Isn’t the point of stimulus checks to stimulate the economy by buying stuff?


Exactly, 600 is worth so much more than just 600 when introduced into the economy. It really doesn't matter what is bought as long as the money is spent


You guys got stimulus checks?


I'm stimulating myself right now


new fleshlight?


I'm pretty sure that's the only stimulation you're allowed to do with your check


Damn it, that's what I should have bought. I guess this box of gloves and jar of coconut oil will have to do.


u could make a prison Fifi. (Pronounced Feefee) cooked warm rice, in a glove, and u fuck the finger hole with some lube. Sooo ive heard.. from r/prisonwallet


Man I hope they have some change leftover for bandaids.


Stimulation checks are the new asspennies




And her name is Sony


Can I check?


It’s not that kind of check, Cunt_Bucket_


The formatting error on this emphasizing Bucket really brings this whole thing together for me.


Stimulated my eyes with a Quest 2.


Thanks Biden.




Thanks obama


Despite having usually horrible luck, I was one of the first people I know to get stimulus checks each time they were given. Kinda makes up for the lifetime of not getting shit but shit on


Same, and I thank how boring I've become that I've had the same direct deposit info and done all my taxes that I never even really wondered if it would come. I knew I was squared away by being a square. Im still poor af and bought a switch and a ps4 with my first stimmy but ayyy.


I used it to pay my taxes.


Wait did you qualify but didn’t receive it?


It’s also one of the reasons we are having massive shortages in our global supply chain. None of the businesses thought ahead far enough to plan for discretionary spending to go almost entirely to physical items in 2020 and 2021 and so there’s massive shortages of semi conductors, wood, cardboard, new vehicles, PlayStation’s etc collectibles and stocks also were pretty insane last year and continue to be this year. Toyota is pretty much the only company that was prepared for the semiconductor shortage since they had a similar problem after the earthquake they had adjusted how much stock they keep on hand. And I guess it doesn’t help that all the shipping containers are just floating around the bay and l.a. for like two weeks doing nothing because the ports are so fucked right now. That’s one of the jobs we need to get replaced by robots state, it sucks because they are high paying good union jobs, but I think we’ve shown it’s best national interests to keep our ports operating at high efficiency at all times.


I too watched the wendover productions video


Maybe I should write the whole thing out into a copy/pasta


Ah yes let's replace those workers with robots but first we have to wait for the semiconductors to build those robots. We have a semiconductor shorter, ah I know let's make our economy even more reliant on semiconductors


It goes to the rich anyway, but this time it actually benefits the others along the way. Maybe they should give all corporate bailouts this way


>Exactly, 600 is worth so much more than just 600 when introduced into the economy. Velocity, baby.


I was supposed to be eligible for the most recent batch of checks and I don't know who to yell at, it's been waaay too long.


I bought a tent and a topper for my 5 gallon bucket that turns it into a crapper. Reckon that's on their approved list of items?


precisely, they want you to buy an xbox or a tv. what you should not be doing with that money is putting it in jar under your bed, its to be spent on anything that will put money back into the economy. Sure pay your bills if it will make a difference to you if its the difference between an xbox and rent, be responsible for you but if you can spare to throw it on something a little wasteful dont let anyone shame you for it.


The ideal case for the economy would be to spend it at locally owned stores and services. That way the money stays in circulation and doesn’t vanish in some global corporations offshore bank accounts.


You're right, but my car payment isin't going to make itself


This is the right answer! You vote with your dollar.


Your dollar “vote” is being vacuumed up by hedge funds and rent seeking financial conglomerates


And that shit worked like a motherfucker. We like two seconds away from a complete economical collapse. Which..now that i think about it isn't saying all that much considering that's the case any and every time republicans/conservatives are the majority in office. You'd think we would get the hint.


You wont if you only watch/believe conservative media. They keep the problems under the rug until a democrat takes over, then its "Oh look, we found all this shit over here, must be the democrats!"


