Swearing at and insulting a horse

Swearing at and insulting a horse

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She is not gonna ride for some time after that.


She will ride soon again.. A wheelchair tho.


Or in the back of a hearse. Rear horse kicks are gnarly.


Looked straight to the face too. Ouch


Power off


Microsoft sounds


Not even. That was a straight power outage. Black screen. *Done.*




Mom's spaghetti


Mom is a vegetable now


She makes a great sauce


Her brain is sauce.


Well, she used to...


Knees weak moms a veggie


Filed a lawsuit against the horse already / but it's an animal so the ground the case is on isn't steady


This one wins.


Mom spilled her head spaghetti


she’s nervous, but on the surface looks dead already


So true r/peoplefuckingdying


More like r/deadorvegetable


It gone now, was it like ogrish or something?


*"What's with the caved-in face, human?"*


I was trying to find a news story to find out what happened to her and didn't come up with anything. I found [this](https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/1637621/harrowing-snaps-show-womans-horrific-injuries-after-she-was-kicked-in-the-head-by-a-horse-crushing-her-skull-and-tearing-her-forehead-open/) woman who also got kicked in the head by a horse. The wound is horrifying. 🤮


She looks so happy, must be the brain damage, the peaceful bliss of TBI.


Pain killers, lots and lots of pain killers


Yup. Crushed skull, thats what i heard. Would have a splitting headache after that..damn.


My god 😳🤢


I’m from Oklahoma. I had a buddy who’d come from Australia to work horses here. Dude took a shot straight to the face from a horse in a stable, it knocked his eye out and knocked him completely out. He actually came to, hobbled to the desk phone up front, and called EMT’s for himself. It left a gnarly scar across his forehead.


And then he swore like a scalded sailor and drank the entire hamlets supply of alcohol, swearing vengeance on those goddamned emus! Wait. Wrong sub.




That's the most Aussie thing I've heard today. He just picked himself up like "nah don't worry about it I'll call the Ambos myself" Probably cursing himself more than the horse too


Fuck his scar, what about his eye? Did he literally lose his eye because of the force transmitted or did the horse kick him in the eye?


It’s okay he has another one.


It got put back in. The horse kicked him in the side of his face/forehead.


Must be one of those horse-to-hearse farms.


There must be parts of Ireland where both those words are pronounced the same.




Wanted dead or .... nah, she ded


seriously tho, that kick straight to the head without any head protection, she might be eating through a straw after that.


A girl at my high school died like this. Got bucked, got kicked. Horses are no joke.


a horse walked into a bar


I think it was supposed to jump it.


Horses are in gangs?


Bartender says "why the long face?"


And that is when the horse answeres: "I killed someone today. But in my defense, she called me fucker!"


Even another horse can die from a kick like that. I saw a video of a female horse kicking and killing a male horse because she wasn't in heat yet.


Cuz no means no


Neigh means neigh.


*deepest of exhales*


This is the dumbest and most hilarious shit I've read this month. Thank you


You win the internet today.


My wife's aunt got kicked in the head by a horse. She's permanently brain damaged now, it fucked her up bad. She had her face shattered, and really is lucky to be alive. Horses are hardcore.


As a young boy in the mid-1890s my great-great uncle got kicked in the head by one of their horses and had to be trepanned (removal of pieces of the skull to relieve pressure/clean the wound). For whatever reason my family still has pieces of Uncle Roy's skull in a little leather bag.


The reasons are obvious.


To teach the dangers of swearing at horses


Bill grab the old skull bag and show the kids your uncle Roy.


I worked with a lady who luckily didn't have brain damage, but she has a massive metal plate in her head because she fell off a horse and it kicked her on the way down. This is why I don't get near animals 4+ times my size lol


> and really is lucky to be alive. Is she really? Permanent brain damage, basically meaning you're not you anymore, probably lost motor skills, reasoning, and also disfigured if her face was truly shattered and she couldn't afford $$$ top of the line surgery. Add all that up and you're a burden to whoever has to take care of you forever. That doesn't sound so lucky.


She could very well be dead. No shit


That sounded like a skull crack and it wouldn't surprise me if she was dead.


Yeah, I wasn't expecting this and it happened to fast to pause it. That woman could very well be dead. It would be 100% her own fault, but that doesn't mean it might not be NSFL material.


