>"We'll charge you $35 for a $2 overdraft-- you're clearly the problem here" --banks, probably


After putting the biggest charge first so they can collect those overdraft fees on every additional charge thereafter… Ahhhhhh the land of the free…. Where it costs money to not have any.


Transaction reordering is very illegal. Bremer along with a few other banks got nailed for it a while ago. They did it to me as little as 3 or 4 years ago and nothing happened except a hit to my credit after paying what I owed and it still getting sent to collections


Why would they stop? They make millions on fees, and get fined a few thousand. If I told you that you could make $30 million, but it was doing something illegal so the government would fine you $2 million, would you do it? Of course you would.


Actually Billions, annually.


JP Morgan alone made $1.463 billion on overdrafts in 2020 during the pandemic!! it's disgusting!


And when the CEO was asked if he would refund that to his customers he laughed and said no. Well, first he said anyone who asked was refunded (and folks who asked were hung up on or ignored or took weeks of phone calls to get it done) and then when asked if he would do it automatically without people asking, then he laughed and said no. Bankers are fucking scum.


When I was perpetually broke, I was always overdrafting. They refunded the first one but any time I called after that, they said, "Sorry you've already been refunded one this year." The scummy part is that they should have just DECLINED THE TRANSACTION. We wouldn't be in this mess if you didn't let me spend money I didn't have.


I specifically turn off overdraft protection on any account I have. I watch my accounts like a hawk as it is, I would rather have a late fee from a utility or a simple decline than being robbed by my own bank. It is also why I only bank with credit unions if I can help it. USAA for the win.


Seriously, I have Navy Federal and I would never go back to a bank (not that I can. I can never get a bank account, because I didn't pay overdraft fees).


USAA is a federal savings bank, not a credit union. But yes, they are (probably) the best bank there is. Unless you send a check in the mail and someone steals the check and illegally cashes it, but you don’t notice because you sent the check, it got cashed. Who cares that the nonprofit you sent it to never actually received it. And it’s 6months gone by and it’s tax time, so you contact the org you sent it to so you can get the receipt, and they’re like “ummm…no..sorry but you aren’t the first person this happened too, we have an open police investigation. Someone got into our PO Box and stole about 35 or so people’s donations” Then you look up the check and it was cashed, but the image on the back of the check is blank with no endorsement and no signature. So you ask for more information of the check, like where exactly it was cashed so you can maybe at least figure it out, and USAA says “lmao that was 6months ago fam, get rekt” (they were MUCH more polite than that, but creative liberties MUST be taken) after spending hours on the phone and finally getting a second level executive supervisor, and giving them the police report information. But aside from that one encounter, they’ve been awesome.




Fines are simply another business cost! Pass that along to the consumer like everything else.


Which is why a 10mph over ticket near my neighborhood is over half my weeks pay, but when the Walmart around the corner fucked the groundwater over with the fertilizer in their parking lot they paid .00000003456971% or w/e of a day's profit in fines to the town; for the third year in a row...


If the penalty for a crime is a fee, the law is only for the lower classes.


Thanks, Wiegraf.


My man Wiegraf! You have no idea how much your comment made me smile. Wiegraf was right tho


He usually was. > _All such tales of gods and their miracles are false._ > _If by our deaths a single drop of noble blood should water the earth, they shall not be in vain._ > _No matter how sweet, a dream left unrealized must fade into day._ He’s got some good ones.


Who was it that said in court, "So give us a fine. We can afford it."? Was that an oil company? Bank? They all get away with so much it's hard to keep up.


That did not turn out well for them at the time, lol. https://www.businessinsider.com/jamie-dimon-said-he-could-afford-fines-2015-3


He considered himself the golden boy. JPMChase was least hit by the subprime issues. Which had less to do with him and more to do manly with Bank One which had not done subprime lending, to my knowledge.


What is this feeling? This... glee? At seeing rich assholes paying up for fucking us over? How can this make me so happy???