Even then you'd think people would catch on. lol Until of course you start to learn the massive amount of other bullshit republicans/conservatives have been able to convince americans over hundreds of years of america's existence so far. ​ That somehow you can want people of color born in america dead while still being both patriotic AND a good christian. That trickledown economics works for the poor and middle class. That women are more overly emotional than men. That the catholic church dindu nuffin. Unions are a waste of time. Inflation happens naturally. The rich pay their fair share of taxes. Black people just up and isolated ourselves in fucked up neighborhoods with no money. Native americans were cool with the people who almost wiped them out. We fought hitler because we were just that morally upright. And if you're against fascists now you are one. Reverse racism means racism against white people. Race baiter, race hustler and race merchant as labels can only be used against people of color defending themselves against white supremacists, white nationalists, nazis and the kkk but not white supremacists, white nationalists, nazis and the kkk. The parties switched so like democrats are totes the confederates even though republicans/conservatives are the only ones wanting to keep those statues in place. So on and so forth. lol ​ And that's without even mentioing white privilege and the imagine most white people get from entertainment that they and they alone are the ones who can fix the world. Which of course ends up being a massive mind fuck the second white people take a history class of any merit. But yeah.....sooooooo many lies. lol


Conservative media is genuinely just a systemic propaganda machine. Fuck.


and they are saying the same thing about non-conservative media, it blows my mind honestly.


Psssstt, 2008 is repeating, only worse...


On a brighter note. Happy cake day. :)


Thank you, cake days pass quickly


I remember so many years ago when Bush gave out a stimulus and the big "complaint" was that so few spent it. They all just left it in savings or put it towards debt. I think it was only about $200, so it was pretty similar. Like how much is that small of an amount really supposed to help, especially if you have a family and are spending over $1000 a month in groceries?


Only the US calls this a "stimulus" payment. Because in that country the thought of government trying to help people out with food and rent is so unpalatable it has to be presented in the form of helping the stock exchange instead.


Yeah, this naming actually says a lot about the thinking behind it


Ah, but it is also another way to shame the poors! Don't forget that! /s


They’re just mad at poor people enjoying themselves.


As a somewhat poor (think house *rental* and car *payments* but no spending money and living paycheck to paycheck) I cannot begin to tell you how much enjoyment RDR2 has brought me over the last few years. Being broke with a console is massively different to being broke without one.


The reality is that my PS4 and the couple of games I play alone with the additional 1 or 2 I get a year on sale are cheaper than paying for cable every year, don't drugs, going to the bar every evening... Modern video games can be a pretty cheap hobby


I don't play that much compared to the past - but this last year has sent the hours spent on my Xbox back up. I look recently at the games I played most as someone linked an "hours played" tracker. 1400 hours in Destiny 1 900 hours in Destiny 2 At a cost per hour basis it's probably the cheapest form of entertainment out there. (This is admittedly over a number of years). I've kinda nuked the costs with a new telly and a new gen Xbox - there was nothing wrong with the old ones but new toys are nice.


Games are really cheap, especially multiplayer games and open world games. My first PS4 game was Skyrim SE. Haven't touched it in a year or two, but I have several hundred hours in the game. Not sure about the exact number, but I have over 250 hours on my original file, and easily another 200 hours or so between my other characters. I'm sure people who have the game on PC (and hence access to basically any mod they can think of) could easily have double or triple my playtime without getting bored. There are several well-known mods that essentially add another DLC to the game. I don't even want to think about how many hours I've put into multiplayer games.


You’re definitely right about that. I got myself a new laptop because I had so many games in my steam library that I couldn’t play because my computer was outdated. But now I can play Far Cry 5 after a stressful day at work and I feel so much better.


Fuck yeah, it's a banger of a game. Not sure why playing video games should be considered somehow inferior to watching tv or reading or book...or doing literally any recreational activity.


In my experience, every "technology bad" argument boils down to "I never had this when I was young, so I see no reason why anyone else should have it."


