Has anyone outright sold to Carvana without trading? I'm considering doing this and I'm curious about the experience.

Has anyone outright sold to Carvana without trading? I'm considering doing this and I'm curious about the experience.


I had a mediocre 2010 Hyundai Elantra - trade in would have been a measley 3500. Carvana offered 5700, minimal questions asked (low mileage, decent condition). Scheduled a pick up for 4 days later, they started the car and took it. Took all of 10 minutes in person! Totally worth it for the extra cash and ease of getting rid of it.


They also initiated a direct deposit on site - had a little tablet and he clicked deposit. I checked my bank account before he left and it was there.


We’ve sold 3 cars in the last 6 months to Carvana without buying anything from them. Never had them change the amount promised and the money was deposited in the checking account every time in less than 24 hrs. Such an easy process.


In the process did you have to sign a document stating that you are responsible for any damage to the car until it reaches Carvana?


No. Once Carvana took the car from my driveway it is no longer mine.


I sold a Challenger SRT in December. Got thousands more than local dealers (because who wants to buy a RWD sports car in the northeast in the winter, right). I was honest about some door dings, they asked for photos and didn’t adjust the payoff, same as quoted in offer. Flatbed came, dude looked over car and got mileage off odo, then somehow drove stick shift car up the ramp in snow, gave me a check right there. Total time for pickup 10 minutes. I wrote a longer review of my experience back in December here.


I sold my 13 BMW X5 50i to them without buying from Carvana. I was on the lookout for a 19 Golf R actually, and couldn't find one on Carvana at the time, (found one at a local dealer with only 6k miles). So I just went ahead and sold the car to Carvana. Got a much better deal than from trading in at the dealer. They took nothing off the price at pickup. As long as you are truthful you should be fine.


I heard that they pickup like 4 days after you accept the offer and if the car has little damage here and there that they dont care because they know they are going to have to replace some things or do some touch ups, but as long as its not to bad. The payment i heard goes thru the next day.




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