That awkward moment when you get schooled by IKEA

That awkward moment when you get schooled by IKEA


Guy got disassembled by IKEA.


No disassemble! Johnny 5 alive!


![gif](giphy|wWT7Clw42FKXC) He knows the deep lore...


Without an Imbus


Damn, not even with their own FIXA tools


Damn sorry I already used my free award for the day, this comment bangs...


Thank you anyway. It's the thought that counts.


Imagine getting schooled by a fucking Swedish company. About American laws. When you are, assumably a fucking American.


It's not just the American laws, it's an international convention on it


I may sound judgemental but I can’t help myself imagining that this person owns at least one MAGA hat.




Well it was me and I don’t. Please send your salary to me now.


Well, someone on the internet wouldn't just lie, so I guess you win.


He wouldn't lie. I hear he's a prince in Nigeria.


And you are his last living relative


Give me 5 mins and he will no longer have a last living relative.


No, I think it's just a lot of assumption because state flags aren't supposed to fly above the American flag, so it's assumed it must be the same way with other countries.


Suddenly people in MAGA hats aren’t constantly making incorrect assumptions and acting like they’re undoubtedly correct?


People really don't understand the difference between mutual inclusivity and exclusivity these days... I am saying the belief that the American flag is supposed to fly higher comes from the assumption that it's not supposed to fly under a *state's* flag so it must be the same for other countries. This of course is untrue, but it has nothing to do with political allegiances or choices in head fashion. There's probably a person who voted for Ralph Nader in the 70's while high on a mixture of PCP and weed that also at one time held this false assumption.


Driving to Austin last thanksgiving I saw 5 trump flags flying above American flags. Was fucking gross.


They only care about the flag when people kneel.


Only 5?


Tons of trump flags but on the same pole above the us flag? By all these supposed Patriots it’s ridiculous.


“I don’t know it for a fact, I just know it’s true.”


Potato, pobobot


You are true


It’s not judgmental to be a precog


That's a given.


And probably a maga flag hung higher than the thin blue line American flag you just know he has


I think this is so old it is from a time when Trump was still a Democrat.


The store opened November 8, 2017


That’s like 40 years ago now


What year is it?


American flag code has a bunch of restrictions that Americans readily disobey, like it can’t be clothing or anything particularly marketable


I mean, it's not the Flag Law, it's the flag code. It has as much legal authority over your actions as the Boy Scouts Handbook.


Yeah it’s not a matter of legality, I’m saying that to disrespect the flag code basically means disrespecting the country, and it’s ironic that those who want to show their patriotism often do so by not following said code


i mean obviously it's not illegal, but when considering how to "respect" the flag, it's funny that the people who supposedly care about that shit don't follow the guidelines for it lmao


Common misconception actually. It’s only a literal flag that can’t be used for those purposes. Flag themed clothing is fine


At the end of Flag Code §3: > The words "flag, standard, colors, or ensign", as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the United States of America.


Huh, I was misled by the American Legion I figure they knew their stuff. But the flag code is just a recommendation on etiquette and not a real law and norms surrounding etiquette change over time. But thanks for laying that out


“the Code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules.”


Ah ok. So if the flag design is printed onto material being cut for clothing all good, but you couldn't take a rectangular piece of material, print the flag on it and then make it into clothing? Is that the difference? I think my favourite part of the code is actually this one: **"(c)** The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.**"** Does that mean every time it's displayed at, say an NFL game, spread across the field that it's actually in violation of the code?


Apparently the flag design printed onto material being cut for clothing still counts as the flag, according to the code. Thanks to /u/iPoopLegos for the correction. > At the end of Flag Code §3: > > The words "flag, standard, colors, or ensign", as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the United States of America.




Imagine having nothing better to do than go on social media and bitch about the heights of flags on poles?


Conservatives love to play victim


I love that someone from ikea was like "let's bone up in this flag bullshit because you know how pissy Americans get about this crap."


Or the store just blindly did it the most reasonable way and IKEA's social media person saw an opportunity to fucking lawyer an ignorant American.


Not laws, just a code that boomers and hicks get all butthurt about if you don't follow (only certain parts, though; they conveniently forget about the code when putting on their American flag shirts). The government can't do shit to you for flying one flag above another.


Europeans having to compensate for the American educational system. A tale as old as f...


I'm ok with american schools not teaching the flag code, that strikes me as a huge waste of time


we dont really have to imagine.. here in the states we know everythingggg.. except we dont.. the rule here is if we hear something and we like it, its now truth. if there's evidence its not truth and we're proved to be dumber than a stale sock behind the dryer, then its actually conspiracy and not evidence of anything.


