Did he really just do that

Did he really just do that


That is Bass Webb. He was arrested in my hometown after trying to run into a couple of jailers and for decapitating his girlfriend.


I feel like *"decapitating his girlfriend"* should have come first in that list of offenses.


Chronological order makes sense though. Based on the other comments the murder charge(s) came years later


I looked it up and can confirm. This happened in 2009 and years later spit again on a corrections officer. Looks like a total of 10 years for the third degree assaults from spitting, 15 years for a different assault on an officer, and 50 years for the murder. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.kentucky.com/news/local/crime/article44398998.html


That look on the defense attorney's face "what the fuck I'm not getting paid enough for this." Definitely been there with some clients


Probably a public defender. Aka, not paid enough for this shit


Right, I'm glad there are people out there willing to do that job but I cannot imagine doing it myself.


It's actually a huge issue right now. Public defenders are few and far between, and as a result, those who work the job have just a few minutes to devote to each case. They're overworked and underpaid, and it's part of the reason that poor people take plea deals so often. It's either that, or appear with a lawyer who barely has time to learn your name, much less the details of your case. I don't mean this as a dig at public defender's, as they're doing their darndest in a broken system. I mean this as a dig at the broken law enforcement system in America.


Oh I agree, not sure what the answer is though. I used to know a JAG attorney. I think I remember him telling me that they didn't have specific prosecutors and defenders, you just got assigned a side and had to figure it out. Seems like an interesting concept that might work for government attorneys. I feel like there are always plenty of prosecutors but not enough public defenders.


Not really correct. jags are given assignments where the are prosecutors then reassigned (move locations) and they are defendants. Or the other way around. My dad did 24 years as a jag. Did both sides and was a judge. Now he is a crimson defense attorney. The look on this laywer face was “thanks for making my job impossible, you are getting the max sentence” In small towns the paid defense attorneys get assigned as public defenders.


>crimson defense lawyer Initially this sounded like some higher up secret society type gig. Like The Crimson Order or something. Then I realized it was likely a typo for **criminal** defense and I just had a bad dumb.


Spelling and reading are why I am not a lawyer.


Happy I was able to hire a pubic defender, I’ll never get my pubes stolen now Edit: he fixed it


Pubic defenders bahaha


My pubes have never been safer


I dunno. Maybe he's secretly thinking "fuck yea, job security bitches."


Definitely could be the case. When I was a new attorney I had a client mouth off to a judge and all I could think about is how do I lose this client. Hopefully he isn't a court appointed defender.


I had a court appointed young man who as a teen had more convictions than lifetime bikers. His upbringing wouldn’t sell as a book because it’s too offensive to be thought of as possible. I come into court one day and he’s on video from the jail for first appearances, again, and I got appointed, again, so I stopped to listen what was going on. Dude was as calm as a Hindu cow going through the arraignment. He was polite to the judge, answers all the questions concisely and intelligently. Everything went very well. Then, at the end the judge asked “Do you have any questions?” And my client responded, as coolly and calmly as possible “Yes, can you ask the charging officer to go fuck himself?”


Well, did they?


People who spit on judges usually aren’t rich enough to afford a proper lawyer.


So you've chosen death


He is actually serving a life sentence but not for this. He murdered 2 confirmed exgirlfriends with a plethora of other crimes. https://youtu.be/uQSokD4kD4Q


"Jail house tip" led to the discovery of the remains of another girlfriend he murdered. Basically that means he was bragging about it, and doing so in such detail that another inmate went to the guards about it. You have to be a pretty big piece of shit to be housed in a unit full of people equally as dangerous as you and still have one of them rat you out. Fuck this dude.


Look at the way he behaves in court. That's him on *his best behavior.* Imagine what a piece of shit he is everywhere else. He probably gets on peoples nerves inside by being an incurable asshole.


You can use intel on a more severe crime than yours to get time off of your sentence or some other perk.


