When u get rekted by a furniture shop

When u get rekted by a furniture shop


It's technically a repost but it's been quite a while, so I'm gonna let it stay up.


As if IKEA wouldn't do their homework on such a thing


IKEA have knöwledge.




Uhhh we're in America so the American language should be used above all others here.


Fun fact, the USA has no official language, so any official documents could be in any language and still be valid (as long as no other law specifically states otherwise)


Until the wars German was heavily spoken in Texas and Texas even had its own German dialect. In many communities that was the primary language.


Tejano music came from this. Hispanic and German. The accordion is straight up German. Next time you hear some Tejano music listen for a beer hall type beat or sound. Polka almost.


We call it the Mexican Polka bc that's exactly what it sounds like and I had *no idea* that this is why! TIL...


That's also why most Mexican beers are local variations of German styles. I think Corona was founded by a German.


> I think Corona was founded by a German. So we blaming the Chinese for nothing here?


Fun fact: almost every country in the world has a brewery that was founded by a German or started with the influence of a German brewmaster.


I’m from Cincinnati, which once had a huge German immigration population. Many of them settled in a neighborhood that became known as “Over the Rhine” after the river in Germany and there were several German language local newspapers published until World War II. Unfortunately prohibition brought an end to the cities German breweries although a few have been restablished in recent years. People in the US who are anti immigration like to claim that immigrants in the past assimilated and learned English more quickly than current immigrants but that’s just not true, in the past most settled in communities with other immigrants from the same background and picked up enough English to survive. My grandpas parents were from Ukraine and lived in a small town with other Ukrainians. My grandpa didn’t learn English until he was in school and his parents never learned past the basics. When he was a soldier in Korea his mom never wrote to him because she didn’t know how to write in English and sending letters written in the language of a then communist country would look suspicious.


The cultures didn't assimilate and disappear either. Every regional tradition be it food, music, or dialect comes from immigrants holding on to their cultural identity through the generations. Our immigrants are literally who we are as a country. I will never understand the anti-immigrant sentiment.


Chicago used to have farming communities around that were full of German immigrants. My grandmother grew up in one and spoke nothing but German for years- school, church, shops, etc. She learned English in school later on. It stayed that way until WWII when the US started rounding up German speakers as collaborators and sending them to camps (yes, Germans and Italians were also sent to camps, but they were nowhere near as bad as the ones those of Japanese ancestry were sent to. By the end of the war, everything had switched to English and the German never came back.


My wife’s family emigrated to a South Texas German community in the 1800s (right after the Civil War). They still farm the same land since the 19th century. My wife’s grandparents (RIP) were fluent in German. My father-in-law and mother-in-law can understand it pretty well and speak a bit. My wife only knows a few German words. Similar experience to most immigrant communities, really.


If you haven't already, you should read the book Texas by Michener. He talks a great deal about Germans coming to Texas. Great read. I have even more pride in being a German/Texan than before ;)


Do you know of any sources to hear the German with a Texan accent?


Here’s someone speaking Texas German: https://youtu.be/1_dH403pqRU Here’s (sorta) the history behind it: https://youtu.be/vwgwpUcxch4


Twangy Deutsch sounds so funky.


Holy shit. That woman is speaking German with a southern accent. I live in the south and the cadence was so close that it felt natural and almost understandable, but I don't know German so my brain just sat there trying to process something that was obviously familiar.


one youtube search away - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwgwpUcxch4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_dH403pqRU




That is so interesting, I've never heard of this before! I'm from PA so Pennsylvania Dutch is still spoken in some parts around me (i.e. mostly the Amish).


Pretty sure we speak in *mcdonalds*


Universal language… BigMac, McNuggets,…




So with that, börk börk börk.


When I was growing up I thought it was normal for countries to have multiple official languages (I'm from Canada so we have French and English as ours). I thought America's were English (but spelling things wrong /s) and Spanish. I guess I was wrong


We have no official language because the whole basis of our country is everyone coming from all over to make a better place for everyone. Hasn't really stayed like that I guess but the official language thing hasn't changed.


We are in Canada so please put English above French when writing instructions as per the official languages act. Nous sommes au Canada, veuillez donc mettre l'anglais au-dessus du français lors de la rédaction des instructions conformément à la loi sur les langues officielles.


