3 People to Take the Picture, 0 to Look Up How TV Screens Are Measured

3 People to Take the Picture, 0 to Look Up How TV Screens Are Measured


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And it’s not even 50cm tall either. This is a double scam.


nor is it 50cm depth its a triple scam


I’m impressed by the depth of your argument.


He went to great lengths to do so.


It's his area of expertise. He's written multiple volumes on the subject.


He has quite the breadth of knowledge.


I like bread


*insert pun about width because I am bad at speaking normally*


weird flex, but I'll go width it


god dammit if only I had that mass of a brain


He’s even got it on tape


nor is it 50cm in whatever the hell the fourth dimension would be its a quadruple scam




50 smellimeters




50 smiles


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Nor is it in CM at all, but inches. Quadruple scam.




Nor does it last 50 seconds It's a ~~tetra~~ tetris scam


It's not even 50 ů̵̜̣̙͙̟̟̘̌̚m̴̘̥̼̯̿͒͌̈́̉̀͗̾͛̽ It's literally a 4 dimensional scam


1 inch = 2.54cm so it would probably be 50cm in height (20 in tall)


Well assuming they measured the 44" width correctly, the height should be about 23.75", which is around 60 cm


60 cm is 23.62 inches


Wrong direction, bot.


So we're they expecting a 50x50 square TV. Just imagining it looks ridiculous


50x50x50 cubed? :O


It’s a multi-dimensional scam.


It's 66.5cm tall by my calculations


Taking the photo with an iPad. Classic.


I wonder if he measured the iPad


He probably thinks it's a 10" iPhone.




Hey! I’m a millennial and I use my iPad for shit like that when I’m at home.


Boomers know how TVs are measured. Anyone who's ever bought a TV before does. This is a first-time purchaser, so either Gen-Z or a super-sheltered Millennial.


I don't know man I think all generations know that information, since both tvs and monitors are very common in everyday life, still, believe it or not. We can't really tell the generation from this (and we shouldn't care anyway).


Or anyone who's ever bought a device with a display.




You can tell from those shorts


Where would you hold an iPad while using it as a camera?


Creepy Shit on a bus.


No, judging by the age the hand looks, this is someone in their 30s...


So, a Millennial (or the very back end of GenX).


I don’t think there are any Gen X folk left in their 30s anymore


The youngest GenXers are 37.


Isn’t 1980 generally accepted as the Gen X birth year cut-off? I mean, obviously it’s all arbitrary anyway, I just hadn’t heard such a late birth year cut-off for Gen X before.


> Boomers > Understanding any aspect of technology Pick one


Boomers may not know how to fully operate their TV's, or use all the smart features, but they sure as shit know a TV's size is the diagonal measurement.


You realize the Boomers grew up with or invented most of the technology you're talking about, right? I don't know what kind of shack-dwelling hillbillies you visit on Thanksgiving, but they do not represent the entire Baby Boom generation.


No, very few individuals of that age group were part of inventing those items. Do you also think all boomers know how to operate a rocketship because they happened to be alive during the Apollo-missions?


That's like asking if I thought the majority of people living in the 17th century could use a sextant to pilot a ship, when I had merely asserted that most of them grew up with basic farming skills.


Shhhhhh, Boomer bad. Do not anger the hivemind.


I'll have to disagree with that statement somewhat as I used to work in an electrical shop and I would often get older people asking me to measure the width of the TV because that's what they'd measured theirs as at home. Sure, some people of all ages know how to measure the screen size of a TV but as with everything, plenty of other people of all ages don't know how to do it


That had less to do with the actual size of the TV and more to do with being sure they'd fit in the available space.


I think it's a little bit of both because, to be fair, it's not intuitive to measure it diagonally


Not all really, most can’t even work a microwave, so…




Most of them probably just rated it helpful because they thought it was funny


Don't give me hope


The fact that they stopped on "LEET" supports your hypothesis.


Amazon reviews can get fucking weird. Look at some of the reviews of women’s clothing and you’ll find a lot of exhibitionist.


