We need more of this.

We need more of this.

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Back when gas was $4 a gallon and going up I saw a dude put $2 down for gas. He walked out and I asked if she could round it up to $20 and they did. I went out and told him and he had two kids in the back. He hugged me tighter than I’ve ever been hugged. I try to be anonymous when I help people but he wouldn’t have known otherwise.




Mediocre /s (mad max reference)


Are you talkin to me?


I live. I die. I live again!


Semi-random question: the tone indicator are usually mainly used by who needs them or just by who feels like to use them?


/s is useful to everyone because sarcasm can be hard to determine with text. A few downvoted can turn a sarcastic sounding comment into, “Wow this person is mean no wonder they have -10 karma on this comment”. IMO anything beyond /s is complete overkill. If one really needs tone indicators Twitter is probably a better place to browse.


There is more decent and caring people in the world then we know. We only see the dark and negative side of life,but you and these guys in this video shows me that the world is a kind place,you just have to search for those kind people and be that kind person.


The best thing you can do is help someone and do your best to immediately forget you did it. Don't dwell on how good of a person you are just be present and if you see someone that you can help do it. I've had people tell me I helped them and had no memory at all of helping them. Some where it was money and I couldn't believe I'd given that much. I don't do loans so any money is a gift that if you can pay back great, if not then please never think about it.


I agree. There are a LOT of caring and decent people. Unfortunately, many of them have been jaded by society and it's abrasiveness. Many try to scam and take advantage of a person's kindness, but this shouldn't stop those who WANT to be a force for good in this world. Everyone has been down and out, and lending a hand to strangers in need, does not always need to be a public and documented act. Even if those you help do not always have the greatest intentions or appreciation for your kindness, its important to know that it not only helps those in need, but the person giving that hand to help as well. It can be spiritually and mentally uplifting to those who reach out, knowing that just being a good person can be rewarding on its own.


We're you a comedian at the time? If not that may have been illegal. 😬


Shit...I need to delete this ASAP!


tell a joke quickly and it'll be legal again! quick!!!


If you go blind your other senses are enhanced over time, like you can hear better or developer a finer sense of touch. I got a vasectomy and my dick is the exact same size and that is complete bullshit.






A dollar every time they need it is simply maintenance. Nobody's going to make a drastic change in another person's life by giving them a dollar, but for the other person, it could be the difference between alive or dead. If we look at the big picture we definitely need overhauls, but in the meantime the dollar keeps people alive.


and it lifts the spirits when someone does something nice for you, even a stranger, *especially* when life hits you hard when you feel rock bottom, even a gasp of fresh air, of humanity, feels like a lifeline, like you had someone looking out for you and that you can take a breath. that suffocating blanket of despair has unfolded, even for a second, and you can look around. even if it's not long term, one second of victory can make an age of defeat melt away


UK has public healthcare


Just make sure you tell them you did it, at least in the case of fuel. I remember a couple times back in the day...the panic of only having a couple bucks and seeing the pump roll right past the mark with only seat cushion change to make up the difference.


That's the only reason I told them. I really felt awkward being like "excuse me sir...I just saw you paid $2 for gas and that's $4 a gallon so I asked them to make it an even $20." Even typing that I get all jittery feeling weird, but you win some and you lose some.


The really sad part is that the reason why some people are even in the position where they cant aford such basic things isnt some real scarcity or anything like that, its because of the fear that if the poor get help then the richest might have a slightly harder time exploiting them.


Maybe in some cases, but I think a lot of people are simply stuck as a product of their circumstances. I think the best thing we can do is amplify the voices of those that need help the most. It's our job not to speak for them but to help their voices be heard. I will never understand how schools aren't equally funded regardless of location or who attends. I will never understand a family that can't provide nutritious meals because healthy food is more expensive. Our systems needs a complete overhaul to achieve true equality and I hope that in my lifetime we can make that a reality. I don't think that means we can't have rich people, but we sure as shit shouldn't have poor people.


A universal basic income is just a logical conclusion. If everyone was a mathematician there would have been a UBI since sometime during the industrial revolution. Same goes for non-profit alternatives to all products and services that people can not avoid buying. That would be the basis to actually have healthy competition in the free market, also. There should have been, and could have been, a base standard of living that a person cant easily fall below, for like over a century now.