Then this guy is actually even stupider then I originally believed. He's talking about this stuff in front of a bunch of people who are willing to rat him out for the slightest *chance* of a deal? Dumb.


You’d have to be really disliked for someone to take the chance to rat on you. It’s not a myth that snitches get no respect in jail


One might say.... snitches get hit often.


Snitches get sutures! And cool scars.


How are people like that? I don’t understand.


my dad was a clinical psychologist who was occasionally called in to evaluate criminals for parole hearings and as an expert witness. he said he's met people he didn't want walking the earth there are monsters among us.


I worked in prisons almost ten years ago now, for a charity that helped inmates and ex-offenders. Most people in there generally deserved to be doing some kind of time for what they did, although some of them are in there on some bullshit or their sentences are way too long. I've met some people who I wouldn't let out on the streets, and some who probably shouldn't be allowed near other human beings at all. Some of them are only marginally less dangerous inside. Worst is when someone is in on something small like drugs or robbery and you can just tell from how they are that they'll be back for something worse. There's four or five people I remember off the top of my head who were inside for a few weeks or months then ended up coming back later for murder.


I want to hear stories from your dad!


I used to work in behavioral health, specially juveniles who have committed sex crimes on others. Most of them were kids who I believe were good at heart, but repeated abuse that have been inflicted on them when they were a child too, which resulted in them perpetuating violence and abuse onto others. Sure, they were difficult to manage but they very much had their humanity and empathy—just very little emotional self-regulation and impulse control. With trauma-informed therapy and structure in their lives, most of them managed to make positive changes in their lives. But there was a small handful of these kids—I’d say maybe 4 or 5—that were true sociopaths. Who would offend and reoffend at any opportunity available to them without any remorse whatsoever. I worry that some of them may be out in the public again.


Exactly, judge is someone that can EASILY fuck up the rest of your existence. Dude is nuts


From Op's post above, this guy won't ever be out of prison again. He will possibly never see a woman again. All this guy has, is his idea that this person disrespected him, and he shouldn't stand for it. He doesn't know consequences, and doesn't follow the logic of "someone who murders two women doesn't deserve respect". I'd bet $50 that he feels happy with how that interaction went, and no punishment the legal system can add (they can't add solitary) will change his mind. Some people suck.


This would’ve been true regardless though. Dude is a murderer. Life was already a foregone conclusion. He basically got away for free with the spitting since it’s not like you can do any worse than life.


Clearly you've never been to jail for judge spitters


Lol I think that will make him more popular in jail. Dude will have the prison rep of a murderer and one that spit on the judge who sentenced him.


Yeah but he murdered two women right? Nobody respects that


People that murder women might


I never like these rascals.


In my experience that still puts him above the pedophiles. It’s likely he’ll have this story to tell the other murderers. But in prison it’s 50/50 whether someone wants to share their charges or not. This guy is gonna be one of the talkers.


Anything to do with kids puts you at the bottom of the chain in there


Some people suck. -Tom Segura.


Tell that MFer I appreciate him - Pacman Jones


If you bring a baby into a movie theater, you’re a piece of shit. - Tom ZEGURAH


RIP Tommy Buns


I love his lawyer’s reaction


The subtle head shake too


Can't imagine how some can be defense lawyers. Edit: referring to how many probably know they're representing someone 100% guilty but they still have to do their job and make sure it doesn't get out of hand.


In a case like this, their job isn’t to win, just to make sure the prosecutors don’t pull any BS Edit: well this has spammed me with a few “X upvotes!” notifications so here’s a bit more info from what I understand, correct me if I’m wrong Their job is to 1) make sure the prosecution doesn’t charge them with any BS just because they can, and 2) hold the prosecutors to a higher standard. Make sure they cross their ‘t’s and dot their ‘i’s, because if they don’t and they start to get relaxed/lazy, then they may actually fail to prosecute someone that’s obviously guilty. Edit 2: I should note this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get the best defense possible, because everyone has that right. But this is likely the only/best thing that can be done if you’re very obviously guilty. Get rid of any “iffy” charges that got tacked on, and look for the prosecutors to slip up somewhere. I don’t think anyone could do much about the assault charge for spitting on the judge though... it’s really a waste of time when you could be focusing on the other aspects I mentioned (especially when a public defender has way too many cases, time and recourses need to be given to whoever it would help the most)


This makes more sense after pulling jury duty. Person being charged had no alibi but the prosecutor did try to bring down as many charges as possible. All the defense attorney did was keep the primary charge in focus and basically just ran damage control.