Yup. My boomer boss was arguing if you have access to internet or a cell phone you shouldn't be on government assistance because you're not poor just bad at spending money.


You can't get a job without these things now


Or do homework in a lot of cases


It’s because video games are ruining the youth today, obviously!


It used to be seen as a thing for kids, like playing with toy cars or a doll house etc. To some people, adults doing that sort of thing was shameful. Things are changing now of course, not just video games, but if an adult man wants to play with a doll house, let him.


Novels were also for kids and women initially.


My personal ranking is: book >= video games > tv Books force you to use your imagination, video games are interactive and thus also somewhat stimulate your brain. TV CAN be fine too, if it's a great show or movie that's somewhat thought-provoking, but with a lot of programs that run on TV I almost feel my IQ dropping. I'm pretty glad that these days you're no longer dependent on what's on TV and can just use a streaming service.


Love a good book. Love an expansive and involving video game. Love a good documentary on Netflix or cooking show where I learn something. Cant stand re-watching tv series, or reality tv. I will watch *some* tv shows, but only once. Cant understand people who rewatch the same series over and over and over...


The main reason I have seen some shows over and over is because I like to have something on in the background while I work on stuff, but I don’t want to pay attention to it like I would if it were something new. It’s nice to have a show I can be just sort of aware of that puts me in a good mood while I’m being productive.


You have been banned from r/DunderMifflin.


Games are the most economical form of entertainment. Let’s say I spend $600 on a console and $75 on a game. I might play that game for 1000+ hours. That’s .675 per hour of entertainment.


Really curious, what game have you given 1000 hours to? Outside of Civ, I cant think of any game that can command that many hours


Not OP, but there are a ton of games you can rack up those hours on. Competitive games for example: I've spent 1,500+ hours on CS:GO and Rocket League myself. MMORPG's like FFXIV or WoW obviously fall under that category too. There's also grindy games like Warframe or Destiny, or just games that have a lot of content, especially with mods - think Factorio or Terraria.


I feel that i just spent my 1200th hour on factorio... the factory must grow


Hands up anyone who has put in 400+ hours on RDR2, just to give you an idea. I'll go first... 🙋‍♂️


I guess that goes well with games that are not micro transactions heavy. But yeah, sit play games instead of going out and getting drunk on money you don’t have.


You could also escape your reality by immersing yourself in another one.


a better one! with super powers, clear objectives, real ways to gain financial independence, and you get to stab rich assholes who are exploiting society and destroying the environment in the face with a sword made from a star you found


Or just hookers and blow


i hope you mean GTA because son, $600 doesn't go very far in the hookers and blow market these days. source: i'm one of the two. you guess which.


How does cocaine type?


It types like cocaine.


It just nose.


I'm like 40% caffeine, so I feel you.


Also a reality in which you can actually afford a nice house, have a succesful career as a painter and overall a nice life? Thank you The Sims.


Reminds me of that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. His brother Robert is down in the dumps and broke and Ray and Debra lend him like $5k. He takes it to Vegas (or AC) and they get PISSED. When they argue with him about his position is basically spending the money like that improved his life more than paying off some bills would.


And if you like videogames it is a relative cheap entertainment if you calculate it per hour.




Thank you for posting actual data in a time where people just make random guesses and post them on the internet.


The idea that Americans don't deserve anything but abject poverty, that idea is your gift from our new corporate overlords. We are not even worthy of voting any more, now that they are passing laws letting them decide what votes to count and which should be tossed.


> that idea is your gift from our new corporate overlords This is what I think whenever I see how folks will go after one another over how they spend their money, particularly poor folks. Oh, he has an iphone but he's using food stamps, wtf? Because if you suddenly lose your job and need assistance you should sell anything decent you already owned before accepting assistance? Because it's impossible that the phone is old, a gift, or a hand me down? You need a phone to get a job. You need it to have housing. You need it to actually get financial assistance. To pay your bills. Manage your healthcare. Phones are a necessity nowadays, and it often isn't practical to exchange the phone you bought when things were better for a small amount of money to barely afford a cheaper, less reliable phone. Same with cars, clothes, etc. Not to mention that certain cheaper things do not last as long and need to be replaced more often, usually costing folks more.






