper/trailer crash over there. I was wondering if it was the same one.


Video from 2017


Just a bad decision really. They should not have passed at all because they shouldn’t be going more than 65mph. I’m confident the air displacement at that speed of the truck that is recording, is what caused the person towing to fishtail. And this is exactly how I expect a 70mph fishtail to go haha


I live in a bus and I've found I *WANT* to be behind a semi because otherwise people will run right up on my bumper, cut people off in the left lane, then pull right back in front of me in my "kill zone". If something happens to their vehicle in my "kill zone" that brings them to a stop faster than I can stop I'm not going to swerve. I'm going to barrel directly into them. Swerving runs the risk of a rollover and with a rollover there's 430 square feet where everything will just die, flat as a pancake. If I follow a truck once in a while some jerkass will pull in between us for a second, I call it "Just to see how it feels" and then get back out of there.


Yeah this driver definitely had no intention of drafting out of lane. Started to speed wobble from going to fast/wind and just couldn’t recover Edit: I don’t even know how to recover so truck drivers of Reddit please let us know what to do in this situation


There’s a few comments about it in here but basically you can accelerate to align it or I guess there’s a break you can use for your tow wheels which works better.


> they shouldn’t be going more than 65mph There are plenty of places in the US where the speed limit on highways is 70. I've driven tractor trailers, doubles and triples during my time as a CDL driver and drove at 65mph in the right lane on those highways for the safety of other drivers.


Limit in UK is 70 too, however i think your legally only allowed to go 60 max if you have a trailer attached


Good on you, if this guy was like you he wouldn’t be out 6 figures $$$


$50k truck + a $30-40k camper. Thats got to fucking hurt.


My guess would be that the truck is more than that. I work in insurance and a few of my customers just bought trucks very similar to that and they were all in the $65k to $95k range.


That’s an old Excursion. That thing is not worth 50k+....


Old vid too....


Well, 2017.


Mint old excursions still hold their value very well lol a 2001 with under 100k still goes for 15-19k


but a 20yo car with under 100k miles can't be common


This is why they’re so expensive.


Watching on my phone it looked like a new-ish Ram with a cap on it


Its def an excursion, new rams dont have pinstripe down them


That's why I thought it was a cap, because I thought the pinstripe was where the cap and the truck bed meet.


Accurate. My boss recently dropped $65k-$75k on a new truck. He said he paid upfront because the truck is new, and was unavailable. Keep in mind, this dude was bitching a couple of months ago about his funds because of the new house he bought like 6 months ago. And this random, but if you're ever in So Cal, Baba Foods makes delicious coconut kefir yogurt.


Time to short some stocks and ETFs? My question relates to the ultimate question—how many darn people are over extended this way, financially speaking?!


Most of America I would guess


Oh cool! How do you like the industry? Is the pay well in insurance? How are the hours? Thanks!


I work on the carrier side as an underwriter and it's fantastic. The position is fully remote (was pre-covid) and I work with very little oversight. The pay is above average and I don't work long hours. The industry is boring and not "sexy", however many older people are retiring so I was able to advance very quickly.


I work for an agency but do commercial opposed to personal lines. Much better environment. I did State Farm agency for 9 years and hated every. single. day.


We've been trying to contact you about your cars extended warranty!


I work for a local office. Do not recommend. I'm trying to get out right now. I've applied for other insurance positions but I just need out so I'm also applying other places just to escape.


Go to the Carrier side, you'll never go back to agency life. I hated the retail side of insurance, but it's much more relaxed on the Carrier side.


I've taken to calling them "land yachts." I just left the military, where >50% of the guys I worked with had big trucks that never hauled a fucking thing. I don't get the allure.


One of a few of


I mean, it’s like a 2003 Ford excursion, probably with the 7.3L with that trailer, so like.... $10k? Camper though, ya.


Yeah this thing is at least 15+ years old, last model year was 2005.


Not to pick on the video tho. Feels a little too good to see some reckless idiot learning such a terrible lesson. I hope they’re okay with that rollover but.... lmao how much of a fucking hurry can you be in while hauling a big ass 5th wheel. Must be wearing white oakley’s


Why do you have to be such an aggressive asshole though? Big rig is doing 65mph, truck is doing low 70s to pass. That is not an unsafe speed with a properly weighted camper. Also it's a bumper pull, not a 5th wheel..