And after OP left the gas station, the man went back in the gas station for his receipt. “That will be $20” “But... the man told me he rounded my gas up to $20” “Yes, he did. He didn’t pay” “.....”


nice I believe you don't listen to that chode


I take it as a compliment that I've helped someone in a way that feels unbelievable to others.


Yo I remember having to pay for gas with quarters and shit. Putting 2 or 3 dollars on the pump just to get to where I needed to go. Shit sucks esp cause the gas cashiers would be dicks about it just rubbing salt in the wound like y’all really think this is how I *want* to live? Edit/update: Holy shit this got a lot of replies. First off, I’m in a much better place now (mentally and financially) and like a lot of people who commented I do what I can now to help others who are struggling. I’m not gonna lie reading all these stories and shit made me cry. The gas thing was just the tip of the iceberg of what I was going through at the time and man I just remember feeling so alone. Reading all these stories all these years later it’s crazy to think how dumb we are as kids - to think people out there aren’t struggling, that you’re a fuck up doing something wrong and that’s why you’re in this position. Truth is we’ve all been down on our fucking luck. I’m glad to see those of you who are doing better help others. It’s all we can do. Try to make the world less shitty place and try to make sure our kids don’t struggle like we did. I joined Reddit a few months ago and this is my first like big community moment - it’s really dope to know we’re not alone out there.




Like most jobs, it depends on the person that is working the counter at a specific time. If you were to come in and say "I only have change right now, but it's $5" I would take you at face value and probably eat the loss if you were off a little bit and pay the rest myself when I left that day. I would honestly probably ask you how far you were going and give you an extra $5-10 dollars just to help you out a bit -- but that's just me and I like working and providing for my community. It's when people come in and throw change at me and say "put that on 2" and walk out while I have a line of customers trying to buy their daily coffee that piss me off.


I had a dude do that for me years ago when I was struggling, counted out 3 bucks in change and when I was pumping gas it went above 3 dollars so I stopped the pump and he was looking out the window signaling at me to keep going, he put 7 bucks on my 3 and I will never forget how grateful I felt. I'm doing significantly better these days and I take as many opportunities as I can to help others who aren't asking for anything.


Like the guy said in the video, we gotta take care of each other and pay it forward. Thanks for the story my friend.




A long time ago I worked a gas station. Guy comes in from out of town and he's trying to pump gas. I see him having issues and figure he'll be inside soon, I can't go out there as I have a line of customers. He comes in and comes up to the counter bypassing everyone waiting in line. "Your pumps not working" "I'm sorry, is it not taking your card?" "What?, No it's not working, I'm trying to pump gas and nothing is coming out." "Did you put your card in all the way? Sometimes it doesn't read it right away." "No, you don't understand me, I'm trying to pump gas and the pump doesn't work." "No, I do understand you, did you pay for the gas yet?" "What? Why would I do that? Turn the pump on, I'll fill up and then pay what the total is." "Sir, you have to pre pay here, you can either use your card or give me cash." "What? Pre pay? I'm not from here, turn the fucking pump on buddy!" He stormed out and went back to pump his gas which I clearly didn't turn on as he hadn't paid. 2 minutes later... "Why isn't the pump on! I need gas!" " I told you it's pre paid, give me how much money you want to put in your tank and I'll do that." He pulls out $30 bucks and I pre pay $30. A few minutes later "The pump turned off at $30, I'm not done filling up." "You only gave me $30 so it stopped once it hit $30." "I'm not done filling up turn the pump back on." "Sure, how much more do you want on there." "I don't know! That's the point! I'm trying to fill up, just turn the fucking pump back on and stop fucking with me kid!" " Sure, how much would you like to put on it?" "WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS CITY!?!?!, IS IT REALLY SO BAD THAT I CANT FILL MY TANK UP WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT!" he pulls out his wallet and shows off a wad of cash. "I'd be careful sir, this isn't the best part of town to be showing off your money." He pulls out $40 dollars "FUCK YOU! LEMME FILL UP MY FUCKING TRUCK!" "I'm sorry sir, but I'm not gonna take your attitude any longer, you can find somewhere else to fill up." And then it went on for another 20 minutes about how his small town in podunk colorado would never treat him this way. Good times at the gas station.


What happens if the tanks full but you've still got some gas left?


you go to the cashier and get the remaining change.


