Kaitlin Bennett (aka Gun Girl) gets chewed out by police for harassing people at Pride

Kaitlin Bennett (aka Gun Girl) gets chewed out by police for harassing people at Pride

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"I support you guys!" Translation: you're supposed to be only my side, why am I the one in trouble?


That’s EXACTLY what these people mean when they say that.


"I support you guys." But we kill you when we want to overthrow the government and you try to stop us. What they mean is they support authoritarianism as long as it benefits them.


Professional victim


Closest thing to a crisis actor IRL


Cop: Be about your business Kaitlin: *shits pants and passes out*


She **literally** says "but I will have consequences if I go out in there and engage in free speech?" I.... I just can't. Holy fucking shit.


"The interesting thing about being an adult in the world is everything has consequences"


Newton's Third Law of Fuck Around


"For every Fuck Around, there is an equal and opposite Find Out."


To fuck around is human... ...but to find out, divine.


Like the consequences of shitting the worlds biggest shit and letting it lay there for display and that picture is the single thing she is known for. Forever.


In the MOST "woe is me, I'm being persecuted" voice ever. It's the part that pisses me off that she uses that tone of voice as if she has no clue why people would rightfully call law enforcement on her.


Literally 'but officer daddy' voice lmao


I don't get how she cant see that saying "So if I go in there and try and speak to people who don't want to speak to me I'll get in trouble"


The party of personal responsibility.


Seems like a real shitty person.


Seems real down in the dumps.


She pooped her pants


True story, she’s a pants pooper.


here is an [extended version](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF8W_GOVuLA) if anyone want to see


Oh boy. Its the whole "youre not respecting me because youre not falling for my traps" hahaha. Great job by the cop. He was trying to be respectful by explaining the situation. If you do x and they do y. Z might happen. "Why are you telling us Z right now!!!" Thank you for linking the full version. He gave a good response to the consequences comment that was cut out of OP's post


I wonder if her next video will be her going up to a speed limit sign and arguing with it.


Jesus is she fucking annoying.


Ugh her whiney baby voice made me grit my teeth.


This. Mixed with such a condescending tone, ugh.


But pwease mister officer I just really wanna hate gay peopul! *plays with her braids*


The guy with her is just as annoying: "So you're taking their side." Cop: "i'm not taking any side." "You said leave people alone." Wow. TIL a cop verbally asking someone to stay away from people who want nothing to do with them is the cop "taking sides". The mental gymnastics they do to feed their victimhood complex is not even clever. Just plain annoying.


You could say that she's also... annoying as shit? Get it? Cuz she pooped her pants?


You mean the girl in the video? She shit her pants? In real life? Because that’d be a shitty thing to experience.


She passed out at a frat party and legitimately released one of the biggest stream of shit I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s been linked a few times here. Click at your own risk. [so. much. shit. ](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EUBFTszUUAA-n6Q.jpg)


OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! I worked in a nursing home as a CNA for 8 years, I’ve never seen a shit that big. What the fuck! How did all of that even come out laying in her stomach? It’s not like it’s diarrhea. It’s so much


And her thong made it like a Play-Doh fun factory.


Shave and a haircut.


Two bits


That has to be at least 20 courics!!


"What do you think Justin?" I couldn't stop laughing. This chick really did just want to argue with the cop and got owned every step of the way


best line "Your an adult, in the world I'm just saying it would be a mistake"


Nooo... Best line: "You're free to do whatever you like." "But I'll have consequences!" Yes, lady, yes you will.


that cop knew exactly what she was doing and he shut that shit down immediately. that line "are you a detective? because maybe I missed you in Police school" was hilarious.


“But officer I just want to engage in free speech.” Nobody talks like that. He saw right through that bullshit.


Best eight minutes of my day!! God damn that dude is professional as fuck!! And she is a walking pile of steaming shit! Edit: Just watched it again. This time just watched her while he’s talking. She is just so damn rude and foul. If this woman came into my business and talked liked this I’d slap her. Too bad she picks easy targets. What a fucking coward.


