“Take 8 goals away from the Isles and the Pens would have won” Who lets these people on the Internet?

“Take 8 goals away from the Isles and the Pens would have won” Who lets these people on the Internet?


Should the NHL have the Isles and Pens redo their series in case it was a big fluke?


They have a legitimate grievance. The Penguins were up in the series through 3 games and it's kinda bullshit that they had to play both Games 4 and 6 on the road. The 2OT loss at home was also a fluke so I see where they're coming from on this. If it wasn't for those final 3 games, they would have only needed to win 2 more to win the series.


Bottom line is — did the league *really* do all in their power to assist ~~Sidney Crosby~~ oops I mean the Penguins win another Stanley Cup as per their agreement?


I forgot all about this. Now I need to see if I can dig up the original


Idk but they should definitely write a letter


It should be a strongly worded letter so they know they’re serious.


While I was looking for Ilya chant tweets I came across a lot of wild Pens fan takes like one person saying “the only reason the Islanders are up is because of Ilya Sorokin and their defense. That’s it.” Like yeah that’s just called being the better hockey team lmao


“If they hadn’t been so gosh-darn *mean* and just let us score more goals we for sure would’ve won!”


Oh yeah? Well then take 9 goals away from the Pens. Checkmate.


Check something...




Yeah. Lol people are kinda brain dead


Wellll sorry to remind this person- the islanders did score those 8 goals and they won the series in 6. Enjoy your summer Pittsburgh ✌🏼


R/hockey was brutal after the game. Non stop about jarry. Yo dudes, this wasn't game 5, the isles scored 4 awesome goals and one soft. Meanwhile the pens got 2 deflections yesterday.


I think part of it is that people still views the isles as the bottom of the league team from like 15 yrs ago. Not a lot of outside fans accept they have a real coach and they’re a competitive team now. No respect


I hear a lot of "islanders are nothing without Trotz" as if hes the one personally dumping 5 goals on their shitbag goaltender.


big fan of "if you wanted Sorokin, your team had at least 2 shots to pick him"


It's strange, r/hockey is the only sports sub where it seems like small market teams get more hate than the big market ones


More big market team fans means more shit coming from their whore mouths


Big market hockey fans are very entitled. Doubley-so if the team is an original 6.


I mean I get what you're saying but Leafs fans would justifiably disagree


R/hockey takes narrative and runs with it more than any other community on here. Jarry was not good by any means this series but before game 5 I didn't see hardly any Jarry hate. Then game 6 the Islanders scored some great goals. The only soft one I'd say was the second nelson goal. He didn't make the big save for them when they needed it but he wasn't even close to the reason why the Islanders took that series.


Listen, I love this team, we won this series fair and square, and I think this is a pretty brutal take...but... I would say a top goalie probably doesn't give up 3 of those goals yesterday...the Palmieri goal was into a wide open net, but Jarry should have never given up that big of a rebound on a muffin of a shot from JGP from a mile away...the Pulock goal stayed along the ice the whole time; he's got a howitzer, but if Jarry just literally guards his post that's an easy save...and yeah, we know the Nelson 5 hole goal was a softie


I think the take away from this is if you don't have a top goalie, you don't deserve to make it out of the first round in this league. Pens fans think they're entitled to perennial playoff success just because they drafted Sid a million years ago.


On the Palm goal, there were 2 Islanders right in front of the net with noone between them and the goalie, clearly creating a big distraction. That lack of D positioning was a much bigger issue than goaltending on that goal. On Pulock, that was a one timer and a very hard shot that went in right along the post. I've watched enough hockey to know those 2 factors are huge indicators of goals scored. ("Expected Goals" are not indicated simply by where players are on the ice - one timing a pass or the proximity of the puck in relation to the post/crossbar when entering the net exponentially increases likelihood of scoring, not simply wherever the shooter is located. ) I would not expect a goalie to be guarding the post when the action is in front of him. Maybe if he had time to react, but a hard deadly accurate one time from a shooter like pulock did not give the goalie any time to set on that shot)


> I've watched enough hockey to know those 2 factors are huge indicators of goals scored. I hate when people say shit like this...I guess I just started watching >there were 2 Islanders right in front of the net with noone between them and the goalie, clearly creating a big distraction. Wrong, watch the highlight...Palmieri and Zajac were even with the dots when he threw that on net, not right in front of the net...additionally, Crosby was even with Zajac and Ceci was between Palmieri and the net...I know this, not because I've watched enough hockey, but because I just watched the replay in order to get the proper names >I would not expect a goalie to be guarding the post when the action is in front of him. Then obviously you haven't watched enough hockey, because there was almost zero action in front of the net...Palmieri had barely begun to break towards his position in front of Jarry because he was going to help control the faceoff...there shouldn't have been any net to shoot at low with a good goalie, but Pulock found a hole because Jarry is not good Don't be condescending, and don't let your bias blind you, neither are good looks