Lol Also please explain how you were adopted by reddit


felt kind of late to the reddit thing but its not like instagram.. reddit was a bit more open and sometimes feels more of like a discussion about stuff like joining some sort of big ol family. instagram is more like everything u say can n will be used against u.. and also "fuck u just cause.." the comment section is almost always a dumpster fire.. reddit, sure u might get called out here and there but your comments are openly observed and not just attacked. ​ edit: also couldnt think of a cool name and now i do pretty often but its too late now




Sir, welcome to ‘Murica


What it shows is just how egocentric and arrogant too many Americans are. Too much of our population thinks the world revolves around us, when the reality is that we’re not nearly as relevant in the world as we once were. That’s not bad...it just is. Other countries caught up and passed us. Now we need to up our game.


Many Americans do not know much about our laws, unfortunately. Hell many don’t even know about certain rights they have.


To be fair most americans only care about the laws about the pew pew shooty sticks.


They're flags, people need to get over it


I love flags. Not in a patriotic way, just a keen member of r/Vexillology


/r/vexillology is okay. /r/vexillologycirclejerk is way more fun.


I love them both honestly


Yeah that's fine, some of them have really cool designs, I definetly just mean in a patriotic way


I honestly think it's just so they can pretend to care about something and ignore other issues. "What, actual problems? No, no I don't have time to discuss those, our liberty is at stake! I'm defending freedom by ignoring actual problems and hyperfocusing on stupid shit 😎😎🤪🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷"


r/accidentallyliberian (or intentionally)


Here's a sneak peek of /r/vexillology using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/vexillology/top/?sort=top&t=year) of the year! \#1: [Union Jack representation per country (by area)](https://i.imgur.com/sKjvRFQ.png) | [1518 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/vexillology/comments/iow8c3/union_jack_representation_per_country_by_area/) \#2: [The US COVID-19 Flag](https://i.imgur.com/TOktd9g.png) | [335 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/vexillology/comments/hh7xrc/the_us_covid19_flag/) \#3: [Mississippi but it's Saudi Arabia](https://i.redd.it/0yjud2z1nt751.png) | [569 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/vexillology/comments/hhx726/mississippi_but_its_saudi_arabia/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| [^^Contact ^^me](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| [^^Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| [^^Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/joo7mb/blacklist_viii/)


But….mah personality


But mah “patriotism”


Saying you're a patriot because you care about "respecting the flag" is kind of like saying you're a genius because you're good at checkers.


Except the "respect the flag" people don't even know the flag rules! At least someone who is good at checkers would be able to commit a rule set to memory.


"I love my country and my flag so much that I'm gonna fly a giant one from the back of my truck and let it get ripped up and filthy. That'll teach those kneeling sons of bitches to treat the flag with the respect it deserves."


That makes alot of sense. Thank you.


It's the exact same thing for them


Yeah people obsessing over flags has always been weird to me. The first time I learned that a flag code was a thing was the first time I saw this image (not this exact post, I’ve seen the image in this post before) and my first thought was “why the fuck is ‘flag code’ a thing?” I don’t even know if my country has a flag code.


The people that complain about flag codes are the same ones that rub their body down with an American flag bath towel or get really drunk and shit their American flag shorts.


Then hop into their trucks with a tattered flag attached to a pole on their tailgate. Their torn and dirty flag caked in dead bugs and bird shit is a perfect representation of how much they care about their country.


Unless we're at war or at sea, flags are just really cool and not important at all


They’ve disrespected all flags when they choose to fly a traitors flag months after his tyranny ended.


perfectly on brand for conservatives, they love flying traitor(confederate) flags


Months?!? How about still flying a flag from the group that rebelled against the rest of the country more than 150 years ago?


Same people mad about this have altered versions of the American flag on their car to support Police and other First Responders, which is insane to me. You can't rebrand the American flag to without also disrespecting it.


I mean you’re right, but when it’s a nazi flag or a confederate flag, two flags we fought wars over, I’m cool with people saying you suck ass. Because nazi sympathizers and confederate sympathizers do suck ass.


Well flags of treason and war are different than flags of real countries


I spent 4 years doing color guard (real color guard not flag twirling and short skirts). I know the flag code inside and out because I had to make sure I didn't accidentally do something wrong in front of hundreds of people, or a bunch of old military dudes. Literally every single person I see who screams about respecting the flag is breaking code. Flags outside year round, with no lighting, left out in all weather. Flags flying behind trucks on the the highway tattered and shredded. Clothes made of the flag print. All against code.