Feel good article of the year


They only they can openly mock the system.


Whos going to sue you? The poor?


I'll wipe my tears of laughter with $100 bills.


That's extremely unsanitary. You should launder your money first.


But of course


>would you do it? Of course you would. I mean, I wouldn't. But I'm not a psychopathic corporate bank.


Yeah, I meant imagine you're a banker.


*imagine you had no sense of ethics or morality


Although, were actually talking billions. That amount of money makes people do things. We can act like we wouldn't now, but if you actually had the chance to make billions off this, it would be extremely hard to say no


I get your point, but I feel like saying yes requires the loss of a moral compass. You can make decisions in daily life that would prevent you from becoming the type of person who *would* do this, given the opportunity. More than likely, those decisions would lead to you not getting into that position in the first place. I feel like I can confidently say that I wouldn't do it, regardless of whether I have an understanding of being able to make that kind of money. It's because I don't think I'd ever put myself in a position that would allow me the opportunity to make such a decision.


All well and good, but everyone is honest until this kind of situation really comes up. I wouldn't be so sure... I know I'm not




I guess it would depend on how long you have to do it for, eh? That shit would be pretty odd 20 years down the line. Old man wakes up in his mansion, walks downstairs, turns on the webcam showing his kid’s adult faces, clubs a baby seal and tosses its body in the pile, then asks “What’s for breakfast?”.


You make it sound like that’s not normally and regularly occurring in some mansion occupied by some rich old man...I’d bet the only days it doesn’t happen are days when they forget to deliver the animal.


If the punishment for a crime is a fine, then that law only exists for the poor


> would you do it? Of course you would. absofuckinglutly i would and this is the issue with wealth chasing there will always be someone who will go past the line and say fuck the consequences


Anyone remember Ms Cleo? She worked for the psychic hotline that bilked a billion dollars out of people. They were then fined 500 million. Who’s going to stop scamming when you get to keep your I’ll gotten goods?


By the way, as a doctor, if you are found making a fraudulent charge of Medicare, you are required to pay back 10 times the amount. So the government seems capable of fining people in a way that making the fraud unprofitable. Funny how they can’t do this with corporations.


>Transaction reordering Debit resequencing. I work in fintech and this is legal. It is highly immoral and deceptive, which makes banks prone to lawsuits, but it's still legal. Until the pandemic hit, I would always tell people to withdraw the cash they would use for expenses and limit debit card use. However, society has made it damn near impossible to not use debit cards. Working fintech opened my eyes to how much shit banks get away with.


This happened to me when I was young and naive & thought the transaction would be declined if I didn’t have enough money in my account. They resequenced so all my transactions in the day were hit with a fee. I called & got the fees removed & haven’t used a debit card for a purchase in 20 years.


Had this happen with both Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The only recourse I got was a couple of piddly class action payouts.


Wells Fargo opened and closed 8 accounts in my name to meet their ridiculous quotas. I wound up in a high fee, low interest account. Lost a good sized amount of money. Got $5 in the class action lawsuit.


I worked for Hells Cargo till they fired me. It was the worst job choice of my life, and the things I saw during my time at the bank shocked me. It's a horrible bank. Pure evil.


I had a bank reorder my charges to come out largest to smallest so that I got three overdraft fees instead of one. I immediate closed the account and changed banks. My new bank won’t allow me to overdraft at all. If for some reason it does (like pumping gas can make it happen) all I get is an angry letter.


My newest bank will let me go in the red up to $100 with no fees. I don't have to have a separate overdraft savings account either. It just takes it out of any subsequent deposits.


Here in Germany we have overdraft credit which basically gives you s free spending amount mines 4750 max right now and i pay some fees for the time*/amount i overdraft


Its unethical but they do it, and it is very much legal.