> All the defense attorney did was keep the primary charge in focus and basically just ran damage control. Which is one of the basic reasons we have defense attorneys. Damage control may not always be sexy but there is a big difference between getting 6 months in prison versus 6 years in prison and if everything is left to the discretion of the prosecutor it will almost always be far heavier.


The way that it was explained to me, if the prosecution gets sloppy and doesn't do things properly, there's a higher chance of the ruling getting thrown out in appeal. Part of the defence's role in stopping the prosecution from pulling bs serves this purpose as well.


I mean, if it gets thrown out on appeal that just gets you a new trial. Prosecutorial misconduct isn’t a get out of jail free card, there was a high profile SCOTUS case recently where the same guy was tried 6 times for the same crime because the prosecution kept violating rules (Flowers v. MS)


You inspired me to look up that case and wow - sounds like the prosecution didn't just break rules 6 times but the *same goddamn rule*. In 6 trials over 25 years. Then ultimately dropped the charges because their witnesses had grown old and died. That's some Kafkaesque shit.


That's a great way to think of it. The defense lawyers might not be defending the innocence of this *person*, but defending the system of justice. Or at least, the intent of justice. Knowing how fraught with corruption the US justice system is, imagine how bad it would be if public defenders weren't a thing?


This is accurate to a degree. The defense attorney’s job is to test the prosecution’s case from a legal and factual standpoint. If you only have one side of a case presented, innocent people will go to jail and police/prosecutorial misconduct will not be brought to light. Criminal defense attorneys try to preserve the system. If the system isn’t up to prosecuting their client properly and with evidence, their client should go free. If the client gets overcharged, it should be brought down to the proper charging level. Even when defending the guilty, they can still act as a check on the justice system by making sure it’s doing its job in a competent, legal manner.


Or they may unfairly prosecute someone who’s innocent. Happens all the time.


There’s a movie called “The Judge” (which is great btw) where the Judge commends the town’s defense lawyer who took a terrible case of a murderer/rapist, *knowing all the locals would despise him*.. but he took the case bc no one else would, and in America everyone has the right to a defense. Otherwise many innocent ppl wouldn’t get their own justice for being wrongfully accused. Which is why the burden of proof is set so high for prosecution to prove, bc in legal-philosophical logic (PhD in Law/Ethics); it is worse to convict someone who’s innocent, than to let someone guilty get off. Which is why the treatment of minority Americans is so shameful of the US Justice system, as it is in direct contrast of what they stand for. For example; racial profiling, as in considering someone to be more likely guilty bc of their appearance.


John Adams acted as defense for the British soldiers in the trial for the Boston Massacre. For people that consider the opinions of the Founding Fathers to be sacrosanct, I'd say that a fair and equitable defense no matter who you are is a part of that.


If it wasn’t for his cousin Sam, he might not have survived the ordeal. He knew what was at stake both directions and chose the moral path. He’s definitely in the hall of fame for defense lawyers.


John Quincy Adams also defended the African men on the Amistad. The Adams are really strong moral people from our past. They hardly get recognition, John Adam’s in particular seems to be a forgotten Founding Father. Truly a shame. Edit: “forgotten” is hyperbole. Obviously people have heard of him 🙄


JQA spoke 8 languages (English, Latin, Greek, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian), is said to haunt the Capital, and the only ex-President to become a member of the HoR. John Adams was also the first President who had freed his slaves, though he owned her for a bit because he only freed her after realizing she was a slave and not a child sent to live with him.


