Where to spend two nights: Samara or Santa Teresa?

Where to spend two nights: Samara or Santa Teresa?


Santa Teresa is the more beautiful of both, Sámara the better night life. I would go to Santa Teresa, get me some weed, beers and acid.


I see you are driving to Arenal, will you have the car the whole time? Santa Teresa is not very walkable.


Yup we will have the car the whole time


I prefer Santa Teresa, but please calculate the driving times as I feel it could be a complicated and long drive from Tamarindo. We use Waze in CR, they have a live map online to calculate your routes and times


Neither is "an authentic Costa Rican experience". Very very few places on the coast would fit that description. I would go for Santa Teresa. Nice beaches and cool stuff in the area. I would recommend visiting Montezuma waterfall and/or Cabuya's cemetery (cemetery on an island you can walk to when the tide is low).