When I visited Vancouver I hopped into one of the fast food places to use their WiFi, I noticed they had 2 different networks, one in English one in French which made me chuckle sensibly.


If it was two separate routers I'd use the French one due to lower traffic.


Offer not valid in Quebec.


I recently moved from Toronto to Montreal. Montreal is much much much more bilingual than Toronto. Even cashiers are bilingual here. They are not bilingual in Toronto. I live in the Plateau and the people in every store that I've been to so far have been able to speak to me in English. (I'm learning French and was not raised in Canada.) I'm talking about independent bakeries and cafes all the way up to large supermarkets. In Toronto, if you only speak French, good luck.


Got bitten by the knöwledge möøse


A Møøse once bit my sister...


I laughed


No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: "The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink"...


I recognize this, where is it from


Opening credits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Well I know what I'M watching as soon as I'm done working on the lawn today...


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Ikea have kunskap, inte som de här amerikanska okunniga nötterna i kommentarsfälten, åtminstone jag är sjukt trött på amerikanska outbildade människor som tror sig veta allt, göder hela den där konspirationsteoretiska kulturen de har där nu.


Because so many people in the comments have been phonetically spelling english words with swedish characters it took me longer than if like to admit to realize that this is indeed not english.


He is saying Sweden is worse than Norway I think ;)


De finns tyvärr här på hemmaplan också :(


Ja, det finns överallt, det är mycket oroväckande.


They should totally do this! A program inspired by Dolly Parton's Imagination Library for non-english speaking markets. "Knöwledge" is delivered in flat packages, and manual assembly required - just like with their furniture. Investing back in the communities where they exist.


they do reseårch


But you know what they love more? These 7 Lamborghinis they just installed in their bookshelf carpark by the Buffet Warren Billionaire




Click click


IKEA: So änyway I started blästing


> As if IKEA wouldn't know how to follow instructions.


Indeed, I'm British so I couldn't give two shits how you display the British flag (since its just a flag). However if I was opening a store in the US where a good subset of the population takes *the flag seriously* (or at least feels the need to hang it off absolutely everything) I'd deffo check the code before I put it up - pretty much for exactly this reason. EDIT: Or I'd fly the flag of Liberia just to fuck with them - there is a reason you shouldn't let me open *anything* in the US, the urge to troll and the risk of getting shot would be similarly high.


The people who take the flag 'ultra super serious' are also the ones who don't actually know the flag code: they just like to stroke off at the idea they know what they're talking about. The amount of times people like that buy flag-themed napkins or clothing is unintentionally hilarious.


Lmao hang the [Hawaiian flag](https://cdn.britannica.com/64/1164-004-6AD2B797/Union-Jack-islands-kingdom-stripes-ship-Hawaii-1843.jpg) and you'll risk an rebellion


What kind of British Russian bastard lovechild is that thing.


There is worse :D. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Union_Flag


Or this one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Union_Flag ;).


Looks like they saw the [East India Company flag](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/Flag_of_the_British_East_India_Company_%281801%29.svg/1920px-Flag_of_the_British_East_India_Company_%281801%29.svg.png) and called it a day lol


In Disney Land most american flags aren't actually the american flag (wrong number of stars etc) so they don't have to abide by the american flag rules (taking it down/flying it on half mast at certain times)


That is kind of brilliant. It’s not like guests are going to sit there actually counting Stars and Stripes.


But wouldn't you need to remove like 9 or even 11 stars for that in order to not break the pattern and have it become visible even if people don't count them?


Apparently they use a 45 star flag. 3 rows each of 8 and 7 stars. So it should be obvious. I guess people just don't look closely enough.


It's Disney. It's usually fucking chaos. Who has time to count the stars on a flag that doesn't mean anything or even give it a second thought?


In before the government passes the Flag Analogues Act.




>Even better would be just to point out that the flag code intentionally uses non binding language and is recommendations and customs, not law. It wouldn't be legally enforceable even if that was the intent since anything you do with the flag is protected speech under the first amendment.


Yea! Again, it’s the “BUT THE CONSTITOOSHUN SAYS…” people who want to hold flag code up as a law, when really it would be directly unconstitutional!


Which chances are they also own clothes that violate the flag code


I guy down the street from me is flying his American flag upside down next to his Trump flag. I assume he also doesn't watch the NFL because of players kneeling.


