PS4 Controller Prices Are Outrageous

PS4 Controller Prices Are Outrageous


I did a quick Google search and there's quite a few places that are selling both new and used controllers for great prices. I would do that first and compare prices before settling on the one your looking at on Amazon. Also remember the actual retail value of a brand new PS4 controller is $59.99 so try to get something less or close to that price point.


*Cries in small city of India*


Bro check out that link I posted I think it might be what your looking for. Also I hope you, your friends and family are doing well and are safe and sound.


Thanks for your kindness bro. And I will look into the link. Edit: Well I don't think it would work for my region. But I did find another one for $20 for my region through it. Thanks.


Can you name the site you found the 20$ controller on? I recently bought a new ds4 after a lot of browsing through the web and there are a lot of sites in India selling knock offs.


Good stuff brother I'm happy I was able to help in some way! 🤘




Right that is what I am trying to do. Strangely most retailers seem to be out of new controllers to even sell!


Also, I've been duped. Some of those controllers are very convincing knockoffs.


Exactly what happened to me when buying a PS4 controller from Newegg. I wasn't thinking correctly after seeing the low price (I think around $35) and purchased one without doing my research on the actual seller first (found out they had a 1.5 egg rating, with tons of people crying foul about their knockoff products). I tried to cancel the purchase through Newegg and they were no help at all. The controller itself was VERY convincing at first glance, with official looking packaging and even most of the textures and lighting on the controller itself looking legit. The charging port seemed flimsy though, and the analog sticks had a weird stiffyness to them. It stopped charging within the week I got it. Just one of those times that you realize that you fucked up by getting too excited by a good deal. The whole scam product issue just keeps getting worse and worse, though, and tons of them seem to be flocking to Amazon to sell their products.


Yeah. Newegg is littered with false advertising and they don't do nearly as much as Amazon to help if you get burned.


If the knockoff holds up longer than the year I got from my Walmart-purchased one...


Dude I know this is crazy. My controller broke yesterday. I have had the same problem with retailers being out of stock and everything online is outrageously priced. I finally just ordered a third party one for like 30. Hopefully it's decent.


Ahh, the madcatz controller.. I remember it.. Fondlyish


You must be a younger brother lol


What part of it broke? I've taken to watching controller fix it videos and I was able to repair my ps4 controller with a new button ribbon cable for $10


The new ones are getting a bit hard to come by but I still see some floating around. However the colors and styles vary and I'm sure your looking for a particular color and style. I assume your looking for the Glacier White variant right? Well your in luck I got you covered broseph! [I'm looking into this one for myself too...](https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Sony-PS4-DualShock-4-Wireless-Controller-Glacier-White-3004376-/265146693730?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286)


fuckin steal thank you broski


Happy to help brother! 🤘


It's been this way for while, bestbuy is where I bought mine, it's cuz they're prioritizing making ps5 consoles, production for ps4s and PS4 stuff is very low.


Try offer up. People sell them for $45 here in Dallas. They have a lot in stock. Check your area obviously.


I work in tech retail, I'm 99% sure they've ceased production on the controllers due to our lack of availability, or we are getting there.


Where I live ps5 controllers are rn cheaper than ps4 controllers...


Check GameStop?


I was there just the other day and while they weren't in stock the guy said they could order one. Didn't realize they were so hard to come by.


Ef game stop, bro... Buncha con artists.


How so? They've been a great store for me


Man, I went to my local GS and they had USED controllers for a whole $5 less than brand new. I asked, nope... Actually used... I couldn't believe it. I got ripped off pretty bad trading in one of my consoles as well... I was dumb because I was moving, and fell for their pitch.... Then found out people were scooping up my console with half the games for 4x the price. :/ If you are stateside, Target is still selling PS4 controllers. Or you could get a "certified refurbished" controller from eBay or Amazon. Those have decent return policies.


Yeah GameStop is pretty classically horrible for refunds and exchanges. I hope with its recent stock popularity they will improve aspects of their business model.


I bought a extended warranty for my Switch Lite, and when it began drifting I went to have them replace it, only to tell me they don't have any in stock, so they can't. I ask for my money back and they say nope, only exchanges. Which they don't have. Never shopping at gamestop again. Let the short-sellers eat them alive.