[More than you know ](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ntw28a/-/h0uqta0)


Jesus Christ. Don’t party if you have to shit.


Never thought these words would come out of my mouth but holy shit I love that cop.


So... ...is she saying she wants police protection so she can go into a Pride march and insult everyone?


Yeah. Because free speech, duh.


Don’t say shit about the consequences. If she gets beat down and shits her thong again, that’s on her


Wait. Did this girl actually get beatdown and then shit herself?


She never got beaten down, but she was at a college party, got fucked up, passed out and lost control of her bodily functions and shit herself. There are rumors if she talks to you for her shitty website, if you bring that up, she will go the fuck away.


You're leaving out the most important part where the shit was a monster shit


I’ve never seen so much shit come out of someone. It’s so fucking funny and it really shows how deluded this person is where she thinks she can extremely massively shit her pants in public and on camera and think anyone wants to listen to her ever again. Like no you shat your pants goodbye ma’am


“So what you’re saying is if I go in there, there’s going to be consequences?” Yea, welcome to maturity and adulthood. All of your words and actions have consequences, you entitled jackass. Be a better person and those consequences will benefit you, ya looney tunes grifter.


Yeah the clip cuts out too soon I would LOVE to know what the cop said back to her. That's the crux of every conservative free speech argument ever: "my free speech shouldn't come with consequences"


Minor correction. They believe that their free speech shouldn't come with consequences... But yours should, if you disagree with them. Case in point, Colin Kaepernick.


Just like how we have to be tolerant of their intolerance.


She's used to getting that from cops, which is why she's arguing with this one so much. This is the first time the police haven't acted as her private security (on top of the private security she already hires to protect her from college kids yelling at her).


It's info wars, man. She's instigating these kind of reactions, on a constant basis, everything to make her look like a victim of the left. There are several similar interactions that they published, probably a lot more on their harddrives and she's being called out on Twitter by cops, all the time, like, she literally got called out by police departments multiple times for making up riots.. It's her job to cause trouble and as a shock to no one, most POs aren't into that, because it only leads to dangerous situations, for them.


Damn, lol, that lady tried hard to twist the cop's words so she can paint herself as a victim for the camera and the cop gave her no wiggle room to successfully paint herself as a victim. Oh well, better luck with the next cop whose words she tries to twist so she can convincingly play the victim for Alex Jones' lunatic followers.


When the dude was like "you were gonna take our camera" and the officer reminded them that that's how an investigation would work was beautiful. They are so fucking dumb, ugh


They didn’t want to turn over any evidence because they definitely knew it wouldn’t make them look good.


None of their videos make them look good which I think is their plan. "Hey guys watch us battle the libs!" with video of the libs absolutely destroying them or not caring at all then her alluding to her guns and wandering off with bodyguards protecting her.


"are you a detective? Maybe I missed you at the academy" absolute burn. Imagine the ignorance it would take to argue with somebody about something they're clearly more informed on.


Hell yeah. That officer was an articulate, level-headed, intelligent dude and I don’t think she was prepared for verbal combat like that.


Doesn't matter, I can already see right-wing headlines: Radical Antifa Supporting Communist alleging to be a "cop" Tries to CENSOR conservatives by STEALING their CAMERA.


I do love how he called her out on that 'You think this will make great video'.


The fact that she works for InfoWars tells you everything you need to know. She is a bad actor and not a real journalist. Goes for everyone at InfoWars.


You ever notice how the right just wants to be be the "sjw" character they complain about.


They project and want to be both the bully and the victim. Imagine being jealous of the people who your political ideology hurts.


Headline change: Kaitlin Bennet, Who Achieved Internet Fame by Carrying an AR-15 to her Graduation and Then Shit Her Pants Like a Horse in Her Underwear While Passed Out In A Frat Party, Annoys Cop


she didn't just shit her pants, like a little. she passed out face down and released the most putrid growth of human feces I've ever seen and it was split by her thong. edit: here's the picture everyone. I WARN YOU, TREAD LIGHTLY https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EUBFTszUUAA-n6Q.jpg


There is a picture somewhere, I've only seen it once and it's seared into my memory, it's like way fucking more than you are thinking. Think about what you assume it is, you have it? Double it. Picturing it now? Good, it's still probably more than that


It looked like she gave birth to a shit colored foot-long from subway.