Either poorly weighted trailer, poor maintenance on the tow rig, or uneducated driver, however the video sure seems to show it wasn’t safe


Death wobble like this is hard to save even with experience. You have to gun it to pull it straight, fighting literally every instinct in you to hit the breaks, and if your vehicle doesn't have the extra muscle, it may not be able to pull out of the wobble at all. It looks like he may have clipped the semi trying to get back in the lane early though, so my guess is he forgot he was towing halfway through passing.


This is actually really easy to correct if you're not topped out on speed and have a trailer brake. Floor it and squeeze your trailer brake at the same time. Then keep on the trailer brake and slowly come off the throttle till you come back down in speed. Next pull the Fuck over and put 60% of your trailer weight ahead of your axles so you don't have to deal with this stupidity.


Ah. True death wobble is a thing on these old Ford’s!


I believe the death wobble he's referring to is the trailer, nor the truck itself.


Ford super duties are prone to death wobble.


If it was undamaged and accident free before this, the replacement value could be up to 25k looking at a few sites right now. Used car prices have gone insane.


Yup. A new 65 to 95k truck would not perform like that. All he had to do was mash the pedal even further down to straighten it out but the piece of shit was probably tapped out pulling that weight


He could of just hit trailer brakes only to get the energy out of the hitch.


Plus medical costs cuz I assume it's the states lmao


Well all you need is a general car license to drive all that so....


What's even more messed up about this is a $300 load leveling hitch would have resolved a lot of this issue.


Or these jackasses could stop speeding while hauling a two-car length camper. See it all the time, and they drive like they're in a Golf GTI. They're idiots.


All the shit hanging off the back bumper didn’t help either.


He actually was doing the right thing by accelerating during a bad sway but he should have trailer brakes applied at the same time to piano string the truck and trailer to stop it. I’m figuring he didn’t have trailer brakes or he didn’t apply them. I hope he and his passengers if any are safe.


I'm the truck driver in the video. Guy and his 2 kids were ok. I helped pull them out. I don't know if you're familiar with the area but he had just got a new load distribution hitch installed in Ellensburg Washington. He hit the highway on 84 East just over Manastash ridge when this happened. Turns out the company that installed the hitch pinched the wires to the trailer brakes. He tried accelerating and grab the brakes but to no avail.


When you find a craigslist job offering for $12/he to put up wedding tents, don't take the job. I ended up almost doing this with a bobcat that I had no businesses towing. The owner/boss would put anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle even if the driver didn't have a proper license to drive. I was driving one of these vehicles and while taking an off ramp the whole bobcat starts swinging around like a mad man. Thankfully my co-driver knew what to do and talked me through it before it got even worse.


What did you do? Just take your foot off the gas or apply brakes?


I used to haul a 20’ trailer and I was always told to take your foot of all pedals and use the trailer brakes only. My truck had a little box installed near the hood lever and I just had to squeeze a small slider. Hardest thing is not panicking and just flooring the brakes.


Interestingly enough I heard that you should put your foot on the gas to accelerate, while using the trailer brake, then slowly let off the gas as it starts to straighten out, because just lifting off the gas quick can cause it to swing harder.


Yea you’re just trying to get the nose of the vehicle and the back end of the trailer further apart so it becomes a straight line again. Depends on speed and conditions of course.


Could have stopped the sway if he remembered to press the trailer brake with his thumb, not the truck brake, would have straightened him right out.


Why the hell would you keep gassing it when the trailer is going nuts??


A sufficient acceleration will straighten it out.


Hitting the trailer brakes with the controller works WAY better. Let off the gas and use the trailer brakes to slow down.


I’m sure there are better ways to stop trailer sway, including what you’ve said. I was just trying to add context to the other dude’s question.


Had this happen. As soon as I hit the trailer brakes everything straightened right out. Stopped, changed underware, relocated the tractor I was towing to add weight to the front, went on with my day.


This. And NEVER overcorrect. Dude overcorrected and in general fcked up lol


Anti-sway bars. We've had 2 camper trailers and they make a world of difference. And of course, always know the weight distribution.


I dunno if this is sarcasm or not..


Haha, yeah I’m being serious. In some cases if you accelerate it can decrease the away. It’ll pull the trailer and straighten it out.


This is correct. The trailer’s basically trying to get ahead of the truck. Slowing down will make that worse, speeding up should fix it. Ideally you’d have trailer brakes and just be able to tap those and have the trailer line itself up again behind the truck, but not all trailers have brakes. Of course you’ve got to react properly just about immediately, you let it develop a significant amount of sway and there’s no saving it.


Trailer brakes are required on anything over 5000 pounds in my state.