Here, if you want to fill up and then pay with cash, they'll hold your driver's license until done filing. Then you go in and pay and get your ID back. But I could totally understand a gas station not wanting to do that as someone could present a fake or fraudulent ID that they don't care about getting back




I've had a similar experience, the guy knew me and my mom so well that one time I came in and didn't have enough on my card. It took my bank longer to process a transfer than I thought. So he gave me the cigs and told me to pay him the next day. Went first thing that next morning to pay him.


Lets also not forget the same person could be a bastard one day and a saint the next. I remember when i was a cashier, if i had a karen that pissed me off, i would be sour all day.


Cashier was thinking thats a strange opening line for a robbery.


Yep, that's what I thought too.


I worked as a cashier throughout high school (and college) at a grocery store in a very affluent part of town. I've seen everything from people looking on the floor (or just straight up asking me) for extra pennies to a regular that used to bring in so many coupons we would literally pay her to take the groceries. We also used to have a regular who would come in almost every single day with a garbage bag full of cans and bottles; come to find out he's a retired, multi-millionaire and "does it to kill time". I don't know where these people are at now, some 10-15 years later, but I can tell you that most people are in the same exact rat race as you, they just might be a few steps ahead at any given point in time. If I could put $5 in my tank at once while I was in college, I was living lavishly.


I used to work at a gas station and the biggest thing with change is to at least have an idea of the amount and have it manageable. If you come in and just dump a bag of change out you’re going to fuck that clerk over for like an hour. Clerk has to count out the change, which causes the line to back up and if it’s a busy time of day that just snowballs into all your other tasks. I don’t think anyone working at a gas station actually looks down on anyone using change but you gotta be courteous to the clerk as well.


I had a cashier give me a hard time about putting a $5 in once. He goes, “where are you going to go for $5?” So I decided he needed to hear the truth. “It’s going to get me somewhere where gas is cheaper.”


I’ve had the opposite experience. I was 100% out of money except the change in my car, maybe $1-2. My car ran out of gas just a few miles from my house. I coasted it into a gas station, pushed it to the pump, went inside and gave the guy my handful of change hoping it would be enough to get me the rest of the way home. When I started pumping, I expected it to stop running in just a few seconds. But it kept going! By the time it shut off, it read $5 and I had probably two gallons in my tank. Idk how he did it, but that cashier was a life saver.


As someone who worked at a gas station near the corner of bum fucked and egypt, I can tell you people leave extra money all the time. One regular would come in once a week or so and leave $20 and said help some people out, only rules were no cigarettes or booze.


That’s incredible! I had no idea! I’m in a much better place now, so maybe I should pay it forward and do just that.


just the same as people pay for the person behind them at the fast food drive through when i used to pay cash for gas (before pay at the pump was much of a thing) I would occasionally put $15 in my tank and leave $5. I don't know if it ever went to anyone who ever needed it, but I know that kindness saved my ass once and I never forgot it.


Right? That’s a really cool idea!


After all, Egypt is a no booze country.


I've been a gas station clerk for three years now. I've probably done this at least a dozen times. If someone comes in late at night disheveled and pays for $2 in gas with all change, I normally pull out my own wallet to see if I can match it. I'm not rich by any means, but if you are paying for $2 of gas in change, me losing $2-3 isn't a big deal to me, but will obviously make a big difference to you. We're all in this together, whether we like it or not.


Sounds like he saw what happened and paid for the rest :)


Shit I remember this one time there was this dude paying in quarters for gas, and I was like damn, I remember when I had to do that just to get to work and back. So I walked over and gave him a 10$ bill, and told him how I remember doing the same shit back in the day, and he looks at me dumbfounded and goes, “oh I just drive a moped, I only have a gallon tank. But I’ll take the 10 bucks” and left.


Still a win. Well done.


Thank you, I was happy to get a funny story out of it


I grew up dirt poor, having to walk to a dollar store and pay for bread in pennies. People would snicker and the cashier would always roll her eyes about it. I hated it so much I would starve my self some days so I wouldn't have to walk in there with a sandwich bag of coins. Now I'm grown up and working a six figure job I always help people in anyway I can because I refuse to let others live the life I had as a child.