Id apologize as reading r/hockey was brutal after the game, but not sure that comment is the anti condescension gold standard Here is the still image of Zajac wide [open,](https://i.imgur.com/B0fiwGN.jpg) as well as Palmeri, both with a clear path to the net Having Crosby as net front coverage is even more laughable, thanks for that one man, I missed it. This is on the d, bud. As far as the Pulock , it was a one timer, right off the post. All players are in the zone in front, not along the goal line boards or behind the net where one would think of hugging the post. Couldn't resist, checked the highlight. Take a closer look at 21, what's his name. Very easily could have had a partial screen on Pulocks rocket. He was all alone in the high slot, immediately after a draw. Again, great slot coverage. If these 2 goals don't scream poor D (but RPs goal was more perfect shot/instant release/high velocity) then I need a time machine so I can go back and watch some more.


Did you mean to say Shitsburgh?


Yes forgive me, I stand corrected. Shittsburgh


The Shittsburgh Pengloses


Pittsburgh is actually quite lovely of a city. It's only the people who kinda suck.


It’s amusing to me how all these Penguins fans are acting like their goalie is some outside force that came to sabotage their playoffs. Nah man, he’s part of your team. You have a weakness in your team and now you don’t get to play anymore.


The other thing is, our “number 1” goalie sucked too. The difference is they traded away their other option in net last option and we upgraded ours. We have a more complete team than them, I honestly think that is undeniable after that series.


Honestly, Jerry threw. If he hadn't been ice cold we might not have made it. I wouldnt go trash talking until we've won the cup, because Boston doesn't have the same weakness. Rask is elite. We are going to need to elevate our game to win this.


The Penguins should *definitely* include that indisputable fact in their newest letter of complaint to the league.


Which 8 goals are they taking away? Kind of seems like an arbitrary amount. I mean I can take away 6 and it gets the pens a sweep...


the replies say the 8 goals were the difference between xG and the actual goals scored, so basically those were 8 saves jarry was expected to make.


And xG is still a baby stat that too many fans started using as a crutch. It doesn't even take screens into account, it's useless. There was a Pens fan on the hockey thread arguing about the 8 goals with me. And someone replied to them about advanced stats that explains it much better. The funny part is, just flip the script. Pens fan: Without Jarry the Isles lose in 5 Me: Without Varly the Isles win in 4 Pens fans: YOU CAN'T DO THAT!


Ahh - thanks for the clarification.


the tweet was written *horribly* and doesn’t establish that at all, yet the guy is like “why don’t you know this?” it’s insane


that's also just not how xG works lmao


Some of us neanderthal hockey fans just go by final score instead as it’s easier and all that counts. Saturday the city of Shittsburgh will be holding a parade for the advanced metrics cup winners!


I cAn CoNfIrM TaKiNg GoAlS aWaY fRoM oNe TeAm WoUlD hAvE ChAnGeD tHe OuTcOmE fOr ThE oThEr TeAm


But what if we take the isles out of the playoffs from the start of the playoffs


If we take away all the goals from game 1, we would still be playing in overtime 57372


Not to go all Pens fan and use advanced stats or anything, but it's been about exactly 10 days, or 240 hours, and given a 20 minute period usually takes 40-50 minutes plus a 15 minute intermission they would only have been able to play around 240 OT periods. If there were zero stoppage in play the max amount of periods possible is 411. Ok byyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Don't hate me xD)


Take the Penguins away from the NHL and suddenly COVID would be eradicated, global warming would be completely reversed, and cancer would be fully curable.


Fauci is getting right on that


i always hated the "if this didn't/did happen" game - "if (blank) player doesn't get hurt, and the other (blank) player never trips him, that game is totally different." right, but it happened, so what's your point. this is so laughably insane though that it almost feels like an isles maniac found out this pens account's login info and posted this to make them look even worse. what an awful take.


Take away 8 goals and the isles still win one of the games. That’s pretty damn impressive considering you take away 8 goals from the pens and they get swept, and still scored on themselves.