Post-presidency he also repeatedly introduced anti-slavery bills in the House and they kept trying to censure him so he would stop, and he was like nah fuck that I'm a former President you can't shut me up and kept advocating for abolition literally daily. Badass guy.


What's the HoR?


House of Representatives.


I reccomend the HBO Mini Series John Adams. Paul Giamatti is excellent in the title role.




John Adams? I know him, that can't be...


Defense attorney's job is to present the best case possible for the defendant.


Defense lawyers are serving the justice system, not just their clients. The confidence level that justice was properly served when someone is found guilty (i.e. that they are actually guilty) is higher if they had defense council than if they didn't.


>how many probably know they're representing someone 100% guilty Everybody has the right to be represented in law to make sure, as others have said, that the law is upheld. However much of an asshat you are you have the right to have your asshattery judged in an open, fair way. That's what solicitors/lawyers extend to society, but with all genuine altruism aside a 'win' probably feels pretty good when you know you've beaten a poor case rather than good evidence.


Public Defense lawyers are a thing. They don't necessarily "want" to defend the people they do, but it's the principle of it. For the system to work the accused need proper representation, whether their a piece of shit or not.


Some people are passionate about the law, and believe everyone has the same right to a fair trial.


They do, that's what our constitution says. Our country is founded on people deserving a fair trial by a jury of their peers. And the defenders need to ensure there's always a high bar to cross to throw someone in prison. They should ALWAYS have to show overwhelming evidence to prove someone is guilty. It doesn't matter what they did. The prosecution should always have a high bar. If they didn't do this, then people who show up in court would just already be guilty by the fact that they're there. The prosecution wouldn't have to show much and wouldn't have a high standard. They should always have a very high standard if they're going to take away someone's literal freedom. So it doesn't matter how shitty your client is, how guilty they are, someone should always represent them and fight for them and make sure that they get a fair trial and that they're not over charged. Our justice depends on someone always fighting for you, no matter how heinous the crimes are. It's a common thing that comes up apparently and they absolutely feel they're doing the right thing even if they feel their client is guilty as all hell. They need to be there to ensure our justice system works, and they need to be there to make sure the prosecution always does their due diligence.


I’m cases like this, they’re really defending just the constitution and making sure rights aren’t violated


*did this mother fucker just do what I think he just did...*


And dr.dre said...


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Scans memory of law school class that describes what to do when your client spits on the judge. Comes up blank.


You can fire your client, right?


But in this case the required procedure is out of a cannon.


Into the sun.


> You can fire your client, right? yes, but not always. You have to petition the court to be relieved as the clients attorney.


He was like: "WTF dude?"


I believe the exact term is "u fockin wot m8"


I've seen this video many times.this is the first time I realize the lawyers face. expectation coming into it this time around, minimal, feeling leaving, priceless


He’s initially thinking “is he serious?!” But afterwards he’s like “im ashamed to be defending this trash”


"Just give him the death penalty, your honor. Im over it."


as a former public defender, shit like this is why it's *former*


*record scratch, freeze frame* you're probably wondering how i ended up here...


[This is what he ended up with](https://i.imgur.com/lZTocS2.jpg) [Video source](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQSokD4kD4Q)


From the look of his head tattoos, I don’t think he likes the Judiciary very much: https://i.imgur.com/210Mrv7.jpg


Or he’s very protective of his cheese.


To be fair, a good aged super sharp cheddar is pretty high up there in the "understandable killings" ranking.


I’m worried that Rats #1 & 2 are just the ex-girlfriends that he murdered.


Dude just takes his pest control job very seriously. I don't see what the big deal is.


Jesus, dude has a hit list tattooed on his skull. Guess he’s killed 3 rats.


I can make out: All Judges All Prosecutors All Cops The Media Not sure about the rest


“Those Who Must Die: All Judges All Cops All Prosecutors The Media ~~Rat #1~~ ~~Rat #2~~ ~~Rat #3~~ And Many More”


That makes more sense than mine. I thought it said "Chad" right before "Many More" and I wondered what Chad did to get a named position on this guy's head list.