Yeah I agree this is more at home in holdmyfeedingtube


That's what I thought when my aunt's horse trampled her and she had multiple facial fractures. She was back on that same horse within like 3 months. Horse girls are crazy man.


From horse to hearse.


From cowgirl to cow food


Farm to Table


I didn't realize horses were so directly responsible for making vegetables.


What a bunch of horse shit.


Lmao, you made my day


Famous last words






Gallup Gallup Gallup


Why is it so dark out here all of the sudden? Oh shit I’m dead


Horses always look so graceful when they kick someone in the head


Graceful like a Street Fighter move. Like Guile doing an upside down kick.


Now that you mention it, that horse gives some Chun-Li vibes


It’s the thighs. Same size as Chun-Li’s


maybe some Dhalsim too


I was thinking Eddy Gordo


Their aim is always so on point.


The way they flip their body up is like a whip getting cracked except the hoof is cracking your skull


They're so damn accurate too


I’m convinced they know exactly how graceful they look, posers the lot of them.


"remember social distancing, human"


This comment made me laugh way too hard.


Yeah they're experts at it, they don't even seem to look and just know instinctively how to take people out. Cool animals


This has to be pure instinct. Horse would be attacked by predators and they’d have to have a sense of where the attacker is so they could strike effectively. That’s an animal that weighs upward of half a ton kicking the assailant in an area about the size of a fist. That’s one hell of a wallop right there.


When you spend time around horses, you learn to always make sure they know where you are. Especially when you are in their blind spots (behind and a small zone right in front of their faces). You do not want to spook them by suddenly popping up. I usually make a little noise and always touch them when you walk through their blind spot so they can follow your movement. The other weird thing is that it’s better to be very close to them than a few feet away. If you’re against them, they can’t get as much force behind a kick. The difference between a bruise and a shattered bone (or a body bag). I love my horse but horses, in general, are terrifying. They go from docile to death machines in an instant.


>They go from docile to death machines in an instant. Is why I never need to be close to a horse. You never know how a horse will be spooked and what it will do when it’s in that state. A kick like that is something I don’t need. I stay away from horses. I don’t hate ‘em, they’re perfectly wonderful animals, I wouldn’t even think of mistreating them, I just don’t need to be near them.


Dumb and angry isn't a good combination when working around big animals. But at least this is the sort of mistake you only make once... Edit, yes, I mean I think it's her last ever mistake.


I was riding a horse once and we were calmly and pleasantly going down a mountainside. Out of nowhere the horse starts bucking me. I flew off the horse, several feet down the mountain onto rocks. The guys who ran the operation looked at each other like whoa wtf bro. His kicks barely missed me. I was hurt but we were in the middle of nowhere so I had to keep going, albeit on a different horse. Shortly after, my wife's horse in front of me lifted it's tail and farted little poop specks all over me.


I don’t think horses like you very much.


My dreams of leading a cavalry charge have been crushed. Much like the lady's skull from the video.


Sounds to me like you might be paying for cavalry charges you led in a past life. No but seriously I’m glad you’re okay, getting bucked off down a mountain onto rocks is no bueno. I love horses but it’s easy to forget how frickin *huge* they are compared to us since most of us aren’t around them very often. Gigantic walking muscles with iron on their feet!


Which is exactly why they're so good for charges. Actually I've got some records of my great-great-great-grandpa who was a cavalryman. His horse was shot out from under him in battle and we have records of him purchasing a new horse (on his own dime). I sometimes think of him and how ashamed he would be at my pathetic escapades with horses and their poop-farts.


I like to imagine he had to go through the poop farts as well and is sympathetic to you from up there, or maybe like a sports ball spectator yelling at the tv, trying to give you advice and you just cant hear em


I was on my first ever horseback ride and it kept trying to rub me off by brushing my leg against trees. When that didn’t work, it reached back and kept trying to bite my legs. After that, I decided to avoid riding things that have their own minds in the future.


Yeah. I used to ride horses when I was younger, and even though I had a good command of a horse, all it takes is for one false move and you’re toying with death. I hope this person never rides a horse again.


You are in luck. I don't think they will ride anything again.


Maybe a wheelchair if they’re lucky


They can shift their weight and crush every bone in your foot. Terrifying strength, and they're bitchy and vengeful too.


