Block a farmers gate... What could go wrong?

Block a farmers gate... What could go wrong?

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I once left my truck parked on a farmers approach for his field. I left a note saying sorry if im blocking your access. My trucks alternator died and my phones dead. I am walking to town and will be back ASAP to fix my truck. Gave him my phone number as well. Anyways the farmer drove down a few roads until he found me walking. Picked me up and gave me a ride to town. Helped me change my alternator when we got back.


Most farmers are salt of the earth type and love helping people out. I totally got my car stuck in a little rut and they pulled out a big ass tractor to expertly get it out without any damage. Saved me many hours of frustration and God knows how much money. Just one of a few of my farmer stories. Definitely wouldn't want to get on their bad side though.


If I had a big ass tractor, I’d look for reasons to use it.


Literally this. I live in a suburb and my husband finds any excuse to use our tractor. Snow removal is his favorite thing lmao.


I mean we all know the kid with the biggest toys was the coolest kid on the block... Some things never change


I live in the burbs, my brother's got a 4x4ATV he mostly has to haul upstate and use at our uncle's place But in the winter he's the block's snow plow, clearing driveways and fine-tuning the work the town's plows do after they come through.


True that! We live in Wisconsin farm country, and I've never met a farmer who wasn't a decent sort, the kind of person who would help anybody... *if* they were polite and respectful. (Ed Gein is the one exception.) But if you wanted to be a jerk and speak rudely to them, look out!


A little thoughtfulness goes a long way Edit: Thanks for the awards kind strangers :)


Some people are clueless to their surroundings


Situational awareness is as rare as common sense


Your statement is terrifyingly true. I work in traffic control and even though we put up multiple large 4'×4' bright florescent reflective orange signs up in the road people are still surprised to see us standing in the road with construction happening behind us. One of the signs specifically says one lane road road ahead. Sometimes people drive up to the last car wonder why they aren't moving and try to go around a whole line of cars and don't understand why the fuck we are yelling them them to get back over while the whole line of the other cars from the other side are heading straight at them. The shitty part is that this is a common occurrence and only one example of the things I see everyday.


Hard to see the 4'x4' bright florescent signs when they're staring at their phone instead of the road ahead


My mom used to give out free food samples in grocery stores and had multiple signs saying CAUTION HOT and constantly had folks saying “ouch, that’s hot”. Her response was “oh, did my sign fall down”? To which they would invariably reply, “no, it’s still there”. People just don’t give a shit, at their own peril.


Admittedly, when a waiter brings out a plate and warns me that it's hot, I immediately touch it. Every time. I may be broken, but my SO at least thinks it's funny.


Same, I take those words as a personal challenge. “Hot for you, maybe.” Thankfully I’ve yet to lose, but I’m sure my time will come.


Two sides of the same die. My best guess, the others being: emotional intelligence, bias awareness, empathy, and self reflection. I’m having flashbacks to Dale Carnegie’s book.


LPT: the first step of thoughtfulness is "leave some paper in your car".


Grew up on a farm in the US (Midwest region) and this sounds exactly like something myself or (most of) the neighbors around would do. If we weren’t able to find you (unlikely, there’s always only 1 road into town haha) we’d keep an eye out for when you came back and come out to check on you. A reaction like you see in the video would 100% happen if someone was an asshole or refused to move their vehicle. Now personally, I wouldn’t trash the vehicle, I’d just get the forks under the car as close to the jack points as possible and pick it up move it out of the way and set it back down.


i grew up in the rural southeast, and it was much the same. they’ll either feed you or shoot you, depending on you.