Thanks for the tip, will be checking that out…


I was looking at some covers for my MacBook (2015) and it specifically says that it’s not for newer models, and half the comments are “it doesn’t fit my MacBook Air 2019”


If you haven't read the reviews for [Haribo Sugar Free Gummies](https://www.amazon.com/Haribo-Gummi-Candy-Goldbears-Pound/dp/B000EVOSE4/ref=sr_1_4?crid=G348291F6N42&dchild=1&keywords=hasbro+sugar+free+gummy+bears&qid=1623243958&rdc=1&sprefix=hasboro+sug%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-4), then please enjoy.


And don't forget the Veet Hair Removal for men reviews. Internet gold. https://www.amazon.com/Veet-Hair-Removal-Creme-200ml/product-reviews/B000KKNQBK


Total width is a useful measurement - I'm of the opinion the diagonal measure should be swapped out for X/Y


To be fair, using the longest length (diagonal) was a shitty idea (tv manufacturers)


To be fair it was a marketing ploy to make tv's seem bigger to begin with.


If they don't know how to measure a TV then you have to wonder the type of show they will be watching.


Jerry Springer re-runs


Whichever show which is enabling Tim Allen to continue collecting paychecks.


Can we go back to when Home Improvement was a thing? Specifically, can we go back to 1998?


Big Bang Theory


Teen Mom, probably. Or something else on MTV.


amazon reviewers are dumb as fuck, i came across one claiming the cable theyd bought wasnt as long as it claimed; luckily they added a photo; theyd laid it out next to a tape measure... somehow theyd managed to get the tape measure bit right but left the cable in that zigzag kink state they so often arrive in... hadnt even bothered trying to pull it taut or anything dont get me started on the seller reviews (delivery, fraud etc) being left on item pages (and 99.9% of the time not even mentioning the sellers handle)... trying to get perfume on there is a nightmare because its flooded with 'its fake' and 'its genuine' reviews with none of them mentioning which seller they bought from


My favorite was a young woman who managed wiggle her whole queen size mattress into a queen size duvet cover- then posted a review saying the buttons on the end didn’t close properly, it gaped open, it was all rumpled, and a total pain in the ass to get on, and why would anyone pay money for this cover?! I died laughing imagining this poor girl huffing and puffing and struggling to get a cover designed for a blanket onto her heavy pillow top mattress. 😂


Wtf 😂😂😂


There should be a sub just for idiot reviews (Amazon, Yelp, Google...)




Wow! I was thinking of starting a product review YT channel but now I'm too afraid someone would post my vids on that sub.


>r/reviewsbyretards ... yikes. Don't like that word


If you find one let me know


*This is amazing, well made, best product ever, it really is the holy grail; solves global poverty, cures cancer, reverses climate change and ends all suffering. But the delivery driver rang the doorbell while I was watching Quincy and my cat got scared so I'm gonna give it 1 star*


Quincy is the shit, so I totally get that.


I work in customer service for a place that sells home goods. I deal with these kinds of people all day. It baffles me that these kinds of people can look after themselves. 90% of them are entitled boomers


Apparently amazon ships items from their own warehouse, not caring what seller sold what. That means that if you buy a "fidget cube" from amazon then sometimes they'll send you a real one and sometimes a fake, depending on how lucky you were when they took one from their "fidget cube pile". Since anyone can sell anything and amazon isn't required to check each product for authenticity, reviews will claim things are real/fake based on luck. That makes ordering stuff a real damn hassle.


fufilled by amazon maybe; but its a marketplace; theres plenty of vendors that sell on amazon that dont use amazon fufillment and arrange other storage+delivery options


That's only fulfilled by Amazon, if you buy non fulfilled from Amazon you get from whatever vendor you select rather than from the general pool, but it'll usually take longer.


If you buy ships and sold from Amazon this normally doesn't happen. They normally source vendor products (shipped and sold by amazon) from the manufacturer or a national distributor and their inventory is held separately from the 3P/FBA sellers.


I was looking at a wrist brace on there the other day and the first review was someone claiming how ill fitting it was and that it didn’t look like the picture from the listing. They even included a picture of them wearing it so everyone could see how terrible it was… They had put it on back to front. Literally didn’t even attempt to copy the picture that showed how to wrap it. 3 people found that review helpful too. People’s stupidity astounds me.