Lol wait, are you me? How do you know where I live? I keep wanting to call 911. Clearly he’s signalling distress… It would allllmost be worth the fine. At least he’s upgraded from duct taping a 4 on his “trump 2020” flag to an actual “trump 2024” flag…


> At least he’s upgraded from duct taping a 4 on his “trump 2020” flag to an actual “trump 2024” flag… That there is an official Trump 2024 flag is the horrifying part of that sentence.


Also that black and white America flag with the blue or red stripe on it should be not cool by actual patriots


No one _has_ to follow the US flag code, it purposely lists flag flying requirements as suggestions and customs so there’s no legal basis to charge someone with breaking a rule.


The flag code isn't law though. That would actually be unconstitutional.


Wait so you're telling me clueless nationalists on social media just spout bullshit? Why I never


I know I shouldn't be surprised at this stage of my life, but honestly I am continually baffled by the confidence with which people state things as facts in a condescending manner, when they are just flat out wrong. I generally allow myself a cursory search on the device that I'm using to make a comment before just going all in and declaring something as true. Especially if I'm gonna be snarky, it seems logical that I'd at least make sure my snark was correct. FWIW I've been totally wrong before when I was planning to be argumentative based on my unsubstantiated opinion, this strategy has saved me from making an ass of myself more than once.


There is even a sub r/confidentlyincorrect


Of course there is! A sub for everything in this place :)


My favourite is r/fuckgravel


Hahaha what? I subbed! I subbed to /r/mycology based off a random comment I made about people eating a mushroom they found in the woods (I'm still sketch about that). Same with /r/ketchuphate which was recommended after I clearly bitched about that particular condiment. I still enjoy that fungus content and anti-red sauce sentiment in my feed. You might be on to something here! I'm giving it a go.


My favourite has always been r/fuckwasps


I'm now subbed here as well. I watched a doco where all the bees surrounded an invading wasp who tried to fuck with their hive, and proceeded to beat their wings super hard. The bees could withstand the temperature, but the wasp died. I have no idea how the bees were aware of these nuances of insect temperature limits, but it was outstanding. Long story short I realise I have a bias towards wasps already as bees are amazing and integral to our food system, and the wasps were clearly the jerks in that documentary and as far as I know only contribute angry stings, but I'm down to see what this sub has going on.


Ah, the Asian giant hornet (also misleadingly called the murder hornet). Bees have only adapted this defense in Japan, where the hornet is native. Other bees pile literal shit around their colony entrances because the hornets can't stand the smell. The AGH can definitely fuck up a colony of bees systematically and really quickly.


I have learned a lot already in this thread! Not so keen on the shit defense but if it works, it works? I empathise because I use the equivalent daily. It stinks but it gets the job done. Good strategy.


Even their “purpose” in the environment is to be jackasses. The only thing they contribute is the fact they sting and kill caterpillars and other bugs that might eat plants. Wasps are not fit to exist, even the devil himself fears his unholy creatures. Wasps suck.


There’s lots of wasps that are harmless pollinators too. We wouldn’t have figs without a species of wasp. It really should be /r/fuckyellowjackets because those are the mean scavengers. Though my personal philosophy is that animals don’t need a purpose to exist. That’s totally the opposite of how evolution works. Even yellowjackets are fairly easy to deal with if you stay calm and don’t hang out around trash cans unless you have to. My one exception to my philosophy is /r/fuckbedbugs though. Nothing will miss those.


You should check out r/Amish


One of my favorite weirdly specific subreddits is r/somnivexillology. Flags people see in their dreams.


Here's another one for ya r/farpeoplehate Still havent figured out if they're meming or not but I find some nice wallpapers there sometimes.


I'm in!


TIL that 'to sub' is a verb here! I always used 'joined' before...


Don't use my grammar as a gold standard! But yes I think subbed as a verb to mean 'subscribed to' is correct here, that's how I use it anyway, and nobody has corrected me yet!


It just tickled me when I read it, but it makes so much sense. I think of them as 'subs' i.e. 'subreddits' so it was the double 'to sub subs'.


Yes I subbed to the sub! It makes sense in my mind at least :)


Seriously, fuck gravel


I'm currently ambivalent but totally open to hearing the case of your people!


r/divorcedbirds is nice, r/birdstakingthetrain, r/5thworldproblems is fun


Um, there is actually not, it would be impossible to make a sub for literally everything, you should at least google it before you state something as true. /s


No there isnt.