One time I had $3 and some change. That's all I had and I searched my car for loose coins. I had a job interview and stopped for gas.... I went inside and prepaid because I only had that 3 bucks and some change. I wasn't paying attention when pumping and it didn't stop at the amount I prepaid and ended up going over like 20 something cents. And this chick came running out at me screaming at me demanding the 20 something cents and I'm trying to tell her I prepaid for a reason: because there was no extra change, that was literally all I had... Then she called the cops. Cops seemed annoyed to be there for it and I'm like 18 at the time, bawling my eyes out thinking I'm going to jail for 20 something cents, then some dude stepped in and gave them 20 something cents to leave me alone. I missed the interview, they wouldn't reschedule... 20 years later, I still haven't gone to that gas station lol


I grew up poor and remember my friend invited me to watch Small Soldiers with him and his dad in the theaters. My parents allowed me to go but didn't have any money to pay so they encouraged me to look around the house for loose change until I had enough. After digging through the couch, garage, and my parent's night stand I finally had a ziplock bag full of dirty coins; I was so stoked to go see the movie. I remember showing up at the theaters and at the ticket line and when it was our turn to pay, I gave my friend's dad my plastic bag of coins. I remember his face was both shocked and confused at the same time and full of disbelief. Luckily to my surprise, I got to keep my coins and he payed for me instead using cash; I remember being so impressed. Thinking that that's what it's like to be rich, to be able to afford something so effortlessly. It definitely left an impression on me


Yup, literally had a guy tell me “don’t ever come here and do this again” when I was 17 paying for gas in quarters while living out of my truck. It was so unwarranted like I hadn’t even said anything besides hello. I told him to fuck himself and count the quarters or I’ll call his manager and see what they think. He shut up and counted. Dickhead.




I've never heard that phrase. Don't even know what it means.


More commonly phrased as "crabs in a bucket", but it is fairly common. Shorthand for the scenario where crabs will climb on each other to try and crawl out of a bucket. Original crab falls, the cycle repeats, and nobody ever gets out. Even though they could work together and escape easily. Used to describe unfortunate people who tend to make sure that those around them are equally unfortunate. "Misery loves company" and all that.


I wish more people had this mentality. You should know the difference between fake and genuine “help”. I tell you what though, if I’m down on my luck(it’s happened plenty of times) I’ll take whatever help I can get. The world is better off when we help each other.


Yeah. It’s irritating when people give to look good, but I’m sure the recipient doesn’t care about the motive.


Lol the gas cashier giving you guff is fresh. 11$ an hour paying job and you sittin here talking shit? I mean, you shouldn’t look down on no man but especially when you’re a stone throw away from the ditch yourself.


I bought $0.55 in gas once. It was all pennies. It was all the change I had in my car and all the money I had in the world. I was just hoping that I would be able to make it home. I was young, and lived in a new city for school. I didn't have anyone to turn to in that moment. It was before cell phones were common (like I could afford one), and there was no asking Mom for Venmo. Those were tough times, but life is a lot better now.


i remember going to this gas station in hs with my last $5 and the cashier had the audacity to say “$5 ain’t getting you nowhere” I was so taken back I just clapped back with “ma’am I have a mini cooper”


Hey not everyone can have a nice cushy job as a... gas station attendant...


Haha, it's cushy if they own the station!


But then they gotta hang out at a gas station...


Omg this happened to me during some rough times. I had coins and the guy at the register wouldn't count them. And there was a huge line behind me. He said "you count em." I said, "I'll help you count them but how else will you know how much you're putting in the register." he said, "Next". I was so humiliated I cried a bit in my car. Fuck man. I'll never forget that. If I see someone struggling like that *ever* I gaurantee I will help them in that situation.


Man, you gotta realize gas station clerks are over worked and micromanaged most of the time. He could have helped you count your change but then he has a ridiculous line and is most likely going to get in trouble for it.


Man.. 50% of gas stations hear will not take chAnge.


Speak. You never know what it’s like til you do. Every human deserves a fighting chance, and that means helping each other out.


Imagine gas station employees being dicks about other people being broke lol tf is wrong with them? And quarters? That’s not bad at all as long as you were willing to count it out.


Been there bro hope you're doing better.


Haha davis “Oh he generous generous”


You got money money Bucko


Oh big fella yous generous


First time giving free money at the gas pump, this finna be a breeze


That's the best thing I've seen in a long time thank you for helping this little lady


Unsolicited acts of kindness. The world needs a whole lot more of these. Great job guys.