Some years ago I read one complaining that her $16 phone case didn't include the phone that was advertised in the preview pictures. So when you see phone cases advertised and see a little disclaimer on the bottom saying "phone not included," it is because of people like that


It's not super intuitive that televisions would be measured diagonally, but it's not like that information is buried in the fine either. Once you're in the market for a new tv it's actually pretty hard not to learn that. In fact, it's fairly [prominently illustrated](https://i.imgur.com/1KlQopr.png) in the product photos in big, bold font.


Should I do literally any investigation online or in the manual to see what's going on here? No, it must be a scam by those jerks at Samsung and I'm the only one who can warn the rest of the world through an Amazon review!


I can see Skinner actually saying that


The fact that only one dimension is used to describe a 2 dimensional aspect should have been clear enough. That, and it's been measured that way for over 40 years.




I mean, technically even if it is measured diagonally, you could have a tv that's 49" x 10" and the diagonal would be around 50". Just playing devil's advocate here lol. I'm pretty sure this diagonal business is just arbitrary. You assume that a tv will be a certain aspect ratio so honestly, a "length" way of defining tv size might be more helpful in terms of fitting it into a room.


That's honestly starting to be an important point to make when looking at laptops, although it's kinda the opposite of the example you gave. A lot of 13" laptops now come in a more square aspect ratio, making the screen a little bigger and giving more room for the trackpad than a standard 16:9 13" laptop


It's not entirely arbitrary. The first CRT tubes were circular, but were displaying rectangular images. So the size of the tube (diameter) was naturally the diagonal of the rectangle. Personally, I'm sure this way of measuring the screen remained due to marketing reasons - it's the longest measurement you can get on a rectangle, and consumers love bigger numbers. Edit: to your last point - using length would be more useful for fitting into a room/on a tv stand, figuring out the resolution/field of view/"retina factor" and generally imagining/comparing the size (our brains are really bad at assessing the distance when lines are not parallel).


>Personally, I'm sure this way of measuring the screen remained due to marketing reasons - it's the longest measurement you can get on a rectangle, and consumers love bigger numbers. Exactly. Not to defend the iPad shooter in the original post, but it kind of *is* a scam. Manufacturers want to label their screens with the biggest number that's not an outright lie. We don't use the diagonal for many other measurements in everyday life, although don't give real estate agents any ideas, huh?


Don't forget the "50" class tv", which could actually be 47"


It's not a scam, since everyone does it the same way. A 50" TV will always be larger than a 47" TV (unless they have different aspect ratios, but that messes up **any** measurement). It would be a scam if one brand decided out of the blue to measure diagonally and all others didn't, but as is, it maintains comparability between products. Nobody buys a 50" TV because they want a rectangle of specific size, they but it because they know roughly what size a 50" TV is and want that size of TV.


Sure, it's the established standard way of doing things. There's some history behind it, I agree. I'm just suggesting that the original impetus to choose the diagonal measurement and not the width probably came from some Don-Draper-like figure early in the history of television sales. That's all I mean by saying it was *originally* a somewhat scammy thing to do. Once one company is quoting the diagonal measurement of their screens, of course everyone else will follow suit otherwise they risk consumers thinking their TV sets are smaller.


But the reason for it was stated above. The first tubes were circular. A 5" tube would display an image that measured 5" diagonally. Then, when they became square, it would have been confusing to suddenly measure side to side and made screens seem smaller than they were (in the mind of the customer). There was nothing scammy about it (and that's also not what you said - you said it *is* a scam, not it *was* a scam). That also would have been a problem when we transitioned to 16:9, because then, side-to-side measurements would exaggerate the total area of the screen. Diagonal measurements are more robust there (not perfect, but better).


Measuring the diagonal is left over from when TV screens were square and often had bulky sides/frames, I imagine if you're buying a tele now it would be easy to look up the overall dimensions to check it fits. I'm not quite convinced this isn't satire though.


Except that aspect ratio is pretty constant within standards (4:3, 16:9, etc.) **EDIT:** Corrected "6:9" to "16:9". Surprised I didn't get called out on the typo.