Alternatively, phrase it as a question. “Isn’t the US flag supposed to be flown higher?” Leaves the possibility open that you’re wrong.


That would imply a modicum of self awareness and humility from american ultrapatriotism fanboys, which is a lot to ask


Yeah, but it's impossible that I'm wrong.


But that's unamerican.


Questions are for pussies and communists


That's how I approach everything lol


That's what happens when society favors confidence and charisma over intelligence and empathy.


i'M eNtItLeD tO mY oPiNiOn! Nails on a chalkboard for me


Followed by do your own research. Sure, I'll just open a lab and get some PhD students to do the work for me


Had a american guy tell me that I should use ft instead of m because " basically the entire world uses ft ". I quoted and provided a source to him and apparently the source is wrong too.


It was on a different account but I remember some guy saying all commercial passenger aircraft were fly by wire. I just commented and listed several that were not 737/757, CRJ etc. I linked the actual aircraft manual, where it said it was not, then the prick said “you might be right”. A few years later and I realize you could spend all day on the internet doing that and it’s a bottomless pit.


Getting someone to admit you might be right in an internet argument means you are basically an Olympic gold medalist in internet arguments, that's a serious achievement.


My coworker the other day confidently and condescendingly told me that not only are white people a minority in America now, but black people have the majority and should stop calling themselves minorities because they agree just trying to get sympathy. When I showed him the actual numbers he refused to believe it because "my eyes don't lie". As if he can see the whole country.


Sorry I have no sage advice for people who look up facts and still maintain 'nah but I'm right'. A different problem to tackle on its own!


I agree with you. However, from personal experience, I went to a school in a southern state in the mid-90s. At that school we were taught that the Stars and Stripes should hang above all other nations flags on US soil and territories. I know it’s wrong now, but I am sure there are lots of old classmates that never learned anything else. I fear a lot of ignorant bullshit stems from false claims made by what seems to be authority figures. If it’s all you’re ever exposed to then yeah.. I am NOT making excuses, just bringing up context.


I am definitely not disagreeing with you! This person I'm sure didn't make this up out of nowhere, but they had heard it before and accepted it as true. I have been in the exact same boat, and done the exact same thing. I guess my own reflection has just been to double check things you 'know are true' because you have been told it before without checking the source, because it's always a very real possibility that things you've heard and been told are wrong. Before correcting others we can all check our own facts! You might be right or you might learn something new - both have been true for me :)


Agreed :)


I grew up with this as well, but there was always one piece of important context I got that I guess others didn't - *when the flags on are on the same flag pole*. In other words, if you have a state flag or a military flag you want to fly, you cannot raise it above the US flag on the same pole.


I… feel like this is Reddit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read comments on here that are literally the exact opposite of the truth. And it’s not even particular to any subreddits, just an even distribution of bs.


"An even distribution of bullshit" perfectly encapsulates the totality of the human experience.


Have you met my roommate? He’s the definition of confidentially incorrect. Usually if I’m explaining I’ll preface with i think this is it but I haven’t checked for a while, or I’ll check right away. He will argue something that I just give up arguing against and google it after and go hmmmm he was wrong again....


When someone tells me I'm always "right" as a defense or to call me stubborn I have to retort that it seems that way only because I don't state anything I don't know isn't the most acceptable truth. I will always say I'm not knowledgeable enough and if so, I don't mind saying "I don't know, but I'll look it up". I've met far too many people who will take their known "truths" to the grave and never give a second thought that they may have learned something wrong.


So, did this person really think that the flag of the US deserved to be higher? Or did they think that it was just normal for it to be higher because the US are constantly at war against someone else?


Bold of you to assume they were thinking


Very bold of you to assume they can.


**Extremely bold of you to not type your boldness in bold font.**


It's a rule that the US flag must be flown higher than "lesser" flags, (states, organisations, etc) so it's where it's coming from, but it doesn't apply to country flags, because of international etiquette. Fun fact : the only IKEA store without the flag of the host country next to the Swedish one is in Belfast, Northern Ireland. When the project of opening the first IKEA store on the island was announced, they released an artist rendition of the future store, including the UK and Northern Ireland flag, provoking the anger of numerous local organisations. They had to reassure everyone that they would be no flags, except for the Swedish one.