Lol. I like how I got downvoted for my opinion and story, and you got upvotes. Have another upvote :)


Wallstreetbets people are sucking eachother off over how much they love their Gamestop stock so much so that they forgot to stop and think that Gamestop is actually a garbage company.


I don't know where you live, but here I can walk into any local store that sells any kind of gaming hardware and find a lot of controllers to any console and in a lot of different colors too. Few times I've even seen special edition ps4 controllers on the shelf that are the same price as the basic ones (here it's 59,95€ per controller) like the last of us part 2 and destiny 2 special controllers that look really nice. So maybe go look for a controller at your local store.


No one has new controllers which is why people are listing them for nearly twice their msrp.




also amazon is shit on a lot of things. some stuff, yeah i guess use amazon. but a lot of things they just fucking blow now. i'm not just talking videogames i mean in general


You can't blame Amazon for everything 2nd and 3rd party sellers do with there products bro. You be surprised how many people's complaints about Amazon are not there fault. I used to do that then I realized that Amazon really wasn't always to blame which happens quite a bit.


Amazon is using the companies non-stop. They should be vetted better, of course Amazon's reputation is going to take a hit over it. It's still their company lol. You can't blame the customers.


I agree there needs to be better quality control when it comes to there working arrangements with these 2nd and 3rd party companies. Especially when it comes to pricing because price gauging is a very real problem.


Absolutely. I think I'm an above average "shopper" on Amazon and I've been fooled once. I have a hard time blaming customers for the shit companies that sell on there.


> You can't blame Amazon for what 2nd and 3rd party sellers do with there products bro. Uh the items are hosted on Amazon.com, most of them are fulfilled by Amazon which means they store and ship them, and if you run into issues you have to reach out to Amazon CS. Why wouldn't I blame them? They are profiting on them, not sure why we are trying to stop the blame for a service they are providing to us.


Amazon doesn't organize inventory by seller, for a lot of products they lump all "identical" items together, including counterfeit ones. I've definitely gotten counterfeit items sold directly from Amazon shipped to me, although they at least generally have no issue replacing it.


lmao what you're saying is what i'm talking about. you need to read your comment, slowly. that's literally the problem w/ amazon.


Dude read your first comment then read mine there's an obvious difference between the two.


i didn't mean any offense,


Don't worry we're cool! 😉


I mean you came off like Amazon doesn't really have to give a shit about it, which to be fair is Amazon's view on the matter as well.




The truth makes me a "Shill?"


Imagine using valuable broadband to defend Amazon online. Bruh simp on girls not mega-corporations.


[https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/playstation-4/accessories/controllers](https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/playstation-4/accessories/controllers) **$52** Next day shipping too.


Yeah but those are all pre owned, not so easy finding a new one for a decent price.


That's pre owned.


Every controller I've got from Gamestop pre-owned had a drift. Would not recommend.


well duh, me and my friends only trade in controllers once they get drift, id assume others did the same lol


People also buy pre-owned controllers only to return their older, more damaged controllers in their place for a refund.


i've been playing with a controller with one stick and when i press L2 it goes up Fuck This.


Had the same thing happen to me. Don't feel like taking it apart to fix it but i might have to.


Honestly, I recently had an issue with my Xbox controller so I took it apart, and it’s really not that taxing. I can’t speak for the ps4 controller but I assume it’s similar.


It's not that difficult, no. I've taken apart a handful of PS4 controllers and it was a breeze and no tutorial needed. Though just gotta be careful of the strip connecting the lightbar to the circuit board is a bit deal and iirc is tied to charger port functionality for some reason (I think one time I didn't reconnect that so my light bar would be fully disabled and then found the charging didn't work so reconnected i; lightbar is just really distracting, even on dim)


You can use Kapton tape to tape off the LED power to light bar on the ribbon cable, or if you are even more lazy just wrap the clear plastic with a piece of electrical tape on the inside. Either way works. Personally when I modded mine ages ago I cut a design in construction paper then taped it inside so it glowed the design.