South Texas checking in and yea it completely depends on YOU. Was leaving a party one night and my own stupidity caught the better of me. I got a mile down the road and realized I was WAAAYYYYYYY too drunk to be driving (I was young and stupid and I never made the mistake ever again). I pulled over on what I thought was just dirt road but it was actually the entrance to a plot of land. Decided my best bet to avoid getting myself killed or, worse, killing someone else was to stop there and just rest. Didn’t have to sleep or anything just rest and sober up. Well I ended up falling asleep and woke up to an older gentlemen holding his rifle. He wasn’t pointing it at me but he had both hands on as if to say “be cool and we’re good.” Immediately I waved with both hands before opening my door. I explained the idiotic predicament I just got myself into and he was cool as fuck about it. He said idiots were coming onto his property to steal fruit and terrorize his animals and wanted to make sure I wasn’t up to no good. He had me move a little further so I’d be on the gravel path instead of the muddy path I was on and said “sleep it off, if you’re still here in the morning come get some water.” I didn’t need much sleep after that as I was completely sobered up. Lol. Hope that dude is doing alright.


this is the most texas thing i’ve ever read.




Did he let your buddy pee first?


I’m from the mid-west…you ain’t wrong lol. Fuck up and be an asshole and find out what country folk are made of like this example.


LPT: keep paper and a pen in your vehicle.


And a roll of toilet paper. Trust me.


I bet shirtless there went from "I'll fuck you up you prick" to "Yes officer it was completely unprovoked" real quick


I’m not sure if the guy knows words that big


Ignorant and hateful fucks tend to have a pretty impressive legal vocabulary in my experience.


A lot of problems in life can just be avoided by being nice to strangers.


Thats why I never fuck with strangers


Only fuck with Family


What are you doing step-tractor?


Tractor goes ❤️brrrrrr❤️.


Especially ones with fork lifts


Do you see what happens Larry?!


Or by buying a tractor. It's all a matter of perspective


**Killdozer Day** is comin up isnt it? edit: [It actually just passed a couple days ago](https://www.snopes.com/news/2017/06/09/killdozer-day-marvin-heemeyer/)


Love the kicking while recording with no shirt on lol. What is the story behind this?


I’m not sure the story but the moral is pretty clear


The message is perfectly simple The meaning is clear Don't ever stray from your car It'll be made to disappear


In layman’s terms Get Forked


Go fork yourself!


Instructions not clear. Have a fork in my anus


LOL back in High school we were all down at the rope swing when a bunch of 20-something druggie dropouts showed up and started bullying us. We left, but when we got up the trail to the road we saw that they’d parked their shitbox Chevy Citation on the shoulder at a 30° slant, and there was a 10 foot drop down into the river bottom. All of us gave it a heave and down it went on it’s top.


I used to own a Chevy Citation. You did that car a favour by putting it out of its misery.


What amazes me is how many Chevy Cavaliers from the 90s that I still see on the road.


I get a little smile on my face when I see a Ford Tempo still putzing along. Those suckers made up like a quarter of all the cars in the high school parking lot back in the day.


Dude for real, a guy I used to be friends with in high school was drunk/stoned at our friends house doing donuts in the cowfield and flipped that bad boy right into like an 8ft deep creek bed. Our friends dad pulled it out with his tractor and he drove it home in the morning, and for awhile after that. It also had almost 300,000 miles on it.


I read this at first and thought you were talking about my friend and me! We didn't flip it, but we ran it into a giant bail of hay, and the transmission caught the hay on fire. Every fire truck in our little town showed up. We were hitting about 50-60 in the field, cutting the wheel and pulling the emergency brake. Looking back, we could have easily flipped it. His sister which was a twin, had a red Cavalier, and she totaled hers completely hitting a parked car. Had it not been for all the abuse and accidents, I'm convinced those cars would still be on the road today.


Every once in a while I will see a random K car. Those GD things seemed to last forever. Then we hit a certain time and most gave up the ghost. My buddy had a K car wagon that had like 550k on its engine when he had to find another motor. Threw a clutch and pressure plate in it on a whim and drove the thing till it was more sheet metal and rivets than original car left.