I had a friend who talked down about people making videos because it takes away from it. No it fucking doesn’t. I want to see this stuff. Keep doing and posting. Edit: to me, even if the video is fake, which I doubt, it would still be helpful. Like a commercial for acting nice. It’s not like they asked for donations at the end or did something weird


It's tough because there are some genuinely shitty people out there that will fake good deeds just for social media. Its happened quite a lot so it can be tough looking at these videos. That being said I agree these videos are good no matter if the person doing the deed wants it filmed, maybe that behaviour will rub off on the viewers and they do a good deed too. The only thing I don't really like is entirely fake scenarios. Those ones you see of a boyfriend heroically saving his partner or something often popular in eastern Asian countries that I've seen.


The videos of people helping small animals are starting to raise some red flags for me. A few of these people are harming animals to "help" them and get views. It's totally messed up


I only watch those videos if they are from the Dodo. Dodo vets people's stories, so you know they are legit


Just pitching in, Dodo is the real sauce!


Heck yeah. Heartwarming af


Dodo is the best. Damn stories get me crying everytime.


the best part of waking up is salty tears in my coffee... EVERY FREAKING TIME!!!!


Add Korean cat youtube channels to your list of red flags as well. Some of them hoard cats and purposefully delay feeding them so they become affectionate. There are way too many "I have 8 cats in an apartment" style YouTube channels.


I saw a post about this recently. Some guy abusing the same cat over and over. The fuck is wrong with people.


Gotta agree with this. Sometimes, the world seems shitty and just like the guy said, sometimes you need somebody to restore your faith. I’m gonna try to put some good into the world today too.


Some of us straight up need to. I'm drowning in my depression right now. It hurts to wake up. My community around me is tearing each other apart. I'm watching this under the covers with tears in my eyes but this video just gave me a reason to drag myself out of bed. Not everyone on earth is horrible. The world needs to be flooded with positivity right now if it's pure, for karma whoring, who cares. Just project good out there somehow. Because of this video I can get up and be something for someone today.


The first step is hardest, but the next one is most important. Keep that momentum going! Always the next step. You've got this.


Thank you. I've spent more of my 31 years with depression than without so I've learned to power through most bad days. But this last year of isolation and work at home has made it harder and I feel like I've taken steps back. I'll keep that head down and power through.


If I was that lady, I wouldnt want to be on video like that, in that moment, even though I enjoy watching this video. I am glad they helped her. I hope it inspires others to just help someone when they can.


> If I was that lady, I wouldnt want to be on video like that, That's understandable - but sometimes, when we're at our most vulnerable, just showing others that it's not a crime to be vulnerable, that it's *okay* to acknowledge openly that you're *not* doing okay, will *help other people*. The sooner we normalise that everyone suffers at some point in their life, the sooner we can all begin to rally around each other and help each other out, with no expectation or requirement of anything in return. That's what I like about these videos - they remind me of that reddit-famous story of the family who fixed a dude's car and fed him a tamale by the side of the road, and who wouldn't take any payment for their work, or their food. "[Today you... tomorrow me](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/elal2/have_you_ever_picked_up_a_hitchhiker/c18z0z2/)" Stories like that, and like this video, are *good* for us all to read, and see. So while I think I, too, would be embarrassed - upon reflection, I'd be happy to let the world see me when I'm vulnerable, if it'll help us all understand each other better at the end of the day.


that story was fucking beautiful, thank you for that


The video may bring attention to her situation and encourage others to also help her out...in which case there’s a good chance she’d welcome the attention. Sounds like this woman is going through the hardest time in her life and needs support.


It’s wrong to do these things to farm views, but to record these moments purely as inspiration for how much good someone can bring into the world by being considerate, I think that’s pretty ok 🙂


>It’s wrong to do these things to farm views, I really don't think this is the line. I don't think it matters if someone who is helping people gets something out of helping them. Yes, it's a nice message when people do things purely without want for recognition. It's still nice when people do nice things even if they're not being totally selfless. But there are channels out there that purposefully take advantage of homeless and vulnerable people, put them into bad situations for clicks with the promise of a payout, and that's a shit thing to do.


The least they can do is blur out her identity though.