>Slowing down will make that worse, speeding up should fix it. The best course of action is slowly deaccelerating by letting go off the gas which should activate the trailer brake. Accelerating will often just delay the problem and make the outcome worse.


If the trailer is fishtailing like that, it's trying to go faster than the truck. You need to either apply brakes to just the trailer or increase the speed of the truck so that the truck is pulling the trailer instead of the trailer trying to push the truck.


That’s what you are supposed to do actually. If you slow down you will usually make it worse.


Slowing the vehicle by taking you foot off the throttle should apply the trailer brakes and cause it to drag behind the prime mover, straightening it up. Most trailers over a certain size / weight have their own brakes that apply when the vehicle slows, even the ones on the [3 phase generator](https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=265) or general load trailers I used to tow in the Territorial Army; they also had rotating hook / eyes so we could go off road. Never had this problem as we had rigid loading rules to prevent this from happening.




Looks like they could be going down a steep hill. The trucker might have also significantly slowed down, to give himself more time to keep slowing down if needed.


It looks to me like he forgot he had a trailer, and starts coming back into the lane really early. . And then jumps back into the passing lane, which started his accident. Stupidity on about 4 lvls.. hope everyone is OK.. they're lucky the fell off the side they did.. they other side looks like a big drop.


Or the wind from the transport truck and valley shifted his trailer. The truck driver does everything he could to avoid contact. I saw the same type if accident, except the trailer tire blew, and flipped way faster. I was hitchhiking on the Canadian trans Canada, and the tire blew, pretty close to where i was.. watched the flip and slide for about 200 meters.. Noone was hurt, but they were shook up pretty good.


I think he was already out of control before the video begins. The semi was already on the shoulder.


u/mega_donkey was the truck driver


The speed didn't seem to be the issue. It seems like the driver either purposely swerved into the truck for going "too slow" (road rage) or maybe he started merging and didn't realize he started merging to early and jerked the wheel back which started the whole thing. It's common for people that don't drive with trailers a lot and not used to the length of the car with trailer.


Am I the only one that sees that the asshole in the SUV side checked the truck driver? This swerve didn't just develop all of a sudden, this swerve was a product of the fucktard yanking his steering wheel towards the semi for some reason. Sure it's expensive, but it's justified. r/instantkarma


My suspicion is the air flow displaced around the front of the truck (not sure what the term is. Like a wake, but at the front) caused the trailer to go out of balance. Either that or poor spatial awareness.


Bow wave, a term borrowed from nautical parlance.


Reply to the person trying to defend the SUV that deleted his comment: But the truck driver and his big mirrors only made it to the shoulder when this guy came a few feet across the center divider right in front of him? Yeah, no, sorry, not buying it. If he was swerving that bad and got it to as straight as he was by the time the video started he would have been in the home stretch of pulling out of it. There's enough time to see that the car wasn't swerving to begin with, did a wind up right before the lane check so the truck driver could see him coming and love out of the way, and then the trailer rebounded, he overcorrected, and it spiraled from there. This guy was pissed off that the big truck didn't let him pass and wanted to cause the trucker to do what he in fact wrought on himself.


came here to say this.


To avoid this you have to put more weight in the front of the trailer. Check out YouTube “Towing a trailer can be dangerous with the wrong weight distribution.” It’s a 59 second demonstration about where to put weight in a trailer to avoid this.


Driving too fast and didn't know how to load his trailer. Stupidity wins again.


This is Trucker porn right here. That guy be like "Fucking long haul noob. That's what you get for taking my spot at the last truck stop"




Too much weight in the rear.


Lucy has some explaining to do...


That a deep cut from the album right there. Take an upvote.




Why do these people never let off the gas?


It looks bad from the outside, but just imagine what his wife is saying to him inside there.


What is the proper way to handle that situation?


Me: Oh the humanity! *Keeps driving*


Idiot. This is what happens if you go to fast with a trailer.


And don't load your trailer with the majority of the weight forward of the trailer axle. Edit: that should read don't load your trailer with the majority of the weight *behind* the axle.


Why does it always seem like they never try to brake when these videos come up? It's like they just keep the same pace.


The guy towing the RV should not brake - he needs to accelerate, or, if he's got a trailer brake controller, engage the trailer brakes. This keeps the trailer behind the SUV.


Pretty sure applying the brakes in this situation would not help. The trailer fishtailing like that is a result of some kind of unintentional weight shift towards the front of the vehicle. Stomping on the brakes would just transfer MORE weight to the front of the vehicle which would just make the handling more twitchy and erratic.