I don't think an iPhone and a corvette are comparable, especially in this scenario. Getting a cheaper phone usually isn't the difference between people being able to make rent or not, you know? Hell, my boyfriend has a flip phone with a different company than I do and we pay the same amount for my brand new Samsung and smart watch and his flip phone, the type of phone people own really doesn't matter. An extra several hundred on your car payment could likely affect your ability to pay bills, however.


I used to buy my old smartphones and old laptops on second hand and saved like 80% of the price that way.


This is the Puritan culture of fucked up religious views! That’s why Europe sent the assholes over here. The cultural jist is that happiness and joy is a sin. Everything fun is sin and we all should just suffer except for the rich whom they worship as anointed by god. This mindset drives a lot of these evangelical and conservative fucks and they will vote to hurt anyone that does shit they don’t like or can’t do.


We have refrigerator now so it's cool


Having something to do is important.


Having something to enjoy and share is even moreso


Not just something to do but something that (1) encourages you to stay at home during a global health crisis and (2) still allows you to be social while social distancing.


and there it is folks.


Plus that money actually went into the economy. The majority of the trillion made by the 1% during the pandemic will never see circulation again. Money made by the working class is good for the economy. Money made by the wealthy largely buys fewer goods and services than if that money was used by others. Wonder why inflation is so high, nearly every dollar spent by the working class is circulated. Meaning that money gets taxed and goes to another's wallet, hopefully to be spent again. However, when that money hits your CEOs wallet or a large corporations bank account it doesn't go anywhere. It's all in foreign bank accounts or used in stock buybacks. Therefore the government has two options, print more money to keep things afloat or don't and every dollar will end up at the top. Edit: I can't find the source. (wording when searching now isn't fruitful.) but sometimes like ¢75 - ¢89 of every dollar made by working class people is recirculated and only ¢15 - ¢23 by be wealthy. Numbers are probably off. If anyone can find that it would be a good bookmark for me down the road


Reminds me of a good friend years ago who thought of herself as a financial wizard. She couldn't understand why my husband and I couldn't afford to buy a home. I explained our income just wasn't sufficient. She assured me she could make a plan for us. Her "plan" was no eating out, no movies, no cable, no subscriptions to anything and no vacations. When I showed her we did none of these things her new plan became no gifts, no holiday celebrations, no birthdays for the children, no school trips, and no activities or hobbies. We sat and figured out it would only take ten years (based on what I was currently spending on those things) to save for a down payment. Her face as she did the math was priceless. She couldn't understand how we lived on so little money or grasp how much we did without and still were unable to afford a home. She came from an upper middle class background and had never actually understood what being low income was actually like. At the time our monthly income was slightly more than she and her husband made each week. That was 25 years ago but I still remember her smug attitude until she went over my income and budget.


Sadly it's like this whenever someone thinks they know better than you about your problem when they've never actually experienced anything like it. Which happens a lot, unfortunately. *Depressed?* Just smile more, go out in the sun, you've nothing to be sad about! *Anxious?* Stop being ridiculous, this isn't that bad! You just need to do breathing exercises. That helps with *my* social anxiety! (Do you vomit and/or shake like a shaved Chihuahua in the Arctic? Do you remember in vivid detail stupid shit you've done or said for freaking YEARS after? No? Our experiences are very different then.) *Can't sleep?* Just try exercising/melatonin/calming yourself/meditation/cutting out coffee! (I don't drink coffee and like most insomniacs I have tried every method available to me. If banging your ass with a tambourine while yodeling death metal helped you'd better believe I'd be looking like a silly bitch.) *Don't like your job?* Go back to school and/or get a better one! Just like that! *Poor?* Stop going out for dinner and to a movie, no more vacations or holiday/birthday gifts, new clothes and new phones! I've never owned an iPhone, really I've never had any phone that ran over $20 or so. Haven't had a vacation since I was a child. I fucked an ankle up, don't know if I broke it because medical care is expensive af. 99% of the time only poor people can actually know the process of trying to gauge whether something is lethal or livable. Y'know what my dumbest monthly expenditure is? Feeding and caring for my local stay cat colony daily and getting them fixed when I can. To me, that is a vital expense, their quality of life is so much better. They're not rail thin or fighting constantly, some still do pass sometimes but, not like before. I'm not making their lives infinitely worse to make mine a little better. I've had people scold me for that and they can just fuck right off as far as I'm concerned. (I get people want to help, I want to believe it's always from a good place but it can be disheartening sometimes. Wow, what a rant, guess I've been suppressing some stuff. I really hope your friend gained a greater perspective on this issue that she's carried since then.)