Lol same I couldn't help but chuckle reading "chad" on the bottom of a hit list


I think this guy is not a good dude.


His prison name should be base weeb


Yea that'll sure teach him.


How do you get life in prison 2 years after you've given 37 years in prison already? What did he do ? Kill a prison guard?


Iirc he got charged with two seperate murders of two girlfriends while inside. The video explains it all.


> he got charged with two seperate murders of two girlfriends while inside Holy shit


He didn't kill them while already in prison, he was just convicted of it while in prison


I sorta figured they weren't letting him out at night to go kill people


"Be back by morning, we're doing pancakes"


Ah yes, that'll be the state super-lax prison.


The most surprisingly thing but all this is how he got two women to like him enough to be his girlfriend


My mom’s amazingly abusive ex husband has been married, *legally* married - wedding and everything - 9 times. She was wife #2 at like 22 and has NO idea how he keeps getting women to marry him after how many times he’s been married and how many kids he has. The man is flat out altering Texas’s gene pool.


Kind of a flaw in our species. Having zero empathy, extreme confidence, borderline abusive, and being very effective with manipulating people can be of a great advantage until it goes too far in some way and you get caught. People are going to trust the overly confident person who says just the right things over the person who appears less confident even if there is a good reason the latter may appear that way. Being very good looking also helps a lot. [Ted Bundy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Bundy) is a notorious example of someone who supposedly was able to easily woo people and even had people into him after he was arrested.


Makes me think of one of my favorite Christopher Titus jokes: My father was a salesman, a great salesman. The man got married 7 times, he was a GREAT salesman. Still not sure how he got the last one to say “I’m a unicorn.”


Arnt abusers really good at being charming at first? If they sucked at being charming then nobody would stick around long enough for them to abuse


They are also good at finding vulnerable people susceptible to their charm and ultimately their abuse.


Kinda explains the spit and his apparent pure hatred towards women in general. He can’t handle the fact she has power over him.


Dudes name is Bass Webb. The context of this court proceeding was that he attempted to run over a couple of guards outside of a court facility. The judge you saw that got spat on didn't want to get involved with his case because she knew who the two jail employees were. She did file charges and Webb got several additional years added to the two attempted murder charges. He got around 35 years. However, he would come back to haunt later on. After that incident, he: Started a riot with four other dudes, where Bass threw a metal telephone box at guards. Another 17 years were added to the sentence because the prosecution saw that the metal telephone box could cause serious damage or even death to someone if it had been thrown that way. This is when things get pretty dark. He was then charged for murdering not one, but two ex-girlfriends. However, the accusation of murdering the second ex didn't come until five years after the accusation of him murdering the first ex. He pled guilty to both and is now serving life w/o parole. I guess the law spat right back at him. EDIT: Fixed some information. Did the first version on mobile so I couldn't give out that much. Also, could you guys make this conversation civil, please? I understand that the death penalty is a controversial subject, but, were here to see a judge die inside after getting spat on, not to get into political discourse. I'm just here giving out basic background knowledge about this dude and you guys start some debate in the comments. Sheesh. If you want political discourse, go to r/politics or another political subreddit where you can debate and rant all you want. P.S. I know that this dude is an absolutely evil person and should definitely spend the rest of his life in prison.


This is the type of person that can't be rehabilitated.


How does someone get like this?