I still think it's bullshit to get nailed by an overdraft fee for **every transaction over the limit** why is it okay that I OD by $100 and get charged $35 for forgetting to move money from my other account but if I OD with 10x$10 transactions then I get charged $350 :/ How the fuck is that any different for the bank except they get more money people might not have. Sure, charge someone for overdrawing as long as you can turn that shit off and just have charges bounce but wtf. I get charged by my CU for them to move my own money automatically from my savings account to my checking account, literally no person required they just earn $12 every time they do it and they move exact change and don't decline charges so the next one just over draws you again for exact change. A fucking scam honestly. Another great one is the arbitrary time to put money in by in the night before OD's happen, and yet another is when you sign up for low balance warnings and then **the next day** you get "You were -$34" "Add more money" "Overdraft protection used" all at once. Where the fuck was that warning the previous day when it might've been useful! Again I actually agree with singular end of day overdrafts if you can choose to have charges bounce or not but the massive fuckery is just a piss take especially on the poor.


Yeah I argued with my bank when I had several overdraft fees and said if the put the charges in order of the purchase I would have only 1 fee. They waved all the fees but I was pissed they did that.


A few years ago I got several overdraft fees and was extremely confused. My direct deposit paycheck that usually took 1-2 days top took longer and my overdraft protection didn't work because the check was pending. A couple days of minor purchases would have been fine but my autodrafted utility bill made me over draw. That went through first, then the smaller purchases, the overdraft fees were added and then my paycheck cleared which automatically paid the overdraft fees. It took a couple months but eventually the fees were refunded to me. I started checking my account daily and turned off all autopay bills. There's a week grace period with utilities and then only a $5 late fee. The bank charged me $140 for a delayed paycheck leaving a half a day gap in funds without overdraft protection kicking in.


RBC in Canada is just as bad. If you have overdraft protection and your account dips below zero twice they'll cancel it and yell at you that you're irresponsible and can't be trusted with overdraft protection. Then if your account is in the negative when they cancel it they charge a $100 NSF fee.


So, uh, what exactly do they think is the definition of "overdraft protection"?


But you also make money just by already having it… isn’t this place great /s


Man I made my daughter a savings account it had $1000 in it and after a year she got like $1 in interest for it. I moved the money to a mutual fund and she’s made multiple dollars in a few weeks. Banks are a scam lol


Not that I support banks, but investing in mutual funds is much riskier than keeping money in savings. You may be seeing bigger gains but you *could* also see big losses. That $1000 could be gone tomorrow and you’d be SOL. At least in a savings account the money isn’t going anywhere and it’s FDIC insured.


I doubt I'll be able to pay for my kids college when they hit 18, and no way any savings account will ever reach the inflated tuition rates by then. Alternate route: teach them German/French and send them overseas for free university.


Dude just start a bank and you can loan out money you don't have and charge interest on it.


But at $1 for $1000 over a year, you are losing money because inflation is growing at a higher rate. You want something with at least 3% APY to keep your wealth just ahead of inflation.


Better than the IRS dipping into your bank account with a mailed warning that came a month after they stole from me for a tax return that they said I didn’t complete but I did. They were allowed to reach into a random bank account of mine and take $250, get me a 35$ overdraft fee and a $100 bank levee fee. Cool. I had everything to prove I didn’t owe the IRS anything but the bank says “well that $135 we took is non refundable”.....ok Edit: the money they thought I owed was from 2014 they took the money in 2019 after 1 letter and they admitted it was a mistake


This is why I just keep all my money in Chuck E. Cheese entertainment tokens, so much simpler than dealing with the banks


Isn’t it swell when the bank and the IRS tag team your accounts?


TD did this to me when I was 19. Not only did I not overdraft they kept charging $35 a day until it was -$1000. Finally one day I answered their calls and told them I'm getting a lawyer and they stopped harassing me. Fuck banks.