I didnt know, but now I do. Thanks, stranger


What, 49.5 inches?!!!


I never understood the diagonally measuring thing but at least I KNOW it's measured like that.


That has to be the dumbest way to gauge a tv's size. I understand the ratio of width to height is typically the same but it seems a lot harder to visualize a tv's size from it's diagonal measurement. I see the reference to the imperial measurement system is very "unique" yet again.


As others have mentioned, this originated back when TV's used circular tubes inside. The measurement was the diameter of the circle.


I see this argument all the time ‘that it isn’t intuitive’ and I just don’t understand it. We have a standardised aspect ration and diagonally means we only need one number rather than two.


It’s unintuitive for me because it’s harder to visualize what it will actually look like, if that makes sense. That said, I’m more interested in like, fitting the TV in my little apartment than in the quality of the image


Yeah but screen size doesn’t actually inform you of the size of the TV as it doesn’t include bezels or added height from the stand so you would have to look for information on the size of the tv as a unit, rather than the screen size anyway, and I can’t say I’ve ever encountered a situation in which this information isn’t readily available, along with the boxed dimensions.


Take picture with iPad


You mean the 9" ipad that was sold as a 10"?


I mean, the newer iPad does have a good camera. But it’s total crap anywhere below


But still not ideal


All you have to do is Google “how to measure a tv”


Say that to someone who took the photo with an ipad.


Imagine their surprise when every single TV they buy has the same problem! It’s a conspiracy!!!!


I can just imagine this person going into their nearest electronics store with a measuring tape, measuring all the TVs and writing "LIES" in red marker on each screen, before being escorted out by security.


The TV industry is a scam! Smash your TVs everyone!


As someone who works at a major electronics retailer, seeing this makes me wanna smash my head through a window. I hate people😭


Is this screen big enough to smash my head through it?


I've handled warranty stuff and returns for a electronics retailer. Some people just cant do research, cant google and wont open the manual. Then they come and complain when in reality there's nothing wrong with anything.


i’m assuming it’s measured diagonally


it is


Always has been 🌎😲🔫😎


Top right to bottom left, or top left to bottom right


What about bottom left to top right?


Nah bottom right to top left is the regulation according to consumer law, don't get caught out with false measurements.


That explains a lot.


Same thing, no?


Yeah, diagonally


yes, that is in fact how diagonals work. thank you.


TIL TV screens are measured diagonally


Happy birthday. I’m assuming you were born today since this is common knowledge.


Don't be an ass


It’s tempting to think of things you already know as obvious and common knowledge. Don’t fall for it. Can’t remember what it was like before you knew language or how to read? Developing literacy is a difficult and complex process, but you’ve already done it so now it seems incredibly easy. Of every subject you feel confident about, there is always someone who knows more, and someone else who knows less. You forget this. Be a better person, dude.


Assuming a 16:9 aspect ratio, the height will be approximately 24,75 inch. We can then calculate the diagonal to be the square root of (44\*44 + 24,75\*24,75), which is a little over 50 inch. But given that I don't know the exact width or the size of the rim, I'd say the 50 inch is pretty legitimate


It’s the hypotenuse correct?




Screen sizes are universally calculated diagonally cause that always consistent no matter how you measure it It would be pretty weird to sell 10 by 14 inch tv's


Imagine you sell a CIRCA 50'' tv and it's 50" by 1" lol


No, they are not always consistent. There are different aspect ratios. 16:9; 4:3; 21:9; early television was 5:4, IMAX films are 1.4:1. Aspect ratios are anything but consistent.


Given how many TVs there are in the world, how long it's existed and how many different display types there are, I'd call that pretty consistent. Look at the amount of types of household electrical sockets there are across the world. When it was first a thing, in Birmingham, there was over 24 different types of plug and socket.