Why don't poor people simply buy more money?


What did you do with your inheritance? Why don't I have your trust fund documents?


Sounds like the trustafarian office mate I used to have. He told me his secret to not being in debt was to just sit down and pay every bill when it came in. That was pretty funny, he had zero awareness that it is possible to not have enough money to just pay it when it arrives.


Rather earn more money than save more


Eventually I did just that. It was just hilarious that she couldn't understand that there wasn't an extra $500 to save each month. At that time buying a few small luxuries did far more for my quality of life than putting it in a savings account.


And that is the thing people don’t understand. No cable, no Netflix, no going out to eat/takeout, no vacations… what’s left? Just going to work, home (where there is nothing to do but sleep), and the grocery store when you can afford it isn’t a life. That’s not ok. That’s not healthy, nor is it sustainable.


its a *stimulus* not a welfare check shit i got my bathroom remodelled with a bluetooth fan/speaker/LED light, subway tile 12ft up, ledges specifically for shower beers, bad ass tile floors, cool ass black faucets


For $600?


well i was counting all the stimulus


Doing the labor yourself can save a lot of money.


Most expensive thing i did with it is photography equipment i haven't even used yet. On account of the heat and me not being very good at photography. :P


Sounds like excuses


Why buy console when you can buy video game company?


I’d like to buy Sony and Activision for $600 each


Buy $gme first. Then we talk


Fellow ape, this is the way


A few years ago, I read about a single mother who was criticized for using food stamps to buy her son an XBox. She explained that it was better for her boy to spend his afternoons and weekends playing video games than roaming the streets where he could get involved with gangs. That stuck with me.


Wow… what country is that?


Sounds like the US with the term "Food Stamps".


But like for real. If you saved that $600 you could totally buy a $300k house. I mean you’d need a rich parent to pay for the rest of it. But totally doable.


If you invested the $600 with an average yearly return of 7% (adjusted for inflation), you would have the $300k needed for the house after a measly 93 years.


I know this is a joke but you have to subtract inflation from your return. So if your return on investment is 7% and inflation is 5% you are only actually making 2%.


The 7% rate of return is a historical average (S&P 500) that is already adjusted for inflation. Of course there are a lot of other problems with the model.


This 600$ is like monthly or? My country doesn't have these.


No it wasn't monthly. It was pretty random timing


It was supposed to survive us for 10 months


Why do people keep saying this, The US has some of the most payments of any country through unemployment expansion.


You assume everyone could just get those...


Me and my wife used ours to pay for our sons daycare for a year. Saved us $720 paying it up front versus monthly..


Didnt you read the post, its impossible to spend it responsibly to improve your financial situation.


Like the people who turn their nose up at giving money to the homeless because they "just buy drugs with it". Yes mate they most likely are, £5 isn't going to get them a room at the Hilton for the night is it? If I were homeless I'd do drugs to escape reality as well.


At the same time people are allowed to not feel comfortable funding that. There always seems to be two extremes with this debate but the middle ground is just don't give them money if you don't agree with the drugs and do if you're fine with it. Personally I'm not okay with it because the homeless people I see everyday begging for money are also the ones high on crack or drunk at night making me, and especially my girlfriend, feel uncomfortable walking when it's dark. If you want to do drugs/get drunk then that's fine but the second you're making other people feel unsafe, then I'm not okay with it.