The pics that always get me are the ones of a foot in flip-flops after getting stepped on by a shod horse and de-gloved. My sister reamed me out once because she showed up with her kids to mess with my horses after I had stressed wearing proper footwear, they were all wearing sandals and I refused to let them past the barn gate. I was a big mean doodie-head who ruined their barn fun day. 1) I ain't even taking a chance at having to see a de-gloved foot in person if I can help it, and 2) I don't even want to try to explain to my insurance why I allowed that situation to occur if they got stepped on, gross negligence is real.


As someone who got their foot crushed by a mare while wearing proper shoes, I could not even *imagine* getting stepped on with sandals on. Good on you for refusing to let them in, they might have been mad but being mad is better than being in the hospital


God I've gotten stepped on so many times over the years. Worst was when squirrelly little App caught the tips of my toes and smashed/twisted as he took a step. Lost my big toenail. I'm pretty lax on a lot things in the barn, most of my horses are too old to get out of their own way and super chill but when it comes to footwear I don't bend the rule at all lol.


My aunt stopped riding after her horse kicked her in the chest and broke multiple ribs as well as sending her flying into the wall behind her with such force she received light brain damage She’s all good now but still wont get close to a horse Edit: spelling


Yeah that’s a wise decision. Sounds scary as hell. When I young I used to ride at a local centre. The horses rotated so you had a different horse each time. There was one called Oscar who was a little bastard to everyone, even his trainer. He’d try and bite you as you walked past his stable. He threw me off one day and even though I landed flat on my back it knocked the wind out of me and shook me a bit. The only horse that ever threw me off


I can’t imagine getting kicked in the head will make her more intelligent




It takes some very good surgeons to give you the opportunity to duck up that badly multiple times.


If she ducked down instead of ducking up she wouldn't need surgery.


The opposite of a horse whisperer. Animals can sense our emotions.


That’s the easiest way to get rid of your old teeth.


“Dentists hate this one trick”


Does anyone know what happend to her like a news article of the sorts?


I found a YouTube comment on [this video](https://youtu.be/2RPEdyZTryk) where someone claims they know the cameraman thru Facebook, and that the woman broke some bones but wasn't permanently injured. E: fair warning, the yt channel/host is a hot mess


Dude. I made it to 3:27 before I was absolutely convinced this was going to be 17 minutes of He-Man Woman Haters Club speech


Around 2:00 I thought he was a horse rights activist. >This the typical (barn witch?) mentality teaching young kids that horses have to listen, and you gotta show'em whos boss, don't let a horse get away with nothin', keep'em out of your space. He seems real upset with the current state of horse oppression. \#HorseLivesMatter #HorsesBeFree #CantBreakMe


This is the most sensitive crybaby I’ve ever seen. This dude seems like he is literal fuming at all times about some perceived blowback he will get for saying something that no one would give him shit for, and so much so that it winds up in people giving him shit for his overreaction and he takes that as verification that his overreaction is justified and proceeds to overreact more. People like this should get kicked in the head by a horse.


You're stronger than me. I read the video description and bailed immediately.




Turns out that horse boys are just as insufferable as horse girls. Who could have guessed?


He just hates women I don't think it has anything to do with horses. When you use the term "feminazi" to describe random women on videos a lot I think that's safe to say.


As someone who grew up on a farm, all horse people are insufferable. Male, female, black, white, they are all awful to be around...


Ya I almost added a disclaimer when I posted the link - his ranting is pretty pathetic


Wow he went from talking horses to "women aren't as smart or equal to men" in about 60 seconds.


Yeah that was twenty minutes of a guy trying to both explain that women are entitled and dumb, but also that he doesn't hate women. The horse in that video may as well been an extra.


These fucking liberal horses are ruining America.


"That's why -ah, uh- people think I hate women [...]" Man reaaallly had to go get that comment in there lol


He’s not wrong about the horse but to say she did what she did because she is a woman is the dumbest thing ever. There’s just as many jerky and dumb men as there are women. It’s scary how much resentment and anger he has towards women.


Good god that man hates women!


Jesus you weren't joking. I just read the description on that video. Imagine going through life with such dark sunglasses on you can't see shit.


Holy fuck that channel is a bad place.


She died. Not of this though she died in a car accident a few years later.




His ass




Dang, guess that's life sometimes. Thanks for the link man. EDIT : I've been fucked; bamboozled; hoodwinked. But I guess that's life sometimes. EDIT 2 : The dude rickrolled me then ~~deleted~~ mods removed their comment for some reason.


That is life sometimes. You speak much truth.