Here in northeast pa the Chevy cavaliers are everywhere. Less then there were ten years ago, but you'll still see a half dozen a day when you're out


>Chevy Citation Good article on how bad it really was: https://www.hotcars.com/chevy-citation-why-bad-reputation/


>Frankly, the Citation and the other GM cars had problems from the start. Rust was a major issue, on not just the Chevrolet Citation but all X-body GM cars. To have new cars begin to rust almost immediately out of the showroom became a massive issue, and then came the problem with the interiors. It seems GM used a peculiarly weak adhesive to fit stuff into the cabins, and things tended to tumble down to the floor without warning. Many owners complained that the suspension mounts crumbled like cheese and the transmission just gave up anytime they wanted to do. The Iron Duke engine, the same one that brought the Camaro to its knees also tended to rattle and groan like it was on its deathbed in the Citation. The fuel lines would leak, and so did the brake lines. The steering would wobble and even the seats would come loose at times. ​ Good....freaking...lord.


I'm so happy that these crappy cars aren't being totally forgotten. As a kid of the 80's, there were so many terrible vehicles right off the showroom floor that there's no nostalgia left in me.


The nostalgia of constantly having to explain to your boss why you drive a completely unreliable piece of garbage that is again precluding you from getting to work lol. -- "Yeah, boss? Its me. Yeah listen, I sat in my car to come to work, and the bolts on the seat snapped, I'm going to have to figure out how to remount it before I can drive again." "Uh-huh...last week you said the transmission went out." "That's right." "And last month you said the brakes went out." "Yes indeed." "Three months ago you said your fuel lines were leaking." "Yeah...that also happened." "....Dude...you were our best employee until you bought this freaking car." "Yeah, I just love Chevys, sorry."


Oh, a Citation citation...Excellent!


Man, I wish I could hear their side of this same story. I have a feeling this is a Tucker And Dale situation.


>Man, I wish I could hear their side of this same story. I have a feeling this is a Tucker And Dale situation. Their version: We teased some young kids, had a good time playing on the rope swing then walked up the trail and got in bobbys Ford escort and drove home.


Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!?


Larry! Do you know what happens?!


THIS is what happens!! This is what happens when you find. A stranger. In the Alps.


So, can we go to in&out now?


Exactly what I was thinking…


Hidy Ho officer...boy, boy we have had a doozy of a day


They weren’t trying to be mean to those kids. They were just desperately trying to warn them about how dangerous the broken rope swing is. That, and the demons that come from the depths if you look at your reflection in the water for too long.


How did you know it was their car? What if it was someone else’s car? When they were bullying you did they mention the vehicle they came in?


ABC- Be Near Me?


Love the ABC reference.


I've never once thought, huh I should go fuck w a farmer.


I know of a farmer who was spreading manure and his neighbour didn't appreciate that. His neighbour followed him to the field and got out of the car to talk to the farmer. Only trouble is the farmer didn't see the car behind him so he just started spreading.


He saw


Probably, but for legal reasons he "didn't see".


Am from long line of farmers and can confirm, he absolutely saw.


It looks like British plates on the car and the telehandler, so more than likely what happened is the shirtless nonce is the latest of many idiots coming to the countryside post lockdown with no idea how the countryside works. Parked in the entrance to the farm and when the farmer said he couldn't park there said shirtless nonce took off his shirt to act hard, which in the city works 9 times out of 10. But in the countryside it works exactly 0 times out of 10 because British farmers don't give a fuck, not a single one and will do whatever it takes to get what they need done. The outcome is what's shown in the video.


What's the likely repercussions from this?


Maybe some sort of destruction of property charge. In the UK it is illegal to block an exit, ie. stop a car from getting out or off a drive etc, but pretty sure the law doesn’t allow you to take the matters into your own hands like that.


Not to mention that where the farmer deposited the car was in the middle of the road.


Well in his defense cars are allowed on the road, just not at that angle.


You'd make a great defense lawyer


Your honor, I may not know much, I’m just a caveman, your modern ways frighten me, but I do know this - any farmer who’s egress is deliberately blocked is entitled to at least $1 million in compensatory damages.