Fair point mate.


Can't afford going to club or the bar, staying home gaming is cheap.


$200 for a ps4 that will last me 7+ years and another $200 for games, yeah I'd say my money was well spent! Going places costs money, let alone doing stuff. Ten plus bucks in gas per trip adds up quickly too. I view my game purchases as down payments on my entertainment budget.


Republicans getting pissed off that some people spent their stimulus checks on alcohol and weed and it's like yeah, GOP, why would anybody want alcohol and weed during a *year long global pandemic?*


Who is getting mad over that? That's the exact point of stimulus checks is to go buy shit to...wait for it...stimulate the economy. Throwing it in savings is counter productive


The same people who spent their stimulus on guns and magnets to put on their skin to test out if covid-19 made them metal people. lol


Yep! It's one of Republicans' many, many hypocrisies, that they claim to like capitalism, yet they oppose government spending, which just about every economist in the world agrees is really good for the economy. Curious. Throw it in the same pile as claiming to want to reduce the teen pregnancy rate while insisting schools teach abstinence only education, crowing about fiscal responsibility while they explode the debt and deficit, and claiming to be good Christians while doing everything they can to prevent helping the poor.... among many, many other things, Bullshit Mountain is taller than Everest.


This guy/gal/organic life form gets it


Well said honestly


A big chunk of my alcohol and weed spending is going to taxes, so I like to think I outsmarted the government.


Although you could get a 10 year old console with a bunch of games for like $20 and get 90% of enjoyment


Um…. Isn’t the whole point of stimulus to *stimulate* the economy? As in, *people buy things*? I’m confused, if they wanted or expected stimulus to only go towards financial institutions or food suppliers to keep those industries afloat then why not just bail out the rich and elite capitalists directly without the extra steps? Oh wait


Research in Australia found a significant amount of stimulus money paid out during covid was spent on gambling and alcohol. The government also allowed us to access up to $20k from our superannuation… which also was spent on gambling and alcohol.


Cannabis stores were declared essential businesses and never shut down.


I've seen data for my state in the US that alcohol purchased for at home consumption skyrocketed. However, I dont know how that compares to drinking at home plus at bars pre covid.


Google gives mixed results ranging from 60% rise to 13% but for women it nearly doubled. I found a lot of women just hated being home with their families. https://www.rand.org/news/press/2020/09/29.html


My aunt: "See? Look those people are in trailer parks but they have a big screen television." Me: "Your fucking point?"


Not to mention TV's are pretty cheap these days.


Yeah, 65” TVs are easily attainable now for a few hundred, and 75” under a grand. I’m sure it could be had cheaper on the used market.


"look those disgusting poor people have something in their life they enjoy!" It's so vile people think this way


Some people's trailers are nicer than my house.


Seriously, I rented alone in a brand new 3/2 trailer in college and it was nicer than any of my other University friends' multiple-roommates apartments for the same rent. (This is in USA) I have zero issue with that.


Gives you something to do during your depression


Mine have all gone to weed. What can I say, I love weed. I like to smoke a little weed with my weed


But dude have you ever tried weed on weed? Totally hits different.


And the money you spent went to keep the place open and pay the staff wages. Which they used to pay rent/mortgage, buy food etc. IE: Economic stimulus.


i bought a switch and animal crossing, airpods and an ipad and apple pencil with mine. thankfully australia got massive ones so i was able to buy all the shit ive been wanting for years and i havent regretted them


I also bought a switch and Animal Crossing!




Me rn


Best believe I gave away my old xbox and got the new 1 Gotta enjoy my self somehow


$600 in stonks can change your life, well it's a good start. So far it's the most money I've ever saved.


You guys can find consoles to buy?