As someone that's lived in Northern Ireland all my life... I hate whenever we're mentioned on Reddit. There's almost never anything good to say since we're so good at sticking to the 1920's while the rest of the world pushes into the 2020's. :( Some would say one of the few good things from NI was Game of Thrones, which had a lot of filming done here. We all know how that ended though, eh?


Probably both


It´s a common myth for some reason, not sure how it got started but I've seen it covered in numerous: "Actually, that's not how the law works" articles and videos


Because it's the rules in certain situations, like when yout country, state, and local flags are flown on the same pole they should be in that order. So when you see a giant, tacky thin blue line or confederate flag flown *over* a US flag, it's especially treasonous.


Texas confuses the issue by flying the state flag at the same height as the national flag


I think the above only applies to ordering them on the same flagpole. On separate poles they should be up, lest people think you were flying on at half mast for some reason.


Disclaimer: I could be wrong but this is my understanding I think the myth originates from a rule that no US STATE flags should be flown higher than the US flag, besides Texas, which may follow a similar rule in the original post (grew up in Texas, apparently teaching us this was important) Tagging u/Bronyx5735 to see this since you had the same question :)


This is actually a myth. Texans aren't any more special than the other states, but for some reason really want to be. [Snopes](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/high-flier/) has an article on it.


Redneck nationalism at its finest. Cus 'Murica, fuck yeah! Lemme jump in meh chevy/ford truck I'm 16 times too short for (in both regions) and pop on me countreh tunes where a guy pandering to a audience like me can sing about cold beer on a dirt road and I get the biggest hard on of meh life from the music because I'm dissatisfied with my relationship because she started fightin' back! Sorry. Surrounded by those kinds of people and it drives me nuts. Shouldn't generalize a group like that I know but it's always a little fun to poke fun at stereotypes a little.


I read that in dragon ball abridged Mr Satan voice and it was perfect.


Welp, can't unhear that


>Lemme jump in meh chevy/ford truck I'm 16 times too short for I see you've been to northwestern Minnesota/northeastern NoDak.


Wonder how long it took them to assemble the flagpoles?


At least twice as long as the manual claimed it would take and there were a few extra pieces left over afterwards.


Has anyone else ever wondered how this meme got started?


I mean it's not really a meme it's just how it is. If you've ever assembled Ikea furniture it can be a little tricky because the instructions are all just pictures and often aren't very clear. And there's always extra pieces because they usually include a couple of extra pieces in case you lose one.


Well i don't know if it's a Swedish thing or not but i have never had a problem with assembling Ikea furniture, and I also think the instructions are clear. Might just be a Swedish thing tho.


I mean I think they're pretty easy to follow because I'm a visual learner anyway but I can see where somebody who isn't could have problems. I've also only ever really assembled very basic things like bookshelves or a small table. I'm sure it gets a little more complicated when you're putting together an entertainment center or something with a lot of pieces.


I guess you're right in that sense, thing is I have honestly only heard people outside of Sweden ever complain about the instructions, never a swede them self.


That hasn't been my experience with Ikea furniture at all. It has always been a quick and easy process, and the pictures always looked very clear to me. I would rather assemble something from Ikea than most things from Walmart or the like. The Walmart furniture usually has a combination of written and picture instructions, with the pictures often being too generic and the written instructions being very poorly translated.


If its same way I assemble HEKTAR, then about 15 minutes.


Image even giving a shit about the height of a patterned piece of cloth


Many Americans care far too much about their flag. They fly that shit around like if they don't they will forget where they are. Patriotism is wild.


You’re describing nationalism not patriotism


These are the same people who show it ripped to shreds with that thin blue line bullshit behind it


Or the same people that wear versions of them turned into bathing suits or beer coozies etc. Fuck these people


The only item with an identifiable Canadian flag I own is a keychain on my travel backpack.. and that’s so I don’t get mistaken for an American (sorry, not sorry). Taking “pride” in where you happened to be born through merchandise instead of bettering that country through voting and volunteering is the emptiest sentiment ever


A friend of mine once told me that that you should always ask an North American you’ve not met before whether they are Canadian; if they are, they will be delighted to be ID’d and if American they would be flattered! Personally I think 99% of Americans are like 99% of people from every other country: decent human beings. Stereotyping by way of nationality seems as pointless to me as stereotyping by any other identifiable feature: take people as you find them.