>EDIT 2 It got removed by mods. If it had been deleted by the user, the comment would say *deleted*


You dirty bastard.


She died. Not of this or the car accident a few years later though she died falling down an escalator a few months later. (The kick to face impaired her vision which lead to the car accident which weakened her knee which lead to her falling down the escalator)


I say this as someone who rode horses for years, and then made a really stupid comment here once about how to stop a horse from bolting away from you, only to be majorly corrected by someone who knew what they were doing more so than me. A lot of horse people are really stupid when it comes to horses.


Idk what it's like elsewhere in the world but here in the UK horse people are something else. I grew up riding and I just .. Don't understand how people can be so arrogant. People generally learn to ride on relatively safe, well-trained horses and then for some reason think the perfect horse for them to buy is an unbacked 4 year old or a just-retired racehorse, and then they ** when they end up in hospital a few weeks later. And then they blame it on the horse being naughty and not, yknow, an animal that doesn't know what you're asking of them. People don't understand the incremental effort it takes everyday to get your horse well trained in the end. It's honestly bonkers


We adopted a retired barrel racing horse. Fucker was impossible and would make super sharp turns randomly like he was in a race and throw you. He ended up just living out his days with the cows. He was nice, you just couldn't ride him.


> He ended up just living out his days with the cows. He was nice, you just couldn't ride him That’s what my wife will say when I’m dead.


This was funny.


You couldn’t, barrel racer probably could, this is your classical charizard dilemma here, you just didn’t have the respect of charizard.


Charizard dilemma. That’s so perfect. I’ll start using this from now on.


Horse people are people, too. And people are fucking stupid.


I went to vet school in the UK and my equine rotation convinced me to not be an equine vet purely because of the owners.


I'd say that's a good choice 😂 A friend of my family is a vet, the only animal he won't look at is horses and he always says "I'm not going near an animal with a head this big **, a brain cavity this big **, and an owner's brain that's this big **"


Can you remember what the correction was?


I don't remember everything, but essentially, I was saying to pull their head around to get them to turn and stop, and the correction was to get down low and pull back gently and firmly. My way was a good way to get the horse to turn really sharply and either fall or cause you to fall off. I'm lucky in that it worked for me during my time riding, but the person who corrected me was right in that it was dumb and lucky that I had not suffered consequences from it. It stung. But yeah, they were right.


I've done both. If you're in a tight space the second option is best. In a wide open field you can turn them gently and keep making the circle smaller and smaller until they can't really go fast anymore. I used to do mounted games when I rode horses so I was used to turning really sharply on horses so turning sharply while it was dangerous worked for me. Wouldn't recommend it though.


It takes alot to admit that!


As someone who didn’t ride horses for years: Accurate. My cousin is the reason I won’t go near horses. I was riding her horse (literally the second time on a horse, the first being when I was 2, and held by my dad... probably on the same horse.) I don’t know what the horse did, but apparently it was something that annoyed my cousin. So she jumped off the horse she was riding, took the reigns from that horse, and then slapped poor old Daisy (the horse) in the face with them while calling her (Daisy, the horse) a “dumb fucking asshole.” Daisy may be a dumb fucking asshole, I don’t know. I’m not a horse expert. But she was very chill prior to that accusation, and became IMMEDIATELY not chill at all after the (physical and verbal) assault. I learned that saddle horns can cause bruising in a MUCH larger are than one would think, given their relative size. My cousin has literally helped birth baby horses and has reared them, since she was an infant (her dad is a vet). She’s now a vet. Specializing in large animals. I literally don’t know who could be more qualified around horses, she even has a horse medical degree, and she’s still fucking stupid when it comes to horses. Somehow I’m the only one out of the two of us who ended up bruised by a horse.


That's really sad. I used to get frustrated with my horse but hitting is not the answer. If they nip you or something by all means give them a little bop on the nose. But if they're not doing what you want while you're riding chances are they just don't understand what you want. Basically, it's often rider error.


I worked around horses for a couple years supporting a therapeutic horse riding center. Great experience. The best people to work with were observant and humble. The worst to work with were the opposite.


She’s gonna wake up in the back of the Skyrim cart


Hey. You. You’re finally awake


Love it when someone loses the first round badly and decides that the winning strategy is to escalate.


Against a horse, no less. Whether it’s a McDonald’s manager or a full-grown horse, Karens think they can take on the world.


