Lib-left accidentally finds a good solution to rape

Lib-left accidentally finds a good solution to rape


I am the Lorax and I speak for the free. Try to rape someone and we'll shoot you the knee.


Nothing wrong with aiming a little higher on a rapist


Nobody said "only" the knee *loads AK*


That's a commie gun! *loads M1919 with malicious intent*


Oh fuck yeah


I gotta give some credit to the commies here. While we may shit on them for their subpar production of well... everything... They did manage to design and produce one of the most resilient rifles of all time. Mud, sand, snow, water, it doesn't matter, your AK will still fire.


The only communist thing I like is communist gun


Nothing is more capitalist than buying surplus mass produced shooteybois from a failed communist regime for pennies on the dollar


Lord of War wasn't meant to be a get rich quick guide, was it?


“How do we arm the other 11?”


A6, presumably, for the portability and shouldering capability.


It’s plenty portable mounted on top of my M4A3E8.


Based and armor pilled. But then it'd be an M37, no?


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Mmmm Easy 8s are my fetish


*Loads AR-10 with religious intent*


Is that an issue? *loads Makarov pistol*


That's an amerloque gun! *load FAMAS with French malicous intent*


*Ian McCollum has entered the chat*


I just pictured this but imagine what a body looks like by the time a 250 round belt is emptied. The cartridge is irrelevant that just sounds horrifying.


Strawberry jam


I think you mean justified intent.


“Your move, creep!” *Robocop shoots criminal*




Chemical castration or .44 caliber castration, as long as it happens, we good.


They stopped court-ordered chemical castration in many places because rapists will still rape in other ways like using their fingers because it's more of a power thing than a sex thing... Aim higher...


Nah you shoot the knee so they can't outrun the lions. Aiming higher has the potential to end it too quickly.


Tactical lions, love it


I am the Lorax, I speak for the Vic. Try it again and I'll cut off your dick.


Tried to touch me? Get fuckin Gary Plauche'd https://youtu.be/dSCwLf9rIoY 4:00 starts breaking the instance down


And after they've suffered long enough the head


Nah man once you've shot em in 1 knee, you hold em down, shoot em in the other knee, give them improper health care so every step is pain after they've healed, and then put them in forced labor camps.


Based and fateworsethandeath-pilled


Seen ppl die from that. Femoral artery. Yikes. Not yikes if rapist.


more likely to get charged with something if you aim for the knee then shoot to kill and tbh we don't need to spare the rapists.


Based and aim for center of mass pilled.


The knees are fine but that's really just a tickle Aim a little higher and put some slugs in the testicle


You mean the head


Nah man, death is too quick. Make them suffer a life of agony and hard labor.


*First then the head then the other head.


A lot harder to rape when the rapist is in a wheelchair.


Statistically, dead people commit less rape. So yes, if someone’s try to rape you, put a hole in them.


Had someone try to argue death to rapists won't work as a deterent. No shit. But it reduces the rate of recidivism to 0%


Honestly I don't get the "it's not a deterrent " argument. "What happened to Johnny?" "Oh, didn't you hear? He tried to rape some girl in her house. " "No shit?" "Yeah. She owns a 12 gauge. Took the corners office three hefty bags and a sponge to get his brains off the walls" "Dumb fuck. What did he expect?" Leave enough corpses and you not only get a recidivism rate of 0% but you have an abject lesson in fuck around and find out.


It definitely sounds good. Except when you look at actual data from around the world, it doesn’t seem to pan out. Nobody has really managed to present a good reason as to why, but death never really seems to have much of an effect on crime rates.


Simple answer: most people don't expect to be caught/convicted. I know jaywalking or speeding is gonna get me fined, but I don't actually think about it when I'm speeding or jaywalking. Also iirc most rapes don't get reported, so like, great odds even if you do consider it.


That’s the thing though. They *do* take into account getting caught. Improving perceptions of how likely the police are to catch you is quite effective at reducing crime rates across the board. But for whatever reason, the penalty side has no impact. Sure, some of that is likely down to ignorance of legal penalties, but even in the cases where people are clearly aware of the penalties, the severity of those penalties doesn’t make an impact at all. People take into account *whether or not they’re likely to be caught* but rarely *how bad it would be to get caught.*


Fair. However, most of the talk in this thread is about the actual danger of performing the act. They are aware of being caught because that is a direct consequence of their actions, just like the person they attempt to rape possibly having a weapon and killing them. If people weren't seen as such easy victims, and the more likely outcome from trying was just getting your ass killed, they wouldn't try it.