It's the tourist problem. 95% of the tourists I've encountered have been alright lads, it's the remaining 5% that give the rest a bad name.


Indeed. There are people in this big wide world who appear hell-bent on dividing people; by skin colour, how they feel on constitutional matters of the day, nationality and so on. My personal view are that there are only 2 kinds of people in this world; decent ones and vermin. Their own behaviour will tell you which one is which.


>sorry, not sorry Your Canadian citizenship is now under review.


Whoa buddy those same people who wear it on their crotch insist they are not being disrespectful to the flag but IKEA or literally anyone else better watch out how we use it (according to our own laws) because we aren't ~~patriotic~~ nationalistic enough to be disrespectful even when we aren't.


r/vexillology in shambles


Jävla jänkare och deras inavel *EDIT Spellningnssssz


>Jävla jänkare och deras inaveln Translation: Fucking Yanks and your inbreds


Come on homie even Google Translate did better at translating that




Did you steal the top post of all time lmaooo




The fact that I’ve been to that IKEA frightens me


Why is America so fucking obsessed with their flag


In their defense, Americans have to swallow a LOT of propaganda, even at an early age. Things like proper flag conduct are apparently even taught in (lower) school! I've been told by by an American that there are some schools in the USA where the children have to *swear loyalty* to the flag before the school day starts. EDIT: I have been informed that the vast majority of schools in the USA do this.


>I've been told by by an American that there are some schools in the USA where the children have to *swear loyalty* to the flag before the school day starts. Most schools. It's called the Pledge of Allegiance.


What happens when a kid refuses to say the pledge of allegiance?


So I moved to the US from Portugal at the age of 10. The first day at my new school here they did the whole pledge of allegiance thing, which I was fine with. I mean, it's the country where we live so why not have some patriotism, right? The part that got me was "Under God". I never, ever said the line "Under God". Always thought it was a weird, divisive, segregationist line. What if I don't believe in God? What if I'm of some other religion other than Christian? I don't know, it always felt weird to me. Anyway, I got shit for it the first couple of times and then they let it go. Same for kids who didn't say the pledge or half said. Got some shit for it, let it go.


Yea the teachers don’t force you to do it but there is definitely a little bit of social pressure to do it.


Nothing I think, but it might differ on where you are.


Ideally, nothing. [Forcing a student to recite the pledge goes against the 1st Amendment.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Virginia_State_Board_of_Education_v._Barnette) However there are many, many schools and school systems in the US, so I'm sure mileage will vary.




Yeah the Pledge is meaningless garble to kids, but once you grow up you realize it's fucked-up indoctrination. "I pledge allegiance to the flag" Not the country. The flag. "AND to the Republic for which it stands" Because the Flag and the Nation are separate (and the Flag is apparently more important) "One Nation, under God" Because gotta make sure it's Christian indoctrination as well "With liberty and justice for all" If we didn't have racial tension as part of every period of our history, this one line would be OK.


" under God" was added to differentiate ourselves from the godless russians.


As a European who did a few years in a US middle school... It was definitely weird to go outside and put the flag up on mornings, and fold it in the afternoon according to the procedures. in the weekly assemblies we did say the pledge of allegiance, don't remember if every day tho. I do remember the pledge, many years laters... In my country it's fairly common to shit on it whenever we can, but we do get defensive when someone else does it. Any of those flag things would be nationalism.


gėt föökëd




I fucking love ikea


Do you really want to start a war with Sweden? Do you have any idea what life would be like without those meatballs?


damn IKEA. finish him!!


Or "Finnish him"? 🤣


There's Norway to end such stupidity


Revenge is Swede


Should be ÖPPNA and not ÖPPEN.


Öppen looks more like open


It's definitely this. They're not marketing the Jacksonville Ikea to Swedes, it just needs to be readable to their actual customers, who can broadly be assumed to speak better English than Swedish.


I dont think so, then they could have rephrased it like "our door will be ÖPPEN tomorrow bla bla"






Fucking seppos and your flag worshipping


Bet the same dude flies a Trump flag higher than the US flag. Happens a lot near me.


you think they teach american history? to busy with making history up to meet political requirements