Bro I'm about to save your life. I had the same problem. Just watch this do as he says, it's a temporary fix but you can always just do the clockwise exercise for your left stick. Life saver for stick drift: https://youtu.be/7dVhU1dLmac Sorry for copy pasting my comment just wanna get y'all aware


Hold up, the l2 up is somewhat common


Bro I'm about to save your life. I had the same problem. Just watch this do as he says, it's a temporary fix but you can always just do the clockwise exercise for your left stick. Life saver for stick drift: https://youtu.be/7dVhU1dLmac


Happened to four of mine


this is the equivalent to wearing underwear with holes


Thumb drift?


Was just at Target less than an hour ago and they were the same price they've been for years, $59.99 new. $90 is ridiculous though, best of luck OP.


Obviously the msrp hasn’t changed so if you find them stores it will be the same. The post is about how expensive they are in the secondary market because ps4 controllers are sold out most places you go.


https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/playstation-4/accessories/controllers $52.99 free shipping


From what I see, they want them new not Pre-Owned


The worst part is that sometimes you purchase these 60$-90$ controllers and they’ll have stick drift out of the packaging. I took my PS4 to my family’s home for Christmas and I remembered to bring every little piece I needed except a controller. I even brought the charging cord for the controller lol. I stopped by the local Walmart and snagged a nice red controller. Right out of the package I had (and still have) stick drift. I bought this controller to play FPS games and I have stick drift on my aiming stick. It acts like I am trying to look left even when I don’t touch it. I’ve learned to play around it and I honestly try not to use the thing unless my good one is dead (or if I am just going to watch Netflix or Hulu), but it is still frustrating to have spent that much money for a faulty product. Thanks for reading my rant lol I hope you have good luck finding a cheap, good working controller!!


Damn, should have just returned that red one.


I know I should have, but I had just traveled for an hour to get the thing and I didn’t want to spend any more time fooling with it. Live and learn compadre


With many big retailers you can return the product to any location. I've done this with best buy. You might have been able to return it to a local Walmart when you got home


Holy shit. Stick drift. That's what it's called! I got a brand new gold one from Best Buy a few months ago and I would notice my left analog stick movements would drift to the UP position on the screen without actually touching the stick. Had no idea it was a common thing until your comment.


Oh heck yeah it’s common! I have it, you have it, I know some others who have it. I have heard it is possible to fix it, but I don’t know how personally. This isn’t really relevant, but I first heard the term when I joined the Nintendo Switch gaming scene. Apparently it’s a very, VERY bad issue with their Joy-Con controllers


From my understanding, “drift” has been a term since joysticks were implemented on controllers in the 90s. I remember issues with N64 and PS1 dualshock controllers and we used that term because that’s what the cursor/crosshair did. I don’t know anything about Atari joysticks.


Wow, TIL. I guess I got lucky growing up because I never really started noticing these stick drift issues until maybe the PS3/Xbox 360 generation. I never really learned the terminology until I joined the ranks here at Reddit. I knew it was a thing and I knew it was common, but I would just say “my controller is shitty” or whatever. Oh well, we all leave this comment chain a little smarter, huh.


My OG black DS4s had never had any drift problems. One had the rubber(?) on the joystick rub off but that’s it before the battery died. I bought two new controllers: black and purple... both had drift issues within a week. Right drift and left drift. I think the newer controllers are cheaply made compared to the original controllers.


That could be the case. I bought my ‘good’ one about 4 years ago. I bought the red one I spoke of last year. It fits your theory.


I think you would be correct. I went through new ones like crazy thru 2019-2020. Probably went through 5 in those two years. No such issue on PS5 DualSense yet though!


Yep. My first controller from 2014 still works like a charm. Then I bought a white one 6 months ago, and it has already stick drift on the right stick. And I didn’t even used it that much.


Similar for me. I got my PS4 in 2015 and my original controller never had any issues until the battery started to stop holding a charge in 2018. I ordered a new red one from PS Direct and within a couple months I had right stick drift. Something changed with the DS4 manufacturing in the last few years. Controllers from the early PS4 days seem to have rarely had any issues but it seems like the ones made in the last few years you're almost guaranteed to develop stick drift within a short amount of time. I don't know if Sony switched to cheaper parts or if their QC just fell off a cliff, or both.