“Corners office” I was very confused. I think you mean coroners office lol


Exactly why I'm pro death penalty for some crimes like child rape


I think the slippery slope is when people are wrongly convicted for any crime. At least with a life sentence, they would have a non-zero chance to prove their innocence and be free again.


I think the burden of proof should be even more important as usual for those cases, of course


The most compelling argument against death penalty is not a moral one about if taking human life is acceptable, but one about cases where a man (/woman) was wrongly convicted I'm for labor camps. Like USA, but only for heaviest crimes, not for petty shit like doing drugs


What use is death sentence when you can give them a life sentence and make them work to repay their sins to society. But when it comes to ordinary criminals, it is more useful to prepare them for the time outside. To make them functioning members of society


Yes, if the justice system were less shittier, I'd be less afraid to have it make irreversible decisions.


Labor camps are sus to me since that seems to give an incentive on the State to give out guilty verdicts: it's free labor.


That's why they should only produce goods for the prisons. Uniforms, bedding, vegetables, etc. should come primarily from prison labor. Toothpaste and things can come from outside but I have no issue with farm and factory labor for prisoners if they make their own little communes.


I am against the death penalty for the reason that I believe the government/justice system wrongfully convicts people often enough that I don't trust them with that power. However, if a private citizen catches someone in the act of raping another person, lethal force should be on the table as a means of stopping the crime.


I'm against the death penalty because it's more torturous to keep someone locked up. A death penalty gives them the easy way out. A life time sentence means that they'll be stuck in confinement for literal decades with people who hate their guts and would do anything to make them suffer.


Based and MaximumSufferingpilled


I think rapists and murders shouldn’t get the benefit of death row and a last meal. Just use .223 on one of the walls of the courthouse


Cringe .223 vs Based .308


.308 are the round for the hunting rifle in fallout new Vegas therefore you are correct.


.308 is also a good round for hunting in general


Why use the hunting rifle when you could use This Machine and get the most satisfying of **ping** sounds?


Crying .308 vs based .556


Fuck it, go full 20mm


Based and pink-mist pilled.


308 is going to wreck more than 556


Does anyone wanna teach me about ammunition


Bigger numbers=bigger hole. Small number sometimes bullet go quick, but if one has a gau8 30mm, who cares about anything else because brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!


Bigger numbers = bigger hole Except with shotguns.


Ah, the gun the German empire decided was a war crime to use, but thought mustard gas was just a nice way of seasoning veterans.


This is the way.


The first number is usually the caliber (diameter of the projectile). The second number is the length of the case. 5.56mm (projectile diameter) x 45mm (case length). The calibers like .45 are based in inches. Would you like to know more?


I would


Ammo designations like 45-70, 30-30 are leftovers from the black powder era. The first number refers to the caliber and the second refers to the amount of black powder. 45 (.45 caliber) - 70 (grains of black powder). A grain is a very old system of measure. It is based of the weight of 1 grain of cereal. A grain is equal to 64.79891 milligrams. Would you like to know more?


I would love to know more!


Ammo designations like 45-70, 30-30 are leftovers from the black powder era. The first number refers to the caliber and the second refers to the amount of black powder. 45 (.45 caliber) - 70 (grains of black powder). A grain is a very old system of measure. It is based of the weight of 1 grain of cereal. A grain is equal to 64.79891 milligrams. Would you like to know more?


Right now's situation is this. Basically, the retailers (rapists) are sodomizing us (poor us) with super high prices on ammo. BC times, .223 was like .29CPR shipped. Now, it's through the roof *if you can even find it in stock*. If we stop buying ammo at these prices (attempting to reduce recidivism), maybe the prices wouldn't be so damn high. [HODL STRONG, 2A FAM.](https://ih1.redbubble.net/image.1563957460.5123/st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.u2.jpg)


Based FAL users


Based and have-to-clean-everything-from-gray-matter-afterwards pilled


8mm Mauser up the butt


>last meal >government giving out free anything, especially to those who violated NAP when libright is sus


.50 bmg at 5 yards, center mass.


Hahahaha red mist go brrrrr




Who doesn't love a little bit of blood bukkake?


