Chuck vs Sarah

Chuck vs Sarah


No one was really ready for that...


I was tearing up last night watching it, I can’t mentally bring myself to watch the last episode at this moment.


I just finished the series and I am not sure how I feel or what I feel or what to do with my life anymore


The only thing you can do is... To re-watch it again 👀


This. So this. I was lost for a few days for sure. Still am sorta.


Watch all the comic cons and then be depressed


ye no u would want a season 6 or a movie after it


pretty sure it’s mentally impossible to be ready for it (even on rewatches)


That was the episode that I started tearing up and I didn't stop until well after Rivers and Roads. Pretty sure the last three episodes destroyed me when I finished the show originally.


If this is your first watch thru, just power thru. I think the last few were gutwrenching, and tear jerking, but thats just me. I'm on my 5th re-watch at the moment, and at Season 5 Episode 8, and I know the next bunch are just hard to get thru even after 5 times.


Yeah buddy did that. I don’t think I’m going anywhere near any show for a while. Too damn difficult to digest that ending.


Watch the last two together. I am one of those that got a sense of hope from the last scene. If you stop before that then all is lost.


Sarah should have got "Trust Chuck Bartowski" tattoo like Morgan had "Don't trust Bo Derek". Oh lol amnesia Morgan was smarter than amnesia Sarah. And Sarah Walker raised by a con man and CIA agent got played for sucker by a random guy who can hang on to a bullet train moving with over 500km/hr.


The first time through the last two episodes, I was devastated. But, rewatching it a few times, I came to grasp the beauty of the the final scene and the rekindling of the love, romance and trust between Chuck and Sarah. We can let them go now that we know they are together


This show's ending arc traumatised me enough that now I always check if a show has a nice ending or not before starting it. Still this remains one of the most fun shows I've watched!


Agreeed one the most underrated and one of the best shows


Good luck. You will need it.


I'm gonna need that luck to get over it now xD


In my head it never happened 😂!! But good luck watching the dream home scene make sure you have tissue papers near you.


Sarah lost the last 5 years I lost the last 3 episodes we both win