In my experience, one of three major ways: 1. He grew up around those with antisociality or a ton of criminality, and learned the tricks of the trade at a young age. This includes coming from a "stable" home, but being in less stable neighborhoods with substantial crime issues or high gang activity that influenced him. This path is also probably the most common in my experience for those with high antisociality. 2. He grew up in a neglectful and/or abusive home and learned early on its better to shit on others than to get shit on by them. Please be aware most people in this circumstance don't grow up to become antisocial, but enough people with antisociality have described this etiology for it to have merit. 3. He was born with a high degree of psychopathy and never had experiences to allow this psychopathy to be channeled elsewhere that would be more "productive" to society. This is rarer in my opinion and I would say out of the 1000 or so cases I've seen that only maybe 3 people could claim to be "born with it." Most seem to have their psychopathy nurtured by the environments of the first and second scenarios. Edit: I will note, antisociality and psychopathy have quite a bit of overlap, but are ultimately two different things. Sort of like how a wrap and a sandwich have a lot in common, but you wouldn't say they are the same. You can have antisociality without psychopathy (pretty common), and you can have psychopathy without antisociality (rarely and I haven't seen that in my careeer to this point). My first two examples relate to antisociality only, my third is a theoretical view (i.e. high innate psychopathy) on how antisociality could develop without much environmental consideration.


How does one channel psycopathy in a positive way? Edit* Thanks for the replies. I am not a psycopath though, it seems like I could get rich if I were.


Get into politics The truth is that most people with anti-social traits don't end up killing people, they usually just live their lives as massive assholes.


Or become a CEO


Exactly. Get into politics, business, law...many of those at the top are straight sociopaths.


"Snakes in Suits" is a book by the expert of psychopathy on how psychopathy is displayed in corporate culture. Basically, those with high psychopathy find "legal" ways to act like jackasses towards others. I'll note, when I say 'productive' I don't mean all is well, but instead the person can provide for themselves in a legal way and any problematic behaviors or interactions won't result in incarceration. You can have high psychopathy, be viewed as 'productive' in society and stay out of legal trouble, and still be someone no one wants anything to do with otherwise. It must be noted, psychopathy is usually thought as a unitary construct that is either present or absent, but the reality is it is multi-faceted and displayed across a continuum. So someone could display high degree of psychopathy in one facet, but not be viewed as a "psychopath" because other facets are lower or absent. Likewise, someone may act like a total asshole to others, but not reach a level of 'clinical psychopathy.' Most of those who commit crime don't actually reach the clinical cutoff to be viewed as having high psychopathy. Edit: I will note, antisociality and psychopathy have quite a bit of overlap, but are ultimately two different things. Sort of like how a wrap and a sandwich have a lot in common, but you wouldn't say they are the same.


Investigating child sex crimes as a career is much much easier if you can't empathize with the victims.


Sometimes it’s upbringing. Other times, the person is just born that way. Two of the most fucked up people I know in my personal life have normal parents and siblings.


Fun story. The guy before me in court spit in the judge's face, exactly like this. Exactly. Big brouhaha and things "settle down" Judge then calls my ass up there to face charges. She was not happy. Not. Happy. I had a trespassing charge. I was sitting in a park after 6pm. Cop was just strolling through, it is what it is. Final verdict. $600 fine and a year Supervised Probation. I got to hang out at the Probation Office and piss in a cup once a week for a year. Park had a hell of a view, though....


A year of probation for being in a park after 6? Wtf


When the cop came up to speak on his behalf he vehemently defended me. He tried his best to help but that judge was mad mad. I got the whole book full speed


I mean good on the cop for tryna make sure you got a proportional punishment from an angry judge, but that's a stupid thing for him to ticket you over. If you're gonna punish someone for being a park late make them pick up garbage and clean the park for 5 hours or something. What's the point of probation unless you were doing meth or something in the public park?


I think he regretted it but the damage was done. I was 18 and sitting on a bench. I had nothing on me. I think if he knew I had nothing before calling it in then he would've let me walk but he had to save face. His face when she let me have it will sit with me forever.


Fuck that judge. That's not justice.


That's how most of them are in the U.S. They will ruin your life if they are in a bad mood and there isn't much you can do about it.


There has literally been research that shows sentence before lunch is significantly worse than after. It's fucking insane.