I miss that guy. Taken way too early from us.


When I'm driving on the highway in my BMW and the phone in my car rings, I wonder what kind of magic or fairies have possessed it. But I don't wonder about traffic laws.


With UK law there's more legal consequence to blocking a public road than a private driveway. In terms of legal consequences the farmer is likely to be in far more trouble, just based on blockage alone.


Moving an idiot's car out of the way by yourself could feasibly result in a slap on the wrist, except this bloke deliberately flipped the car and scraped it along the road. That wasn't necessary


Also, they clipped the fuck out of the guy with the forks. Those can do serious damage.


For a second near the end when the guy was on the ground I thought he was going to get skewered through the wall.


Calling the police is what you’re expected to do. What the farmer did was insane


Maybe a criminal damage charge for the farmer, but the rural crime team will be the ones responding to the call, so the shirtless nonce will get a tongue lashing before they even get to the farmer.


>rural crime team I hope that's an actual title


It is, every county force has a team dedicated to crimes relating to agriculture and other countryside matters like raptor persecution and damage to ancient monuments.


... these are their stories.




Fuck yea I'd watch some Law & Order: RCT I feel like it'd be like Reno 911! except, yknow, real stories.




In my head, I immediately saw people persecuting the raptors from Jurassic Park.


Clever girl.


"Rural Crime Team" I'd watch that show.


"When shirtless nonces and farmers not giving a fuck cross paths, only the Rural Crime Team can prevent havoc!".


Does "Hot Fuzz" fit the bill?


Have you ever shot your gun in the air and yelled "aaaah!" ?


Depending on the land and the full story behind why he moved the vehicle as he did, there's definitely the potential for criminal damage charges


Yeah he shouldn't have kicked the tractor. They are very expensive.


Reminds me of the Brit Farmer who found the people who had been dumping tires on his property and then brought the giant truck load of tires back to said assholes house and dumped them all on his front porch and driveway. Hilarious and perfect Karma.


Like I said, British farmers don't give a single fuck. There was a video last year of a Mercedes parked in a field while the owner went to the beach, the farmer was spreading muck on the field and covered the Merc all over in muck, which is mainly animal shit.


Thanks reminding me, very funny and what an idiot for parking in the field! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KwdbvAZNnpo


That's the one, it makes me piss myself every time.


Omg that’s great, I wish there was an after video to that.


If only the windows were down


"I hope you have as fun washing your car... As I'm gonna have painting it" lmao


The little “yeaHH” from the kid is great lol


My mate was walking around after an operation. He needed to walk around as much as he could. He got into this path and after a few minutes the farmer came with his car and told him fuck right off. The farmer wouldn't hear any apologies and that. That was funny story to hear given how awkward my mate is. I got to say that there is a lot of crime in rural areas and a lot of that goes unpunished and farmers lose a huge amount of money. Sometimes a few times per year. I'm not surprised that some of them might be aggressive with people trespassing, even if there is no clear delineation or warning. EDIT: corrected lots of errors


A while back, my dad owned a carwash. Some jackass kept dumping old TVs in one of the bays. So my dad and uncle were out there smashing them up to toss em in the dumpster, and they found a few business cards for a local TV repair shop. He tried going to the cops but they said there wasn't anything they could do about it. My dad went to the TV shop and told them to knock it the fuck off, and they just gave him shit like "what are you gonna do about it." That night, there were more TVs dumped at the carwash. So my dad just collected every TV they dropped off, loaded em into his 26' box truck, and late one night left them all over their parking lot, blocking the entrance. They stopped dumping TVs after that


The behaviour some folks on holiday are displaying in rural areas right now is absolutely fucking shocking. I've mates who live in the Highlands round the NC500 and they've had people shit in their gardens because they've decided to go 'wild camping' in the caravan in a carpark that doesn't have any loos! Laybys and passing places chocked full of campervans and shitty tents, leaving their rubbish everywhere. Wild camping is where you camp in the wild and leave no trace, not by the roadside leaving all your rubbish and waste. It's awful.