That's Arizona highway 94. And that guy is retarded (93 one number off, chill out retards)


Where is highway 94, I don’t think I’ve heard of that one in Arizona.


Central Washington near vantage I would guess?


Yes but east side of manastash


It’s funny because the few people guessing are guessing either eastern/central Washington, or various places in Arizona. I understand Eastern Washington is more deserty, but I’m surprised to hear they look so similar. This looks exactly like several locations north of Phoenix.


Why tf would they speed up?


Once this shit starts happening, whatever you do is not necessarily gonna be good. Strictly speaking, braking should apply trailer brakes as well, but speeding up should also start tugging the trailer and force it to get in line as well. I don't have experience with towing and having this happen with a car, but I do know this exact shit got the best of much, much more experienced drivers, even killed them on occasion. So, I'm very humble about it.


At least they only blocked one lane


Isn’t that I-10, eastbound ?


It’s i90 in Washington I’m guessing near Vantage.






A question from a non-camper owner, who’s just curious: once you get into a situation like this, when you have that much weight starting to head out of control, is there literally anything you can do to stop it? Or does physics and momentum pretty much have you by the bollocks by that point, right up to the point when you’re upside down in a ditch?


Trailer like that will have brakes that you can operate independently from the towing vehicle. First thing when you start your trip is to tap those while coasting to make sure they work and you have the sensitivity set right. As much as people who have watched one YouTube video like to think differently, putting all your weight to close to the hitch causes other problems.


You're fucked in this scenario. You should keep the balance point of the weight towards the front of the towed load, in front of the axle, and it will sort itself out if it starts to weave. There are great videos that explain this around on the net. They basically caused their own crash.


I'm so glad I know why most likely what causes that so I can avoid it


Those chintzy tires on that RV. It looks like it should have had 2 in the front, and Duels on the back. My 22’ Winnie had them. It looks like a park model, for living its life parked.


That’s why you invest in a reliable anti-sway hitch appropriately sized for your towing load.


Silly question, Is there a way to prevent this or is this something to be weary of if you want to own one of these?


You have to drive slower to keep those things under control. Also, if you start getting that fishtailing, the best thing to do is glide and slow down.


No, you accelerate, mash the gas and hope for the best, slowing exacerbates the sway


Yeah, have a trailer brake controller, and be very familiar with it. If he used the trailer brakes (NOT the car's brake pedal) he could help correct the trailer and stop it from swaying.


This is pretty nuts. Usually, I pull over and help if there is ever an accident on the road. Having to help this person out would make me fuming.


That is expensive but there's not enough money to make that guy smart😔.


that stretch of the 10 is always windy AF!


There was probably kids in there, looks like they were going on family vacation... sad


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Your hug took my cookies :(


That looks like Victorville, CA


So is there a way to get out of the wobbles? What should a driver do besides pray?


Yikes. Proper towing equipment and loading, etc. that's all relevant. It's such a disaster on a number of levels that it makes me doubt the truck had a decent brake controller for the trailer's brakes. Let's hope there were no kids involved. *And also:* am I reading the speedo on the bottom correctly? The trailer developed a wobble, but the black truck didn't slow down at all. In fact, the white truck's speedo goes *up* to 69 mph as the black truck and trailer keep pulling away in front. And, their speed doesn't really start to go down (you can see the skid marks on the highway from the truck) until a second or before the crash. *KEEE-RIST.*


69? Nice. I am a bot lol.


69 mph is 111.04 km/h


I-90 coming up off the Columbia towards Ellensburg?




And they are in the middle of nowhere too. That sucks.


What is the best course of action to regain control of this? I have done a few things while driving that totally saved the disaster that could have been. But this one, I need to know.


U speed up... Think of this as a pendulum, once u start swaying, it will keep on swaying till it loses energy... and only way to divert that “sway” energy is to speed the vehicle up to avoid resonant frequency..


I believe also manually applying the trailer brakes via the brake controller would also assist in regaining control.


What was he thinking? Really!


Terrible driving. I hope the family is ok. I bet there were kids in the truck. You will gain nothing from going fast.


Too much weight, too far back. Ouch!


Is there anything you can do in the situation stop now stop dictating stop stop please stop


He forgot he has connected caravan behind them


Isn’t it better to let the power off than to put it on?


I’m wondering if they had pets in the trailer? Hope everyone was okay. It was very reckless.


This looks like I-15 in Nevada somewhere.


Thats why you should never drink & caravan.


Love footage of every person from Illinois on I-43 in Wisconsin every Friday and Sunday.


Just hate when I pit myself


Shame on the mess! I woulda kept on driving.