Yea, and they act like flag code is law. I do believe you are suppose to burn old damage flags too. Not sure what the average American does with them but I doubt it is burning them.


Oh wow, I just googled it, and yeah, there's a specific ceremony you're supposed to do while burning it.


Sorta wonder if they still burn them though. Since all the flags I have been able to touch feel like they are made out of some sort of synthetic material that feels like it is mostly plastic. So that smoke would be nasty.


I could easily see a bunch of people deciding to start following flag codes to prove how super American they are.... And then all end up in the hospital from synthetic smoke poisoning. Such an American way to die.


2009 is my last frame of reference - I was a Girl Scout, and every Flag Day in June, we'd do the whole ceremony with the Boy Scouts. And yes, the plastic ones were a melty mess.


Yes they do still burn them. We had a place next to the fire station that did it.


And they are a melty mess... Never did like when the schools gave us the flags to retire on flag day. The scout troops (boy and girl) and venturing crew only bought cotton flags thankfully.


So it is true that they do have plastic in them like a polyester. But I assumed it was mostly cotton, and wouldn't melt. Just burn like regular cloth but smell like burnt plastic.


Some where blended and the plastics would still melt as the cotton burned and sometime actually stop the cotton from burning. The others were purely plastic and were horrible to burn...


We did one of these when I used to do Girl Scout camp many years ago. It was a great learning experience but I do think there are people out there that don’t know that’s how you retire a flag.


We send them to a VFW I think. And they do the ceremony.


Can also bury them


90% of the time it's displayed backwards when hung vertically... (The stars should always be in the upper left from the observer's viewpoint)


But what’s stopping me from walking around the pole? Doesnt that make the flag backward now?


Magical patriot clothe must be observed from the correct viewing angle always.




But then I can’t make a snarky joke!


When it's possible for the flag to be viewed from both sides, then the left is determined by the location of the main opening of the building if inside, or the main direction of travel if it's outside.


I thought flag print was fine for clothes, it was just against code to turn a flag into a a piece of clothing?




Man, I can’t stand flag fuckers


“Flag shagger” is the correct terminology.


Yeah rhyme seems like beat alliteration this time. But shagger doesn’t quite have the sting to convey my distain of these people.


Could double barrel it, maybe. Which do you prefer? Flag Shag-Fuckers, or Flag Fuck-Shaggers?


Also the entire flag code in the USC has no penalties attached because it’s obviously totally unconstitutional (1A). You can still have ‘gotcha’ moments but it all devolves quickly into quibbles about precedence of raising etc.


It's not enforceable on the average person, but it is enforceable on government entities, which is likely the point of it.


News later that day:”crazy gunman enters IKEA, attempts to burn Swedish flag”


If they enter it there’s a problem... that flag is outside..


Maybe mid flag burning they were like ohhh I could really use a grönö table lamp and a hot dog.


It’s in Florida so realistically either of these could be true


The flag can’t burn because of EU regulations


Lol Muricans frustred by regulation


And they’re not the [first](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/brexiteers-try-set-eu-flag-21407117.amp).


That put a smile on my face


Omg this is so beautiful


Nope, more like: Florida man enters IKEA with gun, but can't tell who's Swedish enough to shoot.


This reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me. He’s a Scout leader in Canada and one day they were hosting a visiting delegation of American Scouts and had the flags of both countries there. The American Scout leader vociferously complained that the US flag has to be higher due to flag law. No amount of convincing, even reminding of the fact that \*they were in Canada presently\* changed his mind that the US flag had to be higher due to flag law. Now it looks like he didn’t even get that part right! (Ignoring the fact that the code doesn’t apply outside of the US)


Yikes, that's a whole new level of crazy!


*Sigh* Just another flag nonce.


Also, while state flags are to be flown lower than the US flag, this law does not apply to the Texas flag which can also be flown at equal height. Why? Because it’s Texas. Actual reason, because Texas was its own separate country for a limited time before joining the US they were able to gain a number of concessions before being annexed including the flag thing, control of coastal waters beyond what states normally get, and technically the right to secede tho in reality that right was basically lost after the civil war (still on the books tho which is why the Texas should secede movement was kind of a stupid thing some years ago).


I’m from Texas and I’ve heard this a bunch. But I think the flag thing isn’t actually true. All state flags can be flown at the same height as the US flag when on separate flag poles.


Seems you are correct. There do seem to be some other differences between flag codes but all states are allowed to fly their flags at the same height as the US flag


What about the Islamic State flag?


Stupid auto correct


In Norwegian Texas is slang for something really crazy. Like "that party was Texas!" meaning that the party was insane.