I’m sure they got her consent to appear on the video, otherwise they would have blurred her face.


So because you want to see it, the less fortunate should be subjected to a camera in their face during their most vulnerable state? I work with some organizations who hand out food to those in need and occasionally we get people coming by trying to film themselves while they give out a couple dollars and always, whenever the camera/phone leaves, a few people in the line who left so they wouldn’t be in the camera, will say,”are the cameras gone yet?” While I don’t think filming takes away from the act of kindness, I assure you no one wants to be filmed during what likely is one of the lowest chapters in their lives. Consider that please before doing anything for Internet points. Edit: punctuation


While I truly hate to be cynical about this, and absolutely agree the world needs as many unsolicited acts of love as possible, I also don’t think there’s any getting away from the fact that it is somewhat exploitative to film it, and keep the person’s face unblurred. And sure, you can ask the person afterward if it’s okay to show their face, but think of the position that puts them in? She was just saying “I don’t know how I can thank you!” Of course she’s going to say “Oh sure, you can show my face” after the camera stops. I don’t know what the solution is. I believe empathy begets empathy, and videos like this probably DO inspire others to do similar things. I hate to throw that out. But I also can’t pretend it isn’t exploitative, and possibly even a little coercive, when and if the moment comes when you’re asking their permission to show them in such a vulnerable moment.


You put my feelings exactly into words, thank you. I've done a few things like this for people before, but I feel dirty even talking about it because it feels like bragging. I say this to drive the point home that I absolutely believe in random acts of kindness and I would never shame someone for doing them, but at the same time filming and posting about it sometimes just comes off as inspiration porn, no matter how well-meaning it is.


It happens every day, most acts of kindness aren’t recorded and posted.


Man - this is a breath of fresh air amongst the pollution of today’s social climate.


While this is an amazing act of kindness, I have to admit, this is by far the worst comedy show I've ever seen.


Thanks for the laugh my dude


Because the real comedy is in the comments.


It likely happens more than you think, but quietly... no cameras. Maybe filming it will remind more of us to care for one another? We can hope.


Let me add to this! Last night while driving home I got our car stuck in a small ditch in the middle of nowhere. My little boy and my husband were with me. We were trying to figure out how to get out when this dude in a semi pulled over to help us. He said he didn’t speak very much English and just got to work. He chained our car and pulled it right out. I tried to give him some money and he refused it. Dude just left without really saying anything. I honestly didn’t know what to do lol. I almost cried, stuff like that never really happens to me.


When I was in middle school my mom had an old beat of piece of shit Buick that would constantly break down. My mom was dropping me off school one day and our car broke down on the side of the freeway. This is before cellphones so we were pretty screwed when a man who barely spoke English asked if we needed help. He looks over the car and says he can fix it. He disappears for about 20 minutes and he comes back with 2 guys and they somehow fix this piece of crap car to start moving again. My mom kept trying to give them money so one of them reluctantly took the money and on the way back to their car the guy gave the money back to me and put his finger over his mouth.


Today you, tomorrow me. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/elal2/have_you_ever_picked_up_a_hitchhiker/c18z0z2


Honestly, dude probably just wanted an excuse to spread those legs. My cousins long haul and they’ll stop to help out anyone, if it’s not an inconvenience(usually time constraints), just to get the blood flowing.


It's " stretch those legs" "spread those legs" is an entirely different implication. Edit: added an an.


Lol I was like "?" when I read that


I’m gonna leave it


I had an argument about this recently, similar situation where a guy gave a very old street merchant enough money for all that he.was selling that day and then some, and was videoed, and people were all up in arms about how it was virtue-signalling, and it felt stupid because it doesn't matter, in that case, what the intent was if the effect was positive - especially for the reason you pointed out - it can serve as a reminder to others to act similarly!


I think most people that do things like this on a semi regular basis don’t want the camera and just like the guy said, want to pay it forward. Personally I would feel awkward filming my good deed for the day, not that it diminishes what these guys just did, though.


I hate the free section on Craigslist so I put my free stuff in the for sale section. When people come to buy it, I give it to them free and tell them to pay it forward.


Great thing to do. The last time I did that the guy wrote me a thank you letter along with weblinks to his own critical race theory, a flat earth society forum and an obscure porn site. All we did prior was briefly talk about cars.