>.223 Nope. Multiple gut shots with .22LR. Make them suffer.






You should put at least 5 holes in them. And that's the minimum


They commit LESS rape , does that mean a few dead bodies commit rape?


I am sure some of those zombie are horny.


Ummm no sweaty. I need a peer reviewed study from wapo or vox, you know unbiased sources, to verify this before I believe it. 💅


Uhh, naturally. Was this ever up for debate?


You’re expecting too many braincells from Twitter


Twitter, 99% is garbage, but This idea made me smile. Too bad .45 is super expensive now




Yea, 7.62 is where it's at for cheap ammo. The AKs to shoot it are a fuckin arm and a leg now.




Yea I know. Fuckin looked shortly after pandemic cuz I was working the whole time and had some expendable income. 1,200 was the cheapest I saw one for. 800 for the build kit. But even ARs an their build kits are up to pretty unreasonable prices. What I'd save with an AR I'd spend on 100 rounds anyway if I could find it.


While you're there can you grab me a crate of Mosins and an SKS for $50?


Based! As an AK guy I can tell you that I’ve been able to get an amazing rifle with tons of ammunition for the same price as one AR and maybe 300 rounds.


Archaic round? Poor ballistics? Respectfully, you’ve been playing too many video games.




Just get the .357 mag, the .45 colt is for hipsters anyway.


By hipster you mean fudd right?


Nope, I mean hipster.


Put 500 rounds of .22 into the rapist, death by a thousand paper cuts


I mean isn't this the plot of a bunch of books & movies? lol was @JamesBuffBoyle saying the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was the villain of that story?


Remember, they defended the rapist who was shot in the back


A girl in Denmark was charged and fined for pepper spraying a man who tried to rape her. A lot of people seem to genuinely believe self defense is wrong.


Br*'ish moment


Europoor Moment*


Just do it while they are in the act, if you kill them after the rape was already done and they are leaving they consider that murder.


Assuming you can find a DA to prosecute a rape victim for killing their rapist as they walk away, no jury will convict.


DAs only care about their conviction rate. They'll prosecute anyone they think will get them a plea deal or a conviction. Enough don't give a shit about who they're prosecuting because that rate is all braindead Law and Order voters care about


*wood chipper still running in background* wait…. We weren’t supposed to be doing this?


Those are preserved for the child rapists. Those who rape another adult will most likely get shot.


They all look the same when they're processed into my burger's special seasoning.


What kind of flavor do they bring out? I'm assuming it's something like pork, due to what people say about human meat.


As long as it's feet first


Always feet first.


Not only will a dead rapist not rape you, but studies show that dead rapists are all far less likely to re-offend.


How much less?


100%, believe it or not.


So half of them reoffend? Purple libright knows necromancy now?


I may have been slightly off in my statistical analysis


Do I support the death penalty? No. Do I support handing rape victims a loaded gun and leaving them alone in a room with their rapist tied to a pipe for five minutes? Perhaps.


When I was in high school, there was a “zero tolerance” policy for fighting, which meant that both participants of a fight would receive equal punishment regardless of damage inflicted or who started it, etc. Since kids knew they would get in the same amount of trouble if they sat there and took it versus if they fought back, this lead to extremely brutal fights where kids tried to beat the absolute shit out of each other because the punishment was the same.


we're all libright agreeing here. I'm kind of wondering if it's just us??? like wtf is that really a libright unique position???


It’s not. Libright is just the vast majority of the sub.


didn’t the last poll reveal libleft was the vast majority? though I don’t remember when that was


wallstreetbets is spilling its toxic waste out onto the whole site probably since February


Are you suggesting WSB is lib left? I see it far more as lib right trying to fuck over richer lib rights


> lib right trying to fuck over richer lib rights Basically


As someone who was on the WSB discord, yes it is VERY libright


Just doesnt seem like it lately.


I’d love to see a poll of active users actually.


A true libright position would be to take all rapists and put them on a remote island, once a year licenses are auctioned off to allow for a 24 hour hunt on the island- kill as many as you can in 24 hours. Funds from the auction go to a trust fund for the victims. Everyone wins.


You know, that’s unironically a great idea. Someone should start that up. It’s be Fun for the whole family.


Just uhh make sure to arm the women and kids just a little bit heavier


I'm pretty sure this would be acceptable by the vast majority of pro-lifers.


