Trade post follow up

Trade post follow up


If you got what you wanted, then it doesn’t matter. But overpay.


You might have overpaid a little bit, but if i was in your shoes I’d do the same. It’s the end of the year, the games dead, and it’s more fun playing with your favorite players.




Idk what this means lmao


He's saying you lost big time. No offense of course.


I wanna say he got the upperhand on this trade, but as long as you two are both happy, thats all that matters.


I got 800k for the Marchand 500k for the pronger and 55k per collectable


why would you fleece him like that? super low of you💀 Edit: yea it’s late in the game and what not but think about it.. the original trade was 96 McDavid, 1 GC and TOTS marchand… that’s already above your 900k or whatever it was asking price.. then you go and change the deal to a gold icon Pronger, Marchand and 2 GCs… that’s some Rick Harrison typa shit.


Days ago Rantanen was selling at 1.2z Don’t shame him for getting a better deal than expected. It’s what the other person was willing to give up.


I’m not shaming him for that. I’m shaming the fact that if Rantanen is not even selling at 900k, and someone offers well over the value of 900k originally, why fleece them to get even more out of it? I would took that original trade and be happy with that cuz either way I’m getting more than what I put the card up for.


Look. It very clearly wasn’t a coin deal. The person offering valued Rantanen more than 2 collectibles, Marchand and Pronger combined. Nobody twisted their arm. Nobody forced them. The seller just asked for a different deal than the first and the buyer obliged. Or the buyer offered more and more until the seller couldn’t deny the value. The value of cards is fluid from hour to hour right now as you may not have a buyer at different times of the day. The market is volatile. Absolutely get what you can for the cards you have. There were no threats, no tricks, no lies. The seller had a desired (and strong) card and the buyer was obviously willing to give a lot for it. Be happy for both of them. Congrats seller. Congrats to the buyer. Rantanen is tons of fun.


The other guy originally asked for Marchand, Pronger and McDavid but I said no. He then said he’d only do it for Marchand, Pronger and the collectibles. Did I get ripped off? Probably… but I work on this team for my brother. He’s autistic and loves the Avs, I knew he’d be devastated when he realised they were out of the cup, so I wanted to make sure that I had a new card for him by the morning. I wish my players sold and I won him for the 900k bid, but they didn’t so I had to make a trade


Who asked? Why are we getting this update?