Yep I'm in Dumfries and Galloway and the stretch of coastline I live on is covered in either bags of, or piles of, human turd from campers/camper vanners/caravanners just chucking it out. I regularly slip into daydreams of murder.


Plus everybody and their mums is packin' round here.


Like who?




Who else?


Farmers mums.


> shirtless nonce took off his shirt to act hard, which in the city works 9 times out of 10 You've apparently not been to any UK cities.


Yeah, buddy, lets see which does more damage, you kicking my vehicle, or me flipping yours the fuck over.


Scrolled down this far to look for an article or backstory. Just to save anyone time, there wasn't any. Edit: article maybe suggesting locations, I'm not from the UK. Will post any articles I get to help yee travelers. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/15186931/moment-furious-farmer-rams-yobs-car-tractor-flips-it/




thank you


So did I, if only your comment was closer to the top.


“Move your car or I’ll move it for you, mate”


Seriously though, why didn't he just move it instead of waiting for the farmer to get his equipment out and so on? Deserved it. Edit: okay maybe he didn't deserve it but somehow it seemed right. Whatever sorry to upset the pearl clutches.


He's a cunt?


All signs point to being a cunt.


The shirtlessness is all the proof you need.


Shirtless guy always loses the fight, always... Edit: Fixed danglish typo


Once when I was in school I witnessed a fight starting, and one of them started to take off his shirt, but once it was over his head and he was pulling it off the other dude just hit him in the face 3 times through the shirt and the guy dropped instantly out cold, shirt still over his head.


You get the shirt off during the leadup to the fight for this exact reason though. I've seen too many dudes get dropped because their shirt got pulled up by the other fighter and just slapped em silly.


Thats how they do it in hockey. Pull the shirt up over the other guy's head and start punching.


The farmer might have arrived in that to do whatever work he needed to do. Like move round bails. Common to move them with forks.


Those look to me like pallet forks, bale forks are more of a skewer. Still may well have had the forks out to do farmer stuff, just sharing a lil country boy knowledge.


forks ain't just for forkin'. You can do lots of dangerous things with them. Throw a couple planks on them you got yourself mobile staging. Source: Grandfather was a farmer.


Snake, there's no way you can take on an armored vehicle barehanded. You should come back to mother base and rethink your strategy.


Laughs in fulton recovery


*shits in road*


The people not upvoting you probably just don't remember MGSV's [horse pooping mechanic](https://youtu.be/khfxy73wEZI).


Love how the dude kicks the thousand pound piece of machinery-


> And that was when the hooligan, who was both trespassing on my property and harassing me, attempted to destroy my private property... * This Farmer.


"I feared for my life." -Farmer to judge


“That foot was coming right at my tractor. It was purely self defense.”


“I took that personally.”


“I meant to hit the brake pedal but accidentally pushed on the gas and moved the arm to hit the car. Total accident”


And then I did another accident when I flipped his car over. Oh, and when I swung the forks around hitting him? Complete accident. I accidented the hell out of that guy!


I was expecting a shipment of roosters. So technically he was cock blocking me, your honor.




I would like to know the story....


Commercial for new season of Battle Bots.




Farmer wanted to do some farming but guy blocks his gate with a car. Farmer did what Farmer had to do to continue farming.


This is the farming whey.


I agree wheat you


Yeah, you don't really want to mess with farmers. They've got that I-got-up-at-4-am rage.


They also got that E-I-E-I-O rage.


With a stab stab here and a crush crush there, here a stab, there a stab, everywhere a crush crush


Old MacDonald will fuck you up, E-I-E-I-O


Old macdonald just became head of a corporation. He's the CIEIO.


This was the right amount of silly for me. Thank you and have a lovely day.


So *that's* why I'm always angry...


You could just be an asshole


More probable TBF 😂


Ah, but when an asshole gets up at 4 am...