As a Texan, I feel like Florida would be a better state for that


I'll inform the Norwegians 😉


Cool info, thanks! TIL!


Texas, previously known as Mexico


That’s just a redneck spewing redneck bullshit. Just excuse our rednecks. We try and keep them up in the boulders but they somehow figured out McDonalds has free internet.


Why is America so full of prideful idiots?


I'm an American and I genuinely wish I knew




There’s stupid people in every country.


Fewer excuses for stupidity in America than in other countries without access to as many educational resources as we have here. Yes, I understand different states, different budgets, different plans. Not enough of an excuse for stupid Americans.


Imagine giving a fuck about flag law


When was the last time America was at peace though?


Says a guy wearing an American flag t shirt and flag bandana with a sad, desperate trump flag on his truck - all ACTUALLY violating US flag code.


Technically IKEA is confidently incorrect for flying the flag of a country which incorrectly asserts that lutefisk is edible


They used the word 'öppen' incorrectly though. If they have to butcher two languages at once, they should at least have used 'öppna'. Source: Swedish person


I guarantee it's because Americans are too stupid to see öppna and know it's supposed to be "open". Öppen is close enough that they'll figure it out. Especially because Florida.


Nah, it's just because English doesn't differentiate between the verb and the adjective, they're both 'open'. Didn't occur to them that it may be two different words in other languages.


I think I love you. /Språkpolisen


They’re also confidentially incorrect


Ironically, blue has a screw loose.


Also, it's "country's" not "countries".


Seeing this never gets old. Especially when it schools the party of THE FLAG IS SACRED, only to see on my predawn morning walks all the flags left out in the dark, in the rain, and faded and shredded by the wind.


We all carry a device that lets you look up any information you would like to know. No previous generation had that. Why do people just make up untrue information and say it? And it's so easy to disprove too! So why do it?


Imagine being such a small dicked moron you get upset that the flag of the country where you fell out of your moms cunt isn’t higher than another flag


The only thing Ikea is incorrect about was placing one of their stores in Jacksonville


Americans care WAY too much about their flag


What do you bet this commenter has at least one thin blue line flag (against flag code) a flag flown from their pickup (against flag code) and some sort of flag apparel (you guessed it, against flag code)?


Americans and their fucking stupid obsession with empty symbolism.




Ikea probably has that saved to the clipboard.


On another topic.. They should have written "ÖPPNA" which is a verb. "ÖPPET" is the adjective or adverb or something. My grammar and English isn't strong, but my Swedish is :)




Not only did IKEA slap this dummy around, but what they were advocating is *an act of war!* Takes a special kind of stupid to go that far.


This is a common misconception in America. I used to think the same thing. There's too much disinformation here that gets passed around as fact.


Why are people like this


Saw jacksonville and was hoping it would be in nc, sadly no just florida


Although Ikea would do well if they had one in J-actionville, a lot of their stuff would be perfect for all of the Marine families, we are too small to get one. Closest one in NC is in Charlotte, but I think there's one in Norfolk Va as well, which is closer by about an hour.


Being an American doesn't give you a degree in flaganomics


Props to the ikea Facebook admin




Time to declare war on Sweden I guess.


We don't have any oil. Try Norway.


American flag being higher is meant for state flags, military flags, any flag that isn’t a national one


Imagine even giving a shit


today i learned


That makes alot of sense. Thank you.


It’s time for fun with flags!


Could they not have actually consulted a Swedish person when writing that headline? Or like google translate. ÖPPEN is in the present. They are to ÖPPNA November 8. Double confidently incorrect! Two for the price of one!


Fun fact: Texas is the only state that can fly its flag at the same height as the union.


Ïdioten, assemble


It has to be above state and party flags. Thin blue flags cannot sit level or above us flags.


That visual is straight out of Florida.


i thought that was the flag of england for a minute. >.< squinting seemed to fix it.


it is a piece of cloth who actually cares


Borde de inte vara ÖPPNA?


Til flag rules sound petty


That’s just sad.


Bad news for you, sir."


It does bug me a little that they use the wrong tense of the Swedish word though. Öppen means to be open, like it's already open. Öppna means to open (in the future). Sorry if I killed the mood. Love the moral of the story!


He forgot the first paragraph of the US code: "Whatever shit we feel like is true, is true in any given moment."




I have seen this IKEA


Okay but can we talk about how stupid it is that there's even a law telling you what flags can go where?




I think I felt something


Just stuck on öppen


The fact you have any flag code at all is ridiculous. Americans don't realise they're proper indoctrinated.


The verb would be "ÖPPNA", though. "ÖPPEN" is the adjective.