Shit. Shit colored. Shit colored footloooooong


That’s because she is so full of shit her unconscious body literally could not contain it.


Like, from her butthole to the back of her knees kinds of volume


Dude, it's unreal. Like, I've worked in daycare centers where babies have an "up the back" moment. Hers is somehow worse. Babies can't help it I know, and fuck, adults can have bad times, but her picture is beyond description. There is no other picture I've ever seen as embarrassing than the one that made her famous, and it's just perfect because I'm pretty sure it was the reverse of what comes out of her mouth.


Yes. Well, almost, anyway. The word "girth" does the situation nicely.


Somebody post the pic already!




What a horrible day to have eyes


Oh my lord have mercy on my soul


Lmfaaoo whaaaat is THAT?! looks like she shat 20 ft of intestines. What’s a boa constrictor doing testing on her naked ass. How did she even get out from under that heavy pile of horse manure? I have so many questions.


She gets lots of fiber apparently.


Oh my. It looks like she grew a tail made of shit


It's like three people conspired to shit her pants for her.




I fucking hate that I need to look at this, but I do. After all the comments and reactions the choice is now out of my hands, viewing it is something that must be done. Edit: Well then. Tonight I shall have fecal fueled nightmares.


Ive seen it like 3x and every time I have a disgusting urge to click on it again in case I'm misremembering it. Its worse every time.


Is that even possible to do that? E: Thanks to those who responded to help refine my understanding. I appreciate you, err, *opening up*. I had no idea that type of log is feasible, albeit more commonly after opiates.


She's a Cacakaren


is that why it looks like 4 LARGE individual logs (possibly even 5)? Holy shit, what a dump. I don't think I've ever in my life created such a payload.


Saw the photo, I have never taken a shit that big in my life. I don’t know how she did it.


When you are full of shit, it eventually has to leave the body.


That was my take-away from that horrific image: how her thong split the huge pile of shit in half. Fuckin' crazy.


It was dead set horse-sized shit too lol.


She had a shit baby.


More like twins since it was a massive log cleft in twain from her thong. She's the King Solomon of dookie. Minor edit: glad I was able to make a few folks laugh. Thanks for the awards!


It was a south park level turd.


i forgot about her shitting her pants :D


it's all i care to know about her


I just learned about her and the shitting part is god damn hilarious. And disgusting.


Blew out her colon


Is she the one who shat herself


"People don't forget" -Seth from Super bad


Its fucking soccer Greg




Kaitlin Bennet shit herself. Is what Kaitlin Bennet did, she shits herself. Basically describes her as a person.


Haven’t seen it in a bit. Googled Bennett shit ass pic. Was disgusted and glad I finished eating first. Whole lotta poo in that ditch.


[This shit is NSFW. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you lmao.](https://twitter.com/ColdPooky/status/1303845810392772614?s=20) Edit: On first glance, I thought it was the tail of a brown fox or something, goodness gracious!


Omg it's so MUCH


at least 100 courics


Friends always told her she was "full of shit" and to just "relax".


Was she on opioids? Cuz that shit looks like she was eating P.F. Chang's for a week before letting it go.


NGL I’m impressed. Wonder what her fiber regimen is?


The worst part is it looks like her g-string had a cheese cutter effect kinda slicing it down the middle. Edit: 😂😂 sorry guys. Just trying to keep Reddit informed on the real issues.


Fuck now you made me look at it again and you're right.


I'm just going to take your word.


Yeah I'm just glad someone was willing to do the research and peer review


This comment tells me all I need to know without the click.


I am a large man, 7ft 2.5" tall large, size 22EE feet large, I've never done a shit that big in my life. It looks like builders insulating foam, it's bigger than Meatloaf's daughter, it's a Dreadnought-sized poo cruiser.