I'm honestly disappointed 16:10 didn't catch on over 16:9


And so? They are still consistent because the TVs are rectangles aspect ratio doesn't matter diagonal length will still tell you about the size accurately


Aspect ratio does matter still, having a diagonal length of 50" doesn't tell you how wide/tall it is without knowing it has a 19:9 ratio


So then there's three people here who don't know how to measure a tv


I fully understand this is the incorrect way of measuring a TV, however, we have to all come to an understanding that measuring diagonally was a marketing trick invented by TV companies to make their TVs seem bigger than they really are. When we measure anything else in the world in width, we measure straight across. There’s no reason for this to be different. The era of curved TVs ended a long time ago.


These people vote


I also claim having an 19 inch, but never had someone use the measuring tape to check.


Is that diagonal?


Invite two more and find out


How do you measure a TV? From corner to corner?


yes. since screens nowadays pretty consistently use a 16:9 aspect ratio (ratio of width to height) its mostly easier for marketing purposes to just list the diagonal, as it makes comparing screens easier given the simpler numbers. comparing a 60" and a 70" TV feels a little bit more streamlined than comparing a 52.3"W×29.4"H TV and a 61"W×34.3"H TV.


It literally has a diagram of the diagonal dimensions showing the 50 inch measurement on the fucking box.


Assuming a 16:9 aspect ratio, it's 44 wide by (9/16)\*44 tall. Apply the Pythagorean Theorem, and the diagonal comes to 50.48 inches. So yeah, he's a dumbass.




It even shows on the box how the screen is measured. God I hate people


Go read any TV review on Amazon. They're all filled with 1 star reviews with these comments of people who have no clue how to measure a tv.


Televisions should be measured in square inches, rather than diagonal inches.


The aspect ratio basically gives you the same information tho


Wait, how are they actually measured?


Very carefully.


Twice, and cut once




From the middle of the screen to the corner times 2


Longest axis between corners of the screen.






What do they mean with "i need my money". You can refund everything on Amazon with no questions asked.


a question for you nerds out there. what is the height of the tv?


Those bastards at Samsung stole his inches!


When I was TV shopping a couple years back I was amazed how many people actually did this


yep, my “60 inch” TV was actually measured diagonally and the screen is 10 inches tall. turns out my TV is only 59 inches across. i feel ripped off.


10 inches is 25.4 cm


Pro tip: give the diagonal length of the TV so it seems longer


...granted, it took me until adulthood to understand how screens are measured


Wow. Just wow


A clear sign that the movement towards racial social studies was exactly what schools needed to concentrate on. Clearly there's no other weak points in any important skills.


Why is it always stupid fucking dumbass boomers who take pictures with their fucking iPad?!


Dumbass. If you look at the ad, it shows an image of where it’s measured.


To be fair, the fact that screens aren't measured like this is honestly total bullshit imo.


Honestly I just had to look this up 😬


This has come up before I'm curious where all you smug people have learned this info. "Look up" how a TV is measured? Why would I do that? Do I look up how to measure a couch? Do I look up how to measure a window? No. Length x width. Is not stupid to think a TV would be the same.


if you measure something and get a different value for a dimension than was advertised, my first thought isnt "this multi billion dollar corporation scammed me out of 6 inches of screen!!" my first thought is "am i right about the dimension im trying to measure?". also, if youve ever gone shopping for any sort of electronic and paid any attention at all to screen size, its a little hard to NOT learn it. hell, a bunch of boxes ive seen actually have a picture on the side showing that the measurement is diagonal. you seem like the type of guy to insist the math teacher is wrong whenever you got a problem wrong


This is what really inspired me to post this. It's not about not knowing how measuring works - everyone doesn't know things! It's about immediately jumping to "SCAM!" without an ounce of questioning.


Idk what I would think. And the insult is childish and uncalled for. I bought my first tv a few months ago and there was no diagonal measurement picture on the box. I also didn't care about the measurement, but if I had a tight space, I would need to know the length and height, and it's not unreasonable to expect to not have to perform trigonometry in order to buy a TV


> No. Length x width. Is not stupid to think a TV would be the same. It sort of is stupid to think that when they only give you one number. Like, its fine to not know how its measured normally, but if you plan on writing a review, maybe make sure you know what you're talking about first.


I was today years old when I found out Tv's were measured diagonally


because i just climbed out from under my rock this morning?