Exactly, plus that’s the point. Stimulate the economy. Paying bills is good but that only goes so far, and really just gets held by people who are less apt to spend it. It’s the same reason people started investing and gambling with their stimulus. It’s good people have caught an interest but general market returns for someone who’s been in my financial place won’t really mean shit by the end of my road or many others. People want life changing money, otherwise you may as well be fucked with some enjoyable things. Idk what people seriously expected with these checks. In my cheapest, my frugal states of living, those checks wouldn’t have made much of a difference besides buying a couple weeks of time. Couple weeks isn’t much of anything with a situation that drags on for well over a year.


If you complain about workers getting 2k, and not about how Kanye got 7 mill, you’re a bootlicker of capital, and a traitor to your fellow worker.


I like to think a lot of people put it into meme stocks, which have performed unrealistically well in recent months. If you put $600 into AMC just in mid February - that would end up being roughly $5.2k at the moment. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 looking at how stock ends up performing and with those volatile stocks it is basically just gambling, but still. That might not be significantly life altering, but even half of that is a solid down payment on a decent car or enough to pay off some debt. Or pay for a current gen console on eBay.


Except the people that put in $600 and currently stand at $5.2k are the same type of people who are delusional enough to truly believe in a "$100k floor", meaning they won't sell and will probably see it go down to a similar range.


I put $500 in and have about $2k worth. I don’t think that. As a matter of fact I cashed out half of my shares to cover everything I’ve risked in my tiny portfolio thus far.




How can you work a third job if you're busy on the Nintendo?


It’s for the hours you’re not sleeping when you’re supposed to be but are too goddamn anxious about what’s going to become of your life.


This comment hits home. My Switch and PS5 literally got me through the pandemic. I was an extroverted non gamer before 2020. Now I am more introverted and a total gamer. (Not in today’s sense; but I play or have played about every top notch story based single player game that has come out in the last ten years.) I don’t think there is any going back. Instead of going out and spending money all summer, I’ll probably be stimulating Japan’s economy more than my own.


That type of mentality just worsens things and keeps you fucked financially. If instead of working out of your debt and putting money you get to reduce it, you kept buying new stuff or adding to debt, you’re screwing yourself over


I said this in an earlier comment and I realize that everyone in this situation won't get as lucky as we did but- My husband and I started gaming together and with our friends and family about five years ago. Before that, we went out on weekends and took vacations. We weren't broke but we weren't saving either. After we started gaming, we really stopped going out on weekends. Sure, we invested about $800 altogether up front on our systems and games, but we also saved a shit-ton of money in the long run not going out and spending our money on the weekends. We also stopped drinking, except on special occasions, because we weren't hanging out at the bar and drinking out is expensive. We managed to put all that extra money towards raising our credit score. We just closed on our new home yesterday (the house itself was $299,000, but, the seller absorbed $8000 of the closing costs and our lender paid $305,000 to account for the rest of closing, bringing our amount of cash for close to $0). We've had the ability to spend time on weekends with friends and family that don't live near us. We've had something to do that we enjoyed and that kept us happy and mentally healthy during the pandemic. Gaming was a little bit of an investment for us, but, it paid off in the long run and we didn't really even realize that it was doing so until recently. If just a few of the people that spent their stimulus money on gaming systems do what we did we'll have people that were able to pay off old debt and find themselves owning their dream home (that also doubles as an investment property because it has two attached apartments) in about five years.


Yep, so many insane people here. You are better paying your rent or your cc debt with those than buying a console that will have you waste 70$ on every new game. But people would rather complain and do nothing rather than trying to get yourself a better life


At the same time I understand that having a new console will help massively with morale and mental health which are both extremely important to living a decent life and improving your situation in the long run. The issue is with pretending the stimulus couldn't help the financial situation. 600 could help pay off high interest bills or pay half a month of rent or be saved as an emergency fund. They're all very boring things but they would definitely help improve your financial situation more than a games console. If you think the console will help you mentally in the long run and that's more worth it to you then go for it, I can completely see how it will. At the same time don't lie to yourself that the 600 couldn't have been spent on improving your financial situation.