That study almost gave me an actual panic attack. When you think about the things that outcomes can hinge on... I work in the mental health field, and we're taught to recognize our own biases and reactions to things and people. It can be really helpful, because you start to make these connections, like: "Okay, this client bothers me because they're reminding me of my older sister. I need to keep myself in check before I start \*taking out my shit with my older sister on this client.\* And then I think about how people like judges probably make so many decisions based on these kind of things, and may not even be aware of it. Remind them of their favorite child and you're great, but watch out if you have the same hairstyle as their ex-wife. It's terrifying.


Judges in Louisiana give harsher sentences the week after LSU football losses Bad stuff


Fuckin hate the legal system here.


If it’s any solace, maybe he’ll think twice about how bad he can fuck someone’s life up with such a needless charge. Both the cop and judge are utter scum bags. Trespassing charge for sitting in a park? A *year* of probation for sitting on a fucking bench? Absolutely insane, both of those choices.


They shouldn't be a judge if they can't keep their emotions in check. That's kind of the whole point of impartiality? You give people a fair sentence not the sentence you want to give them because you're in a pissy mood.


Judges are all little dictators of their own false reality. There's no fairness in court if a judge is slightly grumpy.


Why didn't the cop just...not write a ticket in the first place?


Could you get a retrial, etc based on emotion clearly overcoming the judge and impacting their decision making?


It was quite a long time ago. Plus I was a broke kid... I'm happy I could afford the probation payments, that's the one thing that could've wrecked my future


What are probation payments? You have to pay to be on probation??


Yes. [https://finesandfeesjusticecenter.org/articles/financial-sanctions-intersect-with-probation/](https://finesandfeesjusticecenter.org/articles/financial-sanctions-intersect-with-probation/) you can have to pay for court costs/fees, the probation officer's time, the drug tests they mandate you take, etc.


Jesus i got a park-curfew violation when i was fooling around with my gf in a park at 1am. I had to pay $70 bucks and that was it. Your Judge was fucking steaming


Ha, yea. The spit hadn't even dried, I'm sure. The court is called in alphabetical order and I knew we were close to my turn, man I was throwing up all the prayers to not hear my name.




How nice of him! I've been in parks after "close" several times, and any time a cop saw me they just asked me to leave.


Is the judge allowed to have all that say in the sentencing? It seems way out of order and unfair..


It was simple recorders court and I was pretty young. Honestly had no idea what my rights were, I just hauled my ass up there alone and took it


What kind of park is closed after 6pm? And what kind of park do you get arrested for being in after 6


It's to keep homeless from sleeping there. It's one of those laws that is rarely enforced otherwise and only really used to search people that are "suspicious" (young and/or minority).


All parks down here close "at sunset" so 6pm year round. It is rarely enforced but I got lucky.


I'm from Sweden and I've never ever heard of a park with opening hours. This is a completely alien concept to me.




Georgia. And yea, damn sun don't set until midnight...ha


That's absolute madness. After work, commuting and eating you might get like 30 minutes of park time before you get arrested for being there? The sun is still up and the evening has barely started. Holy fuckballs, what a concept.


I once saw a judge sentence 10 people in a row to two years probation for possesing alcohol as a minor. He wasn't even listening to anyone, just had them come up, say what they had to say, and sentenced them. He sentenced them all in less than 10 minutes, like they were cattle. My lawyer said he's never seen anything like that before.


So instead of just "hey the park is closed, please leave" they waste everyone's time by even dragging you to a judge? Lol.


Ridiculous. A fine would have been enough.


As soon as she called my name everyone in the courthouse turned in slow motion to watch me walk the plank. I knew I was hosed, ha. All good, got a funny story out of it I guess


Your idea of funny is much different than mine. Glad you have the story to tell, but a judge taking out their anger on the next defendant in line just seems like some ridiculous fuckery to me. Sorry you had to deal with that, over sitting in a park after 6PM. Shit, just typing it out makes me angry on your behalf. I hope all is well now!


All good, my friend. I appreciate it. It was ridiculous indeed...


