Carvana withholding one key when selling cars with both keys

Carvana withholding one key when selling cars with both keys


I have seen a lot of listings with one key, but then when the pics go up, they show 2 keys. I would say that most likely its just a typo, or if both key fobs are attached together they list it as 1. Did the photos show 1 key only?


That'd be a possibility - it's still "coming soon." I will wait till the pics show up to update this discussion.


BTW, how long did it take them to list it after you sold to them? I sold mine to them a full month ago and still have not seen it listed.....


One week and it goes up as "coming soon."


I work for Carvana. Trade ins or Sell to Caravana vehicles go two ways. If your car is over 105,000 miles, 10 years old, has any previous accidents or a certain amount of damage to it, or they feel there is no market for it, it will go wholesale (Manheim auction or Carvana auction). Some are resold. I picked up some trade ins that were turned around in 20 days, some took 3-4 months (I kept track of them). Depends on state DMV, how fast they get new title for it, if work needs to be done to it.


Mine was a 2013 BMW X5 xdrive50i with less just under 53k miles on it. No accidents, clean body. I've been seeing same year vehicles with similar mileage go up Carvana quite often, so either they found something wrong with the car that I didn't know about, or they had an issue with NY DMV and the title, but they did pay off the remaining lien, and I handed them the title that I had, so I assume they await the new title. Its not a huge deal, I just wanted to see where she went......LOL....out of sentimentality.


simple really, they dont have to worry about or deal with the second key if they do or do not have it or not working. I doubt they even check every key.. easy to just say 1 because they know people will be more happy when they get 2 than saying 2 but only have 1 working or just 1. not like having 2 keys will make or break the deal for them.


I accidentally left a key at home when I traded in my car. The guy was like “oh well I’ll mark it lost in transit, have a good day”


They lose keys a lot. Probably lost one in transit or both and made only 1 new one.


I knowingly ordered a car that was listed with one key fob. On delivery day, the guy said that Carvana’s policy was to provide two keys for any car under 30k miles. So he tells me he’s gonna order one for me right there on the spot. I guess it came as a SilverRock claim, because I received some emails as such. Then I received an email from Car Keys Express. A few days later, still within my seven day window, a guy from Car Keys Express calls me and then shows up at my house, programs a new what looks like OEM key fob and leaves it with me. Totally free. I asked him what this service cost. He said it’s usually $400 but SilverRock pays them something $200 on account of volume. So I bought a car with one key listed, figuring I’d pay for a 2nd later, but got a 2nd at no cost. Carvana wins this one.


I have a different theory: Carvana takes any keys that are programmable and puts them in a big cardboard box based on manufacturer. When a tech needs a key, they goes and get 'em a key from the correct box. I have this theory because we bought a 2018 RAV4 and the key FOB worked fine with a press of the button, but the metal key used in the case of a FOB battery failure and/or bad FOB did not fit our old manual keyholes. This is a BIG safety issue for folks that hike or camp, etc. I was able to get Silverstone to purchase us another FOB with correctly cut metal key and we only use this FOB since we don't want to get stuck!


They usually send second key once the loan is fully funded


bought mine advertised with two keys, got two keys and its financed thru carvana so that's not correct.


Same here. Got two Key FOBs as listed


The car I purchased from Carvana was listed with 2 keys and received both when the car was delivered. I also financed with Bridgecrest.


It’s up to the bank contract


I guess buyer will find out then. Car was just listed.


Mine’s been paid off since March. No second key


Yep my car was just listed with one key


My car was listed with one key in the 'coming soon" phase. Once it was photographed it had 2 keys plus a spare.


My car was listed as one key but I got two


I got 3 sets of keys with the vehicle I just bought from Carvana.


Do you have any Carvana referrals cards I'm in the process of purchasing a car from them


I have some referral codes if anyone is looking. !


Yes im look I'm in the process of purchasing a Vehicle and would like one if you don't mind


I would guess it's a typo. I have seen vehicles (and almost bought one) listed with the wrong engine and drivetrain.


My vehicle came with the 3 keys


Carvana does weird stuff to cars they buy. Two of the cars I've sold them have only been listed for sale with one key, even though I provided two keys at pick up time. Maybe employees take them to sell on ebay? One car I sold to Carvana had hubcaps. Factory original hubcaps. When the car was listed on the site, it had a $19.99/set of four hubcaps on it, like you would buy at WalMart. An ex Carvana employee explained here that Carvana removes all hubcaps and replaces them with generic ones that they stock at all hubs, in case one needs to be replaced. Which begs the question: What do they do with the expensive OEM hubcaps?


My vehicle was photographed with 2 keys. After a month, I am still waiting for that 2nd key that is supposedly covered under Silver Rock Warranty. Carvana is pretty shady. I would definitely recommend a car inspection right after your purchase.


Update 7 days later: they have two keys after inspection finishes and pictures are posted. One thing I noticed: the car had serious (I mean 360 degrees on all four wheels) curb rash from city parking. Now the wheels are all restored like new (150 points inspection list does say rims fixed). That was a pretty quick fix on Carvana's part.


It’s because of the computer chip shortage. If a key is lost they can reprogram the other key to a car Similar. Keys can cost up to 1000.