Threatening legal action didn't make them stop charging you, just stop calling


This happened to me. I transitioned from biweekly checks to monthly. My budget was not ready for a 1 month wait on income. My account overdrafted about 3 weeks in and they started hitting me with the fees. Then I paid it off and well, 2 weeks later I was overdrafting again because I had lost income to those fees. I ended up calling them and telling them this hole they were burying me in was about to make me just fucking kill myself. I was stressed and nauseous and crying and freaking out. The person removed all the fees that time, at least. But I ended up getting a second job in the mean time so as to avoid that happening again.


lmao imagine having to cry on the phone telling them you'll kill yourself just because you maybe borrowed like 100 bucks from them. As if they dont use your money to loan it to millionaires


I’m sorry. This brings back really sad memories for me of living paycheck to paycheck and Bank of America constantly f*cking me. And I’ve heard so many similar stories..You can message me your Venmo and I will help a little.


That is incredibly kind of you, but that happened a few years ago. I am doing much better now. But thank you very much ❤


Yea once you threaten legal action all correspondence is done in writing to said legal representatives. SO they flagged your account and are waiting


Can’t afford that two dollar coffee? I got you fam. Front you the coffee and you pay me $37 after, deal?


Lets say on Friday at 6pm you have exactly $100 in your account. Now lets say over the course of the weekend you had 5 transactions. They were $1, $1, $1, $1, and $100, in that exact order. Come Monday morning you would expect to have a single $35 overdraft fee right? WRONG. They will charge the $100 first, then hit you with four separate $35 overdraft fees. Instead of having a negative $39 balance now you have negative $144 and that's the real scam.


That’s illegal


I've literally argued this with them over the phone and their response is "we process the largest transaction first, because it's usually the most important.". It just so happens to also net them millions of dollars a year on the backs of people who are already suffering.


*Billions in annual revenue. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathanponciano/2021/05/26/sen-warren-grills-billionaire-jpmorgan-ceo-for-collecting-15-billion-in-overdraft-fees-during-pandemic/?sh=5259f242da6c


Report them https://www.consumerfinance.gov


Unless this happened a while ago, and I mean many years, it's been illegal for a while now.


To be fair this was over 10 years ago.


I'm not saying it never happens anymore, but it is illegal, it changed sometime around 2008 I believe so that lines up. If it ever happens again at least in the US it is 100% Illegal.


Corporations: We want our employees to be emotionally happy at our workplace! Employees: great! How about improving our pay and provide adequate staffing levels? Corporations: no, not like that, try yoga.


Wear jeans once a week! Not those, they're too comfy. And don't forget to tuck in your shirt.




What kind of free love hippie commune do you work for?! Our dresses and skirts can't be above the knee. We also can't have visible shoulders. Never thought I'd be a grown ass woman following the same dress code that I found insulting and draconian as a high school student, but here we are!


That's because your workplace is controlled by the someone the same age as the person that ran your high school. Old dumb fucks.


Everyone knows that the elbows, shoulders, and knees are the sexiest part of a woman's body


I love how women can wear skirts and sandals but guys can't wear shorts or sandals. I'm half tempted to start dressing as a woman on Friday, or maybe I'll just get a kilt. "I'm more Scottish than you, McDuck! I'm wearing a kilt! A KILT!" - Flintheart Glomgold


Remember everybody Friday is Hawaiian shirt Friday. So wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. Mmmkay.


Office Space is a documentary


I work in tech at the Enterprise level. You're goddamn right


In healthcare, you get a cold pizza party once every 7 years.


These millennials, not appreciating free food. /s


Tbh, I look forward to the free pizza. It’s just so rare an occasion. Although, a pay increase for working in a hospital during a pandemic could afford me a lot more pizza.. hmm, decisions.


In retail you get to see the aftermath of the pizza party because the boss only ordered it for when they were in, anyone on a different shift can get fucked.


We were just thinking of ordering pizza on friday


But not good pizza, like $5 gas station pizza. Oh, and everyone needs to chip in $3.


*Yoga not provided


I enjoy how the internet insulates us from these types of fighting words. I'd love to see a bank say this shit in a room full of poor starving people.