That's a great idea!


It's almost like the competition for the sickest burns and gotcha clips on social media are hurting more than they are helping.


"What the world needs now ..."


I love, sweet love...


No, not just for some but for everyone


Fuck you I didn't even make it 30 seconds with out tears starting, we need way more of this shit world


"My husband died a week ago. We weren't like this." What a punch in the fucking chest. She not alone. Death of a spouse can often leave the survivor crippled financially, especially is the deceased was the money maker. She still used the term "We" as well. Damn...


Yep. My dad died a bit over a year ago and was the lone breadwinner in the family. Left my mom with virtually nothing, she had to move to where I live so she could rent from a family friend for cheap. The loss of your spouse is difficult enough, but to have essentially your entire existence and method of keeping a roof over your head disappear at the same time is devastating.


Let this be a lesson to those who could end up in this situation, get life insurance. Funerals alone are thousands of dollars. Imagine the bills, debt, and stress you could leave to your loved ones with your death. Always have life insurance. I’ve just turned 21, and even I have life insurances to take care of my mom, who needs my help to survive.


As soon as she mentioned her husband, the tears immediately started.


Absolutely same. Typing this to just think about that phrase again is making me tear up. Edit : spelling


Im over here crying into my coffee now wtf


This was a cross post from made me smile but did the opposite to us (yeah me too)


Same, dude. Actual tears on my cheeks right now.


I had a friend in the 5th or 6th grade that came from a pretty wealthy family. Like she had two horses and went to Paris over the summer. She knew my mom was a single mom and we really struggled. About a month before we lost our house and had to move we found a clothes basket filled to the brim with food. I never got to thank her or her mother properly for that and I never forgot it. We definitely needed it as we then had to stay with friends and family before we got a place of our own. It's been years, I'm in my thirties now. I looked her up but never had the courage to talk to her and now I can't find her. If your out there Taryn thank you and I hope life has been good to you.


This is the worst episode of Bang Bus I’ve ever seen.


I know, I'm not supposed to be cumming out of my eyes.


Say what you want about porn, but it's all about helping people out when they're stuck or having a hard time. As Carrie Fisher said, "It's about family, that's what makes it so powerful."




That's how we guard our virginities


> Even when Reddit isn't directly quoting Star Wars, they quote something that has to do with Star Wars \- u/TheLeagueOfShadows


Grampa Chewbacca watching pornography with the family is a moving, powerful image. Thank you George Lucas.


Yep they sure do help people when they’re stuck...step bro


This is more like [Helpful Bus](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ9Jbk1Q5bM)


"We're comedians, this is not illegal." What an odd sentence to say.


I think he was explaining that it's not dirty money because people have preconceived notions of a black man with cash.


Makes sense. Sad but makes sense


It is sad they have to say that as an explanation.


A thought like that never would have crossed my mind. Is it an American thing?




I take it you are not black?


This is nice and all... But as comedians they could have been way funnier


“We’re (YouTube) comedians.” * takes money back * SIKE!!! Haaaaaa we got you!!!!! Prankedddd!


It's just a prank, bro.




What's going on guys, it's Cory


They're comedians not clowns.


yeah I'm trying to understand the bit but I don't get it... Where's the punchline?




Lady: "What can I do to repay you?" Comedian: * breaks forth wall and winks at the camera * "Oh, your tears are all the payment we need"


This comedian also posted an ad in his IG two-three years ago about discount chance the rapper hats. I ended up getting a $700 charge on my card and didn’t even get the hat.


Damn, no cap?


You paid it forward, unwillingly


That money is being donated here in the video so it's all good


Wow, that would be hella illegal.... if he weren't a comedian.


God works in mysterious ways.


What an incredible comedian, he is! The joke was on you. :P


We all need to VOTE like this




BuT sOcIaLiSm!


Salute to these good men!! 🙏


It always means the most when its captured on video for the world to see Edit: Holy shit. People are making a lot of assumptions over this one sentence and making a lot of hateful remarks. My biggest issue with this is putting this ladys business out there for the world to see. Would you trade your dignity for 20 or 40 bucks? I wouldnt. For people preaching compassion, you sure are some judgemental fucks Thanks to all the people who didnt immediately jump down my throat


I thought about this and while its true they are also using this to make a viral video for their own benefit, but then I ask myself would i rather them do this, or do nothing at all and not help this lady. Of course we want people to do this with no other motive but realistically not many people will, so I'm ok with someone filming himself doing a good dead if that's what it takes. Edit: It might also inspire someone else to do something similar.