Agreed. The controller that came with the console when I bought it in 2014 has no stick drift. The V2 controllers with the player facing light bar both have varying degrees of stick drift.


Yeah it’s bad when you get a brand new one with stick drift, but it’s almost like it’s inevitable anyway. I play FPS games, but I’m not intensely using the controller or anything. Just clicking the sticks to sprint and stuff, I would wear out a controller in ~2 months.. I got so sick of buying new controllers that I actually didn’t use my PS4 for a long time and just waited until I got the PS5. No such issues with the DualSense yet


This is why i have a Frankensteins monster of controllers. I have switched out everything on it because its broken. Why buy a new one when i have the parts to fix the one i have?


I tried that and now I’m down two controllers lmfao


I had one with drift for spare parts.


Why are you attempting to buy one from an unknown 3rd party seller? Buy one FROM Amazon if you want to use Amazon. Cant say I have heard of G Dreamer.


Seriously OP is a fucking moron.




Y’all are so hostile lol


They just don't understand how stock works in different parts of the country and world. Like maybe at their local places they can find controllers in stock, but OP might not be so lucky or it may be a long drive to the nearest place selling them. Also insulting OP's intelligence for pointing out an issue others are having with controller stocks in this thread alone shows massive entitlement and their own IQs. And hell, it'd only be moronic at all if it was purchased which based on the post, OP is looking elsewhere and only calling out general pricing in the 3rd party market due to lack of availability to some extent from 1st party places (I presume). Again, varies by region and location. And honestly, OP may have just glanced prices like this and wanted to point it out. Iirc I saw an Ad for RE7 for like 2 grand while scrollimg YT mobile. I fuckin rolled laughing and shared it with my friends for giggles all around.


Thanks for standing up for me.




You're being an asshole. I went on both Amazon and Target's website and the controller's out of stock (or for Amazon, marked up by a 3rd party seller). Maybe you found it at your store, so good for you I guess? OP is probably like most people and just wants to order it online. Amazon is where most default to.




whe....when did I correct... anyone? what




What do you mean? All we’re suggesting is lynch the man for trying to buy this controller. And honestly, with how stupid and moronic and dumb he is, I’m thinking tar and feather as well. These indiscretion will not stand dude.


Sigh I’ll get the rope and stool


nah OP’s just a moron. I think moron is a pretty relaxed insult lol


That's awesome they were at your Target. They've been sold out other places and people weren't trying to go out during the pandemic so online stores took advantage.


My closest Target hasn’t had any in stock for months. But I can get a Dual Sense.


Like, yeah.


Your hostility is not necessary in this case.


Nah OP is a moron




All of the PS4 controllers that Amazon are advertising are either cheap knock offs or all over $80, and mostly all from 3rd party resellers. They're very hard to get right now.


Theyre $90 on amazon too. But best buy has them for the original $59. But they are out of stock according to the website and “unavailable nearby”.


Does it say Sold by Amazon? If not they are sold by a 3rd party. You have to click the link and read specifically who is the seller. Amazon,Walmart and a number of major retailers do that.


It's amazing how many people don't know this.


I just saw that.


Thats not sold by Amazon. Says so there. It's why sometimes you'll see PS5s in stock for over $800.


Because that's not Amazon's price. That's the price from G Dreamer, whoever the fuck that is. If you don't want to pay that price, just don't buy from that vendor.


And these things were like $40 on amazon before shit hit the fan, correct?


Yes I remember a year ago looking at them for $40 to $60 depending on color.


Used to be $38 in-store at Walmart.


They’re $59.99 plus tax. If you pay more than that, you’re a dummy.


or you live outside america


Or bought one of the White or Gold ones that normally retail for $64.99. Which I guess you could argue is a little dumb, but beggars can't always be choosers and maybe some people just want those colors.


OP appears to have been shopping on Amazon US, so that's the context of this discussion. We all understand prices are different in different countries.


[https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/playstation-4/accessories/controllers](https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/playstation-4/accessories/controllers) $52.99 free shipping


Even then you'd have settle for pre-owned in my area since all the new controllers are "In store only" and out of stock. Used controllers are often kind of a crapshoot, but more on the crap side of things.