Or you can buy a used laptop for cheap and game on that, not rdr2, but some okay games. That's what I'm doing currently and I feel way better having savings rather than having an expensive console lol


This. I have had to go down for minutes to find someone that does a bit of thinking. If you want to play, do it in a pc, that can be used to work. You dont need the shiniest last games on the market to have fun. I have been playing games that are 7 or 8 years old most of my life anyway.


Economic stimulation is beneficial regardless of the industry.


Isn’t video games what’s keeping people sane by keeping them busy? A lot more people would turn to drinking just to kill the boredom without them 🙄😕🙃


Dunno i would propably rather save that money to have it as a backup in case the situation gets even shitter but you do you.


An "Xbox" (one) would cost around $150 max. A year of gamepass for $150. Lots left to do with that remaining $300.




I'd spend $600 on a good flesh light so I can stimulate myself just as much as the economy


Kyle Rittenhouse used his to pay his friend to buy an automatic weapon. Republicans are more mad about people buying video games than an out of state 17 year old executioner.


I got my car towed twice and fixed, had emergency service calls on our furnace, refrigerator, AND kitchen range all within the space of two weeks for a grand total of $1507. Retired and on a fixed income, the stimulus check helps but is gone in a flash. Any emergency could wipe us out!


When I used my tax return to get a PS4, I had to explain to people that all my bills were paid and this check wouldn't even clear my rent. The PS4 was the one thing I bought that year that was for me.


Anyway, isn’t that what the purpose of the stimulus checks was? Weren’t they supposed to stimulate the economy by being spent?


Literally the whole point of the stimulus check was for people to go buy stuff


Generational Poverty theory supports this statement. The simple premise is correct. Having a high-end entertainment item in your open-wound of a life that is constantly hemorrhaging $$ to sublime things like over due bills, looming evictions, repos, and glaring untreated medical conditions allows a human to ALLIEVIATE THEIR SUFFERING FOR A FEW MOMENTS of relief. It is not smart, it is SURVIVAL. The family benefits. The community benefits. And these bonds, when you are poor, are more valuable than "money in the bank." Because frankly when you are in the red - money in the bank goes POOF to fees, freezes, and garnishments. I do encourage people to read Ruby Payne and her many books framing the positive and negatives of our western upbringing and how each caste deals with their finances and material wealth. it will blow your mind as an educator or as a politician.


This logic comes from higher-income and rich people that get payouts and put the money in savings or investments. Doing this does improve your own financial situation but it does nothing to stimulate the economy.


The amount of money my husband and I have saved over the years by staying in a playing video games instead of going out is incredible. Add to that the enjoyment we've gotten and the time we've been able to spend doing something with our friends and family that don't live nearby. We have two playstations and an investment of maybe $800 altogether. We've saved all that extra that we would've spent going out on the weekends, got out of debt, and bought a house that we closed on yesterday. We've still managed to do things occasionally and go out the eat. We've taken little mini-vacations on weekends. It was pretty painless. We don't even drink anymore unless it's a special occasion because we're busy doing our gaming on weekends instead of going out the the bar. During the pandemic, gaming saved us from cabin fever and from really missing our loved ones as we all were able to immerse ourselves in a different reality together for a few hours every day. I'm sure that not everyone has gotten as lucky as we did. His job was not affected by the pandemic as he's a frontline worker. But, I don't know why people judge people for spending the money on a gaming rig. It's an investment into yourself and your mental health at the end of the day, honestly.


Half of douchey, clueless redditors when they see this: “oh boy are we blaming poor people again!?!?” Then they proceed to jerk off while talking about how “you gotta make your money work for you.”


Comments are certified reddit moments


It genuinely confuses me how more people don't get mad about how the conversation around trying to get money into peoples hands isn't: "Cool we give them money but we need to make adjustments so this money isn't necessary going forward or isn't blown on unnecessary shit" And instead is: "Yeah we can give the not poor money but what about rich little old me? How will I get my money back?"