Will one “flood” cause permanent water damage?

Will one “flood” cause permanent water damage?


It will absolutely need repairs. You may get lucky with just some dehumidifiers and drywall/paint, but it could also be a lot more if it got into electrical, or soaked all insulation etc.


Thank you for the reply, I appreciate your opinion. The water leaked through the bathroom floor into the roof below if that makes any difference. The water that leaked out of the bathroom was soaked up by the carpets. This happened over the weekend and everything is dry now. Would you happen to know an estimate for water damage repairs? Thanks again?


Estimates are against sub rules and you're asking a mod of the sub that question just a FYI lol But most cases of water damage are handled by insurance who hire restoration companies that take care of damages like that, plumbers are generally hired to fix the cause of the leak or damage, not the resulting damage


Thank you for the clarification! Such a pain in the ass, getting into real estate is much worse than I anticipated.


No insurance? I let a sink overrun for a couple of hours, damage to a few rooms in just my house. My home insurance sent out a remediation company next business day to remove baseboard, put holes in the drywall and run commercial dehumidifiers for a few days. Overall they paid out several thousand minus my deductible.


If a flood is dealt with correctly, quickly, and efficiently you may be able to get away with minimal repairs. The real dangers are the ones you can’t see. This is definitely a field where luck is involved and one size doesn’t fit all. Allow everything to dry as best you can. Go to you circuit breaker panel and make sure nothing has tripped. Problems could arise if damp areas (typically confined in ceilings and walls were not allowed to dry properly) fester and begin to populate with dangerous mold. Having the air tested for mold wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not sure how long you would have to wait to get it tested. My experiences are that I am a plumber and I’ve caused some water damage. I’ve also seen where the mold grows. That being said, my parent’s basement flooded two times in my younger years. One time it happened and we did an amazing job cleaning it up. Fans, heaters, dehumidifiers, mops, a pump, everything. The atmosphere was very warm and dry at the time so naturally it dried quickly. Several years later it happened again. I was away at college and my family did the best they could to dry the basement. Unfortunately, it was very moist and muggy the following weeks. I believe the weather contributed to the mold. We had some mold growing in the basement walls that made the basement smell moldy and was affecting my sister’s breathing. We patched the bottom of the sheet rock walls and painted a bit. We wiped the insides of the walls with bleach as high as we could before sealing them up. We cleared out the mold and my dad placed battery operated leak detectors throughout the basement.


Thanks for your comment! The dickheads I’m renting the apartment to didn’t even tell me (I found out from a complaint sent through an email). They had a commercial grade fan help dry the worst room for a night but had to return it. The guys also sent me a video showing everything was dried up this morning. My hope is that if this is a one time thing nothing will have to be repaired, but from what I’m reading and from what everyone is telling me, this most likely won’t be the case. I’ll definitely try and get the air tested for mold. That’s a great suggestion