Remember the 50% off Black Friday sales in 2019!! I got a PSVR for 200 on Black Friday!! The lockdown has ruined prices for everything!!


this pandemic opened my eyes to how interconnected and weak supply chains are. i'm not just talking about this controller here but everything and anything


I dont think I've seen a ps4 for sale in person in awhile, either. Crazy. Hope my Pro holds out. Thankfully I traded in my launch window Pro in for a quieter one in 2019.


Why are they so out of stock at big box retailers? My target hasn’t had any in months


Target employee here, i was told by a Sony rep that the manufacturer is having trouble sourcing a specific part. Probably a microchip of some sort, there's a huge shortage


If you are looking for a new controller because your joysticks are wandering or cancelling sprint. Problems like that. You can order the joystick parts off of amazon for pretty cheap. I think I paid $15. Fairly easy to take apart the controller and switch out the little metal piece. I watched a youtube video the first time to see how to take it apart. It is a cheap fix and I have had to do it more then once to both my controllers. Still way netter then having to buy a new one. [https://www.amazon.ca/Eboxer-Joystick-Replacement-Playstation-Controller/dp/B07G8FLH9R/ref=sr\_1\_1?dchild=1&keywords=ps4+controller+parts&qid=1622779674&sr=8-1](https://www.amazon.ca/Eboxer-Joystick-Replacement-Playstation-Controller/dp/B07G8FLH9R/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ps4+controller+parts&qid=1622779674&sr=8-1) I did not solder in the whole joystick piece. I pried the side off of it and took the little metal piece out and put it into my controller. You can also just try to clean around the joystick and the metal piece with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol


I recommend using PlayStation Direct. That price is from a random seller.


Fell outta my chair this past week looking at these prices myself .... and too many bad experiences with (probable) knockoffs. Ended up finding a bundle with FIFA21 digital dl for $20 less than the ds4 itself, was at Walmart, Target, and Amazon online, may be other bundles out there but def best deal I saw.


Hey thanks for commenting. I am glad I am not the only one seeing this stuff. That sounds like a good deal.


They should be no more than $60. It sucks


Should be like 40$ since the ps5 is out


Should have been 40 from the start tbh.


Yea spending 50-70 on a controller is crazy




Try the direct playstation website, they have some colors in stock


Scalpers, bro. Pandemic.


for all systems, controller s are ridiculously priced. it's crazy


Amazon third-party seller go brrrrrrr.


You'd think the price would drop with Ps5...


Had to hunt for days but finally tracked the last one at a target down. $60 thank god but yes it's a struggle right now to find hardware


And here I am with a brand new one still in the case.


Facts I got a black one I haven’t even opened yet


Not a lot of people know this, but you can order controllers from Sony at market price. direct.playstation.com where you can get accessories and the like at market price. And if you sign into your PSN Account and have PS Plus, your shipping is free, included expedited shipping. Only downside is if you are looking for a particular color, you may be out of luck.


Yeah, they're either third party or an insane amount. The GameStop by my house is sold out of every color and the local stores are selling them for $90. I don't really know what's going on with them right now..


Wait till you see gamecube controller prices...


Controllers everywhere but no ps5s


Have you checked the PlayStation website? Got two new controllers from there a couple months ago for $59.99 each.


What about the size 10 inches long!


Controllers & PS+ memberships you always stock up on during Black Friday. I grabbed one for $40 because it was neat and see-through, now it's pretty much my main controller.


I have the same, bought it the same time too.


Do yourself a favor: Avoid any games that give you massive rage. Take good care of your controller. If you need to buy a controller, try to get the Original; refurbished and used for display if neccessary.


I've learned how to take em' apart and keep parts as backups. You'd be surprised it's fairly easy to disassemble and replace stuff with and you're back in the game. You'd also be surprised just by cleaning them can fix your issue (like a non functioning d-pad or something.)


Amazon has the WORST prices for video games & accessories that I have ever seen.


See that's the thing it's not Amazon's price point it's there approved 2nd and 3rd party sellers who have there own prices.


Maybe just don’t shop at Amazon? They’re a shite company.