This is always said after someone says the above. It’s definitely a dilemma, but as long as it isn’t exploitive to the person. Some people don’t want their face blasted all over the internet while someone gives them money. Some people just want to feel like they are being helped out of the kindness of the other person’s heart not to get a likes and shared so they can get ad revenue. Now, are these dudes doing that? I don’t think so. What I can’t stand is when people blast it all over YouTube of them doing charitable acts and then have ads sprinkled all over. That isn’t charity. That is exploiting poor people so you can get money. It’s a business expense. Once again not saying these guys are doing that and yeah it is good as a reminder to help others too, but my wife and I normally do our charitable acts privately/anonymously.


I considered wether this was self-serving or not also..but these guys didn't use their names or anything, and seems to be a sincere gesture of kindness. Also, people have to hear "pay it forward" to know what that means. Good stuff.


While I agree with everything you've said, his Instagram is stamped in the corner. So technically did name-drop.


And he obviously shared it


Even if it was self serving, I'm okay with that. This video will inspire others to be kind, and that's what really matters.


And really, all acts of kindness are self serving in one way or another. There's obvious the cases where the person benefits from public good will, but I help people because helping people makes me feel good. The fact that I'm doing it because it makes me feel good doesn't lessen the kindness of the act. I'd even argue that being motivated to help others because doing so makes you happy is a great thing.


I volunteer with the homeless. I don’t want to be awarded or recognized. I just want to help quietly. I want something to stand in tribute to my parents that will outlast statues and monuments. I want to do good in their name. And I want the feeling of humility that comes with it.


If it takes seeing videos of people helping people to get the ball rolling, then there's no problem with that. There's a difference between these guys and that lady who took a picture of herself helping repair a neighborhood after a riot before giving the tools back to an *actual volunteer* and driving away. It's not like these guys took the money back from the lady after they shut the camera off, and while they might not be billionaire-class it is nice to see people who are somewhat well-off helping those in need


I feel like gen z is more empathetic and keyed in to current events as a result of social media. People complain about what's perceived to be virtue signalling, but if it means this kind of behaviour spreads, then that's pretty fine in my books. More than fine. It's like the ALS ice bucket challenge or the trashtag challenge. The so-called "clout chasing" got shit done. What's there to complain about?


I definitely agree with this. There are definitely people who are self serving but when I see videos like this it makes me self reflect and want to be more altruistic. I think videos like this are far more positive than negative. Think of someone born into privilege and the internet and these videos are how they grow up understanding that there is real struggle and hardship in this world and it doesn't take much to create a positive impact in someone's life.


Thanks for making a point I never see brought up in the threads where a nice thing happened but people get mad that they filmed it... everything is filmed now. Social media, streaming, self-documentation, all that is the absolute new normal reality we exist in. How in the world are you gonna get mad at people using it to spread positivity and change people’s lives? The cynicism of this place is unreal. And I’d be willing to bet that the people who get pissed off at filmed charity have never done anything even close to as generous as what’s in these videos. Dude’s a comedian who does a segment where he films random acts of kindness and direct aid to people who are struggling. “What an asshole!” yells the teens on Reddit.com.


The sceptic in me always wonders about this kind of video, but then a little tear rolls out of my eye. And I think even if it is a little staged, the idea is right. And it’s better than 99.99% of the web, so why not.


I'm right there with you but the way I see it is that when it comes to fake stuff, you can make ANYTHING, but for some reason we choose this sort of thing time and time again (real or otherwise) and I think that's special in and of itself. We COULD be watching a fake video of something horrible but instead here's something wholesome.


Crazy freak out bro


Should really just call this sub r/PeopleDoingThings


Everyone crying but not a single tear. Interesting.


I hate to be the guy that says this, but.... The fake crying from the guy in orange, haha. I hope this is real and not staged..


How is this a public freak out tho


Really, you all can’t tell that the dude was pretending to cry? Reddit is the absolute worst at spotting fake things.


It's cringey as hell. They're hoping giving her cash and video taping it will help boost their career.


I hope people act like this when the cameras are off too 😇