Chase is *especially* one to talk, considering they bear a large portion of the blame for the 2008 housing crash that led to the recession, among other things. I've written about them before, you should see the basis for some of the suits they've settled and fines they've paid - all in the last decade. Misleading investors? Check. Changing customer interest rates without notice? Check. Fraudulent and abusive debt collection practices? Check. Foreclosure abuse including foreclosing on veterans in violation of a veteran protection Act? Check. Being involved in Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme? Check. Racially discriminatory lending practices? Cinnamon Chex with sausage on the side. At one point they were being investigated by at least 8 different federal agencies between the U.S. and U.K. It's staggering how corrupt they are and how many lives they've ruined. https://www.corp-research.org/jpmorganchase


Damn! I need to switch banks pronto…


Did not know this either, make that two.


I've always felt that banks and insurance companies should be non-profit. They're 100% necessary for modern life but they are consistently anchors around peoples necks.


I use a non-profit insurance company for my renters insurance. They donate unused premiums to a charity of your choosing. They are easily the lowest prices I could find, which renters insurance is pretty cheap to begin with. They’re supposedly branching into car insurance soon and I can’t wait. Totally agree with you, non-profit should be the standard for the industry.


What is the name of the insurance? I’d love to look into it!


It’s called Lemonade Insurance. They’re still relatively new on the insurance scene (few years) so can’t say if they’re active everywhere or available. But I’ve had a good experience for a few years so 🤷🏽‍♂️


Thats what the armed guards are for.




I am assuming this was a click bait thing. Did an actual Chase employee post that? EDIT: It is real and messed up.




That's messed up.


Rich people and massive soulless corporations frame poverty as an issue of frivolous consumption rather than a broken system because they feed on poverty and desperation.


Easier to deflect the problems than admit that you're part of it.


They know exactly what their doing they don't get to that position without understanding economics they just know white collar crime never gets prosecuted and that poor people can't touch them basically invincible in this country after a certain amount of money


Not just the States, lots of places


Socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor.


*welfare for the rich


Right?! What is this twisted logic


Not how socialism works


We learned without the “frivolous consumption” those businesses fail literally fucking immediately because they have jack fucking shit all in savings, somehow. Like this people are financial fucking gurus but somehow can seem to manage a fucking dime


I think it’s less to do with a lack of savings, and more their unwillingness to dip into those savings. They’re like dragons hoarding gold in mountains.


That’s very fair. I don’t see why the airline companies couldn’t have leveraged all of their assets and take out loans instead of a bailout from the government, only to still fire a fuck load of people…


Absolutely, it was a pure scam and industry lobbyists basically lied/worked with gov to get funding because somehow without smooth operation of the airlines our economy wouldn't revive itself. And the bailout wasn't even to save the companies/operations outright it was presented as saving several thousand jobs.. each job cost us something like half a million to a million dollars. The real bailout was to the shareholders and execs.


A lot of this also comes from rich people and some poor people having the belief that wealth and poverty is a sign of your character and if you deserve it Many believe if you're wealthy you earned it but also if you're poor which must mean you're literally bad people That's why they do mental gymnastics to justify their own sociopathic behavior while insisting everyone who's not rich just did bad life choices as if the world works like that


They pull the same shit with disabilities. I’ve had more than a few people tell me straight up that I **must** be a bad person *because* I’m disabled.


And then they turn around and blame the same people who they criticized for frivolous spending for ruining whole sectors of the economy for not buying stuff. It kinda feels like you are are expected to spend money and go into debt, but only on purchases that society deems worthy of the debt, which is a constantly moving bar.


\*bankrupted by medical dept while working full time across two jobs\* Out of touch elites: "just stop buying starbucks you silly billy"


You: I accidentally bounced a check Bank:That'll be $15 You: But I just said I'm broke Bank: and $5 a day until your balance is back in the positive. You: I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY Bank: Did I stutter?