How people don't seem to comprehend how Amazon resellers work in 2021 is astounding. It's basically a step removed from eBay in that the prices aren't reflective of retail price but rather the whims of the sellers--think eBay/Marketplace/CraigsList. It has absolutely nothing to do with MSRP or the market in general and everything to do with what that reseller feels like selling the item for (and they might not even have a clue what they're selling). So really all OP is doing is complaining that *one* reseller is overcharging, which is pretty much going to be the case with most resellers. Did OP look at *any* other retailers before making this post? The fact that most of them are OOS and offering third party only should tell you that the issue is with stock, not price. Now perhaps that's a valid complaint on its own, but calling out resellers (and that's being generous since OP was seemingly calling out Amazon themselves) on having higher prices shows a lack of understanding on how the retail market works on the most basic level.


I would never order a controller from Amazon. 90% guarantee that it’s not genuine controller. Try Best Buy, GameStop’s. Just looked up Gamestop, they have controllers available for 65$ new at stores near me with blue camo paint. Best Buy seems to sold out. I would also go to your nearest Walmart or Target, they might have one available. If not, asks personal if they have any in the back or if they can check a store where they have it available.


It would at least be justifiable if they were durable, but they break so easily it's fucking disgusting. I treat all my controllers like they were princesses, and yet I always end up getting something like stick drift


Prices for consoles and accessories for them in US are skyrocketing, this is awful


Hey guys, I am not sure what the deal is but PS4 controllers are hard to find online and even at my local Meijer's. I'm consistently seeing a $75 to $90 price for these things new in box. What gives?


Covid has caused a surge in gaming and there's also a lot of panic buying too, I'd guess. I've thought of grabbing an extra just in case supply runs out and my main ds4 breaks. Its almost worth trying a knock off on Amazon ebay for twenty bucks, maybe


You're not shopping around enough. Your local Meijers? Isn't that a pharmacy?


Meijer's is a department/grocery store chain, similar to Walmart, based out of Michigan. They have stores there, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.




There’s a massive difference; $89.99 USD is $109 CAD before tax.




You've heard of exchange rates, right?


This is from a reseller. Any retail store has then available at retail price. If some random ass person pulls up to me on the street and tries to sell me a controller for $100, I’m not gonna hop on Reddit and complain that controller prices are outrageous.


That's normal pricing for me 🤷🏻‍♀️


Pro tip buy a new one from gamestop buy the warranty right before the warranty is up trade it in. Been doing that for 5 yrs now


Good luck finding a GameStop with a new one in stock.


They have them for MSRP in piles at every retailer around me.


Gamestop.com Better check it out


Man, just buy the weird brand from china, I've been using those for years and never had a problem


The Wish.com Suny Funstation Doubleshook 4 Controllers?


Looool, almost, I bought them from Amazon 😎


Okay that's pretty damn funny I didn't even know you could do that lmfao! 🤣


Especially considering the damn things start drifting within weeks most of the time


These controller should be like $30 with how shitty the battery life is.


Amazon is taking advantage of the consumer a lot more recently. IMO stay away from Amazon. You can definitely find it cheaper other places


That's not Amazon selling the controller though. Look at that screencap real good and it shows plain as day that it's a third party selling thru Amazon. Amazon probably sells them for the usual $60. People need to pay attention to what they are clicking.


I managed to find some good used ones for between 30 to 40 dollars between eBay and Mercari. Anyway I'm probably going to switch to using an Xbox SX controller on PC so might sell a couple.


I bought an off brand one for like, $20. Works great. It doesn't have the speaker, but honestly, who cares?


Yes they are. I've got bad stick drift on my right analog stick, took it apart leaned and still have the issue. seeing these prices crush me.


Just ordered a customized scuff controller it was pricey but will update with review!


there is a shortage of semi condoctor so that might influence


Idk about y'all but i noticed a big drop in quality in them. Seems like the original controller that came with the console back then lasted me forever and now the joysticks always gets problematic after an unreasonable amount pf time.


Better take that ass to the pawn shop 😂


I once saw a controller for 3,000 dollars. It wasn’t even new.


Hey, If you really want to shit your pants, check out ps5 controller prices


Sure you didn’t accidentally stumble into aussie Amazon? :D $90 controllers are the norm here