Chanting Tuuka at The Barn?

Chanting Tuuka at The Barn?


It is and we did it to Jarry too


We did it to Curtis Joseph in 2002 CUJO CUJO.


HAHA I was a Redwings fan in 2002. Honestly I still am. At first I only went to The Barn to root for the Wings when they would play each other (My family is Islanders fans.) But I went to root for the home team a few times and man, what an intoxicating energy in the building. I've started feeling more like an Isles fan than I ever have felt a Redwings fan, just by really being a part of the community, and the energy. (Hard to truly tell because the Detroit Redwings are having such a hard time now, and needing to rebuild, etc.) But don't let it overshadow.....LETS GO ISLANDERS!!!! I fear I may be converted and thats ok with me. Its our time now, we've grown so strong over the past few seasons!


It’s to mock/taunt the player and it’s been around and used in all different sports. It started in the late 80s with (ironically) Boston Red Sox fans doing that to Darryl Strawberry. Haven’t you ever heard Darr-yl, Darr-yl? Fuckin’ Boston.


Back in the day.....when we beat Washington in the 93 playoffs, we were heckling Tabaracci the same way. In the regular season we've done it as well...seem to remember it being done to Ryan Miller at a home opener in the early 2000's. Of course we did it to Jarry last round, but I think we also did it to Fluery as well, when he had a shaky couple of games vs us in the playoffs a while back.




The first crowd I remember doing this on a regular basis were St. Louis Blues fans in the 80's. Usually prompted by the organist, it seemed a little bush league at the time, but you got used to it.