There's that Louis CK bit: "I once only had $15 dollars in the bank. And I don't know if you've ever had only $15 in the bank before, but guess what? *You can't get it out!* The ATMs only give 20s and forget about going into the bank because they're only open for like 87 seconds in the middle of the day. So my bank gives me a call and they say 'Hey listen, you only have $15 in the bank. That's insufficient funds.' And I said 'Oh yea, I find my funds to be grossly insufficient." And they said 'No you don't understand we have to charge you a fee.' So they did. They charged me $20 for *insufficient funds.* Now what do I have? You guessed it. I have NEGATIVE FIVE DOLLARS. All for the crime of 'insufficient funds.'"


“I have less than no money. If I had no money I would have more money”


Yes! I'd forgotten how it ended. "If I had zero dollars, that would have been more money than I had. I could only afford to buy something that costs that you give me five dollars."


I love where he says something like „why can’t I keep the 15 bucks? I just spent 20 bucks for having 15 bucks, I bought the right to keep the 15 bucks!“


How the fuck does $15 equate to insufficient funds? When I was in school the number 15 is still an amount of whatever it represents. Banks and so goddamn useless. Let’s all just go back to storing cash in mattresses until the institutions collapse in on themselves.


Some banks have minimum balances I believe.


That just sounds even dumber.


That happened to me once with band of america, I pulled out every cent it would let me overdraw, walked across the street to TD and started an account with them, they gave me a free ipod shuffle for opening an account too. I just ignored any correspondence from BOA and eventually they stopped trying.


“If you want the money you gotta give us some money”


Mine is 35 dollars every day you don't have money, then another 8 dollars a month because you have no money. Had 100 dollar fraudulent charge. They charged me that 8 dollars. I now have negative 2 dollars. They immediately charged me 35 dollars. Then 35 dollars for 3 days after that. I came out with negative 250 something. So I call US Bank to tell them of the fraud and everything I know. They say they can't help. They've helped in the past no problem, but just say it's against policy. I know I make less than 1k a month and can't afford that 97 dollar charge. I cancel it on day three. I check that I'm cancelled a few times. I am. Then 36 days later at 2 am I see a text saying thanks for your skillshare subscription. What? I ended up calling skillshare and they didn't care either. Don't subscribe to skillshare. Don't use US Bank if you're poor. It was the only bank who would take me with my shit credit (450). (I'm now at 650, and I have a lot more options) My new bank has fraud and overdraft protection, and won't charge me anything for 3 days after I'm overdrawn. Fingers crossed I guess.


["I'm not being broke just to fuck with you."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_-1l_SlA7c)


Is that tweet real lol I would instantly fire whatever moron thought that would be engaging to customers


Looks like it is real. I assumed it was fake. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/01/chase-monday-motivation-tweet-backlash


Chase knows the boomers bought up new houses by leveraging their homes that went up 6,000% in value. Because they're the banks facilitating these low-monthly mortgages. Chase also printed the very checks you write for rent to pay these boomers. They fuckin know why you're broke. These "monday motivations" are sadism.


Wow. Also thought it was fake. Fuck them.


You’re too optimistic


Definitely a bad choice trying to keep up with Wendy’s twitter.


its so terribly written how did it even got approved lol. some mid-level director got his ass fired for this.


Apparently it's not even the first time they tweeted something like that.


Now imagine poor people actually stopped consuming everything that's not necessary for their biologic survival (but still necessary to prevent alienation and depression), the world's economy would just go mega-crisis. Also, people will lose their shit, leave their jobs or close ones, if not go berserk. Some will realize how much those small things allow people to endure their shit jobs or family situations and prevent massacres BECAUSE YOU BETTER NOT TALK TO ME BEFORE I GOT MY FUCKING MORNING COFFEE. :p


The lockdown proved this.


Well, I do all of those things and still got no money?


If corporations are people, Chase is certainly an asshole.