I had never seen it …. And now I wish I never did. And the fact she has an “audience”


There really needs to be some kind of rotating shift around her so that anytime she's on camera this pic is there too.


I think there's a twitter bot that replies to every one of her tweets with it


How does someone shit so fucking much?


You warned me. I clicked anyway. I am not a smart woman.


None of us are


It's funny. I've always known her as the [I shit myself at parties](https://youtu.be/6AH_nZnipm8) girl. I guess she shits from her mouth now.


She always shat from her mouth. She's a human shit helicopter.


“You’re free to do whatever you like” “If I go there I would I have consequences” Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences


Nothing is free from consequences.


She's soooo close to a self-realization and then it just flutters away.


Why don't the people who continually use the "Freedom of speech" argument get this? Just why? It's not hard.


Because, like the cop said, they'd rather play the semantics game.


Seriously, notice the complete change of tone in her voice even. So manipulative.


Because they're using free speech to harass people who they don't agree with


"I don't agree with your sinful lifestyle and you are going to burn in hell." "Officer, this woman is harassing me." "Ma'am, please leave" "PoLicE BrUtalITy! ThIs is CanCEl CUltUre!"


Her condescending "polite" voice is just as fake as the rights reverence towards LEO


Makes me want to shit my pants


Oh, THAT girl. Should have said poopy pants girl, not gun girl.


BM Bennett


Bowel Movement Bennett is the only thing I’m calling her from now on




My brain genuinely hurts whenever someone does a fake polite voice that exaggerated


I’ve seen many videos of her, this high pitched victim voice is definitely new she’s such a little bitch


She’s trying to sound like a little girl because she thinks it will get her sympathy from the male officer and he’ll let her have her way. She for sure doesn’t talk that way to other women, because it doesn’t work. She’s a manipulative little bitch who knows her audience. Good on the cop for not falling for it.


High pitched baby voices from grown women makes me angry


>high pitched victim voice God, you nailed it with that description. Literally every single toxic woman I’ve ever met has *mastered* it, too.


Aarrgghhh, I'm ripping my hair out over this self-righteous, “victim”. I hate the baiting of a situation with a predictable outcome. How desperate is she for attention? Seriously, the crowd doesn't have entertaining her phoney virtue on the schedule tonight. Leave them alone. I was surprisingly impressed with the cops reaction.


Her voice is hideous, can not understand why you would listen to a lot of these whiny, self victimizing loser, social commentators in general.


I, fortunately, have never seen her before, but I know that type all too well. Her whiney sidekicks too. “What do you mean that you need to check our footage to see if we’re telling the truth?”


It isn't even a condescending "polite" voice, it is her using the innocent virgin girl voice. "I would never promote violence or cause a disturbance, look at me, I am such a sweet white blonde girl, what is wrong with you". She knows if she talks like that she can get away with anything like shitting herself in her dorm room on camera and still be able to be the face of Christian purity and the conservative right.


What's not fake is that girthy loaf she managed to pinch off while passed out in a public bathroom.


That thing was fucking beefy and it was split down the middle by her thong. Super nasty.


Both of you really didn't need to describe it so vividly. I'd rather look at the actual picture than read something like that again.


[Are you sure? NSFW](https://twitter.com/kaitlinshits/status/1266786976620920832?s=20)


WOW. I have never had a doodoo that big and healthy. I'm a little jealous


oh my god i can't even complain about the fuckin descriptions when they are 100% correct


The foul fudge forcefully forked from the fascist's fanny.


so you’re telling me if i go piss people off with my annoying interview questions, I have to leave? how fucking dense can you be? you’re obviously there to ask stupid questions in hope of triggering people, not to support the function or cause. what a cunt.


The cop was too nice about it. He should have just said "Cut the bullshit. You and I both know damn well your 'interviews' serve no purpose other than to antagonize people. Have some decency and get the fuck out of here before you shit your pants like you always do."


She’s a D list internet celebrity that is well known on Reddit. There’s a good chance this guy had no clue who she was and probably thought she was a random influencer wannabe newscaster.


> a random influencer wannabe newscaster. Thats exactly what she id.