Can confirm


Second that


Yeah this seems like it’s set up as some “gotcha ;)” tweet but I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with it lol


Same. Boils down to the one major consideration always left out of this pro-choice argument... The concept of innocence and guilt; punishment and protection/preservation. The guilty party in a rape is the rapist, not the person who was raped nor the resulting child.


In my country the main argument is that killing is bad so definitely not here (and probably not in other Catholic countries). Most people here who are pro lifers are also anti death penalty, my Christian Living teacher even showed us a video of a woman forgiving the man who killed her mother as an example of how to be a good pro life Catholic


My childhood preacher was a marine who fought in Okinawa.






No, they were saying it unironically.


Yeah idk why OP put it in libleft. Pretty sure it’s just a libright tweet said seriously


Seems pretty lib-center to me.


we like killing rapists too, it’s a lib unity thing


I think it can fit any quadrant.




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....is there literally any conservative, anywhere in the US who would object to a woman killing someone who was raping them? The US loves vigilante justice, and nearly everyone, especially conservatives, would celebrate that killing.


I think the tweet is talking extrajudicial revenge killing, not self defense. Since no one disagrees to self defense.


Kill the fetus then kill the rapist, the double negatives cancel each other out and you’re off scott free


Beat the rapist to death with the fetus for extra style points.


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holy shit


That is unironically exactly what women should do if a guy tries sexually assaulting them. I’m all for women having concealed carry in a fanny pack, a la Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side.


Well duh. In the wood chipper you go. #Legs #First


Even if the abortion doesn't give you a murder charge, you should still kill your rapist anyway, it's literally a moral duty.


Based and slaughter-rapists-pilled


I love the implications that 1. All abortions are because of rape, and 2. That people aren’t already on board with killing rapists.


Abortions as a result of rape, incest, or danger to the woman's life comprise about 3% of all abortion cases. In a 2004 study by Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research org, only 1 in 1160 women who were interviewed said rape was the reason they sought an abortion. https://www.guttmacher.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/pubs/psrh/full/3711005.pdf


To lazy to read but, what constitutes 97% of all cases?


Inability to afford medical costs, no time for more children in the case of older women/no time due to continuing education/relationship problems(possible single mother situation) in younger women or in general just not ready/not interested to have children.


The "safe legal and rare" common belief people are probably really starting to believe the slippery slope exists


I like how they bundle the three to get to 3% but rape is basically 0.1% of cases. I'm betting 'danger to a woman's life' comprises the overwhelming majority of that 3% statistic.


Maybe he’s just saying you get a free pass to murder, so might as well go back and kill your rapist (if you have one) while you’re on your way to the clinic


A person trying to rape you has given up their right to not be killed. This is why you carry.


Based and concealedcarry pilled


LMAO this is exactly like the "If women can't get abortions, the father should have to stay and help raise the kid!". They say this as if it's some kind of gotcha, they literally think we have an issue with this Ideally you should kill your rapist *before* he rapes you.




All rapist should be shot till he/she is disintegrated


I agree


"If an abortion charge is going to give you a murder charge you might as well kill your rapist." Don't know what country this dude lives in. Don't know the laws of his area. But there is not a single jurisdiction in the US that I can think of where an in-progress rape/rape attempt would not qualify as being in reasonable fear of imminent severe bodily harm or death. Killing a rapist who is in the act of raping or attempting to rape you would not be a murder. Homicide, yes. But murder is done with malice and aforethought. Neutralizing an active threat is not murder. It will not catch you a murder charge. You may have to go to trial over it, but a good shoot is a good shoot. And this really makes me question Boyle's current thoughts. Does he believe a woman ought to just lie down and let a rapist rape her so she doesn't kill him because she can just abort the baby afterwards? Or is this just some "got'cha" he came up with on the fly?


I keep seeing people on Twitter say that like the pro-life crowd is gonna be against it.


Bruh. Death to Rapists is classic AuthRight.


I mean, yeah. Why wouldn’t you?


LOL. Only a libleft would act like killing a rapist is rebellious.


People who commit true, violent rape should certainly be sentenced to death. Now, we just got to make sure no falsely accused men get this fate. But anyway, the left always fails to realize than NO ONE likes rapists.


It’s kinda weird how anti-rape is seen as a left wing thing Rape is especially shamed upon in Christian communities in my experience