And if soroKING started every game we would have swept


Well if that’s the case take the isles out of the playoffs and this would never have happened to the most precious Pens


what an absolute take from PensInsider


Take away like 5 goals from the Pens during the season series, and the Isles win the series and finish at worst 2nd in the division while the Pens finish 4th. Seriously though, the games were close all year long. Removing goals here and there would flip the results of like 12 of the 14 games they played this year. 🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂


Lmao I thought those were 5 Stanley cups at first. But it's just salt. Fitting either way.


thats such an asshole post take 10 away FROM pens and we sweep. go back to your hole in the ground and come out when you have a real team to root for....LETS GO ISLANDERS.....


Of the top ten goal scoring teams on the season, one didn't make the playoffs and 5 more will be out after the first round. It's almost as if there is more to the game than scoring goals. If only I could figure out what it is...uniform design? Zamboni driver skills? Choice of songs on the PA in between faceoffs? What could be causing the Pens to lose?!?!?!


We actually do not struggle to score goals. We are right in the average for scoring. People make it seem like we have the worst offense in the league and its like, nope, not even remotely close.


And pens fans said we were stupid...


Take away all the goals and we’d still be in overtime of game 1


“Take all the goals away from the winning team and the other team would have won”. Fantastic Analysis


this is straight up the worst fucking take i have ever heard


Here's one to ponder, if we left Sorokin in for game 2 & 3, would we have swept them ... again?


But if you give the Islanders 8 goals.....tough point he puts up here


They should write a strongly worded letter to the nhl to have those eight goals removed. It's just the right thing to do.


As my mom always said, if grandma had balls she'd be my grandpa


Remind me, who was the only team to kick the 80s Oilers’ asses in the Cup finals in the 80s?


It shouldn't escape anyone's notice that that is a double whammy of stupidity in the take lol


Cindy Crosby must be happy Jarry is being scapegoated. Because Cindy was a no show.


I see a lot of words, but all I hear is crying & excuses. You for beat, take it like a man. Nut up & shut up.


Blaming Jarry is a cop out that allows them to excuse their core. The Isles are just a way better coached and committed team now. Also, their skill is waning and our team is hitting its prime. Jarry was honestly average. If all they change is goaltending they’ll never get through the first round. I’ll be happy if they think that was the only issue. Sorokin stole game 5. It doesn’t matter who was on the other side. That game was going to Soro. They lost game 4 4-1. I didn’t see multiple softies. Game 1 was a toss up. Who’s saving that OT goal? Last night wasn’t even as close as the score. Where were all the softies? Isles scored 5 in 2 periods. I did think Varley let in some softies for us but he’ll find his game. Honestly, I don’t know if the Pens win a game in that series if Soro played games 2-3 OR Varley was himself.


Enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll be stuck watching nothing but those cruddy MLB teams too no more than a week from now.


How were the games today? Havent started watching yet since were still in NHL playoff mode. Wish you were here


The truth hurts


I love how this dude said Jarry made them look like the 80's Oilers. Hey bud, there was another pretty good team in the 80's.


We have a lot of words and we don’t care if you don’t want to hear them. We understand your lack of talent, your no name players, your terrible play style. Everything we’re feeling is totally justified. This isn’t the ending the league promised us, and certainly not the one the most talented team in the history of hockey ever deserved. Thank you for understanding how lucky you are to even play on the same rink as Crosby and Malkin. /penstwitter


Game 1: Isles win 4-3 (no goals taken away) Game 2: Pens win 2-1 -take away 1 Islanders goal- Pens win 2-0 Game 3: Pens win 5-4 -take away 4 Islanders goals- Pens win 5-0 Game 4: Isles win 4-1 -take away 2 Islanders goals- Islanders win 2-1 Game 5: Isles win 3-2 (no goals taken away) Game 6: Isles win 5-3 -take away 1 islanders goal- Islanders win 4-3 ​ Overall that's 8 Islanders goals taken away and the Islanders still win the series 4 games to 2! Checkmate!


Wild. I can take away 4 goals and give us a sweep, it’s not like they won any games that handily




The only way to make this up to the penguins is every year when someone wins the cup their names dont go on but they put that years penguins roster on there.


What I’m hearing is “Take away our shit goalie and we would win more games. “


"If they just took away all the goals from all the other teams, then the Pens could win the cup every year. Cmon NHL!"


"bUt RyAn LaMBeRT aGReeS WiTh Me?!?"


This is the equivalent of "If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike" We all know the pain but just accept the loss and move on, jesus


Was that also supposed to be a dig bringing up Oilers? So glad once puck drops they are altogether forgotten. Wonder if they wrote a letter to the league regarding wrong team winning.