I’ve never met anyone named Chase that wasn’t an asshole to some degree.


A deadbeat, grifter asshole.


Damn. That Chase "motivation" sounds douchy as fuck.


I got the highest paying job of my life in March. Granted, I need to rein in my spending now that I've caught up on buying some things I need (I was out of work from covid for six months) but have been spending on coffee and panda express and bought a new guitar, refilled my emergency savings . Checked my bank account two day before I get paid...I still have 350 bucks . The key has always, always about making sure citizens are paid enough to have purchasing power. Not buying coffee is like...maybe 5% of it.


Just one reason to switch to a credit union


What are the other reasons? Genuinely asking Edit: Why WOULDNT someone join a credit union? It seems like banks are the norm, which makes me hesitant to not use them. Is there a reason why credit unions aren’t as popular? (Stolen from /u/64145's comment for greater visibility)


Some of the other reasons can be: no overdraft fees (depends on the credit union), usually better savings account rates. They also don’t have a habit of buying out politicians and spending ridiculous amounts of money on big oil and gas. Among other things.


But if we don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on oil and gas, how will we destroy the planet by 2048?


Bovine flatulence. Seems to be a less polarizing issue than it was a few years ago.


There's a solid polar ice cap melting joke in here somewhere, but by the time I figure it out it definitely won't be a solid.


Animal agriculture, of course!


My credit union also sends every member a check at the end of the year if they make too much money. I have 4 accounts with them and get 4 checks. Loan interest rates are usually lower than a bank IF they have overdraft fees usually they will waive them a few times Some credit unions will waive ATM fees from using ATMS that don’t belong to them


My credit union never charges me stupid fees and also got me my car insurance for half of what progressive was going to charge. And they gave me a free small life/ accident insurance policy. They also invest in local businesses instead of evil pipelines. One of the downsides is that they're smaller so they don't have their own ATMs all over and if you use a non- participating one then you get like a $1.50 fee (plus the fee that the bank who owns the ATM will charge but that's not the credit unions fault). But this isn't that bad because most credit unions work together so you can go to any credit union for deposits and stuff for free.


Key word in Credit Union is Union. They're made *for* you, not to profit off of you. Of course this becomes less true the bigger and more international they get (the truest Credit Unions are local Credit Unions) but it's still generally true. But for the most part the biggest advantages are better interest rates and more competitive loan rates. A stock brokerage is still better than any savings account, bank accounts and Credit Unions as savings vehicles are kind of a thing of the past.


Better mortgage rates, generally aren't in bed with fossil fuel companies, dividends (this one might depend on the credit union), and probably more but that's what got me to switch.


I definitely didn't get offered better mortgage rates from credit unions. I use one almost exclusively for my banking, but went elsewhere for my home loan. Edit: I didn't go through a traditional bank either, they quoted me rates a little higher than the credit unions I talked to, I went to one of the newer lenders that focuses exclusively on mortgages. I rarely shop around that hard, but when half a percent can save you $50k over the length of a traditional mortgage, well, you do your homework. Credit unions will likely be the best choice for some, traditional banks for others (though I do NOT trust them and likely would have eaten a rate up to half a point higher to avoid being bound to them by the largest chunk of debt I'll [hopefully] ever be burdened with, but that's just me), and some of the newer lenders will work best for others like me.


Credit unions have networks, so you can do all your banking at partner branches if you are out of town or away from your bank. My credit union gives you 2% interest on money in your checking account on up to $10K every month. They also reimburse you ATM fees, no matter how expensive the fees are. They have a great app that works fantastic for all my online banking. I haven’t had an overdraft since I was in college, but when I did, I called them and they got rid of the charge. They have ALL the functions of a bank without most of the bullshit. They usually have some perks.


Bouncing a check isn't free no matter if it is bank or credit union.