You’re surprisingly chill for what happened. No front brother, I’d still be pissed. Crazy how a life altering decision can be made because the right person got mad at the wrong time. We don’t hold judges to high enough standards.


Did you appeal? That sounds excessive with no priors and probably would have been reduced.


That judge should probably step down if she can’t even keep her emotions in check and treat everyone with the same level of fairness. But tbh the American judicial system is so flawed this probably happens daily anyways


His lawyers face 🤣


That's a definite "you fucking idiot" face if I ever saw one


If I ever go in court I swear I'm try so hard to do exactly what my lawyer asks of me. they put up with enough shit from people making bad mistakes.


It's a 5 year charge to spit on a guard in prison, it's probably more if it's the judge...




I was more shocked by the fact that he succeeded than I was by the fact that he tried it in the first place.


Eh. It was already a life sentence I think, which I a shame because I would have love to see his face if he had gotten a 2 year sentence or something and then 5 years added onto that. Now that would be truly a feat of pure karma.


[Here's the story](https://youtu.be/uQSokD4kD4Q). At the time of the spitting he was being charge for attempting to run over two jail employees. He later got 37 years for that. This judge was recusing herself of that trial because she knew the victims. Later he assaulted a guard and got 15 years for that. Finally they also ended up getting him for murdering two previous girlfriends adding 50 years for the first one and life for the second.


Seems like a nice guy


I love how the judge doesn't even look at anyone else in the room but ice grills tf outta him 😂😂😂


Yeah I wouldn’t say she’s dying inside, she looks pretty fucking composed for someone who’s just been spat on. Unless it’s the defendant. Pretty sure that scum bags got a long enough sentence to ‘die inside’


His attorney is the one dying inside lol


That dude probably has nothing to live for anyways if the only effort he could even give to get back at the judge was to spit. I can think of much better ways to piss people off.


She better hope he didn't just give her gonasyphaherpaclap or something


I believe the proper term is "herpaghonasyphlaids"


yeah, seriously


Look at his lawyer lmao


I'm just gonna put this..... [• • HERE • •](https://thecinemaholic.com/who-killed-bryia-runiewicz-where-is-bass-webb-now/) _(note: not a flawless academic website, but one that has good info and explains the events well.)_ Days after they broke up, Bass Webb turned up at Bryia Runiewicz's house at night and **raped her before shockingly beheading her.** He left Bryia’s **headless corpse on the couch** with her daughters (7 and 8) **asleep in a different room.** After murdering Bryia, Webb went to the Bourbon County Detention Center and **tried to run over two prison guards.** He **told** them that he **had just cut off his ex-girlfriend’s head** and that they **should find her before her daughters wake up and see their dead mother.** During his trial, Webb also **spit in the face of Bourbon District Judge Vanessa Dickson** (he has been **known to spit on and attack prison guards** as well). Bass Webb was sentenced to **50 years in prison for the gruesome rape and murder of Bryia Runiewicz.** There are multiple previous charges against him as well – **10 years for 3rd-degree assault** on multiple police officers; **20 years for attempted murder** when he tried to run over the two prison guards deliberately; **17 years for another attempted murder.** In May 2017, Bass Webb was **also convicted for the murder of another previous girlfriend, Sabrina Vaughn, who had been missing since 2003.** Webb had killed her by choking her to death in 2003 and buried her body in a shallow grave in Montgomery County, which was discovered by the cops in 2010


The lawyers face


Even his defense attorney was done with his ass


I seriously recommend looking into this guy. His name is Bass Webb and everything he does makes it seem like he's on a quest to ruin his own life. This is the guy who got a "kill hit list" tattoo on his head WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON FOR MURDER and decided it was a good idea to debut it at his second murder trial


his lawyer just looks at him lmao


He's like, 'ah for fucks sake.'


His life is already ruined by his hand it’s not like it’s gonna get any worse for him. What are they going to do strap more charges onto something he’s getting 30+ years for anyways?


All pissed off for a consequence for multiple murders? A final display of rebellion by a big baby about to be locked up for life.