Then you better rush to the toilet.




* his manual labor job for 12 hours and another 4 of manual labor around the house. I worked with a paver who would work from 4am-9pm and then go plant soy from 11pm-1am


How's he alive with 3hrs of sleep max? I feel like shit if I get 6.


Not entirely sure I was too afraid to get within 30’ of him during planting month. He had a resting murder face the entire time


Especially pig farmers. Always be wary of a man who keeps pigs. You got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped-up body will look like curry to a pisshead. You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies' digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don't want to go sievin' through pig shit, now do you? They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body that weighs 200 pounds in about eight minutes. That means that a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute. Hence the expression, "as greedy as a pig."


Read this in Bricktop's voice. Thank you for this. Gonna go watch this movie again.


In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, come again?


[Do you know who I am....?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xUynRdzzsM) Six pieces and sixteen pigs scene from [Snatch (2000)](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0208092/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1) Edit: added link to IMDB


Use the forks Luke!


Him kicking it almost worked


Mate if the thing can lift and push your car so easily, kicking it won’t do shit


People don’t realize the shit utility vehicles are meant to do, he could steal your car with that thing if he really wanted to


Hippity hoppity, your car is now off my property.


No prisoners were being taken that day, a slap with the forks for good measure


*That's attempted ~~murder~~ education.*


Wow Jeremy Clarkson’s new farming show looks pretty cool


Sounds like this is a [common](https://www.fwi.co.uk/news/video-farmer-carries-parked-car-lane-tractor) problem for UK farmers. Also, for those saying the farmer will get billed...looks like there's a [tractor policy](https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/what-to-do-when-a-car-is-blocking-the-road.37144/) that will reimburse the farmer for moving any vehicle with a forklift that keeps them from farming. Edit: Lol, I found the shirtless nonce.


I'm not sure where this policy is, I only saw a single comment without any source in the link saying their policy allows them to do that. I found another [thread](https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/moving-vehicles-blocking-access.321310/) from that same website saying mostly opposite things. >Simiar situation. Car blocking the farm track and needed to get hay in. Checked everywhere for the owner - nowhere to be found, so I rang the police just to keep things right as I moved the car (an old Micra) about 5m. I was told if I touched it that I would be arrested. It didn't matter that rain was forecast and they were blocking my legal access. Next time I will just move them. If I am going to get arrested at least I would be able to get the hay in first!!!


The owner was clearly in this video though. Pretty sure the farmer would have to show they made a reasonable attempt to work with the driver to move their vehicle


It's a standard clause in agricultural insurance policies: mine covers > loss or damage to any motor vehicle which is being moved by a person in your employ to facilitate the passage of the insured vehicle. In practice though that means the lads move someone's car by attaching a chain to the car's tow point, not by flipping it upside down.


I wouldn't take much notice of what is said on the farming forum, it's the 4chan of farmers


I'm not sure if I'd take one comment in a forum as proof that there are insurance policies that allow this. People misunderstand what their policy covers all the time. Ultimately insurance can only pay for the damage to the car. If what the farmer did is illegal his insurance policy isn't going to prevent him from being in legal trouble.


I think there's a huge difference between moving a car and destroying it.


valet parking




How is he going to explain this to his insurance? Farmers insurance, coincidentally.


It's not much but it's honest work


ITT no actual explanation to the events leading up to this


This is a common problem in the UK. People wanting to go on country hikes will just park in the entrance to random farms and then fuck off all day long walking around and picnicking on farmer's land. This happens so much that there are country laws allowing farmers to move unauthorized vehicles from their property with forklifts. There's at least a news article per year about this topic if you search for it.


Is there a version with sound anywhere!?


I feel like there had to be an exchange of words like: Farmer : move your car please. Car guy: no Farmer: move your car or I'll move it for you. Car guy: what you gonna do? And this is where the camera started rolling.


Far to many treat the countryside as a theme park rather than a place where people live and work. They do this shit all the time.