What happened to just obeying police orders? Funny that conservatives seem to completely forget about that when the police are saying something they disagree with.


That repugnant cesspool of a subreddit celebrating Donald was finally quarantined when they began posting support for shooting police officers who come to a residence. They do not give a fuck about truth or integrity, they care only about enforcing white supremacist hierarchy


He’s not even issuing any orders. He just keeps saying “go about your business”


It only applies until they disagree. Then F*CK da po-lice!


“Don’t tread on me” (just everyone I disagree with)


Scum of the earth


The hell does her gun shit have to do with pride lol. She’s clearly there just to start trouble.


Her shtick is annoying people with her edgy commentary and trying to make people angry so she can say "Look! Dems are snowflakes! Gottem!". She's a professional victim and pants shitting world champion. She's assuming people at pride are all liberal or trying to find the one or two log cabin republicans to back her up.


She's got a crap attitude.


That cop was sharp and well-spoken


Definitely is keeping a professional appearance, but you can hear “I done with your shit” tone in his voice.


Kaitlin: My audience loves cops! Her audience: *beats cops on January 6th and is probably doxxing this cop to send him death threats*


Didn't she poop her pants one time?


[Don't forget that she also thought up the Kent State Diaper protest and brought such shame to TP USA that they kicked her out.](https://www.salon.com/2018/03/25/how-a-diaper-protest-led-to-the-implosion-of-a-conservative-student-group/) > “As of right now, I am in disbelief at how I went from being so upbeat, enthusiastic, and passionate about this organization to being disgusted, frustrated, and embarrassed to have invested my entire senior year into an organization founded by a college dropout who hires some of the most incompetent, lazy, and downright dishonest people I have ever encountered,” she wrote.


> who hires some of the most incompetent, lazy, and downright dishonest people I have ever encountered Weren't you hired to do the job? That's some /r/SelfAwarewolves


an unintentional self-burn, god this post just gets better and better


Not exactly. She passed out facedown on the floor of a bathroom and shit the worlds largest steamer on the back of her thighs with her legs pressed together so it just sat there.


Very little difference between what comes out of her mouth, and out of her ass. Whether she’s in a frat house or in the streets. smh


Conservatives, you realize this is cringe right? I know you do, I know some of you are still reasonable enough to realize the poop girl is cringe


She's such a tool. She's really debate bro'ing a cop.


she's pretty unpopular relative to other conservative figures she comes off as universally dumb, I mean I think she was apart of that kent state diaper wearing stunt too, talk about ironic lol


I don't understand why SHE posts this stuff. She posts so many videos where she looks like a fucking moron. Edit that out, you control the message.


I think that's the thing, she doesn't realize she looks so stupid.


There are literally only two options 1. She is legitimately too dumb to realize, or maybe just lacks the introspection to see it 2. She is well aware but understands how fucking dumb her audience is ​ Thats it there are only two options. This kind of shit is so objectively cringe that it HAS to be one of those two.


r/conservative: This is obviously a set up by the mainstream left media shill Antifa squad making us look bad because they’re jealous And upset Hillary lost the election in 2016.


This girl makes me want to shart and scromit at the same time.


You mean the poop girl?


If Madonna is a pop artist, then Kaitlin is a poop shartist


I’m real fuckin high right now and this made me laugh so much that I’m not sure if it’s actually funny or not. So I screenshot it to look at it later


I saw a video where she was doing her usual routine of being an annoying cunt and the whole crowd was chanting "where's your diaper"


I heard that she shat herself at a frat party. Supposedly there is video of it as well. Anybody?


I don’t know about video of the actual incident but here is her admitting she did. https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/dpc3lv/kent_state_gun_girl_pooped_her_pants_at_a_party/ Found the incident, just a pic though. https://mobile.twitter.com/kaitlinshits?lang=en


She's not gun girl, she's poop girl


That voice is hard to listen to holy fuck


She doesn’t always sound like that. She’s using her victim voice.


no idea who she is, but man, what an annoying twat


She shit herself pretty much, at a frat house