Shouldn’t banks and pretty much any financial institution promote spending because that’s what makes a good capitalist society? Isn’t household spending one of the main factors for looking at growth in a community? This post feels like it was just made by some employee who is hyper frugal without realizing what a dick it makes them.


Banks want you to hoard your money with them because it gives them equity which they then invest and lend out. When you store your money in a bank they are actually taking that and making more money with it, you just don't see it. You just see the number on the screen. ​ So more money in bank = better for bank.


Right but banks use that equity to invest it in things like businesses. If no one is spending those businesses fail and the banks don’t get anything for their investments. It really seems like a lose lose for a bank to not promote a healthy economy.


Listen if you are poor tough luck the government doesn't give a shit. If you are rich or a rich corporation they will bend over backwards to help. Too big to fail am I right.


Why haven't my purchases gone through yet? Oh, you're letting them pile up, hoping I screw up my balance, so you can hit me with NSF fees before the month is out.


Exactly this shit happened to me. Ridiculous. You don’t even own your own money.


First of all, no one is paying for a cab for something that is only 3 blocks. They'll just walk. Second of all, does Chase think food grows in the refrigerator and coffee just manifests itself in a pot when you want it? You need money to purchase that stuff. Third of all, when your account goes below $0 the bank will charge you a $30 fee for money they already know you don't have. But yes, lets just continue blaming people for being irresponsible with their money and not the system that keeps them in poverty.


I broke my back in 2005 in a bad single car accident that was my fault. I wasn't paralyzed (luckily) but I've got a decent amount of pain. Saying all that to say I'm definitely walking 3 blocks.


I get that it's supposed to be "Don't get takeout coffee or food if you have some at home", but sometimes you have to treat yourself to break the monotony. Sometimes ordering a pizza instead of eating the questionable leftovers in your fridge is the difference between a good and bad day (even if it's apparently the only reason we don't all have private jets)


Also not every takeout coffee is a $7 Starbucks drink, some people like 99 cent wawa coffee for ex. I'd more question people spending $200-$400 per month on cable and new phones/services vs this lame coffee meme everytime.


I agree. I hate that the completely out of touch with reality solution to poverty is to never do any of the things that will bring your life the slightest bit of joy.


Or getting a nice cup of coffee from a local coffee shop while working can make things so much better. Gives you a chance to stretch your legs, walk outside the office, and support a local business. Beats the shitty office coffee


I love how edgy companies are trying to be on social media. Noone thinks you're cool Chase.


Serious question bc I've never used twitter...who is actually following their bank's corporate Twitter account? Who cares what Chase has to say about anything? What am I missing here?


Fun fact, Bank is the largest founder of fossil fuels in the world...


Dunno if it's fun but is it a fact?


[They put $268 billion into coal, oil and gas firms over the last four years](https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidrvetter/2020/03/18/jpmorgan-chase-tops-dirty-list-of-35-fossil-fuel-funding-banks/?sh=49844f9d5dfe)


Guess this is how civilization ends. We didn’t even get to explore space properly


Well then. I do not like Bank.


I do not like Bank because it found fossil fuels before I could.


> Bank is the largest founder of fossil fuels in the world... I'm trying really hard to understand what you're saying here *very real person Sarah Miller*


Hey it's me, Bank, the founder of fossil fuels.


They fund the fossil fuel industry, they didn’t found it.


The fossil fuel industry was misplaced for a couple days until Thomas Bank found it behind the couch cushions.


Well yeah, banks can’t be irresponsible with our money if we don’t have a little bit left.


Really good look for Chase 🤣 someone’s about to get shitcanned


Tell me your social media manager is a rich trust fund baby whos dad had a friend that worked at the bank, without telling me.


Idk chase it might be the insane fees and minimums you have for poor people.


Chase really sent that out??


To be fair, the bank is being irresponsible with YOUR money, not theirs. So...


Someone needs to reign in their social media intern from the IVYs.


Rich, spoiled people are pissing me off, especially the cocky ones who dare to try to shift the blame on the poor.