Once i was in hospital bcs of some stuff eith my eye, and beside me was a guy who had complications with his eye after getting hit by a horse like this. He got hit 8 years before that. This girl is up to some problems


That horse said “get fucking rekt noob”


Narrator: and she did


*What did the horseshoe say to the face?*




How in the fuck are horses so accurate with their kicks, nearly all the vids I've seen are kicks to the head, you don't want to piss one of those motherfukers off, they are brutal.


I assume it’s because they have near 180° vision on each eye and can damn near see behind themselves.


For real. I saw someone up in the comments saying this lady lived through this, but what I'm wondering is... how???? I was under the impression that horse-kicks to the fucking face are pretty fatal


Depends at which point in the kick the horse hits you. Think of the hoof as a person attached to a bungee cord. When they get to the end, right before they shoot back up, the person's velocity is actually zero. If the horse barely made contact at the end stretch of the kick, it might not be "that bad". Also, the maximum velocity on that kick is probably really close to the end, right before it starts to slow down to retract the leg, so the difference between the worse possible kick and an easily survivable one is probably just a few inches 😳


Horse: 1 Bitch: 0


What a dumbass.


I don't know, kicking that lunatic bitch in the head seemed like a pretty smart idea to me.


And who're they calling an ass? That's clearly a horse


I guess it did not behoove this Karen to talk like that.


Nor sure what led to the human-toss, but her reaction definitely deserved a reaction from the horse. Either not so tame or a horse that was well-versed in her bullshit.


My grandpa used to own horses and I've been around them since I could sit up. He *always* told me that in order to ride a horse, you need to know that this animal could easily kill you, but chooses not to because it trusts you not to hurt it. This woman, even if she was just going for the reins, was super aggressive about it. Trust gone


I wish I could shatter the skulls of the people that lost my trust.


yeah horses pick up on shit fast. yelling in an angry tone and the way she walked to the horse, that horse thought I'm not gonna get slapped fuck you bitch.


This lady knew nothing about horses


Well, she knows they kick hard.


Now she does I guess


Rattled her brain so much I'm not sure she'll even remember.


I hate how some people treat horses as bicycles. It's a noble beast, not an item.


Horses creep me the fuck out.


"I weigh as much as a small car and have the fickleness of a rabbit and the strength of a tiger! LETS RIDE ME!"


100% her fault


The way she stiffens up tho!!!!


It takes a special kind of stupid to want to slap / hit a horse. Horses are oversized dogs when it comes to intelligence and attachment. Also, showing a aggression towards a 300kg creature who can kick the shit out of you, that's dumb, to say the least. I love the happy ending in this video. Edit: a horse is way heavier than 300 kg. Thanks for the corrections.


Horse rules 101 is NEVER approach the animal from behind or ever get close enough behind them that a kick could reach out, you especially don’t want to startle it from behind. She was tossed from the horse, aggressive, angry, quickly approached from behind and reached out to strike and the horse even showed restraint before the kick. It tried to give her chances that most horses don’t even bother with, the annoyance of a fly to us is enough for a horse to throw a leg back. Her arrogance is mind boggling for someone who clearly rides and will have had all of this drilled in her head for many years yet there she goes slapping a horses ass from behind when it already was uncomfortable with her energy.


Abusive, aggressive people seem to think that all other animals, including humans, should basically act like domesticated dogs and just take a beating. It's fucking gross. Then if an animal stops trusting them, avoids them, or has behavioral issues after experiencing abuse, they act like it's the animal with the problem rather than themselves.


Yeah horses are probably closer to 500kg on average, with significant upward variability


Not sure if everyone’s already seen the video of the horse killing another horse with a single kick to the head but yeah... they can do that Don’t approach a horse aggressively, you will not beat their ass and at best you will likely lose the ability to walk


I’ve always been impressed by how accurate horses can be with their kicks. That wasn’t an easy shot to pull off, yet it seemed so effortless. We had two horses when I was a kid. I’d find snakes with their head in the shape of a hoof stomped into the ground.


Pow, right in the kisser!


Stuff like this is why I'm scared of horses, they're 1400+lb of very fast, very flighty panicking kick machines with auto-aim installed.


My dad gave me an advice when I was a kid and we were seeing horses: “Don’t you ever go behind the horse”. That pretty much sums it up. That kind of kick can kill you instantly


I’m a bad rider. That makes you a pos! Seems reasonable, Karen.